Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit

The vote for a Brexit in June 2016 is strangely fated. It's old news that astrology has been predicting this since July 2015.

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The vote for a Brexit in June 2016 is strangely fated. Regular visitors to this website will know it’s old news that astrology has been predicting this since July 2015.

What is really interesting about the vote for Leave is that it triggers all the horoscopes connected with the old United Kingdom. And beyond that – it triggers the personal charts of millions who are voting. And that might just be you!

Rare Patterns at 16 Degrees and a Brexit

The historic arrival of Pluto at 16 Capricorn, Jupiter at 16 Virgo, the True North Node at 16 Virgo and True South Node at 16 Pisces will not happen again in your lifetime.

This 16-degree pile-up triggers the birth charts of the three major players – the United Kingdom itself, the Brexit leader Boris Johnson and the Remain leader David Cameron. They all have patterns at 16 degrees.  Even NATO has a pattern here. Pluto is at 16 Leo in the chart set for 24th August 1949 at 11.42 EDT in Washington D.C. This goes beyond a British bid for freedom.

Scotland has Saturn at 16 degrees of Capricorn (16th March 0842 chart in Edinburgh). This is an historic vote so it pays to look at the patterns of history (and ancient charts for the players involved).  The coronation of William the Conqueror on 25th December 1066 in London shows Saturn at 16 Virgo and Mercury at 16 Capricorn. That is an extraordinary line-up with the patterns on referendum day – Pluto 16 Capricorn, Jupiter 16 Virgo, True North Node 16 Virgo, True South Node 16 Pisces.

We don’t have AA birth times (confirmed birth times, according to the Lois Rodden rating system) so I am not going to use the angles for David Cameron and Boris Johnson, but we can still see an incredible story from the planets and asteroids in their charts.

boris johnson leave 600x400 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit
(Photo by Ian Forsyth/Getty Images)

The Labour Party and the Brexit – Part of a Fated Pattern

The Labour Party was ‘born’ on 27th February 1900 at 12.00 GMT in London, and the chart shows Venus at 16 Aries, the North Node at 16 Sagittarius and the South Node at 16 Gemini. Most commentators are talking about a Tory split (war between Johnson and Cameron for leadership, following a Brexit). The astrology says, this is missing the point. The actual drama of referendum day revolves around Labour and its leadership.

This is so fated for Labour that it even shows up in the second chart we have for her, set for 12th February 1906 at 12.00 GMT in Westminster. That horoscope also shows Mercury at 16 Aquarius.

oyuxvzq 7po 1024x682 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit

The London Horoscope

London has a horoscope too. It shows the North Node at 16 Capricorn and South Node at 16 Cancer. This chart comes from Alfred Pearce’s Textbook of Astrology, set for the beginning of the building of London Bridge in 1824. Once again, the 16 degree line-up on referendum day hits a key British chart precisely.

What I also find fascinating about astrology and Brexit is that my friend and colleague, the traditional astrologer Sharon Knight, also joined me in predicting independence – using a technique so old that it was used to forecast the Great Fire of London in 1666 by royal astrologer William Lilly.

The woodcut used to show his prediction is below. I use modern astrology, including 21st century discoveries like Salacia, the partner of Neptune. Yet – Sharon and I both see the same outcome. Sometimes, as an astrologer, you do hear fate knocking very loudly on the door.

william lilly predicts the great fire of london 1666 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit
Lilly’s prediction of The Great Fire of London.


Brexit and Scexit Predictions to Date

I made my original prediction about a Brexit here and the departure of Scotland too –  a Scottish exit, second time lucky. (As astrology forecast some time ago, the first referendum on independence failed to deliver – yet there would be a second chance).

Now, what about those 16 degree patterns in June 2016?


ze7lhd5lxes 1024x685 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit

The United Kingdom – It’s All About The Group

The United Kingdom was ‘born’ on January 1st 1801 at 00.00am in Westminster. She came into the world with Venus at 16 Aquarius conjunct Hygiea at 16 Aquarius. This is about her relationship with the European Union. With the United Nations. With Nato. And of course, with the other countries in the Kingdom itself – particularly Scotland. These are all Aquarian groups.

