The UK Labour Astrological Chart

Have you ever seen so many factors in Aquarius, the sign which rules brotherhood and sisterhood? The community? Friendship?

I have never seen an astrological chart quite like this (below), for a person – or a political party. Have you ever seen so many factors in Aquarius, the sign which rules brotherhood and sisterhood? The community? Friendship? It is set for that historic day when the Labour Party acquired the name we know today – February 15th 1906. We don’t have a time, so we’re using 12.00 noon. Just look at this photo. It’s a game of Spot The Woman, natch, but apart from that – this is a proper bunch of Aquarian types. This photograph was taken at Farringdon Street in a snapshot which shows us a horoscope being born.


UK Labour Party 600x371 - The UK Labour Astrological Chart
UK Labour votes for a name and gets a horoscope.



What you can see below is Proserpina, Chiron, the South Node, Mercury, the MC (Midheaven), Sun, Venus and Panacea all in Aquarius, all in the Eleventh House, using the Natural House system. Remember Tony Blair and New Labour? That all happened when the slow-moving outer planets, Neptune and Uranus, were also in Aquarius, triggering the chart. Historic.



UK LABOUR PARTY CHART 600x563 - The UK Labour Astrological Chart
The UK Labour Party astrological chart.



Can this astrological chart show us a comeback? It can show us David Miliband, brother of Ed Miliband, who is currently in America – but could easily replace Jeremy Corbyn if not now, then in the years ahead and take Labour to power. We don’t have a birth time for David Miliband, although there has been some fascinating discussion about his horoscope, and the relationship with his brother, by The Astrological Association  and my friend, The Oxford Astrologer.

He would be a good natural leader to take Labour back to Downing Street, with his classic Leo placements – the leadership sign. In fact, former Prime Ministers David Cameron, Margaret Thatcher and Sir Winston Churchill all had them too.



It’s always good to check true predictions, so we can make new predictions for Labour. You read this on 23rd August 2016, predicting that Jeremy Corbyn would win the leadership contest.

It was also really clear, peering eight months into the future, that May and June 2017 would be crunch time for Labour. In fact, Prime Minister Theresa May has called an election for June. This was the prediction –

“May and June 2017 will pile huge pressure on Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party in historic patterns not seen in years, but if they can survive that, they can survive anything.  My eyes are drawn to May 2020, when Jupiter stands at 27 Capricorn, ahead of an historic pattern with Saturn at 27 Capricorn in November and December 2020.  It’s a long way off as I write this (four years into the future) but the Labour Party looks like one to beat, in that period.”

If you look at the chart above, you can see why. Labour was born with Jupiter at 27 Taurus in the Second House, which rules the economy, income, wealth and poverty, taxation and the rest. She was ‘born lucky’ with those issues, in fact! In 2020, we are going to see stunning patterns, as transiting Jupiter and Saturn trine natal Jupiter. In 2021 Pluto moves to 26 Capricorn and then in 2022 we have the powerful Pluto trine to natal Jupiter.

People love this party when she runs on pure economic issues. That’s when things work for her. If Labour was a person she would be a philanthropist with a gift for raising millions of pounds for good causes. This is a charitable party.

This stunning pattern triggering Jupiter (good fortune, growth, dumb luck) in the Labour chart, in 2020, is a gift for the party. And who knows what shape the UK will be in then, politically? Plus, this ‘lucky Labour’ pattern is all happening against a background of economic revolution (Uranus in Taurus) and massive change at the top of politics and business (the Capricorn patterns). Labour is going to come rocketing back. With David Miliband, perhaps?




Like so many politicians, David Miliband lacks proper AA data, from birth certificate. All we really know is that he was born on 15th July 1965 – so he’s a patriotic Cancerian. I know that some people dismiss the idea that Sun Sign astrology can be useful with elections, but actually, it’s extremely good for basic prediction. This is a man who wants to radically change his political party from May 2018 and spend seven years revolutionising it, if necessary. It excites him. And he’s ready.

David is a classic Cancerian, as he’s so well-known for the relationship with his brother – the family Miliband fascinates everybody in Britain. What I’m also interested in, is any politician who has Phantom or ‘Ghost Who Walks’ status, because the horoscope for election day, June 8th 2017, clearly shows a perfect sextile from Aesculapia at 27 Aquarius and Uranus at 27 Aries. That’s a comeback from someone everyone had assumed was finished in politics.



ELECTION DAY CHART UK FINAL 600x563 - The UK Labour Astrological Chart
The astrological chart for the UK 2017 General Election



Aesculapia is a symbol of resurrection, rebirth and rescue. In Rome, he was the god you worshipped, if you were dying – and he brought you back to life. He is in Jupiter’s family tree, in modern astrology, which uses the asteroids.

