Jessica Adams

Mercury Retrograde for Beginners

Phones, media, the internet, the post.  Three times a year, Mercury – the planet which rules information, communication and transportation – appears to go backwards.

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The Astrology of Goldman Sachs

Only one building was lit up during the recent Sandy storm in New York.  That building belonged to financial titan Goldman Sachs the most famous success in a dog-eat-dog sharemarket.

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Neptune in Pisces and Your Horoscope

Welcome to a new era of partial visibility, starting February 3rd 2012 and ending in 2025, with regular reminders in the heavens. A new Neptune cycle is like seeing one part of your life through a scuba mask.

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KEEP CALM AND…September 2012

Keep calm and carry cash? Jessica Adams – The famous Keep Calm and Carry On poster produced by Britain at the start of the Second World War arrived with petrol and food rationing in that country from September 1939.

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An alternative American horoscope

There are several charts for the USA, but the recent earthquake in Virginia (which also shook up the Pentagon and New York City) is precisely reflected in the Federal Constitution horoscope. Set for September 17th 1787 at 4.

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