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Astrologer’s Diary: 27 April-4 May 2015

This week is about the most tremendous healing, repair work and hope for the future involving children, with a stellium in Leo, the sign traditionally associated with the very young - the creators of Peter Rabbit and Harry Potter were both born with this Sun sign. Close to Wednesday 29th April when Bacchus conjuncts Panacea in Leo, and again near Thursday 30th April when Bacchus conjuncts Aesculapia in Leo, we will read some wonderful headlines involving the children's entertainment industry, but on a more serious note, organisations like UNICEF. The week ends with two important cues for the future. Mercury will enter Gemini, the sign which rules big multimedia companies, the internet and publishing. We will see all kinds of negotiations and deals from Friday 1st May, but from 4th May, Mercury will be Retrograde Shadow, and from that point until the end of June, these negotiations and deals will stall, or even be scrapped. This could also affect the postal service - which Mercury rules. Friday 1st May is rather good news on another level, though. Bacchus enters Virgo and we will see the very first signs of what will be an incredible medical breakthrough period, coming from August, when Jupiter enters Virgo too.


Aries: 27 April-4 May 2015

Aries, you have the two powerful healing asteroids Panacea and Aesculapia (known since Roman times) in an area of your horoscope devoted to pregnancy, children and young adults. If you happen to have anything at 27 Leo then this is personal and it will change your life. No matter what your birth chart looks like, this week is about solid answers for you. A lover who could make you a parent, godparent, aunt or uncle one day may also be at the heart of this turnaround. Try to organise your internet, multimedia, publishing, telephone, computer or other communication priorities by 4th May as you will hit delays or reversals from that point forward as Mercury turns Retrograde Shadow. The very first signs of the most wonderful lifestyle improvements (incorporating your working day) will appear after Friday 1st May when Bacchus enters Virgo. From August, Jupiter will follow, and that sets you up for a much healthier, happier lifestyle and schedule. The Sixth House of your chart, ruled by Virgo, describes that delicate interplay between your brain, your body and your soul and how it works for you.

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Taurus: 27 April-4 May 2015

Taurus, commencing on Friday 1st May, Bacchus (pleasure) enters Virgo, the sign which rules pregnancy, children and young adults in your world. Virgo also rules lovers who might turn you into an aunt, uncle, godparent or parent one day. Very early signs of something much bigger and more life-changing will trickle in from that point, and from August (when Jupiter enters Virgo) you will see why the second half of 2015 and first half of 2016 is going to enhance these tremendously personal areas of your life. Money is another matter, of course. Ever since serious Saturn changed signs in December 2014 you have been dealing with the kind of situation you cannot avoid or evade, no matter if we are talking about your business, banking, tax, house, company, flat, charity or possessions. Make your life even easier by trying to speed up the most important documents and meetings before May 4th, as from that point you have almost eight weeks of delays or reversals, as Mercury turns into his retrograde cycle. The other, most obvious thing, about your week is your sense of belonging. Your people, or your place, suggests ongoing answers, improvements, help and healing, no matter if you are renovating or trying to make more of your family.

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Gemini: 27 April-4 May 2015

Your ruler Mercury will turn retrograde shadow from 4th May in your own sign, so if your priority is an eponymous website, blog or book you may want to treat May and June as dress rehearsals or first drafts - or at the very least check the fine print and have Plan B. The reason for this is that Mercury will be backsliding in Gemini, which rules your image, presentation, name, face, shape, style and brand. Also, very importantly, your internet profile. As a general rule of thumb, if you are pursuing public relations, advertising, a name change, cosmetic surgery, and other Me Agenda items, make sure that you are aware of the potential for crossed wires and x factors from May 4th. Wonderful turning points for you in terms of your writing, photography, film-making, songwriting, singing, public speaking, language talents and other expressions of your natural forte - communication - continue to arrive this week. Make the most of them as the project or production which emerges by August will contain very special elements not possible in 12 years. Did you know you will be moving to a bigger and better home by 2016? Perhaps you just want to renovate. Certainly the family or household will please you more. Tiny, early clues emerge this weekend.

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Cancer: 27 April-4 May 2015

You are now discovering what money can actually buy, and what the material world can bring to you spiritually and emotionally. You are striking some intriguing bargains with the world at the moment, no matter if you are dealing with other people one-on-one, or large departments and organisations. For the first time in years, Jupiter in Leo and his extended family of asteroids is revealing the true worth of the dollars, pounds or euros (or what they can buy). One situation or set-up you had assumed was over will return this week and make a tremendous difference to the way you feel about your bank, house, business, charity, company, possessions or flat. By 2016 you will be on top of the most important and successful internet, language, computer, spoken word, multimedia or publishing project in years, and the smallest signs emerge this weekend as Bacchus enters Virgo. Should you also have planets in Virgo (many Cancerian people do) then this will become a way of life in work terms. As Mercury changes signs at the end of the week, be sharply aware of the secret you are deliberately covering up from other people, or the uncredited role you are playing behind the scenes. You will hit delays or reversals from May 4th so plan ahead.

