North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

The North Node in Cancer 2018-2020 will bring back the past, if you have Cancer factors in your chart. Your family tree, home town, homeland, house, apartment, land, household as it was in 2000-2001, 1981-1983, 1962-1964, 1944-1945 (even before you were born) is coming back to you. Why? Karma. Closure!

The North Node describes karma and closure. When the North Node goes into the family sign, Cancer, on Tuesday 6th November 2018, it remains there until May 5th, 2020. If you have Cancer factors in your personal birth chart, then the North Node will cross them, or conjunct them. This is your chance to complete things that were unresolved in 2000-2001, 1981-1983 or as far back as 1962-1964 and 1944-1945. This goes deeply into your family tree roots and foundation. What does it mean for you?

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33 thoughts on “North Node in Cancer 2018-2020

  1. Hi Jessica,
    With Diana at 29 Cancer, (and I feel it in my very bones – left a relationship that wasn’t true to me and raise 2 children on my own) it looks like I’ll be going thru some more changes!
    Just wondering if you have any tips for me on how to work with the other factors I have to really take care of mine and my own in this cycle? Ta in advance x

    • The South Node at 11 Cancer and Diana at 29 Cancer in your chart will both be slowly crossed by the transiting North Node in Cancer, starting in November 2018, and taking you right through 2019 and 2020. You feel Diana in your chart because you raised two children on your own, opting to be free and independent rather than chained to a dishonest relationship. The transiting South Node will cross Diana first in November 2018 so you may be taken back 19 years into the past, or even further back, into past lives – and it will be very much about your immediate family, but also the family tree as a whole on both sides, taking you back down the generations from grandparents outwards. This strongly suggests karma on your mother or father’s side as there is unfinished business and a great need for closure. When the South Node crosses your North Node you will have a distinct replay of the same issue which has been with you your whole life, and probably into past lifetimes too. For more on this look up the Fourth House on Search and also the North Node and South Node.

  2. Hi Jessica! I just went to my calendar to log the north node entering cancer on November 6th and noticed that it is election day in the United States. Hmm- changes of some kind for the country? Interesting!

    • I am having a Homer Simpson ‘Doh!’ moment at this news. Thank you so much. Of course it’s election day, and of course the Node is changing signs. Actually what we are seeing is the North Node going into Cancer, the sign which rules property, family and patriotism – and the South Node going into Capricorn, which as my friend Susan Miller already pointed out, is the dominant Sun sign of so many people at the White House. Karma time.

  3. EEk I have a lot of cancer in my chart and I was born in September 1945 with a father I never knew which caused a lot of tension between my mother and myself ! Very complicated !

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I have the North Node in Cancer & the 4 earlier periods hold a significance for me, all related to family & homes: I was born in 63 & moved into a new home in 64 where my brother was concieved, born 1 june 65 My mother was born in 8 aug 44 & moved into a new home in 45. I moved into my first home as an adult in 82, sold a home in 2001 & returned for a bit to live in the place where I grew up & where my mother & brother still lived. A highly unfortunate move, as the 3 of us ended in a conflict & eventually went no contact.

    The aftermath has been gruelling to say the least, as the rest of the dysfunctionl clan (led by a matriarch born in Cancer btw), got involved. Now & f i n a l l y I find myself in a place, mentally speaking, where I feel able to start a new chapter & let the past go for good. The very last thing I need to be happening is having to revisit that bundle of horrid trauma, but giving the significance of the ealier mentioned periods, I’m thinking I might need to brace myself for more to come? I have of course given thought to the upcoming conjunction of the nodes in my chart, & given my current frame of mind, it would be ever so lovely for that event to also sparkle with delight in some way. Maybe leaving the past for good is the delight to come?

