Saturn in Scorpio

From Monday 15 Jun to Friday 18 September Saturn will be back in Scorpio. Saturn is about reality checks and life the way it really is and you answer for your actions.

From Monday 15 Jun to Friday 18 September Saturn will be back in Scorpio.  Saturn is about reality checks and life the way it really is and you answer for your actions. Difficult issues that were not cleared up in 2014 will be back. In this exclusive podcast for premium members by Jessica Adams will look at your horoscope to tell you what they are and what to do about them, she will also look at some world predictions for this period.

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4 thoughts on “Saturn in Scorpio”

  1. Hi Jessica,

    In the archives I clicked on previous months-March and April and it bought up June instead. Any chance this can be fixed?
    Also since joining your subscription, I’ve changed email address. I changed it on my profile so would you have my updated one at your end for when my ordered horoscopes will be ready?

    • If you were waitlisted for a chart you will hear from me, towards the end of this year – thank you. I will let my webmasters know about the technical issues, though there is a HELP button on the site which they also respond to. Cheers.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for the podcast.
    I have Saturn at 5 deg Sagittarius & Juno at 28 deg in Scorpio natally.
    I only had relationship issues in last Scorpio transit and Saturn will hit Juno now. What could that mean
    Since I am Capricorn Sun, I couldn’t think of any group getting affected.
    Can my present organisation be linked with that. Since I wanted to move from it,but unable to do so.Also on the 21 June (day before the Jupiter -Uranus) trine, my organisation relocated me away from my family. So I am confused if it is actually blessing or not (as I wan to be with family and change my jobs)

    • If your organisation involves a network, community, group or team (often work structures are called ‘teams’) then that is how you are experiencing this cycle. Saturn on your Juno is a slow, stuck (temporary) situation affecting a financial, property or business commitment. This will be gone completely by September.

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