The October 2016 Full Moon in Astrology

This Full Moon is unusual. It's about finding your way to freedom. And it may even change your life.

The October Full Moon in Astrology will trigger your personal birth chart if you have factors at 22 or 23 degrees. If you know anyone who does, he or she is about to face radical choices.  This Full Moon is unusual. It’s about finding your way to freedom. And it may even change your life.

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265 Responses

  1. Hi Jessica!! Fantastic article as always, thank you so much! I have a bunch of things happening at 22, 23 and 24 degrees, so I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about how I personally would be affected please. After going back and forth being unhappy about a relationship, I’m finally feeling better about it and think I’m making a decision to stick with it and take it to the next step in a few months from now. But I’m also meeting a bunch of new people right now, so I’m unsure about taking such a big decision. Any insights please?!

    In terms of this week, I have MC in 23 degrees Aries, IC in 23 degrees Libra, Pluto in 24 degrees Libra, Chiron in 22 degrees Taurus. So will everything change in a massive way?!! Cheers!

    1. Thank you very much. Your horoscope is well and truly primed for change with Pluto at 24 Libra in the Seventh House of love, sex and relationships. Your IC at 23 Libra is very close, so actually, you are not the first person in the family tree to experience this issue. A relative or ancestor went through something very similar. Don’t worry too much about what you do, or do not choose. But do choose freedom. This applies to yourself and the other person. Independence is on offer and to quote Devo, Freedom of Choice! It’s actually quite a democratic process. Perhaps you or others had no idea how locked down and restrictive (how tight) everything was. This actually goes against nature. People need to be free to choose and so do you. I know with Pluto in Libra you may be a passionate person in love (to put it mildly) and want to control – it is only natural. At the same time, freedom is also the most natural thing in the world and this Full Moon will show you why.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I would really appreciate your input with regards to this full moon. Since early August I have been locked in a chain of calls and paperwork going backwards and forwards, to do with children and money. I have a deadline for 25th October to have things in place or I will be at a financial loss. The corporation who I am dealing with are difficult and it seems desperately unfair. How can I use the days ahead to help this work in my favour?

    1. You have been hit by Mercury Retrograde but it is over now. I am sure the corporation have been a pain to deal with. Please don’t worry. Take a deep breath, get a big, blank piece of paper (more room for brainwaves and inspiration) and find five quiet minutes to sit down and figure things out. Ask your spirit guides to help you (light a candle if you want to create an atmosphere). If you don’t want to do that, just ask the Universe. If you want to sketch, then sketch. If you need to write down some random thoughts or ideas, do that. Mercury is the planet of the mind and he has been stuck since August 10th and it is easy to get stuck in a mental rut about issues. Now you are free to think differently. There is more than one solution with this. Try it and see what comes. Give it a few days, too – beyond your actual brainwaves. The universe can often be quite remarkable in providing solutions and it is amazing how often people ‘bump into’ just the right person they needed to speak to!

  3. Wow Jessica,

    what an article! I really feel that this full moon is absolutely about me. I have Jupiter in 22 Aries and Mercury in 22 Libra. But I don´t know what will be more important day for me – full moon or 20th Octobre when Mercury is going to conjuct Mercury in my natal chart in Libra and Uranus is going to conjuct Jupiter in Aries in my natal chart.
    And then I have North Node in 23 Scorpio and the South node in 23 Taurus.

    Can you help me please to realise what will be major event for me in the next two week? I feel it could be huge!

    Thank you very much

    1. Thank you. Actually, your whole chart has been triggered for some months and this Full Moon will just bring things to a head. The changes will continue into the remainder of the year, too. The reason for this is that Uranus is a very slow moving planet and he also goes back and forth over the same spot in your chart. This is very clearly about the relationship you have with a former, current or potential partner. It is also about how you see yourself. Sometimes the issue is a rival or opponent, but as you have the North Node in Scorpio it is more likely to be a personal relationship. The Nodes also describe past life karma so you have been through a similar scenario before, probably with this person, in a different incarnation. Nobody can go wrong if they offer as much freedom and space, as they want to obtain for themselves. The magic word is tolerance.

  4. Wow, thanks Jessica for the heads up re the upcoming weekend! I have Venus 23 Aries, Nodes in 24 Libra/Aries and Fortuna 23 Scorpio. I’ll be attending a party that weekend but I should probably just lay low! Any advice on how I should handle this and what does it mean for me?

    1. The party will be interesting! Alcohol often intensifies Full Moon feelings, though, so be aware of that in the people around you. Extend your usual common sense about the human race at this time. Your Nodes suggest past life relationships and ancient karma. The person at the heart of your choice is someone you knew before and you two have old debts or credits from a previous incarnation to sort out with each other. The age-old question of ‘me’ versus ‘we’ is hard to ignore at the moment. If for any reason you are fighting the good fight, the issue will be – how do you play fair? Fortuna in Scorpio suggests this is far more likely to be about a relationship, though, and your former, current or potential partner has what I can only describe as a stuck record playing with you. The song will not remain the same, though, to quote Led Zeppelin!

    2. Thanks Jessica….

      I have saturn at 23 virgo and mars at 22 leo.
      How will it effect me?
      Thank you for your time.

      1. Saturn at 23 Virgo in your Sixth House is about managing your working life, daily routine, lifestyle and above all else your body. You won’t be directly affected – but you will find that changes in the world around you make you question what you are doing with your day-to-day work ethic, service to others and above all else, your service to your own constitution and physical condition.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I only have 23 Leo in Ceres. What would this mean?

    If I have 21 degrees and 24 degrees in Libra (which is kind of close to the factors you mention), does that do anything or it has to be spot on?

    And also, how do I figure what house 23 Leo is? Since there’s only 12 houses?


    1. Thank you Shaolee. If you have Ceres at 23 Leo in the Fifth House then you were born with tremendous power where babies, children or Millennials are concerned. It is also a fact of life that you constantly have to compromise and make deals with other people. I heard the word ‘honeymoon’ clairvoyantly as I wrote this for you. I am not sure what that means to you! The Fifth House is also about courtship; the kind that makes you a parent one day – or perhaps an aunt or stepmother. The patterns in Libra are close enough for you to register change, as Uranus has been moving back and forth in Aries, opposite your 21, 24 Libra patterns, for quite some time. One of the best ways to compromise with other people and with the world as a whole is to offer as much freedom as you personally require. There is the most tremendous need for tolerance at the moment as a whole new world is being created for you and it will take time and a lot of breathing space. This goes beyond the actual Full Moon period into the rest of the year, although the Full Moon will intensify the issues.

  6. Greetings Jess:

    North Node 22° Aries 22′ 20″ R/South Node 22° Libra 22′ 20″ R, ASC 23° Cancer 31′ 15″ DESC 23° Capricorn 31′ 15″ Pluto 22° Virgo 39′ 16″ R

    What should I look out for?


    1. Thank you. You will experience a T-Square which is unusual. This is also karmic in nature so you knew the people before, or have been through a similar situation in other lifetimes. This obviously concerns your former, current or potential partner. It may also implicate an opponent, rival or enemy. It’s very much about work, unpaid work or university life, as Pluto in Virgo is also triggered. The primary issue for you, though, is how do you honour the needs of a duet or double act, but also attend to yourself? And if you are fighting the good fight, how do you play fair? The outcome will give you a great deal of room to move that was never there before. Freedom is very precious even though getting there on a Full Moon can feel rather intense. Give yourself more space.

  7. Hi Jessica,

    Any heads up for me? I have 22/23 factors with Neptune in Scorpio, Pluto in Virgo and Cupido in Leo. Its all about work and partnerships right? This is fun!

    1. Yes, you’ll see change. This is about your money, house, apartment, business, possessions or charity – and also your work. Not about partnerships so much unless children are involved, or could be. What unfolds now is revolutionary in terms of other people, large organisations or the world as a whole and the ripples will reach you. In general, the more freedom you can give, and ask for, the more you will be in tune with the times.

  8. Hello Jessica, thank you for this huge heads up on the full moon. All I hear from other astrologers is how hard it is going to be 🙁
    Could you please look at my chart? I have Vesta in Libra – at 21 degrees. But Aesculapia and Salacia in Capricorn at 22/23 degrees. Thank you so much (as usual) xx

    1. Thank you. Ignore Vesta, but Aesculapia and Salacia will be triggered. You will find a situation/person that you had assumed was almost finished, is right in front of you. You can revive or resurrect everything, almost pulling it back from the brink. This is most likely to be a job, work project, professional role, college/university plan or similar. You are the kind of person who can always breathe new life into who/what seems to be finished, or on its last legs. You also have a pattern of ‘unreal’ real world work or study. This applies to unpaid work too. What other people do with their lives on this Full Moon will affect this, at a distance. Their revolution means you will have some choices to make about how you work, where you work, and why you work. Again, this also applies to University if you are a student.

  9. While I really enjoying reading about big aspects, I’m getting a little worked up over this one. As I’ve mentioned previously I have a really difficult relationship with my daughter and in her chart she has Pluto in Scorpio @ 23º trine Moon in Cancer 22º as well as MC in Leo 23º ( In my chart I have Neptune in Scorpio @ 23º and Mars in Libra @ 22º ) So I’m worried about her well being (Pluto in Scorpio and she’s been having a rough year) as well as my 8th and 7th house (both full of issues that I hate to imagine being any worse!) Pluto’s association with death/darkness, Scorpio and 8th house themes are all worrying me!

    1. You both have the 22-23 patterns emphasised strongly but please don’t get worked up. Pluto is not about death and darkness. Pluto is about a change in the balance of power. Your daughter has Eighth House, Fourth House, Fifth House triggers. You have Eighth House, Seventh House triggers. The common factor is obviously the money, the house, the apartment or the possessions. The answer is freedom. There has to be new room to move with more choice and this applies to both of you. What appears to be a question about the paperwork or the credit card (for example) is actually a deeper question about being independent. You can’t put a price on freedom.

      1. Thank you Jessica, I really need to stop seeing the negatives of Pluto! Yes to freedom – if only I knew the price!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Very thought provoking! I don’t know whether to be excited or worried – I have Uranus 23 Cancer in my chart. What is this likely to mean for me?

    1. You have Uranus passing back and forth over 23 Aries where he squares your natal Uranus in the Fourth House of home, family, home town, household, homeland, and so on. The Full Moon triggers this. Another experiment with a different, undeniably alternative approach to your people or your place is unfolding. This is the theme of 2016 and 2017 – how to make it work for yourself. Uranus transits are always, ultimately, a good thing. They can seem like too much change and not enough stability at the time, but they also loosen things up, pump oxygen into the atmosphere and give you a lot more room to move with your choices.

  11. I have three factors at 22 or 23 in my chart. I have many changes in my life right now. How will this affect me?

    1. Yes, you would have a lot of changes if you have three factors at 22, 23 degrees. The Full Moon will bring things to a head. If you have ended up in a situation where your hands are tied; where you are ignoring the fact that the future could restrict you even more; where your free spirit is being squashed – then the Full Moon could upset the applecart. Hopefully you are in touch with your need to be free, though, so the choice you make, or are asked to make, just seems natural. And actually, it will be a relief and a release. Space! Room to move! It is irresistible and maybe you soul wants it. Uranus transits can feel so intense, yet afterwards, people tend to see just how trapped they were and how necessary the change was.

  12. Hello Jessica!

    This is so intriguing on a world wide scale. But on personal scale, could you please tell me how my Uranus at 22 Scorpio will be affected?

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Malika. You have a pattern of constantly experimenting, exploring and rejecting what is so new, with money, property, business, shopping, selling, charity and so on. You’re part of the online banking, eBay, Paypal generation. The Full Moon across Aries-Libra suggests other people are making revolutionary changes in their lives and this will have a ripple effect with you.

  13. Hi Jessica

    Another brilliant blog – thank you.

    I have a couple of placements at 22 and 23 and you explain very clearly how to gain insight by looking at House of the placement. I have Juno 23 Libra and Apollo 22 Scorpio and I always like to attempt to interpret – with a tad bit of guidance from yourself! So Juno (commitment at a price?) in Libra (relationships) and Apollo “where you can have it all, if you are prepared to lead the way” in Scorpio (money, house, business ……. I also get that full moons are also about context and not necessarily bad – July and August were brilliant for me. But, is this one somewhat harsh for me?
    Can I also ask why, in this blog, you highlight the houses associated with the equal house (?) and not the sun sign? So, for me that would be Juno in 10th of career, and Apollo in 11th of groups and friends. Is one more important that the other? Would I be affected in both?

    Many thanks for your insight.

    1. Thank you. You are interpreting this correctly. Juno at 23 Libra is commitment at a prince in relationships and Apollo at 22 Scorpio is leadership around the financial or property issues. You’ll feel this across both your Seventh and Eighth House. Jupiter was married to Juno in mythology so he is conjunct his own wife in your chart. This is about binding commitment versus individual freedom. The two house systems I use for Premium Members show the public life (Sun Sign) and private life (birth chart). You are a Capricorn who publicly has major issues about her family, house, apartment, household, home town or homeland at the moment – lots of change – nothing stays the same for long. You are also just starting an upward curve of opportunity in your career or other role. When we look at your private life we see it’s actually about your relationships and your money.

  14. Hi Jessica,

    What advice would you give a gal with the sun at 22degrees cap with a boyfriend with the sun also at 22degress libra?

    Thank you


    1. Interesting, as you two will find your charts caught up in what they call a T-Square. For you it’s about your career and social status. For him its about his relationship with you. There is some tension there, no doubt about it, as Uranus passes through. You do have some choices to make but it’s very hard to knock freedom as a basic human principle. It really depends on how much either of you have ignored the need for change or skipped those questions about how much space you actually have – how much room to move. If you’re in touch with that then this Full Moon will just seal the deal. If you are not in touch with that, then you’ll find the decision is more intense. Liberty – more than just a great shop!

  15. Thank-you for the writeup. You are a Neptune of knowledge. May you & your family have a wonderful Full Moon
    Uranus is cmg to trine my Mer-Ura natal conjunction.Last time it did, I think we had a family vacation (Uranus was at 22). That part of Uranus that says independence issue definitely true as we as a family are experiencing collecriveness & independence like never before. I am also wary of different family members getting ill & hospitalised for one or the other reason.
    Though, I have one of my friend with Sun at 22 sadge, Venus 25 Scorpio, Jupiter 28 Taurus, Moon 25 Aquarius. Will this full moon trigger all these department considering the Jupiter Venus opposition & Uranus Rx trine Sun for the 2nd time?

    1. Thank you. It’s nice to be a Neptune of knowledge! You can’t predict illness or hospitalisation with astrology. Your friend who has the Sun at 22 Sagittarius in the Ninth House is well-known for worldwide web, travel, regional or global connections and because other people make radical changes in their own lives, your friend will find she also has choices to make about all the above, on that weekend.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for this post. Since I have Sun at 23 Cap and Pr at 23 Can, which will be squared by both the Full Moon, Sun and Uranus I know this will be a very important time for me. Would it be safe to assume that my 10th House is the one that will be most triggered, or is it more of an overall shakeup? Thank you in advance!

    1. You have a Grand Cross and you are correct in thinking it’s about your Tenth House (Sun at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House) but it is also about your house, apartment, family, household, town, country (Proserpina at 23 Cancer in your Fourth House). In general, the transit of Uranus suggests a long, slow revolution and yet this Full Moon will intensify your choices. Other people will be making quite revolutionary decisions about their own lives and this affects you, at a distance. Give yourself time and space now because you have some thinking to do.

  17. OMG! Right, last question of 2016. Aries, libra, I’ve got it all at these degrees. Should I just pull up covers and order in a vat of wine for next weekend?

  18. Hi Jessica…I have aspects in Capricorn, Libra and close in degree I have Scorpio. I actually am returning a couple of investements that didn’t work, lossing a lot of money but when I see the cash flow and future opportunities of investement is the best option. The freedom feeling is amazing. This just happened last Thursday and it will continue to happen during the following months. I am also relaunching the way I do consulting which is my main business and I feel really hopeful.

    Do you have a ny other comments?


    1. I am glad about the freedom – you truly cannot buy that. You will feel a lot better about the financial side of things once we are at the end of October and the New Moon in Scorpio is underway. We have been through so much turmoil but at last the world will get its act together, and we will all know where we stand and what we can work with. Once you are into November you will be able to get the facts and figures lined up, as we are going to see a tremendous surge of vision from people who are peering into the economic and business future in 2017, 2018 and really investing in that future. This helps everyone including you and I.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Loved reading this article, really fascinating and felt very relevant as I feel overwhelmed by activity at the moment.
    I have Mercury 22 Cancer, Uranus 23 Sagittatius, Aesculapia 22 Virgo, Salacia 22 Aquarius, Vulcano 23 Libra and Psyche 22 Virgo (and a couple of other bits at 21 degrees if that matters?)
    Feeling very overwhelmed and confused all round at the moment and finding it incredibly hard to free myself up although it’s felt like it’s a necessity for a while now. Can you explain a little more for me?? Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you very much. Vulcano at 23 Libra is the key to all this. You were born with Vulcano in the Seventh House, which describes the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. It also describes enemies, rivals or opponents. In mythology Vulcano was the cuckolded husband of Venus who discovered her in bed with Mars, his rival. Instead of acting on his passion and rage he cleverly controlled his fiery feelings and constructed a net, with which to capture them and humiliate them – showing them off before all the gods. No doubt one particular person is a target for the volcanic emotion this year as Uranus at 23 Aries has been opposite Vulcano (in June, specifically) and now we have a Full Moon which also triggers Vulcano in your chart. The painting and even the ceramics or tapestry about him could inspire you and give you some breakthroughs. It does pull in other areas of your life too as the pattern spreads around the chart. In general Vulcano is about volcanic emotion, strongly controlled, and the power that gives you.

