March 2016 Astrology Predictions

We have a striking number of patterns joining Neptune in Pisces in March involving asteroids, Nodes and planets. This is going to be a big month for Wikileaks and also floods, both ruled by Neptune - for obvious reasons.


We have a striking number of patterns joining Neptune in Pisces in March involving asteroids, Nodes and planets. This is going to be a big month for Wikileaks and  also floods, both ruled by Neptune – for obvious reasons.

It is also Year of the Monkey in Chinese astrology. The Three Wise Monkeys remind us of the phrase Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil. But at what point should that stop? All eyes on not only Julian Assange and Wikileaks – but also Edward Snowden and Anonymous, in March.

What’s undercover? What lies beneath? What is below the surface for you and the people around you? We’ll find out. The more horoscope factors you have in Pisces, the bigger the secret (or the more secrets you keep). March will bring big decisions about everything you cover up. In fact, there’s no going back.



We will see major cover-ups, or big revelations about previous cover-ups, in March 2016.  This has been a feature of the entire Neptune in Pisces cycle, and all the key dates are at the end of this story.

The headlines in March will cover Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Wikileaks, Anonymous and also the cover-up over Fukushima. Through these stories, we will question our own secrets. Is it right or wrong to hide things from others? When is it ethical? When is it not?

Neptune has been in Pisces since April 4th 2011 through August 5th 2011, and continually since February 4th 2012. We have now had around four years to adjust, but March 2016 will be intense.



Neptune rules the sea. Pisces rules fish. So far, since Neptune moved into Pisces in 2011,  we’ve seen –

The Fukushima nuclear disaster on 11th March 2011 (when the Sun was also in Pisces). This will bring us more headlines about the radioactive contamination of sea water, around the world, in March 2016 – specifically near the dates at the end of this story. In March 2016 we also risk a second nuclear leak. We will be forced to remember Fukushima in March 2016.

Sea level rise, caused by Global Warming and Climate Change, is another manifestation of Neptune in Pisces. Fukushima was triggered by a Tsunami. In March 2016 we risk worldwide flooding, dramatic new rises in sea levels and tsunami activity as the stellium in Pisces builds.


pjah2ax4uwk 600x400 - March 2016 Astrology Predictions


Astrology is symbolic by nature and along with the sea, Pisces and Neptune both rule everything that is below the surface. Everything that is submerged and unseen, just like microscopic plankton, which float everywhere in the ocean, invisible to us.

This is why we associate Neptune and Pisces, with secrets, hackers and internet surveillance. It has accompanied the rise of trolling, cyber stalking and data mining. There will be more headlines about these modern plagues in March 2016.

Ever since Neptune moved into Pisces on April 4th 2011, we have also seen the growth of

*Wikileaks, founded in 2006 by Julian Assange, is the most famous example of untraceable mass document leaking on the internet. The word ‘leak’ is of course associated with ships, and thus the ocean – and Neptune. This painting by Courbet shows what happens when the Moon lights up the sea. When the Moon moves through Pisces and conjuncts Neptune, what is concealed will be an issue. When the Sun conjuncts Neptune, all will be revealed.  Wikileaks will be spouting all over the place – but we may also find out the truth about the organisation and perhaps Mr. Assange.

Neptune Courbet Two 600x450 - March 2016 Astrology Predictions



  • Anonymous is the most famous example of global activists and hacktivists. Formed around 2004 it has grown hugely since Neptune went into Pisces in 2011.  In January 2011, Anonymous launched Operation Tunisia and gave Tunisians a script they could use to protect their web browsers from government surveillance. There will be more Anonymous headlines in March 2016.
  • Edward Snowden is the most famous whistleblower in the world who has alerted us all to mass surveillance and government secrecy. Formerly with the CIA, his whistleblowing work began in earnest in 2012, one year after Neptune entered Pisces. The N.S.A or National Security Agency in the U.S. made news when in 2013, the extent of the NSA’s secret surveillance programs was revealed to the public by Edward Snowden – affecting the communications of over a billion people worldwide. Watch the Snowden story in March 2016.



