Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo in 2015-2016 will change your life for the better. Why?

Between August 11th 2015 and September 9th 2016, Jupiter in Virgo will change one department of your life for the better in a way not possible in twelve years. Jupiter is the planet which times opportunities, improvements, success, happiness and hope. If you are a Virgo or you have personal horoscope factors in Virgo, you will love the promotion, new job, or workplace improvements to come. This also applies to your unpaid work or college/university life. Do you work in the health sector, a hospital, a doctor’s surgery, a health food store, a gym, at a yoga centre, swimming pool or anywhere else dedicated to the body? Are you a scientist specialising in biology or medicine? You will be stunned at opportunities which open up by 2016.


Z - Jupiter in VirgoARIES A new job, promotion or improved workplace conditions (less work, more time off, work trips, healthcare discounts) will thrill you by September 2016. You will also get the right advice about your body or welcome a new medical breakthrough.

TAURUS You will welcome a pregnancy, stunning achievement for an adult son or daughter or a new role as godparent, stepparent, aunt or uncle by September 2016. If you work with or for children and teenagers, expect incredible success.

GEMINI You will move to a bigger and better home, sell your property at a profit, snap up your first home at the right price, have access to a luxurious home through exchange or loan,or complete stunning renovations by September 2016.

CANCER If you work in information technology, multimedia, education, computers, telecommunications then one special project or achievement will skyrocket by September 2016. A bestselling book, hit script, song or popular website is also possible.

LEO You will make or save a great deal of money over the next 12 months thanks to business success, a pay rise, a steep rise in the value of your home, share benefits, a bonus, generous offers and freebies, superb tax advice and – possibly – a lucky ticket.

VIRGO You will be flattered by a new role or title which casts you in the best possible light within 12 months. You will also be thrilled with weight loss, a new wardrobe, great cosmetic surgery, a new haircut or other improvements to your appearance.

LIBRA What you do without any recognition or credit will be one of your greatest achievements, that you hug to yourself for years. When it eventually comes out, it only adds to your reputation. A secret problem you need to conquer will be fixed.

SCORPIO You will see your group, team, society or club skyrocket as people power works wonders for all of you and a dream comes true thanks to this circle of people. You will make new friends with people who are generous, well-connected and special.

SAGITTARIUS Your promotion, sought-after new position, successful project, business hit or top job will make the next 12 months so memorable and you will be amazed at how you can climb in a very short space of time as others help you up.

CAPRICORN You will travel or move in the most ambitious and successful way within 12 months, singling out one region of your own country, or a foreign place, as your magical target. There may be regular trips, a relocation or even a second home.

AQUARIUS You will be offered a lucrative new job, a pay rise, or see stunning business success within 12 months, raking in the profits. Top advice about taxation will help you save and the value of your property or shares could easily rise, spectacularly.

PISCES If you are single a potential lover with a background in another region, country or culture will change your life. If you are in a happy couple you two will add a baby, new home or business hit. Unhappy? The easiest solution in 12 years is here.

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115 Responses

  1. Hi, I am born in Romania (Viseu de Sus, Maramures County), on March 9, 1978, time somewhere around 7:30 p.m. (Romanian Time). I want to know how will influence the transit of Jupter in Virgo. Thank you!

    1. Your relationship with a former, current or potential partner will grow and help you both. Together you two can achieve a stronger relationship and achieve more together as a pair. This partnership may be personal or professional. If there have been any issues with a particular man or woman in your life, perhaps an ex, or someone you are unhappy with now, a solution will come – very obviously – in the final two weeks of August, but at intervals after that. Do take it.

      1. Hi, Jessica. I was born on january 21st in Botucatu, são Paulo, brazil, at 10:30am. Can you tell me how Júpiter in virgo will help me? I’ve had a very hard cycle with business and money for só long…hoping for good news. Tks. Maíra

        1. Your business/money problems are not caused by you – instead you have been stuck with trends which are global, then ultimately local, and you can do very little to control. You will be relieved by gradual improvements in waves, coming from September (not long to go now) and by Christmas you will begin to see the wheels go round again. By this time next year you will have recovered a lot of the ground you lost over the last two years, as there will be a far healthier economy, greater cashflow coming back to the workforce instead of being locked up at the top, a leap in employment and security. Hang in there.

  2. Hello Jessica, I was born on August 25 1963 at 3.16 a.m. Brisbane. I look forward to Jupiter in Virgo fast approaching, especially having Virgo at 0 deg and having Uranus 5 deg, Pluto 11 and Mercury at 28 Virgo. Jupiter will be conjuncting my 29 deg Venus exactly from this Friday to next Tuesday. But it’s a pity that smelly Saturn will be squaring my Sun and Venus until late September. It’s like the Grinch being at your birthday party spoiling the fun with this contradictory transit.
    However, I do intend on making the most out of Uranus conjuncting my Jupiter 19 Aries in ninth house. I am going to approach a chocolate company about an interesting concept that I have for advertising. I’ll do that in a day or so.
    As for relationships what century will I meet a decent guy? I know intuitively that I have had a challenging karma relationship-wise. I think I treated men appallingly last life and the joke has been on me this time around. But I have learnt a lot – hopefully the tough lessons are over.
    It has been great writing to you Jessica. I love your astro insights and I think the accuracy of your predictions are brilliant. I too, like you, feel there was more to the Princess Diana accident than meets the eye, but that’s another story. Interesting that I write this on August 5, anniversary of another woman, who also had a suspicious death – Marilyn Monroe.
    Anyway, it would be wonderful to hear your relationship astro insights.
    Cheers and happy birthday for your recent birthday. 🙂

