Your Chinese Astrology for the Year of the Monkey 2016

What does Year of the Monkey hold for your Chinese zodiac sign? The Monkey is associated with Virgo in Western astrology, and Virgo rules health and fitness.

What does Year of the Monkey hold for your Chinese zodiac sign? It is the year that Rupert Murdoch will marry his third Monkey wife, Jerry Hall. How does 2016 look for you? Your soul quest, or life mission, will be triggered this year. Read on to find out more.

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10 thoughts on “Your Chinese Astrology for the Year of the Monkey 2016”

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Hope you are doing fine. My D.O.B if 17 september 1975. I have just turned 40. Will there be any major changes in my life? Up to now i have only lived for others been miserable and suffering from anxiety all my life. Thank you for your answer.



    • Your way out is through the group. You need to become involved with at least one group, maybe more, which allows your Aquarian side to be expressed. This group will be composed of true and real friends, bound together in a common cause. Making the world a better place is something many groups try to do, from charities, to political parties, to community organisations. Your body also affects your state of mind. Have you looked into that? Beyond the body, mind and spirit connection which is creating anxiety and depression you would do extremely well in a tribe of people who operate as a community in their own right, but also cushion you and support you. Taking your place in the club, team, party, committee, association or whatever it ends up being (a yoga class for example) will radically change your life and turn it around.

  2. Hi Jessica, still exploring and understanding this site as a premium member. Love your predictions and follow religiously.
    Wrt to mines DOB 01/26/77 I read alot about gaining on the financial side and travel in 2016 for me, that’s spot on! I am concerend about marriage though. Still single, was in a relationship with someone in a complicated situation and as much as I love him I’m ending it. What do you see for me to ease my mind? Any chance he stays?

    • I am so pleased you are exploring the website – thanks so much for your feedback. I am also glad the predictions about money and travel are spot on for you. You were born with Uranus, Juno and Fortuna in Scorpio, which rules sexually intimate ‘deals’ about an apartment, a house, shared possessions or mutual bills. I suspect the relationship is over because Saturn in Scorpio is now behind you and this phase of your life from 2013-2015 is well and truly over. In his place we have a slew of Scorpio planets and asteroids, all triggering this area of your horoscope and life. One of them is Mars Retrograde who goes backwards and forwards for months. This is why you are still asking questions about something which, by rights, should be over. It’s not actually completely, utterly and totally finished and there is classic ‘unfinished business’ to attend to. Looking further ahead you should be blissfully happy when Jupiter goes into Scorpio – the planet of breakthroughs, opportunities, abundance and win-win outcomes – which occurs in 2017 and 2018. You may want to read more about Saturn in Scorpio and also your Scorpio side on this website to see what is going on inside you, with all this.

      • Thank you! I will definitely read up on that.
        I’ve been reading my friends predictions here too and you are truly gifted. One friend however, his DOB 13/09/72 (I can only enter details for myself on the site) you are also spot on re his financial issues, children etc However wrt his marriage problems. Will this be resolved and they work things out or not? Cant interpret well what you wrote about that, “living in a fantasy away from reality with partner that needs to be controlled before it gets out”?

        • Thank you very much for that compliment. I am glad the astrology is spot-on for your friend. I appreciate you can’t enter his data on the site. You need to watch what he decides to do in March. Not far away now! He is confused and confusing, yet March will make his life so chaotic that he will be forced to do something about it – or someone else will. This man is extremely hard work, not least because of the situation with the children, which will run for years. Are you absolutely sure you want the work?

          • It’s hard to read the horoscope of a second party when I don’t have their consent/question and also their verified chart. But even without that, I can describe any relationship with him this way – an obstacle course. One hurdle after another. Again, it is the children who are the real issue here, as so often is the case. That would be my major concern as an astrologer – the impact on them.

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