TAROT TUESDAY – October 2018

Professional psychic and Tarot expert Kyra Oser, based between the U.S. and Canada, gives you her insights for yourself, and the world, in October 2018. Plus, for Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions for detailed Tarot replies.
Kyra Oser, Psychic Medium and Radio Host.

Welcome to Tarot Tuesday October

Kyra Oser and Jessica Adams first worked together on a radio show broadcast across Los Angeles and Seattle and now join forces on the first Tuesday of every new month to combine Kyra’s Tarot skills with Jessica’s combined use of Pamela Colman Smith’s deck, Arthur Waite’s occult brilliance and the ancient field of astrology. For Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below, for detailed Tarot replies.

First Week of October – The Eight of Wands

The same card for the first week of September has been drawn for the first week of October. I initially pulled this card upright, but it slipped and became reversed, meaning this week will feature a changing situation.

News headlines will feature a reprint of hearings made on record in September that come back to haunt a political figure (such as Supreme Court Justice Nominee Kavanaugh) when he retracts a public statement made under oath. Eight of Wands is a card about sex as much as it’s a card of communication. Decades-long mysteries involving sex and violence can suddenly be solved when the Eight of Wands reversed is present.

In your own life, this is a good week to call someone you haven’t talked to in a while or get started on a project that you care about but that was previously put on hold because of a delay.

Second Week of October – The King of Wands

The fabric of a King’s throne has printed symbols of lions and his crown is in the shape of flames. A lizard looks up to him from the earth near his feet, signifying that this King is admired for his courageous actions.

In global news, a heroic act is performed by a current or previous leader from a country that has lions as a national symbol, such as Great Britain.

Two consecutive weeks of wands means that the beginning of this month will be a time to start taking action on any inspired ideas or dreams you’ve been having for the past year, as the four suits of tarot represent one years’ time in the cycle of seasons.

Third Week of October – The Emperor

The Emperor holds a sceptre in the shape of an Egyptian ankh, and his throne features sculptures of rams.

In this week’s news, an effective authority figure rises to prominence when he gains attention in the press for a genuinely caring act. This could be more than one leader, but a politician who comes to mind is U.S. Representative Beto O’Rourke.

This week offers you an opportunity to appreciate positive traits you acquired from a teacher, mentor, or father figure in your life. By having gratitude for talents that were given to you or nurtured by someone else, unresolved family issues can continue to be healed.

Fourth Week of October – The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands holds a sunflower in one hand and a sceptre in the other, meaning she knows how to balance strong convictions with an optimistic attitude. A black cat near her feet denotes heightened perception and psychic ability, so trust your intuition about people this week.

Three out of four upright cards that represent leaders means October will be a significant time for new, energetic activists to step into leadership roles. A great conflict will instigate even greater leadership. In global news, expect the triumph of a woman in the #MeToo movement as truth trumps lies.

In your own life, three out of four wands cards makes this a passionate month of romance, adventures, and excitement. Two closely-positioned royal cards in the same suit signifies that the more you balance your creative ideas with practical solutions, the sooner you’ll meet more like-minded people. The King and Queen of Wands coming up in the same month can also be a sign of romance and matchmaking. But more about that in November…

Premium Members – ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below for detailed Tarot replies.

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62 thoughts on “TAROT TUESDAY – October 2018

  1. Hi Jessica

    I love the new tarot blogs and guidance. I used to be very much into it, but not looked at a card in years.

    I thought I posted earlier but I think the underground deleted my question! So I took that as a sign and now I am asking something different….

    Having just seen a consultant for evaluation for a serious procedure, I am wavering. I want the anticipated benefits (not guaranteed) but without the months of recovery.

    Of course it may not happen but I am wondering if I am offered this, would it be the best for me? Would I be ok if not?

    Much love and many thanks for the guidance.

    H xx

    • Thank you. The serious procedure comes with no guarantee, and takes months of recovery. Let’s see what the Tarot says about October, specifically. The High Priestess. Is the card ducking your question? Perhaps. This card is about life as a student or teacher, at a very high level. It is about qualifications, graduation, seminars, workshops, academia or evening classes. The card shows astrological symbols. Minerva with the owl. The Moon. Proserpina with the pomegranate. In general, you need to do more homework or research. You are wavering. That’s fine. Your instincts are telling you that you need to find out more. Have you read the appropriate journals and websites or books? On another note, the card seems to have a different message about your need to educate or be educated. You’d look to find clues about Minerva, Proserpina and the Moon in October to see what the story is. Minerva is passing across 1 Aries and so right opposite your Diana and Aesculapia at 1 Libra. You are being visited by a wise woman, temporarily, who is involved with issues about your image, appearance, title, reputation, profile, packaging and presentation. That is Minerva the owl flying across 1 Aries in your First House, triggering issues about your former, current or potential partner in your Seventh House (Libra). This is also shown in the card as the High Priestess is caught between polar opposites – two halves of a partnership. The lunar cycle in October finds Full Moon at 1 Taurus near the 24th of the month and again, this catches your Diana-Aesculapia conjunction at 1 Libra. You were born with Proserpina at 28 Leo in the Fifth House, which rules the world of children and young people – and Chiron is very close at 29 Pisces. What the Tarot actually wants to chat about this month is allowing yourself to take a pearl of wisdom from a wise woman (or wise women, plural) and do something new in terms of your path as a student of life, or guide/mentor for others. The actual procedure requires dipping into academic papers on the matter or the latest research. Have a look at Minerva on Search and elsewhere. They built a whole Roman baths dedicated to her (in Bath) and she is Jupiter’s daughter and right-hand woman. His counsellor and advisor. She is showing up as a real person. If you get owl synchronicity, you’ll know for sure. There is a part of you which is so ready to get rid of the books, the studies, the paperwork, the knowledge, the wisdom – try not to do that just yet. You may be right, you may be quite wrong, but first of all try to integrate this wisdom that Minerva wants to make a part of you.