    1. Oh, you’ll love the Jupiter conjunctions. Don’t worry about Saturn, that will just motivate you even more, as the project, role or position you conquer in the next six months will be the making of you. This tallies beautifully with the Uranus conjunction to Jupiter, which is actually in your first house in the Natural House System. You are the brand, and you are the product, so use that! Relationship insights help you move on from the past and that’s the key to the future. You will get these dazzling breakthroughs in understanding at least one ex, possibly more, in December 2015, January 2016, March 2016. The choices you made about children in the past (yes, no or maybe) are the answer to every question you still have about love and relationships, yet between now and 2024 you could easily become a stepmother or end up with a partner who has children from another relationship.

  3. Hi, Jessica! I´m amazed how your predictions are so right to me since march – really amazed!I was born on January 21st 1980, in Botucatu, state of São Paulo, Brazil at 10:30 (brazilian time). A friend of mine made my chart just for fun and I have many factors in Virgo (many!). can you tell me what to expect from this period? Thanks for helping me navigate, your advices are really important to me.

    1. Thank you – I love it when the astrology works like that. If you have a Virgo stellium (cluster) then you express your personality best through hard work and meticulous, detailed and highly skilled craftsmanship – on projects, and in roles, which make you invaluable to other people. Your gift for detail is really what makes you stand out in your profession and starting this week, you will be drawn into the most fulfilling new project, job or position by 2016. You are also going to finally fix one of your apparently ‘incurable’ body issues following breakthroughs or new discoveries by 2016.

  4. Hi, I’m a virgo born 9/5 and in need of a change! Will Jupiter really be of help to me? Things went south in 2008, divorced in 2010. Huge lifestyle change.

    1. Take your time with decisions about the house or apartment from now through the end of 2017 and really research the choices you have to make about your rent, mortgage, property investment, renovation, room-mates, tenants, landlords and so on. That will help you a great deal. December 2015, January 2016 will help you see a former, current or potential lover with new eyes and this will educate you and inform you, so you make smart choices for 2016.

  5. Dear Jessica,
    I have had a consultation with you a few years ago. Born on May 1, 1950 in Nairobi, Kenya but currently living in the USA.
    My time of birth was around 02.43 am
    I have gone through extreme hardships in all areas of my life with nothing going right for so long. When can I expect to find some relief? I understand some Astrology and love your website and your weekly, monthly horoscopes.
    I am Pisces rising at 29 degrees but Taurus Sun sign at 25 degrees. I understand that Jupiter is soon going into Virgo and Saturn is changing signs on Sept 17.
    You do have my details from a few years ago.
    I will be truly grateful to hear something from you as I am fraught with anxiety and fear and lots of sleepless nights.
    M M S

    1. Thank you for ordering a horoscope. You will find relief and release when Saturn leaves Scorpio in September. Not long to wait. Your Taurus Sun has been opposed by Saturn which can only happen every 29 years and is notoriously difficult. Your anxiety and sleepless nights come because you are not grounding yourself. You are living in your head and I expect you feel ‘wired’ even when you are asleep. Do you meditate? Do you know how to ground yourself by running energy through your base chakra? Even something as simple as walking barefoot on grass will help you. A lot of your issues come from the way you are *interpreting* what is happening to you, not the actual events themselves. As an immediate fix, please find a way to sleep more soundly and get out of your head and back into your body, beginning with earthing yourself. Try Betty Shine on YouTube for exercises or any good Buddhist meditation. You don’t have to pay.

      1. Dear Jessica,
        Thank you so much! I try and meditate and am following a Spiritual Path that is helping a lot (very similar to Jainism).
        Just cannot wait for September 17/18 to come by. In the meantime, I will certainly look at what Betty Shine has to offer on YouTube
        Thank you again – just love your website and everything you offer on the site.
        Many Blessings to you.

        PS. I forgot to ask you as to how Jupiter changing signs from Leo to Virgo is going to affect me – if you do a get a few minutes, I will appreciate it if you can kindly look at this for me. Thank you in advance again! Using Pisces Rising, I suppose it would be my 7th. house affected and using Taurus, Sun sign, it would be my 5th. House affected. You are the expert!!

        1. Thank you. I use two different house systems – Natural Houses and Solar Sign – so Jupiter is now in your solar Fifth. Babies, children or young adults are good news for you from this point on. Individually or collectively. This is where the growth and improvement will come from.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I was born in Berlin, Germany @ 12:55 on Sept. 16th, 1970.

    I’ve had the toughest 3 years, so, the possibility of anything changing for the better is good news. In astrology its so often so heavy news. So, I was glad to read your post today. If you have anything specific to share with me about my chart in particular, that I might look out for, I’d be grateful – Thank you.

    1. Your name is your passport and your image/brand is your gateway, for the next 12 months. You will be given the people, the tools or the resources to expand your popularity and profile online and also look better – in every way – in the real world. Really push this because Jupiter will only conjunct your Sun once every 12 years.

