How To Read Your Astrological Chart in Five Minutes

Do you have your horoscope chart in your hand? Here is a fast way to decode it in five minutes.

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mars real men - How To Read Your Astrological Chart in Five Minutes
Is Mars big in your chart?

How can you take it apart your chart in five minutes? The first thing to look for is any exact match on degrees – matching numbers – which indicate a direct relationship between one planet and another, or perhaps one point (like the Moon’s Node) or an angle (like the Ascendant AC or Midheaven MC).

This is unusual, and striking, and because this exact pattern will always reactivate in your chart, it will become an enduring part of who you are, and what you do with your life, rather like the rings on an oak tree. If Mars is involved, for example, you may be an action man, or a woman who has an action-man side!

Maybe you’ll play or be addicted to sport. Mars is a strong symbol for that.

Your Mars Sign

Even if you don’t have exactly matching numbers or degrees showing up in your chart, you can still read Mars. This is the side of you which fights, pushes, competes, attacks, and charges forward. Your Mars by sign and house will show you where you learned to do this around age two. Why? Because this was the Mars Return you had as a toddler. Mars takes about two years to return to the sign and house he inhabited when you were born. Again, like the rings on an oak tree, repeated chart elements (like a Mars Return) build up inside you. You may have heard of the toddler phase known as the Terrible Twos. Tantrums and hissy fits? That was your Mars Return, as a child. Any time Mars (in the real world) goes back to your Mars Sign in the heavens – check your premium birth chart below you have yet another Mars Return as an adult. That’s when your inner angry toddler will be unleashed. Awareness is everything in astrology and this is a simple way to work on issues.

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Houses and Signs in Your Horoscope and How They Work In Your Life and Personality

The ‘sign and house’ part is simple. Just look up the sign and/or horoscope house on the list below to see how a planet, point or angle manifests in your chart.

ARIES/FIRST HOUSE Through self-interest. Assertively, energetically. With a ‘me first’ attitude. In a thrusting, fearless way. By using image or reputation as a kind of ‘advance guard’ to do the work for you, before you get there. Think of the way the Roman Army used to use their reputation to scare their enemies. Planets, points and angles work here in a highly self-conscious, self-aware way, as if you were the only person on the planet.

TAURUS/SECOND HOUSE Via your values and principles, specifically those which make you rich, or make you a shopaholic, or keep you firmly on the alternative lifestyle track. Maybe your values can even keep you poor for a time. They may – if you have the kind of integrity that says you won’t sell your soul. Taurus/Second House placements show your attitude towards charity, big business, collectors’ items like art or antiques, credit cards, property.

GEMINI/THIRD HOUSE Your horoscope factors here work through the internet, writing, publishing, radio, television, multimedia, film, and even good old-fashioned public speaking, letter-writing and languages. This is the communication zone of your chart and it’s all about your way with words, ideas and images. In fact, the medium and the way you use it is equal to the message. This is where you can talk, or write, or broadcast your way into anything.

Ninth House example - How To Read Your Astrological Chart in Five Minutes
Cancer and the Fourth House reveal your heritage.

CANCER/FOURTH HOUSE This is where we find intense identification with your town or country so that you are not only patriotic, you can’t actually separate yourself from where you come from. Sometimes it’s not the place but the people. Your family may be your big North Pole – the ‘place’ you magnetically pull towards to define who you are. It’s also fair to say that the property you rent or own is You. Where/how you live shapes everything else.

LEO/FIFTH HOUSE This house is often wildly interpreted by astrologers, so you’ll read that it’s about guitar playing and sex. Children and horse racing. What? In actual fact Leo/Fifth House influences are very simple. This is where you channel your personality through the world of babies, children or young adults. You do it through parenthood, or by being a godparent, aunt or uncle. Alternatively, through paid or unpaid work involving younger people.

VIRGO/SIXTH HOUSE This is where your body defines the rest of your life, so you could be extremely fit and healthy (and make a mission out of it) or alternatively find yourself plagued by illness, ongoing body issues or particular medical conditions that get in the way of almost everything you do – and thus substantially shape and control how you live your life. This is also where we find your work ethic and your attitude towards duty and service.

LIBRA/SEVENTH HOUSE Everything here is channelled through duets and double-acts. These include marriages, de facto relationships, business partnerships and professional partnerships. Think of a set of scales with you at one end, and the other person facing you. This idea of scales is crucial to Libra and the Seventh House. The scales of justice also apply here. If something/someone is unfair, you will work very hard (even fight) for balance.

