Your 2015 Horoscope Hangover

Mars is now in Scorpio, in exactly the same place where Saturn (the planet which times slow, stuck and serious situations) recently lingered.

Do you feel as if 2016 hasn’t really started yet? That you have not yet been able to move on from a 2015 problem? The reason for that is simple. Mars is now in Scorpio, in exactly the same place where Saturn (the planet which times slow, stuck and serious situations) recently lingered. This is why plenty of people are now feeling like this – see Saturn being attacked, below, in a painting by Pietro Liberi.


Commons Pietro Liberi   Time Being Overcome by Truth   WGA12980 Copy 600x436 - Your 2015 Horoscope Hangover
Saturn in a painting by Pietro Liberi (Wikimedia Commons).



The area of your life still stuck is shown by your Sun Sign, below. Sun Sign horoscopes show you the headlines of your life. They give you the short, main story. Here it is –

ARIES Money, business, finance, property, charity, possessions.
TAURUS Partners, former partners, potential partners, enemies.
GEMINI Your body, daily routine, workload, chores, duties.
CANCER Your own and other people’s children, serious lovers.
LEO Your home town, house, family, apartment, homeland.
VIRGO The internet, multimedia, publishing, communication.
LIBRA Cashflow, valuable objects, houses, apartments, charity.
SCORPIO Image, reputation, personal appearance, Me agenda.
SAGITTARIUS Secrets, behind the scenes roles, hidden matters.
CAPRICORN Groups, friendships, networks, teams, circles.
AQUARIUS Status, career, unpaid work, university, ambition.
PISCES Travel, foreigners, internet, publishing, education.



Here’s what you need to know. Saturn, the symbol of all that is hard work in your life – or an endless waiting game – is now out of the Scorpio-ruled area of your horoscope, above. However, he has been swiftly replaced by Mars which is why it feels as if 2016 is a hangover that has not gone away.

Your big, main issue (the one that started the long chain-reaction of events which is with you now) began some time after Saturn entered Scorpio on October 6th 2012. By 2013 you certainly knew about it and no doubt made heavy, important decisions about that area of your life, shown above. In 2014 you kept waiting and working…and waiting and working. By 2015 the cycle was drawing to a close, but although by then you had packed up your main troubles, the arrival of Mars in Scorpio on January 4th 2016, meant that you started the year with new issues to unbox.


Scorpion 600x600 - Your 2015 Horoscope Hangover



Mars is the planet which crunches issues, accelerates their resolution and drags things forward, so you can deal with them – immediately. This is why it is so important that you sort everything out, once and for all, while Mars is here. He will finally leave Scorpio on March 6th, and you will be amazed at how one or two last niggling, nagging issues vanish.

If you have Scorpio factors in your personal horoscope then Mars may be sitting on them. He may be conjunct your Mars planets, asteroids, points or angles. What impact is that having on you? It’s financial, or it’s about your company, property or business. Scorpio rules all these matters in your birth chart, using the Natural House system.



Once Mars leaves Scorpio on March 6th you will have a long break from the issues listed under your sign (above). This news story is over … almost. Mars will do a very peculiar thing in 2016 and actually return to Scorpio later in the year. Mars Retrograde starts on Saturday 28th May at 29 Scorpio and runs until August 2nd, covering 23 through 29 degrees of the sign. If you have Scorpio horoscope factors at 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29 degrees then you will be personally affected by an unfinished story about your money, house, business, charity, possessions, company or apartment.

For all of us, there will be a replay of the action drama we saw as 2016 began. Caution: if you don’t want to fight old battles, then do not pursue a fight before March 6th (in relation to the area of life listed under your sign). Why? Because it won’t resolve. When Mars returns to Scorpio at exactly the same position he occupied before – after 28th May – you will be going through the motions of an unresolved conflict. If you don’t want it,don’t pursue it. Do not react in the heat of the moment. Be highly strategic.



The other hangover we are all experiencing on this crowded planet, is financial. Scorpio rules the sharemarkets and the banks, and the trickle-down effect is on our mortgages. We have started 2016 with extreme financial swings and roundabouts, and yet…the worst is over. According to astrology, now that Saturn has officially left Scorpio, the most slow, stuck, serious cycle in 29 years for the global economy is over.

Saturn is a symbol of fear. In mythology he was the terrified god who ate his own children, lest they take away his authority one day. He was scared of getting old. He was paranoid about the natural course of events – that children usurp and replace their fathers.  That is why Saturn is depicted in so many Renaissance paintings as Father Time, and why you will see this familiar, bearded figure with his scythe, draped over clocks.