  7. Hi Jess, I was born January 9, 1976 in Jamaica West Indies. Around 3:22 Pm I have being through hardship for a long time now. Financially. I had a miscarriage in 2014 and I need to know if I visa will be approved before I see my lawyer

    1. You are in the best possible cycle in 12 years for visa approval but it only just started – can this wait? You would see results with travel/emigration/foreign residency/citizenship within 12 months as Jupiter goes through your house of foreign places and people. I am not sure why you are in financial trouble as you were given at least one stunning opportunity to generate business, save money or access a free house/apartment or other favours – not once but twice. It’s not too late. If you can remember what or whom you let go past you, you can always try again.

  8. What type of things can I expect as a Cancer sun, Virgo rising and Scorpio moon? I’ve had the hardest time in relationships over the last couple of years… I would also like to know about being accepted into professional school over the next year or so.


    1. Yes, relationships have been impossible for you in 2013, 2014. The cycle ends September 18th. You must get closure with your former partner or lover in December, January when he/she is on your radar again. That helps you move forward. Study? The key to success is to focus on your writing, way with words, use of images, ideas, technology and promise yourself and your teachers you will excel by next year. Find the project or deadline, thesis or exam and hit it hard. You will be amazed and very proud.

      1. Hi Jessica,

        Thank you for the response!

        My former lover has been in my life for those 2 years.. On and off. It’s been very confusing and when a step was taken forward it was short lived.

        What closure are you referring to? I do still want to be with him and was hoping that moving forward meant moving forward with him.

        1. You do actually need closure on the short-lived step forward. You still left a door open there, so you need to shut it. Then you can move forward in your life, with or without him.

  9. Hello,
    I am a Taurus born May2. A Pisces man ended a relationship with me. Will he want to get back together while Jupiter is in Virgo?

    1. I am sorry you were put through that. Unfortunately without this man’s birth details it is impossible to tell you. But I can tell you – the most difficult and stressful love cycle in 29 years ends on September 18th. Relief is coming.

  10. Dear Jessica,

    I am in a cross road in my life.. So much has happenned in the past few years.
    My dob is 20 Dec 1975 Jakarta, Indonesia.

    My hubby work overseas and in Australia. We are thinking about migrating to our original country for his work in 2017.

    What do you see for me in there? I would like to start a small business there.. Can you give me a suggestion?
    Are we making the right decision?
    I am concern about how my 10 years old first born will be coping there..

    Thanks heaps Jessica..

    1. Pursue Indonesia now, through October. Set things up while Minerva is in Leo. It will never be perfect but it will work out for you. Neptune says, you will live near the water, or have access to the most amazing river/beach/pool if you look carefully. You don’t give your husband’s birth details so I can only tell you half the story!

  11. Dear Jessica,

    What can I expect from Taurus for the next couple of months. I’ve a hard time dealing with my past relationship this year. I always read your astrology and still confused on what’s going since some of the predictions are exactly happening to both of us. He is born in Pisces. Thanks

    1. The toughest love life cycle in 29 years for you, ends in September. Allow yourself a few months to get used to the feeling! He has major decisions to make as he has far more choices than ever before.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    I regularly follow your posts.thanks a lot.I have been looking for a job since end of 2013!I have had rejection upon rejection to date.I did have some potential jobs but it didn’t come along in the end.I am born on april 11th 1993,7.00am hanamkonda,India.I would really appreciate it if you could give me any tips,suggestions as to what I can do which will help me land a job.
    Thank you so much.

    1. You need to look at all the opportunities and options in September and online as well as in your local area. I am sorry you have had so many rejections. You have chosen a field, industry or profession where there are constant demotions, promotions, departures, resignations, redundancies and you are caught at the end of it. It is not about you, it is about your chosen field. There will be more changes in December 2015, January 2016 and you stand to gain if you are prepared to replace someone or move sideways.

  13. Dear Jessica ,
    I’m on your waiting list . I’m not sure when is my turn . But anyhow in the mean time , I would like to ask you about “factor”…
    I was born in North of Vietnam .
    7th of December 1980 .
    So what is my factor ?

    Base on your horoscopes every week, I’m absolutely amaze of what you could see .
    If you don’t mind may I ask you :
    About love :
    The man I love was born on 15th May 1984 in Cork Ireland . We’re now best friend . Do we have any chance in future, one day in few years time ?
    About job & money :
    I want make money enough deposit to buy a property by end of 2015 . Is that possible ?
    About children :
    I want to have more kids in 4 years time . Could you see that happens ?

    Thank you so much for your time Jessica .
    If you could reply it would be unreal for me .
    If not I am happy to wait every single week to read your horoscope on your website .

    Cheers .
    Love much all the way from Brisbane – Australia .

    1. Hello, yes you are on my horoscope waiting list. Thank you for your patience. If you take advantage of the financial, property or business changes in December 2015, January 2016, you could be on your way to a property next year. The man born in May needs to get past September before he can make wise choices about love. November makes it very clear to him. If more children means more freedom to you, you will have them.

  14. Hi Jessica! I was born 8/8/86 in Tampa, Florida around 11:30 pm. I’ve been Brokenup with my Saggy guy for 10 months. Is there in chance for us to reconnect and be serious?

    1. You will have to make a serious choice about this man, one way or the other (yes or no) once you reach late November, the full month of December. take your time choosing him, or even another because you will have to live with this and it will be hard work through 2016. If you are happy to do the work to have the relationship, that’s okay. But September and October are too early to call the situation yet.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    I am Virgo with Leo Ascendent. I was born on 2nd September,1973, 4.30 am, near mumbai, india. I have left my lucrative but demanding job 3 years back .since then, I have not had a good offer, one which makes me want to work again. I am reluctant to go back and even completed a college diploma to deepen my knowledge in my work area.