    • That is very interesting about your North Node in Cancer in the Fourth House and your family change and property move in 1964 – to start with. You knew your brother in a previous existence and he may not have been your brother! When you say that you have a conflict with him that would fit. You won’t need to revisit the trauma but you will achieve closure and it will probably happen quite naturally and organically around you, from November until you reach the end point in 2020. Each time the Nodes rotate like this it becomes easier, because you know it so well. The fact that your mother was born in 1944 is the other clue here. Karma with the Nodes tends to work, despite us. So we might move on, and wash our hands of particular people or even places, but fate has an odd way of chasing us until we can forgive – perhaps – or play our role in other ways. There is usually a feeling of wholeness or ‘rightness’ about a Node cycle right down to the end when it is hovering close to 3, 2, 1 degrees of the sign, before quitting for another 19 years. It is entirely possible that you and your brother have soul contracts (during the lives between lives) and who knows, your mother too. Exactly what those soul contracts were is another question. The author Caroline Myss has written and broadcast on this and that may be useful!

      • Thank you Jessica, I’m intriqued! – Regarding my brother, yes I’ve often thought I knew him in an earlier existence, the energy between us have always been loaded in a very intense, negative way. His envy of me in childhood eventually turned into hate & the vendetta he launched against me, is the main reason for going no contact to protect myself as he will stop at nothing. There is of course much, much more to the story & as I don’t expect anyone to ask for forgivness as patterns of denial & pride runs very deep, my focus have been on letting go & find my peace with it somehow.

        I am grateful to know the closure will happen naturally & organically. You say the other clue is that my mother was born in 1944. I don’t know what that means, is it related to the nodes, as hers are also cancer/capricorn? Or the fact that she is now 74; when she dies & my brother inherits the bulk, he might finally leave me alone for good.

        Anyway, – I’d like to share a couple of interesting tidbits to this story: A clairvoyant once told me that I had twins in a previous life & he could have been one of them. -I married an Australian, whose brother has the same birth date as mine; what are the odds of that?! ( & he too, caused me a lot of harm) – An Australian clairvoyant actually warned me against the latter, but as she wasn’t able to pinpoint the person, I mistook it to be about my brother.. maybe it was both?

        -The other members of the family, sister, mother & father also shares birthdays with members of my family, albeit not the same year. Oh, and finally, my mother & grand grand mother (born 1884) shares the same birthday too.

        Pardon the long reply, but the topic of being connected with others in previous lives/in between lives, comes close to mindblowing. And thank you for recommending Soul Contracts by Caroline Myss. I will dive into that one.

        • The inheritance is the key, because it is about so much more than the money, the possessions or the home. Your mother is tied into the karmic pattern because of her year of birth. It does sound as if the birthday patterns in the family suggest karma too. So this is quite a tapestry you are all woven into, and although it is not the time (at all) to think about your mother’s passing, getting real about the will and also your brother is not a bad idea this year. It would be easier while Jupiter is in Scorpio than at any other time. Do find Caroline’s book – I think you’ll get a lot out of it, even if you just borrow it from your local library.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for sharing your insights. I really enjoy your articles and you have taught me so much. I have north node at 8 cancer and was wondering if you had any guidance for me. I have a few major things going on in my life. I’ve been given new responsibilities at work and I’m trying to balance work and family life. I recently became the legal guardian of my grandson who will be 2 on August 17. He has been living with me for over a year. Also, i have been separated from my husband for almost 3 years but I haven’t made the decision to file for divorce. He says he has changed but I’ve heard that before. I was trying to look at the picture but I have a few stellums and it is confusing me. I also and that I had four factors in Virgo during the 1982 eclipses. I would appreciate anything you can tell me by looking at my chart. Thank you!