What did fear do to our global finances 2012-2015? By the time it hit our hip pockets, it resulted in slashed salaries, disappearing jobs, plummeting shares and a personal impact. Scorpio rules the intensely personal side of money – the ‘until death do us part’ promise between Husband and Wife, the legacy or will, the mortgage with the bank (the ‘mort’ in mortgage also spells death). Scorpio reminds us of our financial mortality. It is also about sex. The ultimate sexual business deal is marriage, only equalled by divorce, and since 2012 we have seen the Global Financial Crisis trickle down to affect personal relationships.

The world will have to do its clean-up twice this year. Once, before March 6th. Twice, after May 28th through August 2nd. As this period coincides with Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, the other sharemarket and currency sign, we are looking at a major global financial story, May 28th through June 8th, when we go through the truly unusual retrograde of planets in the two sharemarket signs. Prediction: May 28th through June 8th 2016 will bring chaos on global sharemarkets, when prices will swing up, down and sideways.



Mars is an entirely different force in astrology, compared to Saturn. We use Saturn to time long, drawn-out, intensely difficult situations that feel tremendously heavy and hard. Mars is the timing device we turn to when we are looking for heat, speed, action and results. It’s like your body leaning hard on its immunity and innate ability to repair itself, after a tough time. This is not so much healing from a hangover, as sweating it out.


Scorpio Guinness - Your 2015 Horoscope Hangover


Yes, the Scorpio hangover will run until March – but don’t fear that 2016 is just going to be a continuation of 2015. Absolutely not. This is recovery time, when a lot of rapid repair work and results will come, thick and fast.



The other key players in the hangover effect are the asteroids Panacea, Cupido and Juno, also entering the year in Scorpio. Apollo and Diana began 2016 in Scorpio, too.  Panacea is a relative of Jupiter’s. Cupido is the son of Venus. Juno is Jupiter’s wife. Apollo is Jupiter’s son, and Diana is his daughter.

Together, they spell tremendous commitments, passion, independence, leadership, solutions and promises. This is also why the Scorpio house of your chart, which you read about (above) is such a big deal as you go into 2016. This is a detox as much as it’s a hangover. Those dramatic global financial headlines will be with us through February, though, so be prepared.

In your own life, bite on the issues ruled by Scorpio in your chart and chew your way through them. You will get through your detox and hangover period in a way that resolves each and every issue you had, hanging over from 2015 or even earlier.

If you do not want to inflame the situation, though, please remember Mars is the symbol of war, battle, competition and contest in the horoscope. He ruled the Roman army. If you want a fight, you will have one on your hands – it’s up to you, centurion!

One creative way through the Scorpio hangover, until Mars is out of there in early March, is a ritual. Use a journal to note and draw, with colour to really focus on clearing and detoxing what lingers from last year.



Candle rituals focus the mind wonderfully and allow your mind (you could also call it your soul, spirit or astral body) to roam across time and space and connect with your spirit guides and helpers. Light a candle now and see what comes to you.


Scorpio Print Anthropologie 600x450 - Your 2015 Horoscope Hangover

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27 Responses

  1. This explains it then! lol Had a hard time last at work last week in Jan first time ever people cancelled their appointment! 12 did! Also at the moment im struggling with my role as carer/mum my dying child is up all night and respite just told me “beyond their training he is now extreme high needs” so i am on my own now, there is no more respite options.
    Thanks for the article and i loved my lifetime report it makes absolute sense why im feeling babied and babying him its the time.
    Love your work thanks for it all

    1. Thank you so much and I am sorry you are being put through such a massive challenge in a new year. I am glad you love your Lifetime Horoscope Report and as issues come up through the year, you can join me on the forum and workshop for more questions.

  2. Thanks for this article Jessica. Just had a lengthy conversation with my sister about a key issue we’re both dealing with then read your article and looked up both our sun signs and it is spot on! A quick question:when you talk about CANCER being affected by “children-your own or other people’s eg stepchildren”, can that also encompass your ‘creations” or what you might call your “baby” eg a book I’ve written? I ask because I have no children of my own, limited associations with children (although I was a school teacher many years ago) and only one goddaughter, but this issue of “children” has shown up many times in my horoscope for the last year. Hope that question makes sense! Thanks Jessica! Cheers Kathryn

    1. Thank you. No, ‘children’ does not refer to creations or books – it literally refers to a younger generation. If your book is aimed at young adults or children, of course that’s it. However, in general, this is far more likely to be about your goddaughter, or even the pupils you taught who have now grown up.

  3. Jessica,
    This post explains so much about what I’ve experienced thus far in 2016. Mars was sitting right on top of my Neptune in Scorpio the other day and I found myself mad as hell at the Gods and my spirit team! It kind of came out of nowhere and had to be expressed. The next day it was mostly gone and I got back into good graces. Whew – what a tangent. But since that Neptune is in the 5th house for me and I’m a writer, and Pluto is sitting on my sun in the 7th (with Venus kissing him today) I’m going to spend today writing, applying some of that Martian energy to my creative work, which IS part of my identity.
    Thanks for these insightful and helpful articles.