  2. Hello! I love this new segment, thank you! Interested in what you see for me for both love and career. I have some good weather going now and can feel positive momentum in my life. Just want to make sure I make the most of it! Any advice is welcome. Many thanks,


    • Lisa, the Tarot for you in October is about The Emperor. An older man, or vastly experienced man (around your own age) who is ‘King’ or top dog of his world. A classic father figure or senior male in his field, who has reached the peak. People like this are very special. They are fantastic mentors and guides in your career, and elsewhere. The signs in the card clearly show Aries (he has a lamb on his shoulders) and also Capricorn the goat. Let’s look at your chart to see what is going on. For the first time in around 29 years, transiting Saturn at 3 Capricorn is right on your Mercury at 3 Capricorn in your Tenth House of success, achievement, ambition, high society, status and aspiration. You also have Proserpina at 19 Capricorn and Pluto is very, very close at 18 Capricorn – that can only happen once in 240+ years. Look up Capricorn, Tenth House, Proserpina, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto if you want to know more (use Search or your ebooks). Yet, you are being told – this man wants a closer relationship with you. He has singled you out. He has a wealth of experience to share. He could also help you move up the ladder. He is also a brilliant teacher when it comes to self-promotion, presentation and packaging – that is the Aries side of the transit. Have a look at Aries, First House as well.

  3. Dear Jessica! I’ve asked you before about my PhD and I wanted you to know I passed with flying colours – you were spot on about the South Node and the ninth house! I wanted to know what is next for me as I’ve spent 7 years on it and find myself with options I had not anticipated
    Thank you for your help Best Eli

    • Congratulations about your PhD and thank you for validating the astrology prediction, Eli. The October Tarot for you is about the Four of Cups. There is a bit of a blind spot here about emotionally fulfilling relationships – solid gold and solid – which you could and should be inviting. Instead you are not seeing them. Blind spots are eclipses or Neptune. We don’t have an eclipse in October so it has to be transiting Neptune aspecting your natal chart, or natal Neptune under transit. Sure enough, we see Neptune passing through at 14, 13 Pisces which is right on your Fortuna at 13 Pisces. This is a double message because Fortuna is the goddess who wore a blindfold. In your chart in Pisces in the Twelfth House she describes the business of ‘not seeing/not knowing’ in relation to aspects of your life which are unconscious, buried, behind the scenes or deeply submerged. Meditation will help you see. Yoga can also help. Try to get back in touch with who you are, where you’re at and what is available for you emotionally or even sexually. There is also a real need to get back to your roots in terms of the family tree. That’s a Cancer/Fourth House matter and you have Saturn at 14 Cancer, so – also under aspect from Neptune. I realise that the family tree (either side) may be a structure in your life that is disjoined, somewhat dark in places or even laden with fear – the card shows that and so does your Saturn – yet you have more to gain by addressing it, confronting it and somehow making it work for you. When you’re ready.

  4. Hi Jessica,
    Wow, it sounds like Kyra has already hit on things in my life with these cards! I was wondering if specifically she sees me getting any of the new job opportunities I’m pursuing this month?

    • It’s Jessica here. Let’s see what the Tarot says about October and your quest for a new job. The Ace of Pentacles (Ace of Coins) suggests there is a large lump sum available if you want to reach for it and make it so. The Tarot tells you the potential is there for a new position with good money or perhaps a pay-out from your old job. Coins is really Scorpio and the Eighth House and Taurus and the Second House and Cupido at 27 Scorpio and the North Node at 22 Taurus and South Node at 22 Scorpio in your chart are being nicely crossed by Jupiter. This only happens once in 12 years. Jupiter (abundance, reward, solutions) crosses 22 Scorpio now through 5th October and crosses 27 Scorpio around October 26th. Act quickly and get it all in writing before October 29th to avoid delays or changes later on. Yet – from a new job, or some other source – the card is clearly showing a large lump sum close enough to touch, and pull down into the real world.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    How are you?
    Please hit me with a card. I would like to know what is going on with my son and how I can help him as I had the call of shame from his new school from head of year.

    • Of course. The Knight of Cups suggests the issue is his father. The big priority in October has to be, between father and son, not man-woman, husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend. There is a big need here for the kind of self-knowledge that can only really come from learning via other men and particularly a chief male role model. A man to respect and look up to, and likely older. Knights learn from Kings. There is a great book called Manhood by my friend Steve Biddulph. It’s been a global bestseller. Do you know about it? Borrow it from your library. It will help. A lot!

