100 Year Old Astrology Predictions

What Do We Mean By Astrology? written by Alfred H. Barley contains astrology predictions made just over 100 years ago.

The other day I went to my favourite library, The Melbourne Theosophical Society Library at 126-128 Russell Street. I borrowed a copy of a little 1910 classic called What Do We Mean By Astrology? It was written by Alfred H. Barley, with a foreword by Alan Leo. It also contains astrology predictions made just over 100 years ago.


11093 - 100 Year Old Astrology Predictions
What Do We Mean by Astrology? Alfred H. Barley



The planets ‘of comparitively recent discovery’ Uranus and Neptune are given their old, alternative names of Herschel and Poseidon in the book. “Uranus is specially concerned with electricity, railways and automatic machinery of all kinds,” writes Barley. “Neptune, on the other hand, is peculiarly associated with “mushroom” enterprises of all kinds, such as the “South Sea Bubble”.

The most famous mushroom in history is a cloud – at Hiroshima, on 6th August 1941 at 8.16am in Hiroshima, Japan. That horoscope clearly shows Neptune at 4 Libra (the sign of war and peace) exactly semi-sextile Mercury at 4 Virgo (the sign which rules the human body). Barley was right, although not for reasons he would have dreamed of in 1910.

The first controlled nuclear reaction took place on 2nd December 1942 at 3.25pm in Chicago and the chart reveals Neptune at 1 Libra (war and peace again) exactly conjunct the Moon at 1 Libra.



Writing in 1910, Barley could not possibly have foreseen the birth of a Taurean Queen, but he was remarkably accurate in his description of her, in his checklist for Taurus.

“Earthy. Fixed. Steady and practical, solid and acquisitive, firm of purpose, and stubborn of will, slow to move but irresistible once started. A persistent and retentive spirit, and conservative tendencies.”

The only thing Barley left off his list was ‘fondness for Corgis’!


queen elizabeth birthday 90 annie leibovitz summer 2016 vf 427x600 - 100 Year Old Astrology Predictions
The Queen’s horoscope is hit by the August 2016 eclipse.



How did Barley see Hillary Clinton (Scorpio) and Donald Trump (Gemini) in his little book?

Scorpio. Watery. Fixed. A powerful nature, whether for good or evil, of irresistible force when aroused, a “good hater” and relentless in avenging a wrong, strong passions and keen feelings, capable of self-regeneration to a remarkable degree. Conservative and acquisitive in inclinations, yet destructive in criticism.”

Gemini. Airy. Mutable. Fluctuating nature, alternately inclined to mental pursuits and the quest of pleasure, changeable and inconstant, yet sympathetic and adaptable. A hesitating, dubitative spirit, and “unionist” tendencies. Somewhat of a weathercock, in fact.



This comes from page 75 of  What Do We Mean By Astrology? ” and a discussion about the planet Mars. “It destroys but to renovate, kills but to make more alive, crushes but to strengthen. And is not this the true nature of Mars, the god of WAR and ENTERPRISE? Never was there peace that was not won by war, nor rest that was not earned by toil. Peace of any other kind were but vassalage or sloth. Have not, then, the ancients chosen rightly in their selection of this symbol to represent the god of energy and combat?

Four years after this book was published, the First World War began on 28th June 1914 at 10.4oam in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. That was the moment Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Mars stood at 1 Virgo sextile Pluto at 0 Cancer.

The Second World War began on 1st September 1939 at 4.17am in Danzig, Poland. As you can see from the horoscope below, Mars stood at 24 Capricorn and Juno stood at 25 Aquarius in a semi-sextile.

World War Two 600x563 - 100 Year Old Astrology Predictions



Just knowing that Mars is a symbol for war  can help modern astrologers look at future war risks for NATO and the United States. The astrological chart for the U.S. Defence Department is set for 26th July 1947 at 12.30 in Washington, D.C. and shows Mars at 17 Gemini quincunx Jupiter at 17 Scorpio.