    I am really into classical music for past few months. It is an old hobby, but, I have started thinking about taking it up seriously. It makes me happy, though I have never played for an audience. Again, no opportunity.

    Will I work again? Will I change my profession?

    I have been reading about lot of good things happening for Leo and now Virgo. Not much seems to move for me.

    1. You will end up in the best possible work and study situation in years, but you need to be a little more patient. Classical music is a typical Virgo-Leo pursuit because it combines great attention to detail and the ability to perfect the small things, by daily rehearsal – with a tremendous flair for being the centre of attention. You strike me as a natural teacher. Have you taught? Would you consider training to teach? Could you teach one of your talents part-time?

      1. Thanks for such a prompt response.

        You are right about the teaching part. My past job had an element of coaching and I was happy with it as we’re my customers.

        I have applied for teaching positions as well, no response. Sorry but, I seem to stuck, unwilling to go back to what was and no break in a new area. I think I have to wait and hope things workout. I am enjoying my freedom. So its fine.

        A lot of your predictions come true for me. You have a gift. Thanks for being so generous with it. God Bless.

        1. You will definitely go back to coaching/teaching and that’s a good thing. Hang in there. You also need to loosen up your thinking about the ‘new work’ which exists online. Sites like Fiverr are a good example. There are many more. You will be amazed at how things improve once Saturn leaves Scorpio at the end of September and the Global Financial Crisis is over.

  16. Dear Jessica,

    Hope all is well with you. You have a great website, and I really enjoy reading your forecasts.

    I am a male Leo with my Sun at 6 Leo, and my natal Jupiter is at 11 Virgo. My Saturn is
    also in Virgo at 23. Furthermore, I am a Virgo ascendant. You see, I was given a lot of great
    opportunities from overseas last year, but squares, oppositions, and Mercury retrogrades
    blew them all. It was very frustrating indeed. As you know, I am going to experience Jupiter
    return in a month from now, but the Mercury retrograde could mess up all the opportunities
    which might be given to me at that time.

    Could you please offer me a tip?

    Can’t thank you enough.


    1. Thanks very much. The website is the work of three very talented chaps, so I will pass that compliment on! Mercury Retrograde is not going to get in your way so please don’t worry about that. You are on course for the most fantastic improvements with your working life, your lifestyle, your daily routine, your work efficiency, productivity and opportunities. The trick with you is to remember – you are here to serve. You can be a star in your chosen field, yet you must still be of service to others. If you do that, you’ll be king for 12 months. I expect the project or role, in your hands by May next year, to truly justify your time, energy and talent at last.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the great horoscopes! I really love your look on things and the way you do your astrology!! I found you the last time Mercury was in Retrograde and the Moon was full AND Void of Course!! : p I ended up getting fired from my job that day (June 3rd, 2015) and since it wasn’t really that great a job it turned out to be a good thing! I ended up having the summer off and have learned a lot about astrology since then! That’s been really nice and outweighed all the bad for sure! Before that I had only been into numerology. I knew that there was something to full moons and Mercury retrogrades before that, but not much else.

    Anyhoo, I was born on September 20th, 1964 at 7:43 PM. New York, 75.27W ; 43.12N / 4W00, 11:43 PM UT — To say things have been a struggle for me in the last 4-5 years would be an understatement!! Things are sloooowly but surely getting better for me. So, I hear I should be having a good year coming up, because Jupiter is now in Virgo. What do you see happening for me in the next year?? Please use discretion in your answer as it does appear as I have people in my business that shouldn’t be and it seems as if anything I do is public. It’s like being a Rock Star without the great pay! : p Thank you again for your great horoscopes!! I had your premium membership for a couple of months, (about to re-new again, money’s been tight) and I really got into learning about Roman and Greek Mythology through the use of the Oracle Deck and the cards that you can pick. You should make that deck a ‘physical deck’ and sell it on Amazon or something because it is VERY COOL and I really learned a lot from it!!

    Thank you Sooo Much!! Nicole : )

    1. Thank you very much. I’m sorry you were fired on that particular cycle. You should be thrilled about the next 12 months. Your daily routine and workload are going to bring you a far, far easier ride with massive highs and achievements, just by doing your service. Your body will serve your mind, and your mind will serve your body. I love the idea you have about the Oracle cards. I just added more to this if you want to try another reading. You will get a lot of Sixth House and Tenth House stuff which ties in with what your chart is saying, over the next 12 months.

  18. cher jessica

    je suis né le 3/3/1977 je suis poisson , ces trois dernières années était un enfer pour moi , divorce , problème de propriété , j’ai récemment perdue mon emploi , je suis à bout , quand est ce que je peux espérer une amélioration dans ma vie ?y’a t’il un déménagement pour moi ?, le propriétaire m’attaque au tribunal et je dois partir .

    merci beaucoup

  19. Hi Jessica!
    I’ve just read the new weekly horoscope and read this post and I’m a liiiitle (read: a lot) worried.
    I was born in Portugal 10/Oct/91 at 7h20am and my boyfriend was born, also in Portugal, at 3/Sep/86. Usually i read both our horoscopes and I’m getting a little worried because we are moving together in this October. Since there’s always something about the previous, current or potential partner, I’m afraid something bad will occur until then.
    Also, I am looking out for a new job as a designer in October, because my internship will finish in end September, and I updated my profiles and portfolio previous to the Mercury retrograde but now I’m also afraid that they will not help me find it since my name, brand, reputation is being held up.
    Do I have reasons to be worried or is my recently discovered anxiety disturb pulling tricks on me ?