  6. Hi Jessica,

    I have been concerned about Venus going retrograde on the 5th as I finally am meeting a man I have been chatting with on and off on a dating site since April . Looking at the tarot reading for this month, it appears things may be ok. Would you agree with my conclusion ? Many Thanks ! Deidre

    • So you have a date with someone you have been talking to online for nearly 7 months. What do the cards want to talk to you about in October, Deidre? The Knight of Pentacles (Coins) suggests his focus is money. He does in fact present as a Scorpio transit or heavily Pluto-Scorpio person, as he is on a black horse, which Pluto rode, and he has the typical black/red livery of this sign of the zodiac. You have a Scorpio chart signature in your Eighth House of finance, property, business, charity and possessions – and this is the house of sex and money, marriage and mortgage, bed and breakfast! He has come along to show you something crucial about money. You are right about Venus going back and forth in Scorpio as it goes right over your chart and probably his, we would guess. You’ve caught him at a time in his life when he cannot settle, or even get naked, until he has sorted out his finances. There are a lot of layers to take off here. He is very, very well-defended and protected. Who or what is underneath the underpants and the emotional armour? You won’t really know, until he knows where he is at with his cash flow. There is a stuckness here, and that stuckness comes from Venus and then Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, yet from December 12th he will well and truly have it figured out.

  7. Hi Jessica

    I wonder if you could tell me what is shown in the tarot cards (if anything) in respect of money and income and potential career or business opportunities. What should I be focusing on in October?

    Many thanks.

    • The King of Swords tells you to figure out a strategy. You need to attack or defend what is important to you. Ops at 16 and Aesculapia at 14 Aquarius in your Eleventh House of groups and friends, are close together in your chart. In October, transiting Mars moves over 14, 15, 16 Aquarius around October 19th to 24th. There is a sense of delayed action or suspended animation with this situation, which very much involves your network or circle, or one outside you. It could be a trade union, it could be The Freemasons! The delay comes from Mars behaving strangely as he should have reached this point months ago but has been retrograde. This also gives you time to think. Plot and plan, plot and plan, there are ways to do this – and ways not to do this. You are ‘King’ and when you take on that role you have to protect yourself and your interests. It comes with the position. Your task in October is to research the best way to secure things for yourself.

  8. Thank you for these months cards!
    Jessica im curious if you can help me with some guidance towards my love-life and carreer, much internationally orientated, put much pressure on myself and im wondering which path I should/want/need to take as I find myself on crossroads on both fronts.

    Much love as always.

    • Let’s see what the Tarot wants to talk to you about in October. Education! You have drawn the High Priestess. She is shown with the owl above her, and the owl is a symbol of Minerva. You were born with Minerva at 14 Aries in your First House of image, profile, name, reputation and title. Minerva is an asteroid symbolising female wisdom, qualifications, books, workshops, academia, seminars and so on. Transiting (travelling) Minerva is also in Aries in October so she is back in your First House, where she was, the moment you were born. This is not about love. It is about study, learning, teaching and lecturing. The High Priestess is a Major Arcana card and substantial in importance. If ever there was a time to train or guide, commit to books – or mentor others – it is October 2018. This is further supported by the arrival of Jupiter (expansion, gain, good fortune) in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of higher knowledge, from November 2018, into most of 2019. You have a stellium in Sagittarius. It could be big!

  9. Dear Jessica and Kyra
    Wow really hoping that you are right Kyra for week 1 and BK actually doesn’t get confirmed. Thanks for sharing.
    Jessica – I am still waiting for that career breakthrough and wondering what I should be doing to make it happen. I’ve been told things will get better for me from numerous people – I’ve been through an awful rough patch – but it doesn’t seem to be happening and I don’t know if there’s something I need to be doing that I haven’t yet tried. Running out of patience. Do you have any recommendations?
    So grateful xx

    • It’s Jessica here. I agree with my readers on here – let’s hope B.K. is not confirmed as Kyra predicts. You may want to look at the other question I answered about that, showing the blonde lady putting down her sword! Okay, so you are wondering about your career. What do the cards want to talk to you about in October 2018? Your card is the Page of Wands. You are delaying your own progress with your plans, ideas or concepts for some reason. Getting in your own way. Sometimes this is required, because you are not ready! You need to study more, learn more, prepare more. Yet – if you don’t hurry up and find the right location for what you have to offer, it may not last. Time is of the essence. This all suggests the Ninth House (Sagittarius) and some kind of waiting game. This fits the astrology. Essentially, your soul is waiting for Jupiter (opportunity, growth, expansion) to go into Sagittarius for the first time in 12 years, which happens around November 9th. You may be intuitively hanging on for this, as Jupiter eventually moves to 9 Sagittarius and conjuncts your natal Neptune at 9 Sagittarius, in the week before Christmas 2018. This card also suggests Gemini, because it is about you (the messenger) in possession of a particular way with words, ideas and images – on your way to somewhere. Trying to figure out the language. You do in fact have Fortuna, Apollo and Hygiea all in Gemini in your Third House and again, Jupiter in Sagittarius will transit these placements in your chart once he changes signs from around November 9th, well into most of 2019. Your challenge is to either learn very quickly, whatever you need to know (HTML can be like hieroglyphics sometimes, or the handbook/guidebook for business can seem double Dutch) and move on – or forget it. Bypass the learning and get on with the career mission. There are so many choices here. You could also take a long pause and figure out what you need to understand (which by itself would be a course or degree, or very long series of workshops) and try to get it all on board without risking the loss of good timing for your plans or projects. There is another big option here, which is to forget about work and study instead. I can understand you are running out of patience but actually you are being put on hold until around November 9th. There may be a bit of back-and-forth action from then, until Christmas. Then 2019 finds you well and truly on the path you chose. There is a little bit of fear here too. Address that. You have tremendous flair, style, presentation, strong ideas and a natural gift for communication – so why are you getting in your own way at the moment? Only you can answer that.

