Your Pisces Birthday Horoscope 2017-2018

Happy Birthday Pisces. You will be travelling or moving, more ambitiously than you have for 12 years, after October.

Happy Birthday Pisces. You will be travelling or moving, more ambitiously than you have for 12 years, after October. By 2018 you will be calling this relocation or journey one of your best yet, as it educates you about culture, history and belief systems which are foreign to you. Your map will expand your mind will expand. Now let’s look at your friendships, your social life, your social media and the groups you belong to.

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34 Responses

  1. Dear Jessica
    Thank you. I am 50 this March and feel lighter for just reading this forecast.

  2. Hi Jessica

    I am Pisces born on 1st March

    Can you tell me my future financial prospect as am worried about finance.

    1. The craziness of your money situation since 2011 will stop from May 2018 as like all Pisceans, you have been living with Uranus (erratic, unpredictable, destabilising) in your Second House of debt, cash flow and the rest. Please do not worry as not only is this cycle gradually drawing to a close, with Jupiter in Libra in your Eighth House of ‘other people’s money/houses/possessions/apartments’ you are in a fantastic position to save money this year, or actually make it. In fact, you already have a couple of opportunities staring you in the face. Did you take them? Are you working on them?

  3. Jessica, I purchased a 2017 horoscope and am trying to post on the forum (the 2016 Aquarius one as others have been doing) but have been unsuccessful so far. Could not reach support either. Would appreciate your help! Thanks

    1. Probably best to hit Support for that but I have just finished answering all the questions for March, in the old forum – I will check again in a few days to see if there are any late questions, although I have to hop on a plane now (Monday) and fly to Ireland!

  4. I am exploring an option to stay in a distant town with my son, with the hope that it will fulfill some of his needs(he is a special child, born August 11, 2003, at 7:05 am , 19.0760° N, 72.8777° E). Will my piscean moon help in anyway? Any other chart factors? I am nervous about this huge step but desperate to give him a happier life. My husband(april 10,1974) will stay back at our current location due to his career but is supportive of any decision needed to be taken.

    1. Your Pisces Moon is not relevant to the situation, but your Taurus solar chart certainly is. There is old family karma here, which will begin to reveal itself from May, when the Nodes change signs. From May 2017 until 2018 you will be able to use old, good karma which supports you, so it looks as though the issue here is not so much your husband, or your child, but perhaps your own parents, your husband’s parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and so on. The distant town you mention, or your ultimate location after May, will also hold karma for you from this lifetime or another. In fact it may all feel very familiar to you, as if you are experiencing deja vu.

  5. HI Jessica,

    Thank you for all your great insight.

    My birthday is coming up on march the 5th and it seems that I will have transit Jupiter conjuncting my natal Pluto for a while which will also be in opposition to transiting Uranus. Could you perhaps shed some light on what this may mean? I have a feeling this may be a big transformational year for me.

    Thank you!

    1. Happy Birthday. Yes, your Pluto at 23 Libra will be under transit from Jupiter making the conjunction and Uranus making the opposition. It is a year of huge transformation, reshaping the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partners. You tend to control love, or take over relationships. That is Pluto. You can be passionate, obsessive and rather powerful. This is one part of you which is long overdue for a bit of work, and so you are going to find that you are the ‘clay’ which needs reshaping as much as the nature of the relationship itself. It will be beneficial, challenging, rewarding, confronting all at the same time and it will take most of this year.

  6. Jessica,
    With 22 degrees Sun Pisces hitting the full moon 22 degrees, March 12, where should I look for D day in my life, please? Any insight would be very much appreciated –

    1. You have the Sun at 22 Pisces in the Twelfth House. You shine when you operate behind the scenes, unseen and uncredited. You can be proud of your invisible efforts, when it all goes well for you. The U2 song She Moves In Mysterious Ways is very appropriate for you – I happen to be in Dublin today so the band is on my mind! Your Sun in Pisces in the Twelfth House is also about mystery, privacy and the unconscious mind. The soul, the spirit and the astral body. We associate this with mediumship, astral travel, psychology (particularly Jungian psychology) and clairvoyance. Uranus and Jupiter are both aspecting your Sun, so this part of yourself is being brought to life by other people, other organisations or other trends. That’s the understatement of the year, actually. Time to explore ‘invisible me’ or ‘my hidden world’ in a breathtaking, radical new way.

      1. Thank you for this gift of explaining this in a simple fashion, it will be significant in my next decisions.

  7. Hi Jessica

    I have a lot of Pisces in my chart and my Sun is Pisces 8. Most of my career is creative and behind the scenes. I am usually not the face of it but can you tell me if there’s some recognition or promotion in the horoscope? Thanks!

    1. Your greatest success in 12 years begins in the final quarter of 2018 and by 2019 you will have found tremendous satisfaction with one role or project. You are living out your Pisces Sun in the Twelfth House destiny very well by operating behind the scenes.

  8. Dear Jessica,

    I’ve got both Sun and Venus in Pisces (also Mercury and Aesculapia), 6 factors in Libra, and 4 each in Aries and Capricorn, I must finish my study this year, and hopefully making some pathways towards publishing, can you see there is any area I should watch out for, or need to focus on, to help me reaching my goals? I’ve had a very difficult year last year, also many obstacles in the past 5-6 years, I’m hoping to start on more level roads ahead.
    Thank you so much for your time and wisdom, and wishing you a very rewarding year ahead.
    With kind regards

    1. Thu, you have a Sagittarius stellium so of course you are a natural student and you also want to be published. You had a difficult year last year because Saturn (slow, stuck, sombre situations) was in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, which rules academia and also the world of books and ideas. We now continue to Christmas 2017 with the last stages of this cycle, yet your reward will come when Jupiter (abundance,opportunity, growth) moves into Sagittarius from the final quarter of 2018 and most of 2019.