Here we see him in Aquarius – the signature sign of Labour – and he is making a strong pattern with Uranus, the symbol of revolution, independence and freedom – in fiery Aries. This looks like a man who understands the passion for Brexit and can come back from the political ‘dead’ to make it work. I think this newspaper shows us that David Miliband is sufficiently ‘over’ to merit a miraculous Aesculapius resurrection. He didn’t become Labour leader. He didn’t become PM. But it looks like he’ll come rocketing back once this 2017 General Election is over. Now – over to you. Just look at that chart. What do you think?

4947241895 bc18f3c48f - The UK Labour Astrological Chart
The astrology for David Miliband is clear.







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28 Responses

  1. What can I say that hs not already been said. Your comments are just so fascinating.

    I would point out that the voting for officials in Unite, the biggest trade union in the UK, closed on 19th April 2017. The general secretary, Len McCluskey, is standing for relection (he was the chap who backed Ed Milliband against his brother and is now backing Jeremy Corbyn). The result of the elections will be published on 28th April 2017 but if McCluskey is returned I doubt David Milliband will stand much chance of a resurrection.

    NB. Unite was formed on 1st May 2007 – an amalgamation of the Transport and General Workers Union and Amicus. On 2nd July 2008 it merged with United Steelworkers to form Workers Uniting and is now planning an agreement with Momentum (the group of Labour members behind Corbyn).

    It seems to me that the fortunes of the Labour Party are tied to those of Unite. I would be interested in your thoughts.

    1. Thank you. It will be interesting to see if McCluskey is returned. Thank you also for this data on Unite. If we take 2nd July 2008 as the ‘birth’ of this organisation, then we do have a huge link with Labour. Neptune and the North Node are in Aquarius in the chart. In fact, the transiting Node will be back in Aquarius from May this year, so this is fate – karma – a real crossroads. By 2018 Labour will need to make an epic choice about the relationship.

      1. Mc Cluskey has already suspended his main rival so it looks like there is something unpleasant going on. In March this year he gave his pal Corbyn 15 months to turn things around (14 months left) otherwise Unite would cease to back him.

        So, spot on again – it looks as though there will be an epic choice in 2018. Maybe when Corbyn goes, the Labour Party will change the way the leader is selected.

        In the meantime the PLP seems to be rallying around Yvette Cooper, wife of Ed Balls. I suspect the two voices and the two spirits are one. Your words about the phantom still remind me of the last stanzas in the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ – I can’t seem to get the song out of my head:

        Your spirit and my voice
        In one combined
        The Phantom of the Opera is there
        Inside my mind

  2. David Miliband is deeply unpopular in both Britain and in the Labour party (he was Foreign Secretary and implicated in allowing extraordinary rendition on british citizens see That was the reason he lost the leadership election to his brother and why Brits won’t vote for him.

    However, Ed Balls might have a chance at the leadership – he’s a brainy guy who lost his seat at the last election by a whisker and then went on Strictly Come Dancing, with the public falling in love with him and actually paying money to keep him in the show (I recommend going to YouTube and seeing his Gangnam Style dance, it’s a classic). He is genuinely popular in middle Britain.

    Can you do a chart on the Conservatives? Something strange is happening to them in Scotland. They currently have just 1 seat out of 59 Scottish seats, but have surged to 30% of the vote up there from nowhere. The last time the Tories did well in Scotland was in the 1950s, so that might be a ressurection of sorts if they make a comeback there.

    1. Ed Balls is the other name which keeps cropping up, but I was very interested to have my spirit guides confirm David Miliband to me. If not now, then later, he seems likely to become the next Labour leader. I do think that the next election, beyond 2017, could easily work in their favour, based on that old Labour chart. I only wish these politicians had birth times! I will have a look at the Conservatives’ horoscope. It only seems fair!

      1. Ed Balls is a Pisces, as was Gordon Brown.

        I mentioned him only because his Saturn is at 29 Pisces 10, and his Chiron is at 23 Pisces 30, which is close to the Labour party’s Aesculapia at 22 Pisces 27… Ed Balls Jupiter is at 25 Cancer 22, making trines to all the above. And he has Uranus at 23 Virgo 5.

        But he has said he won’t be standing for this election, alas. David Miliband has ruled himself out too. Neither can stand for the leadership of Labour unless they get elected to Parliament.

