TAROT TUESDAY! Your September Reading

Premium Members are invited to Tarot Tuesday on the first Tuesday of the month, with special guest, professional psychic Kyra Oser. We'll look at the cards which affect us all for the next four weeks and I will answer as many questions as I can, using the beautiful Tarot deck designed by Pamela Colman Smith under the guidance of Arthur Waite.

Tarot Tuesday – September 2018

Welcome to Tarot Tuesdays. On the first Tuesday of every month, I will get together with my friend and colleague, professional psychic Kyra Oser (pictured) and look at the ‘weather’ in Tarot terms. This climate affects us all, across a seven day period, as seen by Kyra. We first met through her radio show at KKNW when she was gaining a reputation as one of the most trusted psychics in Los Angeles.  What we saw on radio was that special ‘click’ that two clairvoyants sometimes experience where they can share a reading together and piece together the jigsaw from both sides of the picture. As a Premium Member you are welcome to leave comments or questions and as the sun sets on Tuesday in Los Angeles, I will take a look at what I’m seeing, either if you have a query about how to read the Tarot, the meaning of a card – or just your own question. As I am a professional astrologer as well as a Tarot reader, I will look at the horoscope symbols in the famous deck of cards produced by Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite, as part of his work in The Golden Dawn, the British secret society which also included the literati of 1909 – eventual Nobel prizewinner William Butler Yeats and Oscar Wilde’s wife Constance. This is my favourite deck and it is with great pleasure that I announce the first of our Tarot Tuesdays. The Tarot is fascinating. You make your own decisions about your life, of course, as these cards are only for guidance and your individual situation must be decided by you. Yet, the global Tarot weather affecting us all can be a powerful way to help. Kyra is a five-star rated Yelp psychic. Here’s why!

The First Week of September 2018 – The Eight of Wands

Kyra – “The Eight of Wands features staves (creative drive and passion) travelling toward a river (the unconscious mind). Delayed communication, stalled creative projects, and unacknowledged mutual attractions can finally move forward. You may be offered a time-sensitive professional opportunity this week, so accept quickly if you’re interested. Quickened texting and messaging in both casual and long-distance relationships is indicated now. In global news headlines, expect public revelations about deals involving sex or power. I predict a release of evidence on social media about a power exchange between Trump and Supreme Court Justice nominee Kavanaugh. Other headlines will involve environmental inventions, such as fireproof housing and machines designed to recirculate ocean currents.”


The Second Week of September 2018 – The King of Pentacles Reversed

Kyra: “The King of Pentacles wears a grape-decorated cloak, signifying wine and the intoxication of power. Upright, he is a stable employer or benefactor. Reversed, the upside-down bull on his throne represents financial loss due to a bull market turning into a bear.* In your own financial life, this is a good week to revise your budget. If you’ve been experiencing conflict with an older partner or family member, new boundaries can be established now. Global news headlines will feature a prominent male CEO stepping down due to harassment allegations, technology and retail corporations (such as Apple or Amazon) engaging in retaliatory countersuits, and a major economic protest demanding the breakdown of international monopolies. *Please consult with your stock broker or financial advisor regarding monetary concerns and investments.”

The Third Week of September 2018 – The Two of Cups
Kyra: “Soulmates share a sacred exchange in the Two of Cups, protected by double signifiers of health: the spirit of a lion and the staff of Hermes. The lovers’ laurel and rose wreaths represent victory and true love. In business relationships, you could be experiencing an amicable partnership or mutually beneficial contract this week.Romantic relationships are harmonious when this card is drawn. If you’re seeking a partner, the Two of Cups is a vision board in tarot form, assuring you that love is in your future. Global news headlines will focus on a high-profile celebrity wedding (such as Ariana and Pete), artistic achievements of a prominent painter, international peace agreements, and an increased popularity of co-ops.”


The Fourth Week of September 2018 – The Ten of Cups Reversed

Kyra: “The Ten of Cups heralds a time when unconscious dreams meet earthly reality (indicated by a home and family closely surrounding a river). This week’s card is drawn in reverse, signalling an opportunity to explore a renewed appreciation for the loved ones in your life. An attitude of gratitude attracts more to be grateful for. In business, Ten of Cups Reversed asks you to learn more about the talents of people who already work with or for you, as this knowledge will benefit you both.  Entertainment news headlines will feature the separation of a well-known couple. In global political news, scandals, divisions, and firings are set to occur at the highest levels of government in both the US and UK.”