    • Thank you, I am pleased to know that. There are a few things going on here. You are now the legal guardian of your grandson, who is two years old, and you were born with Ops at 28 Leo. The process began when the North Node (karma) crossed 28 Leo in your Fifth House of younger faces. It was meant to be and you may have known each other before in another incarnation in different roles. You have not made the decision to file for divorce – this is really your Neptune at 17 Scorpio in the Eighth House of joint finances and your Ascendant (image) at 20 Scorpio. When Jupiter (the answer, the opportunity) crosses 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 this year, you will have easily your best chance in a long time, to escape from the real world financially, but also make choices about your name, personal brand, reputation, profile and appearance which benefit you. You’re coming closer to this all the time and in fact, the Jupiter-Neptune trine at 15 Scorpio is very close on Sunday 19th August. Put it this way – you only get one Jupiter transit of your Eighth House every 12 years, and it does rule marriage and mortgage, but also divorce settlements. If you are trying to balance work and family, you need to invent a new system and also use your willpower to become empowered. You were born with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of lifestyle, housework, service, duty – and your body, very importantly. You also have your MC and Apollo there. I am sure you do this periodically anyway, but there always has to be a revolution for you, usually involving your food, fitness, drink, drugs, healer, doctor but overall, your regular routine and the way it incorporates work as well as chores. Uranus and Pluto are really about those dramatic overhauls that are dotted across your whole life, actually, and as the Sun will cross Virgo from late August to late September, this seems likely to be the time you can step back from your workstyle/lifestyle and see it from the outside looking in, ready to make quite a drastic change. With Virgo stellium people, God is in the daily details. Especially with a two-year-old!

  6. Hello Jessica!
    I have 2 factors in Cancer (moon & Mars) but I have a stellium in Capricorn. Back in 2000-2001 I was working on my university degree & an unpleasant family situation which ultimately resulted in a strained relationship w/ my sibling. I had my 1st Saturn return while pursuing my advanced degree. I see some coming challenges w/ Cancer house & family; but after yrs of “learning,” hope Saturn in Cap regarding my work/career will be easier/less challenging…(or am I selectively hearing my Neptune in Pisces voice? )

    Can you please take a look at my chart & tell me how the change of Cancer in NN & Saturn in SN will affect me?

    As always, many thanks and many blessings to you.

    • The Moon is at 28 Cancer in your chart, the Ascendant at 28 Libra and the Descendant at 28 Aries. That’s what they call a T-Square and it has delivered tension with the family, going back to 2000-2001. A T-Square is quite unusual. Fortuna at 29 Capricorn is also just one degree away, so that’s close enough to call a Grand Cross. A Grand Cross is always a cross to bear, and you have it because of what took place with the family and your sibling. This is unfinished business and when the transiting (travelling) North Node and South Node slowly go across 29, 28, 27 Cancer and Capricorn you will be sent a fated opportunity to gather up loose ends from the past and weave them into new shape. Hit Search and look up Sacred Geometry. There are ways to deal with a T Square and the Grand Cross as whole. Yet – this is your best chance in years to close a chapter.

  7. Hi Jessica, Just read this article a few times and wondered how it impacts me. I was born in Dec 62 during North node in Cancer. Looking at other dates, had a forced arranged marriage (engagement) during the 1981-1983 period which took 7 years to annul but the best thing I could have done and made my life in the US. Went from affluent with my family to having nothing and then made it on my own. In April 2000, I had a job change which lasted 6 months during the dot com crisis and then I moved to a stable job which lasted 17 years. With the North Node in Cancer 29 and 29 at Capricorn and I have major Capricorn factors, and Jupiter in the 4th House, how do you see the North node in Cancer affecting me related to health, family, career, finances. Thanks in advance.

    • The North Node at 29 Cancer and South Node at 29 Capricorn in your chart will be crossed by the transiting North Node and South Node, precisely, from November 2018. The time has come to address old issues about leaving home, and leaving one or both sides of the family tree far behind. You did this when your family arranged your marriage and you rejected that and moved to America. Starting in November 2018 you are going to spend 2-3 years examining every aspect of what it means to come from your particular family, with all its branches, and to have been born into a particular place. Cancer is about roots, heritage, history and culture going back several generations. You don’t have Jupiter in the Fourth House, by the way – in the Natural House system which you’ll see on this website, it’s in your Twelfth House. The Fourth House is ruled by Cancer, which is where we find your Node. You may want to hit Search and look up the Fourth House as it’s where you will experience unanswered questions and unresolved issues about family loyalty, what was done to you – and what you have done to others. There will very likely be real-world, practical issues about your house, apartment, land or property investments. Your Capricorn side is also triggered in a substantial way between now and 2020, and you may want to look up the Tenth House, as the transits of Pluto, Saturn, the South Node and eventually Jupiter and Ceres, will completely reshape your ambition, position and mission over a 2/3 year period.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    I have a stellium in Cancer and currently reviewing living options so this does really feel fitting. Can you share any insights you may have?