    I definitely have to subscribe to my premium membership again!

    Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Astrology doesn’t do ‘bad’ so please don’t worry about it. Astrology does ‘challenging’ and you two have to figure out a way to be together that also allows you to be free. Allow for changes, delays, reversals with moving in together as you are doing it on Mercury Retrograde. Just use your common sense and have back-ups for things – don’t just dive in and assume it’s all going to be straightforward. New jobs? So much easier once this cycle is out of the way. March will give you the project or role you seek, because it has nothing to do with what is real, ordinary and normal and everything to do with escaping.

  20. Hi Jessica,

    I have been follower of your astrological prediction for quite sometime now and saw this article of Jupiter transit in Virgo. I am born on 06th Feb 1978 , Varanasi , Uttar pradesh, India, at 6:20 am .

    Wanted to know , how this jupiter transit going to impact me.

  21. Hello Jessica, I was born on October 11, 1973, don’t know the time. I’m having some difficult time in my career and personal life. What should I expect in the months of September and October. Thank you in advance

    1. You may want to leave it until November to make a judgement call on the relationship. Communication is not great until then. Light will be shed on the confusion of 2015 around work, in March 2016, when you will see the part that zero boundaries is playing in your daily routine. That is a really good time to fix things. In the meantime you need rules, regulations, reality checks, limitations. It all really helps with work.

  22. Hi Jessica,
    I was born, 15th July 1979 4:30 PM in Bangalore India, i regularly read your columns here and in get the gloss. i recently (in may) lost my job and in spite of searching hard am not able to find another one, even though i have an impressive resume. Recently also i had a bad affair at around april because of which i ended up loosing my job.

    Is there any good news in my life ? if so when ? will jupiter in virgo help me or hinder me ? i am an Software engineer. I think the career issue is cos of Uranus square pluto.

    some guidance would be much appreciated.


    1. You have gone out too far on a limb professionally, being so innovative/independent/ahead of your time that actually other people can’t fit you into the way they normally work! You have to be careful about that. You are capable of problem solving in the most brilliant way, but you do need to speak other people’s language and make sure you give them what they want. You might also want to watch vagueness/lack of clarity as Neptune is at large in your chart. Yes of course there is good news! In fact, the project or position that is with you by Christmas will make your name all over again. Just remember, you are here to serve other people and must read hearts and minds – meet them halfway.

      1. Thank you very much, that was good news indeed. i was out of hope, now things are more clearer.


  23. Hi.. I am a 3rd decan Virgo born at 00:05 am Sep 23rd, 1956 in Grostenquin, France. After a dismal year in 2014 – marriage break-up; death of my mother; relocation and burden of dealing with a sick/challenging parent (father); financial challenges and so on…. What do I really have to look forward too in 2015-16. I am somewhat cynical when it comes to “general predictions”…Cheers

      1. Hello Jessica…

        I reviewed my personal horoscope… still confused about many things…hence many questions…perhaps I can arrange a one-to-one consult ??? Please advise. Many thanks. JG

      2. Interested in finding out about my chances of success regarding a great new job opportunity for which I have applied.. ?? My chances of meeting a great new love interest, which will be compatible with me in every way (possibly “Åme soeur”..) Merci Jessica

        1. Would you mind letting me know your birth data, or chart data? Thank you. Personal horoscopes are open to Premium Members too but I do have a one-year waiting list.

          1. Bonjour Jessica…

            Jacques Jean Pierre Gagne
            Born: 00:05 am / 23 Sep 56
            Location: Grostenquin, Lorraine, FRANCE


            1.) Opportunity/outcome for great new Job within the next 6 months??
            2.) Chances of meeting “soul mate” (finally) within the next 10 months? and where (what country).

            Merci beaucoup…. Jacques

          2. Merci. Within 12 months you will have the wonderful new work situation you need. It will either be a complete reshaping of your current position, or a job you like. You have your Jupiter Return in Virgo, so think back 11-13 years ago to find the contacts, skills or achievements which will repay you by September 2016. Love takes off, second half 2016, first half 2017. The discussion you have about children, nieces, stepchildren or nephews is central to the new relationship.

  24. Hi Jessica!

    i am an ardent follower of your predictions and am amazed to see the accuracy each time.

    i am born on 24/03/1968; 5.35pm @ Rajpura(city); Punjab( state) , India .

    would like to know about my furthet career progressions and your predictions on my personal life. it will be great if you could elaborate on personal life.



    1. Thank you very much. Your relationship with your partner, second half 2016, first half 2017 skyrockets. If you are without a partner then you will find just the right person to be with. You are a Sixties baby so you have Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. You will love the Jupiter conjunctions in Virgo, over the next 12 months – this is about fulfilling, rewarding work on a scale not possible in 12 years. I am getting a ton of traffic from India at the moment and I suspect your country is about to boom. You can pick up on that and make it work for you.

  25. Kia Ora Jessica
    Totally agree with all of your followers; your predictions are amazing to say the least!! Please help. I was born on 21 September 1960 at 3am in Kawakawa Northland New Zeland. My finances are somewhat scary at present. I am nearly finished studying to be a licensed Real Estate Agent and will be moving to another city. Will I have enough money to do this and will I be successful?
    Appreciate your response.