  20. I am planning to get a new job in a new place, looking forward to new place, new people and a fresh start. Tired of waiting for people and running behind money
    How will this work out for me?

  21. Hi Jessica – I have the following:

    Mercury @ 22 degrees Libra
    North Node @ 22 degrees Scorpio
    Bacchus @ 22 degrees Sagittarius

    What can I expect or watch out for? It sounds like the weekend to lock myself indoors with Netflix and popcorn. I’m hoping there’s not too much drama, although I’m feeling there’s some changes in the air.
    Also, there are a few factors at @ 21 degrees – namely Jupiter in Aries – or is this specifically 22-23 degrees?

    Thank you

    1. Netflix and popcorn, always a good idea! Mercury at 22 Libra is the key here. You are the ‘messenger’ in all relationship, partnership matters and a lot of your mental energy is directed towards former, current or potential lovers. You would also be a natural in a professional partnership. Sometimes we see Mercury in Libra in the Seventh House with people who tackle conflict or dispute situations on a professional basis – so lawyers, for example. At the moment your ideas about fairness, equality, partnership, love, marriage, commitment, divorce, separation have been challenged for months by Uranus at 22 Aries, hovering around that spot. This Full Moon also falls right on the position of your Mercury so you have some decisions to make and perhaps a long overdue discussion with yourself, him or her. Balance those scales.

      1. It started this morning.

        The ex (Cancer Sun /Cancer Moon). Baton down the hatches. Bite my tongue. Duck for cover until Tuesday.

        Wish me luck.

        1. I wish you all the luck in the world with your Cancer ex. Full Moons, of course, affect people with the Sun and Moon in Cancer so much more. Two words. HIS MOTHER.

  22. Hi Jessica. With Ops and Salacia conjunct @ 21 Capricorn and Hygeia at 22 Leo how do you foresee this full moon affecting my points? Thanks Jessica!

    1. You will not be directly affected, but other people will go through major issues with their wives, husbands, loves, exes and so on. This will have a ripple effect on the way you see courtship, babies, Millennials or children yourself. I suspect this will make more sense to you next year as we have a dramatic eclipse in Leo and of course the Node will move there. So in a way, all that you feel and experience now will have an outcome in 2017 when you will make a key choice about the royal bedchamber or the heirs to your throne.

  23. Hi Jessica – Thanks for the article! Other astrologers have noted what a witch of a full moon this will be, and I am a bit concerned as I have Saturn in Virgo at 22 that will be impacted. I am having trouble interpreting the meaning of this on my own – restrictions concerning health or daily work? – and would like to ask for your help. And a big thank you for the heads-up about the upcoming aspect involving 22 degrees in December. Very helpful indeed!

    1. Thank you. Saturn at 22 Virgo in your Sixth House describes your feelings about work, daily routine, your lifestyle and your body. It is very much about accepting the realities of being in the skin you are in, and dealing with questions about your sense of service or duty to other people, on a daily basis. You won’t be directly affected. However, other people in the world around you – and perhaps the planet as a whole – will be going through the most tremendous challenges and changes. This will have a ripple effect you will notice most in terms of your work, unpaid work or university degree. It’s not a bad time to look at what you do, habitually, and if this actually serves you – or if you need to alter that.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Your posts are great. I check regularly for new ones.
    I am still in a kind of limbo. You said in June that I would know more after the New Moon in Libra in the first week of October. Do I have any factors at 22, 23 Aries or Libra for 15/16th? Thank you,

    1. Thank you so much. You have Ops at 23 Libra in your Seventh House which rules your former, current or potential lover. You are going to see this well and truly triggered by the Full Moon. ever since 1st October you have been shown solutions and answers. If you have not already acted on them, you will find yourself inspired to do so, by Monday. Sometimes the issue is not a lover, it is a professional partner. Very occasionally it is about an enemy, rival or opponent. The time has come to weigh the scales and balance the scales, though. It’s part of your mission.

  25. Very interesting post, Jessica! I have 4 factors at 22*,starting with my Sun. And Diana at 22* Libra, along with Charon in pieces and Salacious in Cap. Seems like a very busy time for me. How is it going to affect me? Thanks so much, Jessica.

    1. Thank you. Diana at 22 Libra is the key. You have transiting Uranus moving around the 22 degree spot in Aries, right opposite, this year and next year too. At the same time the Sun at 23 Libra and Moon at 23 Aries this weekend will also trigger Diana. In mythology she was the daughter of Jupiter who begged her father to release her from the entrapment of marriage and motherhood. She could not bear to go through what her own mother went through, so Jupiter released her from children and husbands to roam free as the goddess of the hunt. She did have lovers but in general she was a wild woman who had nymphs (female companions) and only her dog for company. You do have plenty of issues to look at with former, current or potential lovers and partners at the moment and you may prefer to act or decide another time as this weekend is so intense. The question is,how do you have passion and desire in your life, but freedom as well? Look at the myth of Endymion and Diana and the paintings for inspiration.

  26. Hello Hello Hello!
    Fab article! my eyes are a little crossed eyed looking at my chart to work out all the houses and degrees.
    I’ve been waiting for a revolution and changes in balance of power for a super long time. Not to mention wanting a whole lotta freedom too….. however, I have ridiculously pressing matters like a seriously ill child that makes sure I’m focused on keeping her alive rather than any partner balance of power corrections occur, or even, any freedoms…… however, here’s hoping things will dramatically change….
    Would greatly appreciate your input into my chart and the upcoming full moon.
    Have an awesome day

    1. Thank you. Seriously ill children are shown by Leo in the chart, and sometimes Cancer, but as you have Proserpina at 0 Leo you play the role of go-between, not just parent. In mythology Proserpina was the wife of Pluto and daughter of Ceres. She had to keep both these powerful gods happy, so she learned to divide her year in two, spending half her time with both. It was a precarious position to be in as she had to be scrupulously fair with her mother as well as her husband. At the same time this gave her a certain amount of power. It might be interesting for you to read more about Proserpina and look at the paintings and sculpture of her. The Full Moon will not directly affect your chart. You have Venus at 23 Capricorn in the Tenth House of status, success, ambition and position. Whatever you call your role in life will be emphasised this weekend. All year, in fact, as well as in 2017 (now not far away) Uranus, the planet of radical change will be at 23 Aries, square your Venus. So really this is all about questioning your ‘job’ as wife or lover. You might also want to look at the art or mythology around Venus too as she is alive and kicking in your chart right now.

      1. Thank you!
        Your words are very powerful and kind.
        Little teary here 🙁
        The pressure is mounting and the intensity is unrelenting with this desperately sick child. Getting to the very pointy end now. Time is ticking and there is not much time left.
        Thank you again
        Will get onto that Venus ‘thingy’ when we get some resolution with my seriously ill child, be it worst case scenario or a success
        Thank you again
        Have an awesome day

  27. Hi Jessica, interesting article…..l was wondering how this affects me?? l have Chiron in Pisces at 22 29 10R, Salacia in Capricorn at 22 12 41R, Psyche in Taurus 22 35 53, Minerva in Cancer at 22 41 46 and Diana in Libra at 21 03 43. Thank you..

    1. Minerva in Cancer is what you will notice most. You were born with the asteroid Minerva in the Fourth House of family, property, town, country, household and home life. You are brilliantly wise here and are often the go-to person for questions people have about houses, apartments – or perhaps family or relatives. Minerva was Jupiter’s daughter in mythology. She was his counsellor and is usually seen with an owl. What you are now experiencing is transiting Uranus very close to 23 Aries, square Minerva at 22 Cancer. Beyond this you will find yourself with a T-Square this weekend as the Sun at 23 Libra, Moon at 23 Aries, Uranus at 22 Aries, triggering lots of challenges. This is what your Minerva is built for and in fact, you may be able to draw deeply on inner reserves of knowing – as well as knowledge – to deal with what comes up. It won’t directly affect you, but you are going to see other people – at a distance – really grappling with questions about their marriages, partnerships or conflicts with each other and this has a ripple effect on you too.

  28. I have Moon 23 in Aries. Have major decision regarding job and relo back to home country. Almost decided to return. Now, not sure if I have to allow new moon to pass for the next steps..!

    1. Saturn at 14 Cancer in your Fourth House of homeland and property is your answer here. Nothing to do with the Full Moon. You currently have Pluto at 14 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career moving exactly opposite Saturn in your chart. I am pleased to tell you that the worst is over. Pluto now moves right away from this place in your chart and by 2017 what you have been through will be just a memory. This intense cycle only happens every 240+ years and you have done very well to get through it, as I am sure a huge amount of fear, worry or anxiety has arisen – not only about the house, apartment, town or country – but also perhaps about a family member or household member too. Let the Full Moon pass, just because it will pull you in different directions where your title, reputation, name, role or appearance is concerned. Beyond that, though, you are going to feel the pressure lift as October rolls on and I suspect once other people make decisions about money, business or property (by November) you will see exactly how you can organise your life.

  29. Thanks Jessica. Great article, very interesting!

    In Sagittarius I have Saturn @ 23 + Ops @ 24.
    In Aquarius, I have Vulcano @ 21.
    In Libra I have DESC @ 7.

    What should I look out for / be aware of please? Thanks!

    1. The most important issue here is Saturn at 23 Sagittarius, mainly because you are having your Saturn Return in Sagittarius in January, June, July 2017. Pay attention to what is going down at the moment with foreign people and places, regional or cultural differences, education, academia, travel, emigration or relocation, publishing and the worldwide web. One or two issues on that list will be crossing over for you. This is where you must be a total realist. You need to accept that there are some big, fundamental facts of life which are now with us – and with you. I am sure on a global level you can see what intensity there is around questions of religion, nationality and race. The publishing industry is having hard times. The travel industry has been hit by terrorism scares, airport issues and so on. There is a general mood or atmosphere around the planet which would also have touched you and I am sure you have had quite a strong emotional response to some of these questions. Now, ask yourself what you are doing to manage things – feel better about life – organise your world. Are you being wise or unwise? Are you out of touch with the changes going on out there or are you up to speed? These are all useful questions to ask. Be aware that whatever choices you make or actions you take through to the weekend will have their answering call next year so be sharply conscious of what you are setting up. It’s just common sense as well as astrology.

  30. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the article – I’m looking forward to the new moon! From your piece I think I have some aspects which will trigger change. What should I look out for – I have Mercury at 23 Gemini, Hygeia at 23 Scorpio and Ops at 24 Libra. Thanks in advance!

    1. Ops at 24 Libra is what you will notice most. When it comes to your former, current or potential partners you are the practical optimism who can always roll her sleeves up and fix issues. You can also do this with conflicts, contests or even feuds. It always works out for you and part of your mission is to be the solid, patient, no-nonsense person who resolves love, sex, commitment – but also professional partnership – and occasionally disputes. This issue is right on the line for you at the moment. The weekend will intensify it. How do you fight the good fight and keep it fair? How do you develop the chemistry with a certain someone, in the direction of true equality? You have some decisions to make. You may prefer to actually make them away from the weekend as it’s so emotionally intense – you could use this as thinking time or contemplation time, perhaps, but actually wade into the discussion or decision at a less dramatic moment.

  31. Hi
    Thank you for this article. I have planets at 23 Capricorn-N Node and 23 Cancer-S Node. So it is a grand trine involving home and career? I have planned to raise a few career issues with the management on Wed & Thursday which is a bit early for this full moon to affect me. Your time and advice are much appreciated.

    1. Thank you. Grand trine? Not so much. You have Uranus in Aries at 23 degrees forming a T-Square with your Nodes in Capricorn and Cancer. The Full Moon will also form a Grand Cross with your Nodes. Can you raise the career issues another time? Or just pull all this back in the discussion? I say this because a T-Square is hard work and so is a Grand Cross. Your Node in Capricorn is about your career and it is about karma. There are much, much easier times for you to pursue these professional questions. If you must go in and talk, keep it calm, simple and very low key – you can chase these issues another time. I would also avoid March, April 2017.

  32. Hi Jess – thanks for another great article. I’m trying to decode this as you suggest, but I have so much in my chart at and around 23 degree I’m not sure where to start or what takes precedence! Thank you!

    1. Venus at 23 Gemini is an easy place to start (and thank you). When it comes to books, websites, the internet in general, films, television, radio and all forms of communication (the key plans, ideas and concepts in your life) you tend to form into pairs. So as a small girl for example, you may have dreamed up all kinds of plots and plans with your notebooks or someone’s typewriter, involving a best friend. When older, you work on projects with people you like (in duets) or even love (sometimes the concept or notion crosses over with the person you fall in love with). What is happening at the moment and again in March 2017, is Uranus in Aries sextile Venus in Gemini. At the same time, this weekend you are going to see the Full Moon both trine and sextile your Venus. Out of other people’s turmoil, revolutionary change, instability, impermanence and general wobbles – comes your chance to really explore what it means to work on something, probably online, with another person. How do you balance the scales with this person and keep them balanced? Remember, this is not a direct hit on your chart. It’s like a ripple effect. Yet – the time has come to really work a one-on-one understanding you have with a person who is committed to the same idea as you, or the same technology.

  33. Dear Jessica

    Thank you for this amazing article. I got some factors at 22 and even 23in my chart. Can you please tell me more.


    1. Virgo, Aquarius, Scorpio, Taurus factors at 23 degrees in your chart are all being transited by Uranus (radical change) in 2016 (you had this in June and it will return in March, April 2017) and there is an immediate trigger with the Full Moon at 23 Aries and 23 Libra. When other people or organisations have a revolution in the name of independence, it also affects you – at a distance. This is about your working life. Your friends. The groups you belong to. Your money, house, apartment, business or possessions. Many areas of your life are being affected by the world turning upside down this year. In general, what you are seeing is tremendous instability and upheaval. People around you are leaving jobs or starting them. Ending or starting relationships. There is a lot of chopping and changing and not much stability or permanence! The best thing you can do, now through March 2017 is to stay light on your feet and very flexible as you’re going to have to adjust and adapt in the blink of an eye.

  34. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for another brilliant article.
    Is this full moon going to affect my chart anyhow ?
    Many thanks

  35. OMG! Are you human?
    In awe of your brilliance with astrology and communication skills!!!

    I am Aquarius, I have Chiron at 22 deg Aquaurius. A man I was in love with, developed from late 2014 to late 2015, ultimately rejected me. Now, at this time he has attempted to reconnect…I have rejected him!
    It was not easy. This is no game for me, but I was so hurt. Nevertheless, the ‘rejection dance’ has played out! He is Leo, also with Chiron in Aquarius.

    Karma complete?

    1. Too funny. Yes I am definitely human and I am putting the kettle on to have a cup of tea (that’s the first sign). Thank you very much. You are going through the classic Rejection Dance of Uranus at 22, 23 Aries sextile your Chiron at 22 Aquarius. You have two more steps to take. One is now on the Full Moon. The next one is in March and April next year. It’s three steps in the dance. It may not directly involve this man any more, but the fact is, you are being moved into a state of independence (to quote the song) and it takes time. You may need to embrace the revolution more fully and deeply as one part of you is still stuck in the past, hanging onto ideas, people or situations which feel safe. Uranus does not want that. Thus, you are being shown how easy it is to genuinely change, quite radically, and move further and further away from what used to happen and how you used to operate. This will sometimes feel like quite a bumpy ride but the journey is worth it. You were held back, tied up, locked down and restricted so much before and you probably had no idea. Feeling rejected made you reject – that is what this cycle is all about – and it always works out.

  36. Hi Jessica
    I hope you don’t mind me sending this again . Uranus and the full moon will be triggering several aspects of my chart , including IC / MC at 22-23 Aries and Libra respectively , moon at 23 Taurus and Jupiter at 24 Capricorn and Psyche at 22 Capricorn .
    In June this year we exchanged contracts on a house in the country and moved in July . This was our dream house but since then I have felt lost , and fearful that I have made a mistake in moving to a rural area. Some days I am happy but then I swing into feeling low and sad . This is so not me and I am wondering if you can shed any light on this , given that the 23 degree is going to be triggered not only by the full moon but also in the months to come. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this .

    1. I’m sorry moving to a rural area has not worked out for you. Your horoscope is being well and truly triggered. The answer is with your IC also known as the Immum Coeli in astrology. This describes your roots, foundation, home and sense of belonging to a place, and also to your family. This goes beyond that issue, though, as you have so many other factors close to 23 degrees and quite clearly your marriage or partnership is tied in, along with your money – and your ambitions. You will know the outcome in March-April next year when the final pass by Uranus occurs. You have what is known as a Grand Cross to your IC and this is unusual and hard work. You know the answer? Add new people. Their energy will shake up the pattern. It is an old trick but a good one. The more new faces you can introduce, the stronger the chance that they will also have 23 patterns in their charts which begin to make some lovely shapes with your Grand Cross. I am sure that you know most churches and cathedrals are built on a cross formation. In fact, the cross you have to bear (now) is the foundation of what can become a great and marvellous thing. It really depends on how hard you want to work, but if you change nothing or do nothing, the stress will not go away. The Beatles shared a Grand Cross and it was only when they pulled in new people like Brian Epstein, Sir George Martin, their road manager Mal Evans – and just as importantly, the women in their lives – that the true potential emerged. This cannot and will not last, so see what you can do about shifting the energy. On a different note, have you space cleared your home? Find library books by Karen Kingston and Denise Linn on the subject.

