Sagittarius 2015-2016 Birthday Horoscope

What does the Sagittarius horoscope reveal from November 2015 through December 2016? Part of the story involves several chances for outstanding success.

What does the Sagittarius horoscope reveal from November 2015 through December 2016? Part of the story involves several chances for outstanding success. Children and serious lovers urge you to find more independence in your life, too. And then there is the loaded question of your personal beliefs!

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21 thoughts on “Sagittarius 2015-2016 Birthday Horoscope”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for providing so much information on what 2016 will hold! I always find your predictions so accurate and That is the reason I decided to register as a Premium Member.
    My only questions for the year is if my relationship will move up to the next level this year (marriage, babies). The person of interest is Aries born 17/04/1981 in the UK.

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    • You have a stellium in Libra, the sign which rules equal partnership, and Jupiter will move through Libra from September 2016 into 2017, which will give you your best chance in 12 years to form a harmonious, balanced relationship. People with a lot of horoscope factors in Libra generally live for love – they are defined by their partners – and they always ask about marriage and babies very early on! With this person or another, the turning point for you will be October 2016 and you will know where you stand by October 2017. Jupiter will also sextile (or make a flowing pattern with) your Leo stellium and of course Leo rules pregnancy, stepchildren and adoption. Your chances of major commitment as a lover and a parent are at their best for years – but later on. April 2016 brings major questions for you about independence and freedom, alongside potential parenthood. That month will ask you to change direction.

  2. Thank you for the birthday horoscope. Looking through the upcoming full moon dates, I can see that the next two are both at 3 degrees – Leo and then Virgo. I have Virgo Ascendant and Saturn in Cancer at 3 degrees. Also there will be a full moon at 1 Sagittarius which is close to my 0 Sagittarius Sun. I expect this means all of these full moons will have a big impact personally.
    Also, the overview seems to indicate that this year could be a year of work success. I’m planning on taking a gap year from work starting April to pursue further study and other more creative career options. Is this a counterproductive thing to do this year? I feel like I have done all I can do in my current job and have had an overall good reputation.
    When would be the best time in February to broach the gap year discussion with bosses once Merc Retro finishes? Thank you.

    • The lunar cycle this year is less important to your gap year plans, than Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius. Those Full Moons will be about other issues. In your chart, the sign of Sagittarius rules your Ninth House of study (and also travel) so what you are tracking is Saturn’s long, slow conjunction to all that. He is at 13 Sagittarius now, then by July he’s back at 10 Sagittarius, right on your IC, opposite your MC at 10 Gemini (the MC rules your highest ambitions and it’s in Gemini, which of course rules study, along with publishing, multimedia and all forms of communication). So in general – you need to think about how fast and easy you want life to be, because with Saturn there, you’ll find life slows down. The best time to discuss a gap year is definitely after February 14th when Mercury is out of shadow, because of the financial issues involved. When Jupiter crosses your Proserpina at 26 Virgo later this year, there will be an amazing opportunity to operate as a professional go-between in a role where you would be liasing between two powerful people or organisations.

  3. Jessica ,
    You have warned me many many times about Mercury retrograde and about my imagine !!!!
    BUT !!! I did not listen to you !!!
    I have paid so much $$$ money on cosmetic tattooed ! And now my face like a mess !! Please ! Help me !!
    What I have to do now Jessica ???
    How could I fix this ????

    • What you need to know about 2016-2017 is that with Diana and Proserpina in Aries, in the First House of image, appearances (and yes, your face) you will have your next big decision about the way you look and appear, from the final week of March to the third week of April 2016 when the Sun in Aries conjuncts (or lights up) Diana and Proserpina in turn. This will expose, illuminate and enlighten and help you see what you need to see – and find out, what you need to know.

  4. I am new to your site and thoroughly enjoying it.

    Will I be able to have a long term relation with a future with a man. The person in picture is an Aquarian 1/26/1986 who is currently facing tough challenges with career and finances with uncertainty. Both of us are in USA and come from different cultural backgrounds with a strong foundation of trust and friendship

    Thank you and God bless you

    • Your question is best answered by one word – children – and the way you feel about having them in your life, or not having them. You are in a life-changing cycle, until 2018, when the choices you make about pregnancy, existing sons or daughters, stepchildren, adoption and so on, influence love and sex far more than any other factor. In fact, April will already have woken you up to one of those issues. Friendship is an extremely good idea with this man as he shines as a friend and is at his very best when relating (strangely enough) without sex getting in the way. So lean on friendship the way you would lean on a rock, yet sooner or later you are going to have to figure out the parenthood or substitute parenthood issue and that is actually what will decide your long-term future in love, either with him or another.

      • wow !! You are so right

        He is a wonderful friend and I do think of having children my own biological children. He has quite stayed away from that topic a. he has career issues to deal with b. sighting we come from 2 different cultures

        I think we will be drawn apart due to differences in culture eventually
        What is friendship without a long term relation with such a wonderful guy

        • I am glad the astrology was right for you. Friendship is such a different business to co-parenting (obviously) and I think by this time next year you will have a much stronger idea about your own future children. That is the deciding factor.

  5. Hi Jess,

    This feels like a make it or break it year for me and my guy. He’s heavy Scorpio (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Neptune) born on 10/25/65 in USA. Neither one of us has been married or have children.