Unfortunately the Zika virus is going to get worse before it gets better. Why is Pisces/Neptune associated with infections? Because anything we cannot see in the air and water is ruled by both these horoscope factors. There may also be a second outbreak of an old or perhaps completely unknown new disease. Looking at the clashes from Pisces to Sagittarius, this raises the issues of people crossing borders from one country to another, and the infections they bring with them. In large camps, of course, that risk is increased. The period around Sunday 6th March will bring this to light. Saturn in Sagittarius (as predicted elsewhere) will bring the end of the European Union. The public health alarms of March will assist this.


The strange, mysterious world of quantum mechanics will make more headlines in March 2016. Atoms and photons are invisible to most of us, which is extremely Piscean/Neptunian. Of course, Einstein was also a Sun Pisces. As I write this on 12th February, CNN reports gravitational waves have been detected, so Einstein is making news again. Here he is, in one of those endlessly copied photographs on the internet, wearing fluffy slippers. Pisces rules the feet. Maybe he knew he was a Pisces.

einstein9 464x600 - March 2016 Astrology Predictions



In March 2016 further discoveries will make us question the nature of so-called reality. Is the Multiverse real? Are we still in a Big Bang world or Steady State? Expanding from this idea, the world of dreams and sleep will make headlines and deliver breakthroughs. The entire subject of consciousness and its impact on reality is very right for March 2016. So is the nature of time and space.




The two fishes swimming in opposite directions are a powerful symbol of inner conflict, confusion, self-contradiction and muddle. People who live out their Sun in Pisces horoscope strongly reflect this. This New York Times story on Albert Einstein (Pisces) is entitled Confused In Love And Sometimes In Physics.

Another famous Pisces, Elizabeth Taylor, did not know if she wanted to be married to Richard Burton or not. So she married him more than once.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which was discovered in the same year as anaesthetic was publicly used for the first time. Drugs and alcohol are said to have a particularly powerful effect on Pisces people. They already inhabit another world.

Marijuana, vodka or heroin can push them into a deeper one. Kurt Cobain is a famous example of a Piscean whose tremendous imagination was equalled by drug use. Elizabeth Taylor struggled with drink.

Of course, when you end up in the sea, you are ‘in the drink’ and as the astrologer and author Liz Greene has pointed out, Neptune can be associated with a tremendous thirst, in the horoscope.  People yearn for, long for, crave – the ocean. This painting by Monet shows how the sea can potentially overwhelm, despite the thirst.

Neptune Monet copy 600x450 - March 2016 Astrology Predictions



Most positively, Pisces is about escaping from the boring, mundane, ordinary real world and exploring escapes from reality which elevate the soul. Deep meditation. Remarkable music. Incredible film. Staggering scientific discovery (particularly of the quantum universe). Religion is associated with Pisces, as is marine biology. Both depend on the acceptance of another realm, above or beneath us all. Mediumship, astral travel and clairvoyance are the realm of Pisces and Neptune.

The world of fantasy, gaming, novels, theatre, film, television, art and music – as long as it is genuinely imaginative and not corporate – is the natural home of Neptune in Pisces. In March 2016 we will see some oustanding examples of this, launched or announced.

You would also expect March 2016 to bring groundbreaking new discoveries that prove consciousness survives physical death and that mediums are right. In an age when Neptune in Pisces dominates our lives, it is probably wiser for some sceptical scientists to refrain from making absolute statements about reality. If their reality is more real, than your reality, you know they have a problem! This also applies to spiritual healing, which works with the human aura and chakra system. Whose reality is it anyway? Maybe we’ll find out in March.

At its worst, Pisces is confused and confusing, and can be deceitful. Like a fish, we associate the words ‘fishy’ and ‘slippery’ with bad Piscean behaviour. Also ‘oily’ – and of course when one ‘wriggles out’ of something, one can be Piscean. Evasive and elusive Piscean types are very common. When we see the worst of Neptune and Pisces we end up with people who are muddled and also muddle us. Sometimes it is quite deliberate. The most awful con artists, liars and ‘wide boys’ as my grandmother used to call them, are born under Pisces or have a cluster of factors in that sign.



Neptune rules the sea and when you are under water, the ocean distorts your vision. You cannot see straight. You are also under the illusion, supplied by oxygen tanks (or the safe walls of a cruise liner bedroom) that you are on land – when you are not. We can have a lovely holiday from reality with Neptune and Pisces, and people whose horoscopes express those factors. However, the holiday is just that. And it helps to remember. What saves us in March? Knowing the difference between the real and the unreal. And how does that work? Boundaries. Boundaries is always the magic word when there is a stellium transiting Pisces and it’s very much the key to March.