  37. Hi Jessica. I have NorthNode at 23 Aries and SouthNode at 23 Aries, and I already felt it today. This article has definitely helped me gain some perspective but I’m feeling nervous. Are there words of advice that you have for me this Fullmoon weekend?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you. The Nodes are about karma in this lifetime and past life karma from other incarnations. In Aries and Libra you have been through some classic divorces or separations with partners in other lives, as Aries rules the right and Libra rules the marriage. This is also true of professional partnerships. You may have had rifts or breaks with partners in other lives, rather like the split between Jung and Freud. Right now you are experiencing a replay of this kind of issue, and it may actually date from months or even years ago with a particular person. Your challenge now is to balance the scales. You and Bill Clinton have similar charts at the moment. The issue is, how do you pursue an equal partnership and how do you also pursue the fight? You may want to skip this actual Friday-Monday period as it is rather hard work – yet feel the feelings and make notes.

  38. Thank you for the forecast! I have Sun in Sag at 22, Psyche in Sag at 22, and Cupido in Aquarius at 23. Seems like it mat be significant. Would love your thoughts. Thank you as always.

    1. Thank you. This Full Moon will not directly impact you, but you will feel the domino effect of other people making major decisions to split or commit. The impact will be felt most obviously with your friends, groups and social media – but also with your travel, worldwide web, foreign, publishing or educational agenda. One example would be two employers breaking their relationship with each other, which results in you having to postpone a holiday from work. Another example would be two colleagues deciding to marry, which means one of them leaves her university degree prematurely and an opportunity emerges for you.

      1. Hmm. Would it have anything to do w my husband who has Venus in Cancer 23? (Sun in Leo, Moon and Vesta in Libra.) Thanks, Jessica. Your spirit guides seem to be busy again. Lucky us

  39. Hi Jessica,

    I have been posting below comment 2 times but I am not sure you are able to see it. Should I contact the IT ?

    This article is great , thanks for your all efforts and time.
    I have Ops at 23 degrees in Aries and as for libra I can only come close to 20 degrees Hygeia in libra.
    What should I expect from this full moon ?

    1. Thank you. No need to contact Support and please don’t repeat posts or questions – I answer every question in time – it is just that there are currently 1391 people waiting for a reply and I prefer to answer every question myself. Ops at 23 Aries is in your First House of image, personal appearance, personality projection, title, role and labelling. This is where you always have an answer and frequently have an issue to solve. What happened in June was unusual. Uranus at 23 Aries conjuncted Ops in your chart so you had big choices to make about how you looked and how you were seen. Now, a Full Moon crosses this same position and the second choice will emerge. This will profoundly alter your packaging or profile for months, even years to come. It will mean separating yourself from the past and separating yourself from any situation, person or organisation which kept you small or kept you confined. It may have felt like security or stability before, but it will not feel like that now.

  40. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for writing this article. It coincides with the timing.

    There is asteroid in 23 Aries but my Sun is in Taurus.

    Something big is happening and I need to make decision. I have been facing obstacle set up by bullies and it feel really like obstacle course. These bullies include ex-employers and people in education institution. They have done some illegal things against me. But as these figures and organizations are really big and powerful. I always have a second thought taking up legal actions against them.

    Recently, I have been thinking about make complaints to government departments to hope to make them stop. But I worry this may not stop them (as it probably cannot make them lose their positions) but anger them which may put me further in trouble. But since I have been backstabbing for quite some years, I really want them to stop and live a peaceful life again. I truly want my freedom back.

    Full moon is a D-day and is radical, it could have ripple effects which I afraid I could not handle. But you say it could be the only chance available and it’s better to choose freedom (certainly I want it). At the same time, my Sun sign suggest me to protect my secret and avoid conflicts. The issue is complicated and involves several parties.

    So a mild approach with a mild warning would work? (be harmonious, get low-key, and probably have to put up with some of their bully for longer while) Or a bold and outrageous move, making the complaints heard and scaring them is better?

    What kind of approach would have a better chance of making things rest and end (as i don’t want revenge and trouble)? If my chart suggests how things may work out and have a more peaceful life ,please let me know. Thank you very much.

    1. Bullies – especially if they are big and powerful – and also backstabbing is common on this Pluto cycle. Don’t do anything until you are well past the Sun-Uranus opposition and the Full Moon, please. You can feel the feelings, but if you push confrontation or conflict, you will find it is very hard work indeed. There are easier times to look at the problem again and figure out what to do. You were born with Saturn at 13 Capricorn in your Tenth House of career. Whenever this is triggered in your horoscope, you have very tough challenges with your job. Right now you are coming out of one of the most famously difficult situations in 240+ years. Why? Pluto moved over 13 Capricorn. Pluto is commonly associated with people who take and take over. They are usually male but you can come across women who have a very old-fashioned, masculine, cocky, dominating approach. Well done on surviving this cycle! The worst is over. I am very happy to pass that news onto you. Take a deep breath and go and get professional advice. You need to ask for opinion as widely as possible and also look at what other people have done in a similar situation. You were stuck for a very long time and may have resorted to habitual responses. Now you are free to try something different. Get a new angle. Get a fresh perspective. Talk to people and organisations with experience and expertise. This was a very, very difficult chapter in your life and it is passing.

  41. Thank you jessica for this post . Forearmed is forewarned . I have only 22 diana at scorpio . Do you know how this is going to pan out for me . Though I think there are factors nearby 25 something as well . Any link with them .
    Thank you

    1. Thank you. Diana at 22 Scorpio in your Eighth House describes your approach to money, houses, apartments, possessions or business. It is about the family, perhaps, but also about marriage as an institution. Diana wants to be free. She does not want commitment and she will not compromise. The Full Moon and Uranus will not directly impact you, but at a distance, you are going to see all kinds of decisions to split or commit coming from other people around you and this will have an effect on your own life. A typical example would be two politicians who are in bed together and decide to divorce, which suddenly affects sharemarket prices. A domino effect caused by two politicians who also reunite or decide to ‘wed’ each other is another example – their show of unity boosts business confidence in the future of the economy and suddenly you find the value of your apartment increased.

      1. U could be right . Actually my father is a scorpio , my youngest sister is a scorpio . She is planning to get engaged to her boyfriend thoygh . and this space jack ass I was seeing is a scorpio who incessantly keeps backstabbing me . But just for Ur information I had the opportunity to talk to his best friend and told him what he has been doing behind people back.he did confirm that what happened was wrong . I feel so much better . Sometimes it really pays living with a concience even if u don’t c a ray of hope. And thank u so much to u jessica . U have no idea how much your timely information , dates times u give us actually add so much value to our lives . God bless u with loads of abundance prosperity and happiness

        1. Thank you so much. This has been a nest of scorpions and you only have to watch a wildlife documentary to see what that is like! Scorpions can really be quite painful when they decide they want to swish their tails around but they do not realise how much they usually poison themselves. Not all of them. Just the silly few.

  42. Kymberlee October 10, 2016 at 7:29 am

    Hi there Jess,

    Such great reading, never “un”interesting. Can you give me some insight based on my chart? I would so love to see a positive change.

    Be well and safe


    1. Thank you Kymberlee. You were born with Venus at 23 Aries in your First House of image, appearance, profile, reputation and personality projection. In June, Uranus moved to 23 Aries in a rare conjunction with Venus. Now, you have stage two. You only get once chance like this to look at how you are seen and how you appear – what needs to change – and how you can change it. Our packaging is made up of all kinds of things. Some people identify with being a wife or girlfriend very strongly. Some people identify with being one half of a duet or double-act – like Cher in Sonny and Cher. Whatever labels you stuck on yourself, or have had stuck on you, no longer apply. You are free to experiment and explore and this also includes your hair, face, shape, style – and particularly in the context of what you personally find attractive, or attracting!

  43. Hello, any tips or what to pay attention to during the crazy Full Moon time, I have Jupiter in Aries 23, Asc in Leo 22 and Desc in Aquarius 22 as well as some in 21 and 24. Thank you. Looking forward to your next article!

    1. Jupiter in Aries at 23 degrees is the main story here as you are experiencing transiting Uranus at 23 Aries conjunct natal Jupiter and that is a rare pattern, which will change your life in 2017 and 2018 too. This is about your title, profile, image, personal appearance and projected personality. This is where you were born protected – and often very lucky – as Jupiter reveals where we are always helped by the universe and sometimes thrown the most incredible good luck. What is happening now is a reminder about June, as that month Uranus was exactly on Jupiter and you experienced radical, revolutionary options which would have enabled you to thoroughly reject people, situations or organisations which you felt were also rejecting you. This is the Rejection Dance! Someone or something said a big NO to you – and so you say a big NO to them, or that. This Full Moon returns you to the enormity of your original decision and you will now take the story further. It’s rather like being told you have to lose weight to become a flight attendant, wear a uniform you dislike and have your hair off your face – and thus being turned down for a job. In retaliation, you stick two fingers up at the airline and go get your own pilot’s license!

  44. Hi Jessica……..I have 22 Libra in Cupido……I have a feeling this is about wounds! But can’t find much info…ha ha not sure if I should ask! I am a member but my full chart is 25.10.65 I also have 21 cap in Salacia and 21 Scorp in Vulcano…not sure if these are part of the picture.I am so hooked on your blog it is fascinating …thank you x

    1. Thank you so much. Why would this be about wounds? Cupido at 22 Libra is about desire, passion, lust and longing. It does last for about as long as an arrow wound takes to heal, but Cupido can feel intoxicating and joyous. This is of course about your former, current or potential lovers. The Uranus opposition to Cupido from 22 Aries to 22 Libra has been flickering on and off all year so you are being asked to think very hard about why you fall in love, how you fall in love (and in the past tense too). This Full Moon parks the question in front of you again and what you discover will help you make major choices in 2017 and 2018.

  45. Wow! I have Aries and Libra stellia but none at 22, 23. I do however have a number of other factors at these degrees – Mars 22 Sagittarius, Neptune 22 Scorpio, Ceres 22 Virgo, Salacia 23 Capricorn. What should I most be on the lookout for? Thanks!

    1. Ask yourself what happened in June that made you feel rejected enough to want to do something radical – even revolutionary. That was the first time Uranus passed 23 Aries, very close to that line-up of Mars, Neptune, Ceres, Salacia. I expect this was about your work, unpaid work or university degree as Ceres in Virgo is about your job and Salacia in Capricorn is about your career. A classic example would be you being snubbed or bypassed by an employer or large organisation, only to decide to stick two fingers up in the air and do your own thing! Basically, what we have on this Full Moon is the second stage of an evolving story about independence. You may have thought you had done enough to go your own way and do your own thing, but the universe is telling you, that you can go even further and become even more radical/revolutionary. Freedom is intoxicating.

  46. Dear Rosa Rosa – there is nothing wrong with your computer, there are just 1388 people waiting for an answer. Thank you. Often, you can answer your own question faster and more easily by using the ebooks which come with your Premium Membership. That will also help you learn astrology and soon you will be doing your own chart. The Full Moon will not directly impact you.

  47. Hi Jessica,

    I really appreciate these articles – they’re so informative.

    I have NorthNode 23 Libra , SouthNode 23 Aries , Mars 22 Taurus, Fortuna 23 Scorpio, Moon 22 Pisces. I’d really love to know how this will affect me as we are trying to buy a house and have been since 2014. We’ve found yet another one we love but may need to act over the weekend.

    Can you give offer some ideas of how this might may affect me in general and the house situation?

    Many thanks.

    1. Thank you very much. Buying a house and needing to act this weekend would be typical of this Full Moon. There is karma at work here so you and your partner have debts or credits over money and property from other lifetimes and are slowly working out the give/take through this long property search. Without knowing more about your partner’s chart or indeed the property itself it is hard to say if this is the one – but what you will be pleased to know is that with this place, or another, you are going to find independence, space, room to move and freedom. Beyond the actual bricks and mortar, the issue (as I am sure you know) is the quality of the chemistry you share with your other half and if you are honest with each other, you can use this whole property experience to move the relationship forward and rebalance the scales. Ultimately that will matter a lot more to you than a home, even though I know it does not feel like it at the moment.

  48. Hi Jessica,

    In recent weeks horoscopes have spoken about people, or events, from the past returning and as a result I am finally free from them. Whilst these things have not physically happened, my dreams have repeated been about people and my life circumstances in the past. From what you have said above I only have Pisces in aesculapia at 22 degrees. This heavenly body is new to me but from your description it is about my personality reviving, resurrecting and coming back form the brink. I would be grateful if you could expand a little on how this may affect me moving forward.

    Many thanks


    1. That’s interesting. You are having past life memories in your dreams which would be typical of this Pisces/Twelfth House placement. Nikki, you need to ask yourself for dreams which will clearly speak to you, so that when you wake up you can write down the main impressions, thoughts and feelings and interpret them. My friend Jane Teresa Anderson at Dreamsight is a very good dream coach with a wonderful website packed with information.

      1. Hi Jessica, thank you very much for your input. I will do as you suggest and ask for these dreams.

        Many thanks


  49. Hey Jessica,

    Loving your website! I have been following you for many years now, ‘The New Astrology For Women’ was the first astrology book I ever bought.

    I am very curious about this full moon, particularly how it will impact my romantic life.

    I met a lovely guy from NZ while living overseas in Canada a couple of years ago (I’m from Australia). I’m back home now, while he’s been trotting the globe ever since. We have remained in touch and really want to see each other again. Thankfully he will be returning to NZ and my side of the planet very soon, in November. He was meant to be back August/September, but Mercury retrograde happened! I have Venus @ 23 degrees Sagittarius and Cupido @ 23 degrees Scorpio.

    Thanks x

    1. Thank you very much, I am flattered that my book was the first astrology book you ever bought. You are in a fantastic position to pick up where you left off with this man. The Full Moon will certainly bring your Ninth House Venus to life, as will Uranus trine your Venus, so this is very much about the relationship you have with a person who can understand why your relationship with travel, foreign and regional differences, the worldwide web, learning or teaching, writing or publishing – is just as important as the relationship you have with another human being. Further afield, Jupiter will conjunct your Cupido in Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money (and property and sex!) once you are into 2018 so with him or another, you are on a roll.

  50. Hi Jessica

    Will this FM trigger my Ops at 22 Pisces, role behind the scene, where I always try to solve an issue and have an answer that is always rejected . My Uranus is 24 Cancer of home and family. I have checked husbands chart at astrodienst. He has IC at 23 Virgo, daily work and health, MC at 23 Pisces . Would there be a sudden uranus change rippling towards me because of his job like contract not being renewed? Would love your thoughts. Thanks as always.

    1. Yes, you are going to see major change with your husband very close to this Full Moon, because it hits both your charts, as does Uranus, the planet of radical change. It will not be subtle. You are experiencing Uranus square Uranus, now through 2017 and it is very much about your house, apartment, family, household, town, country. Your husband’s MC-IC axis is also about home. What happens will set you free and offer you more independence, space and room to move. It will not be smooth but it will be liberating, if you can promise yourself you will surf the waves of change. Him too.

  51. Hi Jessica.

    Interesting article. Always knew there was something about full moons! I have Neptune 22° Sagittarius, Juno 22° Cancer, Panacea 23° Aquarius. Can you please tell me where I will be affected? Relationships have been of trouble this year with family, friends & potential partner.

    Thank you.

    1. Juno at 22 Cancer will definitely give you issues this year as Uranus at 22 Aries has been square this placement. Juno describes who and what you wed yourself to, or commit yourself to, and in Cancer this is about your family, your house, your apartment, your town and your homeland. The cycle does become easier next year, but first you may need to deal with the T-Square that is emerging in your horoscope with Uranus, the Sun and Moon all playing their part. When you cannot square a situation, or square things with a person, the trick with a T-Square is to add more people. Why? Because they create new chemistry around the issue and they generate different alchemy with you. Read what I wrote about Sacred Geometry to see more about this. You can take a lot of the pressure off by just making new friends or reigniting old connections in your world – the more people you bring in the greater the chance your T-Square can turn into a beautiful new pattern.

  52. Hello Jessica,

    What a marvellous article! Thanks. I have memorized almost every word in it. But I will be so happy if you add your comments about my birth chart. How will I managed to be free even tough me!!! With my best regards.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Gul. You have Mercury in Aquarius in the Eleventh House of groups and friendships and that will be affected more than anything else, 2016 through 2017, as Uranus passes through Aries and forms a sextile. Your chart is not unlike Jeb Bush’s in this respect. You are a team player and believe in your group (his is the Republican party). In fact, you are at your best when you act as a mouthpiece for your groups, no matter if they are bands or sports teams. What is happening this year is weird – very peculiar – and yet it forces you to think really hard about what it means to be part of a tribe – and perhaps, finally, to speak out about that. Friendships are changed on this cycle too.

  53. Hi,
    I feel as though this has been a year of absolute wonderful highs and now such deep lows. I’m over the rollercoaster at the moment. How will this full moon affect me? I’m utterly heartbroken right now and I need to know that there is a chance for me to meet someone who will treat me with respect for once.

    1. You have Mars at 27 Scorpio in your Eighth House which rules sex and money – and sex and property – so you have had to endure first Saturn at 27 Scorpio sitting on that, then Mars himself, retrograde at 27 Scorpio this year. I don’t know how far any kind of intimate commitment went with your ex, but if it involved you thinking about the house, the flat, the cash or the possessions, then you would have been through a very tough time. The good news is, the worst is over, the healing, hope and closure is unfolding and by 2017 you will have one great dating opportunity and by 2018 you could easily have made a new plan regarding your home and your love life.