    • It’s actually more about your own birth chart than your boyfriend’s. You have Jupiter at 1 Libra, Fortuna at 6 Libra, the South Node at 7 Libra, Mars at 10 Libra and Cupido at 14 Libra all in your Seventh House of partnership. You want the biggest and the best from the middle of September 2016 when transiting Jupiter moves to 1 Libra, and right up until he passes Cupido for the second time in July 2017 it either has to be a big new commitment with your current lover, or – I have to be honest – setting sail on a far more ambitious journey with somebody new. In any case Jupiter is your friend.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I have joined your Premium group today and I’m very happy to discover my birthday horoscope ! I’m asking myself questions about my future as an author. My first novel will be published by the end of the year and am wondering if it’ll be successful ? Do I have a career waiting for me in this field or is this just a one-off ? I’m also facing some “issues” with my partner in life, do you see any improvement on this level ? Thanks so much ! Happy summer to you, Laurence

    • Thank you. Congratulations on your novel. This will be a useful learning experience for you, one which helps you when you either return to the same idea in a different medium in 2019 – or when you follow up with a second piece of writing, which leans hard on the experience you gain this year. In 2019 you should be most satisfied with your results. Answers and solutions will come with/for your partner from the second week of September, one way or another, with a fresh start for this person in the first week of October.

  7. Hi Jessica,
    Longtime reader, just became a premium member and am really enjoying all the extra content! I’m Sag sun, Libra rising and was hit hard on the relationship front in 2008 – awful end to a long marriage which culminated in divorce in 2011. I have one child. No romance at all until a Gemini (DOB 28/05/1977) showed some interest but it’s been up and down all year. He has lots of factors at 23 degrees and we had one of those Uranian moments in late June that you talked about in your Independence Day post where I felt like I got zapped by him! But now he’s gone remote again and I am at a loss. I’ve worked hard on myself – been in counseling, performed incredibly well at my job this year, have lost weight – but aside from the weight loss, no rewards on any front. I’m really feeling down and starting to think the only “relationship” I’ll ever have again in my life is the one with my kid! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this guy and my situation. Thank you!!

    • I’m glad you are enjoying your new Premium Membership. You were born with Minerva conjunct Uranus in Libra in the Seventh House. You can take all that apart by hitting Search and looking up each factor in turn. Essentially you were born with inherent wisdom about love, sex, relationships and marriage. You were also born to radically change the way you and everyone else sees partnership. Forget Mr Gemini who is struggling with the worst love life trends in 29 years. Yet – when Jupiter moves to 13 Libra you will be dazzled by the most stunning opportunity or solution possible in 12 years which will liberate you in terms of your former, current or potential partner. Use your Journal and track Jupiter’s moves. Cycle starts 10th September.

  8. Hello Jessica, thank you so much for all of your wonderful work. I’m a bit addicted to your website, though! I have just been rereading this birthday horoscope from last year, and wonder if you would have five minutes to look at my chart and see where I’m at with work/career, home/family, and of course lovers? I’m still wrestling with a lover who has ‘baggage’ to get over, but who tells me that he adores me and everything. You’ve kindly advised me on his chart (and mine) not that long ago – specifically my Vesta/his Sun and the Jupiter transit in Libra – his details are Melbourne, 19 October 1961 at 8:45pm. I’ve also, over the past year and a half, been through a painful separation from my husband, which keeps rearing its head as new issues with him arise. I’m also struggling at work – I’ve been putting in the hard yards and long hours since the beginning of last year, but feel I am yet to see any real progress. I’m getting a bit disheartened (as well as overworked). I am facing a probationary review at the end of next year – which would coincide with finally seeing Saturn out of Sagg? Should I be working towards that date? Still??!! ;) Many thanks, Jessica. Any advice on these topics will be very much welcome x

    • Thank you. Beyond your actual Sagittarian chart (your Sun Sign chart) you also have your Natural House chart which is personal to you. You were born with Uranus at 24 Virgo so transiting Uranus at 24 Aries is quincunx that in your chart. This reflects what is happening at work. Being born with Uranus in your Sixth House describes your need to create, invent and produce new ways of working – not just for other people – but also for yourself, as you are here to reinterpret what duty and service should mean. You have the technology to do that, thanks to the worldwide web, smart phones, computers and the rest (all of which keep giving birth to themselves all over again). This is a key part of your story now through 2017, as you are in a major change phase at work, no matter if you choose it, or it happens to you. I think you would get a lot out of reading more about Uranus, both here, in the new book, and around the web. It is a symbol of revolution, freedom, independence and new worlds and it is better that you consciously make that happen yourself with work, rather than have it thrust upon you! Jupiter crossing 21 Libra conjunct your Vesta in the first week of January 2017 will heal a lot of the issues you have about gender politics, if you snap up the opportunity or solution. Again, you may want to be super conscious of Vesta and all she stands for, in your chart, at that time.

      • Oh thank you so much, Jessica! This makes total sense to me – and you’re right that I’ve been focussing so much on the scary ‘slog’ of the Saturn transit, I’ve been ignoring Uranus. The technology thing and work really resonate: I’m an academic in legal education and not only is our industry undergoing major changes (increased use of technology in teaching; blended learning etc), the course that I am teaching is also evolving and changing over the next couple of years. These changes were sort of ‘thrust’ on us a couple of years ago, but one of the reasons I’m so overworked is that I’m currently doing a part time teaching course which I hope will enable me to meet the challenges of this changing landscape (especially the use of technology etc in teaching). Although it’s hard work at the moment, eventually the increased, judicious, use of technology may deliver more freedom for me, and free up time for me at work – well, that’s my (positive) view of it anyway!

        Once again, thanks so much, Jessica. You are a star. I’ll keep at it and keep the faith that I am doing the right thing to consciously work with the cycle :)

        • I’m glad the astrology is making sense – Uranus is always new technology which liberates people and there is usually resistance to it at the time, yet history shows it’s the new inventions which set people free.

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