The U.S. Defence Department chart obviously has a hotspot at 17 degrees and this is picked up by NATO, which was founded on 24th August 1949 at 11.42 in Washington, D.C. The chart for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization shows the North Node in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, at exactly 17 degrees opposite the South Node in Libra, the sign we associate with war and peace.



Just knowing this proven information from 1910, and later on, the First and Second World Wars,  helps me make the following prediction. Between November 25th and December 3rd, 2016, there is a greater risk of war for the United States and NATO. This is particularly acute on Saturday 3rd December. 

How can I make that forecast on 27th October 2016, one month in advance? Because in that time-frame, Saturn stands at 17 Sagittarius the sign which rules foreign countries and foreign people. Jupiter moves to 17 Libra, the sign ruling war and peace. Mars, the god of war, described over 100 years ago in Barley’s book, stands at 17 Aquarius, the sign we associate with groups like NATO.

This is a portrait of Alan Leo, the man who taught Barley about astrology, and who published not only this 1910 classic, but also the journal Modern Astrology, price 6d monthly, flagged as ‘A journal devoted to the search for truth concerning astrology.’ Testing predictions, over 100 years later, is one way of uncovering that truth.


imgres - 100 Year Old Astrology Predictions
Alan Leo, 20th century father of British astrology.


North Korea and Russia are the obvious first suspects when looking at the heightened risk of war from 25th November to 3rd December. Russia has many different ‘birth’ charts based on her changes in rulership. Several of them show hotspots in the horoscope at 17 degrees or close by. (All national chart data in this story is from The Book of World Horoscopes by Nicholas Campion, The Wessex Astrologer, 2004).

*North Korea. September 10th 1948 at P’Yongyang at 12.00am
Sun at 17 Virgo

*Russia Revolution Chart. March 8th 1917 at Leningrad 09.00am
Sun at 17 Pisces
*Russia Bolshevik Revolution Chart. November 7th 1917 at Leningrad at 10.00am
Mercury at 16 Scorpio
*Russia USSR Formation Chart. December 30th 1922 at Moscow at 12.00pm
Neptune at 17 Leo
*Russia Yeltsin Tank Chart. August 19th 1991 at Moscow at 08.0am
Pluto at 17 Scorpio
*Russia End of Communism Chart. August 24th 1991 at Moscow at 6.30pm
Pluto at 17 Scorpio
*Russia End of Soviet Chart. September 5th 1991 at Moscow at 7.30am
Pluto at 17 Scorpio
*Russia Slavic Union Chart. December 8th 1991 at Minsk at 12.17am
Mercury at 16 Sagittarius
*Russia Independence Proclamation Chart. December 8th 1991 at Moscow at 5.45pm
Sun at 16 Sagittarius
*Russia C.I.S. Chart. December 21st 1991 at Alma-Ata at 09.50am
Venus at 17 Scorpio

p6nhhvgil9k - 100 Year Old Astrology Predictions


There are many ‘birth’ charts for the United States and United Kingdom but I am going to use two old faithfuls here to see if they are also triggered by that line-up involving Mars, the ancient red planet of war, at 17 degrees.

The United Kingdom Union Chart is set for 1st January 1801 at 00.00 in Westminster and shows Neptune close by at 18 Scorpio and Mercury exactly at 17 Sagittarius.

The United States Confederation Chart is set for 15th November 1777 at 12.00pm in Philadelphia and shows Hygiea at 16 Sagittarius and Psyche at 18 Libra. This is a classic line-up for defence, protection, prevention and pre-emptive tactics and it’s in Sagittarius (foreigners) and Libra (war, peace and allies).

We can now expand the prediction to include the days when the line-up hovers around 16 degrees and 18 degrees. We can name the countries involved. And, thanks to a little astrology book published over 100 years ago, it is possible to make this forecast in October 2016.

Between November 25th and December 3rd, 2016, there is a greater risk of war for the United States and NATO. This is particularly acute on Saturday 3rd December when Mars is at large. The threat of conflict will involve the United Kingdom, Russia and Korea and will build slowly from Wednesday 16th November and fade out by Sunday 11th December. 