16 Degree Patterns
Transiting Pluto at 16 Capricorn semi-sextiles the nation’s Venus-Hygiea conjunction at 16 Aquarius. Transiting True North Node at 16 Virgo quincunxes it. Transiting Jupiter at 16 Virgo quincunxes it.

Prime Minister David Cameron – It’s All About The Money
The focus in the Prime Minister’s chart at 16 degrees is on the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. His business interests. His salary. His residence (10 Downing Street). His values. What he will – or will not – sell out for. He has the Nodes here. This is past-life stuff. His karmic debts/credits are here.


cd19e7049923326d35d473a40202ae26 425x600 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit


16 Degree Patterns and David Cameron

Transiting Pluto at 16 Capricorn trine his True North Node at 16 Taurus and sextile the True South Node at 16 Scorpio. Transiting True North Node at 16 Virgo trine his True North Node at 16 Taurus and sextile his True South Node at 16 Scorpio. Transiting Jupiter at 16 Virgo sextile his True North Node at 16 Taurus and trine his True South Node at 16 Scorpio.


Boris Johnson – It’s All About The Media

Gemini rules newspaper and multimedia companies and of course Boris Johnson has long been the TV Mayor of London (triumphing at the Olympics). He is also a journalist and author. Crucially, Gemini rules the newspapers who support both Boris and a Brexit on the day.

16 Degree Patterns and Boris Johnson
Transiting Pluto at 16 Capricorn quincunx his Hygiea at 16 Gemini. Transiting Jupiter at 16 Virgo squares his Hygiea at 16 Gemini.


1620 600x396 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit
Boris Johnson, Gemini, in GQ Magazine.


Other Aspects to Watch in June 2016

Boris Johnson has a Grand Trine in June – with the transiting South Node at 15 Pisces, natal Neptune at 15 Scorpio and natal Fortuna at 15 Cancer. This is the most striking aspect of all. It’s closely followed by Jupiter trine Jupiter.

11 Degree Patterns
Transiting Neptune at 11 Pisces is opposite his Pluto at 11 Virgo. Transiting Saturn at 11 Sagittarius will square his Pluto at 11 Virgo.

14 Degree Patterns
Transiting Jupiter at 14 Virgo quincunxes his Psyche at 14 Aquarius. Transiting Jupiter at 14 Virgo opposes his Vesta at 14 Pisces. Transiting Jupiter at 14 Virgo squares his Cupido at 14 Gemini.

15 Degree Patterns
Transiting Jupiter at 15 Virgo sextiles his Neptune at 15 Scorpio and trines his Fortuna at 15 Cancer. Transiting Jupiter at 15 Virgo will trine his natal Jupiter at 15 Taurus.

Transiting True North Node at 15 Virgo sextiles his Neptune at 15 Scorpio and sextiles his Fortuna at 15 Cancer, and also trines his natal Jupiter at 15 Taurus. Transiting True South Node at 15 Pisces trines his Neptune at 15 Scorpio and trines his Fortuna at 15 Cancer (Grand Trine).

16 Degree Patterns
Transiting Pluto at 16 Capricorn quincunx his Hygiea at 16 Gemini. Transiting Jupiter at 16 Virgo squares his Hygiea at 16 Gemini.

18 Degree Patterns
Transiting True North Node at 18 Virgo quincunx his Bacchus at 18 Aries and transiting True South Node at 18 Pisces semi-sextile his Bacchus at 18 Aries. Transiting True North Node at 18 Virgo opposite his Chiron at 18 Pisces and transiting True South Node at 18 Pisces conjunct his Chiron at 18 Pisces.

Prime Minister David Cameron
The most unusual pattern here is Chiron at 24 Pisces conjunct the Prime Minister’s Saturn at 24 Pisces.|

15 Degree Patterns
Transiting Jupiter at 15 Virgo semi-sextile his Sun at 15 Libra. Transiting True North Node at 15 Virgo semi-sextile his Sun at 15 Libra and transiting True South Node at 15 Pisces quincunx his Sun at 15 Libra.