Tarot and the Astrology of 2018 – It’s About Time!

The Tarot cards drawn by Kyra reflect what is going on in your personal birth chart, which you will have by your side on this website if you are a Premium Member. In the first week of September the focus is on the end of Mercury Retrograde Shadow. What was stuck or reversed moves forward at last, and this is true of communication in your life as we’ve seen. In the second week, we are seeing the ‘flip’ effect of Uranus in Taurus, the money sign, which always flips situations around. This is also a message about Jupiter (abundance) in Scorpio (finance and property) – we are waiting for this planet to start working for you. See if you can turn the card the right way around with your mind as a visualisation tool. The third week sees Leo the lion turning up in the heavens and also in the Tarot. Leo rules the Fifth House of sexual relationships, but also connections between the generations, bonding. It is about pregnancy, children, young people and when two generations meet in the middle. The North Node in Leo that week tells you it’s karmic. In the fourth week? More Scorpio weather! This does rule property and household, family and the home, and loved ones. Again, flip the card with your mind’s eye to use creative visualisation to turn things in the direction you want. Now, over to you! 

If you are a Premium Member I will scoop up a random selection from my Tarot Tuesday Comments bag on the first Tuesday of every new month, to work with your personal birth chart and the Tarot itself  – to see how your question is shaping up. If you’re lucky you’ll get two readings. One from Kyra Oser, about your week as a whole, and one from me, about your specific query related to your chart.









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69 thoughts on “TAROT TUESDAY! Your September Reading

  1. Hi Jessica
    Just wanting to write a comment if at all possible regarding ones chart. I have been a frequent reader of your blog and despite congratulating you upon how wonderfully insightful and reflective each beautifully articulated post you produce is to be, I somewhat have come to a state of limbo in regards to interpreting ones personal natal chart. As I am to believe to have overwhelmed myself in my astrology investigation, as I work alone, it would be much appreciated if you could perhaps illuminate me in regards to what areas of my chart may be to best focus upon and bring to light where there may be some difficulties that need attention. Would it be at all possible to offer some support or guidance concerning the areas of ones chart concerning life and career and health at all? Is there anything that you can advise me on? In particular too, is there anything in my chart to suggest that astrology could be a potential path for me to embark upon or something to do with science/philosophy/publishing/blog/business? So sorry for all of my questions but I am worried as I was thinking to enrol onto a university course this year but worry it may not be the right time or too good of a time, I just cannot make sense what feels best, do I forecast to next year? Yet uncertain for what the future brings if I choose to do so? Any support regarding this would be much appreciated indeed if possible =]
    Take care, many thanks for your support and understanding, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you soon with any information of support or guidance you may wish to offer, lots of love and big hugs, love Bea xxx

    • Bea I am replying again because you are saying on Twitter you can’t see my reading. You need to join a group , or get more involved with a group you already belong to, which is Buddhist, Vedic astrology or another Eastern philosophy like yoga. This will bring you great joy in 12 months. You will benefit from studying an Asian and/or Indian related subject. There will be a Christening which is very special involving you, or a symbolic ‘christening’ following the birth of an emotionally rewarding new stage in your life. This may be the birth of a new friendship, relationship or other commitment you make. It looks good.

      • Hi Jessica,
        thanks alot for always offering new services and amazing articles. i was wondering if September will be a good month for me in terms of my love relationship and health ? i had lots of issues with my partner and a health issueas well in previous
        months , how this going to change now if it will.


        • Actually, September is just one more month in your destiny, but the whole of 2019 will change it for the better, as Jupiter (opportunity, growth, expansion, uplifting news, useful life education, gurus, teachers and good fortune) goes into Sagittarius and your Ninth House. You have a stellium or unusually high number of factors in Sagittarius in that house. You’ll travel, move or emigrate at the biggest and best level possible in years if you take the chance which is coming. You will also enjoy some astonishingly good connections with foreign people and cultures, even in your own country. The cycle starts in November. We’re talking about almost an entire year here. Look up the Ninth House on Search – that is your jackpot.