  54. Hi Jessica – I have a few placements – moon 23 gemini, mercury 23 leo, venus 23 cancer and proserpina 23 gemini. What may I expect? Perhaps juno 22 libra has more significance..? Thank you so much!

    1. Yes, Juno at 22 Libra in your Seventh House is the major story here. Juno is a symbol of commitment and she describes who or what you ‘wed’ yourself to. In the Seventh House this is about a former, current or potential partner. You can also get into bed with an enemy, rival or opponent of course. This is a key placement as so many other areas of your life are affected. Uranus is hovering around an opposition to Juno and you have Jupiter approaching her next year so this is a real bridge to cross that takes you to a better place – perhaps even a major commitment, as you only get one Jupiter-Juno conjunction like this every 12 years and in mythology, they were man and wife. This is a classic split-or-commit cycle but it all works.

  55. Hi Jessica,
    I have Sun in 21cancer, panacea in 21virgo, hygeia in 21 Sagittarius, Minerva in 22Gemini, Desc in 24cancer and Asc in 24 Capricorn. How will I be affected.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. The most important part of that is Hygiea at 21 Sagittarius, because Uranus is trine at 21 Aries, on and off, in 2016 – and you also have Saturn moving to 21 Sagittarius as this year ends and 2017 begins. Sagittarius rules the Ninth House of your horoscope and your travel, publishing, worldwide web, foreign/regional or educational agenda. Often one or two items on that list will cross over. Hygiea is your ability to protect yourself against future unwanted outcomes – it’s preventative measures and insurance, in a way. You will not be directly affected by the Full Moon but you certainly need to look at those areas I have mentioned above and be a realist – a total realist – about where things stand around you.

  56. Dear Jessica,

    I have been in a relationship roller coaster ride for a long time. Somehow I feel more calm, relaxed and accepting now. My chart shows Neptune in 24 degrees Sagittarius, Pluto in 23 degree Libra and apollo in 20 degrees Gemini.How will this play out for me.


    1. Yes, you would have been on a rollercoaster with Pluto at 23 Libra in your Seventh House, which describes your former, current and potential partners. Uranus has been dancing around 23 Aries in 2016 and will return there next year. You may want to make major decisions or take dramatic action about the relationship away from the Full Moon, if only because it is such a stretch. In astrology the Sun represents men and fathers and the Moon represents women and mothers. These two are in opposite signs, facing off, across your First and Seventh Houses. There is a tremendous question here about ‘we’ versus ‘me’ and yet you may prefer to roll up your sleeves another time. This weekend period through to Monday, perhaps, will be a good time for soul-searching and taking mental notes. The conclusions you reach will help you reshape things later and you may still be reshaping them with this person as late as March-April 2017. For more on what is unfolding please read about Pluto in your ebooks.

  57. Hi Jessica – you really are writing a lot of great articles that hit directly on my chart at the moment! I picked the right moment to become a premium member, clearly. This full moon falls on my birthday this year, and my natal sun is 23 Libra, so I’m guessing I ought to be looking out for a birthday full of relationship balancing of some kind.

    Still being very new to astrology, I’m still unsure of how anything else might be affected. I also have Ceres at 22 Cancer and Uranus at 23 Scorpio – should I just duck and cover this birthday?

    Thanks again for a great site.

    1. Thank you, I am glad you are enjoying the astrology and your Premium Membership. I will pass that compliment onto my webmasters. No need to duck and cover, but yes, your chart will be triggered by Uranus hovering around 22, 23 Aries (now through 2017) and of course, Sunday’s Full Moon in the signs of Aries and Libra. You are well-known for balancing the scales in one-on-one partnerships and relationships of all kinds and understand that two people need tremendous delicacy, sensitivity and thought if there is to be equality and harmony. Equally, you are well-known for taking strong action if the scales of justice or equality are ever unbalanced – Libra is a sign which will declare war in order to find that balance. This becomes complicated for you when you make decisions about the house, apartment or family (Ceres in Cancer) as well, because a tremendous amount of work is required to compromise and strike deals over who/what has the upper hand, and the controls. Inevitably this involves questions about money (Uranus in Scorpio) and your own tendency to strongly reject – and distance yourself from – whatever you create in your life. You produce it, you invent it, you create it – but these sexually intimate agreements over money or property end up being what you end up moving away from. You are consistently inconsistent in this regard, according to Uranus in your chart. The Full Moon will draw your attention to what you cannot resolve about this in terms of your former, current or potential partner. You may prefer to skip this weekend for major decisions or actions as there are easier times to work the issue. Of course there may be someone against you. Libra rules contests, feuds and competition, as well as partnerships. By 2017 you will have figured out a way to ‘square’ the situation. A tried and tested way of taking the heat off, should it arise, is to bring in new people and add them to the mix. The Beatles had many patterns similar to yours at the moment, and although their inner conflicts and creative differences made them great, it was only when they began drawing in people like session musicians, road crew, press officers, producers, managers and making them part of the band (the Fifth Beatle was Sir George Martin) that they began to make beautiful music. This is a good analogy for you as well. Make your own White Album. The other person will be part of the mix.

  58. Hi Jessica…I was paranoid about this full moon…as it turns out I don’t really have any horoscope factors in 22-23 except Neptune in Scorpio at 23 degrees. I also have Saturn in Aries at 24 degrees but I am not sure if that is close enough to count. Am I safe to assume that this full moon won’t affect me too much? Kind regards!

    1. No need to be paranoid about the Full Moon. It just means the people or organisations around you are conflicted and there are polar opposites in a situation. This Full Moon will touch your life at a distance, with your money, house, business, possessions or apartment. It will touch your life more directly regarding matters of name, title, image, appearance, profile or reputation as the Full Moon and Uranus both in Aries are conjunct your Saturn in Aries too. Now through 2017, there is much to decide about how you are seen and how you appear. Time to ask around and think deeply about that.

  59. Hi,

    Great article.

    I have Mars at 22 degrees Taurus and then Proserpina at 22 degrees Aquarius so is this full moon significant to me?


    1. Thank you. You will notice the changes most with your money, house, land, apartment or business, as Ceres has also been crossing Taurus. You are also about to enter the Scorpio season, as from now through November, the Sun will also oppose your Mars at 22 Taurus from 22 Scorpio. Other people, large organisations and even whole nations are about to turn upside-down Friday through Monday. That is what a Sun-Uranus opposition does and it falls almost exactly on the Full Moon line. You will be affected at a distance. Indirectly. Please take your time and seek expertise and experience when making choices about what you earn, own or owe from this point. Watch what is happening on the world economy even if you don’t normally read the financial pages. Watch world currency in particular – if only for something as basic as your holiday plans. To understand what is going on more deeply you can hit Search and look up Scorpio and any financial predictions about 2016. One just came true, to the day, as you can see in the British economy.

  60. Dear Jessica!
    Thanks for this excellent post. I would like to prepare myself for the full Moon period. I work with very demanding and ambitious people, and it is very difficult to balance the scales with all of them. It is likely, some of them could easily come against my personality and reputation. I have few factors 22 and 23. Can you give me some more precise insight, based on aspects in my chart?

    1. In general avoid Friday-Monday for showdowns, dramatic decisions or sweeping judgements. A Full Moon is always hard work anyway and this one is particularly heavy on your feelings and the emotions of the people around you. It has nothing to do with work, but it does raise questions about reputation, title, branding, name, personal appearance and so on. You have a choice to make. Do you want to break away and be your own person and do your own thing? Are you comfortable enough in your own skin to present yourself, just as you are, and deal with people reading you at face value? If you are going to do that then you need to make sure your label or packaging is something that is relatively easy for you to live with, until 2017. It is incredibly easy to become a face or talking head online these days and have that do all the work for you, but the reality is, you need to make sure that the rest of you is happy as well. There is a great deal more to you than your talking head or profile photograph, of course, and it may be time to look more deeply at what lies beneath and serve that as well. Do be aware that with Uranus in Aries at the moment people everywhere (not just you) are being judged in a superficial way, almost like cartoon characters, and in a flash, everyone has a reaction or opinion. Be aware of that.

  61. Hello Jessica – I’m re-posting this for a third time as my first two got stuck in moderation and its not even a Mercury Retrograde!

    Looks like the full moon weekend is shaping up to be quite a weekend. It’s making me feel a bit nervous! I hope I get an answer before it arrives…..

    I have Diana at 22 Aries and I also have the Moon in Aries. In addition to this I also have the following aspects at 22 and 23.

    Saturn 22 Aquarius
    IC 22 Pisces
    MC 22 Virgo
    Minerva 23 Pisces
    Panacea 23 Scorpio

    I’m struggling to make sense of it all. How does it look to you? How will I be affected?
    best wishes

    1. I always answer every question or comment eventually, it’s just a matter of time – thank you for waiting. Please do not be nervous about the Full Moon. It just brings things to a head and it will be both a relief and a release for all of us, including you (quite powerfully) when it has passed. Basically, other people’s decisions about their marriages, professional partnerships, conflicts and battles will affect your life at a distance. You will see it with your friends, groups, work, money and/or property. Uranus is moving across 22-23 Aries now through 2017 and as a result the tension has been building for some time. You may prefer not to make sweeping decisions or take dramatic action Friday-Monday when you see the Full Moon above the rooftops, just because it will stretch you. There are easier times to make up your mind. In general, it is never wrong when people make a break for freedom, break with the past, pursue independence and shake off the organisations or situations which confine them. Nobody likes feeling stuck in an old system. That is the current mood and you will see it this weekend, right around the world, but also in your own world. I suspect it is your friendships and the groups you are involved with, which will register most with you. Uranus will sextile Saturn and the Full Moon will also ‘hug’ this part of your chart. Find out more about Saturn in your ebooks and look closely at Aquarius and the Eleventh House as this is where you have work to do.

  62. Hi Jessica, so I have 10 factors in my horoscope at 22 and 23 degrees. 13 factors if we include 21 and 24 (especially my Venus ²⁴ Aries which is getting a mighty hit by Uranus). I honestly dont even know where to start to give you a snapshot of my life right now as there is/has been so many big life changes happening. So I’ll try to dot point the main things
    – moving into a new home by myself (with the key goal being independence)
    – a friend became more than a friend back in June.(wants more than I can give right now)
    – an ex has come back in the picture (very complicated but still has a hold on me)
    – secrets/lies/power struggles/jealousy
    – a pregnancy/hospitalisation/ health issues
    – best friend diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer ( travel to Brazil from AU in Jan)
    – unemployment/ starting over in career
    – not being able to manage my time well, struggling with others expectations: me holding a big ‘go away’ sign to the world right now

    I really could go on.. I guess I feel torn in so many ways. Id really appreciate if you’re able to have a quick look at my chart and maybe give me insight into anything that stands out of the many factors I’m being hit with by Uranus and this upcoming full moon.
    Thankyou so so much!

    1. It is very unusual to have almost one-third of your horoscope at 22-23 degrees and 2016 and 2017 change your life for many years to come. The key is Uranus at 22-23 Aries as you know and it sounds as if your world is turning upside-down as a result. Moving into a new home to live independently is typical. So is a lover who wants more than you can give (independence again). Starting over in your career is also a typical manifestation of Uranus at work in your chart. The other issues you are experiencing are not related to the Uranus transit, but there is enough to deal with, just given what you are telling me about the role that new freedom – and the desire for space – is playing. If you download 2020 Astrology you can read more about Uranus, the planet which is now altering your destiny. Transits always involve the future rushing into the present and it can be extremely confronting for people who are stuck in the past. The best example I can give you is 1781 when Uranus was discovered. That year a slave named Elizabeth Freeman (note her name) took her white master to court using the new Declaration of Independence principles to argue her case for liberation. She won. She was not only freed, her master had to pay court costs. This was a shocking revolution at the time, yet for people who were switched on and able to see the future – it felt natural, right and real. What Elizabeth Freeman did was 200 years ahead of her time and we would not have Michelle Obama in the White House today if Elizabeth had not rebelled and joined the revolution, when she did. The best way to cope with a Uranus transit like this, which will go back and forth next year too, is to ground yourself. Literally earth yourself as if you were experimenting with electricity and go for as many walks as you can. Meditate and ground yourself through your base chakra. This will balance the nervous tension (the classic wired feeling) that you experience on this cycle. Breathing exercises also help as we often forget to breathe normally on this cycle or we overbreathe. The rewards you gain from surfing the waves of change are wonderful. Space. Freedom. Independence. Liberty. The price you pay will be extending tolerance to those around you as everyone needs plenty of room to move now through 2017.

  63. Hiya Jessica,
    Another thought provoking article. You mentioned in the Aquarius monthly horoscope that this month could be important for possibly rediscovering different regions of the places where we live, or even further afield and the importance of languae, education etc
    In my case that happens to be Highland Scotland and a job has come up at the Gaelc College on Skye where I used to work and I’m thinking about applying and maybe going back to work there.
    It’s only a housekeeping position, but the opportunities for Gaelic language immersion and extra (free!) courses in the language make it a tempting proposition , as the language and culture are close to my heart.
    I have 4 factors at 22 and 23 degrees and some at 21 and 24..
    Would this be a propitious time to go back to work there, or would it be better to await a more fortuitous time, or maybe even even consider a complete change of direction?.
    Many,.many thanks!
    Ossian. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Ossian. Yes, as an Aquarian you would be very tempted by Highland Scotland at the moment and particularly the language. You were born with Jupiter in Cancer in the Fourth House so will always be very successful with property, family, home town culture, heritage and history – all the Cancerian things. Even when times are tough you will always be protected and when times are good, they will be very good indeed. You are moving into the stunning Jupiter trine to your natal Jupiter one this planet changes signs in the final quarter of next year, so well into 2018 you will see a pay-off with one particular house or apartment. Perhaps it is connected to this. In any case, once the Full Moon has passed this weekend, you will be clearer about your feelings. Poetry and music are very big in your chart and perhaps that will persuade you. Just look at the transport.

      1. Very decent of you to take the time to answer Jessica and you’ve csrtainly given me much food for thought to mull over.
        I only live about 20 miles from the college and the jobs come up 2 or 3 times a year ( closing date is on Friday), so I think I’ll put it off until after the fullmoon has passed and look into going back next Spring. … You were spot on about music being big in my chart…. I’m a music obsessive!!
        Actually toying with the idea of buying a Double Bass to play some Rockabilly/Swing / old skool Rhythm’n’Blues on.
        Thanks again! 🙂

        1. It’s a pleasure. So you’re a music obsessive? The horoscope was right. Enjoy the Double Bass. You will also really enjoy that trine from Jupiter in Scorpio to your Jupiter in Cancer, when it happens. a long-forgotten branch on your family tree will play his or her part in your destiny then.

          1. Ahhhh…the plot thickens and the intrigue builds!
            I shall certainly look forward to all of that…. thanks a million for the heads up!
            Your kindness and altruism are warmly appreciated. 🙂

  64. Hi Jessica,

    I’ve really been enjoying the articles put up recently, especially the one on Jupiter in Libra as there’s been quite a bit of activity going on involving my partnerships. I have my sun in 23 degrees Leo. How do you think Uranus/ the Full moon will affect me?

    1. This is a big one for you as next year the True North Node (karma) moves into Leo and we also have a dramatic eclipse in Leo in August. This all takes place in your Fifth House, which rules courtship, babies, children and Millennials. You do have major choices to make from May 2017 and if you continue with the same person, you will finally complete this past life loop of debts and credits, by the end of 2018. This weekend in particular is a bit of a stretch for you or others so you may want to keep life pretty simple. You will not be directly affected, but some of the wheels which turn now will definitely add to the journey from May next year when you begin to see why one situation is basically a repeat of a very old issue. I expect it involves past decisions to have children, or not.

  65. Greetings Jessica,

    My ASC is Libra 22 and my DES is Aries 22. What in the world can I expect from this Super Moon AND Sun Uranus oppositon?!? The last month has been filled to the brim with major and often unexpected changes and it seems like there’s more to follow! How might this affect me? Thank you ever so kindly.

    1. It’s an ongoing process. Now through 2017 you are being shown why you need to break free of old systems and set-ups and break new ground. The experience of being treated rather disdainfully, rudely or poorly by others is a fantastic motivator, as you have already seen. You are now in a phase of your life when Uranus is right on the angles of your chart, bringing in issues about your image and identity, as well as the chemistry you have with others – and perhaps the chemical explosions, occasionally. The whole point of 2016, 2017 is not to brood over those who are pushing you away but to use it as an excuse to be at your most innovative, inventive and fearless and design your life in a new way. I am sure it all feels like a great, big experiment but in actual fact these other people or organisations are lumbering dinosaurs who are stuck in the 20th century and you truly need to break away from them. It may not be until 2018 that you realise just how trapped and confined you were, before. Sometimes we are kept very small by others and have no idea how limited we are. You are far better off being your own person and doing your own thing.

  66. Thank you Louise. Yes, you are really experiencing 2016-2017 as Year of the 23 Degree. You will know more about this man from May 2017 when he experiences one of the most important cycles in his life, regarding his former, current or potential partner. If you are involved by then, clearly you are part of the story and as it is karmic in nature there are some past life debts and credits which will turn up from May. The cycle ends in November 2018 and the karma is complete. Of course it may be that he needs to return to his former lover to sort out unresolved issues – and she is the karma he needs to resolve. Returning to the Full Moon – when you break new ground and do things differently – independently – you have to try and read hearts and minds and understand how unconventional that can seem to people who are more traditional or conservative. What you are pursuing now is very exciting but you need support. Try to sell this as best as possible to people who might not get it. You may also want to pursue this well away from that Full Moon as there are much easier times to experiment. Yet – the excitement is worth it. Anything or anybody new is always worth it.

