Colouring in Jupiter

Each Jupiter cycle is like a colouring-in book which you must then work yourself. If you want to. Jupiter does not 'make' the end result happen, any more than a colouring-in book, fills in its own colours.

Jupiter cycles are the most misunderstood of all astrology cycles. This planet is not the answer to your prayers and nor is it a miracle worker. It is wonderful in its own way, but first, drop the idea that you just sit there and some kind of magic happens, when Jupiter transits your chart.

It’s better to think of a Jupiter cycle as a colouring-in book which you must then work yourself. If you want to. Jupiter does not ‘make’ the end result happen, any more than a colouring-in book, fills in its own colours.

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10 thoughts on “Colouring in Jupiter”

  1. Hi

    I’m Virgo 27 degree. Could you let me know how does Jupiter in Virgo work for me in 2016. I have also accepted a new work related opportunity this October (27th) on a long term assignment. Is this something fruitful? What are my prospects for moving home and finding the right property to purchase in 2016?

    • You will be thrilled at the opportunity to change your working life when Jupiter moves to 27 Virgo next year. I can tell you more, but you need to re-enter your birth data so I can see your chart. The video will help you do this. Thank you.

    • Wow. You have Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius. Travel, foreign people and places, publishing, education and the internet will all play a fated part in your life and some incredible opportunities and changes will happen (and have already happened) when you open yourself up to other cultures, nationalities, countries, regions – and very big ideas. This will slow down for a while, but it is only temporary and in 2018/2019 you could easily emigrate, return to study, teach, launch a website – or maybe do all those things at once.

  2. Thanks Jessica. I have already lived in a few places since birth and am exploring studying part time over 2016-2018 on a new career path. Could you also see my financial prospects? I have a family and have a difficult relationship with my in laws. Will this get any better as my husband wants them to live with us 6 months in a year due to our commitments?

    • Okay, you may have to put up with the family situation in 2016 and 2017, but then it will be over. You will make or save a lot of money from the second half of 2016 and into the first half of 2017. At that point I think you will make a radical decision about your home and money, and become far more independent. Looking much further into the future, when Jupiter goes through Sagittarius in 2018/2019 you will achieve some of your biggest dreams in education, academia and travel. It will make everything worthwhile and help you put your life in context. Some people fall in love with their husbands. Other people fall in love with big ideas and foreign places. Maybe you do all of that.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for your wonderful work!
    I am eager to read about my year ahead into 2016. Is there anything you can share. My birthday is 3rd August 1981 born 12.08pm in Ballarat Victoria.
    Thanks in advance

    • Thank you very much. The next 12 months is all about your work and your body. Your lifestyle and your daily routine. In both the astrology house systems I use for you, there is a lot of action in your Sixth House, which rules the way you look after other people, by serving them through work – but also the way you look after your own health and wellbeing. You are being asked to completely change the way you do this. Not just small changes here and there, but a totally different approach. You will truly benefit from it and could be a new woman by this time next year. Pluto is at work in your chart and he is relentless. It’s always very dramatic and all-or-nothing. So you have to really throw yourself into a different way of respecting your body and honouring your own control over your physical ‘temple’ and that means changing the habits of a lifetime. Deep conversations help. So, you need a deep and truthful discussion with the mirror about your body. You will never be as aware, as you are in 2016, of the mind, body and spirit connection and how you can’t separate them. Do not underestimate the time, energy and attention you need to give to your body over the next 12 months, yet it will alter your life for the better and introduce you to a new way of being and living. In particular, look at habits you have acquired and old patterns – set ways of thinking and living – as Pluto usually requires that you change them or ditch them. Over the last 12 months (most of 2015) you have been nudged in this direction by destiny. The nudge now becomes stronger so tune into it.

  4. Hi!!! Could you explain the difference between working life and career in relation to Virgo? Career has definitely been all over the place since 2008. And, with all of the Virgo/Scorpio/Sag in my chart, I feel like I keep repeating themes. Saturn out of Scorpio? Great! But, now it’s in Saggitarius! ;) thank you!

    • Virgo? Your working life is ruled by Aquarius in your solar chart. Your career is ruled by Gemini. In astrology, the working life is about serving other people and doing your duty. Your career is quite different. That’s about your status and success. I might use Jeeves from Jeeves and Wooster to explain this. Jeeves is Bertie Wooster’s manservant. He cooks and cleans. That’s his working life. However, as all fans of P.G. Wodehouse know, he also runs the entire household. And he runs Bertie. So that’s his status!

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