Astrology, Tarot and Trump

In September 2017 we have a repeat of the same Watergate horoscope patterns we saw in 1974.

In September 2017 we have a repeat of the same Watergate horoscope patterns we saw in 1974.  Using the Tarot cards created by Pamela Colman-Smith with Arthur Waite I turned up one card (bottom of page) which clearly shows an eclipse. The real thing can be seen in a Twitter image of the Trumps. In this story about Astrology, Tarot and Trump I’ll look at the whole prediction. I  hope this helps you with your own horoscope and Tarot readings – in seeing how it all works.

The Ace of Swords

Transiting Pluto at 16 Capricorn will conjunct America’s Ceres at 16 Capricorn in September. This can only happen every 240+ years. In September 2017 America will experience a power struggle in the White House and someone could easily take Donald Trump’s job. Just look at that card (right).


Astrology and the USA – What Next? | Jessica Adams

On 18th February 2017 I predicted that September 2017 would be a possible Watergate moment for Trump. If you are curious please click on the link to read the original story.  The United States of America was ‘born’ with the North Node at 16 Leo, South Node at 16 Aquarius and Ceres at 16 Capricorn. On August 9th 1974 when Richard Nixon quit, Jupiter was at 16 Pisces, triggering the pattern. It wasn’t the only trigger but it was important. America has karma left over from the removal of King George III as her monarch. The karmic pattern – the removal of any ‘King’ – usually the President – is something we have seen throughout White House history.

That Other August Eclipse and Trump

Eclipses conceal they never reveal. They blind us to the truth. Everyone in astrology and the media was distracted by the drama of the 21st August Great American Eclipse. There was another eclipse just before it that concealed a rift within the Republican Party which could easily topple Trump if someone is brave and ambitious enough to seize the crown.

The Eight of Cups

That eclipse fell on 7th August, 2017 at 15 degrees of Leo and Aquarius. Right on America’s North Node at 16 Leo and South Node at 16 Aquarius. I mentioned the nation’s karma, created when King George III was defeated.  That’s a trigger. But – what about Trump’s destiny?

This is the Eight of Cups which shows that August 7th Eclipse. If you look carefully you can see Trump with his trademark dyed hair, wearing his favourite colour – red – departing the scene. He is alone. What is this card saying to you, when you read it in combination with the first card?

In September 2017 an ambitious rival could easily take Trump’s job if he or she can turn the dream into a reality. If this does happen it will be sudden, aggressive and split the Republicans. Even if nobody takes the chance to swipe the presidency,  in September, Trump will still be a man utterly alone. This card shows him leaving his fellow politicians, friends and his family – far, far behind.

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14 thoughts on “Astrology, Tarot and Trump”

  1. Hi Jessica
    I love your website!
    You say the card shows Trump leaving everyone behind…I feel that Melania and Trump will divorce, do you see that? She is so unhappy.
    Thanks for everything x

  2. Does the astrology suggest another civil war in America? Trump seems to be inciting his base more fervently. Do you think his loyal supporters (who tend to be heavily armed) will act violently (en masse) if Trump leaves? Thank you.

    • It’s certainly an aggressive atmosphere we can see in that card – and it’s a smart question, given American’s gun laws. We have astrological pointers to previous civil wars within the US though and they don’t repeat here.

  3. Dear Jessica,

    Given the parallels you draw between now and 1974, I’m wondering if you could comment on planetary positions and transits happening in August/September 2004, and August/September 2017. That period in 2004 was pretty awful for me; and this year is shaping up eerily similar. Appreciate your insights.

    • Liberation can only happen when there is effort and energy put in – and a certain amount of fearlessness. Quite clearly the next 12 months is about understanding why space and freedom can only be achieved by real dedication. The prize is worth it. The alternative is not what anybody wants, so if the price of independence has to be very hard work – so be it. It is also tremendously important that the blinkers or blindfold is taken off. There is nothing worse for us than not only feeling trapped but also being ‘blind’ to life’s rich possibilities! This can work out, I hope it does.

  4. You refer to link to original prediction regarding trump for September 2017 made last February. I do not see the link here.

  5. Hi Jessica, Does the astrology suggest Trump could be replaced by a ‘friend,’ someone who betrays him to take the presidency? It feels like someone else is the puppeteer, allowing Trump enough leeway to believe he’s in control, like pardoning Arpaio, but reining him in too at times. It feels like there’s hidden power there. Does it look like the change that’s indicated will be better for the world? Also do you think Russia is as dangerous as it seems? Also China is rattling sabres too and I don’t think either of them is just posturing, I’d rather be wrong about that. Thanks Jessica.

    • Fascinating interpretation! When you mention friends, my eye is drawn to the scattered group of petals, leaves or lemons in the Ace of Swords card. This feels like it could be a huge ‘strike’ from someone in the group, and it may well involve a friend. Of course it is potential – the person concerned has to realise wishing won’t make anything happen. But in September (very close now) we are going to see just how it unfolds.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    It’s funny I can think in my head the question I want to ask, but don’t know how to ask it. Lol. So, regarding Karma, when people do something that hurts another person, they create Karma. How much Karma ? My husband cheated and lied about it for several years then went and hired an attorney and had me served one night after dinner. He found out about the ten year rule. We were sitting on the couch, he was holding my hand. That should be worth a couple of lifetimes. Anyway, was I experiencing Karma and he creating? If so how do you know when your done experiencing it. My birthday is Feb 4, 1966. 9:35pm. His is Aug 12, 1968. I am extreamly depressed at this point. I can’t seem to move forward.
    Thank you

    • E, depression is an illness and I can see exactly why you would have it – but like any illness, I hope you have taken this to a doctor. You might also want to look at the Black Dog website which I recommend to anyone who is feeling depressed. You don’t say if you ever had children or not, but his karma between now and 2019 will involve heavy debts regarding the children he fathered, or the children who were never born at all. You are far more important in the scheme of things. You will be around students, teachers, writers, readers – the world of books, education, knowledge – by August 2018. It is very important that you reach for what you can have. it is time for you to educate yourself, no matter if you do it through a course, or just by spending ‘me time’ with people who can teach you something. This may be spiritual knowledge or something as basic as learning Spanish. You may go up and down with it, but try to hang in there because it will change your life.

    • Thank you for letting me know. It seems the Tarot is giving us the core truth about Trump. Vanity Fair also just reported that Facebook and Kushner are under investigation for #TrumpRussia. September 2017 was always going to be the month, according to astrology. Watch and wait for #WatergateTwo.

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