Podcast: Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo is a good news cycle if you were born in the 60's, even if you weren't born with a Virgo placement in your horoscope, you are still going to benefit.

Jupiter is in Virgo between 12 August 2015 to 10 September 2016. This is a good news cycle if you were born in the 60’s.

Even if you weren’t born with a Virgo placement in your horoscope then you are still going to benefit from the most incredible breakthroughs in the way we work and the way of the worker. The workforce will benefit from this cycle. Jupiter in cycles are also about miraculous breakthroughs in medicine and healing. This one is more significant than most.

In this exclusive podcast for premium members by Jessica Adams will look at your horoscope to tell you what they are and what to do about them, she will also look at some world predictions for this period.

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13 Responses

    1. This is an escape for the Virgo but it’s not real. It must feel like getting into a spa, or plunging into the ocean! From your point of view, you do need something real. Your best chance at this with Virgo or another person (believe it or not) comes in the second half of 2016 and first half of 2017 when you will be offered something substantial with massive potential. Amen.

  1. Ok I’ve logged in…that didn’t work…I sent it to my email…that didn’t work. …how do I read this podcasts ?

  2. Good Morning Jessica,
    I met someone back during the end of July & we’ve been dating for a few months now. His sun sign is virgo, I am so nervous cause I feel like every time I give my heart to someone they break it and although I’ve made it clear the way I feel he hasn’t, what advice do you have moving forward?

    1. Good morning. I think, with that stellium in Scorpio in your horoscope, you can afford to relax and perhaps be more philosophical about the way your love life unfolds. It is very common to want to control things with this placement, and try to ‘run’ or ‘manage’ one’s personal life, but the truth is, with Mars, Pluto and Saturn in Scorpio it can be counter-productive. Try not to think about relationships as a case of giving your heart, or having it broken. Honestly, life should not be that extreme or intense. You may want to read more widely about your Scorpio placements to understand how to reduce the pressure on yourself. For what it’s worth, this person will find it easier to make his mind up in March 2016.

  3. Hi Jessica, thanks for your fantastic blogs. Love to read each one of them. My question – I want to take advantage of Jupiter in Virgo transit, and you have been emphasizing to get in some kind /form of communication on Internet. Can’t figure out what exactly to do. Could you please help? I have Masters in English lit, and I am a decent writer, but better at speaking and connecting with people.
    Or something else, I am at that point in life, want to be my own boss, have the flexibility of time and space. What is your suggestion?
    Btw, thanks for the heads up about the Jupiter in Leo transit. It really helped. Thanks

    1. Thank you, that’s a great compliment. You are heavily Cancerian as you probably know. Don’t worry too much about the project or plan which emerges as it will unfold by April 2016 and may in fact involve speaking/connecting rather than digital, in the end. Your entire life, your best bet is to pursue your culture, heritage, roots and sense of belonging to a place or people. This is what you are here to do. You will be exhilarated by career changes in 2016, 2017 which set you free. Write down what you can offer on a piece of paper. Include all gifts, skills and abilities. Write your request to the universe there too. Ask for general things. Leave it out overnight and silently ask your spirit guides and helpers to match the first list with the second. This works in uncanny ways and can sometimes work very quickly!

  4. Hi Jessica, I am so happy to now be an annual member of your site. I waited so long for Jupiter to arrive in Virgo and even went out and silently celebrated on Aug 11th:) I was naive in thinking things would be different from August 12th. I met a guy (10-12-84) last June and enjoyed 2 great months. I surprised myself by falling for someone, who had very few of my ‘must haves’ and for once ignored ‘the list’. I then realised that he had told me a whole bunch of lies to impress me and make himself feel better. I have stayed in email contact with him after he admitted to me, but I don’t know if he has backed off because I have found out or because of the geographical distance. I do feel there is a very strong connection between us but also fear he may only be staying in email contact with me to keep me sweet i.e. so I won’t tell family and friends about his lies. Am I wasting my time thinking about him? Many thanks Jessica.

    1. You’re a Virgo but I am not sure why you think Jupiter in Virgo meant your love life would improve! Anyway you are now at the end of this cycle and must use now through 10th August to relaunch yourself while luck is on your side. New role, title, look, maybe? Reinvent yourself. You will be thrilled to know the biggest and best cycle in 12 years for your heart starts second week of September as Jupiter slowly starts to cross all your Libra placements in the Seventh House which rules your former, current or potential partners. Use your journal to set goals and pick up my ebook (free) 2020 Astrology on 1st August to find out how to work this cycle and end up happier. This person sounds ghastly and I have hope you have given him the heave-ho.

  5. Thanks for all your great work Jessica. As a Virgo with plenty of Libra I can’t tell when career success with Jupiter’s help will take off. I’m keen to leave my job but some great recent success and recognition makes we want to hang on, though I don’t know how positive future developments look. What do you advise?

    1. Born with the Sun at 29 Virgo the best is yet to come – August and September will be fascinating for you, as the planets start to line up in Virgo, around Jupiter, which of course delivers opportunities on a grand scale. The Sun describes how you shine, and how you gain attention, recognition and usually wide approval, if you’ve truly worked hard. When Jupiter conjuncts, or sits on, your Sun at 29 Virgo (not long to go now) you will be basking in a new kind of spotlight. As for staying or going, you don’t even need astrology. Just turn towards the people or organisation which is the gift that goes on giving. That’s Jupiter in disguise.

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