24 Degree Patterns
Transiting Chiron at 24 Pisces conjunct his natal Saturn at 24 Pisces.
Transiting Uranus at 24 Aries semi-sextile his Saturn at 24 Pisces.
Transiting Mars is at 24 Scorpio for five consecutive days, from 14th to 18th June, trine his Saturn at 24 Pisces.
Click on the Charts to Enlarge
Thanks to Nick Campion for his indispensable classic, The Book of World Horoscopes, for all country and historic data used here.  Solar Fire and Astrodienst are the sources for personal data. The following charts include all the horoscope factors of modern astrology and use the Natural House system. Click to enlarge to see how 16 degree patterns are triggered in all three – for the nation, Boris Johnson and David Cameron.


United Kingdom 600x558 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit
The United Kingdom horoscope.


Boris Johnson 600x558 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit
The Boris Johnson horoscope – a lucky natal chart.


David Cameron 600x332 - Fate, Fortune, Astrology and Brexit
The David Cameron horoscope – his natal chart is strongly Capricorn.


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55 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica

    How fascinating – yet another brilliant article. I looked at my birth chart again and see I have South node 16 Aries, North node 16 Libra, and Ceres 16 Scorpio. As a Capricorn I’m interested in how this will play out career wise – no surprises there! Or, if my focus is blinding me somewhat, what am I missing?

    BTW – I’ve taken away my Neptune (?) lessons of more self control / will power.

    Look forward to your insight.

    All the best.

    1. Thank you. You also have a line-up at 16 degrees? Watch what happens in Britain over the EU Referendum as it will mirror your own experience in a strange way. What you will see is a wave of change with work, employment, big business and government (the very top) as Jupiter in Virgo, the North Node in Virgo (which both rule the working class, by the way) and Pluto in Capricorn (corporations, politicians) sweep through. You will feel this most aspecting your Ceres at 16 Scorpio which is about your bank, your salary, your insurance, your healthcare, your mortgage and so on. What happens will have a domino effect around the planet and you will be shown a new way to earn, own or owe.

      1. To me the above looks like a brexit on the description, i cannot see big changes coming if we stay in EU

    1. It’s unusual to see two people, and a whole nation, experience transits like that at the same degree – exactly – which will not come their way again in their lifetime.

      1. It’s unusual to see two people, and a whole nation, experience transits like that at the same degree – exactly – which will not come their way again in their lifetime.

      2. No its not particularly unusual in Mundane Astrology at all, most leaders share planetary aspects and therefore transits with the country in one variation or another – nor is it ‘fated’, thats what the vote is for – please be careful with predictions .

        Remember you already predicted Trump would leave the GOP in April….its not good for any of us to create this kind of atmosphere and you could put people off voting.

        1. I did not predict Mr. Trump would leave the GOP in April, just for the record. The original post is still on this website if you want to check. Thank you for the comment.

    2. It’s unusual to see two people, and a whole nation, experience transits like that at the same degree – exactly – which will not come their way again in their lifetime.

      1. My moon is 16 Aries, Pallas 18 Aries.
        P. Fortune 17 Taurus, North Node 18 Taurus.
        Juno is 11 Cancer, Midheaven 15 Cancer.
        AC 11 Libra, Eris 11 Aries.
        Pluto 17 Virgo, Uranus 19 Virgo
        Neptune 19 Scorpio, South Node 18 Scorpio.

        Career and love are my concerns!

          1. Oh dear, please disregard those. I’m very new to astrology! Are these remaining aspects notable?
            I feel I’m finally turning a corner, you have been very insightful for me recently!

  2. Hi Jessica, interestingly I just checked my print out of polling day at 6pm (close of polling) the MC is at 16 Virgo 0 conjunct Jupiter.

  3. Amazingly accurate, Jessica. I read your articles on Brexit in the past days and was thrilled to discover it all came true, even down to the belief in a Remain vote and the sudden surprise when the Leave-votes came in. Hopefully we, here in Denmark, will have the same opportunity to choose soon.

    1. Thank you so much – I am glad you were thrilled when the astrology prediction came to pass. Yes, Denmark will have a choice. Actually there will be more Euro beyond 2018 – not as we know it now.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve been reading your site regularly lately, and find your Brexit commentary fascinating. Watching the fallout now — what are your thoughts on the actual vote and aftermath?