  9. Dear Jessica

    I have Sun in Pisces at 9 degrees and Rx Pluto in Libra and Rx Saturn in Scorpio. Does this make relating to others with Rx in same planets easier or more difficult? What does having major planets Rx mean for that person? Thank you.

    1. Retrograde planets aren’t obvious until you have a cycle where they’re triggered, then you realise that you are holding yourself up/getting in your own way, which is always interesting! Pluto at 29 Libra will be transited by Jupiter at 29 Libra later this year, and you’ll notice it most in September-October. That’s when your need to take/take over (Pluto) with your former, current or potential partner (Libra) will go back and forth for a while. You’ll learn by watching yourself, watching yourself!

  10. Hi Jessica, I think my last comment must have gotten lost. I’m a Pisces but I have a huge stellium in Aries. Would Uranus in Aries be why my life has been turned upside down and inside out over the last few years? I do feel that I am fundamentally a very different person these days, older and wiser…I guess you could say it has been character-building! Forced relocation, relationship strain, concern for children’s health, isolation from family and friends – things are improving but it has been quite emotionally bruising. Finances have been hit particularly hard hit (GFC) and I think I read in another post that Piscean charts generally, finance-wise, were triggered by Uranus.

    1. Yes, Uranus in Aries is one of the reasons your life has turned upside-down, as it has been conjunct, or sitting on, your Aries factors for many years. The main impact here has been upon your role, image, name, identity and/or appearance. Ceres, Fortuna and Psyche were triggered in Aries and actually you still have a way to go – yet from May 2018 you can say, everything is over and done with and the new you will be well and truly complete. As a Sun Pisces you are in a fantastic financial position, now through October, so focus on what you have to save or gain.

  11. Hello Jessica,

    Want to say thank you for amazing readings. Sometimes I have a feeling that you are actually talking about my personal chart. Great job!!!
    I had a lot of changes in my life from 2011, traveled, studied, got a new job…I am trying to pursue my PhD…are there any chances that something like that will open in the coming months?
    Descendant in Pisces, ascendant in Virgo , 10th March 1977

      1. Hi Jessica, sure my Sun is in 19 Pisces (59’19”), Moon in 26 Scorpio (18′ 66″) Ascendant in 20 Virgo, Mars in 22 Aquarius, Jupiter 25 Taurus and Saturn 10 Leo. Thanks

        1. You have a classic Virgo-Pisces opposition in your chart. The other crucial factor here is Saturn in Leo – karma from 1999, 2000 is coming back and it will affect how you see the role of children/younger people in your world. The cycle begins in May.

  12. My birthday was Monday March 13, 22 degrees Piseces , my partners are being quiet, coy and secretive this last two days, with Uranus crashing my life since 2011, and 22 degrees Aries coming on strong, are the significant surprises in my emotional partner and financial partners slowing up, are still running erratic at best, your response is appreciated – descendant Pisces, Virgo Ascendant 8 degrees .

    1. Actually, Zell, the surprises you’re talking about with Uranus transits are far more about your finances. You are in a cycle when the last thing you expect to hear, comes your way – forcing you to say ‘NO’ to who or what you don’t want. This sets you free. The independent new direction will work for you.

  13. Hi Jessica, there seem to be positive developments possible for Pisces, especially during the months October, November and December. I’m really curious what those months hold for me and where I should be focussing on by then. Thank you!

    1. A huge opportunity for healing, help and improvement with your money, business or property will come as Jupiter crosses Saturn in your Eighth House, with October and November 2017 likely to be the big shift months. I know this has been a very tough area for you, emotionally and psychologically, but you will find you turn a very big corner then.

  14. Hello,
    I’m posting this under Pisces even though my husband is an Aquarian because this month has been a roller coaster. He was fired from his computer job on 3/3 due to corporate HQ in Spain eliminating his position. He seems to literally be living out the daily astrology! He is a 1 degree Aq with Mercury in 19 Aq and Midheaven 12 Aq. He also has Aries at 22, which I think affected the 3/3 astrology. Interestingly, he looks so much better since the firing (ruddy cheeks) but we relied on his income. Please advise about astrology for a new position. He was an actor in a “former life” and so I have made a gentle nudge about him maybe becoming a voice actor. Thanks for any info!

    1. Clever you. He could easily look at voice acting, but not yet – you’re a little too early, though your instincts are right. From May 2018 for many years, though, it could be quite an exciting path for him to follow. I am sorry about the stress of the situation for both of you, but in general, he has the best career trends in 12 years starting in October 2017 (this will probably be for the computer job, not so much the radical change that voice acting would involve – but he should be open to everything). It’s interesting he looks physically better/different since the firing which would be the Aries 22 transit. His professional prospects are excellent. Jupiter (opportunity, solutions) moves into his Tenth House (Scorpio) in his solar chart in seven months, so he could even pick up a new position sooner, but find it escalates into something bigger, later on. I also suspect long-term, he could easily teach or retrain, thus becoming the teacher or the student, for some or all of the time – and that would be very exciting.

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