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At last, something sexy in the postbox! You can now receive the world’s best astrology magazine, The Astrological Association Journal, posted to you from London and also become a member of the famous British stargazing society at the same time, by subscription. Edited by bestselling author and The Lady horoscope columnist Victor Olliver, the Journal is jargon-free, purple unicorn-free and fun to write for too (see their latest advertisement below).


Astrodienst has several intriguing articles from well-known astrologers and authors, drawn from back issues of the Journal, so you can try before you buy.  Here’s a short selection, including a cover story I wrote for them: Sun Sign Astrology – The Elephant In The Room. Now read on, to see why The Astrological Journal is the professional stargazer’s favourite read.

Deborah Houlding: The Zodiac And Why There Are 12 Signs, Not 13

The BBC is at it again – spreading the nonsense that the ‘thirteenth sign’ Ophiuchus is missing from the zodiac. How do we as astrologers credibly counter this and other false claims? Deborah Houlding offers a definitive masterclass on the zodiac – so that you, too, can tackle the media debunkers of astrology.

My controversial cover story - The Elephant in the Room
My controversial cover story – The Elephant in the Room

John Green: “I Want It All” – Power, Corruption and Lies

Power. In these days of Pluto in Capricorn it’s a concept much in the news. We watch as people quest for power in countries all around the world, leaders rise and they fall – sometimes just as quickly. But what is power, why do some people seek it so enthusiastically and what happens when we gain power? That’s what I want to look at in this article.

Anne Whitaker: Contemplating the 12th House – An Optimist’s Take on Self-Undoing

In this profoundly personal memoir, Anne Whitaker tells of her Neptunian experiences, an epic ‘night sea journey’ that includes the paranormal and an appreciation of the findings of quantum physics.

A tiny frog, barely half an inch long, flopped, dead, on the tip of a teaspoon as I gently lowered it toward the plug hole of my kitchen sink. Soon, I’d turn on the tap. Its fragile little body, already liquefying, would be washed down the drain.

Wendy Stacey: The Immortal Horoscope – Can Transits Still Affect Our Natal Chart After We Have Died?

Why is it that Elvis had a number one hit around the world decades after he had died? Why at that point in time, and why that particular song? Is there something about Harvey Milk that inspired producers to make a movie forty years after his death and which went on to become an academy award winner? It is fascinating to discover how often, long after someone has died, that transits to their chart can bring them back into the spotlight for one reason or another.


Jessica Adams: Sun Sign Astrology – The Elephant in the Room

My name is Jessica Adams. I am a Sun Sign horoscope columnist and I work in a branch of astrology which is the elephant in the room. Everyone in our profession knows it’s there. Everyone knows it’s noisy and enormous. Yet after nearly 90 years of its popular existence, nobody in our profession seems to know what to do with it. Sun Sign work continues to be treated like Babar banging around in the bathroom. And nobody wants to look.

Nick Kollerstrom: Neptune and Jimi Hendrix

The two ‘big’ events that marked the ‘swinging sixties’ were the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-6 (within one degree alignment), which happens once per century or so, and the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of 1969, which happens every thirteen to fourteen years. These frame our story, with the latter aspect marking the Apollo moon landing as well as the Woodstock music festival.

Donna Cunningham: Transits to Stelliums and the Recurring Story Arcs They Trigger

This is an excerpt from Donna Cunningham’s new astrology/self help/reference work: “The Stellium Handbook: An Owner’s Manual for People with Stelliums or Triple Conjunctions”. The tools and techniques featured in this ebook are written in simple language and designed to help people analyse the pieces of a stellium, step by step, in order to make the most of the gifts it promises and to avoid self-defeating patterns that can get in the way.

Frank Clifford: Out of the Shadows: Scorpio Elevated

Taking one placement in a horoscope and exploring it in depth can be a rewarding endeavour, particularly if that placement involves Scorpio. Scorpio is heavily maligned and misunderstood because it is a sign that provokes many unconscious projections from others who refuse (or are unable) to deal with the issues and ‘buttons’ it often unwittingly pushes in them.

Rick Levine: A New Perspective on the Uranus-Pluto Squares of 2012-2015

We can easily see the recurrent themes of the Uranus-Pluto cycle from conjunction to opening square to opposition to closing square and back to conjunction. A few of the resurfacing issues are the redistribution of power and wealth, the rise of an active anti-war movement, increased passion in discussions over nationalism and anti-nationalism, gender and racial equality, environmentalism , and psychoactive drugs.

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