  3. Hi Jessica – thank you so much for your 2 articles on the current UK situation which I’ve enjoyed reading as usual. I was waiting impatiently for you to comment as you always have something very interesting and apposite to say, but with the time difference between us, it was an even longer wait! I’m hoping Christina will do a post soon as well, in her Astrology of Now series, as she also writes excellent analyses.
    Needless to say I was incredulous when I first heard we were having another vote, ostensibly on Brexit, of course, but with many other “considerations” going on underneath, after all the denials. It would be interesting if you did a piece some time on ulterior motives! This article gives me hope that eventually the UK may come out of its current nightmare (but then again, I am an Aquarian – just!) . I was interested to learn about Aesculapia, and wondered whether he will give me a “rebirth”, too, as my sun is at 29′ 58″ of Aquarius, and yet again I’m unemployed but looking at pursuing a different path. Interesting times ahead for all….keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you. Aesculapia the asteroid is based on the Roman god Aesculapius, and well worth finding by sign and house in your personal birth chart. The family tree goes something like this – Jupiter had a son, and his name was Apollo. Apollo had a son and his name was Aesculapius. The latter rose to become the ‘plague’ god of Ancient Rome and temples – rather like hospitals or healing centres – were dedicated to him. The next time you are in the British Museum, wander upstairs and you will see a lot of very odd plaster casts of limbs and organs. They were offered up to Aesculapius by Romans in search of a cure. Downstairs, you can find a statue of the god himself. He is a very powerful asteroid in our modern family tree!

  4. Funny. The Aesculapian theme has popped up already….
    And I just saw that David Miliband has been working for the International Rescue Committee v Aesculapian…and ‘Thunderbirds’ to be fair). I would imagine his return would mean the preeminence of the PLP part of the Labour Party and Blair-Cameron territory, not the grassroots origins (he recently mentioned Macron in France as an example for him, so centrist-centre right).

    1. Thank you. How extraordinary that The Guardian should have chosen the word ‘resurrection’ to describe Corbyn. It really is one of the key words we have for the asteroid Aesculapia.

  5. Hi Jessica

    Interesting comments there. I don’t want Labour to come rocketing back at all. What I would love to hear from the astrology patterns is the long awaited vibrational change the psychics spoke of for 2012 and which they insist is coming. Wouldn’t that be better? To rid ourselves of these parties for good and hand the power back to the people? We need a new political system, not a rehash of old names and egos. One which totally guts Parliament and replaces it with a true revolution: not a fudged one we are seeing. We need two houses, one for research into issues facing the country, which then puts alternative solutions to the country and then the other house, also elected and filled with independents with no party idealism to carry, who are solely responsible for drafting the legislation the people have voted for. In other words, true representatives and executors of the public will. In Neale Donal Walsch’s book ‘Conversations with God’, he speaks of this massive change within 30 years of his writing his book, which was first published in 1998. 2028 sounds like this could happen, but surely not with a rehashed Labour party nor, indeed, with the same old Conservative elite. Do you think all those Aquarian transits actually foretell what he spoke of? (outlined in his description of how society will work in communities, not governments, and that we will have a sharing world, not a materially minded one.) I love hearing your thoughts about this, because you look in depth at what is happening and make it easy to understand. (Mind you, the portents do make me angry sometimes, haha) Thanks Brad

    1. Thanks Brad. I don’t know any psychic who saw vibrational change in 2012! I’m not so sure about the material in Conversations With God, either – his timing is slightly out, as it is Pluto in Aquarius which will change the way we work and live. That will not be complete until 2043 and I suspect it means communal living, but also the end of the internet as we know it, with many alternative ‘internets’ replacing it. In terms of Great Britain, I think you’ll find that the astonishing events of 2018, 2019, 2020 as we go through the triple Capricorn transit of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will completely restructure the House of Commons and House of Lords. In fact the United Kingdom as we know her today is very unlikely to survive.

  6. Hi Jess,

    I tell you what I think about that chart – I never thought I’d see a bigger stellium than mine. That’s magnificent!

  7. Dear Jessica,
    Can you please let me know when I should cut my hair. I usually wait 3 to 4 months and between every cut and would like to cut it during a growth phase. Can you tell me periods within the next several weeks. The earlier the possible, next week if possible. Thank you so much.

    1. The hair-cutting expert astrologers are sometimes on here. I am not one of them, unfortunately. I believe The Australian Women’s Weekly had a stargazer who knew about those cycles. I believe it’s linked to the Moon – very old lunar lore.

  8. Well folks I say bring on the Green revolution. So much of our energy and time is taken up with the first past the post, two horse race. This is of course our historical context, but the younger generation will I hope look to the Greens.

    Centre right, Centre left, both extremes. That’s the past already.

    Changes to the economic reality of nations and other associated upheavals will undoubtedly change the politics. I think all ‘colours’ are going to merge into one colour Green.

