Risky Times For Generation Sagittarius

We are about to hit a risky cycle in August and September 2016 as Mars and Saturn join up in Sagittarius.

Are you Generation Sagittarius? You were born with outer planets in Sagittarius, 1970 through 1995. We are about to hit a risky cycle in August and September 2016 as Mars and Saturn join up in Sagittarius.

Timing is everything in astrology.  Risky Sagittarius cycles from August 2nd through September 27th, 2016 will affect every sign of the zodiac (not just Generation Sagittarius) as Saturn and Mars go through that sign in a rare pattern. We already know about Saturn in Sagittarius. Predictions you read here about one year ago gave a clear astrological caution about all matters ruled by Sagittarius – travel, airlines, foreign people and places and extreme cults.

As I write this on July 15th, 2016, we are looking at one of the most crucial travel industry cycles in 29 years,  through August and September. Astrology tells us that destiny is negotiable. Awareness is everything.  If you’re a regular globetrotter like me (that’s my suitcase, below) then you will know that astrology is all about handling this stuff. Know what’s coming and how to manage it. Being aware of the little things – and understanding that the horoscope shows the world affecting us, and us affecting the world. If there is one piece of advice astrology could give about this Mars and Saturn transit – it is to avoid adding oxygen to anything or anybody which seems risky to you, especially online. Equally important? Check travel plans, even if it’s just about the risk of delayed or cancelled flights, trains, buses or ferries. 


JOURNAL IN CASE e1450432344643 600x450 - Risky Times For Generation Sagittarius


What Do We Believe, What Do We Know?

I wish this wasn’t so but all my experience as an astrologer tells me – we are about to enter one of the most volatile periods for 29 years, 2nd August through 27th September, 2016.  Saturn translates as fear. Mars translates as violence. Put those two together and the tragedy we have already seen in France and Germany simply will not go away – in fact, it looks as though we are approaching flashpoint.

You read five predictions about Saturn in Sagittarius almost a year ago. Here is a flashback so we can update on what is going on, in the world horoscope as we go into phase two, the risky Mars-Saturn cycle. I’m a practical astrologer. I believe common-sense astrology is there to be used, like a weather forecast. So here is that (human) weather forecast you saw on this website, back in September last year.


An Astrological Flashback to September 2015

“Saturn enters Sagittarius, the sign which rules travel, airlines, space travel, religion, the internet and universities on September 18th, 2015. The cycle runs until December 21st 2017 and it will change all our lives. Here are five astrological predictions.””Astrology is about knowing what not to do. Saturn is about accepting unavoidable realities and inevitable consequences – and then working with them. You never blindly stumble into any big, new decisions about travel, religion, the internet, airlines, space travel, when this cycle occurs.”

Predicted in September 2015 – Brexit and the end of The Schengen Agreement

“The Schengen Agreement which means 26 European countries have no passport or border control will transform or be scrapped. Why? It came in on 14th June 1985 with horoscope factors in Sagittarius and Gemini which will be hit by Saturn. But wait. There’s more. Britain will leave the European Union by December 20th 2017.  Who is affected most by the end of ‘free and Easyjet’ travel within Europe? People born in the ‘Sagittarius’ generations. The days of hopping on a bus, cheap plane or Eurostar without border controls are over.”


Are You in Generation Sagittarius?

Born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius, you will have Mars crossing (or conjunct) this hotspot in your personal birth horoscope throughout August and September. You are most affected by the eight-week rise in emotional temperatures so be aware of that. You express a major part of your personality by travelling, studying, teaching, using the global worldwide web, pursuing your personal beliefs – and through your experience with foreign people and places. This goes on the line as Mars triggers your chart.  Awareness is everything. Negotiate your destiny and navigate, by knowing Mars will be conjunct Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in your chart for a day or two. Friends (contemporaries) or colleagues your age may also be involved. Be wise and watchful. Hit ‘Search’ to read more about Sagittarius and what it means, because you have a key planet there, if your birthdate is below – and your chart (and those of your peers) is triggered.

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Generation Sagittarius Birthdates

If you are part of Generation Sagittarius, you were born with an outer planet in this sign. More than any other generation, you will be profoundly affected by the global changes of August-September 2016 which will permanently alter the way you travel the world. You were born to travel – however, we are about to see tough new realities for Gen Sag travellers.

January 17th to April 21st 1995
November 10th 1995 to January 26th 2008
June 14th 2008 to November 27th 2008
February 17th 1981 to March 20th 1981
November 16th 1981 to February 15th 1988
May 27th 1988 to December 2nd 1988
January 4th 1970 to May 3rd 1970
November 6th 1970 to January 19th 1984
June 23rd 1984 to November 21st 1984

If you were born on cusps (changover days) check your time, place and date of birth for precision. Data Neil Michelsen.


September 2015 Prediction Flashback –  The new Holy War

This also comes from that September 2015 story, ten months ago –

“Sagittarius rules religion. We are going to see a revival of the old Holy War between Christianity and Islam on a serious new scale. In fact, when Pluto was in Sagittarius centuries ago, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist and crucified. It was on this same cycle that we hit the 9/11 terrorist attacks. (Data by Raymond White, Madalyn Hillis-Dineen and Patricia White at Alabe). Saturn is now moving over the same position as Pluto in Sagittarius.”


Air Traffic Controller with US Navy Wikimedia Commons Public Domain 600x398 - Risky Times For Generation Sagittarius
Air Traffic Control image Wikimedia Commons


Mars in Sagittarius Alert – Dates to Watch August, September 2016

Mars is the planet which adds heat, tension and action whenever it appears. On Tuesday 2nd August 2016, Mars enters Sagittarius at 5.49pm, in London. He will be right alongside serious Saturn, until Tuesday 27th September 2016 at 8.06am when he finally leaves Sagittarius and the atmosphere relaxes.

If you travel all the time like me then common sense says, check the airlines, check the airports, the day before you fly and on the day itself. Update yourself on what’s going on, globally, so that you’re more aware than usual. Remember, this is the cycle that hits airports and airlines, sometimes train travel (for example international trains) and so on. As Mercury Retrograde also crosses over August-September please do be more cautious. You definitely need Plan B on this cycle anyway, as we know! Don’t be paranoid. Do be sensible. Watch the news and watch Twitter.  Remember, one security issue in one major airport can create a chain-reaction of delays and changes in every other airport.
Germany and the German People
Stuttgart in Germany is one place where we will see flashpoint issues about immigration continue. Astrologers like me can only track the cycles and hope that another tragedy is prevented. Why is Stuttgart such an issue? Because of another cycle, running alongside the risky Saturn in Sagittarius/Mars in Sagittarius transit.

This horoscope pattern is the famous ‘Independence Day’ line-up of Uranus 23 Aries, Ceres 23 Aries, Mars 23 Scorpio. It is about revolution and radicals, in politics. It also triggers the foundation chart for the German political party AFD (Alternative Feur Deutschland).  The party is led by Frauke Petry, below. When they launched their campaign in Stuttgart, that 23 degree hotspot was also triggered. As an astrologer, alarm bells ring. Why? This is about two cycles overlapping each other. The ‘birth’ chart for Germany on January 18th 1871 at 1.00pm in Versailles clearly shows Uranus himself at 24 Cancer. That is triggered exactly by the Uranus cycle at 23/24 Aries.

The Sagittarian Arrow and the AFD Logo

The AFD (see its logo, below, which resembles the Sagittarian arrow) was founded on 6th February 2013 with the True North Node at 22 Virgo and True South Node at 22 Pisces. That’s fate. This anti-Islam party has a ‘birth’ chart signature which lines up exactly with the explosive Uranus transits around 22 and 23 Aries which will be with us, now through April 2017.

On 1st May 2016 the BBC reported, “The German right-wing party Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) has adopted an explicitly anti-Islam policy.  Delegates at a party conference adopted a ban on minarets, the call to prayer and the full-face veil, saying Islam was “not part of Germany”.

What was the pattern that day? Mercury Retrograde stood at 23 Taurus.  This is the degree which will be triggered repeatedly throughout this whole Saturn in Sagittarius cycle. This goes beyond August and September 2016 and takes us into 2017. Watch Stuttgart, because that’s the place where the German horoscope patterns first unfolded.


AFD Party Sagittarius Arrow - Risky Times For Generation Sagittarius
The AFD Party logo


Steer Your Fate by Selecting Your Destiny

Difficult aspects involving Mars or Saturn in Sagittarius, and the Moon in Sagittarius as a trigger, are worth being proactive about. I use the Natural House system which shows us that even one person with one word or action, can affect everything and everybody in ripples. We’re all in that rippling Sagittarian pattern by six degrees. When you look at your horoscope, think macro-micro. The world affects you. You affect the world. One person can and does change things.

The ingress of Mars into Sagittarius itself is worth watching, so on or very close to 2nd August, we should all be more cautious about the Sagittarian ‘list’ which also includes extremist cults. The worst cult mass suicide in history occurred on an outer planet Sagittarius cycle. Lest we forget. As we are about to find out in August and September, what human beings believe can have a powerful and sometimes dangerous impact.