Very few astrologers work with the full 34 horoscope factors in modern astrology, but as so many members of the family tree loom large in March (including Neptune’s wife) it’s worth a closer look.

Salacia – Wife of Neptune in Roman mythology and a Trans-Neptunian object. She describes altered states and alternative worlds. Parallell universes. She is associated with quantum physics, the ocean, the seashore, dreams, drugs and fantasy.

Hygiea – Ancient symbol of preventative medicine. Her name is hidden in the word ‘hygiene’ and this asteroid was discovered in 1849, the year of the cholera epidemic. The phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ describes Hygiea perfectly.

The Sun – The Sun highlights, exposes and illuminates whatever it touches. It operates like a spotlight or camera flash so that everything is revealed very clearly. What might have been missed or unseen before comes to light with The Sun.

Ceres – Ceres was promoted to planet status in 2006 (she is a dwarf planet) and is the equal of Pluto. She is commonly ignored by many astrologers, but she is an accurate pointer to power-sharing issues and questions about control/compromise.

Saturn – The ancient symbol of fear. The planet Saturn is pale yellow, also the symbol of cowardice. Fear makes us resort to coping methods, defence mechanisms and strategies. They are often unwise when Saturn is involved. Therein lies the lesson.

Jupiter – The favoured son of Saturn, who was the lucky child who escaped being devoured by him. Raised on milk and honey, he grew to become the greatest of all the gods in Rome. He is a symbol of hope, healing, growth, expansion and good.

New Moon – The Moon is an ancient symbol of motherhood, as it correlates with a woman’s menstrual cycle. The Sun, being the same approximate shape and size to the naked eye, became a symbol of fatherhood. Together, they bring a birth.

Total Solar Eclipse – An eclipse blots out what might normally be clear and obvious. It obscures what is there. Blind spots and (usually) total ignorance of an important story, to be revealed much later, are common on a total eclipse. They require care.

Chiron – The late, great astrologer Dennis Elwell associates Chiron with mavericks, gadflies and heretics. He was a centaur associated in myth with teaching, herbal medicine and hunting. He challenges us to see what we can get away with.

Mercury – The Messenger of the Gods. Usually shown with wings on his helmet and sandals, he ‘flies’ like e-mail, text messages, the post and courier deliveries. He is all about the words, and images. The meaning is not his concern.

Neptune – The ancient symbol of the ocean. He is associated with anaesthesia, as in 1846, when he was discovered, a patient was made publicly unconscious for the first time. We associate Neptune with other worlds – other realities.

True South Node – A symbol of time-warps and time-loops, when everything repeats, and nothing can be done (or said) to change the pattern. The only option is to go within, to cultivate patience, tolerance, a sense of humour and other good things.

Venus – Venus is associated with desire, vanity and jealousy. Lovely Venus was jealous of her beautiful future daughter-in-law Psyche. Her own husband Vulcanus was jealous of her lover, Mars. The phrase ‘All’s fair in love and war’ applies to her.


Allow one day either side for the world to catch up with itself – these times are calculated for London. Here are the Pisces patterns.

Tuesday 1st March
Salacia 28 Pisces opposite Hygiea 28 Virgo
Thursday 3rd March
Sun 13 Pisces conjunct Ceres 13 Pisces
Sunday 6th March
Sun 16 Pisces square Saturn 16 Sagittarius
Tuesday 8th March
Sun 18 Pisces opposite Jupiter 18 Virgo
Wednesday 9th March
New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse: Sun 18 Pisces conjunct Moon 18 Pisces. There will be a massive cover-up near this date.
Friday 11th March
Sun 21 Pisces conjunct Chiron 28 Pisces
Mercury 9 Pisces conjunct Neptune 9 Pisces
Sun 21 Pisces conjunct True South Node 21 Pisces
Sunday 13th March
Ceres 17 Pisces opposite Jupiter 17 Virgo
Tuesday 15th March
Mercury 17 Pisces opposite Jupiter 17 Virgo
Sun 25 Pisces opposite Hygiea 25 Virgo
Wednesday 16th March
Mercury 18 Pisces conjunct Ceres 18 Pisces
Thursday 17th March
Mercury 21 Pisces conjunct Chiron 21 Pisces
Mercury 21 Pisces conjunct True South Node 21 Pisces
Saturday 19th March
Sun 29 Pisces conjunct Salacia 29 Pisces
Mercury 25 Pisces opposite Hygiea 25 Virgo
Sunday 20th March
Venus 10 Pisces conjunct Neptune 10 Pisces
Monday 21st March
Mercury 29 Pisces conjunct Salacia 29 Pisces
Thursday 24th March
Chiron 21 Pisces conjunct True South Node 21 Pisces
Ceres 21 Pisces conjunct True South Node 21 Pisces
Chiron 21 Pisces conjunct Ceres 21 Pisces
Friday 25th March
Venus 16 Pisces opposite Jupiter 16 Virgo
Monday 28th March
Ceres 23 Pisces opposite Hygiea 23 Virgo
Venus 21 Pisces conjunct True South Node 21 Pisces
Wednesday 30th March
Venus 22 Pisces conjunct Chiron 22 Pisces
Venus 22 Pisces opposite Hygiea 22 Virgo