  67. Hi Jessica,
    As always, an excellent and informative article on the Full Moon this coming Saturday/Sunday on October 15/16.
    On my natal chart, I have the South Node at 6 degrees 36 min in Libra
    The North Node is 6 degrees 36 min of Aires
    I also have Mercury in Taurus at 22 degrees and the Sun at 24 degrees both in Taurus.

    How do you see my movie running for this coming weekend? I sure cannot handle any more fireworks in my life.

    Thank you – I shall eagerly await your input.



    1. Thank you very much, MMS. Mercury at 22 Taurus in your Second House of money, property, business and charity is trine Mars at 22 Virgo in your Sixth House of work – and the body. Your ‘voice’ is best expressed over matters which are financial, economic in nature or concerned with retail, philanthropy, houses, land, apartments and so on. It works very well with your tremendous drive to serve others and fulfil your work ethic. Between now and the next Full Moon at 22 Taurus on 14th November, you have important choices to make about this story in your life (and in your horoscope). You may prefer to make them away from the weekend as a whole, just because you will have enough to think about without adding anything new. In general 2016 and 2017 are about radical change coming from other people; other organisations; other places – which profoundly affects how you handle financial questions and your daily workload. Their revolutions touch you too.

  68. Hi Jess,

    I would really appreciate your thoughts on my chart given what looks like a huge astroscape for change!

    Thanks for your insights!

    1. Thank you. Ceres at 23 Taurus in your personal birth chart is the focus, so we are looking at a compromise over the money, land, house, apartment, business, possessions or charity. This won’t affect you directly but you will certainly need to strike a deal with other people, or the universe, from this point forward, with all eyes on the Full Moon at 22 Taurus on the 14th November. If you look up Ceres in your ebooks you will see that she describes that part of you which is rather powerful, very productive and has an important role to play.I don’t know if your working life involves finance, retail, charity or economics (for example) or if this is a theme in your personal life. In any case, Ceres always has to share her power. I suspect this weekend is about the slow evolution of a new arrangement which will come to pass, once you cross a bridge in mid-November.

      1. Thanks Jessica! As always, a perspective I could never guess when I looked at my chart – I was completely stuck on my Venus and worrying about that being triggered!! Other fish to fry which is spot on with some job negotiations.
        You really have a way with words! Loved the article and thanks again.

  69. Hi Jessica, I have Libra factors at Venus 20 and Mercury 25. Is this close enough to feel the effects of the full moon? I have been waiting to hear about a job and am hoping this will be the catalyst. It has been a very long process and I can feel that everything is about to change, however I am just unsure how/what. It is an odd feeling as nothing feels the same anymore yet everything is still the same….. Thank you very much!

    1. Not so much. Libra rules your relationships with your former, current and potential partners, not career. For future reference you need to look at Virgo and Capricorn factors in your horoscope to see what is happening with your job. You were born with a stellium in Virgo. The long process is down to Mercury Retrograde in Virgo which has kept you stuck or slowed down, August 10th through October 7th this year. Depending on how much hard work you did, before August 10th, you will now see lasting rewards, either from this new position or another aspect of your career. If you really pushed it in 2015 then delayed gains seems the likely outcome as Psyche now moves through Virgo for you.

  70. Hi Jessica,
    I was born 2/10/82 at 10:35 pm, my husband on 7/12/81 at 3am. My chart is going to be “lit up” as you say, by this full moon as you can see on my chart from you. I have saturn at 22 libra, AC at 24 (should I include this?), my s.node at 22 capricorn, with venus conj bacchus at 23 capricorn also, as well as my sun at 22 aquarius and minerva at 22 pisces. My husbands chart (from has his chart being hit as well. His factors are Diana 23 cancer, ceres conj ops 23 leo, juno 23 libra, and neptune at 22 sagittarius. Please help me understand what I should be ready for, as I am slightly nervous about it all. I would love to know how to interpret the aspects/triggers being hit in both of our charts. Can you provide any insight?

    1. Don’t be nervous. Yes, your marriage will be affect by both the Full Moon and the Sun-Uranus opposition, as your husband has Juno (commitment) at 23 Libra in the Seventh House of partnership and you have Saturn (learning experiences) at 22 Libra, also in your Seventh House of partnership. There is no bolt from the blue here, as back in June, Uranus passed over 23 Aries, so both of you have already been dealing with issues like freedom and independence. This is particularly true for your husband who has Diana (the free spirit) at 23 Cancer in the Fourth House of home and family. Now, the pattern returns, and the Full Moon will trigger it within days. What you are looking at here is the basic human need we all have to do our own thing, break away from tradition, be true to ourselves (not what is conventional, conservative or mainstream) and generally excite ourselves and others. The issue is – can the pursuit of liberty happen without crossing all kinds of lines? Without going too far? Just knowing the issues helps you make smart decisions about them. Him too. There has to be a constructive, creative and thoughtful way to honour the need for radical change, innovation and the rest – without seriously upsetting what is good. Alternatives are great and both 2016 and 2017 are about alternatives in the world of love, sex, commitment and partnership. It might take a lot of effort to fit those alternatives into the wider pattern in a useful way, but it’s worth it. Try to steer clear of situations which are too restrictive, limiting, buttoned-up, rigid and rule-driven as these only trigger the madness in ourselves – they bring out the teenage boy or girl in us. There has to be a way to do your own thing and go your own way in this life without it creating issues. In fact, this process has already begun, so it is nothing new to either you or he, and it will continue next year. You may want to avoid the actual Full Moon for decision or discussion, though, as you may not want to be stretched that far.

  71. Hi Jessica,

    Love this article and I’m fascinated by the effect the full moon always has on emotions. As an Aries I guess I’ll be affected by this one more than most but I also have some 22/23/24 degrees Taurus and Scorpio. I’ve recently met someone I think a great deal of but we live very far apart, I am considerung moving closer to him but it’s a complete change of lifestyle and job for me if I do this. I know there’s easier times for decisions but is this pointing me to make one? Thanks Jessica

    1. Thank you. Falling in love with someone and quitting your job and home to be near him, is a classic example of a Taurus-Scorpio pattern being triggered by this Full Moon. You may well do it, but you might want to wait until the Sun has finished its transit through Scorpio in the third week of November so that you can honestly say you know everything you need to know. There are numbers which will come onto your radar in that period which you need to be sharply aware of, before you make the big plunge. Needless to say, the numbers on his side of the fence are part of the equation!

  72. Hi Jessica,
    I have one planet at 23, but have a few at 21 and 24… I’m not sure if we can allow for 1 degree of difference!
    Can you please tell me your thoughts?!
    Thank you so much!!!

    1. Psyche at 23 Gemini is transited by the Full Moon at 23 Aries and Uranus close by at 22 Aries. This is about your worldwide web, publishing, multimedia, education or language concerns, and a particular idea or project which will live forever. Other people around you are ready to make the most tremendous changes in their own lives, pursuing independence and breaking their chains. This will have quite an impact on your concept or the technology, and in fact this is a constant recurring theme in 2016 and 2017 too. Keep everything very flexible and be prepared to move in a flash.

  73. Dear Jessica hi!
    Couldn’t help but wonder will the October full moon affect me?

    thank you
    marina k

    1. You have Diana at 23 Pisces in your Twelfth House, which rules your unconscious mind, etheric body, secrets and roles behind the scenes. In an indirect way, other people’s decision to say ‘NO!’ and rebel will have an impact on this area of your life, Friday through Monday.

  74. Hi Jessica, between politics & this full moon, I may just explode. I’m feeling like my relationship with my husband has gone back to a place I thought we passed, this Presidential election has made me so angry, shocked & embarresed that now has me feeling sad & sick. Everytime I see the children of Syria I want to rescue them. It’s been total emotional overload & frustration. Anything you can advise with this full moon is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

    1. You are really feeling the full impact of the Full Moon in personal way and it may help to explain what is going on. The Moon describes women, their hormones, their menstrual cycle, the menopause and their emotions and moods, as defined by monthly ups and downs. The Moon is slowly moving towards an opposition with the Sun, who describes men. In addition to this, we have a Uranus-Sun opposition which is just one degree away, so there is a revolution brewing and you are feeling it. You are not alone and there is a major planetary detox happening around men and women at the moment. Good things will follow. Jupiter commonly brings all the pollution in the soil to the surface so it can be dealt with, before new growth begins. This is exactly why we are seeing such negative extremes taking place in the United States. One thing that may interest you is the fact that men are now ‘coming out’ for women in droves. Why? They do not want to be associated with the ‘manhood’ that is currently on display. They want to be Robert de Niro, not the other kind of guy! It will take time, but hang in there, because a revolution in masculinity is never easy, but it is coming. Syria will resolve at Christmas. In the meantime donate to MSF whose doctors and nurses work in those hospitals.

  75. Hi Jessica
    I have Jupiter 23 Virgo and Hygeia 23 Pisces, Diana 22 Sagittarius .
    Aries Sun at 21 and Aries Venus at 20 ? Don’t know if that counts.
    And i am just working on launching my Yoga on the web. Any thoughts?
    Thank you.

    1. Perfect timing for launching Yoga online. Jupiter at 23 Virgo is about that – you were born to expand through the body, and through service to others, so you are choosing an amazing time to do this, as in 2016 and 2017 Uranus at 23 Aries will quincunx your Jupiter at 23 Virgo in the Sixth House, which is associated with your physical condition, your physical state and your daily workload. You are going to be teaching and helping people who want to break free and reinvent themselves and you will excite people who are looking to crack open their own shells and re-hatch. I hear the name ‘Simon’ for you clairvoyantly.

  76. Hello Jessica – another great article!

    Am wondering how this Hunter’s moon will impact on my chart, with Sun in Aries 22, Venus in Aries 21, Diana in Sagittarius 22, Hygia in Pisces 23, Moon in Virgo 23, Prosperina in Scorpio 24 & Jupiter in Virgo 23.

    I feel that there is significant change afoot & I’m hoping it’s positive.

    Thank you! xx

    1. Thank you! That is a big pattern around 22-23 degrees and in fact, Uranus (the revolution) has already been circling that hotspot this year, notably in June. The cycle fades in and out but by 2017 you will have been given a rare chance to radically change your title, brand, appearance, profile as Uranus conjuncts your Sun-Venus conjunction. It will involve foreign or regional differences, and distant locations or unfamiliar cultures, as Diana in Sagittarius in the Ninth House is brought in. You can also see the work connection as you have a Moon-Jupiter conjunction at 23 in Virgo in the Sixth House of service and duty. What you experience, now through next week, will show you just how much can change in a matter of days, and the savvy thing to do is surf the waves of change. Forget the old boxes people used to put you in; when Uranus moves through your First House of image and conjuncts your Sun (the spotlight) and Venus (the associations and relationships you have with others, which define your image) you’re looking at a sweeping change. You may want to look at Diana in Sagittarius in the Ninth House as a lifetime theme, actually. She is being well and truly woken up by this Full Moon.

  77. Dear Jessica… your articles are a great read… how do you think this full moon affect me..

    I also currently work with a children’s charity and our financial resources are not so good at the moment .. so we are all concerned for our future to keep going.. however I am positive that we will get through this and be sustainable…

    I look forward to your response.. thanks so much.

    1. I am sorry your children’s charity is having a hard time with fundraising. It will honestly be better once the New Moon in Scorpio (charity) has passed just before Halloween as people will know where they stand, with their savings and salaries. You are over the worst, actually, and what you are experiencing is a kind of hangover from 2012-2015 which took ages to resolve itself in 2016. This issue did not happen overnight. You can make some good, strong decisions about work with all the information you need, from late October through late November and it is important that you know that the very worst is over. In fact, from the final quarter of 2017 you are on a roll and by 2018 will be thrilled by the project or position. Without seeing the chart for the charity itself it is hard to say if this is within this organisation or another, but you paid your dues during the tough times and your experience in the charity world will pay off, literally, from this point forward.

  78. Hi, it would appear I have Juno in Aries at 23. Wondering how this full moon may affect me.

    1. Juno describes who and what you wed yourself to, or commit yourself to. In Aries in the First House you find yourself having to ‘marry’ your own image, profile, look or brand. You know very well that what other people see, hear or read about you is just the packaging yet you have to take it seriously enough to also take it on board – fully. What is happening in 2016 and 2017 is Uranus moving across, or conjunct, your Juno. A long, slow revolution will set you free to really use your persona, profile or name/role in quite an exciting new way. In fact, you are about to discover what your shop window can do for you, rather like a good display in Barney’s in New York at Christmas! Bear in mind that the Full Moon weekend (through to Monday) is hard work, though, so you may prefer to make your big judgement calls another time.

    1. What you are about to see is that full independence, freedom and choice do require a bit of thought, as you can’t just change all the rules overnight without other people asking for more time – or even having issues with what (to them) feels like everything being turned upside-down. Rules are there for a reason (their rules) and what you are being tempted to do in 2016 and 2017 is do your own thing, in your own way, just as you wish. There are some practicalities and sensitive feelings here which must be respected and even though so many people would be able to see the value of what you are doing, it does take others rather longer to catch up and ‘get it.’ Ultimately you have to make a choice. If there are lumbering dinosaurs who simply will not evolve and meet your progress halfway you may have to let them go the way of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Brontosaurus. You’re in a different jungle these days and you have to be true to the new world.

  79. Wow. Thank you so much for your insight. I’ve been struggling with a decision the past few days–whether to buy a new home or not in the midst of some major career fogginess. The two are closely tied, and the power piece, I think, has to do with my trying to balance the financial scales with my husband. I hear you say that freedom is the key, but I’m not sure if freedom for me is moving (more space) or staying (more financial freedom). I really don’t have clarity, and I’m wondering what my chart is pointing to. Act or wait? I have one factor at 22 degrees and several more at either 21 or 24. Thanks!

    1. Thank you. The Full Moon and the Sun-Uranus opposition are days away now so I suspect the decision will be made for you. Just observe what you see, Friday through Monday and perhaps watch things unfolding next week too. Sometimes life just has to inform us about what we (frankly) did not know before, and you may be missing key pieces of the jigsaw that will help you make the right choice about the home. Unless someone is really prodding you with a very sharp stick and you have no alternative but to move on a choice immediately, you may as well wait and see what goes down, once this Full Moon is over because there is an awful lot of change about to take place out there and it will affect the property market, the economy and so on.

  80. Hi Jessica,

    I understand that this full moon is about 8th house matters for the sign of Scorpio but I am unsure of how it will affect me with asteroid Cupido. Cupido is about desire, so will I make a decision about what I desire or value monetarily?

    I have the following natal factors:

    Cupido 23 Scorpio
    Ops 21 Aries

    Thank you for your help!!

    1. Thank you. Cupido at 23 Scorpio in your Eighth House is very much about desire, money, lust, houses, sex, apartments, longing and possessions. They are all connected. Uranus in Aries at 22, 23 degrees in 2016 and 2017 is making what is known as a quincunx to your natal Cupido, so you are going to need to change your old angles and attitudes. Further afield when Jupiter moves to 23 Scorpio you will have a rare opportunity to mix finance and passion. All this is far in the future but Jupiter will begin this Scorpio cycle from late 2017 through late 2018 so it’s within reach.

  81. Hi Jessica, your articles are so interesting! I have four heavenly bodies at 22 & 23 degrees, two of which are in Libra and one in Aries. Also, to wrap in info from your blog about the Libra-Scorpio dynamic, I have 7 Libra factors + 3 Scorpio factors. I feel like I am being pushed to express my feelings RIGHT NOW to a certain Scorp gent, but you mention that it might not be the most opportune moment. Do you have any advice? Thanks so much for all you do and for sharing your gift.

    1. Thank you very much. You are well and truly experiencing Uranus in Aries at 22, 23 degrees and so you are being encouraged to experiment and innovate now through 2017. The Scorpio man needs to get clear about children. You don’t say if he has them or not. He is in a rather confused and confusing situation about fatherhood, no matter if he chose babies or declined, a few years ago – and that is something for him to get over. For you, the best is yet to come, and I think you’ll find out where things stand with him once you are both past the Full Moon in Taurus which is weeks away now.

  82. Hi Jessica,

    no i promise this isn’t a question, more a sneaky blog request!

    I was thinking that given the upcoming moon will be in Aries, it would be interesting and timely to learn a little more about the Australian tennis player, Nick Krygios.

    He is a Taurus with a moon in Aries and given his world cup worthy emotions, I find myself a little more than curious as to what the year ahead might hold for him. Especially since he seems to strike me as the poster boy for the Aries moon.

    I would really love to hear your take on this!

    Best wishes xx

    1. Wow, tennis. I think this is the first time I have ever been asked about a tennis player. Sure, an Aries Moon is helpful if you want to be a winner. The former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has the Moon in Aries – they do tend to like a hard-hitting contest with a rival or enemy. As a Sun Taurus Nick Krygios has been through a very tough time with his opponents 2012-2015 as he had Saturn (fear) in his solar Seventh House of contests. It will be interesting to see what he does from the final week of October through the third week of November 2016 as it’s a whole new ball game for him. Literally. In fact, from the final quarter of 2017 through 2018 he could find that his opponents are the best thing that ever happened to him!