On Thursday 11th August at 5.23pm London time, the Moon enters Sagittarius and remains there until Sunday 14th August at 4.11am. That weekend is extremely challenging. Why? Saturn stations direct in Sagittarius on Saturday 13th August at 9.49am. I can also see major aspects involving the asteroids and the reclassified planet Ceres.

Cults are all about the group. Watch the Full Moon on Thursday 18th August as it is also a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, timed for 9.42am in London. An eclipse is always a cover-up job. The Full Moon is in Aquarius, the sign which rules groups. Be aware.

Mars Conjunct Saturn, 24th August 2016

Mars will conjunct Saturn at 9 Sagittarius at 11.26am, London time on Wednesday 24th August. Two days later on Friday 26th August at 6.56am, Mars at 10 Saturn squares Neptune at 10 Pisces. We associate Pisces with Christianity in astrology.

It goes on. There is a T-Square (T stands for trouble, tension and tough times) involving Mars at 12 Sagittarius, the True North Node at 12 Virgo and True South Node at 12 Pisces on Monday 29th August at 7.18pm.

The Moon enters Sagittarius again on Thursday 8th September at 1.19am in London and stays there until Saturday 10th September at 1.03pm. This takes place on the same day as the clash between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is at 10 Sagittarius square Neptune at 10 Pisces.


The Real Brexit Fallout is Coming

The real Brexit fallout is coming, according to the astrology. On Saturday 17th September, Mars at 23 Sagittarius trines Uranus at 23 Aries. Uranus always describes the world turning upside down. This is the exact same position as the Brexit ’23 degree’ pattern back on 23rd June 2016, when millions voted for freedom from the EU and shocked the world. It’s not over. In fact, it’s hardly yet begun. Watch the weekend of Saturday 17th-Sunday 18th September.


Thunderstorm Brighton Pier Twitter at Earth underscore Post - Risky Times For Generation Sagittarius


September 2016 and the Mars-Saturn Cycle

The whole period around Saturday 17th September just crackles and we are going to see a heated (Mars)  period with tremendous rebellion in the air. There may be electrical storms across Europe, as Mars rules heat and Uranus rules lightning. This is exactly what we saw on Brexit Day – in fact, astrology called the weather four months previously!

All this tension and electrifying post-Brexit aftermath atmosphere, comes right on the heels of an eclipse very close to that 23 degree position. We have a penumbral lunar eclipse on Friday 16th September at 6.54pm in London. An eclipse is always a cover-up job as you know. The eclipse itself sees the Sun at 24 Virgo and Moon at 24 Pisces. That Friday-Saturday period requires time, space and tolerance and – something else – sharp awareness. Where’s the cover up?


France and Her Horoscope in August, September 2016

Back in January 2015 you saw that there were eleven possible astrological charts for France. One seems to fit the times more than any other and it has these placements, below.  As I write this after the heartbreaking Nice tragedy, my eyes are on the fact that Mars in Sagittarius will either conjunct or oppose all these placements in the French national chart set for 5th October 1958 at 00.00 CET in Paris (The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004). 


Watch when Mars crosses 2, 4, 14, 15, 20, 22, 28 Sagittarius and triggers these placements in the national chart. If ever there was a period in the last 29 years when France needed time, space, tolerance and change – that is it. We can narrow that period down to August 8th through September 25th, 2016. If you know your astrology, these are the aspects in the French horoscope to watch – all triggered.

Fortuna 4 Sagittarius 49
Bacchus 15 Sagittarius 41
Saturn 20 Sagittarius 29
Panacea 28 Sagittarius 46

Mars 2 Gemini 19
Vulcano 14 Gemini 50
Hygeia 22 Gemini 55
Moon 28 Gemini 27


Filed 27th July 2016.

You can read more about Mars, Saturn and the zodiac sign Sagittarius in my new book 2020 Astrology – Your Five Year Personal Horoscope Guide.




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145 Responses

  1. Interesting analysis Jessica. I will pray and think positive thoughts, we do need it 🙂
    I have Uranus in Sagittarius, how will this affect me?
    I am in a new job, making a new friend there, I am now very worried after reading this, that she is being nice to use me or betray 🙁
    Look forward to your response, regards JR

    1. Prayer can be very powerful, there are a lot of people around that awful Bastille Day tragedy who need all the prayer we can send. Uranus in Sagittarius will not affect your job or your friendship at all! You were born into a generation who will be forced to change the way travel, visas, airlines, passports work in August-September 2016 because unfortunately the whole world is caught up in this Mars and Saturn cycle. You don’t need to be an astrologer to see that the French are going to insist on an end to free movement of people across Europe, and they may push for and get a referendum to quit the EU just as the British did. That’s going to change everything.

  2. Thank you…have put those dates in my diary. Wow that is a mind blowing blog. Scary even from over here in Australia, although the Federation chart has a lot of Sagittarius going on…so I wonder how that will impact this chart?

    Will keep an eye on my Sag midheaven…..

    I am also interested about Eris in all of this? You don’t mention seem to mention or use her in your other blog entries I’ve read? Wasn’t she in the conjunction of Uranus and Ceres on the fateful day of 23 June? Also is she involved in the rise of females in positions of power and the resurgence of the divine feminine?

    1. Thank you. Yes, the Federation version of Australia might well register major issues around religion and foreign places/people if she has Sagittarian factors. Do keep an eye on that period when Mars crosses your Midheaven if you know for a fact your birth time is spot on. I don’t use Eris as she’s Greek not Roman and our astrology today is Italian/Latin…there’s a chapter on this in my new ebook 2020 Astrology, which you can pick up free on 1st August here.

      1. Thanks a lot Jessica, very informative. Little question; my Uranus, Neptune, South Node, Jupiter and MC are all in Sagittarius!!! I wonder how this Risky Sagittarius cycle effect my relationship or my reputation. Should I be worried since I have so many planets in Sagittarius ?
        My inner voice says, yes I should be worried !!

        I was born on 2nd June 1983

        Lat: 36.9914194

        Many thanks in advance!

        1. Thank you. Neptune and the South Node in Sagittarius are part of your stellium, as you say, and Saturn will have a greater impact on you in 2017 – yet in July and August you will see the new realities affecting you as a traveller, true believer, world citizen, student or teacher and as part of the globalisation generation. Don’t worry but do be practical about what is going on out there and be prepared to deal with what is real, not necessarily what you wish would happen.

  3. Hi Jess, this is a really fascinating article again. I was in Nice myself in the first five days of May this year and it was beautiful, I can’t bear to think of the atrocity that has occurred since. Incidentally, I was sheltered there from five pieces of bad news back home, one each day.

    I would be very interested to hear how this tragedy in Nice compares to the Parc des Princes and Bataclan incidents astrologically. I have an unfortunate feeling that there may end up being five major attacks on France in this series.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I also have wonderful memories of Nice and remember sitting on the Prom gazing at the sea with a glass of wine. I hope they cover Nice with flowers on Sunday. The key to France is the Gemini-Sagittarius axis so we have to watch that carefully.

  4. Very fascinating read. Albeit frightening. your blogs are incredibly insightful. Sign of a clever astrologer!
    I have an awful lot of planets and asteroids in Sagittarius. Would it be true to say that this period in time is also rough for me astrologically?

    1. Don’t be frightened – astrology is a tool for shaping your destiny rather than walking into your fate. If you have a stellium in Sagittarius it’s just a very tough cycle in terms of the old world and the way people used to travel (freely), have a common EU currency and accept globalisation. The British Brexit may just be the start. France could easily be next.

  5. Wow ! Thanks for these astrological storm warnings Jessica. I have a personal query regarding our current Jupiter emphasis in that T-square (Neptune in Pisces/Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo). I am finding myself revisiting how my now dead fathers ( fractured family so more than the conventional 1/2 parents) failed me with their irresponsible, selfish and neglectful behaviour. So, I was wondering if you see some of the unfolding political crises as somehow elucidating faulted, cruel or neglectful father or authority figures and that T-square in highlighting these is presently serving to ignite righteous rage amongst their citizens/children ?

    1. I am sorry about the relationship you had with both your fathers. I suspect Saturn or Uranus are the keys to your chart, not so much Jupiter, and you can pick up my ebook 2020 Astrology free on 1st August to read more about fathering in general and your horoscope. Have a look at your Sun too.

  6. Truly Jessica, I thank you for this article, I haven’t finished reading it, yet, and I will keep coming back to it as I do with all of your thought provoking and ever relevant blogs. I very rarely do the news anymore so, found about Nice, late this morning. Its all a lot to take in. Specifically the dates and the advice to Keep Calm and Carry On are so important, and much appreciated for planning…

  7. Great article Jessica. Thanks. I read these and observe the world and personal events. As a Taurus asc, Sag is my eighth house. I am freaking. I have nodes in 23 degree Capricorn and cancer. Thanks for your insights.