  2. Hi Kyra and Jessica,

    Thank you so much for offering this service. I was just wondering if this month might be a happier time for me, or any of the remaining months at least? I know we’ve had retrograde after retrograde, but I just feel like I can’t cope with receiving much more bad news!

    Thank you both for your time.

    • You will be overjoyed at the perfect alignment between the place and the people. A home and family. You have the Ten of Cups here which shows a couple celebrating their special space and two children dancing. I have seen this card come up when women spend Christmas with their godchild and the associated family, or more dramatically, moving to a fantastic new house which is just right for the whole family. The Leo weather ends the year in November with a happy focus on the different generations, older and younger, enjoying a feeling of mutual joy and happiness. Right time, right place and you’re front and centre in this.

  3. Oh this is great ! I am wondering about my professional life. Will Uranus have an impact. I’m always walking on a thin line wondering if I have to go back to a 9 to 5 job to have steady income. My husband (born on April 23 1971) is a Reiki healer and would like to develop this activity. Wondering if this would be a possibility for extra income !

    Thank you !

    • The Three of Staves tells you to take your ideas, plans and concepts (there are two or three) and export them. You are in the wrong place. Nothing can grow there, but if you travel with them, or just use the worldwide web to ‘send’ them – the possibilities are endless. Do your research and find out where everyone is heading, who has your skills or brainwaves. Where is the little gold rush happening? It may be in another part of your country or another part of the world – over the water – depending on how big your city is it may be Left Bank versus Right Bank for example. Make a plan, do some homework and start sending and shipping. You need to move swiftly though as the time is absolutely ripe with Jupiter going into Sagittarius.

  4. Can you please tell me if there is any positive change as far as my career/ workplace is concerned? I have been waiting for a new opportunity ( new job ) for months now. Thank you.

    • Put the family or friendships first by the end of 2018 and think about using those connections to help you find work, or maybe study opportunities which help you with your next job. There will be a really wonderful event by December 31st like a family reunion, wedding or other celebration. It’s a homecoming and a big welcome. The place and the people are very special and warm. Lean on these people! Who knows, one thing may lead to another. One contact or introduction may link you to the work you want. I do feel that you need to ask for help. Get the family or these friends, who are like family, to do what they can. You may even find you end up doing some work for a relative by Christmas.

  5. How are you Jessica!

    May I take this opportunity and ask………could I retire from work anytime soon? Could my husband and I have the financial means to do this in the not too distant future? Hubby’s date of birth is 19 January 1958.

    Many thanks for your articles.


    • The card has jumped to the Five of Swords so does not answer my question about your retirement by September 2019. Instead it wants you to think about the best way to deal with people politics. This may of course be your job, or your husband’s job, which is why it’s coming up. The best way to deal with very, very human nature – when people don’t see eye to eye – is to keep your sense of humour, play the peacemaker, clean things up and move them along – fast. This seems to be a really crucial issue over the next 12 months. It will be down to you to sort it out. There is a group in the background. This may be a board of directors, club, team, society, union and so on. Do your best and do your bit. This seems to be so linked to the idea of leaving work!

  6. Hello Jessica and Kyra.
    I am specifically really needing to know about communication in a LDR for me.

    I don’t want to have a cursed chart. I don’t want any more friends. Or an epic friendship. It’s the epic partnership I am after. Hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

    Thanking both of you for the chance to have my question answered. Have a great September Ladies. Regards

    Miss L

    • Miss L, your LDR for the next 12 months is really about your Aquarius factors. You have the Five of Cups. In the background we see the Aquarius logo hidden as a river – in disguise. In order to get what you need in terms of healing the past and enjoying the present, emotionally, you need to get in with the group. It’s literally like getting in the Roman Baths with your friends and acquaintances. You say you don’t want any more friends, but actually it is community and friendship which is the key. The card is telling you that you can’t actually get the deep, deep satisfaction you want from a relationship (actually you have two choices over the next 12 months) until you fix the relationships, connections or bonds which have fallen sideways. One was toxic. Fair enough! You either need to patch them up or kick them over, once and for all, but if it’s the latter, you won’t really do a thorough job on it all, until you ‘do’ your Aquarius and refresh and replenish yourself with the group. There is huge potential here. A great place to live, for a start. There’s a bit of work to do. Some of it involves finding out who you are and revealing that to others. Nobody actually knows who you are, in this card. The figure is cloaked. Behind the figure two solid gold people are waiting. None of this is long distance! I can see the long-distance person in the background but this seems rather empty and a little cold. Do you mind hearing that? There is something far more precious, sparkling and special right behind you, waiting. Local not distant. You will never see it, nor find it, until you deal with the past though – 2 or 3 connections here, of any kind at all, have fallen sideways and it needs to be sorted, says the Five of Cups.