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52 Responses

  1. Very interesting stuff Jessica – yes it has crossed my mind recently that we are heading into more ‘world’ war – K

    1. It’s just a risk, but the horoscope for Russia set for 7th November 1917 at 10.00am in Leningrad shows Mercury at 16 Scorpio, just one degree away from that 17 hotspot. The United Kingdom chart for 1st January 1801 at 00.00am shows Mercury at exactly 17 Sagittarius, which is of course about foreign places and people. That’s all pretty close for comfort. What goes down as November ends and December begins is extremely inflammatory for the UK and Russia and the US is also involved.

  2. I wonder how much stress (or just fun for you) it must put on you knowing that you can not only see the global future but also your own future. Every time I ask you some naive question about myself on your website I keep refreshing your page work , at home I keep hitting the refresh button. It’s exciting but also disheartening sometimes to know what’s coming up. Although at the end we know it will turn out to be fine

    1. Too funny. Astrology reduces the stress because it’s so much easier to avoid issues if you can see them coming towards you. It’s also rather nice to know that we are all connected. Thank you.

  3. Really interesting. I’ve been predicting war between Russia and NATO for some time.. intuitively. Moon in Pisces can help tap into collective unconscious. The news both msm and alt news has been racheting up the rhetoric and the fantasy for some time. It’s reassuring to see your confirmation of what I’ve been feeling although I am really anxious. My daughter will be travelling for two months from this weekend. She’s a double Aries sun and ascendant and can be a bit cavalier when it comes to danger. I won’t rest till she’s home. War would be devastating for humanity this time. I expect post election conflicts too. Astrology found me a few years ago when I was in a bad place. I trust it.

    1. Thank you. I am hoping that what we see is the risk of conflict, successfully avoided, as the NATO chart looks so sensitive. Your daughter will be travelling through the early stages of Mercury Retrograde Shadow from 1st December so it makes sense of her to have Plan B at all times, even if it’s just setting out for the airport earlier than she might normally do – we are going to see a lot of extreme weather and industrial action in December, January and of course this affects the travel industry.

  4. Hi
    Points to ponder. Thank you.
    Saturn 17 Sagittarius, Jupiter 17 Libra, Mars 17 Aquarius. These are sextile and trine aspects? I thought they were good aspects but good aspects can bring war? I am more concerned because I have Uranus at 17 libra natally. what would happen for an individual? Thank you.

    1. There are no good aspects in astrology, as Robert Hand explained in his book Planets In Transit in 1976. There are just aspects. If you have Uranus at 17 Libra then your relationship with your former, current or potential partner (or perhaps your own enemy) is the key to this period, as Jupiter will bring you an opportunity to solve a problem or expand and grow. It really depends on what your priorities are at the time. This feels like a milestone for a marriage, for example, or a business partnership – or perhaps a feud.

  5. Hi Jess,

    Interesting thoughts as ever (and I have Uranus at Libra 17 too – and no, my divorce isn’t getting any easier, quite the opposite).

    But my real thought is on the New Moon of 29 November. The Sun and Moon are also joined by Juno in a Sagittarian Hyperstellium*. The three way conjunction squares the nodes for good measure. That looks pretty darn serious to me. I would say that a major world event will occur that will leave no-one immune from its influence.

    I fear we could all get dragged into it. Thanks for the warning.

    *I define this as four traditional and four modern in one sign or house, like what I have.
    Here it’s Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mercury with Juno, Cupido, Panacea and Diana.

    1. Ah, Uranus at 17 Libra is pretty hard to avoid, yet this will work out for you – you are just at the very beginning of the cycle when the rubble has to be cleared out of the way for the new growth to begin next year. Yes, that New Moon is the beginning of what may just be the next New Cold War and it will be the alliances (Aquarius) that decide it so along with NATO it looks like a matter for the United Nations.