    1. Thank you. You have Neptune at 3 Sagittarius in the Ninth House (using Natural Houses) so you are part of a generation who have no boundaries (Neptune) when it comes to international travel and emigration (Ninth House, Sagittarius). Saturn has actually already passed 3 Sagittarius so you are part of a wave of worldwide change we have seen to date in 2016 which will impose limitations and restrictions (Saturn) and issue a sharp ‘get real’ message which is so typical of this cycle. Don’t freak but do be aware of August, September and the impact on your usual travel agenda.

    2. Thank you. You have Neptune at 3 Sagittarius in the Ninth House (using Natural Houses) so you are part of a generation who have no boundaries (Neptune) when it comes to international travel and emigration (Ninth House, Sagittarius). Saturn has actually already passed 3 Sagittarius so you are part of a wave of worldwide change we have seen to date in 2016 which will impose limitations and restrictions (Saturn) and issue a sharp ‘get real’ message which is so typical of this cycle. Don’t freak but do be aware of August, September and the impact on your usual travel agenda.

  8. Thank you. Very interesting article. How will this affect all those going through their Saturn returns. Virgo Sun (17 deg) square Saturn in Sagittarius at 19 degrees. My second Saturn return.

    1. They are not square if you use 0-1 orbs, which I do, so you can relax! You will feel your second Saturn Return very strongly though. Go back to your first one and ask yourself how your life as a traveller or student of life is now being updated. Go into your beliefs, and perhaps astrology is one of them. Life lessons are unfolding for you.

  9. Oh dear! Sounds ominous, but an incredible analysis. Thank you. What areas should I be concerned about and how to protect myself? I have SAG in planets below. Thank you for your guidance!

    Sun 22
    Vesta 20
    Bacchus 02
    Moon 12
    Psyche 22
    MC 04

    1. It is ominous, so you are right – and using a word we associate with ‘omen’ which is what Saturn in Sagittarius is. You have a whopping stellium there so you do express yourself quite strongly by travel or travel in the mind. Read the fine print before you take a holiday or business trip now through 2017 and be savvy about what is going on worldwide. Turkey is in lockdown. That is going to affect European travel – that’s just one example, as I write this. Turkey has a social media blackout. Think of the chain reaction across European airports and airlines, the NATO reaction, the domino effect on global airlines and you have an idea of what to expect from Saturn in Sagittarius. I have no idea if you are flying into Turkey or a nearby airport but if you were, that would be a personalised example of what is going down.

  10. Thank you for all your great work, Jessica.
    I’m an Aquarius sun and my North Node and Neptune are at 8 respectively 11 degrees in Sagittarius.
    I expect to have travel restrictions, but in the same time Jupiter will enter Libra, which is my 9th house.
    Please could you tell me if it is likely to encounter issues with my application for foreign citizenship, that I’ve just submitted. Kind regards.

    1. Thank you. Jupiter will actually enter your Seventh House (Libra) in the Natural House system. Yes, your foreign citizenship application will be affected by this.

      1. Many thanks for your answer.

        Being an Aquarius sun, in September 2016, Jupiter’ s cycle in Libra, offers opportunities to teach, study, travel, move, publish. Is it possible for this transit to give benefits for the citizenship / passport applications?
        On the other hand, Saturn’ s transit in Sagittarius puts restrictions on travel.

        1. You will experience both sides – it’s a good question. Jupiter will also trine your natal Aquarian Sun which helps you. Yes, there will be new travel restrictions and perhaps a hardline crackdown on immigration. However with Jupiter in your solar Ninth House you may well find that what you want, on a broad level, you have a good chance of getting.

  11. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for very interesting article. I have Neptun in 09 deg, MC in 01 deg, Ops in 04 deg and Bacchus in 26 deg Sagittarius. Can you please tell what will be most important events for me that I should be aware of?
    Late August we will travel abroad for holliday too. Should I be afraid?

    Thank you in advance for your help and all the great job you do for us.

    1. Thank you, that’s really kind. Okay – do not be afraid. Do use your common sense and be vigilant. Read Twitter and update yourself on what is happening globally as everyone’s holidays will be affected by what is to come, August and September. Have full insurance, watch for delays/rescheduling and just be more aware of difficult issues like religion, cults, foreign cultural beliefs/differences coming up as they will overheat situations. This is a general rule into 2017 as Saturn will conjunct your Bacchus then too.

  12. Hi Jessica, I noticed I have a few planets in Sagittarius, will this affect me?
    Thank you very much.

    1. Yes, you have a stellium in Sagittarius so you express yourself by travelling or travelling in the mind. You take real journeys or intellectual and spiritual journeys, to expand your view of the world. Normally this is fine but world events now through 2017 are going to slow you down and perhaps stop you. You can see this right now with the coup in Turkey which will hit NATO security, affect Europe-Asia and so on – not to mention Brexit! We are going to see massive changes August, September 2016 so for you, it’s really up to your free will. If you want to get deeply involved in Sagittarian concerns like religion, cults, education, academia, foreign connections – then you will be deeply affected. If you’re just a regular traveller or web surfer, though, it will be felt through six degrees of separation.

  13. Hello Jessica, Another excellent article well done
    I have been feeling this effect strongly because I have sun in capricorn, moon in saggitaruis
    I am looking to buy a property and move out of my family hame , do you this it is a good idea or do i wait until next yr.


    1. Moving out of your family home is a great idea. Do it now through 2018 and you will feel all the freedom and independence that the Uranus Fourth House cycle in your solar Capricorn chart is famous for. You will find out where you stand with the money, now through the end of August.

  14. Wow yet another prediction coming true ! I remember reading your article about saturn in Sag sitting in the airport chills going down my spine… I live in France and the sense of confusion, helplessness an angst is very palpable right now. I have to travel to Canada in September but wonder if there are any dates that I should stay away from airports and train stations. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. I feel so sorry for France and the French; you must be devastated, living there. Look at your chart for the Gemini and Sagittarius factors, if you are watching travel (not just during this difficult cycle but for your whole life). Gemini rules short haul journeys and Sagittarius rules long haul journeys. Note the degrees or numbers. Track Saturn and Mars in particular, and the Moon, through Gemini and Sagittarius – you can do this using this website. You are more likely to hit delays or changes to your schedules then through six degrees of separation with what is happening in the wider world. An example right now (not for you, but others) is the Turkey coup. This severs Europe from Asia. Don’t be paranoid about this cycle but do watch your Gemini/Sagittarius stuff. I am doing the same, as I also have a full travel schedule. Bon chance.

  15. Wow! This is truly enlightening. Thank you Jessica.I have no idea what’s coming – I have Neptune at 20 Sagittarius 11th House conjunct natal moon at 28 Sagittarius 12th House (struggling with an unknown illness since some time). North Node + Saturn in Virgo in 8th House, South Node in Pisces +Mercury. Also have Saturn square Neptune in my chart. Any thoughts?

    1. Thank you. You will feel Saturn on your Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House next year and crucially, on your Moon, so take your time before you commit to travel, moving, emigration, education, foreign involvement and all the things Sagittarius rules. I am sorry about your illness. Use the Natural House system. You actually have the North Node and Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House. Use asteroids and narrow your orbs to 0-1 degrees. Then look for answers.

    2. Teressa: We have a similiar chart–although I’m 19 sag Neptune w/ a 25 sag Asc. My moon is in virgo–along with saturn and the north node.

  16. Wow, excellent read, Jessica. Thank you!
    I’ve been reading this just as there is a military coup unfolding in my mother’s homeland, Turkey. Is this also linked to the current patterns in Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, etc?
    I’m also a Sagittarius, and would like to know what these Patterns in Saturn mean for me.

    1. Yes, the Turkey crisis is an example of Saturn in Sagittarius, conjuncting the Sagittarius Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in Sagittarius placements of millions, in patterns we have not seen for 29 years. It’s a wake-up call about the realities of globalisation, immigration and free movement. You are already seeing how you are being affected as your mother comes from Turkey. I am sorry but this is not over, even the coup has failed today. This goes on for many weeks. Seek expertise, take your time, do your homework and be very cautious.

  17. HI Jessica, thank you so much for sharing this, albeit as scary as it is. I guess forewarned is forearmed……. I have my Neptune and North Node in Sagittarius, can you please tell me how this may personally affect me? I’m scared now, as I know I’m going through a Neptune mid life transit as well. I am doing lots of work on my shadow self and exploring Jungian psychology. I am feeling a strong pull to work on my spiritual self and was considering taking an online course which will help me to connect to myself on a deeper level. Is now a good time to invest in myself like this or have I fallen prey to the hazy Neptune transit? Thank you Jessica, your work is amazing.