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Leo: 27 April-4 May 2015

Some aspect of your name, face, shape, style, brand or reputation that you had assumed had bitten the dust, will rise up again in a mini tornado of sparkling gold dust, before the weekend. There is nothing quite as sensational as that old Roman miracle-worker, Aesculapia, in Leo. He is joined by his extended family of healers and helpers, so no matter if this is your hair, your body, your good name or your fame, you are now about to enjoy some kind of comeback. The other fascinating thing about your chart right now is the long, slow build-up to greater wealth or material security, thanks to developments with your business, house, flat, possessions or company later this year. The trickle will start after Friday and become a flood by the second half of the year, and by your birthday in 2016 you should be so much better off, if you pursue every sign, one of which will emerge by the weekend. You will have a tremendous amount of e-mail, Tweets, phone calls, news and letters circulating with your friend, or the group, shortly. Do all  you can to complete the discussion or plans by 4th May as from that point you hit almost two months of Mercury Retrograde. Bearing that in mind, have insurance, have Plan B, and keep your diary super flexible.

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Virgo: 27 April-4 May 2015

Virgo, Bacchus enters your sign as the week ends, giving you a lovely hint about the rest of the year and first half of 2016. If there is any aspect of your reputation from the past you would like to clean up, you will be able to do so, quickly and easily, after your birthday this year. Beyond that, there are much more lip-smacking possibilities in store. You will be seen in better light; improve your style or shape; enjoy wonderful new social media popularity; reach more people (online and in the real world) in a more effective way - all starting from August. This weekend is the tiny sneak preview. If only your ruler Mercury would not turn retrograde quite so often, life would be easy, yet this cycle starts on May 4th in your career, university, college and charity sector. You will hit the usual run of changes, waiting games and even complete u-turns involving your job, course or role for the next couple of months, so do all you can before May 4th, and after that, take everything with a grain of salt and have Plan B up your sleeve. The continuing stellium in Leo reminds you that what you do as Miss or Mr Invisible will pay off in the end, giving you a milestone to remember forever. It's an odd situation to be in, as you are not normally so clandestine or so thoroughly hidden, but you alone know what is going on, and you alone stand to huge this rewarding secret to yourself.

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Libra: 27 April-4 May 2015

Libra, the incredibly useful impact of Jupiter in Leo has been happening since July 2015 and in slow waves, so you may have overlooked just how remarkable the social media, friendship or group improvements have actually been. This is a very good week to become more conscious of who and what has come into your world - old or new friends - clubs and teams - Twitter or real-world tribes - all give you rich soil to plant on, between now and August. People who were born lucky and have that aura of generosity and largesse about them have already assisted you, and now you must go back to those friendships and associations, and build for the next three or four months. That is what Jupiter and his family of asteroids are there for, but nothing will drop through the ceiling - you have to make it happen, on two occasions this week. The fly in the ointment now is Mercury turning retrograde in Gemini, which will add changes, delays or even a total rethink to your travel plans in May and June. This also applies to publishing, education, academia, foreigners and the internet as a whole (for obvious reasons). There is no Skyfall here, just the common-sense need to have USB stick copies, insurance, Plan B and a little horse sense. People may not stick to their word from May 4th, or the usual extreme weather, technical malfunction, strike action or other S.N.A.F.U. scenarios will apply until June.

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Scorpio: 27 April-4 May 2015

Scorpio, if you have been consciously remodelling and reshaping your C.V. since July last year, you have been in complete accord with your horoscope. Part of Jupiter's job is to get you to repair, heal and to some extent detox whatever needs to be cleared out the way, so that you can build something bigger and better. This has been happening most intensely in the last few weeks, because the reality is, you won't actually hit your vast potential in your chosen field (or another) until you tackle what has never successfully been tackled. The tools and resources you need are at your fingertips; if you truly want success in your own definition of that word, you will use all of them, until this cycle ends in August. The wider financial, business or property picture is extremely serious. Of course you don't want to put it in those terms, but Saturn has taken up residence in your income, debt, taxation, business, property and charity sector and there are some very large facts you cannot run away from. Make it so much easier for yourself, Scorpio, by securing the most important agreements or paperwork by May 4th. If you cannot do that, allow for changes, delays or reversals throughout May and June and use astrology (your secret weapon) so that you have back-ups, copies, and alternatives waiting. The final message this week is that your social life will skyrocket after August and a group project will bring you stunning rewards. The smallest, most subtle stitch in that new embroidery in your horoscope is made this week.

