The Capricorn Full Moon 2nd July

The Moon is in Capricorn which rules big business and politics. It stands opposite the Sun - something it does not do very often. We also have Pluto in Capricorn, the same sign. Pluto rules massive shifts in the balance of power.

This Full Moon is a big deal for governments and corporations around the world because so many of them will see demotions and promotions, reshuffles and restructuring. The Moon is in Capricorn which rules big business and politics. It stands opposite the Sun – something it does not do very often. We also have Pluto in Capricorn, the same sign. Pluto rules massive shifts in the balance of power. Even with the Greek crisis, we would be seeing a big global chain-reaction of moves.

Let’s time this. The Full Moon is exact at 2.19am in the early hours of Thursday 2nd July in London, as the Sun at 9 Cancer 55 is opposed by the Moon at 9 Capricorn 55. Do you have your personal chart? Do you have anything at 9 degrees? This Full Moon will start a domino effect which also catches you, Wednesday 1st July, Thursday 2nd July, Friday 3rd July.

Pluto at 14 Capricorn 22 trines Aesculapia at 14 Virgo 22 three hours after the Full Moon on Thursday 2nd July, at 5.01am in London. Then on Friday 3rd July we see Pluto at 14 Capricorn 20 quincunx Cupido at 14 Leo 20.

Translation – massive shift in corporate and government life in key countries results in healthcare rebirth or resurrection. For example, Medicare in Australia. Obamacare in America. The N.H.S. in Great Britain. We’re going to see politicians or key company personnel be moved sideways, up or down and that means plans everyone thought had died – or were dying – through the hospital, doctor and health insurance system will come back.

Do you have anything at 14 in your personal chart? You’re going to feel a domino effect in your life, caused by a chain reaction from this.

I’m also watching the activity in Cancer with great interest. Cancer is obviously ruled by the Moon and at 2.19am on Thursday 2nd July, the Moon is so full in the sky, it will seem like an omen. A pointer to something. It is (as our ancestors knew) and this is about property. It is about the housing market. A few hours after this Full Moon, at 7.46am in London, Diana at 21 Cancer trines Chiron at 21 Pisces. Globally we will see a big push towards independence in the property market. At 11.18am, the same day (please keep adjusting for your time zone in the U.S.A. or Australia/ New Zealand) we see Ops at 6 Cancer 41 quincunx Ceres at 6 Aquarius 41.

David Treddinick 472x600 - The Capricorn Full Moon 2nd July

Greek homes under threat will be saved. But that’s not all. This is a global pattern so in prime countries (affecting us all economically) or in specific nations whose horoscopes are triggered at 6 Cancer, we will see big hope for the future. Bold moves in desperate times. On Friday 3rd July, Diana at 21 Cancer is semi-sextile Jupiter at 21 Leo. The focus is still on property but there are new headlines – about family welfare. About children. As we move through this incredible three-day period, started by the Full Moon, we get to 4.04pm on Friday and a quincunx from Pluto at 14 Capricorn 20 to Cupido at 14 Leo 20.

Front-page headlines over this three-day period are about government and corporate reshuffle, restructure and power shifts. Watch for headlines about mortgage interest rates, rental prices, property prices, property laws, homelessness and home repossessions. Even if your own chart is not directly triggered, you will be affected through 1-6 degrees of separation.

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6 Responses

  1. Jessica,
    what do you mean by ” It stands opposite the Sun – something it does not do very often.” Isn’t that every full Moon?

  2. Double trouble. Mars in Cancer at 9deg and MC in Aquarius at 14deg. Does my domino effect have a domino effect? Also while not exact 21 deg, moon in cancer at 22. ……. I just want this week to end.

    1. There is a lot of Capricorn-Cancer tension at the moment, not only because of the Full Moon but also the forthcoming Pluto-Sun opposition. Mars in Cancer people are not particularly enjoying that. You have the Moon at 22 Cancer? You need to be needed by your family, or household. You will have a bigger opportunity to do that when Jupiter moves to 22 Virgo – not far off – and it will work very well for you. There may be additions to the family circle or your household – for example.

      1. so… Jupiter’s in 22 Virgo now. I can see how a decision could potentially work for my family and I. Strangely enough it ties in with Saturn in Sagg. Im bracing myself.

        Ive noticed since 2013 that the 2 always go together. Opportunity and lessons. Saturn seems to have won the last few rounds.

        Thank you for your posts. I enjoy reading them and they help connect several dots.

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