  10. Hello Jessica and Kyra

    I would like some guidance on increasing income. I have a job now which I enjoy but I would consider everything from additional sources of income to a new alternative type of work.

    One more question is about having one last baby, I currently have a 5 and 7 year old. Due to age this would be sooner than later if at all.

    Thank you!

    • Mandy, let’s see what the Tarot wants to talk to you about in October 2018. Your card is The Fool. This is about travel, or travel in the mind. Moving home, or moving along – mentally – thanks to the Worldwide Web. This card suggests Sagittarius and the Ninth House and you have Neptune at 15 Sagittarius so you actually need to get away! Being on the move, even weekend hiking – or searching for prospects in another region or country online – helps you get the holiday from reality that you require. You need the escape. You should definitely start dreaming bigger dreams about this for 2019 as Jupiter (opportunity, good fortune, open doors) crosses 15 Sagittarius in January, which is not that far away. The Fool also shows a short journey inside a bigger one. It’s like the domestic haul flight as part of a global odyssey, or the trek across town, as part of a bigger regional sweep. Gemini and the Third House describe this, and you have Jupiter at 4 Gemini, which is fortunate, and will be under a quincunx from transiting Saturn at 4 Capricorn in the second half of October. By the time you get to the end of November, transiting Jupiter at 4 Sagittarius is opposite natal Jupiter at 4 Gemini, so that’s another big plus factor. You have qualifications, gathered at school or elsewhere, which you need to transport. You also need to examine them and perhaps add to them. I am seeing a very determined search for work (more money) and nobody could fault you on persistence, stamina and dedication. You’re prepared to travel to do it, or spend a serious amount of time online. You also have a feather in your cap from other sources – probably life or career experience, rather than education. All of this helps you, but the card is suggesting that you stop and do your homework. Focus less on the neighbourhood, region or country and get back to you, you, you and what you have to offer. How are you presenting it? There may be gold in that old school satchel or college briefcase but it doesn’t look that way. There is a big message here about advertising and promoting yourself properly, perhaps adding to your skill set or knowledge base and also getting your mojo back. By that, I mean your life force, self-confidence and joie de vivre. Saturn aspecting your chart gives you the grit but it can be quite tough and I think that along with your focus on what you have to offer (getting that sorted out, updated and properly presented) you need to give yourself a ton of ‘me’ time to get your energy balanced. This may come from meditation, yoga, healing or whatever else appeals to you. So – go for it – the answer lies right outside your current neighbourhood, town or region. But – don’t just set off blindly. Spend a bit of time getting yourself and your ‘sell’ package together first then you will get the very most from this journey, which I think you’ll enjoy very much. Correct self-promotion and advertising of your talents and gifts can send you zooming across the internet, far and wide, so effectively that you’ll be giving yourself the best odds. Be aware of that Jupiter in Sagittarius timing too – it may take you until January 2019 to really get on the path, but you’ll get there. Then, next year is a fascinating adventure for you.

  11. Please please please tell us that Kavanaugh will not be confirmed? Also, any updates on what november elections look like for the dems?


    • Niya, it’s Jessica here. Kyra is the expert on American political prediction, but part of the fascination of Tarot is second and third opinion readings. You might call it, two or three angles on the same situation. I am going to write a long feature on the November elections and the Democrats, but let’s see what the Tarot says first. ‘What do the November 2018 elections look like for the Democrats?’ is one question. The other is ‘What will happen with Kavanaugh?’ From the Democrats’ point of view, November is about the Knight of Wands. This is a younger, successful, confident man who is gifted at communication – he is on message. He is a natural speechwriter or speechmaker and he is riding a wild, strong horse – that is Jupiter in Sagittarius, without a doubt. He’s a hero. So, he is the Democrats’ hero – and we have to wonder who he is. Luck is with him, because when you ‘ride’ Jupiter in Sagittarius, your good fortune is assured long-term. So this is just the start of something that grows and prospers in 2019 during this transit. It is very interesting to see this card because Sagittarius rules the Ninth House of academia, education, deep subjects and big thinkers. That certainly is not this illiterate current leader. Next question – Kavanaugh. Well, Niya, you are asking the question, so from your point of view – it’s the Queen of Swords. This is very interesting because it shows a blonde woman putting her sword down and taking the crown. This is very clearly the end of the fight, the beginning of peace (and tremendous glory and empowerment) and the start of something new, for the good doctor. Is this because she wins the day and Kavanaugh is not confirmed? Or does she win on quite another level, even if gets the position? In either case the blonde heroine of this story is a victor. This is an intensely personal matter for her, but I am seeing a past pregnancy in the card. It may or may not have gone to term. How does the woman in this card look? Serene. Empowered. Grateful. Confident.

  12. Thank you Kyra & Jessica for this opportunity.

    My family circumstances have recently changed.
    I have made a decision in someone else’s best interests to my own financial detriment.
    If nothing changes, things will soon be looking quite grim.

    What do you see for me as reality begins to bite in the next few months, please? There’s a lot riding on it.