    1. Your online course is something you need to examine more closely – read the fine print, read between the lines and see what others have to say about it, before you put your money down or commit too heavily. Please do not be scared by Saturn and Mars transits. Just be wise. One example of this would be switching your radar on if someone asks you to a ‘meditation’ group which is actually a thinly disguised cult. I don’t for a moment think this will happen to you, but we are going to see more than one cult become extremely powerful over this period. Sagittarius generations and strongly Sagittarian people are rather cult prone, though of course those in question never call it that!

  18. Hi Jessica, i was hoping you could tell me what stands out in my chart during this cycle. I have work, education and travel plans in the coming months. Is there anything I should look out for?

    1. Keep reading news stories so you are on top of what is likely to change, particularly in Europe – but this is a global pattern and we may see Asia coming into the picture too. Being savvy about news headlines means being savvy about which countries you choose, how much you pay for tickets and how much your trip actually costs. We are about to see the biggest shift in globalisation and international travel in 29 years for all manner of reasons and yes, directly or indirectly, you will be affected.

  19. Hello Jessica, you have me worried now. I have arranged for a big trip, alone, for a month between 8th September and 6th October. I was already worried by the transits of Uranus in my Sun, Mercury and Mars and now I will have to worry for more as it seems as I have Ascendant in Sagittarius and Neptune. On the other hand, I was hoping that Jupiter transiting Venus those days would help me meet a future partner abroad. Do you think it is still a good idea to travel?
    My birth date was 18/10/1977 at 21e44, 38n15
    By the way, I was very impressed with the Brexit prediction. I live in UK and I am travelling to Australia in September

    1. Please don’t worry. The whole point of astrology is that you are informed, so you have no reason to worry! I can’t see your chart so I can’t comment on what you are experiencing, but if you have Neptune in Sagittarius, then you escape from the real world by travelling, yet you must now live in the real world when you travel. That could mean extra security at Sydney airport (for example) or EU member countries cracking down on open borders. I think the UK, post Brexit, as your home country, is very likely to address the problem of free movement within Europe particularly in the wake of the Bastille Day tragedy. I travel alone too. I’m not stopping. Neither should you. Have a fantastic trip but just be super-aware of the new realities to come.

      1. Thank you so much for your reply! I feel a bit calmer. I am expecting difficulties to arise during the trip but my gut tells me that overall it will be good.

  20. Thank you so much, Jessica, for always giving so much very interesting and insightful information!

    This Sagittarius cycle is concerning me greatly, because I have not only my Saturn Return going on (born Feb 1986), but I have Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Juno, my IC, and Bacchus all in Sagittarius (in my forth house)!

    I would really appreciate it if you could give me some idea of what you think this time will have in store for me? Thank you so much for all you do! I greatly appreciate your time and help!!

    1. Thank you. I wrote about your Saturn Return in Sagittarius some time ago if you want to hit search. Yes, you are heavily Sagittarian and it impacts your whole chart. The way you explore the world, either by travelling, moving or just opening up to the internet with all its ebooks, big subjects and focus on beliefs – is a big part of you. In fact, it’s who you are. Forget Internet Explorer, you are an Internet Explorer! As many people were born with Uranus in Sagittarius like you I will explain what that means and why it matters in August and September. Basically you create new ways to travel, study, teach, e-publish, use social media and particularly to pursue your beliefs, no matter if they are astrology, religion, science, or anything else. You are the generation who flies budget airlines, stays on AirBnB and engages in glampacking. You take holidays all the time, unlike any other generation in history (you cross Europe for weekends or take Eurostar London-Paris for the day). You own the new swipe passports which go through gates, not through personal inspection and your generation, born with Uranus in Sagittarius, is also all about Wikipedia, webinars and YouTube tutorials (the new education). You are also born to radically change the way people follow their beliefs and define what the universe is, or what a higher power is. Now, if you can imagine someone throwing a switch and turning all that on, you know what you are going to see within yourself and in your contemporaries, August and September. Normally that would be okay, but we also have Saturn alongside Mars, so there are heavy reality checks, difficult learning experiences and a massive wake-up call about what actually happens when the whole world turns onto globalisation and loses its boundaries. I am sure you can think of other examples. The best advice is to go very slowly, carefully and cautiously and to take expert advice and expertise if you find these issues come up directly for you, next two months.

    1. You have a whole stellium (cluster) in Sagittarius so watch the days when Mars is at the same degree (number) as he slowly moves through Sagittarius too. Be aware of the potential for inflammatory situations which might affect the way you travel, or travel in the mind. Your journeys, or your journeys as a student of life, guide for others, world citizen or true believer. One example would be, skipping any online feud about whose belief is the right one/the wrong one. If you do travel now through September just be aware of what’s happening with your airline, airport and destination. Just look at what happened to people on holiday in Turkey.

  21. Hello Jessica just one quick question if I can. I read many of your reply’s to comments, and you often say it will or you will feel this by xx amount of degrees of separation. What do mean when you say that?

    Much Love

    Bonnie –

    1. Sure. Sorry for the astrology jargon. A ‘degree of separation’ is just the distance between the degrees a heavenly body occupies in a zodiac sign. So if you have the Sun at 1 Aries sextile the Moon at 2 Gemini, they have one degree’s distance of separation from being exactly sextile each other, or 60 degrees apart. One degree of separation means a strong pattern; it’s virtually an exact aspect. You can pick up my free ebook 2020 Astrology on 1st August which has a whole section on this. Thank you.

  22. Not World War Three. Yes – Trident and her nuclear warheads will be a slow burning issue and we must deal with the realities of Trident at Christmas. Yes – the world must deal with the lack of boundaries that the Neptune in Sagittarius generation created and wanted, crossing lines all over the place – and also the realities of the Pluto in Sagittarius generation, who are drawn to Millennial thinking. The Guardian notes, “millennial thinking, which stresses the imminent final battle between the forces of belief and unbelief” is a major issue.

  23. Hi Jess,

    Firstly, thank you for your well researched international perspectives and to everyone’s comments. For those affected by these recent events, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

    I have the following Sagittarius influences:
    Ascendent 28 degres
    Bacchus 22 degrees
    Neptune 09 degrees
    Ops 09 degrees

    Bearing in mind I’ve started a ‘teaching’ role in my job, will be commencing study in about a weeks time, and am considering finalising a seperation/financial settlement soon (although – Brexit fallout is giving me cold feet regarding this). Also, will my Mars in Gemini (25 degrees) be affected?

    1. Thank you. Prayer has been shown to work in some studies so praying for the families, friends and lovers of the people who are still dangerously ill in Nice is completely worth it – not to mention those fighting for their lives. Now – your chart. I always like it when people live out their horoscopes, as you are living out yours. With that Sagittarian stellium you were born to teach and study. Saturn is ‘on’ your Neptune (Saturn conjunct Neptune) so you will have to live in the real world and take it very slowly. Nothing is quick or easy on this cycle and as Neptune rules escaping from reality and Saturn rules limitation and restriction, the best analogy I can give you is that after years of floating freely in the ocean of life, sometimes you hit a few sea walls, nets, rules and regulations. Seek expertise and experience, which will help you.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for giving us the heads up, even when it is discouraging news. It seems like the world is such a mess right now, and sometimes I wonder where all this hatred and fighting and separation is going to lead. Do you see a time when we will see a shift toward peace in the world? I could really use some light at the end of the tunnel.
    Thanks so much!

    1. Actually, our best chance at peace agreements in 12 years is coming, once Jupiter changes signs to Libra in early September. The Libra generations born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in that sign, are our best hope, and yet we will be talking about nuclear level new arrangements and accords, not so much terrorism. The peace movement which was so huge when Generation Libra were children will come back in a massive way and it will have an effect.

  25. Thank you Jessica for writing this; I get the sense you chose your words very carefully and deliberately.

    The events in Nice are heart-breaking – the idea of so many children paying the price for someone else’s ‘demons’ is incomprehensible.

    I noted, too, in a photo that showed the fireworks, prior to the horror that unfolded, there was lightening in the sky.

    I used to fly all over the world, and then after a bad flight three years ago, I just couldn’t fly anymore. Whenever I consider flying, the memory and feelings of that day return and I just can’t commit. So it’s staycations for us, and I hate it.

    Ironically, I’m a hypnotherapist 🙂 but have noticed a lot more people who never feared flying before (in fact one wanted to be an air hostess) coming to me for help. Part of me thinks that it’s almost like our sixth sense is picking up on ‘something’ and developing this fear protects us in some way? Before that flight three years ago, I experienced anxiety about flying for the first time ever, almost as if I knew what was coming? I think those coming to me are tuning into some collective fear?

    Whilst I may not be flying/travelling, my husband and most family members will be, extensively, over the next few months. I may have to make their passports disappear 🙂 I’ll certainly be putting these dates in a place where I can see them everyday, and doing my best to counter the negative ‘thought stream’ with positive thoughts.

    1. Thank you. Saturn in Sagittarius translates as ‘fear of flying’ so I was really interested to hear that you have an increase in clients seeking help with that.