    More personally, I relate somewhat to Brexit, though I am based in the US. I was born on Jan 1, 1972 and have most planets between 10-16 degrees, with Virgo rising. I’ve been in a new region since Summer 2015, in a group, start-up, Internet-based job with very little income since Fall 2015, and a divorce finalized during Mars Retro when I thought we were in fact reconnecting. What’s going on? Will any of this stick, is there a profitable turnaround or change in employment and a possible reconciliation regardless of the papers?

    I imagine I’m in a brave new world and wondering in general terms what to anticipate…

    Thanks for any insights!


    1. Thanks so much. Yes, you are in a brave new world, and America is affected – we all are. As a Capricorn you have been dealing with Uranus in the Fourth House, if you wish to look it up (in your solar chart) and shortly you have Jupiter in your Tenth House (same system – very accurate). Just say yes to the solution or big open door for success which appears September-October 2016.

  5. Dear Jessica, I find your Astrological work astonishing and enlightening. You must be one of the few people not to be shocked by our exit from Europe. The voting turn-out in my small country town was astounding. Never seen anything quite like it. I will make a point of regularly reading what I call your Astrological road maps to keep one step ahead. Brilliant!

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Congratulations for the accuracy of your predictions. I guess that bookmakers and politicians should have readen your blog !

    My question is : Do you think that British leaders will respect June 23rd vote, or that they will manage (or at least try) to maintain UK (or at least, England and Wales) in subordination vis a vis the EU ? Or will they be able to negociate successfully the clauses of Brexit with the EU ?

    The question might be odd, but French people are used to this kind of manipulation or EU blackmail, and unfortunately I guess they are not alone within this world.


    1. Too funny. The Wall Street Journal just ran a story saying that the British EU Referendum polls were about as helpful as astrology. Perhaps someone could tell them that traditional and modern astrologers both called the last Downing Street result and this result too! We are going to see turmoil until Mars is safely out of Sagittarius. Not long to go. Will everything work out in the end? Yes. Normally we say ‘hang in and hold on tight’ for turmoil but with Uranus at large, the solution is to ride the storm, snap up the new opportunities and harness the lightning.

  7. Dear Jessica,
    It was fascinating to read this and then re-read it after the referendum. Britain is well and truly shocked with the outcome, even the Leave side! It has been written that we will regret this decision, especially in 7 years time. I have to ask does Britain have a bright future? Can we still remain on good terms with our European friends? Even though I truly believe that the EU desperately needs a wake up call I am very disheartened by the divisions it has caused within the UK (and now looks set to break it up entirely) and the upset it has caused to our strongest allies in Europe, and am very upset that it has caused our PM to resign. I only wish he had consulted you before picking a referendum date!
    My very best wishes to you,

    1. Britain will never regret her decision to pursue independence. History and astrology tell us that what we are seeing is very similar to the American decision to leave Britain herself, in 1781. It was shocking at the time. When the British withdrew from Yorktown, they played a folk song called ‘And The World Turned Upside Down.’ This is what everyone is feeling, even those who fought so hard for freedom from the EU. The shockwaves will dissipate and be replaced by tremendous exhilaration, excitement and the gradual realisation that this is a brave new world. Uranus transits are never wrong. The French Revolution is another example. Had they not been through it (same cycle) the people would have been broken by the taxes put on them by the Monarchy. Upset is normal. The anger will leave, finally, when Mars is out of Sagittarius, the sign which rules foreigners – from everybody’s point of view. Not long to go.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Amazing how accurate your predictions always are. I’m curious to know what this means for people who live in Europe but work project-based in The UK. Especially for people in the creative industry, will they get hired less? Thanks!

    1. The trick to this pattern is to live for the day, change by the day and embrace radical new ways of doing business. Think like an American in 1781 who just saw the statue of King George III pulled down in New York and just realised she no longer has to pay tax to the British. Secret tip – if you speak a second Asian language or have business associates who do start seriously looking at British connections.