  7. Dear Jessica and Kyra,

    My question concerns work — I am looking for a new job! I am hoping we have better luck with planets turning forward now. What say you, girls?

    Thank you in advance!

    • The Four of Cups again – second time in this session. The reason this has turned up twice is that you and the other reader (different question, same issue) are both having Neptune weather. So, nothing is really concrete, real, grounded or down-to-earth. I don’t think you’re satisfied with what or who is on offer, yet you might want to focus on yourself and not so much what/who does not rock your boat. There is actually nothing wrong with some of these options at all, but you’re not in the right frame of mind to see that. Why? Clues rest with one or other side of your family, actually. This may be a ‘thing’ that goes way back down the family tree, like a relative who wanted to be a movie star and was never satisfied with being a cook. You get the picture…if you can fix ‘you, you, you’ and how you actually feel about life, you may well find one of those choices turns out to be solid gold along with the person involved. Don’t let Neptune unground you.

  8. Oh, this feels very personal to my chart and what is happening, particularly week one, except the quickened texting in a long distance relationship happened last week at rapid pace with the Cap (sun, mercury, ops, vulcano) /Scorpio (venus, uranus, Asc, minerva, bacchus, proserpina, cupido, north node) stellium person who keeps popping in and out of my life at various levels of colleague, friendship and sexual/romantic relationship. And I hope week three is accurate and love is on the way. Might require more of that weeding/clearing you mentioned before and feel very confused as to whether this relationship is the weed or if it is something that just needs time and patience to grow through this intense weather. Also work opportunity and financial opportunity is big on my mind too. Thanks for your brilliant insight and bringing refreshing ways to navigate complicated life factors. Hopefully the weather is shifting enough to gain some clarity!

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I am a new Premium member and have downloaded both E books Astrology 2020 and 200 Astrology secrets.

    I am swimming in all the information and feeling a little overwhelmed.

    From my birth chart is there any information that you could share with me in regards to the tarot “weather” and my personal birth chart?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Kane there is a lot on offer but take your time with the ebooks and features. I’ll look at your Tarot until the end of 2018 and see how it tallies with your chart. The High Priestess. You will be studying or teaching. Learning or instructing casually or informally, perhaps. Though – with Jupiter going into Sagittarius in your Ninth House of seminars, workshops, college, school, evening classes and so on, you have so much to gain. This would be the making of you actually. Go for it.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Many thanks for this opportunity.
    This is my first experience with Tarot, so I’m not sure how it works, or what sort of question to ask.

    My most burning question at the moment is this : I’m about to take a huge risk and move my elderly Mum in with me while I wait for her to get an aged care placement. Is this a wise thing to be doing?

    Many thanks and kindest regards,

    • Julie, that’s just the right question to ask and I can look at your personal birth chart and see the Scorpio patterns in your Eighth House of finances. You need to find the money. This may be a settlement or allowance for her, cash in an account, insurance pay-outs and so on. It may not be there at all, but you have to go on the search. Find the right people to help you. There are an awful lot of wrong people who should be avoided. Get a professional and get serious about it. That’s the very first most important step.

  11. What a creative partnership and wonderful initiative, Jessica!
    My question is about moving abroad for work (when and where seems most likely). Also, can I expect to meet a long-term romantic partner in the near future?

    • You would only move abroad by December 2019 if you were going back to the family roots, heritage or history in some way. You have the 10 of Cups here. So it is not really a big foreign adventure so much as getting back to where you came from originally with the family tree, religion and so on. Does that make sense to you? You’d be very happy with that because of the huge network of family and friends involved. Long-term romance? Try short-term satisfaction. Your cup would run over, actually.