  26. thanks for another incredibly insight and honest article, Jessica. Studying and seeing these things come up can´t be always easy as an astrologer so I want to say how much I appreciate your work and honesty with what you are seeing. Would you consider major travel on August 17-18 a bad idea considering the very difficult weekend before it? How much clearance should we give around the difficult weekend of Aug11-14? Thanks again.

    1. Thank you. You have Gemini/Leo factors around 25/26 degrees and that eclipse near the 18th does occur on those degrees, yet it’s actually about babies, children, young adults or the lovers who could bring them into your life one day. We also associate Leo with paid or unpaid efforts involving children or young adults. Not so much travel. You were born with Vesta there so I suspect there will be a blind spot or missing information about a situation where you need far more clarity but don’t have it. One male two or more females would be involved. Yes – travel is a huge issue for all of us August, September as new rules and restrictions will come in rapidly – it will be a crackdown – so just check on the day/the day before. You just saw how rapidly things could escalate in a place like Turkey!

  27. Oh Jessica. Although I moved a lot and traveled internationally as a child, my travel as an adult has been so limited the past 20 years. And I have so much sag in my chart! The Sagittarius in me was hit hard this week as I recalled that exactly a year ago on Bastille Day, I flew from France into Istanbul. This trip was an anomaly; travel I never thought I’d do again in my life. My heart hurts for France and Turkey–and our world in general.

  28. Hi Jessica, thank you for this insightful information and heads-up!

    I am not in the Sagittarius’ generation, but I have Jupiter, Juno, Aesculapia and Descendant (at 11 degrees) in Sagittarius. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me some idea of how this planetary activity might affect me. Also, I was hoping to start new work relationships as a freelance in August/September with companies located abroad (not involving travelling to that European country though). Could this planetary background mean that it would be best not to do so during this period?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    1. You will have a fascinating time with that Sagittarius stellium because, now through Christmas 2017, you are going to see so many new rules and restrictions come in. Do not let this put you off freelancing internationally at all – of course – but read the terms and conditions, particularly on taxes – or have a good accountant. What you work so hard on, now through 2017, will pay off when transiting Jupiter (growth, expansion, abundance) eventually goes through Sagittarius himself, so you are investing in your future.

  29. Thank you Jessica for a fascinating read and great forewarning. I must say I was looking forward to a late Summer break as Summer hasn’t really arrived in the UK. I feel hesitant about travelling now but I appreciate it’s about being prepared. I have Uranus and Neptune in my chart and I fall under Generation Sagittarius.

    My birhdate is June 29th 1984.

    My sun, moon, mercury and venus are in Cancer and mars in Scorpio.

    I have Uranus 10 Sagittarius
    Neptune 29 Sagittarius
    IC 23 Sagittarius
    South Node 6 Sagittarius

    Would you be able to shed any scope on how this transit may affect me and my plans to travel? Thank you so much in advance.


    1. I am wondering if you are living in India at the moment, only because of course like everybody I had an Indian schoolfriend named Patel. The reason I am wondering is that I seem to have a wave of people with Indian surnames now, who have big signatures in Sagittarius – and are all going through the same cycle. This leads me to ponder what is going on in India next year in regards to the airlines, the travel industry, your local domestic travel (trains and airlines) and also the wider picture on immigration, overseas study, export and so on. I suspect you would do well to keep an eye on what is going on in government and business so you can anticipate where there may be issues about visas and passports and also new export rules, tariffs – and the very basic business of discounted airfares or sudden no-go zones. We just saw this in Turkey only a few days after I filed this prediction.

  30. The biggest peace movement in 12 years will begin in the British Isles within days of Jupiter entering Libra, from September 10th and I suspect the anniversary of September 11th will bring a similar peace movement around the world. It is Nicola, Queen of Scots that you need to watch, though, as she will lead Scotland into a second referendum on independence and Trident will be the issue.

  31. Dear Jessica thanks a lot for this article.

    Saturn is transiting my 5th house and at the moment Mars is transiting my 4th house. In August they both will be at 5th house.

    Natal Neptune is in Sagittarius at 9 degrees 22 retrograde falls on 5th house
    Natal Asc in Leo 11 degrees
    Natal Sagittarius falls on 5th house
    Major aspects: Natal Sun conjunct Saturn at 0 degrees 20
    Natal Jupiter square Saturn at 0 degree 46
    Natal Saturn square Uranus 5 degree 56
    Natal Saturn is in Cancer at 22 degrees
    Natal Sun in Cancer at 22 degrees
    Question: Do you give importance to Vertex when reading a natal chart?
    Mine is: Vertex 28 degree Sagittarius

    Any information given will be very much appreciated.

    1. I am not sure which house system you use, but Saturn is actually transiting your Ninth House in the Natural House system. I don’t use the Vertex. I can’t actually understand what you’ve typed out here, apologies.

      1. My understanding is that you use Aries as first house(Natural House System). In this case I have used the data coming from the natal chart according to the method Astrodients, at, where it reads Koch) I believe it uses the ascendant as the first house. So I counted Sagittarius as the fifth house, starting from Asc in Leo as the first house.


        1. Pick up my new ebook 2020 Astrology free on 1st August which tells you how to use with a Natural House system. Your Ascendant/Rising Sign goes into the Fifth House using Natural Houses.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you, it is helpful to read your insights on these events, from an astro perspective. With this cycle there seems more to fear, especially with so much global financial and social instability. Are there some positives that can come from these aspects?

    At a personal level I need to make changes to improve career and finance, I feel a lot of pressure to do more but also feel inhibited by fear in the present climate. I know that probably doesn’t make sense without more context. Essentially there are a few planets aspecting my Sag MC at 24º and I’m wondering if I should lay low or being making bolder moves?

    1. Thank you. The positives from the long Saturn in Sagittarius cycle will all be for the environment as globalization will be stopped in its tracks which means more people will grow local/eat local and the zoom-zoom of aircraft will slow down. The generations born with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in Sagittarius invented globalization but now it’s time to get real about what it’s actually doing to the planet! (That’s the Uranus in Taurus cycle coming in). Okay, if your birth time is accurate then in 2017 you do need to watch the home/work/ decisions you make if they involve moving, travelling for work or even emigrating. Your MC hooks up with other horoscope factors so a larger pattern would be triggered. Take your time next year and take good advice – stay updated.

      1. Thank you Jessica, that is a positive. Yes my birth time is accurate. It has been a recurring dream to emigrate or set up somewhere else, not financially possible at the moment. Career wise I am working for myself, barely paying my way so trying to get educated (architecture) and expand knowledge/skills (freelancer marketing). Feel very much stuck not knowing whether to focus on here and now or be making bigger plans for more secure future. Not sure what type of advice I should be getting, or from who?
        Also I was looking at aspects at the moment with Uranus, Mars Chiron all around 24º – 25º at present, is this a time for starting a new business or focusing on studies?

        1. The 18, 20, 25 degree sequence in Virgo in your Sixth House of work will be crossed by Jupiter the problem-solver, now through early September so you are in a superb cycle for finding new projects, roles or possibilities. Use your journal to set intentions, make notes and sketch some goals for those dates you see Jupiter in Virgo leading those big patterns on, or very close to, your degrees. Begin with the work first and sort out the rest later. You only get a chance like this every 12 years. The key is to serve.

          1. Thank you for explaining that for me, I appreciate your insights and generosity! Also just read the Aries weekly horoscopes again, so en pointe for me this week!

  33. Hi Jessica,
    Gripping article. Thank you for those dates. I will be travelling to the states so I’ll be on red alert during this time.
    Please could you see if there are any personal triggers to my chart?

    1. Thank you. Saturn crossing your Neptune at 18 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel occurs in December 2016 when we also find the Sun at 18 Sagittarius – so I suspect you’ll be brought down to earth about holidays – what goes down near Christmas may involve the actual cost of travel; new security restrictions; airline safety – and so on. What is normally an escape for you will become a problem to solve, or an issue to be patient with – this is temporary yet do bear it in mind. There is no point in avoiding what Saturn is telling us – we all need to get real, and you particularly need to get real, this December.

  34. Hello Jessica,

    Thank you for this information. What do you see for Australia? Do you have advice for how I should navigate through these times with my family?

    Thank you

    1. Australia was founded with the North Node at 24 Sagittarius so when Saturn crosses that degree we will see critical times for our airlines and airports. Saturn also opposes the South Node at 24 Gemini so this is about domestic travel within Australia too. We’re looking at the end of January/start of February 2017 and June 2017 followed by late October/November 2017. I suspect there will be global issues which have a knock-on effect here, so just be aware of the fine print if you’re flying. I haven’t looked at the Qantas chart but that would be an obvious one to begin with, because she’s such a uniquely Australian airline.

  35. Hi Jessica

    I’ve got Sun and Moon in Cancer, and have the following in Sagittarius:

    Neptune and Ceres at 5 deg
    ASC at 22 deg
    Juno at 9 deg

    Please can you tell me what to expect/prepare for?