    As time goes on you’ll be looking at the Green horoscope(s)!

    1. I think you are correct about Green or environmental politics. The reason for this is pure synchronicity. Uranus (revolution) goes through Taurus (cattle, pasture, land) from 2018 and we will see a long cycle here, focussed partly on the quality and quantity of the world’s available green space and land. Uranus is also about radical change to values (Taurus) and it may be that as particular nations and their leaders continue to destroy the earth’s ecosystem, we begin to price simple things like fresh air or abundant, clean water beyond gold. Luckily the earth bounces back. And she usually wins, despite what people do!

  9. Ps. it was Labour who presided over the re- instatement of the Scottish Parliament. Donald Dewar himself announced, ” There shall be a Scottish Parliament” . It was designed so that the SNP could not favour from it. However, Labours fortunes perhaps did not synch with Fortuna’s plan. Unless of course her plan was to deliver devolution / Independance for all. Much more in keeping with the roots of the movement perhaps. I see Fortuna in Pisces in the Labour chart – how then do Labour spin the wheel of fortune for others.

    1. Fortuna in Pisces is an interesting one in the Labour party horoscope. Pisces and the Twelfth House are associated with tremendous secrecy, and we link them to MI6 and MI5 as well as more underhand dealings. It does remind me of ‘spin’ which of course goes back to the Blair/Campbell era! The Wheel of Fortune does nothing but spin, and here it is in the rather fishy sign of Pisces.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I hope you enjoyed your recent trip to Ireland.
    Are you going to post your Taurus birthday horoscopes soon?
    Many thanks,

  11. Thanks for such interesting articles (this and the UK election one). Does a ‘back from the brink’ factor need to be a person? Or could it be a group of people – e.g. young voters? May and Corbyn are old, they represent old ways of thinking, and the nation’s agenda seems strongly biased towards ageing baby boomers with power and authority (which I guess is very Pluto in Capricorn??). I was 16 at the time of the 1997 election, and it felt like younger people were represented by a different kind of politician – the type who wanted to woo our rock stars, models and young designers because we – young people – were worth winning over (even if it later turned out to be down to the PR machine). It felt like a completely different energy – now it’s as though the needs of anyone under 40 are irrelevant to politicians, and young voters have given up expecting anything different. I wondered if young people coming back from the brink could set in motion a shift. Weirdly, I’ve found myself feeling almost nostalgic for the Blair era (don’t shoot me!). Yes mistakes were made but at least it felt like the whole country wasn’t being rigged entirely in favour of wealthy retired people…

    1. I understand what you are saying about younger voters. Tony Blair tried very hard to woo them, as I’m sure you remember – pursuing not only Oasis but Blur as well. The position of Aesculapius/Aesculapia in the chart is really about Labour, because we associate Aquarius with groups which try very hard to level out the differences between rich and poor, male and female, working class and upper class – and so on. Thus it would seem that Labour itself comes back from the dead, or more likely, the Milibrother everyone had assumed had gone forever! Let’s watch, though. If you are right then I will be very intrigued – thank you.

  12. I presume the ‘Tarot’ article is now closed. I know this isn’t the correct place but I would really like to ask a question about one of the cards.

    When I looked at the ‘magician’ I thought and wrote that it was the Dalai Lama. Now I think it is the Karmapa – who is very close to the Dalai Lama and lives near him at Dharamsala. Some believe he will be the next spiritual leader of Tibet – though obviously not as a reincarnation or remanifestation of the Dalai Lama.

    So here’s the thing. I have just heard that (India and visas permitting) the Karmapa will be giving talks and empowerments in London on the 20th and 21st May – his first ever visit to the UK. It is very exciting.

    Both the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa are Cancerians – with the latter born on the 26th June 1985 at 7am (according to the website

    He will be one of the most significant figures in the world in the first half of the 21st century. I would be so interested in your views on his birthchart.

    Many thanks

    1. This page is very much open so please feel free to comment. The hive mind continues! That’s so interesting about His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I had not even factored him in but perhaps this is part of the timing. I will look at his chart in more detail when I have a moment – if the birth time is AA rated and there is no confusion about it, then we should definitely have a closer look!

  13. I sincerely hope you are wrong about Miliband D, as it will mean the hopes of millions will be wrecked. That prospect is enough to make me reconsider being on this earth Im afraid. Would you be able to check out the horoscope of someone called Richard Burgon? He is a left wing Labour MP who I think would be a good unity candidate.

    1. Politicians are notoriously hard to find reliable birth data for, but if you can dig up Mr. Burgon’s I will have a look at the chart. Thank you.

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