    With kind regards and much appreciation,

    • Julie, the Tarot card for you, in October, is the Three of Coins. As part of the Tarot Tuesday series, this card will be profiled in a detailed analysis this week, so take a look. As you will not be surprised to hear, it shows three people looking for the money. Is it there? We don’t know. Is it worth the search? Yes. It may be there. The major issue with this card is the suitability of the people who are on the search. Would you send in the wrong person for the job even if they are sincere? Some people quite naturally have no experience with money. It’s not their thing. Others, also, very unlikely to come from a business or financial background tailored to these sorts of matters. For the financial side of life, we always look to Taurus and Scorpio factors in the chart. You have Minerva at 8 Scorpio and Neptune at 13 Scorpio in the Eighth House. Then – Vesta at 24 Taurus, Ceres at 18 Taurus in the Second House exactly conjunct your Ascendant at 18 Taurus and opposite your Descendant at 18 Scorpio. There is a lot of action here across the Second House and Eighth House which rules finance, shares, insurance, houses, apartments, business interests, inheritance, companies, mortgages and so on. The transits or ‘weather’ in your chart shows Pluto at 18 Capricorn making a sextile and trine to your Ceres, Ascendant and Descendant. This can only happen every 240 years. It’s powerful and helpful. Use the powerful person or organisation. Not the other 1-2 around the situation! Go for the ‘means business’ individual or company. This situation may be about one male and two or more females which Vesta at 24 Taurus suggests – in which case it is gender politics time, around October 11th to 15th. A typical example is a father and two daughters. Jupiter at 24 Scorpio, right opposite, suggests an uncomfortable situation which nevertheless works to your advantage. This is going to take a bit of time to work out. Venus is retrograde or appearing to go backwards across 0-10 Scorpio and she sits on your wise Minerva at 8 Scorpio several times. She did it around September 24th, does it again near October 17th and goes back in again near December 15th. Again, this is to your advantage as Minerva is a symbol of deep wisdom and knowledge in your chart, but it will be a long and drawn-out process. There is a huge emphasis here on women and the different kinds of ‘female think’ there are around! Yours is so different to another woman’s. Your odds are very good, but this will take more time than you might expect and you need to give the search everything you’ve got. People who mean well and are interested are fine, but send in the right person or organisation. You have to find out what is there. I would also strongly recommend you have something else cooking on the side – do not make this the be-all and end-all financially – so that if you or others come away empty-handed, you have some kind of pot cooking elsewhere. I wish you the best with this, though, and do hope that you find the money or assets and can make it work for you!

    • Your Tarot card for October is the Knight of Swords. This suggests transits to your Mars, or transiting Mars affecting your chart. Why? It shows a man who is ‘on fire’ and heated up for some kind of major attack or defence mission. You have Mars at 18 Scorpio in your Eighth House of finance, property, business, possessions and charity. Pluto at 18 Capricorn makes an exact sextile to Mars in your chart, all month long, and Mercury crosses 18 Scorpio around October 22nd-23rd. Judge your strategy and tactics over the money, house, apartment, company, objects or good cause – very carefully. There are ways to win, and ways not to win! If you or anyone else goes in too hard and too fast, it will attract a response. You have to ask ‘are we fighting the good fight?’ about this matter. You also have to bear in mind that Pluto sextile natal Mars can be too forceful, too heavy and too much for some people. Plot and plan, plot and plan, stop and think, see your options!

  13. I have a hard time understanding tarot. In this reading, it sounds like i am going to be putting my head down at work and getting a lot of projects done. Can you expand on what this reading means for me? Thanks for adding this to the web site!!

    • Thank you. You have drawn The Hanged Man for October. This shows someone dangling, stuck between the present and the future. At a certain point, though, there is a chance to get back to the family tree (either side, mother or father) and also to start building some kind of nest – renovating or redecorating – or even moving. All this suggests the Fourth House and Cancer and sure enough you were born with a stellium there. A stellium is an unusually high number of Cancer horoscope factors. In October we find the North Node of karma slowly heading for Cancer for the first time in 19 years. Thus, you are caught between the present and the future. The card itself shows the loop of the Node (the loop symbol) through the knot in the rope around the ankle of the person who is caught. You could go either way – your mother’s direction or towards your father’s side. You have known either or both parents in a previous life. The closer you get to 29 Cancer (as the Node goes over 0 Leo in the final days of October) the greater the feeling that you have to pull yourself together, make a massive effort, draw on all your strength and make a choice. This may even be about your mother’s neighbourhood/country or your father’s. Have a look at the Fourth House, Cancer and the North Node on Search when you finish reading this.

  14. Hi Jessica

    I had written to you before as I had quit my job and you had advised I take guidance from my spirit guides re a job and also that from November things would shift towards Home/family

    So in a way the November shift in energy is to happen in that my last date is end November (I am on notice period till then) but I was wondering – do I meet someone as I am single and hence the shift – I would really want to!

    You has also suggested in September re body mind connection – and how it would help me feel better – lo and behold I have started accupuncture cupping kickboxing and I feel I am not all there but getting out of my low and very withdrawn phase.

    Re my job – I am fairly certain on what I want now – I simply don’t know if there are any open jobs in the companies I seek as budgeting process is still on and then would they want me? Please advise ….do you see a decent job with decent pay in the near future?

    So a bit scared as I need the money and really also want to get out of this home ( living with my parents and it is bogging me down) and move cities and to a new home ( where the jobs I want are) and start afresh. So All dependent on finding a good job!

    Life feels like it has come a full circle – and I am at ground Zero starting again… appreciate any advice with regards to finding a partner as well as a job.! Any insights during this time will be appreciated.

    My ex has also been in touch – I meet him on the August eclipse 2016 and I wanted to know if he wants me back for a committed relationship and if it will work out this time.

