How To Use the Current Planetary Positions

Every day at you can check the position of the planets, the asteroids and other important heavenly bodies, in the twelve signs of the zodiac

Every day at you can check the position of the planets, the asteroids and other important heavenly bodies, in the twelve signs of the zodiac. These positions are calculated immediately.

The best way to use these is to have your personal horoscope at hand.

Your Birth Chart

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If you see anything in your chart at the same degree (first number) and sign as anything on the daily list, that’s big. It’s a conjunction, or horoscope hotspot. To find out what these planets and asteroids mean, read on.

If you are more advanced with your astrology, you will also be looking for semi-sextiles, sextiles, squares, trines, quincunxes and oppositions in your personal chart. If you’re just starting out, looking for hotspots (same sign/degree) is enough for now.



THE SUN Something (or someone) shines a spotlight – illuminates and exposes – and draws attention.

THE MOON People or organisations which need to be needed. Mothers and maternal individuals.

MERCURY Multimeda, internet, publishing people and organisations. The mail. News and news-bringers.

Mercury means news-bringers.
Mercury means news-bringers.

VENUS People who live for their relationships. Women, in particular. Love and jealousy in combination.

VULCANO Men (typically) who suppress their emotion. Heated feelings. Powerful people have willpower.

PSYCHE This is going to last forever. It’s going to endure. There is something immortal about the moment.

CUPIDO Short-term passion. Temporary desire. Mad longing. Sometimes, the act of falling in love.

MARS Action men and action women  (usually men). Heat. Tension. Anger. Sport, conflict or competition.

JUPITER Big global organisations. Global people. Opportunities. Solutions. One of the luckiest things to see!

JUNO Women who are Domestic Goddess wives, or Bridezillas. Alternatively, commitments are in the air.

FORTUNA The Wheel of Fortune spins. What is up goes down. What is down goes up. Destiny.

Diana often brings child-free, single women.
Diana often brings child-free, single women.

MINERVA Wise women – graduates, academics or ‘school of life’ geniuses. Clever answers. Brilliance.

DIANA Single, child-free women. As a trend – independence, space, freedom. Sometimes, bisexual women.

BACCHUS Pure pleasure. Hedonistic men. Total self-indulgence. In some cases, a Bacchanalia.

APOLLO Male leaders. Sometimes, bisexual men. People who influence and guide others – widely imitated.

CHIRON Mavericks. Punks. People and organisations who cross the line. What/whom is ‘outrageous’.

AESCULAPIA Miracle workers who revive and resurrect. In general, what was on the brink, comes back.

HYGEIA Prevention is better than cure. Think of innoculation, insurance, pre-emptive strikes, advance care.

PANACEA Remedies, but with an ethical dilemma. Solutions, cures, answers – but with a moral question.

SATURN Hard realities. Old men. Pessimists. Self-saboteurs. Stuck, slow, frozen organisations or situations.

OPS Hopeful solutions. Practical, positive women. Smart answers in hard times. Strategies that work out.

VESTA One man, two or more women. Harems. Gender politics. Usually a man playing King Henry VIII.

Uranus rules electricity and enlightenment.
Uranus rules electricity and enlightenment.

URANUS Radical change. Revolution. Freedom. Independence. The world upside-down. Electrifying times.

NEPTUNE Alternative realities. No boundaries. Drugs. Alcohol. The spirit world. Dreams. Altered states.

SALACIA Similar to Neptune. Other worlds. The ‘unreal’ realities of life. Trips or ‘trippy’ experiences.

PLUTO A change in the balance of power. Men who take over. Takeovers in general. Control freaks.

PROSERPINA Women who work as the go-between. Negotiation. Compromise. The middle person.

CERES Women with grief/anger/loss/control issues to heal. Sharing power. The challenge of letting go.


The sign a heavenly body is in, affects your birth chart in the following life department – when it is conjunct. Remember, it has to be at exactly the same degree (first number) and sign as whatever is in your horoscope.

ARIES Image, brand, appearance, self-interest, self-promotion, profile, reputation.

TAURUS Money, business, charity, value, communism, socialist, economy, possessions, property, charity.

GEMINI Multimedia, publishing, internet, words, ideas, images, journalism, books, public speaking.

CANCER Mothers, home, family, home town, country, patriotism, roots, heritage, houses, apartments.

LEO Children, babies, young adults. Youth projects. Junior generations. Lovers who bring children in.

VIRGO The Body. Daily routine, lifestyle, work ethic, service, duty, food, drink, drugs, doctors, healers.

LIBRA Partners. Partnerships. Former, current and potential partners. Enemies, rivals and opponents.

SCORPIO Power and money. Sex and money. Death and money. Basically – property/finance through power.

SAGITTARIUS Travel. Travel in the mind. Academia, education, publishing, beliefs, foreigners, the web.

CAPRICORN Ambition. Social climbing. Social status. Achievement. Being at the top of the hierarchy.

AQUARIUS Groups. Friends. People power. Clubs, societies, associations, political parties, bands, teams.

PISCES Drugs and alcohol. Meditation. Mediumship. Secrets. Operating behind-the-scenes. What is hidden.

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6 thoughts on “How To Use the Current Planetary Positions

  1. I just want to say, I love this website. 90% of the time it is accurate for me and I always recommend it to my friends and family. I have been using this site to check my weekly & monthly horoscope for a long time now and I never skip a week without it. It always predicts my love with my boyfriend and gives me good advice! Just want to thank you for submitting the most accurate results of my star sign, it is much appreciated. Thank you! :)

  2. Hi,

    Just a question with the current planetary positions. Using today’s positions as an example the sun is at 12 degrees and next to this you’ve got written Gemini 07 ‘ 45″. What do these ‘ and ” numbers mean? How do houses come into the equation? Can the houses the planets are passing through be interpreted here or is are houses something different again? Today Chiron is at 21 degrees and is in Pisces. My birth chart also has Chiron at 21 degrees but in Gemini. Is this significant or not so much as the sun signs are not the same?

    • You need to refresh the page, as you’re seeing an old Sun position – sorry. My webmaster has left a note on that, if you’re not sure how to do it. The second numbers you see are tiny fractions of time – it’s the first number you need to pay attention to – the main degree the Sun (for example) is passing through. You are currently experiencing a square from Chiron at 21 Pisces, to your natal or birth Chiron at 21 Gemini. There is a part of you which likes to cross the line and experiment with life, when it comes to the internet – and it’s being brought to life right now. Chiron is a symbol for audacity in astrology, and in Gemini, he is in your natal Third House of communication (in the Aries 0 House System).

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