  6. I can fill… this is coming if not now soon for sure … sad.. I keep my eyes open since I live in USA and I keep reading your post you are my mother Teresa. THANK YOU!!! and personal question Saturn 17 sag will opposite my moon 17 gem how bad this will be and Uranus at 16 at libra in my partnership zone Thank you again for your work and generosity

    1. Thank you. I’ve never been called Mother Teresa before and I take that as a huge compliment! Your Moon at 17 Gemini will be transited at these same dates, and that period is about your use of the worldwide web, your telephone, the world of multimedia, publishing, education or translation (all these are ruled by Gemini). This sign is also associated with short domestic flights and commuting. You may want to give yourself more time and space over this period as you’ll have to attend to a passing issue that slows you down and makes it necessary to plan more carefully and cautiously. One typical example would be embarking on a vacation and discovering that extreme weather has blocked your flight – or finding out that an internet promotion has to be reworked. In general, you may want to avoid using that period for major launches of a Gemini nature, so buying a new car, for example, or signing up to one particular kind of social media.

  7. how interesting Jessica..reading in the newspapers about NATO build up in Eastern Europe as Russia flexes its muscles (with UK playing a prominent role in the NATO build up)..start of a new cold war..

  8. No World War III but a lot of extremely hard work for the United States because Russia is very quick to act on impulse over those dates. So is North Korea, for that matter.

  9. Who will win the elections in the USA, Jessica? Hillary or Trump? The best astrologer I know predicts it will be Hillary…

    1. I predicted that Hillary would win if she could overcome Bill, Benghazi and Bernie. The prediction was made quite a long time ago, before Trump had announced his nomination.

  10. When I read the part about Russia and 17 degrees, I recalled having a few 17’s in my chart as well. My heart nearly stopped when I saw that I have Saturn 17 Virgo, Pluto 17 Libra, Uranus 17 Scorpio, Ceres 17 Aries, Ops 17 Aquarius, Neptune 17 Sagitarius, and also Vesta 18 Taurus. Jessica, could you please tell me what this means. Thanks

    1. No heart-stopping please! Astrology is about work-around tactics, so you have some issues to work around. Jupiter at 17 Libra, right on your Pluto at 17 Libra, is the key part of the story. The balance of power with your former, current or potential partner will change across this period. It is also the same with any rivals or opponents. The best analogy I can give you is the Moon Landing. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin had to figure out who became the first Man on the Moon and yet remain in a close partnership – sidestepping any rivalry – to make the mission a success. They also had Russia on their tail. In your professional or romantic situation with one key, crucial person – you have some major balancing to do, late November through early December. There are some separate issues, too, as Jupiter at 17 Libra is alongside Mars at 17 Aquarius, Saturn at 17 Sagittarius. Your foreign, travel, web, regional, publishing or educational agenda will need more time and space. Saturn will conjunct your Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House. If you do have a trip, foreign/regional negotiation, web launch, course, book or similar big picture plan over this time, seek expertise and second opinions and have Plan B. A common example is a working trip which has to be postponed owing to extreme weather or airline issues. Another common example is the postponed flight spelling a total rethink of an export agreement, or foreign trade. I am sure you have your own story going on, which you can apply to this period – and you would already know about it – so you are just supporting yourself with alternatives, back-up plans and the rest. These are the two major stories unfolding. There are also financial aspects, work aspects and a friend or group may also be involved. This can be made to work for you but you are going to need to read the heart and mind of the other person who is playing Buzz Aldrin to your Neil Armstrong or vice versa. And of course this may be a marriage, not just a pro partnership/rivalry.

  11. Dear Jessica,
    This might sound weird, but what does it signify when there are few lines on your birth chart? I have noticed others and there are many lines, mine has very few. My birthday is February 4, 1966. 9:30pm.
    Thank you for your insight.

    1. The lines are just aspects and it means that there are less direct connections between the areas of your chart (your life) than others may have. So you avoid having ‘it never rains but it pours’ experiences when everything happens all at once.

  12. Hi Jessica, I am very impressed with your predictions and the individual replies you give to so many questions. Working hard at something you love doing must be very satisfying. I have a question about the synchronicity of planets, world events and individual fortunes. Would there be similar configurations in the charts of, say, the refugees just evicted from “The Jungle” in Calais, or the thousands fleeing Aleppo? What planets/asteroids might be activated in a war situation? Is it possible to predict what will happen to these unfortunate people, if not as individuals then as a group?