  12. Hello lovely Jessica, thank you so so much to you and kyra for taking the time to give us these wonderful insights? Please, please would it be possible to look into my financial outlook … I’ve been on a rollercoaster road and would love to know how this story ends? Much love

    • Finances over the next 12 months become easier when you take time out. You will be alone for a while as you have The Hermit card. Time out for soul searching. (And it doesn’t cost). Once you take a big, long break and get to know yourself better the answers will come. This is a budget. It’s a far more simple life with no frills – for a while. It really works for you. And you’ll find so many answers online as well. It’s all about that computer.

  13. Hi Kyra and Jessica,

    Like many people, I would love to rendezvous with my life partner, wherever he may be. I have had some node issues going on -north node Leo , SN – Aquarius which have had me dealing with some karma issues. However, soon with the node change to cancer, I am hoping it will be full steam ahead for me to find my life partner. Do you have any good news for me ?

    Thank you !

    • Deidre you want a life partner. During the North Node in Cancer will you find him or her? You actually need to ground, focus and centre is the message from the Four of Cups. You may not be satisfied with anything or anybody that you have, or that is potentially on offer. Yet, why? There is something solid gold about these faces but you aren’t interested. Have a look at you, you, you and your whole mindset and also go back into the family tree because there are some major clues there. Cancer rules the family. What/who on the family tree side of life could be behind your point of view and feelings? I do feel you need to come back down to earth during this Nodal cycle. If you can do that so much fantastic heart satisfaction is possible.

  14. Oh, please pick me! I’m in one of the most insane times of my life and am looking for guidance wherever I can find it! Thank you!

    • Between now and Christmas 2018 you will be involved with a group which could go either way. If you and others pull it together it will land nicely in the right place at the right time and you will all co-operate in something very special. If you don’t pull it together it’s going to fall in a heap. So communicate with each other and make this great. It involves all your different ideas, opinions and way with words – and it could be so strong.

    • The Queen of Coins – yes – you will make a nice amount of money from your ebooks. There are two sideline possibilities. One is for children and the other is erotica. Could not be more different, but they are out there for you.

    • Thank you! Over the next 12 months you will become involved in healing, health, fitness, complementary medicine, medical research, nutrition, Reiki, hospital life or similar. It is very important as Temperance is a Major Arcana card. You have Pluto, Apollo and the South Node in Virgo in your Sixth House. They are all about to be triggered. This bridge you cross is blessed, divinely assisted and meant to be. It leads to a far-off ambition which is achievable with time, effort and energy and if you make it you will be thrilled. In fact, you’ll be Queen or King of your own mountain.

  15. Hi Kyra and Jessica,

    I really need your guidance regarding finalizing my divorce and a new love that I am hoping is coming soon. Any god news for me?

    Thank you,

    • You will spend time along getting over the marriage. You have The Hermit card here which is repair, recovery and healing. You actually need to get right away from everybody and everything as it is a distraction from your soul. You need to find your faith again and it can only happen when you do a bit of soul-searching. Once this phase of your life is over you will be a very different person and in the right frame of mind to discover new love. Give yourself a ton of time and space and allow yourself to be – by yourself.

  16. Hello ) I would like to ask you both if the Two of Cups card this month effects me? I feel like I have been stuck in the “hermit” stage for so long now! Thanks so much.

    • On a more personal note, September for you is about the world of books, MacBooks, laptops, tablets, libraries, students, teachers, knowledge and information. Can you find love there? It’s a gateway. It’s not why you go there or even what you meet first, but just entering this new universe will help you. There is a group, club, team, community, network or other circle of faces involved. Perhaps it’s all of you together, adding to your knowledge base. It could be quite a random month if you get involved as the Wheel of Fortune is showing up. Perhaps we should say ‘further involved’ if your life is already touched by education, publishing, the web and so on. Despite the ‘spinning around’ feeling, though, there are some fascinating possibilities for you and just knowing more/educating yourself opens you up to totally different people and possibilities. One day, though not in September, one of these bridges could lead to a seriously good relationship.

  17. I’m guilty of asking about the usual two hot topics, love and career. Is there anything that the cards speak to you about for me? Thanks in advance!