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  1. Dear Jessica,
    After eleven years of marriage I am finding myself alone. Do you see any new marriages in the future or finding a loving partner to share my life with? If so, when? My birthday is February 4, 1966. I was born at 9:30pm
    Thank you for your wonderful websight. You bring interesting, thoughtful insight to astrology not offered anywhere else.
    Warm Regards,

    1. Thanks for that compliment, which I will pass onto James, Justin and Alyas too. I am sorry you have been through a marriage break-up, but as they say, no breakthrough is possible without it…I suspect part of the story for you has been what you have gained with the house, apartment, possessions or money. Has that happened for you yet, or are you yet to settle? If so, you would be more than content with the outcome by September 2016. If you date someone new before September 2016 this person also has money, a good lifestyle or a substantial property option to bring to the table. Marriage? You need your chart done for that!

      1. Hi Jessica,
        Thank you for your prompt reply to my question. How can I go about getting my chart done? I think I read somewhere it could take up to a year. Is that right?
        What information do you need?
        Warm Regards,

        1. Thank you. Personal charts are available exclusively to Premium Members, so that is your first step. I do not use a computer program, and the charts and readings are written by me, not by staff. Consequently there is a waiting list – applications close in March 2016 so if you are interested, it may be best to join now. The charts are accompanied by online forums/workshops every month to go more deeply into your natal chart (Natural Houses) as well as your sun sign chart (Solar Houses).

    2. Just found you this a.m. & you are such a refreshing change & clearly an informed astrologer.

      I was born on 9/9/1954, but don’t know the exact time. My early years were filled with heartbreak & darkness, all out of my control. Life didn’t seem to improve until late in life. Do you see this & the possible reason why?

      Thanks much.

      1. Cheers, I appreciate it. The explanation is, you grew up with Pluto and then Uranus in Virgo, which took turns at sitting on (or being conjunct to) your Sun in Virgo. So your sense of identity and importance, your self-confidence, was deeply affected by people, organisations and situations which transformed you – and not in a peaceful way. When they moved on, so did you.

        1. Thanks so much Jessica.

          You were right on the money! I was severely psychologically abused by my father beginning when I was 3 years old. This continued & grew in it’s intensity until his death when I was in my early 20s’. STILL trying to forgive.

          I’m going to find out my exact time of birth & schedule a full reading w/you. I can’t wait!

          Thanks again.


  2. Hi Jessica,

    I am Indira and from India. I love astrology and also tarot reading, and unconsciously, when I read ur articles I always feel I already know everything you are talking about and also I do some painting and I relate with images, not sure why. and you are my favourite astrologer, since the time I have been following you. I want to learn astrology from you. pls let me know how can I get classes/teachings from you.


    1. I am very flattered to be your favourite astrologer as I know there are many people who practise astrology in India. Online classes and workshops are in the pipeline so please follow me on Twitter for announcements. Thank you.

  3. I have been exploring astrology in depth for several years now, but have not run across your excellent astrology blog until today. Insightful! You speak of the planet Salacia, whose discovery was also news to me. Coincidental that I should find you and the lovely Salacia at this moment? Mere days before her conjunction with the transitting sun and my natal sun on March 19? What do you think this might mean for a “watery” person like myself, with a pisces sun, cancer moon, cancer ascendant and Midheaven at 15 degrees pisces? I am an artist who has been fascinated with mermaids since 2010. I wonder if this could be due to the appearance of Salacia who obviously has a deep resonance with my chart? Any ideas about what I might expect from this interesting conjunction on my solar return?