    1. Aren’t you nice, thank you. You are right about the similarities between the people in The Jungle in Calais and those in Aleppo. They are part of the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle, which we have now had one year of (and how!) and have one more year to work through. Saturn is fear. Sagittarius is foreigners. Put them together and you have Fear of Foreigners. This is Russia’s fear of other countries, but also the French fear of what/who seems foreign to them. The reason 2016 has been so extreme, intense and upsetting is that so many people were born with outer planets in Sagittarius. We have whole generations who were born with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto in this sign and transiting Saturn (the fear) has been contacting those placements for billions. Thus Donald Trump wanting to build a wall to keep out Mexico and his extreme policies about Islam. Believe it or not, this global pain, fear and loathing will end at Christmas 2017 when Saturn departs. We are then waiting for Jupiter with all his healing and solutions to appear in Sagittarius from the end of 2018 and throughout 2019. The issue of refugees and economic migrants is really a big Sagittarian problem which will find its best possible answers in two years, partly as a result of the lessons learned now and in 2017. None of these are lessons any of us like, but it is in the nature of Saturn cycles to park them in front of our face for two years until proper, constructive, practical answers start coming through. That’s my take on Saturn in Sagittarius anyway – other astrologers might disagree.

  13. Hi Jessica:
    I am live in Northern California & enjoy reading your horoscopes & predictions, especially with our Presidential election here in the US. With the bombshell this past Friday from FBI Director Comey & the emails, (that do to belong to her) what energies/planets played into that & do you still see her beating Trump because of this? It is the Trump/GOP and the old goats in Washington that what to beat her down, especially since she is a woman, but watching her today, her Scorpio, warrior has really kicked in & she is upset and not backing down! Love her! #Strongertogether #ImWithHer

    1. Thank you – waving to Northern California. I predicted a long time ago that the Democrats would win the White House – such a long time ago Trump had not even begun his race. I am sticking by that prediction. To recap – if Hillary Clinton can overcome Benghazi, Bill and Bernie, she will be the next President. Watch the Bush dynasty in all this. They were not in the White House twice over for no reason. Ask yourself who Mr. FBI used to work for, and then see how both he and Billy Bush have reshaped polls! Fascinating stuff. And there is more to come. So much more.

  14. Good Day
    I am getting much contentment with my membership,but like everything some frustration.I will admit to being a dumb bunny but could you please put an example of how to read ( when you say ) on Wednesday if your Virgo is 22 then I go down to see what my Virgo really is I get confused with all the degrees surrounding that number if I could see an example it would help me
    Hate to be so dumb

    1. You’re not a dumb bunny, just a curious bunny. A lot of readers would share your issue so let me fix it. When I say ‘Virgo 22’ or ‘Aries 1′ or whatever, I am talking about the first number in the row. That’s the degree. The ONLY thing that matters. So when you look at your chart you see this – you have Minerva at 22 Virgo. You don’t have Minerva at 19 Virgo or 39 Virgo or anything else. Those are just tiny fractions of time that some astrologers use when they want to be crazy accurate about gambling. So always look at the first number before the sign. That’s it.

      Minerva 22° Virgo 19’ 39″

  15. Thank you Jessica from Northern California! Interesting stuff! So much more to come? Don’t know if that is good or bad? But, with 8 days to go on this election & I go to the polls to proudly give my vote to Hillary, I truly believe that this is her time for a reason, regardless of this witch-hunt from the GOP/Trump. You probably will hear from me on November 9th! Keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Thank you. I think we will all be talking to each other here on November 8th, 9th, 10th – and especially on that Full Moon in Taurus, opposite Hillary’s Sun in Scorpio, in the middle of November. I do astrology, not politics, but with Jupiter in Libra, this was always going to be the election about equality, men, women and the whole damn thing. Justice. Bring it on.

  16. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this, very interesting.
    I have Mars in Sagittarius 17 opposite Vulcano in Gemini 17 in my birth chart and wondered what this might mean for me at that time?