    1. Thank you. You will be amazed at how much better your cashflow is, from the final week of September, as you have been caught in the Saturn in Scorpio cycle which has made so many people scared, financially. It may take a few weeks for things to start moving, but the future is bigger, better and brighter for your money very soon. You are talking about major decisions here – moving and setting up a new career. When are you doing it? Try to avoid September-October as Mercury is retrograde, but if you are a regular reader here, you will have known all about that for a few months, now…

  26. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve only come across you recently and I’ve been so impressed with your forecasts I’ve joined up almost immediately.

    The advice regarding my name and the group you tell me so much about makes total sense, but the secret mission for Jupiter in Virgo is a mystery to me. At the moment I am leading a bit of a double life, as I am currently divorcing, so I suspect it’s something to do with that. I have one foot in the future and one in the past during this transition phase.

    Can you shed any more light on what this secret mission might be?

    Thank you so much

    Kristian (23-9-72, Walsall, UK)

    1. Thank you very much! Your secret mission? Sometimes it’s not actually a confidential project or classified undertaking – it’s time alone (hibernating, disappearing from view) or occasionally an inner search like meditation, mediumship, dream therapy and so on. Think of it as your hidden depths, below the surface. And now and again, people just operate out of sight on this transit, working without credit or recognition when others are the name or face.

      1. Ha ha, thank you. It’s an appealing prospect to have a lovely lady in my life. But it’s probably not as useful to me in the long run as 12 months in my cocoon. I do hope a butterfly is ready to come out of there in September 2016 !

  27. Hi Jessica !

    I am reading your posts with great interest. They are very inspirative and enlightening.

    Kindly asking for your guidance – I am virgoan 73/09/01 / budapest / 05:45 and have two questions:

    work: would like to finish a difficult 2 year project and find a completely new job abroad – is it a good idea and when?

    luv: I am in status quo with a woman of my life… (81/10/28), “she fears me” and doesn want to talk with me too much or misunderstads me (frustrating… started since 2012 I expressed my interest). I am full of trembling from time to time, hopeless and feel a huge wall between us.
    At work the communication is like I am a ghost… Lots of effort to express myself clearly everywhere as well.

    Dont have any idea whats going on. Feel blocked. Want to change it – dont know how and when!

    Thank you :).

    Wish you all the best.

    1. Thank you very much. You’ll be so amazed how much easier your two-year project is, from the last ten days of September and beyond. In fact, what happens in the final week of October and first three weeks of November will put your way with words, images or ideas in the spotlight and you can give yourself a mark out of ten and then move on. You want to move? Think really carefully about the house, apartment, town or country and do a lot of research on the realities of the place before you make your choice. Find out what’s really going on there and what the larger trends are. It might also be helpful to be realistic about the women in question. Clinging on to dreams is not a good way to be. You are coming out of a very stuck and difficult cycle so it takes time to adjust. By Christmas, though, you will feel far more relaxed in your own skin, happy to be yourself, and very satisfied with an improvement affecting your title, profile, role or label. You are moving on up, slowly, like someone on an escalator – but you are moving! I see a dark-haired woman in your future who is neat, modest, quiet and a good person. (That is clairvoyance, not astrology).

  28. Hi!
    I am a fan on your website and read carefully your weekly and monthly forecasts, which I find them the most accurate on the web and have helped being cautious when making certain plans.
    My birthday is 15 December 1980, 15:40, in Athens/Greece. Is this cycle going to help me in the relationship front at all, or only my professional career? Interested to know if it will work with a former partner.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. Thank you, that’s a great compliment. You have been through the toughest cycle in 29 years with relationships, particularly as you could never escape from a financial or property question. Put it behind you. If you are prepared to do a lot of healing and closure with past relationships you will find the timing is right for a new relationship, or revived relationship, second half of 2016, first half of 2017.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply! I will keep an eye on these specific quarters.
        Looking forward to reading next week’s forecast.

  29. Dear Mrs Adams

    I have found your website recently. I must say that the advise you offer to people it is something both remarkable and laudable.
    My birthday is 4 March 1986 01:40 a.m. in Thessaloniki of Greece. What can I expect for my education/career (I’m finishing an MA and planning a PhD) and for love relationships with the transit of Jupiter in Virgo?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Thank you very much. Your MA and PhD will be so much easier after 18th September – you will be amazed at how much everything flows as you go back into a comfort zone you had forgotten existed. You have already been given 1-2 chances to have a better partnership or new partnership in the last few weeks. Did you follow up?

  30. Hi There,

    I am born on 6th sep 1983 in north part of india.
    I have been working really very hard from past 3-4 years. It had been a really difficult time.

    I want to know is there any possibility of relaxed life ahead? Moreover all my best friends are getting married and i feel very lonely.

    Any chances of meeting someone in near future?
    Also what is better for me a regular job or my own business?


    1. Your hard work will pay off, now through September 2016. Nothing on your C.V. has been wasted. Once you are honest with yourself about parenthood, adoption, step-parenting (or no children at all ) you will find that your situation changes. You also need to be quite realistic about people who you don’t know very well but have attractions towards…they may be so different to your idea of them! Try to keep it real. And do be honest about the children issue.

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Born 3rd October, Bursa, Turkey. I feel like a bit confused and lost direction in life especially career wise.. Will this transit have any positive impact on my career at all?