  83. Hi reposting this one from above…not sure you saw it..
    Love this article…this moon is a big one…i can see reactions all around…

    I have Ceres at 23 Aries, Pysche at 22 Pisces, Apollo at 23 Virgo, cupido at 22 Cap, Neptune at 23 Sag….Seems like a little bit of everything here.
    Wondering if anything sticks out to you?
    I generally welcome change….looking forward it actually..


    1. Thank you for your patience. Yes, you do have quite a big pattern at 22-23 degrees and Ceres at 23 Aries in your First House is the main story here, as Uranus crosses 23 Aries in 2016 and 2017, moving backwards and forwards across this spot. This is about your title, reputation, appearance, presentation and packaging. Your reputation precedes you, with this placement, and the way you look or appear, does a lot of the work for you, in your life. It also happens to be where you must negotiate with other people, large organisations or even the universe itself. Revolutionary changes now affect your standard approach – these are radical shifts – and in fact, you won’t be the same again, as a result. Aries is ruled by Mars in astrology and Mars was the Roman god of war, as I’m sure you know. The Roman centurion was all about his reputation, his name, his title, his armour and so on. In fact, most of the battles were won before he even had to show up because he intimidated the local population just on image alone. What you are experiencing now through 2017, with particular focus at the Full Moon, is like the Roman soldier being told he can change his name, his clothing, his title – everything. It will be liberating.

  84. So glad I subscribed to this site. Has made me think so much about so many things. I had my gallbladder removed in July and it was like a factory reset. I am shedding the kilos and my mojo is back – yeah! I have Vulcano 23 Libra and I also have Bacchus 22 Gemini and Mercury 22 Leo. Are factors at 21 also impacted, because I have Ops and Salacia at 21 Capricorn. I have this feeling that this is the lead up to a huge change of life for me. I have suddenly realised that I have unwittingly intimidated most the suitors I was ever really interested in. They saw/see me as completely career orientated when in fact I would change all that in a heartbeat if the right guy came along. I have some big decisions to make over the next few months. Any insight into this Moon and what it might mean for me would be appreciated. Reposted as I can see you have been swamped.

    1. Thank you for your patience as this Full Moon does seem to have pushed a lot of buttons and soon there will be almost 300 comments here. People are feeling it, and you must be feeling it quite profoundly as you have factors at 21, 22, 23 degrees – and actually, we also have patterns at 21 now too. These are not as sweeping as the 22, 23 patterns but they still spell Change with a capital C for you. Congratulations on losing weight. That must be liberating. Congratulations on also discovering more about yourself and your patterns with men. This Full Moon and the Sun-Uranus opposition is about testing the water to see how radical you can be. The answer is, you can actually make the most tremendous departure. Over the last few months you must have surprised yourself and others by changing the game. Old roles, labels or stereotypes have fallen away. Vulcano at 23 Libra is the most important placement in your chart. Vulcano describes the power you possess when you summon up all your willpower. This is really about a former, current or potential partner. It may also be about rivals, enemies or opponents. If you change yourself, then you change the chemistry with these people. Change always requires adjustment, time, tolerance and space. That is what is going on at the moment, right across the weekend, into the early stages of next week. The scales are being rebalanced with yourself and one other person – perhaps two – perhaps three – and that ‘rocking’ of the scales does tend to take time to settle. Once this transit is over, by 2017, you will be in a completely different position, both with other people, with the world at large and most crucially, with yourself. You are being set free to do what you want, say what you want and be who you are (within certain boundaries) but actually you could step over the line too, and be understood by others who can empathise. You are moving through unusual times and you cannot do the usual thing. It is the kind of cycle when enemies become your natural allies. When partners change their role with you, because you are changing your role with them! It is also the kind of cycle when you can declare war on unfairness in all its forms. Vulcano at 23 Libra can do all that for you, and more, as you will see now through 2017.

  85. Love this, Jessica! But I’m also hiding under the duvet considering I have quite a few planets/asteroids in those degrees. Would you please tell me how this October full moon affects me? I do have Pluto at 22 Libra. I’m also curious about Chiron and the November 14th full moon.

    1. If you have Pluto at 22 Libra then you are already ‘doing’ this cycle and in fact 2016 is all about that – the balance of power with your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps with your opponents or rivals too. The Full Moon will simply bring things to a head as it is D-Day for your own feelings or those of the other person. I will post about the November Full Moon later, but for now, the transit of Uranus across 22 Aries, opposite your Pluto, is a reminder that you need to summon up tremendous willpower in order to be the boss of your own situation with this person – and perhaps with the general principles of partnerships, marriage, dating – or even the rules of battle. By using self-control you can empower yourself and not be so affected by what else is going on out there. No need to hide under your duvet, but you do have quite a lot to process at the moment so perhaps some time alone would be useful. You can either choose to be rocked by other people (or the world) and all those issues out there right now about what is equal, fair, balanced – or you can set the agenda. Uranus typically manifests as people, groups or situations which are erratic and generate a lot of electricity in the air, like a wild storm. The trick now is to return to who you are. You know your power comes from working equality and also from working the principles of fairness, justice, balance with others. To quote a phrase that is doing the rounds at the moment, ‘Stronger together.’ There is also nothing quite as strong as knowing your own mind and your own principles when it comes to your appreciation of what is fair. It’s an epic transit which will have a long lasting impact on the way things are with your former, current or potential partners as well as those with whom you are at odds. It may seem to be all about him or her, but actually it’s about restructuring yourself and that is a very powerful thing. Own yourself!

      1. You have no idea how much this resonates and therefore, helps me. Between the time I asked you the question and now, things did come to a head and yes, this has been a theme for quite a while. I also have Pluto transiting my descendant and squaring my Venus and moon all year, so. Thanks so much for taking the time, Jessica. This clarifies exactly what I was wondering all of last night. Much love.

  86. Hi Jess

    I am just reposting – apologies if you have a lot to get through.

    Thank you for another very interesting article. You have previously given me insight on chart factors but I am not sure how to interpret the impact of this moon and I am feeling quite nervous if I am honest!

    I have North Node at 23 Gemini, South at 23 Sagg, Cupido at 23 Leo. I also have Furtuna at 22 Virgo, Venus at 24 Libra and Minerva at 24 Gemini.

    I am just in the process of interviewing for some part-time freelance work. I am not sure how this full moon might impact that or anything else. I’m hoping it’s a positive. We have a final (I hope) meeting scheduled for tomorrow – Friday 14th.

    Is there anything I should be wary of please?

    Many thanks

    H xx

    1. Thank you for your patience H. What you will notice most is the Full Moon aspecting the North Node at 23 Gemini and South Node at 23 Sagittarius. No need to be nervous. A Full Moon just lays things on the line and it’s really about freedom – which is exactly what you are pursuing as you are looking for freelance work. This basic issue about being independent and doing your own thing, goes all the way back to June, when we also saw patterns at 23 degrees, aspecting your North Node and South Node. This is quite a long pattern, extending into 2017, and it is about understanding what it means to be genuinely independent. Operating independently of the usual systems and set-ups allows you to be far more innovative and inventive in your life, yet it is also true that there is nobody and nothing to follow. What you’re doing is unprecedented, especially in terms of the worldwide web (ruled by Gemini and Sagittarius) which will play a special part in this, or perhaps other freelance work too. The trick with this cycle is to reassure people who are nervous about change, that there are fallback positions for everything. This applies to you, too. Because what you are doing is really quite experimental, given the way you’ve operated to date, you need to reassure yourself that you have lots of fallback positions, alternatives and back-ups waiting. Have you looked at these yet? They are there for you. It might just take a bit of homework and research and it will be very comforting. You are in the kind of cycle when Uranus (independence) moving past 22, 23, 24 Aries will radically change your life with work (Fortuna in Virgo) and on the internet (North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius) and particularly in terms of your way with words, ideas and images (Minerva in Gemini). By this time next year you will see why it was the right path to take, even though you have never taken it before, and perhaps others have not taken it either. One way or another, you are getting yourself to the point where you can DIY and you don’t have that total dependence on others that you did before. That’s liberating. This is very much about hours, daily routine, lifestyle, your body and the rest (Fortuna in Virgo) and having more space there, is worth the unknowns or uncertainties that come with being part-time freelance. Just remember to find out what your Plan A, B, C and even D might be with this position and be ready to answer your own and others’ questions about that.

      1. Thank you Jessica. You are right about the fallback positions – speaking for myself. I need to firm those up. And I shall be wary of the need to reassure them today that there is flexibility in this arrangement. I certainly need that!

        Independence is key for me so this is reassuring!

        Many thanks

        H xx

  87. Hi Jessica
    Wonderful post!
    With triggers in my chart which also shows Minerva 23 degrees Libra, is this at all about major decisions again involving financials, which never seem to get sorted? Your insight is really appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Actually your Minerva at 23 Libra is about your wisdom regarding partnerships and your inherent intelligence about balancing the scales with other people, no matter if they are your former, current or potential partners. You would also be rather good at conflict, competition and contests. If you had any political ambition at all, we would pair you up with a running mate and send you into do battle with your opposing political party – and you would quietly, thoughtfully win the day. Right now you have Uranus slowly moving to oppose Minerva (this will be more obvious in 2017, though you had a taste of this in June 2016) and the Full Moon will fall exactly opposite this placement in your chart. This is not so much about money. It is about the other person – the other side – and your other half. Past, present or potential. You have some deep thinking to do and you can expect the most tremendous changes, now through 2017 as the magic word ‘freedom’ will matter so much to you, him or her!

  88. Hi Jessica, thank you for another fascinating article! I don’t have 22 or 23 anywhere in my chart, but I was wondering if the full moon would have any impact on my relationship with mr Pisces? We’re going through a bit of a rocky patch just now I wondered if this weekend will see any change? Thank you Jessica!

    1. Mr Pisces is actually trying to sort out questions about his money, apartment or house – and that is his biggest priority. What might appear to be a relationship issue is probably a deeper question about who owns what, who earns what, how to share/divide and so on. You may want to give him more time and space this weekend, through to next Monday.

  89. Hi Jessica,
    Here are all the factors I could find near the 22 or 23 degrees. How will the full moon affect me? Thank you in advance.


    Venus 27° Pisces 06′ 48″
    Jupiter 25° Cancer 39′ 14″ R
    Saturn 28° Pisces 46′ 45″
    Uranus 23° Virgo 14′ 02″ R
    Neptune 24° Scorpio 21′ 04″
    Pluto 19° Virgo 46′ 53″ R
    Chiron 24° Pisces 18′ 23″
    Vesta 24° Scorpio 23′ 27″
    Ceres 23° Gemini 35′ 44″
    MC 24° Gemini 42′ 33″
    IC 24° Sagittarius 42′ 33″
    ASC 25° Virgo 00′ 32″
    DESC 25° Pisces 00′ 32″
    Diana 29° Aquarius 06′ 19″
    Aesculapia 20° Aquarius 20′ 36″

    1. Thank you. Uranus at 23 Virgo square Ceres at 23 Gemini is what you will notice most in 2016 and 2017, with particular focus this weekend. You are experiencing Uranus at 22, then eventually 23 Aries – triggering questions about the worldwide web, work, your lifestyle, your body and your daily routine. Radical changes will set you free. Try to make them before you have to make them! See how others are experimenting and ask yourself if you could also get rid of old, tired, dated set-ups and systems which actually – you no longer need. This is specifically about how you use the internet, how you approach work, unpaid work or university – and very much about the balance between your body and your job. You’re going to see a major push for independence this year and also next year. This will happen with people around you and on a broader level too. People are sick and tired of being controlled, or told what to do – and they are ready to be quite radical. This affects you too! You would gain from reading more about Uranus in the ebook 2020 Astrology, which you can download here.

  90. Hi Jessica
    This full moon is very close to my sun at 24 Aries. I also have several bodies at 22, 23, 24 degrees as well 21 & 25 degrees:
    22 degrees
    Psyche in Gemini
    23 degrees
    IC in Aquarius
    Panacea in Cancer
    MC in Leo
    24 degrees
    Sun in Aries

    21 degrees
    Jupiter in Leo
    Ceres in Pisces

    25 degrees
    Diana in Cancer
    Hygeia in Capricorn
    Apollo in Gemini
    Ops in Taurus

    Just wondering what to expect. Feeling pretty burnt out!
    Thanks so much for your amazing generosity.

    1. Thank you. Feeling burned out is a classic outcome of a Uranus transit and this planet has been hovering around 21, 22, 23 degrees and will continue to pass over those hotspots in 2017, ultimately forming a T-Square with Diana at 25 Cancer and Hygiea at 25 Capricorn. As feeling burned out is not good, let us focus on the present. Uranus is a symbol of electricity. When Herschel found the planet in 1781, Galvani was discovering what he called ‘animal electricity’ and in the same year, Bode decided to name this planet after the Roman father of sheet and forked lightning – thus, Uranus. In fact, what Galvani discovered became the means to reanimate corpses and it became standard entertainment after 1781 to go and see the body of a criminal brought back to life with ‘animal electricity.’ I mention all this because you need to ground yourself and earth yourself. Feeling wired, hot and bothered, tense, jumpy, is one manifestation of a Uranus transit. The other is feeling burned out, because you have done to yourself what sometimes happens with faulty electrical appliances! Let this Full Moon pass and try not to add too much to what is already going on, because that is quite a lot. Psyche in Gemini is about your mind. Your use of the worldwide web and the telephone. Your words. Your thoughts. Uranus sextile this can be very exciting but it can generate tremendous tension. Uranus is also very close to your IC/MC axis which pins your whole chart down and so this is affecting so many connections you have with other people too. Tame activities like walking, cooking and meditating are great for this cycle. Cleaning the house or apartment is also useful. You are moving through revolutionary changes in your own and other people’s lives which will continue into next year and Uranus tends to zap us – so to counteract the zapping, you need to get back to earth. I suspect one of the greatest areas of change by 2017 will prove to be courtship, babies, teenagers or Millennials in your world. The MC in Leo in the Fifth House and Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House are both under transit from Uranus and next year the Node moves into Leo, followed by an astonishing eclipse in August. If you are wondering when all the dots will join up, the answer is – next year – when you see it was about your role with a younger generation, all along.

  91. Hi Jessica! I have Fortuna at 23 Aries. Back in June I was in the middle of discussions for a new job abroad, then Brexit came along and it all fell into pieces. Nowadays I am again waiting for some developments regarding a new position – will Uranus bring rejection again? It seems Vulcano in Capricorn and Psyche in Virgo will also be triggered. Could you please share your insight on this?

    1. You had a classic Uranus transit, as the conjunction to Fortuna at 23 Aries in the first house of role, title, profile, reputation, image in June spun your Wheel of Fortune around. You experienced the famous rejection dance at the same time. As you are asking about work it is Psyche at 23 Virgo in your Sixth House of jobs which also needs a long look. This cycle is really about breaking with the past and perhaps you need to do that a little more. What happened in June may have been a double whammy. For example, I had a reader who was not only rejected by her boss for a promotion, she then saw a professional rival in her field, take over a contract she had been promised months before. What she did was interesting. She stuck two fingers up at both the boss and the rival, abandoned the usual professional systems and set-ups and did her own thing. In fact, what she did was quite revolutionary within that particular industry and she is now no longer interested in going back to the past. Don’t think so much about rejection, though none of us like it. Try to go with this cycle and identify new, innovative, original, unusual, exciting ways to make headway in your chosen field which might involve a bit of a rebel stance, but owing to your ingenuity (and you reaching people who are ready for change) you find success there. In general we only get knockbacks with Uranus cycles when we are stuck in the past, too unwilling to admit that the world is changing and that we should be dancing with it. This cycle is all about understanding that sometimes fear of change and a little bit of laziness (we are all only human) keep us clinging to people/systems/set-ups/organisations which actually restrict us and keep us small. If you have a look at the paintings of Fortuna you will see she is blindfolded, holds a rudder, and spins the wheel without realising what she is doing. She sends people high and low, up and down. This is a major part of who you are. Space does not allow me to go into this but if you find Fortuna on Google you may well find that one look at a painting and you realise exactly how you are unconsciously spinning your own wheel. Stay on the case with Brexit, please. The global became personal for a reason. You need to dance in the storm and make the new world.

  92. Hi Jessica. My natal Saturn is at 22 Libra 5th, squaring my North/South nodal axis at 22 Cancer/Capricorn 2nd/8th. Any feedback you could give on the possible impact of this would be wonderful.

    I’m especially curious to find out what this means in terms of my long-term career/artistic plans as an musician and scholar, which are intertwined with my plans to emigrate to somewhere new by next year. Currently I’m finishing up a transitional gig as a postdoc in a few months; there’s nothing clear on the horizon yet job-wise but I’m oddly unperturbed by this because my gut is telling me that something good will show up around the corner, at the right time. Also, after years of intensely delusional (and delusionally intense, haha) romantic encounters/relationships, I’ve very recently begun to feel at home with being single – though I have a similar “around the corner” feeling about that too. What would be the best way to work this transit so I actually DO get round that corner?

    Truly inspired by your generosity and impressed by your mad skills! Thank you for sharing your gift.