    1. Thank you. Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House describes your need to push, thrust, parry, come first, win (often at any price) and sometimes be quite forceful – rather like an old Roman soldier. Where do you play the Centurion? When you travel, deal with foreign or cultural differences, when you move regions or countries, when you study or teach, when you publish on the worldwide web. Vulcano in Gemini in the Third House is actually the old adversary of Mars! The Third House describes the worldwide web again, your way with words, ideas and images and your ability to connect and communicate. Vulcano is rather powerful here; he shows that side of you which has to control very strong emotions. There appears to be an inner battle taking place inside you every time you try to tackle these areas of life (above) and Saturn passing over 17 Sagittarius is really a huge lesson about that. What to find out; what to learn; what to do; what not to do! In general, horoscope triggers at 17 degrees (any sign at all) at any time in your life will really emphasise this point. Tune into yourself at these times and really be quite conscious of what you are setting up in your life regarding your travel agenda in particular, but also online, where it is rather hard to delete some of the things that go on. Read more about Vulcan and Mars on this website.

      1. Thank you for your reply, this explains a lot about me! I will definitely need to read more about Vulcan and Mars.

  17. Dear Jessica:
    I love the website changes. Saturn should bring results, good, bad or ugly. I wonder what Virgo will get? Housing is such an issue. No one is more diligent than I and I am suffering so much. DOB 09/08/1974 , 7 pm. St Paul, Minn. Your prediction of Aug 26th WAS spot ON!!! Respect.

    1. Thank you for that – I will pass your compliment onto my webmasters. And glad the prediction worked for August 26th. Your issue with housing will bring you to a real milestone choice, November or December. Trust 2017 to be easier than 2016 ever was and by 2019 you’ll be so happy with home.

  18. Hi Jessica: I feel as though you are my guru..:) What is going on with energies for Gemini? My poor daughter is a Gemini & her Boss is a Gemini..Since January 2016, he has been angry, upset all the time, never happy, verbally abusive, etc. She is such a hard worker & a professional. Yesterday he exploded like WWIII..with everything. Today took a turn for the worst. Not good. This guy is not well liked, verbally abuses other people, has had complaints from other Managers to HR. She has become his scapegoat..others know what she is going through. She is worried about her job. What is going on with Gemini?? What energies are causing all this chaos for 9 months?

    1. I like the Hoodoo Gurus, I must admit (my friend Marshall is their Tour Manager) but I would really not like to be a guru. So, Gemini issues? That is really not surprising, as the Gemini who takes on the opposition in 2016, 2017 is asking for a lot of difficulty. I am so sorry your daughter is going through it. He will ultimately pay the price for this, okay? In fact he is probably deeply unhappy about it now. A choice will be made by both of them at the end of November. The worst is over by Christmas and 2017 is easier than 2016 ever was. She should not buy into this, nor make enemies, if she can possibly avoid it. I am glad it is with HR and wish you and she the best.

  19. Thank you soooo much Jessica for your site,Question,please,i’ll be 73 years old this December 4th,I do feel the saturn return,is it easier the 3rd time around?My pisces moon,says,thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. The Saturn Return is always much easier second and third time around, because you learned from what went down when you were aged 28-30 and again, aged around sixty. Your Pisces Moon is in an interesting space at the moment with Neptune, Salacia and Chiron passing through – good time to meditate, dream and work with your inner space – as long as you keep your feet on the ground, of course.

  20. Dear Jessica, I really love your inspiring work. Though being a Libran (15/10/74 Germany) I cannot see positve aspects. A job prospect did not work out. My try to find a new field of work is ending up in a penalty I will not be able to pay. My current job seems to detoriate. There is a law suit with my family? The only positive aspect is a trip to my paternal family I have not been there all my life? Does my chart show anything that promisses an independent life where I can live on my work? Thank you for an answer. I am feeling hopeless right now.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. Please don’t feel hopeless. You are a Sun Libra person going through Neptune in your Sixth House of work which often leaves people feeling all at sea. You will be able to find a way through this, with the penalty and also other jobs. You actually need to clear your head and make a list. Feeling out of your depth, or floundering, is a common problem with this cycle which is quite hard to manage. The answer is to get everything on a piece of paper in front of you. You need to be quite practical about work and seperate dreams from reality. Try to leave one kind of work that is a total fantasy, even if you don’t get paid for that (or paid much). That will take care of the Neptune cycle. The rest of your work really has to be quite tightly controlled and disciplined, in this job or another. The trip to your paternal family will change your life. It is the beginning of a long cycle, Christmas 2016 through 2020, which transforms the way you think about home, belonging, homeland, relatives and the rest. Dig deep in your family tree on your father’s side too.