    Thank you,



    1. October is the month to sort out your career as you will be shown (nine times in fact) just where you need to put in new rules, terms and conditions for yourself. Part of the problem is either the structure of the place where you work, or the personalities involved (no boundaries). It’s easily fixed.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    my names are chinelo from Lagos,Nigeria. i was born 5th june 1986. i want to know better what jupiter in virgo has in store for me, for jupiter in leo gave me bad influence in my life, job and family. i want to know whats in store for me mostly yr 2016 because the 2015 is almost ended.
    thank you.

    1. Jupiter in Leo was actually a good thing in your life – if you had problems with your job and family it was actually Saturn, okay? Now, let’s look at 2016. I have a very long Gemini report coming out for you near January 1st, but I also need to tell you that your problems with family and home are going to turn into big advantages. If you take every opportunity to improve the situation that is offered to you, in 2016 you will be happy.

  33. Dear Jessica,
    I was born 2:4/66 at 9:30pm
    I have had the most difficult year and a half. My husband cheated for several years then filed for divorce. I am stuck. Need a job, need to start my life over. Feel overwhelmed. Do you see any hope
    Thank you

        1. Okay, let’s have a look at this hideous cheating husband, and the need for a new job – and a new life. I can’t give you in-depth information because I do not have your personal birth chart, but I can tell you that the question of *role* and *life direction* is what caused you pain. This is now over. In other words, the husband was less about love and passion, and more about the identity he gave you. This is all tied in with your work, of course. What you are now going through is acceptance, healing and then (from February) the new direction. Take your time and write things down. Shred them and use it as therapy. You are slowly coming out of the worst cycle in 29 years and you made quite a lot of decisions on the run, so you didn’t really have time to process and absorb the enormity of what you were doing. Now you are in a space where it is all in your face. That’s okay. You need to form a new relationship with your status, position, mission and ambition. Very close to Monday 4th January you will get a real shove from the universe – telling you to move on. Further afield you will be blissfully happy with your role, status and title in 2017 when this will all just be a distant memory.

  34. Hi Jessica

    My birth details are 26 August 1975, 3:55 am at Chandigarh (India).
    I have recently been laid off from work and while there are 2 or 3 opportunities nothing is materialising. I am keenly looking to move abroad and that is stuck as well.
    Any advise please?


    1. I am sorry you have been laid off. It’s that time of year and nothing will be complete until February. For that reason I am going to suggest you look as far ahead as the second half of February because there will be a lot of redundancies, promotions, new appointments, mergers, closures and launches between now and then. This changes the shape of your industry. It’s boring to be told to be patient, but please do take your time. Keep talking and looking but we are going through a period of turmoil and nothing will really be firmly settled until after St. Valentine’s Day. I hope by then the game of musical chairs will leave a chair free for you to take.

      1. Thanks a lot. Do you see a shift in location anytime time in 2016 please?
        We are keen to move back to London – will any such opportunity materialise please? (in Feb or afterwards)

        1. Before you move back to London, remember that if your work/business depends on the EU and the old rules within Europe, that could easily be thrown out by 2017. If this affects your income be aware of that.

  35. Hi,
    Birth date: 21st July 88, 2:03PM
    Having trouble in relationship. Not attached to current partner.
    Kindly guide

    1. The question you need to ask yourself concerns children. You don’t say if you have them or want them, or if this person has them. If you can look at yourself in the mirror and figure that one out, the rest follows.

  36. Hi my name is Carmen and born 31st of july 11:46 p.m in the netherlands, i work for my brother and our sales has gone down.. I have alot of fear about money and work now. Will that clear up? Please i Really could use some words of ease thank you o and year i was born 1979 🙂

    1. Don’t panic, to quote Dad’s Army. You are in a strong cycle of financial protection until September. You are having temporary issues because you have just gone through March which was one of the most confused and confusing money months of 2016. In actual fact, if you think about it, you have at least one way to make or save money, which you have not yet used. This may only have occurred to you in the last few days so please do not forget it. The key to your money is hard, hard work. That is a boring answer but you will find it helps you more than anything else this year.

  37. Dear Jessica,
    As always, very grateful for all the astrology news on the Blog that you offer the Premium members/clients. Jupiter moves forward from May 9th. I have read with great interest your new article on Jupiter in Virgo for the next 3 months and I wonder how it will affect me personally.
    I have the following in my natal chart:
    Saturn at 12 degrees 34 mins Virgo
    Mars at 22 degrees 54 mins Virgo
    Juno at 18 degrees 45 mins Virgo and finally
    DESC at 29 degrees 24 mins Virgo.
    Awaiting for that break in life!!!!
    Thank you in advance for all you do.

    M M S

    1. Perfect timing. And thank you for your comments, that’s very kind. Okay – you are heavily Virgo but I suspect you do green lights/red lights all the time with work, as Saturn slows you down and Mars speeds you up. More than anything else, though, you are a super Taurean type who *must* pursue the world of precious possessions, charity, finance, houses, apartments, business and so on. You can make your own breaks by seeing what is out there for you – even if you acquire a second income stream from some Taurean-style pursuit. Just remember Mercury is retrograde in Taurus until June so you may spin your wheels a bit, as the same time that you are seeing new Jupiter in Virgo opportunities. July through September, though, you should be adding to your CV.

  38. Hi Jessica
    I am 26 Aug 1975 born virgo. time 3:55 am. Place chandigarh, india
    I had first written to you in Dec 2015. I was laid off then. As mentioned by you then, I could manage a new job (in Asia) within months. Many thanks for your help and positive encouragement.
    However, we are keen to move back to London. Do you think it is possible to get a new job that enables this move within the foreseable future please?