Vesta again - How To Read Your Astrological Chart in Five Minutes
Libra shows how you deal with relationships.

SCORPIO/EIGHTH HOUSE This is another house and sign which is wildly interpreted by some astrologers. How can one thing be about sex and death at the same time? And money, too? Actually, this is just about your financial and material world, but it’s a very particular kind of money or ownership. It is, in fact, the province of sexual relationships, like marriage, and manifests through the last will and testament, which classically involves family or lovers.

SAGITTARIUS/NINTH HOUSE This used to be about long sea voyages in old astrology, but today we interpret it as voyages on the internet too. This placement is about your travel, foreign, internet, publishing and academic agenda. Planets, angles or other bodies here reveal your approach towards expand your intellectual, spiritual or geographical horizons. How you ‘grow’ by exploring different parts of the world or other beliefs and cultures.

CAPRICORN/TENTH HOUSE Success and social status belong to Capricorn and the Tenth House. Capricorn is the mountain goat who climbs to the top. Social mountaineering and climbing the corporate or business ladder are typical expressions of this in your horoscope. The ease or difficulty you have in doing this, defines who you are, and shapes the rest of your life. Think of Kate Middleton, a Sun Capricorn. Moving on up to marry a future King is her.

AQUARIUS/ELEVENTH HOUSE This is where your friends matter as much to you, as your lover or your parents. Truly, friendship is the stuff of life when you have placements here, for better or worse. John Lennon had an Aquarius Moon. His friends, The Beatles, defined who he became. This is also about the group, or usually several groups, you are a part of. And also movements, or communities. It is about people power across gender, age, nationality.

PISCES/TWELFTH HOUSE Another house and sign that is wildly interpreted by some astrologers and often rather confusing. In fact it’s very simple. This is where you are submerged, or your world is below the surface. It is associated with keeping secrets, or living a life which is largely locked up at the core. It is also about operating behind the scenes, and ducking recognition. More mysteriously, this is about your unconscious mind – your soul, spirit or astral self. Kurt Cobain (Pisces) kept a diary which became rather famous after he had passed over. He was a secret heroin user. This is just one example of the sign.

Read more about Horoscope Houses in Astrology.


Groups Eleventh alchemy 600x372 - How To Read Your Astrological Chart in Five Minutes
Kurt Cobain, Pisces

Know Your Generation – Look Up Uranus and Pluto in Your Horoscope

You are born into a generation (some astrologers believe, incarnated into a group of billions of souls) who manifest the trends of the age. The zeitgeist, or temper of the times, is defined by the Uranus and Pluto signs you were born with. Why? Because everyone else had them too. Collectively, this is where any generation will aim for change, or bring about a revolution. If you were born in the 1960’s then you probably have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Virgo has always ruled the body. It is the only sign of the zodiac defined by its physical condition (virginity). You were born when the Pill came in. And not only that, all kinds of other pills, too – from vitamins to anti-depressants. Your generation brought about a revolution through the body. Controlling fertility with a tiny little pill, resulted in the biggest transformation in history, right across the world -economically, socially, politically. That’s what Virgo can do.

If you were born with Uranus and/or Pluto in Libra in your chart then your generation is concerned with equality and fairness in marriage. That is why you believe in gay or lesbian marriage – civil partnerships – if you are typical of your Libra horoscope signature. Your generation were the first to be born to divorced parents in large numbers because divorce became no-fault (easier to achieve) in the years you were born. This has given you a totally different angle on love, sex, marriage and commitment to other generations. Just by growing up with schoolfriends who had divorced parents, you have a different take on what the classic man/woman/ring/wedding cake should mean. You typically have a deep concern with equality, with this placement. Lesbian civil partnership is a Libra thing!

Ninth House saling - How To Read Your Astrological Chart in Five Minutes
Lesbian civil partnership is a Libra thing.

Look For Stelliums – Horoscope Houses Packed With Planets

Finally, in this five-minute guide, look for a stellium or cluster in your chart. Which horoscope house (slice of the wheel) is the busiest, or most packed? That’s the area of life where you will do the most, experience the most, and become characterised by. If you have a stellium in the Fifth House, for example, you may become very well-known for teaching a younger generation, or for your children’s projects, or for your godchildren. If you have a stellium in the Fourth House, then you may become defined by where you live, how you live, and where you come from in terms of your cultural roots or heritage. Remember that the chart you use here, your personal chart, is just for you. Typically nobody else sees it. They may know your Sun Sign but they never know your own chart, so what your astrological reading shows is how you see yourself from the inside. How you define who you are and what matters.


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