  21. Thank you Jessica in regards to the Gemini energies & my daughter, her Boss. Mwah! Most it I already knew. I just was not clear & could not get a clear reading of those energies! He is not the type of person that would regret anything. HR has sited with him, which is what was so shocking! But again, I wasn’t surprise, especially with him being a VP. He continually berats others on both personal & job matters & no matter what she does, he always finds something wrong. Very negative person…My daughter has always stayed respectful, professional towards him & will continue to do so. She made the decision to get out of the company & look for another position which will probably be a positive! Love from Northern California as we await this important election on Tuesday! With another release of a letter from FBI Director, Comey coming out today to say there was no wrong doing with Hillary on emails & he still stands with his July 2016 decision, has upset so many. Moving forward, even though we here in the US cannot take this wierd campaign for granted because of Trump, I know that come Wednesday, we will have our first woman President. Thank you again! I enjoy your site so much! Best to you always! xx

    1. Thank you. Mr. Gemini has a truckload of instant karma so just know that. Clever daughter. I am sure you will all be glued to the television and internet there in Northern California – where the action is. The whole world will be. What an election. Unforgettable!

  22. So, the unthinkable has happened: President Trump. A massive vote for change, I guess. I’m still shell-shocked!

  23. Hi Jessica
    My Mercury is at 17o Virgo. My Ascendant is at 1.59 and Uranus at 13.03 Gemini. Can you predict anything for me at the crucial time of end November early December 2016?
    Thank you Jessica.
    Kind regards

    1. I don’t have your chart in front of me, unfortunately, and I am missing over 75% of what I need to know. In general, though, the opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius to your Uranus in Gemini is about learning, slowly, what it means to communicate, no matter if you do that mostly on the worldwide web or not – and really looking at your speech, hearing, writing, and so on – the basics – before looking at the actual communication issues which are broader for you, perhaps in education, projects, social media – or even with people whose way of connecting with you is the real issue.

  24. Worried about a President Trump world. Afraid for citizens here in the USA and world. What do the stars say?

    1. I am hearing that a lot on this website at the moment. I am going to look at the United States horoscope in a special feature for all of you who are asking. Thank you.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    Your historical analyses are fascinating.

    Looking ahead in terms of long term national or global impact, what will the Uranus transit through Taurus mean? Thank you.


    1. Thank you CG. One of the problems that the world will have to solve from 2018 is the recent push towards cash-free living in India and Australia. Banks have seen the future and they want to run that agenda. Actually, this wholly digital currency idea is not new, but it is going to be troublesome. We’re likely to see people power rebelling against the banks and there may be any number of currencies-within-currencies from 2018 and any number of ‘rebel’ markets or shopfronts online. It will be exciting and liberating but it’s also going to spell trouble for the banking system.

  26. You must get asked this a lot Jessica, but it is so depressing seeing what the current POTUS is doing. Will peace and justice be restored in the US soon?

    1. I do get asked this a lot, but it’s fine. Yes, equality will end up ruling America by the time Jupiter in Libra has done its work in October. At the moment what we are seeing is the world coming together to oppose the unfair treatment of people based on their gender or nationality. (That is putting it mildly). In every corner of the world, from small countries to quite large nations, we are seeing a unity that actually could not have happened any other way. This unity is very important as we will need it, in the fight against climate change. Jupiter (expansion, improvement) in Libra (equality) always wins in the end. I do trust Jupiter no matter how much darkness we have seen lately. The world is slowly starting to hold hands with itself.

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