    1. I am glad the astrology was accurate for you. It’s really hard to give this kind of advice without seeing your personal birth chart and as you’re not a Premium Member it’s not showing up. Basically you’re a Virgo with Saturn (slow, stuck, serious situations) affecting your house, family or apartment situation until Christmas 2017. Please read more on Saturn on this website to see what it involves. You have to be a realist about this, but it will get better, once Jupiter the problem-solver moves to the same zone of your chart, from November 2018.

  39. Hi Jessica
    My husband is 26 Aug 1975 born virgo. time 3:55 am. Place chandigarh, india. He is currently working in India. I am keen to move back to London where we belong to. He has recently interviewed with a London based firm for a significant role with associated package. They have agreed to respond back quickly hopefully next month or so. Whilst it still will take time to wrap up our life here (with schools etc not before sometime in 2017) and go back, do you think that this is a possibility please?

    1. Take your time and take good advice as Saturn is in Sagittarius the sign ruling immigration and schools until Christmas 2017 and even without astrology you know that the British now have a new place in the world, a new trade framework beyond Europe, a volatile pound and the rest. Who knows how that is ultimately going to pan out with visas, residency, passports and so on? My advice would be, watch the news, follow politics and don’t expect fast or easy outcomes. Read the fine print before you sign your life away to a firm because the British horoscope sees radical, revolutionary change ahead and it may affect businesses and thus work contracts at least until Christmas next year.

  40. Hi Jessica
    I am born on 01 May 1981 in Ranchi (India)., Do you think I can relocate this or next year please?

    1. You are a Taurus wanting to move (emigrate?) while Pluto goes through your Ninth House of foreign places and people, as well as regional differences. I suspect you will find out either way in December 2016, January 2017 when we have a stellium in the same zone of your solar chart, in Capricorn.

  41. Hi Jessica, I was born on 9/18/1965 in Torrance, CA, USA at 3:03 AM. I would love to find out more about my sign since I dont know anything other than I am a Virgo.

  42. Hi Jessica

    I am a Virgo 26 Aug 75 born 3:55 am Chandigarh. I have been laid off again now twice in last 12 months. What is happening please? Do you see any improvement in career please? I am now thinking of moving across countries and be back in London without job.


    1. Germoglio, I am sorry you were laid off twice. Jupiter in Virgo is not about work (and in fact the cycle is over now). That whole period in your life was about your image, title, appearance and profile. You are now in a new cycle where the focus is opportunity to save or make money and you need to ask yourself what happened in September, October as that was an open door. I hope you went through it. Emigrating to England without a job is very risky during the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle now through Christmas 2017, so please look at what is actually taking place in that country – she is going through tremendous changes now – and you would be affected.

  43. Hello Mis. Adams,
    My was on Sept. 4, 1967 at 20:08 at Gyobingauk, Myanmar. I have been dealing with family estate for years. I am wondering is there any chance for me to receive my portion at any time.
    Many thanks!

    1. Without a chart and the charts of the family it is hard to say – but your chances of getting your share of the legacy are at their highest in 12 years. Keep repeating that to yourself. The highest in 12 years. Do all you can by October 2017. I suspect Christmas will bring a few surprises and perhaps a Christmas present.

  44. Hi Jessica,

    I ‘m a Sag (27/11/1979 -10 a.m ) born in Athens, Greece.I just broke up with a very unavailable person which was an extremely hard thing to achieve and I feel really happy and proud about it!!Still,I find it very difficult to concentrate on my serious educational activities(which I took up just before the breakup) ,I’m daydreaming and procrastinating all the time.. .What’s wrong with me? I feel ready to start but….
    Ι also think I want to make a job change…Do you see any improvement on the first issue or any job changes???Thank you so much!!

    1. You’re a Sagittarian going through Uranus in Aries in the Fifth House of your solar chart so courtship, babies, children and Millennials are an unpredictable area for you until May 2018. You don’t say if you have children or not, or if your lover did. This cycle is actually about deciding if you are prepared to be a stepmother, wish to pursue adoption or pregnancy – or not. There is nothing wrong with you, but by May 2018 you will have decided. Jobs? Your entire career goes through a revolution from May 2018 and you may switch fields/professions.

      1. Oh my goodness,I’m so so impressed(and a little frightened)…Τhank you very much!!!!!
        I do have one child and my ex-lover had two..One of the reasons we broke up was a terminated pregnancy,which we both didn’t want, BUT it affected us(me..)deeply..You’re extraordinary!!!

        1. The astrology is extraordinary, not me (it surprises me every day) but I am sorry you had to go through this. There will be discussions about it all December-January – treat them as an ongoing debate – not the final outcome – that comes later on at the end of January through February when at last you can call your decision fixed and final.

  45. Hi, I am Virgo, Aug 26, 1875, Chandigarh India, 3:55 am. During last 12 months, I have had layoffs (had major heath issues) and now forced to move to UK (from abroad) due to a burning personal matter related to house. I am surprised how life is forcing me to leave professional links abroad and focusing on personal matters in UK. I am now inclined to stay here and hope to find a professional opportunity. Whats going on please and will I find personal and professional peace and growth in UK?
    Thanks, Germoglio

    1. Give yourself another year to sort out your house, apartment and the wider issues of your home town and homeland. Saturn is transiting your Fourth House and there are no fast or easy answers. Yet, from the end of 2018 into 2019 you will at last be settled in the right place.

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