    1. I’m glad you find the astrology blog insightful. Salacia sounds like she is meant to be discovered, by you. If you are an artist fascinated by mermaids, please find the old Renaissance paintings of Salacia with her husband Neptune. She is sometimes called Amphitrite (the Greek version of the goddess). The conjunction is about your image, branding, name, reputation and personal appearance. And rather like your art, this is about to lead you into self-mythologising and more than a little fantasy with your reality – in the mirror, in photographs or online.

    1. I’m sorry but your comment has disappeared – I wonder if you could let me know your question or thoughts, again? Apologies, this probably happened on the final days of the Mercury Retrograde cycle!

      1. Hi, apparently my message is marked as spam? I’m commenting from an iPad, does that come into it? Confused

          1. Ha, I did try that but to no avail, said it encountered a problem sending the help message
            Ok, really quickly. I’m a premium member, love this site although I still struggle with reading my chart. However, I have Pisces in some interesting places in my chart so this blog definitely piqued my interest!
            I’m working on a writing project with someone very close to me and we are taking it slowly, doing lots of homework and due process as it’s quite prescriptive (a screenplay). However, as an Aries with Leo rising, I am about as patient as you can imagine. Timeline wise, I really need things to be moving due to other considerations in my life (children)
            Anything interesting in my chart ahead for this year? Thank you

          2. You have Saturn, Vesta and Proserpina in Gemini, the sign of so many authors, journalists and scriptwriters – so I am not surprised you are writing a screenplay. Just remember that Saturn is now in Sagittarius (transiting or travelling Saturn) and he will actually oppose that line-up in Gemini in your chart. Fast and easy results just won’t be possible. Looking far, far into the future when Uranus goes into Gemini you will find your most exciting phase as a writer and may see one or two projects (like this one) revolutionised and reborn.

  4. Hi Jessica, I would like to know how the March 8 solar eclipse and the later lunar eclipse will affect my life? I’m wary as my in laws will be moving into stay with us for the next 6 months beginning end of March. I don’t generally have a good relationship with my mother in law who is quite manipulative at times. She is Capricorn 27/12/1950. Will this eclipse trigger anything on my personal or professional space?

    1. Your family issues will lift after 2017 but until then, you do have to deal with what is real and unavoidable about life. The eclipse isn’t an issue for you so much. What you should be looking at from your mother-in-law’s point of view is April 2016, when you will need to agree to ‘space’ for her as well as for yourself. You will need to invent a new set-up with her and the family which allows everyone to be free. Think beyond the actual apartment or house, into the neighbourhood or outlying areas and look at access to those for her. For yourself, you will find your tolerance and persistence pays off with some extremely good family and property karma when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius in 2018 and 2019.

  5. Dear Jessica, you were so right my professional situation changed for the better. I got a better job. Not my field, but it seems to work. At the same time I was invited to a job interview in another town with unteresting tasks with a foreign institution (I have family ties to this place). It would be temporary but well paid. Do you see a change of place or a radical change? Is it time toleave my comfiort one? Will I find my future far from home? My DOB 15/10/74 12.01 Nuremberg Germany. I really appreciate your inspiring predictions and thank your assistance in advance. Sandra

    1. I am glad the astrology accurately predicted your job change. In general, any Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn will trigger these issues about where to live, and where to work. Your next one is due 19th July (allow 24 hours either side) and that seems like a moment of truth for you.

  6. Thanks Jessica. Is the March eclipse(s) of any significance to my life? Will there be an impact on me, I know it focuses on Virgoes with middle degrees but Mercury is at 17 Virgo in my birth chart. So will it have any impact on my life?

    1. Don’t worry too much about the eclipse. It’s just a blotting-out of the real story. You see it all the time when politicians cover up what they are doing – or try to distract the public by creating one big news story, while the real news story is happening underneath! All you basically need to do is be sharply aware of your former, current or potential partner at eclipse time – specifically on those dates – or perhaps possible enemies, opponents or people not working in your best interests. It’s all pretty easy to see, and you may even become sharply aware that you’re not being shown the full picture. All the more reason to let the eclipse pass before you take action, or make judgement calls, about this man (or woman).

