Virgo Patterns and Your Body in March 2016

We have a lot of Virgo patterns in March 2016. It’s the next big step for you with your health and wellbeing

We have a lot of  Virgo patterns in March 2016. It’s the next big step for you with your health and wellbeing – and in fact, the health of the whole planet. 

How often do we see Jupiter, the planet of solutions and the True North Node, in Virgo, the sign ruling the body? It’s rare.

Back here on my website on August 9th 2015 you read this prediction about Jupiter in Virgo.

A cure for cancer with game-changing drugs becomes real, not just hopeful.
A cure for Alzheimers becomes real, not just talk.
Cloning cures childhood disease.
Cloning cures diabetes, heart disease and Parkinson’s.
Gene therapy cures diabetes.
A cure for AIDS.

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6 thoughts on “Virgo Patterns and Your Body in March 2016”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I’m an Aries, with Moon and rising signs in Virgo ….so I feel and act like a Virgo a lot, lol. But, I know Aries are supposed to come out (now) of some terrible 7 year long issues (that I thoroughly felt), and I just wanted to know if life/love/business will pick up anytime soon, I’m just in a stagnation mode for the longest time… :/ Thank you so much, LOVE all your stuff! :)

    • Hmmm, you have Pluto at 10 Libra so, assuming you are single, you are in for the biggest and best opportunity for closure with your former partner, or a new relationship, when Jupiter moves to 10 Libra. You will see the tiniest seeds sown of this situation in September and October 2016 and by 2017, if you took what you were given, and did not repeat the mistakes of the past – you will be stunned at how much better your life has become. Life in general? My tip for now, is to use April to relaunch yourself. Take what used to work so well for you, years ago, and remember it. Remember who you are, and who you still could be. It only takes a day or two to begin turning things around, from your hair, down to your shoes. From your name, to your role or title. It’s only image but for you, it seriously matters and it will alter so much. In April you will be given a chance to become someone else or become a new version of your old self. Take it!

  2. Hi Jessica
    I’ve got a lot of Virgo patterns in my horoscope including at Juno at 17 degrees. I was re-reading this blog and realised that during the week of 16th March I read about a new drug that has been released to tackle the aggressive form of a type of chronic kidney disease that I suffer from. The drug isn’t suitable for as I don’t have the aggressive form but who knows maybe in the future?
    Your prediction was uncannily accurate!
    best wishes

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