    Thank you so much, DQ

    1. This is really about your beliefs. You need to look at the whole issue of why you believe, what you believe, and your particular faith/philosophy – Ceres in Sagittarius in the Ninth House can be passionate and intensely territorial about her world view and with Saturn on his way to your Ascendant, I suspect that a deeper look at all kinds of belief, from religion, to astrology, to cults, to science, could be useful. There is a lot of learning ahead, now through Christmas 2017.

  36. Jess, your ability to reflect deeply on current troubling events and offer such thoughtful insights never ceases to amaze me! What can you tell me about how I will be affected with my South Node in Sagittarius, and particular dates I should look out for? Thank you!

    1. Thank you. Your Nodal axis is Gemini/Sagittarius and actually, both are triggered by Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius. You also have a stellium in Gemini too. This is all about the internet, multimedia, education, publishing, language, literacy, academia and your ‘voice’ across all mediums. Take it slowly and allow for some life lessons to unfold, now through Christmas 2017.

  37. Amazing predictions…!

    Your articles are so informative and it gives confidence in tiring times…
    Its good to have an insight on things to come so that you are well prepared.

    Could you be kind enough to look at my chart and tell what to expect in these coming months?

    I am working towards an important break through with my career, opportunity to go back to my home country.


    1. You’re a Capricorn with Saturn in Cancer, currently under fire from Pluto in Capricorn – so I can see why you want to go home. You are in a fantastic career cycle within weeks of reading this and should make the break with the past, in terms of your house, apartment or country, in time for Easter 2017.

  38. THank you so much, Jessica, for this post.

    Question for you re: Mars Conjunct Saturn on Aug 24. You wrote: “There is a T-Square (T stands for trouble, tension and tough times) involving Mars at 12 Sagittarius, the True North Node at 12 Virgo and True South Node at 12 Pisces on Monday 29th August at 7.18pm.”

    I have the Sun at 12 Gem, which is directly opposite Sagitarrius. Sun opposite Mars, during a T-Square – should I be very, very worried? Or might my opposition provide some balance?

    Actually now I’m looking at my chart and I’m scared. I also Mars at 9 (Aries) have Neptune at 10 Sagitarrius, so this looks like it might be a challenging couple of months. :/

    1. You have the Sun at 12 Gemini so let’s just focus on that. No other patterns (I use 0-1 degree orbs. Okay, to quote Mr Forrest (Sting’s astrologer) astrology is destiny. Fate is what happens when you don’t use astrology, or you even choose to ignore it. Destiny is working your chart so you avoid what you don’t want. Never be scared, please, just work your chart creatively and thoughtfully. You were born to shine when it comes to the internet, multimedia, publishing, and your way with words, ideas or images – you may use this for fun or for profit. What we see with Mars at 12 Sagittarius and the Nodes at 12 Virgo and Pisces near Monday 29th August is a Grand Cross. Your role as Messenger Girl is highlighted then (I would allow 48 hours either side of that date, too). Sometimes the Messenger Girl on the internet in particular, but also on the other end of a telephone, or a microphone, needs to watch her words. I would keep an eye on your computer and phone too, either for technical issues or just in case of loss. Just be sensible. Be sharply aware of what Gemini rules in your chart and be hip to people, situations or technology which is going to get in the way of that, or create issues for you. Don’t make that the day you give a talk, for example. Watch what you write, or respond to, on Facebook (if you use it). I am sure you get my drift. Gemini rules short journeys too, so cars, trains, buses and planes. Be hip to that and use your common sense so you are more cautious than usual. If someone lends you a bicycle and you haven’t ridden for 100 years, would you really want to get on that bike, so you can go send a letter? You may find an angry kitten in the bicycle basket who wants a piece of your finger.

  39. dear Jessica,
    I have appreciated your insights since discovering your work – and hung on to your predictions for Brexit when all the external information was going the other way. Your interpretation of the charts was astounding!
    I’ve been unable to find work in my field since the end of last year, which is making me very anxious. Also I moved house 18 months ago and want to get on with necessary building work on that, but with no income, everything is stuck in limbo. I see this Full Moon may hit issues of home for me (Uranus in Cancer 28 degrees) and that my Saturn in Sagittarius 2 degrees may also get affected shortly.
    Can you give me any hope that things will shift for the better soon?
    many thanks.

    1. You are very kind, thank you. The worst is almost over. One of your issues has been Mars Retrograde moving over your Scorpio stuff (Scorpio rules salary, bank loans, rent, renovations and the mortgage). Once you get past August 2nd and Mars has finally, finally moved on – so can you. In fact, the atmosphere will lift and lighten in September and by October 2016 you have a brand new start. You will make or save a fortune once Jupiter goes through Scorpio, which begins in the final months of next year. By 2018 you can put it all in perspective. No matter about the Full Moon, you’re just having a classic Mars Retrograde cycle. On a purely career level – yes, this is tough – so take your time, take good advice, seek expertise and experience. What happens to your C.V. in 2019 will leave you overjoyed and more than make up for the slow crawl until 2017, but on a purely cash/property level, once you do some tough decision-making over the next few months, you will feel much more secure.

      1. Thank you so much. It’s helpful to have a sense of how long I have to sit this out, and that it WILL turn around. (Meanwhile the Full Moon has indeed brought its own disruption to my house plans and the community I live in. Ah well, this too shall pass.) Sending much gratitude and appreciation. A

  40. Hi Jessica
    Feels like a rolling, ongoing earthquake here in the UK! Crackling, fizzing fractures. I’m a total rebel at heart and embrace change but even I’m like, what now?!
    Trident yesterday. Scotland, we are off and not a moment too soon. Trump and the GOP convention, sheesh. France, my beloved France.
    Thanks for doing these blogs, they are intuititive social commentary more than anything else.

    1. Thank you very much. It is posts like these that we like to keep online so I can remind myself what it feels like for people to go through massive, historic transits. The push against guns in America and Trident in Britain will also make history in 2017. Starts September. No Donald. Yes Jeremy. Yes Nicola. Here we go!

  41. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you again for another of your insightful articles. This one feels a bit heavy for me. I am a Capricorn with a major amount of Saturn influence coming up when Saturn enters Capricorn (Bacchus, Venus, Hygeia, North Node, Mercury, Jupiter and then of course lastly the sun at 26 degrees). In regards to the upcoming Sagittarius cycle I have Neptune 6, Juno 7, Mars 11 and Cupido 15 Sagittarius. The planets in my chart are heavily loaded on one side through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. I am Taurus ascendant 7 or 8 degrees and my natal Saturn is @ 14 Gemini. What should I pay closest attention to in relation to your article? Would you recommend my getting one of your five year horoscopes currently advertised on your site given the Saturn transits that are coming over the next few years? I have a lifetime horoscope from you (purchased 2 years ago). I enjoy reading these articles. Thank you again.

    1. It’s a pleasure. I do have a waiting list for readings and I’m afraid I am now only accepting orders for 2018 horoscopes. You will need to be a Premium Member to apply. Okay – let’s be positive about your chart and put it in balance. Jupiter is going to move through Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn over the next four years or so. Now THAT is an opportunity. Hit search on this website to see what it means.

  42. Hey Jessica,
    Do you have any prediction for Germany (the country leading the EU)?

    1. I will have a look at Germany and other European countries when I stop travelling and unpack my trusty book of World Horoscopes. In general, the Euro is over from 2018 as know it today and of course this changes Germany’s destiny. She has many charts so let me find the one that works for her best – I will post this on my website, later.

  43. HI Jessica! I finally decided to invest in a membership here as your work has always been spot-on. I have been hit hard by Saturn since 2012. Lost what I thought was the love of my life, my job, and have been having health issues. I travel for my line of work (mining) and have friends all over the world. Very fearful about what I see happening in the world! I just lost a potential job in Turkey due to the coup. My birth chart shows moon and Saturn in Sagittarius. I can get through this cycle, but is there anything good on the horizon? Work? Love? Better health? Should I avoid traveling, even if I do get more overseas work? I have a delightful teenage daughter who depends on me. I’m starting to feel acrophobic!
    My birth date is April 28, 1956 7:37 am
    Latitude 41.49932 Longitude -81.6943605
    Best wishes, Kris

    1. Welcome to Premium Membership. Make sure you try the Astrology Oracle for some of these questions and use your complimentary journal to set goals and make them happen. You are one of the Sagittarian influenced people who is seeing how the global situation affects her own life. I am sorry about that but we are stuck in this cycle until Christmas 2017 and there are no fast or easy answers. Your personal life brings you tremendous happiness and satisfaction, both with your daughter, but also with your former, current or potential partner. Jupiter in Libra will align beautifully with your Leo chart factors, which rule not only your daughter, but all young people connected to you – starting in September. An improved and utterly equal relationship with the past, present or potential man in your life is one of Jupiter’s gifts, in your hand by 2017.