    1. Thank you. You have a T-Square in your chart (the pattern in the wheel looks like the letter T if you were to draw straight lines between Saturn at 22 Libra, and the North Node/South Node axis at 22 Cancer and Capricorn. I use the Natural House system so I am going to spin your chart and tell you that you have Saturn in the Seventh House, and the Nodes in your Fourth House and Tenth House. Uranus is currently triggering what is known as a Grand Cross in astrology as he moves backwards and forwards across 22 Aries. This is the case until 2017 and the forthcoming Uranus-Sun opposition at 22 Aries-Libra and the Full Moon at 23 Aries-Libra is a major turning point in what will ultimately be one of the most liberating periods of your life. You will notice it mostly in terms of your feelings about your former, current or potential partner. Perhaps about an enemy, rival or opponent if that person matters more. Saturn describes what we do to defend and protect ourselves from who/that which we fear. I am sure that when you had your Saturn Return a few years ago you built a few walls and moats to make yourself feel less vulnerable. Now it is time for the walls to come down, or at least be rebuilt, and that will happen in 2017 when Jupiter cross 22 Libra. Your question about emigrating and academia actually has very little to do with this at all – it is a Sagittarian matter about the Ninth House. John Lennon quoted the astrologer Patric Walker when he said ‘Life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans’ and 2016-2017 will permanently alter how you see relationships, home, family, home town, homeland, ambition and success. You do have a stellium in Sagittarius in the Ninth House so I am not surprised you are yearning to live in another country and pursue academia, yet you also need to know that Saturn will sit on that – so expect slow, stuck, serious situations. You could proceed, of course, but you need to be a total realist about who and what is involved, now through Christmas 2017. Returning to Uranus creating a Grand Cross in your chart, what you will see happening now through next year, is other people craving independence, pursuing entitled freedom, breaking away from what they regard as stuck or stale systems and – above all else – hearing the beat of a different drummer. These people, either as individuals or in large groups, are going to affect your destiny. You are going to see it politically across Europe and you will see it in your own personal and work life. The best thing to do as this wave of change rolls past you is to surf it and go with it. I suspect the person who is at the heart of this partnership or conflict question is a good example of this. I am surprised you are not already asking me questions about him/her actually – perhaps this individual will be a bigger question for you by next week.

      1. Phew! What an amazing reply, thank you Jessica. I haven’t asked about this person because this significant other isn’t on the scene! Yet.

        I’ve never looked at my chart using the Natural House system but it mashes complete sense – the 4th/10th House dynamic has dominated my life this year (career, home, ambition, family, my place in the world in the deepest dual senses of the word).

        That John Lennon/Patric Walker lyric is my absolute favourite – thank you for bringing it up. This may sound odd but I’m honored to be part of this chorus of lucky commenters on this post of yours. Marvelous stuff.

        1. Thank you and what a lovely compliment. How typical of astrology and synchronicity that the John Lennon/Patric Walker quote is your favourite! I am glad the Natural House system makes sense to you. As we have a Uranus-Sun opposition approaching and Uranus typically rules shock, it may be that you are just in line for a classic bolt from the blue. In mythology, Uranus was thrown off his wife Gaia in the middle of sex, by their son, Saturn. Gaia was the world (Uranus was the sky) so it was ‘the world turning upside down’ which characterises this transit. In the same year that they named Uranus, 1781, the Americans beat the British at Yorktown and the song played on defeat was ‘And The World Turned Upside Down.’ More recently in June 2016 when we saw a rare Uranus-Ceres conjunction, quincunx Mars – the British voted to leave Europe against all the polls – and the world turned upside down again. Uranus-Sun oppositions just one degree away from a Full Moon are also rare creatures and I suspect you are in line for a ‘flip’ which will rapidly usher in independence, new challenges, excitement and new possibilities. I always trust Uranus transits. They are never wrong. The Americans were not wrong to break from Britain as history has shown. The extent to which you experience a revolution, will be directly in accord with the extent to which you are either awake – and already accepting or moving towards radical changes – or asleep/stuck (hanging on to what you know). It’s rather like American slave owners, loyal to Britain and the King, in 1781 who did not hear the way the drums of change were beating. Within a year a slave would beat her white master in a milestone court case, the statue of the King would be pulled down in New York and Americans would be embracing the new Declaration of Independence. If you can use this analogy and apply it to your own personal life and world you will see, immediately, why the only thing to do when change is calling, is follow the change.

  93. Nicola Sturgeon just announced the consultation for indyref 2. A businessman created a crypto currency, Scotcoin. He was a big supporter of Indy but not of keeping the £. He’s now running courses to educate people on the new currencies.

    I need to get up on this! As Salt’n Pepa would have said ;-))))

    1. WOW. I am going to find out about Scotcoin immediately. And so do you. Salt’n’Pepa were right. This also belongs in another post which I put up, on Uranus in Taurus, the New Moon in Scorpio and the currency and banking revolution from 2018. Thank you!

  94. Thank you for your amazing articles. Would really appreciate it if you could give me any input about how is this full moon affecting me when I’m having the Sun 23 degreesin Cancer, Ceres 23 degrees in Sagitarius and Salacia 22 in Aquarius. Don’t know for the rest, but for me the last 2 years couldn’t be more difficult and cannot imagine any other obstacles coming my way. After hitting the rock bottom, I’m trying to rebuild my life, but not sure where to start that in terms of moving abroad, changing jobs and of course personal relationships which are in a kind of standstill state for the last two years.
    Thank you again especially for your daily wonderful horoscope

    1. Thank you, I do appreciate it. I am sure you know you are having the famous Saturn Return, as Saturn slowly passes through Sagittarius and returns to the same spot he occupied on the day you were born. He will also conjunct Ceres in Sagittarius and all this is taking place in your Ninth House, which rules emigration, foreign and regional differences, education and academia, publishing and the worldwide web. You may want to read more about Saturn and Ceres here and also in your ebooks. This Full Moon is quite different, in terms of what it picks up in your chart. What you are experiencing is the potential excitement of radical change – perhaps rejecting people, organisations or traditions which are also rejecting you, on some level. You already had a taste of this in June when you heard ‘NO’ from others. At the moment is it very important that you go for what is new, different and brings you to life. If you are hitting standstills and obstacles, that’s Saturn – for sure. Yet, you are also being offered a chance to be a pioneer, an originator and an innovator in your life. Uranus at 22 Aries and the Full Moon at 23 Aries are both bringing you to difficult but necessary decisions and the trick is to find support. With Salacia in Aquarius it is all about your friends but perhaps some kind of group, society or club as well. When others hear the beat of a different drummer too it encourages you to stick to the path. You may prefer to cool it, now through Monday as the Full Moon is not the time to engage in discussion or big decisions. Yet, next week, you should be able to see that now through 2017 is all about doing your own thing, your own way, with those who ‘get it.’ Anyone who doesn’t get it may have to be left behind – but the truth is, these people would also be leaving you behind! And if you are honest about this, you would have to admit that over the last year or two, they already did. All change.

  95. Hi there Jessica, I really love the full moon picture in this article.
    I hope someone is making you plenty of cups of tea while you answer all these questions.
    How will this full moon affect me? I have buzzing, stomach feeling for the last few days, I can only control it by walking, running etc.
    I have a few things at in my chart, Panacea 23 Virgo, mercury 23 Capricorn, Diana 22 scorpio and minerva at 24 Aries.
    Please have a look if you have time.
    Best wishes, R

    1. Thank you R. Too funny. As this Full Moon aspects my Venus, no less than three former boyfriends have all appeared in the last two days, so there are plenty of offers to put the kettle on. Tea does help – ‘Keep Calm and Carry Tea’ should be the motto at the moment. The buzzing feeling is typical of this transit and running and walking are good ways to deal with it. You have such a wide pattern at 22, 23, 24 degrees that even though you will not be directly affected by the changes out there – other people having their moment of revolution – you will certainly find your own life is affected in terms of your body (Virgo), your working day and lifestyle (Virgo), your career (Capricorn), your money, property or business interests (Scorpio) and your image (Aries). Uranus is moving very slowly backwards and forwards across 22, 23, 24 Aries so you are not going to feel this all at once. You already had some impact on you in June – and this transit will still be with you next year. In general, you are dealing with the 2016-2017 period, much as a person living in Paris in 1781, who could feel tension building and wondered when something would give! You may have one person in your world now who is ‘as mad as hell and just not going to take it any more.’ You may have people who have been too stuck or scared to change, but are now at a point where they feel like sticking up two fingers at others – or the system – and saying a loud, firm ‘No!’ which of course will have an impact on you too. Keep on grounding yourself and returning regularly to body pursuits (Panacea in Virgo) which get you earthed again. Go with the changes. It will typically feel as if the world has turned upside down and nobody knows what the new rules are going to be. In Paris in 1781 when they found Uranus, the planet affecting your chart now, the tax records of the King were released for the first time. It was the beginning of the end and within a few years, the French Revolution would throw out the monarchy and aristocracy and create a new France – and nobody knew what the rules would be any more. These historic examples are not a bad way to understand what is going on around you. Work in particular is an obvious source as your Virgo-Capricorn patterns will show you, now through next year. You are slowly moving towards the epic years 2019-2020 when Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn will all conjunct your Mercury at 23 Capricorn and your chosen field will be transformed forever – and also transform you. Change always works out because change brings independence and those who have had the least freedom, deserve it the most. That’s what you’ll see, now through then.

  96. Hi Jessica –

    I have some factors that I’d like your input on:
    Mercury 22 Gemini
    Asc 22 Leo
    Desc 22 Aquarius

    You mentioned Gemini in your blog, but I can’t figure out how it applies to me.

    We had an embryo transferred to my womb on October 11, and I’m hoping he or she is doing well in there. You mention that things that happened in June may be of importance here – I had an ectopic pregnancy then (and also lost my mother). Perhaps this is my opportunity to start anew, or perhaps it is a repeat? Any advise is so appreciated.

    1. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your mother and also the ectopic pregnancy. Your Ascendant at 22 Leo in the Fifth House of babies and children is the key to your question. At the moment, Uranus is at 22 Aries trine your Ascendant so your image, profile, personal appearance are all in the radical change zone. This goes into 2017 as well. In fact, I would say that the real story with your future regarding the world of children, does not begin until after May 2017, when the Node moves into Leo. Of course this is roughly nine months forward. This story about your role with a much younger generation will continue into 2018 and it is about past life involvements, so the child in question will have been involved with you in one or more previous lifetimes. There are debts and credits to be worked out, thanks to karma. I wish you the very best. One way or another you are fulfilling your mission as the ‘Queen’ of a younger court, now through 2018 and this generation will inherit the legacy of your leadership and guidance. I suspect this goes beyond your own parenting abilities into wider areas, so it may also be about nieces or nephews, younger faces at work and so on. This Nodal cycle next year (Node in Leo) is really going to be the clincher. The Full Moon this weekend is not going to personally impact your chart so much as it is in Aries-Libra but you will certainly feel it via other people, who send a ripple effect into your own world.

  97. Hi Jessica,
    Re-posting this for a third time, hoping you will be able to see it. Thank you in advance for your kindness in replying.

    Thank you for the heads up regarding the coming full moon. I guess I have been feeling it, since I have been feeling emotional and nervous lately. Could you please take a look at my chart? I would greatly appreciate your insights!

    1. It’s a pleasure. You have Juno at 22 Sagittarius in the Ninth House, which rules foreign people and places, regional and cultural differences, the worldwide web, travel (for obvious reasons), education and academia, personal beliefs (like astrology) and the big picture. Juno describes commitments, so you spend your life making period ‘marriages’ to major undertakings, really ‘wedding’ yourself to ambitious trips or relocation; courses or qualifications; web undertakings; people from other nationalities or cultures – and so on. What is happening in 2016 and 2017 is Uranus, the planet of revolution, going through 22 Aries so making a perfect trine to your Juno. This brings her alive in your chart. You won’t feel this Full Moon personally, but in general, you are changing your life in 2016 and 2017 in terms of how you travel, use the web, study, teach or relate to particular nationalities. This is not only because Uranus trines your Juno, but also because Saturn is moving through Sagittarius and will also pass 22 Sagittarius (Saturn conjunct Juno) next year. Don’t feel nervous. Do get informed. You need to constantly update yourself on what is happening out there, as what goes down in your country – and in fact around the world – will have a ripple effect that directly impacts your own life. One example of this next year might be new rules for travel, passports, work visas and so on. You will see the first hint of this, now through next week.

  98. Hi Jjessica, i know this upcoming full moon will affect me as i have several factors at 23 degrees, most importantly my sun at 23 Aries. However i seem to have become stuck. Im not sure what i want/need to change but know i need/want to change something.

    Can i also say thank you so much for your articles, they continue to amaze me and there have been so many OMG moments over the past few years. My marriage ended last year and looking back and using your articles i realise i should have left him a lot earlier than i did.

    1. Thank you for your thank you! I am sorry your marriage ended, of course, but I am also glad you realise you should have left him a long time before that. Your Sun at 23 Aries is the star of the show, correct. The Sun describes how we shine. What we gain attention, admiration and a fan base for. What we have to work at, very hard, to make sure that everything is what we and others expect to see, about ourselves. Your Sun in Aries is about shining through your photographs and film clips, your mirror reflection, your title, your wardrobe, your reputation, your image (above all things). You would not ‘do’ your Sun all the time, and simple things like tiredness, or obstacles at work or at home, can dim the light. Yet, having said all that, you are now at an incredible moment in your destiny, as from now until 2017, Uranus will conjunct your Sun and you will find that the world turns upside-down around you, enabling you to reinvent the way you present yourself and showcase yourself to the world. The changes frequently come out of the blue. The Full Moon is going to lay everything on the line for you, which you will know about by Monday, but the deeper revolution gathers over many months. You saw it in June. You will see it again in 2017 as it’s there in the background. Essentially, this period in your life is about realising – at last – how much particular people, organisations or situations were holding you back. When something or someone is wrong for us it frustrates us to the point where we have to break away and do our own thing, surprising ourselves and others along the way. Being rudely rejected, by her, him, them or ‘it’ is the first sign that you also need to do some rejecting and distance yourself very firmly from individuals, groups or set-ups which are (quite frankly) totally irrelevant to you. They may also be totally irrelevant, out of touch, out of date or just frustrating to other people. So…now is the time to find those other people. You need to reach out to those who are also fed up. By this time next year you could have a new look, new style, perhaps a new name (even an online pseudonym), new title on your C.V. and so on. Let this Full Moon pass though, as it does push and pull people emotionally and you have enough to think about at the moment.

  99. Hello Jessica, and thank you once again for another terrific article – there is so much wisdom in your writing.
    I know I’m late to this particular party, and I don’t have horoscope factors at 22 or 23 degrees, but I do have factors at 21 and 24. In particular, Pluto at 24 Leo and Ceres at 24 Capricorn. Naturally myquestion is, will my chart be triggered by this Full Moon and, if so, how might that happen? (Back in June, when Uranus and Ceres were both at 23 Aries, the Scorpio ex young enough to be my son came crashing back into my life. So now if I see something ‘big’ only one degree off….)
    Thank you for any input/advice you can offer.

    1. Thank you, that is very kind! I am really pleased you saw your Scorpio ex crashing back into your life in June – and saw for yourself why we allow one degree’s orb or difference. That was basically your Pluto at 24 Leo in the Fifth House of courtship and millennials, being trined by Uranus at 23 Aries, Ceres at 23 Aries and squared by Mars at 23 Scorpio. This is a long-range transit so Uranus goes backwards and forwards, yet he will pass over all these 21, 22, 24 placements in your chart. The Full Moon won’t directly change you or your life, but it will do so indirectly, as the Sun at 23 Libra opposite the Moon at 23 Aries, and the Sun at 22 Libra opposite Uranus at 22 Aries (the day before) tell you – others are ready to rebel or have a revolution. I suspect by Monday you will know all about it. There is a lot of ‘No’ going on out there and although it will turn the known world upside down for a lot of people, it is necessary, natural and will lead to new freedom and independence. This will reach you and affect you, in the same way that a stone thrown into the sea creates ripples which eventually reach you in the water.

  100. Hi Jessica, I think my comment may have got stuck in moderation, so I am reposting just in case:
    ‘Hi Jessica, thanks for another great post on full moons (I have been following those throughout the year). I have both Fortuna at 22 Sagittarius and Salacia at 22 Capricorn, with husband having Mercury at 22 Virgo. Is it about news reaching us re. something to do with travel/foreigners? Salacia is supposed to be similar to Neptune and this placement really confuses me…Capricorn I guess is about my academic plans.Thanks for any insight!’

    1. Thank you for your patience. The Uranus 22 Aries clash with the Sun at 22 Libra is a good way for you to learn astrology, actually, as you will see it unfolding now through Monday. The Full Moon with the Moon at 23 Aries clashing with the Sun at 23 Libra is close enough for you to feel the impact too. Basically, other people’s conflicts with each other and themselves, manifesting through marriage, divorce, separation, professional partnership – and also outright states of war, battle or rivalry – have an effect on you too. For example, you may find that your travel, worldwide web, foreign, publishing, academic or education agenda (Fortuna at 22 Sagittarius) is strongly impacted by the breaking point reached by others. This is D-Day for a great many individuals, groups, organisations and even whole nations – like the United States. There will also be waves caused by the ripple effect reaching your career (Salacia in Capricorn) and your husband’s work (Mercury in Virgo). Basically, it’s like waking up in 1781, realising that your entire country changed overnight and you must now deal with the repercussions. When the waves of change reach your shore please surf them to a new place. Do not try and turn back because there is no ‘back’ to turn back to!

  101. Hi Jessica, I’ve spent some time going back and forth trying to understand more about my Uranus in Libra @22, could you give me an insight on what this combination means.

    Also,what might these mean being one orb out – Ceres Scorpio @21 and Proserpina @ Gemini @21?

    I did some google searches that brought up all sorted of ‘weird, dark and scary stuff’, I figured your answer is going to be way more grounded than some of the ‘stuff’ on the net. Lord help me.

