Dating Gemini in Astrology

If you only have five minutes to get to know somebody, their Sun Sign is an excellent guide. With just one piece of information – the date of someone’s birth (never mind the year or time) – an astrologer can draw up what’s known as a Solar Chart.

The Gemini woman is curious by nature, and she feels it is her duty to look more deeply into things in order to correctly diagnose people, problems and life.

The fact is, this Gemini man is philosophical about life and death – and yet inspired by the small things too.

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13 thoughts on “Dating Gemini in Astrology”

  1. Hi, I had in second half of 2015, asked you whether i would succeed in life. And you said yes. Thanks. I am now successful.
    What i would like to know is will i marry the love of my life ? and will my little company take off ? Thanks in advance.


    • Subramanya, I am glad the prediction was right and you are successful. Marriage to the love of your life? The answer to that is really about children. You are lucky to have been born with Jupiter at 13 Leo in the Fifth House of parenthood. You have Mercury at 14 Leo, so you were born with Jupiter conjunct Mercury in the Fifth House – very fortunate. Once you sort out if you want to adopt, step-parent, have a child of your own, or take on a partner’s godchildren, nieces or nephews as your own – you will put out a much clearer message about love, sex and marriage as well. You will have a string of chances your whole life so there is no ‘love of your life’ in terms of one person. It’s just whomever you choose on that amazing chain of possible dates who are out there for you. And it will never stop.

  2. Hi Jessica, this is a very interesting read to me. I have my ASC in Virgo and I always thought all that analyzing, investigating, searching, etc. was my Virgo side. I am surprised to find out it is Gemini actually. Although under pressure I am very quick with the solutions, so that probably is the Gemini in me. I also thought that all that need for freedom and constant movement, was my Sag side, but then I have just been reading your article about Diana, and I have Diana conjunct my Sun.. so I realized it actually might be that. And while already at posting this, the upcoming Virgo New Moon will fall on my ASC within 1 degree actually and I already feel for a few weeks now some energy and the will building up in me to start back exercising on a daily basis and to finally kick myself in the ass (pardon me) and start to work something new and fulfilling. Thank you for everything Jess, you truly are amazing!

    • This is great to know, thank you – the astrology becomes real when I have feedback like this. Have a look at the paintings and sculpture of Diana, the Greek Artemis, online. Google Image search is a goldmine. The more you can see this archetype pictorially, the easier it is to understand just how strongly ‘Diana’ you are and why it matters so much to you, that you have freedom, space and independence.

  3. Wow, Jessica! This rings way more true for me than any other description of Gemini I’ve read. (I’ve got Sun, Merc, Jup & NN in Gem). Even the man part seems true for me, too.

    And…Johnny Depp. Oh. My. I found the whole article & photos of him in that magazine. So interesting a guy (his birthday is the day before mine), and so spot on too with your post.

    Just wanted to say thanks. This feels like I finally found a missing piece.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I would plz request you to kindly look at this 10 June 1969,10pm, India dob Gemini man whom I had met in mid of 2011…all these years it’s been a roller coaster ride with him….lots of waiting, betrayals, hope,
    n still good wishes for each other .. Yes, other women were always involved which created drifts… .but question is despite every now n then our cutting contacts with each other due to circumstances still somehow our relation seems too intimidating n we still connect at a deeper plane…its an intensely strange kind of connection….. To me it’s clear as I know despite all odds I have always loved him n still do so…. But He has confusions on his end… Just wanna know is there by any chance a possibility of our getting reunited as committed partners in future… It’s all so confusing… Nothing seems clear… Plz if u could shed some light on what kind of future we both have in the coming years..Do u see any positive things for us?? . My dob is 28-3-1977, 11:37pm, india

    • You’ve written asking questions before about your love and sex life. This man has betrayed you. You want to get back together. I’m just going to repeat that it’s not about the man, it’s about the children that either of you have – or previous pregnancies that did not go to term. You don’t mention that, but it’s the key issue. There is karma here about parenthood for both of you, no matter if it happened or not, and that is your whole answer. It will not be sorted out fully until January 2019 and the final eclipse. Don’t wait around for that. Get on with your life.

      • Thanks a lot for ur reply Jessica.. Grateful… Yes, children are there… I am a committed mother bt I guess confusion is on his side always…. Yes, u are right he betrayed us then but somehow I feel karma took toll upon him as the other woman turned out to be toxic for him… Today they both do hv a child but still he isn’t happy…..these days somehow he came back as a good friend to me.,,that’s why maybe I got hopeful. … I guess my natal Saturn in fifth house perhaps makes everything all the more difficult for me…..but Jessica I have one query, if u can clear that…few days back I read Saturn always delays never denies… Is that true?? Coz this statement somehow makes me a bit hopeful… I think it’s just a wishful thinking but who knows it better than u? Thanks again for ur reply… I appreciate ur wisdom n help

    • You have Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House so when it comes to business, which Scorpio rules, you may find that you upset your own applecart on a regular basis. You are drawn to situations with money, sales and so on where you invent, produce and create – only to reject what is there. You may also find that people or organisations want to go their own way, independently of you, as Uranus also describes regular revolutions. So, there isn’t a great deal of stability there. It depends on what you want from business! A quiet life is unlikely, I have to say.

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