Taurus Birthday Horoscope

The Taurus Birthday Horoscope 2015-2016

Your sense of place and belonging has been expanding ever since Jupiter entered Leo in July 2014 and you have been backed by the right people, at the right time.

Taurus, you have already gone a very long way to achieving your big goals in your home town, village, neighbourhood or country. Your sense of place and belonging has been expanding ever since Jupiter entered Leo in July 2014 and you have been backed by the right people, at the right time. If your priority has not been your part of the map, then it has certainly been your house or apartment, where you have been able to dream big, which is what Jupiter is all about.

Your next priority will be the world of children. Sons, daughters, godchildren, nieces, nephews, stepchildren, grandchildren. This begins in August 2015 when a stellium in Virgo, the sign which rules the next generation for you, is fully occupied. If you want to add more to your job, your studies or your unpaid work you can also do this with a much younger generation. You could easily become pregnant, find yourself asked to work on a project for students or schoolchildren, or explore big new options as a parent.

Taurus and children make a great combination in 2016.
Taurus and children make a great combination in 2016.


Dealing With Opponents and Opposition for the Last Time

One of the deepest concerns of 2013 or 2014 was the person or organisation against you, Taurus. Saturn was in Scorpio your opposite sign for the first time in 29 years. You have been given a break since December, and as you read this in April, either the individual/group has gone away, or the problem has gone into remission. What you will do between 15th June and 18th September is either clear up the last dregs of this battle, or you will deal with almost the same issue, but with a different person or section of the community. Your prior experience will pay off, if so. In most cases, though, you can consider June-September as hangover from 2013 or 2014 and you will find total relief and release after that. If you think hard about it, you were actually called out (or called others out) on your values.  Your values (what you will, or will not, sell out for) define who you are. Your ethics and principles, and morals, often revolve around property, or ownership/sharing questions, or business. Maybe charity, taxation, wages justice, corporate behaviour and more – every Taurus is obviously different – yet you have stuck to your guns with this. The whole affair has put you strongly in touch with who you are, and why you are here. You know what’s priceless? Your strong value system. Of course, the reality of the last 12-24 months is that ‘La Vache Enragee’ (that’s you, below) always educates her opponents. So – lesson learned.



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