  9. I’m relatively new to astrology ( 3 years) and my interested is in mundane. Your work excels. As a reluctant Brit, I am heartened to read that you think the anger and hatred spewing out towards foreigners will ease when Mars leaves Sag. My daughters are half English and I’ve feared for their emotional health ( even though they are grown up).
    I’ve felt nauseous since the result, not because of the result per se but because of the nationalist and racist outpouring which I believe has been covert for so long. True colours but then I have a sensitive Pisces moon which soaks up everybody’s pain.
    Thank you so much for your insights.

    1. Actually you need to wait for Saturn to leave Sagittarius. Mars just accents the issues. We get this cycle every 29 years and Sagittarius rules ‘foreigners’ – whatever that means to people – in every country! Go back about three decades and you will see it is a recurring pattern. There are always issues about emigration, immigration, borders, passport control, tourism, and the rest – when we have transits like this. It is more extreme because so many people were born with Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius. It will pass. We all learn from it. I am sorry you are soaking it up and are feeling upset by it. Close your chakras and protect your aura, I am sure you know about this!

      1. I haven’t been able to sleep since the vote to leave the EU, I feel anxious and concerned about what will happen next. I am a Capricorn so it’s probably normal for me to feel this way!
        I’m very impressed with your brexit prediction and I’m now trying to look forward to new beginnings in the future for Britain but still can’t help feeling like we have made a huge mistake.


  10. Congratulations again on calling Brexit. And also for pointing out the split in Labour is the more interesting reaction of the day? Will Corbyn stay or go? As for your Scotland independence call, what type of independence , in the EU or out of the EU? Thanking you again for mundane thoughts!

    1. Thank you very much. I suspect Corbyn will stay as leader because Trident is set to split the nation apart at Christmas. He is a genuine peace campaigner and of course Theresa May is pro-Trident. He is also a lightning rod for CND as are so many politicians in Scotland so I suspect we are about to see the beginning of the end of the United Kingdom, led by massive Trident controversy.

  11. Hi Jessica. I only read this article now and really am struck by your prediction on labours leadership crisis. No one in the public saw this coming. Very good analysis on the astrological aspects. I am however in a situation regarding my brother who has ill fated destiny so far in every aspect of his life. I wonder if there’s anyway I can get a personal reading for him that is very detailed and answers specific questions? Let me know if there’s an email address that I can send through his natal chart and book a reading with yourself? Thanks

    1. I am sorry about your brother. I have a long waiting list for personal readings, only for Premium Members, so your brother could join, but I will not open my books for 2018 for a few months yet. Thank you.

  12. Are you saying that Scotland and London will seek independence and achieve it? Does this mean they will join or stay in the Eu? What about Northern Ireland? What about the England and wales (uk)

    1. I predicted a long time ago that Scotland would vote against freedom the first time, but vote for freedom the second time. I have not yet looked at Ireland or Wales, but I’m very curious.

  13. Jessica any thoughts as to who will lead the uk forward as prime minister please ? I’m really concerned about Teresa may as she was a remain candidate and I think this maybe the old school trying to take the teeth out of the change the British people voted for !

    1. It will be a woman. Even as an astrologer I am stunned at the way the Jupiter in Libra cycle (starts September) is changing the world. I had my eyes on Mrs Clinton as Libra is always about equality at the top, but I hadn’t even thought about a woman at 10 Downing St. One more clue. The woman will partner with a man. Lady Thatcher did it alone. This time, your woman will have an ‘odd couple’ male partner who forms a superb double act with her. Imagine if it’s Andrea and Boris. Just saying.

  14. Jessica thank ou so much for your response!
    You might be interested to know that boris Johnson as come out as a supporter of Andrea leadsoms attempt to be the new pm
    Watch this space!
    Love your sites and really think you gave this astrology thing nailed !
    Regards Shirley

  15. Hi Jessica – Read that the UK gov’t has decided against 2nd referendum. Good that is settled.
    Would be grateful if you can look at Oct 2, 2016 the day when Austria will have their re-run on Austrian presidential elections as the one that took place recently had some counting errors. Hungary too goes to the votes on the same day asking their citizens if they approve migrants entering their country. Big day for Europe, Oct 2, 2016.

    1. Much depends on who ends up being the prime leadership candidates at that time. People will want a woman, or a power couple combination in charge (man-woman). Have a look at who’s up for the vote once you are into the second week of September. Jupiter is going into Libra, and the voters with Uranus or Pluto in Libra will want something just so Libran!