    • In either, you will meet the Page of Wands, who is younger than you, attractive, very self-obsessed or at least caught up with his own brainwaves, plans, projects and ideas. He would be a good lover or collaborator but you need to make him notice you! How do you do that? Offer to help plant his concept and make it real. He spends too much time admiring his (very) small efforts and not enough time figuring out how to really make this baby grow! This would be a shame on the Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle which is coming in November which also picks up your chart. So, through to the end of 2018, you need to find a way to meet him halfway about his dream. I have seen this card come up with musicians before. Big tip for him – he’s in the wrong place. Wrong organisation, city or even country. If you can help him find the right place, you’ll meet him halfway, then see how you feel!

  18. Hi Jessica
    I love your tarot posts! I’m just beginning to explore tarot cards but mostly I love the artwork.. my question at the moment is about a new job in the same company I’ve been at for awhile. Is it the same old story or will this be the opportunity that makes it all worth it. Also, I’ve been so focused on money lately. Will the new opportunity bring more money too? Thanks!

    • Thank you. The art work is by Pamela and the guidance by Arthur, though Pamela’s brilliance saw her exhibiting in Picasso’s studio in New York…Your job situation until December 31st 2018 is helped by the holidays, actually, or although you could take overdue leave, or even a long weekend. You need to get away. You have been knocked around by the lunar cycle and you need to recover, restore, repair, renew and relaunch. Then when you come back you might see your work differently – all those projects in a new light – and the people. It all seems so tarnished to you. Yet, try to see that what you have is still precious. It may be your whole emotional balance and state of mind that needs to shift in order to come back, at a better time and reorganise things again. You have either had 1-2 departures from the company or 1-2 people will go by the end of the year and that affects things. You also need to renew your relationship with your computer. If you have a laptop take it away with you when you go.

  19. Hi Jess and Kary,

    I don’t believe in my luck .
    But only I can try .
    Can YOU please have a look at my chart , what’s going between me & Scorpion man 5/11/1968 .
    We were broken up on 2nd September, just 4 days ago . We already had dreams & plans together… I can’t tell you how much pain I am in right now .
    And when I read your Scorpion horoscope this week , you stunned me Jess !!!
    What’s happening to him ?
    And what can I do to get back to him Jess ?
    Live this life without him is never in my mind .
    Thank you so much for your time & your magic work . I hope to hear from you soon .
    Love much xx

    • The issue is marriage or religion. Maybe both. One of you has to answer big questions about what is legal or right. Your Tarot card is Hierophant (Pope) which often turns up when one lover is Catholic and the other is not, or one lover is Jewish and the other is not! That’s your whole answer. Either you’ve got ideas about legal commitment or he does. It’s a big one to get past.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Just renewed my membership.

    I was browsing through my comments history to ensure there is no repeat. But can’t help as it has come to a boiling point. So, I would appreciate if you please guide me this one time.
    My question is regarding my son’s further studies. He is a Gemini (29/05/2000), and not doing so well in his VCE at the moment. I am not sure if he will get into the uni right away, there are a few options to get into uni which are a bit longer route like studying a foundation course for a year or two. How will he do in his studies?
    Meanwhile, there have been many positives this year, granted PR (21/03/18); bought a new house (19/07/18), would be starting my new job (01/10/18), I hope the timing is right.
    Even though I did not ask any question recently, all my decisions have been based on your articles/blogs/answers to the many similar questions asked by other members and I appreciate your guidance from time to time.


    • Thank you Chetan. Your Gemini son is trying to get into university. If things are stuck they will change one way or another in November when the South Node leaves his Ninth House of academia. The South Node is about repeated loops of karma and the Ninth House is about higher education. Long-term he could easily become an academic, and he would start that at Christmas 2020 and deepen the commitment from 2023. If he does not want that path in life, he will pursue foreign people and places instead, and it will transform his life – he could easily emigrate – again, this would be from 2020. He has a lot of room for choice, as he has the kind of chart where you never stop learning – you are a student of life, in fact – formally or informally.

  21. Thank you Kyra and Jessica, this sounds very relevant to me. I was relieving a head teacher role last year but the role was shared/given to a peer for this year while the red tape was sorted out (“this is no reflection on you but we are offering the job to …..”) Oddly enough that Pluto turned retro on the last day of 2017 and will be less than 1° from my natal Aesculapia on Pluto’s last day of retrograde before his forward motion 1.10.18, which is the very day that the real job will be advertised. I also have children moving to my old home town for uni and the other a fabulous new job. So looking for rentals is probably the week 2 card. I have also joined the timetabling team for the school, something I was solely responsible for at my last small school in 2015. Thank you for any insights as the current Mars in Aqua retrograde has made me unsure of my chances of success.