    1. I am glad the post explains what you have gone through so far. Try the Natural House system, by the way – it puts Neptune into your Eighth House – and the Sun into your Tenth House. In this system, the Moon goes into your Third House of writing and the keynote is your Sagittarius cluster, which goes into your Ninth House of publishing. Those last two are worth tracking as Saturn conjuncts one stellium and opposes your Moon, both in the internet/book zones of your chart.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have Pluto in Scorpio, which I understand is its ruler. I’ve been sensing a certain amount of uneasiness with work and life in general and feel like there may be some major changes around the corner. Does Mercury’s retrograde position affect any news received now or is it best to delay major decisions till Mercury goes direct? Does Mars bring about revelations or secrets that have been under wraps for a long time as well?

    1. Yes, Pluto rules Scorpio. April brings a major choice about work, and your own freedom and independence is the issue then. Mercury Retrograde is really about everything you own, earn or owe and there is a fresh start this week, but with one number or fact missing – or subject to change. This is cleared up next week, then your new financial year really begins.

  5. Wow, I almost sighed of relief when reading the title, thinking to myself that I’m not alone in this! I have been struggling with several problems that are reflected bymy Leo sun and aries ascending. I am very confused, I don’t know if I should stay were I am in the south of France and continue grinding my teeth through difficult financial situations, or move back to Canada or even elsewhere in France and start over. Also I quit a job in 2014 that was making me miserable to work on a new project, and after a promising start, things are starting to become really complicated… I literally feel stuck in a rut. thank goodness things get better in March. Do you see anything in my chart that could give me clues to “unstick” myslef from this situation? Thanks !!!

    1. Your home issue will be resolved by the first week of March with one more big decision in June-July, and then you will no longer be concerned about where you belong, or how to live there. You will have the information you need about Canada and regional France in April. There may also be a third country then. Work is complex now, and intense, yet it will lift in March. Once you figure out your finances by the end of March the other stuff (work, home) becomes easier to judge.

  6. Hi Jessica, love your website and your predictions. As a Sagittarius I am naturally optimistic but last 3 years have been difficult.
    Been trying to have a baby after two miscarriages and I feel like finally doctors / husband are taking my concerns seriously.
    However worried about Saturn in Sagittarius now as I am over 35 – is this gonna make things harder for me this year?
    Can you give me any insight?
    Thanks so much in advance…..

    1. I am sure you have been through all kinds of ups and downs, just based on the fact that you have Uranus transiting your Fifth House. I am sorry you have been through the pain of miscarriage and also the worry, now. It is impossible for me to comment without your birth chart or the chart of your partner, but in general – April 2016 will show you what you have to deal with, when you must deal with it, and what is on offer. That will clear things up and clear your head, so you can make a choice which takes the pressure off you.

  7. Hi Jessica, I’m a virgo, asc in Gemini. I am a widow, and I moved from Chile to my hometown a year ago. I have my house back there and don’t know if I should sell it or not. I am still dealing with the inheritance process which had put myself in a very difficult situation. When all of these will be over, so I can feel settle?

    1. Okay, you need to wait until April is out of the way before you can make judgements. There will be a dramatic change involving your family member, home town or house that month which gives you a great deal more freedom and independence. However, it will mean you have to start a new chapter. Because of this, you may want to wait until Easter is well and truly over, before you make big decisions. I am sorry you have lost your partner and are still adjusting to life by yourself. I can see from your horoscope what has been going on. However, you will also gradually come to know what it means to be free, and that is something you maybe did not expect. April will show you the truth of this. Further afield, once Jupiter goes into Sagittarius in 2018/2019 you will be very happy indeed with your home and surroundings.

  8. This is a great article Jessica. Thank you. I am a premium member and I wonder if you can provide some guidance, as it seems from Oct 2012 it has been my finances and career success that has been much more affected rather than groups, friendships, networks, teams, circles. Will these issues be resolved as well post March 6? It has been such a long and heavy period for me ever since Saturn entered Scorpio almost 3.5 years ago, and wonder if 2016 will be the year that I will recover financially? Thank you.