    Appreciate all your time and energy that you pour into these articles and your community. The lightbulbs always go on. Take care

    1. Thank you – I am glad the lightbulbs always go on! You were born with Uranus at 22 Libra in the Seventh House semi-sextile Ceres at 21 Scorpio in the Eighth House. I will leave Proserpina for the moment, although you can look her up in any of the ebooks. She is at 21 Gemini in your Third House. What you will feel most of all in 2016 and 2017 is the impact of the relationship you have with a former, current or potential partner. Sometimes this cycle is about your enemy, rival or opponent but it is more common to find people dealing with marriages, professional partnerships or sexual relationships – past, present or potential. Uranus at 22 Aries is opposing natal Uranus so these are revolutionary times when questions about freedom and independence matter far more than security. As Ceres is almost exactly in aspect, these questions about ‘free to be me’ automatically raise even deeper concerns about the money, house, business, possessions or apartment. Ceres in Scorpio describes your tremendous natural power, productivity and creativity with finance, property and the material world – however this is also where you do some of the biggest trade-offs and compromises of your life. Having been through a very difficult time when Saturn moved across your Uranus at 22 Libra, then your Ceres at 21 Scorpio, you may have been left with a fair amount of baggage to get rid of, or old patterns that need to be cleared away. Uranus will certainly do that for you. Better still, you will love next year as Jupiter himself moves to 22 Libra and you will have a rare opportunity to either fix issues or go further – much further – with someone who can not only balance the scales with you, but also help you explore what is possible financially. (No weird, dark and scary stuff – none at all!)

  102. Hi Jessica could you tell me how this full moon will effect me. I love reading your articles they are so thought provoking. Many thanks

    1. Thank you. You have Apollo at 22 Cancer in the Fourth House, which rules your apartment, family, home town, house, homeland or household. You naturally take the lead where these aspects of life are concerned and are sometimes copied, because you set such a brilliant example! We see this in the charts of people who are gifted at handling Air BnB – or investing in property – or just developing their home town with planners. What you now experience is Uranus at 22 Aries square Apollo and a Full Moon that is very close to an exact T-Square with Apollo. This is going to put you strongly in touch with your Cancerian side. There will be radical changes affecting other people’s lives which have a knock-on effect on your own. You’re going to see at least one person or organisation, possibly more, want to break away and be free – seeking independence – perhaps rebelling. This makes you face some choices about home, family, home town and so on.

  103. Hi Jessica,
    This full moon is coinciding with the SNP conference in Scotland. So far, Nicola Sturgeon has taken the strongest rhetoric about another independence referendum yet. There are rumours she will announce a mini-embassy in Berlin today in her speech. Meanwhile other groups like Common Sense have been meeting and having planning sessions of what kind of White Paper will be needed to not only answer the questions of those that voted no for independence last time but also begin to be a blueprint for the model of an independent Scotland. I’m wondering if Scotland’s or Nicola Sturgeon’s chart along with the UK, US, Bush, charts are being pinged. Without Scotland, the UK brexit bargaining leverage changes and this full moon could be a turning point for the countries. If this full moon is about independence choosing and this SNP conference’s main theme this weekend is Independence than I’ll be watching closely for the developments because the timing is simply uncanny.

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know this! The Sun-Uranus opposition only began to form a few minutes ago and it will hold across the SNP conference until we move into the Full Moon. The point you make about the UK Brexit bargaining is exactly right. The key word for Uranus is of course ‘Independence’ so this feels like a weekend with UKIP, Scotland playing a major part in The Special Relationship. It does feel as if things are at tipping point. I’m going to find the Nicola Sturgeon birth chart now. Och!

      1. 🙂 You’re so welcome. I want to break out the popcorn because it’s shaping up to be exciting.

  104. Hi. Glad to see you are up and running again. My week looks dire where I need to balance the scales. I have court on the 20th, Thursday. What do I need to deal with? Thank you.

    1. Thank you. Too many visitors on the same Full Moon weekend – my apologies. Going to court on an Aries-Libra opposition is typical of this cycle as you have a Libra stellium. Nothing is dire. You have Ops in Libra and Jupiter, her son, will come to meet her as there is a conjunction only possible in 12 years. Everything can and will be balanced, if not immediately, then by October 2017. You are in a cycle when wrongs will be righted and what is blatantly unfair, illegal or unjust will be well and truly addressed. Those scales will be settled. Part of this cycle is about accepting that the outcome has to be a win-win – as Jupiter slowly passes over everything you have in Libra now through next year, you will see how it is possible to find symmetry and harmony, even in a situation as stressful as court. Visualise scales settling. That’s the main thing on this astrological cycle.

  105. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for your amazing website, I read it daily!

    I would really appreciate your advice over a very complicated and stressful situation.

    I was sold faulty/negligent commercial medical equipment a year ago and it’s taken 8 months to prove this with the help of an expert witness.

    There are 2 guilty parties involved, the manufacturer (overseas) and distributor (UK). We have sent 2 legal letters so far (July and September 2016) they are both arrogantly refuting everything (even though we have video evidence).

    We are now just about to issue court proceedings in the UK (this week) to claim the £500k we have lost. We will also inform them that we are about to contact the worldwide relevant governing bodies (which monitor this equipment if it is faulty/negligent and is a serious risk to the innocent general public, who could be maimed with this equipment).

    Please could you give me your advice as my natal planets/asteroids seem to be quite heavy duty at this full moon?

    23° Libra 20′ 44″ (8th house)

    23° Gemini 01′ 39″ (5th house)

    22° Libra 50′ 41″ (8th house)

    23° Capricorn 05′ 20″ R (12th house)

    Do you think we will receive a settlement this year or do you think it will take 12-18 months to go to court and they will settle then (risking the possibility of their equipment being exposed into the public domain) or do you think they will go all the way to court and if so, do you see us winning the case?

    Thank you so much for this.

    1. Thank you. Your personal chart says you are in for a long episode. It is impossible to say if you will win the case without seeing charts for the other players. Your Libra placements are in the Seventh House in the Natural House system which rules battles as well as partnerships. This is about your professional partnership or marriage/relationship as well as the feud with the opposition. You have Ops in the Tenth House of career, also in this house system. So, your chart describes what you are going through and I am sorry you have this cycle. It must be very hard. The issue for you is transiting Uranus going backwards and forwards across 22, 23 degrees so this will not be resolved immediately. Your greatest advantage throughout this is the other person who is on your side. In fact it may be two partnerships, professional and personal, which benefit you. Sometimes fighting the good fight brings people together. You will find the whole thing is well and truly over by early 2018. Think ‘power of two’ at all times.

  106. Hi Jessica

    Thank you for the article. Not sure at all if the full moon impacted me but my 6th sense this morning is telling me something is on the horizon. Cant put my finger on anything but I just feel different?! I have just eagerly read the weekly horoscope and BAM, loads of my planets are within 1 degree this week. Please could you help me to understand the implications?

    Many thanks

    PS: was having withdrawal when your website went down 🙂 love it!

    1. I am sorry you had withdrawal when my website crashed! Apologies – we are now on a new server which can deal with more people. Okay, so the patterns you have within one degree do guarantee change. Not everything is going to happen at once, but what you will notice most is karma payback. Situations which were desperately wrong or unfair in late 2012 or 2013 will be corrected around you – perhaps for you personally. It will feel as if a wheel has turned full circle. You are also going to see people making big choices about how radical or revolutionary they wish to be. Some will walk away. Some will run towards it. You will also be affected by this. It’s a change in the astrological weather.

      1. So glad to hear all sorted with the server. Your website is part of my staple. Late 2012/13 were tough and I was diagnosed with postnatal depression and also I got dragged into a horrid situation at work which ended up in court. Wracking my brain for any wrong I did during this time but to be honest I wasn’t well and barely surviving with my little one so hopefully I have some good karma arriving. Thank you very much for looking at this for me.

  107. Hi Jessica,
    Can you please look in to my birth chart, how does this full moon affects me? I am married to Scorpio woman (30/10/1972) with one daughter (05/01/05) but I am in on & off relationship with Libra woman (02/10/1984) for past two years. I am confused with this relationship and there is no romance and sex in my life right now. Will it be revived?

    1. Next year holds the key. You will find the Scorpio woman strikes a new arrangement with you in 2017 and questions about sharing the daughter (time/energy) will decide what happens – you are waiting for Ceres to go back into Taurus, essentially. The Libra woman is finding her need for freedom, space and independence through you (on and off) which is very common. It could easily be revived because she finds the reunions exciting but it would be less stressful if you could talk about alternative options to standard old-fashioned relationships or marriages. Actually, right now (October 19th, 20th) seems like the moment it has to be discussed. From May 2018 her love life settles down – perhaps with you – you’ll see!

  108. Jessica, thanks so much for your blog. I have recently made a decision to leave a group I’ve belonged to for almost 3-1/2 years. It’s a collective of local, handmade goods. I gave them my notice to leave almost 2 weeks ago, as I feel the quality of the new work being selected has gone down hill. I am disappointed in other issues there, also, such as a lack of transparency and fairness. I am a fine craft maker, and value well made things. A part of me feels torn, as I’ve come to become friends with several people there. I just feel it’s intolerable for me to stay because of lowered quality and also we really have no say in how things are done. I did meet with the owners in June to tell them of my concerns, and where I could see things were headed. I was told that I was the only one to voice these concerns. Nothing has changed, so I’ve given notice. A part of me feels very liberated, another part sad. I’m hoping I made the right choice. What do you think? Thanks again.

    1. You made the right choice. It can be very hard to turn your back on people or organisations which are out of touch, but you are hearing the future and actually you will be so excited when you begin pursuing your fine craft with the right allies, you will soon forget this. It’s not personal, it’s just nature. Some people are stuck in the past and comfortable. You are actually going to see a major online sales revolution with what you do from 2018 and by then you need to be in the right place, with the right supporters – you will be – leaving this lot has released so much energy. Feelings are hurt but that’s okay. You can still keep things light, bright, easy and breezy and nobody will ultimately mind.

  109. Dear Jessica….soooooo glad your site is back up and running.. could you please take a look at my chart and see what is happening with me and what changes if any to expect following the full moon. Many thanks for insight. I love your readings.

    1. The Full Moon is now well and truly passed, but we are left with a lot of patterns still to unfold at 23 degrees as Uranus goes back and forth. You were born with Minerva at 23 Gemini in your Third House of multimedia, publishing, education and the worldwide web. We also associate debating, public speaking, poetry, songwriting and singing – and languages – with this house. Uranus and his sextile to Venus shows you that, now through 2017, it is all about forming partnerships and double acts (clever duets) with other people who can pursue the project or plan with you. This is groundbreaking, radical, exciting, revolutionary and you must say yes. Actually in a way, you already have. You are probably on the path.

  110. Thank you Jessica…this is all quite spookily accurate. I love tinkering with the media/publishing stuff and am looking at developing partnerships with local companies that have an international link!

    Marvellous stuff. Thanks again for your time.

  111. Sorry to be a nuisance…I have a very dear friend, in fact my best friend of 43 years that has lost her mother very recently after full time care for 10 years and her father before that. She is struggling to come to terms with her loss and is finding it hard to let go. She has suffered from depression and I am quite worried about her mental state.
    We were in the army together and have been there for each other all this time and I want to be able to give her support as she tries to come to terms. We are both in our sixties and I for one want to live my life as I want her to start living hers too.
    She was born 24 Oct 55 in Middlesbrough Yorkshire.. I am unsure of her time of birth but I know she is a Scorpio…will she be able to accept and move on and start living the her life after years of taking care of her mother and father…?

    1. Going from the army to full-time care of a parent is a big switch – and then losing that parent must be devastating. Your friend will find that the situation she experienced with a family member, the house and/or the apartment in 1999, 2000 will return to her from May next year and by 2018 she will discover that everything she did for others returns to her as good karma. Every seed she planted in 1999, 2000 in terms of relatives, home, home town or homeland will bear new fruit. You are a good friend to be so concerned for her – hang in there. Depression is a serious illness. Have a look at the Black Dog Institute online for excellent resources and information there.

      1. Dear Jessica

        Many thanks for this…I will surely give her my support. Interestingly she has not lived in her own house for over 10 years…has lived with her mum and dad at the family home. Has always helped her family with finance and house projects. The family home will eventually be placed for sale and proceeds split amongst her and her four sisters. Her own abode is unliveable due to a water tank burst accident some years ago which she has never been able to focus on. Maybe in time she will find focus to ‘move on’…and who knows perhaps move closer to me on the south coast. That would be great. Thanks again Jessica..lets see how all this unfolds.

  112. Hi Jessica,
    it’s so good to see you back after the website crushed! You’ve been missed big time:)))
    I am not sure if this post is right for my question but it’s worth trying. Your professional expertise and a kind advise would be much appreciated.
    Just when you warned not to make any dramatic moves on the Full Moon I did the opposite: I rejected my male friend who wanted to take things further than friendship. I was aware of Uranus-Sun opposition and the Full Moon and still did it. I felt horrible but strangely liberated and set free. The situation with this man ( DOB 25 February 1980, 55.7032948,21.1442794 ) was bugging me for a long while and I couldn’t make up my mind. It felt like there was some kind of chemistry but not enough to balance the scales…
    As well I do have a strong need for independence, freedom and even solitude sometimes. I start to ask myself if that’s what playing up, blurring the real picture and blocking me from seeing the potential of the relationship… Feeling quite puzzled at the moment! It would be really appreciated if you could share your thoughts. I am a premium member.
    Lots of thanks in advance.

    1. Thank you. Congratulations on breaking free of this man, even on a Uranus-Sun opposition. I am sure it felt extreme but you do feel free. You will know more in March 2017 when your horoscope forms similar patterns, either with this person (again) or another – there will be a second choice to make about independence.

  113. Hi Jessica,
    I’m new to your sight and am finding it fascinating.
    I was hoping for October and the full moon to bring a few more changes than it did. I feel quite stuck depreciated when it comes to letting go of unrewarding romantic relationships and I’m wondering if I’ve missed something?

    Thank you

    1. You haven’t missed anything, you had one chance to release a bad relationship – now here comes a second chance – astrology can’t make you do anything all the cycles can do is give you the right time, right place to make a choice.

  114. Great article! Thanks ever so much, Jessica for all your efforts! I have Jupiter at 23 Aries. I have split with my boyfriend two days after the foull moon weekend. I’ve been dating this guy for about 4 months but I let him go because I felt I wasn’t getting enough love and affection from him. He begged and cried and asked for second chance (which in fact would have been third so far!). But I’m all or nothing type of person so I thought I shouldn’t settle for less than I deserve. At the same time, actually, the same day I received some great opportunities at work and some great recognition for a job well done in the past. So seems like I’ve been affected on both fronts even though I don’t have libra factors at the above mentioned degrees. Be interesting to hear your thoughts…( Scorpio – 24/10/1987 6:33am).

      1. Thanks Jessica! Im very new member to the premium membership and don’t have my birth chart from you. Im currently logged on, but not sure what I need to do in order for you to see my birth chart.

        1. I can see your birth chart automatically when you log on and post a comment. Thank you for asking this question as I am sure everyone else is wondering how it works, too! You have a huge stellium in Capricorn and your life path is about climbing to the top of the mountain, steadily and slowly, aiming for the success and status that you know is waiting for you. As we are now going through a Pluto in Capricorn cycle which began in 2008, you are in your eighth year of dealing with total, ongoing transformation in your chosen field, or perhaps another you have switched to. Just a heads-up that there will be reshuffles, departures, demotions or promotions in December and January. People who don’t work often find it is their partner who carries this cycle for them, but if you have a job, it will be there that you see a game of musical chairs. Try to get changes in writing by 1st December if you can. If this is impossible allow for delays, rescheduling and even the chance of a reversal, December through January. Further ahead please read 2020 Astrology and the chapter on Capricorn cycles and 2019-2020 as you will be personally affected.

  115. Hi Jessica I’m a premium member and I’ve just read you can see our charts. Sadly I missed out on having a question answered on my Jupiter in Scorpio but could you tell me anything useful about my chart and any full moon impacts for me please, many thanks.

    1. Sorry about those questions – yet as I look at the list I can see 1490 people in the queue and only one of me, so alas it’s not always possible to get to everybody. The next 12 months is about fine-tuning the relationships you have with your former, current and potential partners and learning especially about gender differences and the old, old questions about men, women and the whole damn thing. The more you learn, the more you grow. The more you grow, the better the qualify of the chemistry is with one or more people who matter. This is a bridge-building time for you, and also a bridge-mending period. You will see some dazzling opportunities to do just that so please snap them up. One has already crossed your path since September so I hope you took it.

  116. Thank you so much for that Jessica. Sorry that was not meant as criticism mainly that I was waiting my turn for the next opportunity. It seems like good advice to concentrate on the more important aspects of ones life, relationships, bridge building and bridge mending seems interesting, will ponder over what that means. And while I may have missed the boat on September opportunity, nothing comes to mind, I will endeavour to look out for the rest. Meanwhile I wish the 1490 people luck and opportunities too!

    1. Please don’t apologise, I didn’t see any criticism at all, I just wanted to explain what happens on this website, as sometimes people in your situation think I might be missing them out – but it really is my travel schedule getting in the way! Please come back with questions again whenever you have them, as I always find a way to answer them eventually.

  117. Thank you Jessica for explaining, will come back as you suggest when I have further questions, I have lots of food for thought until then, those issues will become no doubt become clearer as the month or year ends.

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