World Predictions – The Year of the Horse 2014

predictions-year-of-horseI am a Western astrologer but during my time working on horoscope columns in Asia for Elle, Vogue and Cleo I became curious about the connections between the ancient 12 Chinese zodiac signs and the 12 Western signs. There are some amazing links between the two systems and using these, it is possible to make some predictions about 2014 – The Year of the Horse across Asia.

The Global Financial Crisis

The Global Financial Crisis is no longer a crisis. It is a slow-moving, stuck situation affecting the planet throughout 2014 and for the middle part of 2015. After that we will be over the heaviest and hardest business, government and sharemarket cycle in years. The Year of the Horse will give us the staying power to get through it, but please note – the protection that has come from low mortgage interest rates, expanded building programs and rising house prices will end in July. From that point forward we are on our own!

Baby Boom and a second child for Kate Middleton

There will be a baby boom from July 2014 through August 2015 as the birth rates rise in several countries. Kate Middleton will welcome her second child by the British summer of 2015. One of Prince Andrew’s daughters with Sarah Ferguson will have amazing news that lifts that particular branch of the Royal family. This compensates for difficult news elsewhere for the Queen.

Chinese economy will get easier

The Chinese economy could not be worse as 2014 begins but once she has sorted out her international trade relations 2015 will be easier. China will surprise everyone by focusing intensely on smaller, less important nations and upping her trade agreements.

April 2014 is volatile

April is an extremely volatile month when we may see nuclear tests, riots, terrorism and gun related violence peak.

We will see the end of one major newspaper on the world stage, possibly two.

France will become as radical as she was during the French Revolution. No executions, but plenty of drastic financial and trade decisions. She is in the mood to end long-standing arrangements.

A crisis for one of the world’s oceans means the U.N. will have to throw out the old rules.

A crazy new sport will excite the U.S. and Asia and promote a sales boom.

A group of celebrity sisters will amaze us all and break records in entertainment.


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