  7. Dear Jessica,
    I was expecting financial benefits in my career this month, which was promised to me but nothing was confirmed in writing. Unfortunately after the appraisal, I didn’t get any raise or benefits promised to me. There is a total restructuring happening in the company and I will have to wait till end of March to get some communication on my future role in the company. Could you please tell me Jessica, if there will be anything positive for me.
    Thanks a ton in advance

    1. You have been hit by the Mars Retrograde cycle in Scorpio. If you type that phrase into Search you will find a long story I wrote on the impact of this on the global economy. Of course it has also affected your company. Beyond that, I am sure you know from reading your regular horoscope that Mercury was Retrograde since the end of 2015 and it is only in the last five days that he’s moved out of shadow. Please don’t worry about any of this; long-term you will be fine, it’s just that your timing is out. There will be a second big restructure within your company but also in your entire industry, business or profession near Christmas 2016 and January 2017 and by then you will have so much more experience up your sleeve. Financially, you will never be put through the tough times of 2012-2015 and in fact you will make up for everything you lost in late 2017-2018 when there are opportunities and solutions not possible for you in 12 years. By 2024 you will see that the situation now had its part to play in helping you move up or sideways into different areas, where you will ultimately gain more control over your ambitions.

  8. hi Jessica,

    I am always amazed by the accuracy of your horoscopes. I am a premier member of your website .
    I trust your predictions a lot and have been frequenting your website during our tough times.
    we relocated to USA in Jan 2015 and would like to settle here permanently for our daughter. There are some visa difficulties which might make us leave the country any time. desperately waiting for progress in green card application but no luck till now.
    we are under lot of stress.
    Could you please let us know what are our chances to settle in USA.
    my bdate : 17 Aug 1977 , time : 11:15 Am ,Maharashtra India
    my husbands bdate : 22 Dec 1974 time :11:30 Am Maharashtra, India

    pleaseeee , I look forward to your reply.


    1. I’m glad the website has helped you through tough times. You will find out where you stand, and where you want to be/go next, in April 2016. That is when you will figure out the whole story with India and the USA and perhaps another part of the world, too. You will find 2017 much easier than 2016 in terms of sorting out ‘home’ as this year will require quite a lot of work and effort on your part. Further ahead, 2018 is actually the year you should be thinking about a permanent base somewhere, no matter if that is in America, India or another country. By the way, your horoscope has not appeared with your question so you may want to go back to the Premium Member instructions.

      1. Thank you so much for a quick response Jessica, much appreciated.
        I forgot to mention that we shifted to USA from UK , where we lived for 6 years .
        I am posting this reply after loggin in today, so hopefully that shows my horoscope.
        Do you foresee any chances for us to continue to stay in USA . I would really like this to happen. Do you think it would just be a change of place in the country or a change of country itself? This will really help us take some preparatory steps.

        Thanks Again,

        1. The reality is, the whole world will close borders, get tighter on immigration, residency and the rest in 2016 and 2017. Saturn is in Sagittarius the sign which rules migrants. Saturn is about everything which is slow, stuck and scared. You are already seeing this in Europe as so many countries want to bring down their borders. It would be great to tell you Jupiter the planet of ease, luck, good timing and effortless advantages is in Sagittarius – but he won’t be there until 2018-2019. You have Neptune and Aesculapia in Sagittarius and Saturn will conjunct, or sit on, those placements as he goes through his long cycle. This explains the current waiting game. It can only happen every 29 years and it is happening to you now. The phrase ‘long and winding road’ sums it up. Yet when Jupiter goes into Sagittarius and conjuncts your Neptune, your fantasy about the great escape in a foreign country will be given the biggest rocket boost in 12 years. What you are fighting at the moment is bigger than you – it is a global phenomenon where ultimately Britain will leave the EU (and Greece too) and the USA is also going to respond to presidential candidates like Mr. Trump who are finding a groundswell of popularity for tighter immigration and border control. That’s what Saturn in Sagittarius does and as you have personal chart factors in that sign, the personal is being brought into the global and the global is being brought into the personal. If you go back into your history before 2008 you will find that when Pluto went through Sagittarius and conjuncted or sat on your Neptune and Aesculapius placements, you had massive change regarding residency, nationality and the rest. This is a big decision you are making – best to look at your own chart and make up your own mind.

