Jessica Adams

The Sixth House is opposite the Twelfth House.

How Astrology works

Astrology is as real as Narnia to people who are educated in a rational universe, but you have to ask ‘Why is your reality, more real than my reality?’

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Bo Bruce (YouTube)

Bo Bruce and Princess Diana – Horoscope Twins?

Bo Bruce is best-known as a hugely successful contestant on the BBC talent show  The Voice and as an emerging star in her own right. She also happens to have a horoscope that is uncannily similar to that of Diana, Princess of Wales, in three key places. No wonder these two aristocrats look alike. They also share an even closer connection. Bo’s cousin Florence Brudenell-Bruce was formerly Prince Harry’s girlfriend. And she went to school with Kate and Pippa Middleton too. THE HOROSCOPES OF

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All About Aries in Astrology

There are many different kinds of Aries. You may also have Mercury, Mars or Venus in Aries, for example, so you are far less patient, more assertive and more physically energetic than others born under your sign.

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The Best Astrology Secret on the Web

Tracy Delaney, based in Wales, has quietly created the best astrology secret on the web over the last few years. It’s called Serennu and it has a huge amount of free information for astrologers at all levels, from absolute beginners to professionals. Without it you won’t know the movements of Ceres, who since 2006 has been Pluto’s equal (here she is, pictured, below). What follows is just a glimpse of some of the modern heavenly bodies you can track in your chart, using Serennu. COMPLETE YOUR

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