      1. Hi, thank you to those posting on the comments section here. I found your website Jessica the day after the Brexit due to a comment made on Darkstar Astrology website. I’ve been riveted reading your website ever since. I had hoped Andrea Leasom would pull through but it’s now definitely Theresa May. A pairing sounds like a great idea (Deputy PM?): if two can play-off one another it will restrain any patterns of extreme willfulness as in Maggie Thatcher. It will be interesting to see Theresa May’s chart for beginning as PM Weds 13th July and she avoids the Mercury Retrogade.

        1. Andrea had nothing in Libra at all in her horoscope which is very unusual – she was not in the right place at the right time – Theresa May is heavily Libran like Lady Thatcher, so destiny is complete. Jupiter is in Libra for the first time in 12 years within weeks.

  16. Hi Jessica – various groups seem to be conspiring to try and stop Brexit. Do you still see it going ahead or will it be watered down or stopped entirely?


    1. Brexit will be fine. Hard Brexit or Soft Brexit, that is the question! However, from October 2017 the British economy will be picking up speed dramatically and by November 2017 it’s booming. Watch Asian input into British money. That’s going to be the clincher. The people trying to stop Brexit now are like the people who didn’t want America to leave Britain back in 1781 and they were stranded by time.

  17. Hi Jessica

    Could you please comment on the astrology behind yesterday’s High Court decision that triggering Article 50 required Parliament to vote? There is talk of constitutional crisis and snap elections. Did I read a prediction from you that we would be out by Nov 2017 or did I imagine it? It did seem a bit soon but then the rate of change and everything that’s happening is gobsmacking!


    1. The actual prediction was (search Independence Day Two) that there would be a Brexit replay in November. Yet, Britain will still be free and independent in the end. Watch this space.

  18. Hi Jessica I am a premium member and keen to know what you predict for interest rates for savers and the housing market?

    1. Interest rates for savers? The really big changes are actually a long way off, from May 2018, when even interest becomes a rather old-fashioned thing, judging by the new ways people are treating their money. I wrote quite a long piece on the financial and property revolution to come if you want to hit search – you are looking for Uranus in Taurus. The UK in particular will be unrecognisable from May 2018.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    Wow, this is interesting! I have Moon, Uranus and Cancer all at 16 degrees in Virgo, and Jupiter 16 degrees in Cancer. I’m wondering if this means anything for me? Thanks!

    1. You will actually feel it more when Jupiter moves to 16 Cancer in 2018, a wonderful time to buy or sell property, take out a lease on a house or apartment, renovate, look at Air BnB and so on. Right now you have powerful Pluto sitting on 15 Capricorn. As he moves closer to 16 Capricorn this does make you think harder about your daily workload, your body (very specifically) and the people or place which spell home to you. This is a very slow transit but by next year you will have thought harder about how you live on a day-to-day basis, how you look after yourself and how your environment suits you – or not.

  20. Hi Jessica! What a fascinating piece! I was just wondering, do you think there is any relevance to the charts of voters? For instance risk takers vs risk averse people? Obviously the charts of all voters would be a little tricky to obtain but if it were at all possible to gage an overall trend however tenuous, it’s now February 2017 and I find the resistance by many remain voters very interesting and I wonder if there’s a personality type, a fear of change which many have in common? Conversely with leave voters, perhaps they are more curious to take a leap, perhaps behind all the politics and class and cultural bickering there’s some fundamental astrology at work.
    Just a thought, thanks again!

    1. Thank you Ali. Everything we want to know about Brexit and Trump is answered by one simple thing – Saturn in Sagittarius. Saturn rules fear. Sagittarius rules foreigners. Put that together and we have ‘fear of foreigners’ in 2016, 2017. It is particularly extreme because billions of us were born with outer planets in Sagittarius, so Saturn is conjunct, or sitting heavily on, our Sagittarius stuff. There are major issues with the globalisation, free travel and immigration that happened when Uranus, Neptune and Pluto travelled through Sagittarius some years ago. Saturn is now reality-testing and reality-checking what went down, with the results you can see in America and Europe.

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