    • These retrogrades have been such a pain for so many readers – you are not alone. I will let Kyra know her Tarot card reading for the second week of September is showing up for you. It’s great the reading is reflecting what is going on so accurately. You’re concerned about your career – don’t be. You are now just cycling through old karma which ends in November. Then, from Christmas 2020, your entire life changes as Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius, where you have many factors, and from 2023, Pluto in Aquarius too. Long-term your professional life transforms and it will involve a group, association, society, union, party, club or similar. What you are experiencing now is not the future.

  22. Hello again Jessica i am still at a very uncertain/ rocky place regarding how the future is shaping up for me … This is in regards to a sudden onset of health issues, which are progressive and will affect my daily life and have already begun to curtail my individual freedom. Suchas limits my ability to exercise with wts, due to low energy and other symptoms. Im begining to notice the type of work I do now is taking its toll both mentally and physically . Also as this is a longterm issue, if its a good time to begin something new,such as begin a new idea/business,or course/ workpathway in the natural therapies or to follow up on my degree… course/work pathway, in cultural heritage / mining/ exploration?
    As I require both my work and health to work, my choices for study will be limited.
    Im worried about my ability to make an adequate income, and my future.
    Can you help me Jessica,
    Ciao be well joanne

    • Sun, Mercury, Venus, Pluto the MC and Vulcano are all in Virgo in your Sixth House of health, wellbeing, fitness and the body, Joanne. This is an unusually high number of factors. It’s a stellium in Virgo. I am sure you know the Sixth House is about the mind, body and spirit. I am very sorry about your sudden health issues. You would benefit from looking at natural therapies. In fact your MC or Midheaven is your true calling in life and it is in Virgo, the body sign. Taking that whole chart signature apart (nothing to do with the Tarot this time, but just your horoscope) we discover that you shine brightly and are seen at your brilliant best when you work on your body, mind and spirit (the Sun). You also know how to communicate in some detail (Mercury in Virgo) about all health matters, perfecting the art of being heard and read in quite a precise way. You will form some of your closest and most complex relationships (Venus in Virgo) through all that you pursue for your wellbeing, so with a personal trainer, yoga instructor or doctor, for example. Pluto in Virgo is about using your willpower and self-control to become empowered and in control of your physical self. The MC is of course your vocation or calling in life, paid or unpaid – it is your highest path. Finally, Vulcano is about the power you gain when you master your emotions and channel strong feelings into a practical plan. I would say there is a ton of stuff going on here, not just about your body, Joanne, but also about your work. This may be paid or unpaid work or a university degree. Dig down very deeply into your true feelings about duty and service to others, especially with the work you have been doing in 2018 when these issues flared up. Your degree was related to mining. That is actually also so typical of Pluto and Vulcano in Virgo. Virgo rules the work you do, as well as the body you have, and Pluto ruled the Underworld or Hades and Vulcano of course ruled volcanoes. I suspect there is a clue there for you – why did you take that degree – how do you feel about work within the mining industry or tied to it? Then look at a possible future there, or with natural therapies. Writing in a journal would be very helpful if you don’t already do it, to get things out of your head and onto the page. Strongly Virgo people often figure things out and feel better just by writing them down. Hit Search and look up the Sixth House and Virgo to see other pieces I have filed on the reasons why strongly Virgo people often find their bodies act things out that their conscious minds will not sort out. For whatever reason, your body has chosen to take you in a particular direction in 2018, but why – and what is at the heart of your attitude towards serving others through the work you do?

    • Sandi, please do contact Kyra directly about private tuition. As a Premium Member you can check in with online classes, tips, tricks and secrets any time. I add to this each Tarot Tuesday.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks again for another great addition to the site. I love being a member here!
    If you get a chance, my question is regarding our business. We are trying to sell it at the moment and move on in other directions.
    Do you see that happening for us and if so when?