    Lots of questions and I am so sorry but there is so much uncertainly and I am so confused and given you have given such great advice in the past I thought I would take a chance …

    With all my gratitude

    • Thank you for the feedback. It is great you are coming out of that low period with kickboxing and other modalities. You are obviously feeling some trepidation at the job change and your ex is around again. Lots of questions so let’s see what the Tarots wants to talk about, in terms of October 2018. You have drawn The Star, which is a fantastic card. We are back to mind, body, spirit again. This card also suggests you are strongly Aquarian, or having your Aquarius side triggered in October. Sure enough you have the Ascendant at 6 Aquarius and Salacia at 9 Aquarius and in October we find Mars going across 6 and 9 Aquarius, near the 3rd (now) and the 9th. The South Node is pretty close as it goes over 0-3 Aquarius. So, let’s look at the group, team, club, community, tribe. I would assume you have one of those around with the kickboxing but it may be another circle of people. This is so good for you. It helps you become who you are. It’s like having a nice cluster of people ‘have your back’ but not in any close or complicated way – at a distance. This brings out your Aquarian side which knows how to feed a group. You supply a group with what it needs without getting too involved or lost. You stay outside (the welcome outsider) and yet you also gain from the group because you shine so brightly within it. This could easily be work as well, depending on what you want to do with your life. A concrete example would be a job where you look after the accounts for a community swimming pool, or where you work in media relations with a trade union, or you manage a board of directors. It’s about ‘feeding the need’ of the group. Most of all, October is about your body and your relationship with your physical self. Getting back in touch with your own body, by yourself, away from lovers, is a fantastic thing for you to do and it helps feed your very soul. There is potential for romance all over the place. You can’t even see it. Not just with your ex but with many potential dates in future. I feel you need the big one, though, the one that is out of sight at the moment. Stay focussed on yourself, your Aquarian and Eleventh House side (look up on Search), your body (you have that big Virgo chart pattern too in your Sixth House) and October will reward you. The family tree is there to sustain you and help you. It may feel very removed from where you are at, and who you are, but even though living with your parents is not your cup of tea, that family tree is a place to shelter and there is a hint here in the card that you need to look after that too. In fact, the card insists on it.

  15. Jessica,
    this first week of oct. is my and my best friend’s bday. I did’t reach out to her to wish her happy birthday, there is a recent strain to our friendship due to her relationship with abusive partner. I too had a challenging boyfriend I loved, but we broke up 18 months ago. It was hard to get over but the right thing to do, to advocate for myself. Very disappointed this has begun to define her and isn’t able to reciprocate in our friendship at this time. Also, beginning of 2018 started a new relationship with Aquarius guy, (1 day apart from previous boyfriend) who seems to be struggling with something. He keeps an extreme distance these past 9 months, but claims to have strong feelings for me…huh? where’s this going? Shed some light si vous plait. with gratitude and warmth.

    • Your Tarot card is the Five of Staves. The card wants to talk to you about your best friend and the wider group – which may be Facebook or Twitter, for example. The card does not want to address the situation with your Aquarian boyfriend. The friendship can be fixed through the group, not just the two of you. So, other friends or acquaintances have to come in. To remain apart is a waste as together you are capable of creating something terrific. Yet, you are all hugely different from each other, right down to your taste in clothes! The gaps and the distance are good in some respects, as you and your friends know how to give each other space, but too much space and all you see are the gaps. This is an Aquarius and Eleventh House issue and in October Mars transits Aquarius from 5 through 20 degrees. One look at your chart and we find Aesculapia at 15 Aquarius and the South Node at 26, so undoubtedly this is going to be Mars conjunct Aesculapia at 15 Aquarius, around October 21st, and if you take action, you can bring the friendship and the group back from the brink. Have a look at Aesculapia on Search as this asteroid is about to wake up in your chart. The reason this is way more than just another friendship or group issue is the South Node, which describes karma, so you and your friend (and the others) have been through similar challenges before in other lifetimes. Have a look at that too. This could work. It’s worth the effort.

  16. Dear Kyra,
    My biggest wish is to find a place where I belong to. Will I find it in the near future?
    I feel very lonely.
    Thank you!

    • It’s Jessica here. Your Tarot card for October is The Hierophant. This is really about the Ninth House, and the faith, belief, religion or rules for living (moral and ethical) which rule you. We would expect to see transits to the Ninth House in October in your chart and as a Leo, you are slowly coming to the end of transiting Uranus in your Ninth House, with Chiron moving in and out too. Your question is being answered by the Tarot in terms of the church (perhaps) or some other dogma which has a particular code on sex, marriage, love, men and women. It could be Buddhism or Catholicism, for example. The answer rests with your beliefs or the beliefs of others. Are you a monk or a nun? Is someone else a monk or nun? Who is the Pope in this situation? Figuring out intimacy questions – matters of sexuality – would be high on the list, according to the Tarot. That will help you find your way to where you belong. Ask yourself what, if any, religion you were brought up in. Did you go to an Anglican school for example? Think about your views on weddings and marriage. All of this is having a bigger impact on you, than anything else, in terms of where to live, with whom to live, and how to live – according to the Tarot.

  17. Hi ladies..Wondering what October has in store as September was a disaster, and unexpected..kidney and disc in back problems,ended up in hospital 1st September..the whole month out of work and 1st day back Ive torn ligaments in my knee..i cant afford not to work so hoping i wont have to go sick again..the guy im in love with wants to come over for a week but im not sure if hes the right guy for me,Hes in England and im in Ireland,so its being a long distant relationship..Thanks so much.

