Find Your Rising Sign Without a Birth Time

The Rising Sign or Ascendant describes what people know best about you - what really stands out - even if it's not the real you! It is always opposite your Descendant, which describes your main partner or soulmate in life.

You can find your Rising Sign (or Ascendant) without a birth time, if you are happy to do some detective work. The Rising Sign or Ascendant describes what people know best about you – what really stands out – even if it’s not the real you! It is always opposite your Descendant, which describes your main partner or soulmate in life. Your Descendant commonly reveals your husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend as a ‘type’ even if you don’t stay together.


It’s best to take three likely contenders at first – three Rising Signs which are probably yours. You can do this most easily by looking at the most important partner you ever had. The person who really mattered, or still does.


Your partner in life is committed to equality. He or she outlaws sexism and racism in partnership. Your lover commonly works in business partnerships, duets or double-acts. And you? You’re well-known for your energy, competitive spirit and fight. You are well-known as a strong, intimidating, driven person. People see you in the context of battles or campaigns.


Your partner in life is concerned with power and money, sex and money, death and money. He or she may work in insurance or be part of a family where the inheritance is a big deal. And you? You’re also well-known for money. It really depends on how you feel about it. Are you a shopaholic, a good business person, a big charity giver or a true Communist?


Your partner in life is a world traveller or world citizen, drawn to other cultures and nationalities. He or she is an eternal student of life and depends on the internet to put out knowledge or draw it in. And you? You are a natural writer or public speaker, born to communicate. You are seen in the context of the internet, too. Your message is who you are seen to be.


Your partner in life is ambitious. He or she is a social mountaineer, who begins life in one class, and goes up to the next one through marriage or by slow but sure, career success. And you? You are always seen in the context of your family. Your relatives. Your home town. Your country. It’s very hard for people to think of you without thinking of your clan.


Your partner in life is a team player. He or she belongs to one or more groups, like rock bands or football teams. Your partner has a circle of friends surrounding him/her. Friends are truly important to this person. And you? You are always seen in the light of babies, children, and teenagers. Youth projects. Junior demographics. The next generation and beyond.


Your partner in life does not live in the real world. He or she dwells in an alternative reality. This may be down to meditation, drugs, religion, alcohol, clairvoyance or television! You get the picture. And you? You are always seen in terms of your body, no matter, if you are a shining example of health and fitness or your illness/condition, dominates your life.


Your partner in life is a real go-getter who asserts himself/herself and likes to be first – or be the winner. He or she is fast, energetic and dives into conflicts or emergencies easily. And you? You are seen as the person who needs a partner to feel whole. You are committed to equality. You are a feminist and you are against racism. You are sensitive to injustice.


Your partner in life is seen in terms of his/her money. He or she is identified with finance, houses, apartments, business and economics. He or she may be a shopaholic, socialist, philanthropist, communist or capitalist! And you? You are seen in terms of sex and money, death and money, power and money. You are placed in that context, for whatever reason.


Your partner in life is never off the internet. He or she is a natural writer and may be a natural public speaker or podcaster too. He or she is all about the words – and the message. And you? You’re always seen in the context of travel, foreign cultures, foreign nationalities. We see you as the person who never stops learning and expanding his/her knowledge.


Your partner in life is seen in the context of his/her family, especially the mother or grandmother. Your partner in life cannot be separated from his/her relatives, home town, country. And you? You are seen in the context of your ambition, position and mission. You appear to be a genuine social mountaineer who moves on up, from the class you’re born into.


Your partner in life is seen in the context of his/her involvement with babies, children or young adults. He or she may be a parent who strongly identifies with that role, or perhaps work/volunteer in a field involving infants or teenagers. And you? You are seen in the context of your groups or teams. Your friends. Your social media. Your tribe, or tribes.


Your partner in life is always seen in terms of his/her body, no matter if this is because he/she controls food and exercise, or has illnesses or medical conditions which dominate his/her life. You are seen as being invisible, hidden, mysterious, elusive, slippery, confused, confusing, secretive, unknowable. You may be fuzzy in photographs – or seldom photographed.


Princess Diana was muddled about her own birth time, and gave different times to her personal astrologers. The amazing thing about astrology is, we can figure out her true Rising Sign/Ascendant was Sagittarius (not Libra) because Prince Charles is such a typical Gemini type! He must be the most prolific author in the Royal Family. Writers are of course, ruled by Gemini. Charles has Uranus in Gemini. He’s also a famous letter-writer to British politicians!




I am not sure where this 20th-century theory about Rising Sign = appearance came from. It’s quite wrong, as you can see just by looking at the people who sent in their photographs to Astrofaces.  For a start, we are all from different backgrounds – black, white, Asian, Arabic – and there just isn’t a facial characteristic or body type we can pin on people. Your personal appearance is far more influenced by your IC or Immum Coeli. Why? It describes your family tree. The branch of your family which has the biggest impact on you. You’ll inherit your looks from one relative who matters most, on that branch. That’s one part of the appearance story in the chart. The rest of it comes from heavenly bodies in your First House, which rules your ‘shop front’ or basic image. I’ve written more about this MC/Family connection to your personal appearance in this story about Princess Diana and her young relative  Bo Bruce who could be her twin.



Princess Diana not only passed on her look to her young relative Bo Bruce, she also inherited her own life themes and physical appearance from male ancestors in the Spencer family line. These come directly from her Aries IC. Being born with Aries on the IC (Immum Coeli) made her a warrior, just like her ancestors. No wonder she fought Prince Charles so hard. No wonder she spent her life posing for army photographs or (later) battling against landmines in war zones for The Halo Trust.