  44. My IC is in Sagittarius along with neptune and North node. I have been camping at my in laws’ place for seven weeks already instead of what was a one week minor home repair. It has burgeoned into a never ending saga with the mason, carpenter, etc etc. Luckily I was ready knowing Saturn would slow down things. But now I am beginning to reach the end of my patience. Any semblance to routine is lost.

    I want my life back. What mischief will Saturn concoct when it hits my neptune and North node? Shudder!!!!!

    1. That’s actually about your Ninth House, not your Fourth House – I can’t see your chart so I can’t comment on your issues with builders, sorry.

        1. Neptune, the IC, Diana and the North Node are all in Sagittarius in your horoscope so if your birth time is correct, then one person on your family tree was either a great traveller or migrant and that is where your roots actually are. This may explain why you are drawn to travel or travel in the mind, yet with Saturn passing through Sagittarius and your Ninth House now through 2017 you must accept the restrictions and obstacles which are coming. The cycle will be over Christmas 2017.

  45. Hello Jessica,
    I hope you are well. I was born on 28 August 1983, at 22:18 in Mexico City. I have been living in the UK and Germany for more than a decade. In 2014 however I took a job in the US (San Diego, California) and absolutely everything went terribly wrong. Something must have been really wrong in the stars back then because it was such a traumatic experience. I came back to Europe afterwards, and promise myself not to go there again. I am writing to you because just on the Full Moon da, I got an offer from another employer in the SD, California area offering me an excellent position (start date: 1 August). It is hard for me to be happy, because I really love Europe, but things are getting difficult here in various aspects (including the job situation and the political one, of course). So, my question to you is how you see the weather forecast for me. Should I relocate again and at this time? Many thanks for all your guidance!

      1. Jessica – I have tried to pay via paypal, it is not working for days. Is it a problem with my account? Thanks, Ana

        1. I am sorry about that. You may want to contact the Help desk on this website directly. I hope you can resolve it. Sometimes Paypal is actually the issue!

  46. Hi Jessica, I’m a fan of John Hogue’s writing and thought you would like to know that he predicts the U.S. east coast will get a terrible battering (Katrina style) in the 2016 hurricane season. He is worried about Washington DC in particular. I know we are all thinking terrorism when we see Mars/Saturn in Sagittarius but of course global warming and weather conditions can also affect international travel.

    1. I met John Hogue once – he had just published his book on Nostradamus. Good point about wild weather delivering airline issues and international travel concerns. That would fit. Thank you very much!

    1. You have Fortuna at 13 and Uranus at 14 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel, education, academia, religion (and all belief systems, including astrology) and also the worldwide web. This is about the big picture for you and foreign people and places may also be part of the story. When Saturn moves to 13, 14 Sagittarius from the second half of October 2016 into the first half of November 2016 you do need to be more cautious, careful, thoughtful and wise about all these matters as something/something will put the brakes on. If you had been planning to move, travel, teach, study, publish or pursue foreign/digital interests in that time frame you may want to do some realistic thinking and some advance homework. This cycle can only happen every 29 years and it may be six degrees for you (there are major changes to passport control or visa requirements, for example) or intensely personal – but it is good to know about it now. You can read more about Saturn by hitting Search.

  47. Thank you for this post, Jessica! Very informative and fascinating how accurate astrology could foreshadow events.

    As someone who sort-of emigrated and have been living in Germany for quite some time, I was utterly shocked to hear what happened. Just out of curiosity, what do you think about 3rd October 1990 in Berlin, the day the the German reunification became effective? Any thoughts on the significance and insignificance of the chart?

    Another point is about my own personal chart. This post is a bit scary to me as I have Uranus, Saturn and Mars all in Sagittarius and several factors in the range of 22-24, including IC and MC. Could you give me some insights on any story that is being played out that I should be conscious of, and how to precede with caution?

    Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much. I haven’t looked at the 1990 chart for Germany but I will do this next. I suspect we’re going to find major triggers for this Saturn in Sagittarius cycle and perhaps the Uranus in Aries cycle too. Your horoscope is a classic example of someone being affected through six degrees of separation. As you live in Germany you are obviously experiencing a chain of attacks and you are going to see huge change in your country August, September. This will most likely affect issues like transport and travel where you live, but there may also be other issues that come up, particularly on social media or in the local community, directly related to Sagittarian themes! Fortunately you know that this is the time to be cautious and careful, as astrology is advising you to slow down and pay more attention to what is going on around you. This helps you take sensible steps to avoid the problems. Astrology is about destiny, not fate – our fate is this cycle, which we are all finding so hard – and our destiny is to create the future by using the knowledge of the horoscope. This helps you navigate.

  48. Thank you for this writeup. So Much to learn.
    I am sure you would like to have vacations after so much analysis. Come over to India, sometime 🙂

  49. Morning Jessica,

    I always feel so guilty asking a question, given I can appreciate the traffic and numerous questions you must get daily. I always think of you when I open up the social media manager I work with to see the customer questions each day, and reminded to be grateful and marvel at what you do with such passion.

    I’m traveling to the UK in August, and flying out on the evening of the 18th to the US. I have a toddler an Aquarian. (Do you do little one’s charts, if I add to premium membership?), and will be on my own, so obviously, this is all making me groan. Some lightness is required, in my life, seriously! I thought, getting out before the full moon that day was a good move. Ugh. Any clarity, insights would be gratefully received. Also, could you let me know when the pattern from 2014- 2015, with an ex (Aries), that cost me literally everything everything: courts etc… will leave the space or the planet. I feel like I take three steps forward and 5 million back, just want it to be parked in a black hole somewhere and not trip me up all the time, when the ex gets bored and throws his narcism ( sorry for judgement) my way, plus it’s impacting the little one, which I’m trying desperately to consciously find a way to navigate to help the little one have a healthy relationship with it all, since it causes a lot of anxiety for them, which also plugs me. :-(. I know you can’t get into all this, but clarity will be really helpful to nail some of this down with precision.

    How do we book for a one:one reading? Or, is it only the reports you can buy, which I have done already. Appreciate you articles, truly insightful and inspiring. Take care, with gratitude.

    1. Don’t feel guilty about asking questions! It’s a pleasure and it is part of your Premium Membership, so any time you need to know more about a story, just leave a message. Thank you also for the compliment, it is much appreciated. Firstly – personal charts – my waiting list for 2018 year-ahead horoscopes opens soon and you will hear about it on your newsletter first. I don’t do children’s horoscopes at the moment, but will one day! Your trip on August 18th should come with the usual extra checks on this Saturn in Sagittarius cycle. Take a moment to double check conditions at your departure airport/city and arrival airport/city in real time. We are moving through intense times, next two months and travel will be primarily affected. The situation with your ex is about to be well and truly cleared up, starting with a shift in the atmosphere in the second week of September. You have a Libra stellium and Jupiter will cross that. Jupiter is about healing, hope, growth, expansion and improvement. By October 2017 you will have closure and also the chance to be in an equal partnership with someone new. Use your journal to sketch, make notes, and really crystallise what you want and need, especially as your child is part of the story. Watch the Libra transits and use them, to your total advantage!

  50. Hello Jessica,
    I hope you are well. I was born on 28 August 1983, at 22:18 in Mexico City. I have been living in the UK and Germany for more than a decade. In late 2014 however I moved to California and absolutely everything went terribly wrong. Something must have been really wrong in the stars back then because it was such a traumatic experience. I came back to Europe afterwards, and promised myself not to go back to California again. I am writing to you because just on the Full Moon day, I got an offer from another employer in the California area. They are offering me an excellent position. I should feel happy but it is hard for me to feel so. I really love Europe, but things are getting difficult here in various aspects (including the job situation, the economic and the political one, of course). So, my question to you is how you see the weather forecast for me. Should I relocate again and at this time? I am going to fly to the US on 12 August, by the way. Many thanks for all your guidance! Hope I can sail under this Mercury retrograde and Sagittarius thing

    1. Wow, sometimes people really live out the cycle in a personal way. You are doing this now. You have a stellium (unusually high cluster of horoscope factors) in Sagittarius. You have past life experience travelling and emigrating so I wonder if California is actually part of your karma. You have the Nodes (reincarnation) quite strongly placed. Trust your gut feelings. I can see why you find it hard to feel happy about the job offer, even if it’s excellent. One way through this is to see 2016/2017 as an experiment, not the final outcome, either for work or for home. There will be pros and cons about both Europe and California, equally! So there is no ‘perfect’ solution yet you will be overjoyed from the final quarter of 2018 and into 2019 when Jupiter the planet of growth, good fortune and expansion moves into Sagittarius and you will be in your element with your bags packed and your map of the world under your nose. Only you can make the choice about moving but I hope these notes on your chart help. If I was in your position I would use the Astrology Oracle on this site and test it a few times, then see what it brings up about California for you.

  51. Really interesting blog articles. I wonder if this means the end of the European project? I was also wondering how Scotland and a possible second independence referendum fits in and how Nicola Sturgeon’s chart might fit in with this and with PMTM’s chart? From what you say and seems to be happening there is a resurgent right wing in Europe – is that pointed to by astrology?