  9. Ever since I have started following your website, my view of astrology has changed from how my day will go to how I can make my day work!! Awesome work, both here and at get the gloss. The weekly, monthly and yearly forecasts by you are a reminder to charge myself in the required direction as I can so much resonate my daily life with your forecasts.

    In the comments to one of the posts a reader had mentioned you as sitting next to her when you provide the forecasts. I second that!! Keep up the good work. You are also making a change to the lives of people like me who are learning to channel the energy of astrology in the right direction. Much good luck ahead!

    1. Thank you for that pretty lavish compliment! It’s extremely kind of you and I will share that with James, Justin and Alyas who co-create the website with me.

  10. Hi Jessica!
    i am locking for a lawyer and i wonder if you can help me see the best taiming for me to find the right lawyer ,one that even could feel like a soulmate . My spiritual guide tells me that i will find one like that , but she has difficulties to see when.
    I hope you can help me.
    Best regards

    1. With Juno in Scorpio (the sign ruling legal paperwork) I am not surprised you want a lawywer who is a soulmate! Juno rules marriage. In 2016, there is no way around it – any legal business will be hard work. We have a stack of complicated patterns in Scorpio which rules the legals for you, and until the end of the year, when the pattern breaks, you will have to put in more effort, more time, more caution, more care, more fancy footwork. There is no time which is particularly exceptional – but do avoid Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, please. I wrote about this 2016 cycle on this website, if you want to hit search.

  11. Hi Jessica

    This is Thabo from South Africa born 18 January 1983.the past 3-4 years have been hell.i can’t begin to mention all the evil things that my family did to a bread winner,and financially I’ve been struggling since last year single,have not dated since 2012….I’m very lonely ……is there a turnaround to this mess of a life?financially and romantically ?…pls help

    1. April will help clear your mind. Make a wish on the New Moon over Africa near 7th April please – wish for freedom, space, new beginnings, independence and *liberty* for yourself, and your family. You will be completely in tune with the heavens and you will be amazed at how much change arrives, for the better, in April. You must be prepared to release the past and move on into the future.

  12. Dear Jessica, thank you so much for your blog – of all the astrologers on the web you are my go-to astrologer; You always know what is going on and I’m hoping you can give me some guidance on the March eclipses. The Pisces eclipse has already hit my virgo 19 degrees mother who has just been diagnosed with cancer. I am hoping the Chiron involvement means that she will heal. The coming Libra eclipse will be directly on my 3 degree Libra sun and as such affect my whole chart… Is this a continuation of the pisces eclipse/ my mothers illness which naturally affects me, or does the libra eclipse point to something else entirely?
    Thank you in advance!! – ps Naturally I’m a premium member…

    1. Thank you very much, I am flattered so much by that – but I am very sorry your world has been rocked by your mother’s diagnosis. You were born with Saturn and Cupido in Cancer, in the Fourth House, which we associate with the family, and also with your mother. Saturn describes that part of you which must work hard, learn lessons, get advice from others, gain from experience, deal with fear and ultimately become older and wiser. Cupido is that part of you which loves and also inspires love. What you are actually dealing with here is transits to the Cancer part of your chart and as I am sure you know, Pluto is at 17 Capricorn right opposite your Saturn at 17 Cancer. You are experiencing Pluto opposite Saturn, in your Fourth House of family, mother and home. Please read as much as you can about Saturn on this website and how to deal with it best. Get to know your Saturn extremely well and particularly the Saturn in Cancer placement. Take your time, give yourself lots of space, and please go and talk to people who have been through this before you. Don’t worry too much about these eclipses. The issue here is Pluto’s opposition and it can feel as if someone/something is taking over…Pluto always steps back and steps down, though, and ultimately your Saturn (that potentially wise part of you) will win the day.

  13. It is March 12th, 2016, I am finding for the last few days, especially yesterday and today, the whole world around me seems to be falling apart. Well, people are anyway. Everyone seems to be overly sensitive, paranoid, or delusional. I feel like I am the calm eye in the middle of a hurricane. What gives astrologically?

    1. There is a massive stellium in Pisces and people who have a ton of Pisces in their charts are destabilised by this. It will pass. April sees the end of it. In the meantime everyone needs to GROUND. Walk more, do more gardening, bake more bread, mend more shelves.

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