Personal Horoscopes from Jessica Adams

When you order a horoscope for me I use handpicked notes from my files, tailored for you.

I also write my thoughts on your astrological chart, just as if we were in a consultation.

Because your reading is created by me, not by staff or a computer program, there is a waitlist.

Your choice of three different charts

There are three types of chart available:

2016 HOROSCOPE ($50)
Your year ahead using Western and Chinese astrology – starting on Chinese New Year 2016. The waitlist closes for 2016 Horoscopes by March 31, 2015.

The cycles of Jupiter, Saturn and other major planets over the course of your life – including asteroids.

An astrological portrait of children in the first 12 years of their lives.

How it works

Personal horoscopes for 2016 can only be ordered by Premium Subscribers. Please login to order your horoscope. If you are not a premium member then choose a plan here.