    • The Knight of Swords comes up for you in October. Sometimes the universe slows you down to help you out and although the kidney, disc and knee problems are the last thing you wanted, they are helping you hold back in a situation where a very fired-up man could cause a lot of friction. It is not clear if this is the man in England (unlikely, unless he does come to you in Ireland) or a person you know at work, or in your circle of family and friends. He is aggressive, energetic, assertive and wants everyone to back him. They are hesitating. So should you (you are shown in the card with your knee turned to one side, holding your kidney side too!) Let’s look at the chart to see if it agrees. We would be looking for transits to your Mars, or transits from Mars. Sure enough, you have Mars at 4 Cancer in your Fourth House. In October we find Saturn at 4 Capricorn, right opposite, for the first time in around 29 years. This is about your family, household, house, flat, local neighbourhood or country. Have a look at the Fourth House on Search when you finish reading this. Now, there is such a thing as ‘fighting the good fight’ in such matters but you should really consult widely among the group to see what’s wise, or not wise, about what this man wants to do. This is also indicated by transiting Mars in Aquarius, the sign of the group. There are so many different ways into this situation and you have to weigh it up carefully. It could go on.

  18. Was wondering why I have been hit by two extremes in terms of life and career. Is it personal subconcious choice or just a long transitional cycle?

    Can not have success in both love and finance, but have to choose in between them.

    • You have been hit by extremes and wonder why – part of the reason is you do not believe that the money could be there. There is money to be saved, made or translated into ‘cash in kind’ benefits for you. Jupiter in Scorpio in your Eighth House of charity, loans, settlements, financial assistance, insurance and the rest is moving right across Uranus in your chart at 27 Scorpio for the first time in around 12 years. Act swiftly before 29th October if you can. Seek and ye shall find, that is the message here. Love is another matter. But – cash, or financially helpful advantages, savings, favours or benefits, are there if you trust, see it, make a plan, follow it and reach for it.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    It continues to be a roller coaster ride with my business but so many wonderful people are showing up to provide support. I feel very greatful for all of this outpouring of love and support despite the uphill battle. Does the group keep moving forward or is it time to move on? The astrology shows alot of direct hits to my nodes and to my Pluto in Libra. There has been a change in control already … do the cards have any advice.

    • There is a victory ahead for you or another. The Six of Staves shows a man receiving his crown. This is an award, promotion, bit hit or win on the board. It is, in fact, about the group – because that circle of people is in the background – yet nothing would have happened without them. The group does in fact keep moving forward according to this card and you or someone else gains. Yet, you still have to join together! It’s not enough for one of you to get singled out. That unity is still just slightly out of reach but with this good news it will be easier.

  20. Hi Jessica!
    Wow, what a fascinating addition for the astrological forecasts!
    May one ask, what is my monthly tarot is?

    • Thank you. Lena, your Tarot card for October is the Ten of Staves. This is all about workload and burden – and how to make it serve you. You are strongly Virgo and have a signature in that sign, in your Sixth House of labour-intensive projects, efficient work practice, delegating and also undertaking. This Virgo part of your chart is under intense and unusual activity in October. You need a master plan. Such a master plan…yet if you can make these wheels go around with other people you could be creating something so important and so enduring.

  21. I am waiting for a new job proposal, from a previous employer. Any chance it could materialize in October? Thanks in advance.

    • Your Tarot card for October is the Ace of Cups which shows a fantastic new start in your life – emotionally fulfilling, spiritually rewarding. It’s so good for your soul.

  22. Hi Jessica thanks for this section.

    I run my own business and it’s struggling. I feel we have experienced some unbelievable bad luck, if it can go wrong it has gone wrong. Plus I have been ill on and off, which meant I had to cancel going to your Sutton Coldfield event, I haven’t felt 100% in ages.

    What does October hold? Is there any positive change on the horizon. I don’t want my business to fail.

    Many thanks :)

    • Let’s have a look at October for you with the Tarot. I’m sorry you have been ill and are struggling with the business. Your card is The Sun, which shows a small child enjoying the brilliance of a brand new day. It is a card about rebirth and fantastic new beginnings. There is a mother or grandmother figure helping the child. In the foreground stands a horse, signifying Jupiter in Sagittarius, which begins in November and lasts until the end of 2019. You have enough Sagittarius factors to benefit from that – it will involve foreign people and places – and help you gain so much, in the second half of next year. This card is a hint of high hopes for the future, and you should definitely be optimistic. You could easily teach, study, write, blog, publish in connection with a trip overseas, or people from a different nation or culture, as 2019 goes on – to your advantage.

  23. Hi Jessica,

    am I too late for a monthly reading? If not, what does October hold for me?

    Many thanks,


    • Jeanie, your Tarot card for October is The Devil. You and your former, current or potential lover are locked into a situation where you must either/both break free, or go on feeling trapped. It is possible that you could do this alone, but it would be easier if the other person helped you, or best bet – if you both assisted each other. Ask yourselves who or what you are so cowed by. Chances are it’s just an interpretation of a situation. There is a moral/ethical question here too which only you can answer. You recently had Uranus (revolution, liberation) move into your solar Fifth House of sexual relationships – particularly those which lead to children, or involve parenthood. This has been building for a while. Your call.

      • OMG, can’t believe you actually picked up on my former partner who contacted me yesterday. I moved on a long time ago, so no chance of a reconciliation. This card appears to reinforce that I made the right decision from my end. Thank you for your insight.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for your reply.
    As usual, you’re spot on – the decision referred to in my aforementioned question was precipitated by events on September 24.
    Your advice will be most helpful.