    • Krupa, if you have more than three factors in Cancer, they are in your Fourth House, using the Natural House system, which I prefer for accurate prediction. Starting in November 2018 you must revisit what you did about 19 years ago, the last time the Node was there, and figure out what you owe family members, and what they owe you – spiritually. There may also be issues about the house or apartment you had then, the home town or homeland situation. The Node asks you to come full circle and get closure, but also offer closure to others.

      • Thanks Jessica. I have Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Cancer and another stellium in Sagittarius (Uranus, Neptune and South Node). I was around 15 years old then and I wanted to buy a house! I didnt pursue this as I pursued education but I am nowhere to close to buying (at least in London) which is where I currently live.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    My sun is in Cancer and I have other 3 factors in Cancer. In 2001-2002, I decided to emigrate. Now I am debating going back to my native country for personal and professional reasons. So far, things have been rocky especially financially but I keep working hoping that things will improve. The Capricorn oppositions have been a huge detriment with bad strikes coming out of left field.
    What is your assessment?

    • When the North Node crosses 6 Cancer and conjuncts your Sun in the Fourth House of family, home town and homeland – you may well find you go back, or perhaps make an ultimate commitment to stay, if you have already gone over to try things out. It really depends on how you see yourself. If your identity is tied up with your nationality, your heritage, history, culture and family tree – you could easily decide to repeat the past (the last cycle, around 19 years ago) but in a different way, by emigrating back. It really comes down to matters of pride, ego and public profile, all of which the Sun rules. That will be the deciding factor. The more you see yourself in the light of your people and your place, the more you’ll lean back there.

  10. Hi Jessica!
    I went to university in another state in 2001. Didn’t finish & it’s been a huge burden emotionally for me & my family. It actually was thrown in my face on the Aqua Lunar Eclipse July 26th. I’m 35! I wish my family would let it go. I’m about to leave my home state to go overseas. What do you see for me & my family? Mostly me lol.

    Thank you in advance!!

    • You will revisit the university situation as you go through your Nodal Return. The North Node will come around to 3 Cancer in your Fourth House of family, and the South Node will swing around to 3 Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement, as 2018 ends and 2019 begins. This is also the time that you slowly start to move towards your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in the Ninth House of education and academia. You will either go back to school part-time or full-time, or find another way to learn. This isn’t over. You could also easily teach – did you know?

  11. Hi Jessica
    I love your articles/blogs and so I have become a member.
    I have Volcano in Cancer 11 deg and reading up on Volcano – it means how I gain power by willpower – controlling your emotions and impulses with a will of iron, and Cancer means mothers, home, family, home town, country, patriotism, roots, heritage, houses, apartments, home exchanges (I got this off your website). I have just helped my daughter get a home mortgage and I was wondering if this has something to do with Cancer in North Node? Also around the years that you have given in regards to North Node in Cancer, it was always just my daughter and myself and going through hell and back again. So I am hoping that I don’t have to go through that again?
    Can you give me some advice?

    • Thank you. There are two things going on here. A major Leo cycle, which is about motherhood – but motherhood in terms of leading, guiding, mentoring and leaving the legacy of your personality and example to a younger generation. This is about your daughter, whom you helped acquire a home. As you may know we have a lot of Leo weather across 2017, 2018 and so you are actually fulfilling a karmic promise to your daughter, made in your ‘life between lives’ together. No doubt she helped give you a home another time. You have an unusually high Leo count in your chart – Moon 28 Leo, Venus 11 Leo, Uranus 27, Apollo 12, Panacea 23, Cupido 22, Psyche 18, North Node 27. All these planets, asteroids and points are in your Fifth House, which describes how you are Queen to a younger court and lead the line of succession, to secure your throne. You are strongly Leo and may want to read up on that (hit Search) and also the Fifth House. Beyond your daughter there will be other younger faces across your lifetime that you guide, lead and mentor. The return of the North Node to Cancer is much more about family as a whole (your parents, siblings and so on) and the family tree going back across generations. It is also very much about your own house or apartment (not your daughter’s) so there is a subtle but important difference. There is also her father’s side of the family to consider, which of course impacts on your own too. What you will see is the return of familiar themes from last time – but not hell – because you have already been there. Instead you will take all that you learned about life, and human nature, and apply it successfully to an episode that reminds you so much of what you went through with property or family before. The actual karma with your daughter is complete in November. You two have known each other before, although likely not as mother and daughter. You have given and she has received! The wider family and property karma starting in November as the Node changes signs is quite different. The North Node will eventually cross Vulcano in Cancer in the Fourth House of your chart, and yes – you will once again be reminded that real power and strength comes from controlling your feelings – which is exactly what happened last time. Vulcano is rather a formidable and admirable part of you and well worth using. Every time the Node comes around it becomes easier.