If you really want to know how your personal birth chart influences your appearance, just look at your IC or Immum Coeli, as it’s sometimes known. This accurately describes the most important person in your family tree, who you most resemble. This person would also have passed on a family theme to you. A life story he/or she explored, which you also carry on, in this lifetime. Princess Diana had an Aries IC. This is the sign which rules the army, navy and air force. It is associated with fighters and conflict, and also emergency situations. She picked up her ‘uniform’ fashion sense from her ancestor, the 7th Earl Spencer. She also inherited his facial type. Read more about your MC position and how it influences your life theme and appearance here. Which relative has most influenced you?


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27 thoughts on “Find Your Rising Sign Without a Birth Time”

  1. Can you tell me what my friend’s Ascendant sign, IC, AC, MC & DC is please.
    Born: Moree, Australia, 5 May 1967, time unknown

    Thank you!

  2. Just got another quick question-My birth data says my ASC is in Aries and MC is in Capricorn. On the astro website it says by ASC is Sagittarius and MC is Leo. Which one is correct? DOB-9 Oct 86, 8:13am EST, Australia, Tamworth

  3. Hey. I’m born 22/09/1990 11:35am in Athens, Greece. My ascendant is Scorpio or Saggitarius? I searched in many sites and some say the one and some the other. I think the Daylight Saving Time plays some role right? Also my Sun is in Virgo right? Because some sites say Libra. Thanks

    • It sounds like you need your horoscope drawn up properly – which you can do if you try Premium Membership here. Yes, daylight saving does play a part. As a rule of thumb, a Scorpio Ascendant means you are well-known for your money, house, apartment, business or charity commitments. You tend to dress for success or are inclined towards status symbols like designer handbags, shoes and so on. A Sagittarius Ascendant is completely different. You would be much better known for your experience in other countries and with other cultures, and perhaps because you are the foreigner who has moved somewhere else.

      • Yes maybe I need!! But for a start, my Ascendant is finally in Scorpio or Saggitarius? I do like designer bags etc, but I am better known for my experience in other countries, and I really travel very often in foreign countries because it’s my best thing to do in life.

          • I need to have my chart made from you because I am a bit confused. So you can see it from my chart that I have Saggitarius ascendant?? I checked also at, but I should put 8.35(because it says we need to put “Universal time”) right?

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Id be extremely greatful if you cld help me please. My mum told me that I was born after 12 am 26th September 1973. She says she was in too much pain to remember ! Is 12pm the best time to use without birth time think this makes me scorpio rising ? Xxx

    • It’s a pleasure. Scorpio Rising means you ultimately become best-known for how you fare with finance, property, charity or business. If that sounds like you, so far in your life, then yes – you have a Scorpio ascendant. If you think of your horoscope houses as a stage and you as the performer, ask yourself what the stage set actually is. In Scorpio, the Rising Sign describes the Eighth House stage set. To the left you see a last will and testament – deadly serious matters – and perhaps a mortgage or life insurance form. To the right you see a marriage certificate or maybe some sealed envelopes with intense sexual and financial undertakings! If you are acting on this stage set, you have Scorpio Rising.

      • Hi Jessica,
        Id be extremely greatful if you cld help me please. My mum told me that I was born after 12 am 26th September 1973. She says she was in too much pain to remember ! Is 12pm the best time to use without birth time think this makes me scorpio rising ? Xxx

        • Your poor mum – I’m sure she was in pain. Find out if the money, possessions, house, apartment or business was a major issue in your family when you were born in 1973. Did you immediately stand to inherit? Were people changing their legacies? This is often a clue to Scorpio Rising.

    • Without a birth time and place for Mr. Phoenix it is hard to tell, though I suspect Aesculapius would be conjunct his Ascendant as it rules people who rise from the ashes, like a phoenix from the flames.

  5. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what other signs and planetary influences exist in my chart. I am a Scorpio female born on November 15, 1995 (I have no idea what time I was born however). I would love to find out because every time I go on a website, they ask for the time of my birth which won’t be very accurate if I take a guess :( Thanks in advance!! :) I always suspected I would be influenced by Cancer because I am deeply emotional (even for a Scorpio) and love nurturing and caring for others & prefer to stay at home rather than go out all the time. Please confirm or deny lol :)

    • I am the only astrologer who works here, so you must be talking to me. It sounds as if you have Cancer horoscope influences, but it is far more likely that you have exact aspects involving the Moon, which rules caretaking, nurturing and the home.

  6. hi iam trying to find out my rising sign i was born on the 14/11/159.but i dont know what time i was born.also i was born in sydney australia.can you please help thank you

    • Hmmm, no time is difficult. One clue is the women whose taste, style, wardrobes, hair you admire. So if you are a major fan of Coco Chanel and Jackie Onassis (both Leo) you may well be Leo Rising. If you prefer Vivienne Westwood and Caitlin Moran with their wild hair and punk tastes, you may have Aries Rising.

  7. Hello ! I came across your website! Man when I read your title my soul felt at peace lol
    I also don’t know my time of birth :( I was born on May 25, 1993 and I moved to the U.S. at age 2 or 3 , my mom says I was born at 2:30 but not passing 3 but that was a long time ago lol Not even on my birth certificate says anything ! I’ve investigated through transit of events in my life but could be this and that and it’s confusing , I think I might be an Aries rising because I was in a serious relationship with a Libra and it was my first serious one xO still healing from that lol
    But I feel a pull on Pisces … so hard ! Please shine some light on me ! XO thank you!!

    • Thank you for letting me know that. Ascendant/Rising Sign is often about DNA. So who do you look more like – mother, father, grandmother, grandfather and so on. Often their Sun Sign will be the same as your Rising Sign. It really is as simple as that.

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