  25. Hi Jessica
    I really want to know what can I expect this month as I got Pluto conjunct Ceres and trine Jupiter .My mum pass away last June is that due to Pluto conjunct Ceres?

    • Pluto conjunct Ceres in your Tenth House is not about your mother passing away – the horoscope does not show death. It is certainly about a deep change in the balance of power in your work place, chosen field or profession, university or college, or sphere of unpaid work. These two archetypes are invested in having total control yet must always find a compromise. So, 2018 is the year of enforced compromise with all that you achieve and aspire to, and you might say it’s a game of musical chairs. The music will intensify in December 2018, January 2019 when there is a new shuffle around you and you must find the right seat. You also need to sit next to the right people. I hope this makes sense to you.

  26. HI Jessica Thanks for this awesome tarot/astrology combo … I love it! I’m trying to get ahead in my weight loss endeavours as well as flick off the last of some debt. I’m also expecting to hear the outcome of a legal decision. How will I fare with regards to these in October? Much gratitude to you xx

    • The King of Cups is your card for October. Nothing to do with losing weight. Or debt. Perhaps connected to your legal decision, but you do not say if a man is involved or not. Essentially the King of Cups is Neptune incarnate. He is shown floating on a throne on a choppy sea, with a ship being tossed around in the background. A fish leaps to his side, indicating Pisces, also ruled by Neptune. He holds the cup of emotion and also sexual passion, and another fish hangs from his necklace. This man is strongly Neptune or Pisces and to reach him you have to meet him on his own terms. He is not a realist. He does not live on terra firma. He dwells in a world of imagination, fantasy, spirituality or even drugs/alcohol and nothing is on solid earth. Yet, you have to decide if you want to let him float off or meet him halfway. Are you like this? Do you relish the idea of floating off together and perhaps catching the ship? Maybe it’s not you at all and you’d rather let him vanish on the horizon. Neptune is at 14 Pisces at the moment and exactly trine your Saturn at 14 Cancer in the Fourth House. This man is either operating behind the scenes in your life, under cover, below the surface – or he may even be a figment of your imagination – the person is real but what he represents to you is not real and is the stuff of dreams. Nevertheless, your Saturn in Cancer is very real. That is essentially what October is all about. Are you looking for an escape? Saturn in Cancer in the Fourth House of family and home is hard work. Look up more on all this on Search, but remember, the Neptune transit is temporary but you have to live with Saturn in Cancer.

  27. Dear Jessica.
    I was just wanting to send you a message in regards to my chart. I seem believe to recognise several long term aspects which I have been under the influence of yet feeling worried. I have not seemed to have taken appropriate action when presented with the oppourtunies offered whilst conscious of there presence due to fear they may have been too good to be true.
    These are some of the Long-term transits I have noticed recently active yet all seem to have pass and since passing has left me feeling depleted in energy.
    * Tr. Pluto conjunction Neptune, on 6 June (1 Feb. 2018 – 14 Dec. 2019)
    Tr. Uranus sextile Ascendant, on 21 July (15 June 2018 – 23 Feb. 2020)
    Tr. Saturn square Jupiter, on 12 July (22 Jan. – 10 Nov.)
    * Tr. Saturn sextile Ascendant, on 10 January (1 Jan. – 9 Oct.)
    * Tr. Mars trine Sun, on 2 October (2 June – 5 Oct.)
    * Tr. Jupiter sextile Uranus, on 29 September (27 Jan. – 4 Oct.)
    * Tr. Jupiter conjunction Pluto, on 9 October (20 Feb. – 14 Oct.)
    I was just wondering, does anything show in my chart concerning job/home/work/career/travel at all? I work in retail yet understand that this may not be my true calling yet unknowing what/when/how to follow another path. I’m feeling low that I wasn’t brave to return to higher education this year and feel my chart is off track. Can anything positive be seen at all? So sorry for all of these questions but I felt I was in tune with the energy before and something has felt different. I was also curious to question, may there be anything in the chart to suggest I may have some possible psychic/heightened concious qualities at all too?
    Thank you for your consideration of this message, it is much appreciated and I look forward to hearing from you with any information of support or guidance.
    Take care,
    Kindest regards,

    • Thanks Bea. If you feel low, you may have mild depression or perhaps anxiety and obviously your doctor is the first stop. However, I am a firm believer in Reiki and suggest you look at the work of Kerry McNally online, who taught me Reiki too. Your chart clearly shows travel by 2019 and more study. You would be given 1, 2, 3 opportunities to get away and also to learn. It is up to you, to take them, as Jupiter can’t make you do anything! Yet, if you were to feel more energetic and motivated, I am sure you would be packing your bag or opening the books. It’s early days yet. You’ll feel a shift in November then from January 2019 it’s game on. I hope you can find some help and healing in the meantime. That is the priority.

  28. HI Jessica,

    Everything tells me to get everything done now before the retrograde and i’m trying. What can you see lies ahead?
    Thank you,

    • There is no sky fall with Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio but as Scorpio rules finance, business, banks, charity and property, it makes sense to get it in writing, and complete it, before the 29th of October. Why? Because Mercury will not be back retracing his steps until December and by then the natural protection and help of Jupiter in Scorpio will be gone (along with Jupiter). The concern is really more for stocks and shares, because people who do not use astrology may be tempted to expand with full Jupiter optimism in these closing days of October 2018, only to wake up in December and realise the entire story has changed. No more Jupiter. Only Uranus in Taurus. The revolution in currency.

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