  12. Hi Jessica!
    Have been reading this very interesting article and was trying to figure out how it will affect me.,
    I got married in August 2001 ended up in separation in May 2013 . We have a 14 year old boy,15/04/2004.
    Havent got the divorce yet due to some financial issues.
    Also in Jan 2016 my ex ,Sagittarius born in 3 December 1968 moved in my guest appartment cause he was working abroad a lot But since May 2017 he is perminately staying at the guest appartement and started his own financial company.
    Cant help but wondering during 2019 is he going to be able to move out again? Will that cycle between us come to an end?? I Want so much to move on with my life.
    Sorry for the long detailed post!
    And Thanks in advance!!

    • You will be thrilled at a stunning opportunity in November 2018, to travel or travel in the mind as Jupiter in Sagittarius visits your chart. People take ambitious and unforgettable holidays on this cycle, or move. They study, formally or informally. I don’t want you to miss that opportunity because it only comes once every 12 years. It’s the same for your son. There is a chance to relocate here, but also to exchange knowledge. If your birth time is correct, then your DC or Descendant is also 0 Sagittarius, right on your Neptune. No wonder you have boundary issues with this apartment. Hit Search to read all about Neptune. Yet, November brings a chance to draw the line.

  13. Hi Jessica,

    Really interesting and on point as usual. My Jupiter 1 Cancer has become extreme good luck with property, and my Diana 1 Sag is my independence, and the two go hand in hand in many ways since 2000/2001, since the fathers/grandfathers in my life made this possible, both of whom were dog lovers as well, so the dogs played a part, in this gift of freedom and income property. I am in the process of selling a property to bring closure to something family related, as the market has peaked, and it’s time.

    Separately, back in 1981, my biological dad married his 2nd wife, she did not want kids and sort of influenced him out of my life. This was a mixed blessing. The only old issue I can imagine coming back on the node transit would tie in to these two people. I am not looking for contact at this point but crazier things have happened.

    Any thoughts? Thanks for all the learnings and I like your explanations of karma.


    • I would add, with my Vesta in Cancer, I definitely see that as my biological father with his m other, grandmother and sister always protecting him, and then his 2nd wife, sort of a ‘mama’s boy’ with all these women who spoiled him or enabled him.


    • This is fantastic feedback CG, thank you. Astrology is abstract until people give specific examples and this is Jupiter 1 Cancer in your Fourth House quincunx Diana 1 Sagittarius in your Ninth House – to the life. When you have your Jupiter Opposition Jupiter at 1 Capricorn around the same time that the North Node goes to 1 Cancer, you’ll no doubt have another huge property move in your life.

  14. How might this impact me if I have no planets in Cancer, but Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all in the 4th house? I have definitely been feeling something going on with family all year, like there’s a healing going on at the DNA level.

    • You have Ops at 8 Cancer in your Fourth House and Saturn has been hovering around that same degree in the opposite sign of Capricorn. This is really significant as Saturn was Ops’ husband in Roman mythology. Look up Ops and Saturn on Search and also the Fourth House to get a feel for what has been going on. The North Node will enter Cancer in November, as you know, and eventually conjunct your Ops at 8 Cancer too. Ops was also the mother of Jupiter. She is a tremendously important asteroid so try to get to know her.


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