    1. I wonder if your birth time is accurate as if you were even slightly out, you may be a Sagittarian, not a Capricorn. In any case, some factors in your chart wouldn’t change – you do have a stellium (cluster) in Scorpio which rules your most deadly serious financial or business arrangements and the most profoundly intimate agreements over houses, possessions, apartments. Saturn has been sitting on (or conjunct) all this since 2012 which is why you’ve had such a hideous time. The worst is over, but you will experience the hangover this year. This is not your fault; it is a world economy issue – however you will recover financially, bit by bit, and then you will be rewarded wonderfully when Jupiter (abundance) goes into Scorpio in the second half of 2017 and first half of 2018. In fact, you will be thrilled as you will save or make a small fortune then and you can forget the past.

  9. Dear Jessica,

    First and foremost, let me tell you how invaluable and helpful your insights have been for me. I had reached out to you mid-last year when I found myself utterly lost and despondent after a fairly muddled career transition. You were very kind and suggested very helpful pointers. Thanks to you, I’ve now made a habit of writing down ‘wishes, wants and offerings’ and I truly believe it’s helped. It’s taken me a while but I’ve gained lot more clarity and am moving forward. However a longish gap btw jobs has me frequently struggling with ambiguity and lack of confidence.

    I notice that you’ve repeatedly referred to a ‘very confusing phase’ coming up in March (weekly horoscopes) where you strictly recommend ‘boundaries’. I find this rather unnerving as I’m not sure I truly understand. Most of 2015 was a washout for me and since I consider 2016 a ‘make or break year’, I wonder if you could tell me a few things that I should keep in mind that will allow me to make the most of this year in context of jobs/career. I desperately need to make headway on that front…

    My d.o.b is 21/11/1980. Time of birth 16:17 pm. I would love to hear your thoughts on this Ms. Adams. Thank you.

    Warm regards,

    1. Thank you very much. March is about zero boundaries for everyone, and how to manage that – but it has nothing to do with your career. April is actually the month you get to see new and different work options. Try to accept that nothing will ever be settled or fixed – work is a constantly changing area of your life until 2018. You swap lack of stability and permanence for freedom. That’s the cosmic deal. Being free – and being independent – is what work basically is for you, in 2016, 2017 and then after 2018 you will finally have more stability and predictability.

      1. Thank you so much for responding Ms. Adams. Just so that I understand clearly, when you refer to “lack of stability & permanence” is that a reference to adverse circumstances that make it hard for me to hold down jobs or circumstances where I find myself exploring different work profiles for a few years until I find something I want to stick to? (Sorry, if I’m taking it too literally – I just want to be as well prepared as I can be.)

        On a separate note, I would love to opt for a personal reading but the wait list is really long. Perhaps you could have an option where one can opt for concise readings specific to a few qns or topic. Don’t know if that would be viable for you but just a thought 🙂

        Warm regards,

        1. Lack of stability and permanence is not adverse – it depends on your attitude towards it. You are going to see ‘the dance of rejection’ until 2018 but actually, it may be the one thing that sets you free, makes you more independent and allows you to rather well in life. It goes something like this – since 2011 you have been rejecting who/what you view as out of date, tired, wrong, fake, outworn and irrelevant – in your chosen field. At the same time you have been rejected or even totally ignored (the ultimate rejection). This is all part of the cycle. What it forces you to do is innovate, invent and pursue what is new, original and radical. The right people will find you when you do this and your prize will be freedom.

          1. That really spoke to me….and you’ve put a lot of things in perspective. I’m relieved to know that this turbulent cycle since 2011 and my internal conflicts which I’ve painfully struggled with, are hopefully going to help me find my place in the world…And I cannot wait to get there!

            I’m going to keep this guidance of yours close by where I can refer to it from time to time lest I ever forget the purpose of this struggle. I’m very grateful to you for taking the time to explain this to me…

            (FYI – Your link for ‘If you wish to wait list for a Personal Horoscope Chart from Jessica, click here’ is broken. It shows an Error 404. You might want to get that looked at…)

            Warm regards,

  10. Hi Jessica. Thank you as always for your inspired writing and predictions. Just reading this article has solved a mystery after my 3 years of hell through the Saturn in scorpio cycle. I have quite a few scorpio factors in my chart, and I thought I was out of the worst, but the dragon has reared his ugly head again in February to repeat patterns from the past. Will I be affected much longer through the mars retrograde transit until August – will this be well and truly over, or is this something that will continue. It is well and truly exhausting – I’m being effected by a rival/enemy who will not leave me alone, and it is all connected to money/power/division of assets. He is Taurus b 21 April 1965. Would welcome any thoughts. Thank you once again.

    1. I am really pleased you figured out why you had been put through hell. It is so tough to go through Saturn conjuncting a stellium in your chart and you have had this, well and truly, as I can see from your other question. Please know this – avoid the Mercury Retrograde period for dealing with Mr Taurus, April 14th through June 7th 2016. Pick it all up after June 7th. This is repair, recovery and restoration year but you must also trust the worst is over.

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