    1. Cheers. The borders/free movement agreement will be hit hard by Saturn in Sagittarius, 2016 through 2017 and the Euro will not survive in its present from beyond 2018, as Uranus in Taurus takes hold. Saturn is fear, Sagittarius is foreign people and places, Uranus is revolution, Taurus is currency, so put all that together and you have – voila – the intense state of our world at the moment, but also into 2018 as well. Scotland will pursue independence one more time – PMTM has a fascinating horoscope and I will be so intrigued to see who she chooses as her political partner.

  52. Hi Jessica,

    thank you so much for your informative articles and for introducing me to so many new asteroids!

    We will be traveling to Germany (not Stuttgart) for a large conference in August, and although I usually feel quite relaxed and safe, there is a little knot in my stomach at that thought.

    The events of the past weeks have affected me deeply, and I find myself in an emotional landscape reminiscent of the aftermath of 9/11. At that time I was six month’s pregnant with first and only child, both my identity and the world as I had known it changed in such profound ways. It challenged me to figure out what truly mattered to me, what my beliefs are, how to raise a child in an uncertain world, and to develop appreciation for the ‘simple things’ in life.

    What’s interesting to me is that the last Mars retrograde in Sagittarius was in the summer of 2001, with Pluto and Chiron in Sagittarius. It seems that many of my planets and asteroids are being triggered by the Mars/Saturn duo.
    I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Much love, with appreciation

    1. Thank you for your feedback it is much appreciated. You do have horoscope factors close to 9 degrees, so will experience the global as personal…sometimes a little knot in the stomach is a very useful thing, because it just makes us more aware, more alert and more sensitive to what is going on around. If it makes us double check the departures board at the airport, that’s useful. If it makes us wiser about driving to France and anticipating queues at Dover, that is also useful. You are quite right about the replay of Sagittarius patterns in the chart, and the reason we are so strongly affected is the huge number of people with outer planets also in Sagittarius who are part of the story. Keep your radar switched on because we have already seen what Saturn in Sagittarius can do and now Mars is joining in.

  53. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you very much for your deep analysis of the road ahead.
    I have quite a few of the planets in Sagittarius with another at 23 Taurus.
    I would really appreciate it a lot if you could help shed some light on what the events of aug-sept may mean for me.
    warm regards.

    1. Cheers! Yes you have a stellium spread out in Sagittarius and so 2016, 2017 really is your reality check about all the things you usually take for granted – like being a world citizen, having easy access to the worldwide web, travelling, and above all – exploring geographically and intellectually. You will find that the global becomes personal for you at this time, so political changes and shifts in the travel industry (for example) are going to trickle down and affect you. I suspect that like everyone else who is heavily Sagittarian you are just going to find Saturn cramps your style and puts obstacles in your path – temporarily. Pre vacation, do one more check than you might usually bother with, on the day.

  54. Can you please tell me anything about my chart, I will be travelling to Europe, France, on September 2nd, and I will stay for about 6 months there. How can someone like me have a personal reading from you? I am new to astrology.

    1. Thank you. My personal readings for 2017 are fully booked but the waiting list for 2018 will open shortly. You were born with the Moon, MC and Panacea in Sagittarius, so you were also born to explore – other countries, cultures, belief systems. Of course you will be doing this under the new, challenging Saturn in Sagittarius cycle. However, everything you learn about the real world will help you have an even better trip or even a complete relocation in your life in 2019, so in about three years. In the meantime update yourself on what is going on out there, online, all the time. Just be aware. August and September are particularly volatile because of the Mars-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius. Double your usual common sense!

  55. Hi jessica.
    Thanks for insightful article.
    I have Mars in first house virgo.
    Uranus,Jupiter and Neptune in Sagitarius 4th house.
    My date of birth is 01october 1983.03:00 AM (GMT +5 Islamabad)

    I m feeling extreme pressure in my job from the start of August 2016 Is there any chance of violence at workplace or loss of job and which dates are crucial for me in august and september to avoid any kind of feuds.
    i m feeling fearful and threatend.

    1. Please do not feel fearful and threatened. Maybe change the kind of astrology you’re using. Mars in Virgo is not in your First House, it is in your Sixth House of work in the Natural House system. As Mercury Retrograde is passing through Virgo and the Sixth House until the first week of October, your situation will go backwards and forwards until then. My astrology cannot predict job loss, violence or feuds.

  56. Hi Jessica, I don’t have any outer planets in Sagittarius, but I am a sun sag… I was born 3 December 1992 between 8:15 & 8:30 am in Nairobi, Kenya, which should mean I have a Capricorn ascendant. (with a few planets there as well)
    My question has to do with an idea that just came to me last night. For months I’ve been reading about tremendous luck with the book, website etc in the Capricorn horoscopes, but haven’t really seen an opportunity to take advantage of that energy. Now, (nearly too late!) I had a brand new idea to develop a website (9th house)in my name (1st house) showcasing & creating awareness on homegrown Kenyan brands (people, place, country) with an emphasis on fashion and lifestyle (very Libra things, I think. & that’s where my midheaven is. Also, Jupiter is heading there next, right?) This seems great, also considering that Jupiter is still in my business& paid work sector according to my Sagittarius horoscope.

    The question is, considering mercury is doing his dance again in my tenth house and saturn is in Sagittarius & there’s this eclipse coming up (& anything else I might’ve forgotten!) is this a good time to start really? Should I wait until good old Merc is done, when Jupiter’s in Libra already, or should I wait even longer, till Jupiter is in my first house again, considering I want to put my name on it? I feel like this is so the right idea for me, but I don’t want to start it at the absolute worst time – or insist on naming it after me & attaching my own profile to it when that might do more harm than good. HELP! 🙁

    1. I should probably mention that I’ve got plans in the pipeline to change my name…and that would have to happen pretty soon as well. 🙁

      1. Changing names? Personally I would not do it on Mercury Retrograde. You’ve already seen how the shadow period has affected trains in Britain and planes in America! Mercury rules transport but also words – the naming of things. There are easier times to do this.

    2. I can’t read your birth chart here and I am not sure which house system you are using, but it appears to be something I don’t work with. I can only read you as a Sagittarian so give you the ‘headlines’ of your life. Start the website process but be aware it will go backwards and forwards. The actual opportunity or solution will not be there after Jupiter changes signs from September 10th, but at least you can make headway. Mercury will continue to retrograde into the first week of October so the aftermath will be complicated. I suspect that your entire Ninth House transit was about the worldwide web, which I often mention, and foreign people and places – you have been exploring all this from the point of view of someone in Kenya, for almost 12 months now. And now a door is open to the web. I like your idea. Pick up my book 2020 Astrology free from this website, which will help you figure out some of your other questions.

  57. Hi Jessica,
    In regards the 23 degrees hot spot…
    I have many asteroids in the 20 degrees range including my true node at 23 degrees Pisces and Minerva 23 degrees Taurus. I live in France; my husband is muslim. A bit anxious about how this could play out for me. What is your intuition?

    1. It’s the Pisces/Virgo/Taurus/Scorpio axes of your chart which are crossed – yes. This is really about your money, your lifestyle and your work, and yet it’s not direct. In other words, the Sagittarius transits just affect you at a distance. France as a whole is going through the most difficult cycle in 29 years as she is strongly Sagittarian and it is not over yet, unfortunately. Just be aware of what is going on around you, far more than usual. Don’t assume or guess, find out – especially if you are travelling or dealing with people on religious issues. I will give you an example. We just saw a dreadful incident in Turkey today, with more loss of life. I don’t need to tell you that the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle is having a massive impact on the whole of Europe, but just be wise and remember – to our relief – the cycle ends at Christmas 2017 – but until then we all need to update ourselves on a daily basis with airline reports, world news and so on. Aware and informed is the way to be.

  58. Hi Jessica,

    I have a few planets at 22 and 24 degrees of my birth chart. Just wondering will this weekend’s factors at 23 degrees have any impact?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    1. Yes, you will be affected by the eclipse, through other people’s blind spots and other people’s cover-up jobs. I guess you just saw the headlines about the latest doping scandal and hacking around the Rio Olympics. Maybe you also saw the prediction on this website which I made one month ago? That is a good example of what an eclipse does. You may want to ask me this question in the eclipse forum, though. Thank you.

  59. John Hogue’s new article out today says the Mars/Saturn activity in August/September was just setting the scene for very sinister world events centred around the new cold war with Russia that he believes will develop into something much worse next year. He is very concerned about the part Hillary Clinton will play in this.

    1. I met John Hogue many years ago when he was promoting his book on Nostradamus. We certainly have to look at war and peace issues, now through 2017, partly because of Saturn in Sagittarius (every country in the world will have ‘fear of foreigners’) but also because of Jupiter in Libra, which always brings questions about nuclear issues like Trident. As for Hillary Clinton’s role, we really need her birth time for that – and there are wildly conflicting reports, unfortunately, given to two different astrologers.

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