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Sagittarius: 27 April-4 May 2015

Sagittarius, time is a funny thing, and it may be that you are creating your own future, into 2016, 2017, 2018 and beyond - without actually realising the true ramifications of everything that has been happening since July 2014. You have been blessed, perhaps more than you know, with a very particular relationship with another part of your country, or another part of the world. It has come either through travel, a long-distance internet association, or an intensely personal connection with someone who embodies her/his culture or nationality so powerfully. This week, do take a deep breath and take stock. To really get the most from this cycle, which will shore you up for years, you must follow up, build and follow through. This is even more significant if you have woven a book, website, blog, course or qualification into your plans. Mercury will turn retrograde shadow in Gemini, from May 4th. This means your partner, former partner or potential partner is at the core of reversals, delays or outright u-turns throughout May and June. Your enemy, opponent or great rival may also be the factor here. Take the usual measures - try to sign off before May 4th if paperwork is involved. If you have no option but to involve yourself in important discussions, signatures, negotiations or agreements with this person (or involving them) over the next two months, have alternatives and be flexible enough to accommodate a waiting game should it arise. The final comment on your chart this week is about your forthcoming promotion or amazing new job - perhaps your oustanding business or academic result - which will come in late 2015or commence slowly then and become real by 2016. A small and fleeting pleasure connected to this new pathway (yet to be revealed) will play a fated part shortly.

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Capricorn: 27 April-4 May 2015

Capricorn, you appear to have thrown away one amazing financial, retail, charity, business or property opportunity in the first quarter of 2015 and part of you knows why - it was either too good to be true, or you were confident that you could push your luck. Fortunately Jupiter is a benevolent planet and you will either have a second chance now, or find an alternative which is either just as good, or perhaps better. Astrology is about timing and you may not be aware that in 12 years from now, Jupiter returns to this area of your horoscope, where you can reap the rewards of what seeds you sow now, no matter if it involves your family, house, flat or household (very likely) or a more cash-based approach. Your astrological chart reveals a groundbreaking trip in the second half of this year, or first half of 2016, and you will travel further, either literally or intellectually and spiritually, than you have in years. The person or organisation which is a link in this chain will reveal itself after Friday and by this time next year you will be revelling in this journey or move - which is also a head trip. Mercury will turn retrograde shadow from May 4th in the sign of Gemini, which rules your body, and also your daily workload. Both areas of your life will be hit by the usual waiting games or reversals until the end of June, so be flexible with your diary and hard-nosed with the fine print. All kinds of factors produce delays or changes in this cycle, from extreme weather to computer issues, so take the usual sensible measures.

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Aquarius: 27 April-4 May 2015

Aquarius, if you scoop up all the benefits, improvements and lucky breaks you have enjoyed since July last year, in connection with that man who matters so much (or that woman who means everything) then you will see just how much raw material you have to work with. It was never that venal, of course - you did not deliberately set about nurturing this relationship or partnership because you had some kind of plot. It has all fallen into place very naturally, but there is certainly a great need to be aware of what is there in your life (which was not there in 2013) and how to make the most of it now. If you want a partnership for personal or business reasons, the opportunity is still there, either with a person who was on your agenda in late 2014 or earlier this year. Alternatively there may be a superior alternative. I am always suspicious of Aquarians who are single, resent astrology and resent life on this cycle, because inevitably they have been offered a date, or an introduction, or a chance to meet new potential lovers online or in the real world - but it's been rejected. If you are one of those horses with a fast-beating heart who has already fallen at the first post or turned away from the race since July 2014, get back to your box and start again. You have a clear run until August when Jupiter is finally out of your partnership sector. In all cases, single or attached, remember that Mercury will introduce delays or reversals affecting the state of play with children, godchildren or young relatives in May and June. Factor that into your plans. It's just common-sense, of course, to have alternatives or to read the fine print, but in this case it will really help you.

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Pisces: 27 April-4 May 2015

Pisces, Jupiter and his family are completing their historic cycle in Leo, which rules your lifestyle, schedule, routine, body and workload. The bigger professional, business, industry or academic picture is really serious, as you know. You don't need an astrologer to tell you that. The irony of your situation is that in some ways, it has produced the position you are in now - where you can do so much more in terms of your 24-hour day. Here in Melbourne, where I am writing your horoscope this morning, there is a famous statue dedicated to the workers who created a law which forced employers to give them a neat division of 8-8-8 - eight hours to rest, play and work. Maybe this is where the famous Mars bar advertisement comes from. This week is about taking that 8-8-8 formula and making it pump for you. The exact resources, people, tools or set-up you need is basically at your fingertips. Two more things to note. Get the house, flat, family, household or home town business out of the way by May 4th if you can. If you must proceed with meetings or paperwork in May and June, allow for the chance of more than one delay, reversal or change. This is obviously very important if you are dealing with real estate agents, builders, and so on - or crucial new family or flatmate decisions. I am going to leave the best until last and tell you that Bacchus the asteroid of pleasure and self-indulgence is entering your sector of former, current and potential partners on Friday. Jupiter his father follows him in August, and you will be up for an amazing new 12-month cycle for love, sex, commitment - and also true partnership - the genuine balancing of human scales.

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