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The Astrology of Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon

Scotland's Nicola Sturgeon is the most powerful woman in UK politics. She shares her birthday horoscope with one of the most powerful women in Australian politics.

Scotland’s Nicola Sturgeon, pictured below, is the most powerful woman in UK politics following a landslide for the SNP in Scotland during the Thursday 7th May 2015 election that has helped to keep the Conservatives and PM Cameron in Downing Street.  Nicola Sturgeon was born on 19th  July 1970 at 3.16pm in Irvine, Scotland. (Data from

She was also born on the same day and year as one of the most powerful women in Australian politics – Michaela Cash (Data Wikipedia). Cash is the Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection and the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women, Tony Abbott. The identical birth dates are fascinating for both women and I have applied to the Minister’s office for a birth time. And how much do they have in common? Rather a lot. Neither has children. Both are part of a political clan. Both came into politics from law. The horoscopes are chiming on important factors.

Nicola Sturgeon's horoscope matches Cash's very closely.
Nicola Sturgeon’s horoscope matches Cash’s very closely.


Cancer is the sign associated with the family. Neither Sturgeon nor Cash have children, but the latter is the daughter of former Western Australian state MP, Minister and President of the Legislative Council, the Hon George Cash AM. Sturgeon is married to Peter Murrell, the SNP’s chief executive. Inspired by Nicola’s example, her mother joined the SNP and became an Ayrshire councillor. Cancer equals clan. 

Michaela Cash, an astrology time twin to Nicola Sturgeon (Wikimedia Commons).
Michaela Cash, an astrology time twin to Nicola Sturgeon (Wikimedia Commons).


Just as Cancer is the sign associated with family and patriotism, Libra is the sign associated with justice, the law and gender equality. In astrology its ancient symbol is the scales. Cash graduated in law from the University of London, and was a solicitor. Sturgeon studied law at the University of Glasgow and worked as a solicitor, too. Cash’s portfolio includes women. Sturgeon is quoted in The Daily Telegraph UK saying she wanted her candidacy to “send a strong message to every girl and young woman in Scotland – no matter your background or what you want to achieve in life, in Scotland in 2014 there is no glass ceiling on ambition”. Both Michaela Cash and Nicola Sturgeon were born with Jupiter at 27 Libra. Uranus at 5 Libra. Cupido at 20 Libra. Contrary to popular myth about Libra, it is commonly associated with combative politics. It is a sign prepared to fight for justice. The late Margaret Thatcher was, of course, born with the Sun in Libra. PM Cameron also has the Sun there. The scales must be balanced for people with Libra horoscope factors.



PM David Cameron, born on 9th October 1966, 6.00am, London (Rodden Rating A) has potent connections with Sturgeon, all destined to trigger her strong Libran side and her deep concern with fairness, equality and justice. Sturgeon has Jupiter at 27 Libra, Neptune at 28 Scorpio, Psyche at 27 Taurus, Salacia at 28 Capricorn. And Cameron has Mars at 27 Leo. Mars is the ancient symbol of war, the soldier, the competitive athlete or sportsman and the military man. This is PM Cameron’s Mars which is on the attack in Nicola’s chart in an exact T-square to Sturgeon’s Neptune in Scorpio and Psyche in Taurus. Money.


When can we expect the first note of conflict from Cameron’s Leo Mars? Close to the Full Moon on 31st July, 2015. That day, the Sun at 7 Leo and Moon at 7 Aquarius will hit Nicola Sturgeon’s Moon at 7 Aquarius exactly and his Venus at 7 Libra. Days later, on Monday 3rd August, we see Jupiter at 28 Leo square Saturn at 28 Scorpio, setting off that T-Square in both charts. Even if one or both are on holiday, the emotional temperatures may well be particularly hot.


Just look at the North Node and South Node in Cameron’s horoscope in the ‘tax and budget’ signs of Taurus and Scorpio. One fundamental issue that might divide them (quite apart from Scotland’s independence and what it would do to the British economy) is the loaded subject of Trident, opposed by the SNP. £100 billion? It will be interesting to see what happens when Uranus hits 17 Aries and Pluto hits 17 Capricorn…but that’s another (astrological) story.

Nicola Sturgeon – Minerva 17 Leo, Fortuna 17 Capricorn, Proserpina 17 Scorpio
David Cameron – North Node 17 Taurus, South Node 17 Scorpio


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  1. Just reading your prediction on Scotland finally becoming independent. We could not wish for a better leader than Nicola Sturgeon to make this happen. So thank you Jessica for putting my mind at rest on this subject

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