    • You’ll have a really good financial or business option within weeks but try to get it finalised before Halloween at the latest. If you have to continue paperwork or negotiations then, allow for things to go back and forth until December. Fiona, when Jupiter crosses 27 Scorpio and sits on your Cupido, that’s big, both in terms of your relationship but also the money saved or made. He does this in your Eighth House – look that house up on Search to see how you will be helped. He’ll move to 27 Scorpio sooner than you think, but again, try to sign off before the closing days of October.

  24. I don’t know if I speak for all cancers but man, this has been a tough few months since May. I know you said that 2018 is all about out with the old and in with the new, but it’s quite rough going through the job upheaval – not knowing when things will settle, or look up. Here’s hoping October will be a little kinder…

    • You have a lot of Virgo weather in September in your Sixth House of work, duty and service. This is going to sharpen your thinking about who and what you owe. This goes beyond the actual salary, assuming this is about your job or chosen field. It goes into areas like wanting to serve, because you take pride in perfecting the small details of what you do. The key to September is knowing who you respect enough and like enough and value enough to serve! Not everybody deserves your gift for dutiful attendance to responsibility or your unique gift for making the wheels go around. You are going to have to make some decisions about that in September. This is not really about Tarot cards at all – just a reading of your chart. Yet I am sure the Tarot that Kyra has spread out in this post will make sense to you, too. September is decision time. That is why it is intense. Yes, it will work out. In fact you will be stunned at how much calmer life is from March 2019.

    • Too funny. Starting in November you begin a 12 month cycle when you fall in love with a foreign place or person, or a distant region and its locals. It’s karmic so you have been there before, or in another lifetime. Bindi, there is no more ‘dull’ to be had. By this time next year you will have travelled but also travelled in the mind. The passion and desire you feel for this pin on the map and the face that comes from there, is life-changing.

  25. Hello Jessica and Kyra,

    I have so much going on I would love any guidance possible. My family is taking a trip this week for my dad’s memorial service. In the recent months I have had a rocky relationship with my sister, it seems whatever I say upsets her. I have been looking for opportunities for additional sources of income and even the possibility of moving in a few years to another area where I have family. Also, my partner and I have been discussing a baby, I currently have two children with my partner. This would be the last if at all.

    Thank you,

    • Mandy, this is the kind of question I would love to answer with Tarot on next Tarot Tuesday (the first Tuesday in October) and perhaps some of Kyra’s general reading also applies to you. I will use astrology for the moment. First of all the situation with your sister is karmic in nature. You share past life debts and credits with each other. These will slowly be sorted out from November – so, about two months after the actual service. Try to avoid any situation within the family where it’s you and your sister, with one other male involved – or you and your sister, plus other females, and one other male. You have Vesta in Cancer in your chart and that makes it worse. For example, try not to involve your partner as the male! You are also thinking about another child, moving and finding new income. Of all those options, finding new income is the easiest and most instantly satisfying, with obvious options from November. There may be delays or changes in November, December but these will be out of your way from January 2019 and throughout next year, you will be able to take the money you save (or make) and do more with it. It will be like planting an acorn for oaks.

  26. HI Jessica I am considering therapy for some abusive childhood trauma. I found someone who seems to be quite well aligned with what I’m after and appears trustworthy. His Dob 19th Mar 1978. Financially it would be a rather large commitment for me, so I was wondering if you had any guidance as to whether this is a suitable path I should walk down. Cheers XX.

    • Therapy is ruled by Pisces and the Twelfth House in astrology and we find Mars at 20 Pisces, Vesta at 11, Diana at 0 and Panacea at 24 degrees of the sign, so you have a high Pisces and Twelfth House ‘count’ in your horoscope. You are also seeing a Pisces counsellor. The major transits here are to Diana, a symbol of freedom, feminism and independence in your chart. For the first time in your life, you will have Uranus at 0 Taurus sextile Diana, and from November, Jupiter at 0 Sagittarius square Diana. Chiron is also hovering around 0 Aries, semi-sextile Diana. Have a look at Diana on Search and in your ebooks and also in paintings and sculpture online. She is about to wake up. Your dreams are likely to highlight your inner Diana. See what she’s saying to you. She definitely wants to break free and make herself known and this may relate directly to your trauma as a child, which I am very sorry to hear about. Yet – this is a rare chance to uncover a part of yourself which may be quite unconscious. Diana refused to get married or have children because she did not want to repeat her own mother’s pain. That may be relevant. Have a look at the myths.

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