Find Your Indian Guru Sign

What is your Indian Guru or Jupiter sign? Also known as Brihaspati this is the secret connection between East and West in astrology. It reveals how you teach, guide and help others - and also the blessings of wisdom you are born with. Where is your good karma?

Your Indian Guru Sign

Look up your birthday here to find out your Indian Guru sign. Also known as Brihaspati, this is Jupiter – but not as you know it – and it is also part of the secret language of astrology. We get our word ‘guru’ straight from India and we can thank The Beatles and particularly George Harrison for educating Europe and America about popular Indian culture in the 1960’s. By the 1970’s T-Rex even had a hit with Metal Guru. 

As you might expect, your Jupiter or Guru sign reveals your blessings – your karmic gifts – the knowledge you are born with. It also shows how you can pass this on to others. What you have to teach or share!

Jessica Adams and Sonal Sachdeva, Astrological Association Conference 2018.

I was fascinated to see Sonal Sachdeva from The Circle of Divine Astrology in London, use software that revealed a hidden side to some really well-known horoscopes. We talked a lot about the similarity between Stonehenge and its Sun-Moon placements and the Indian idea of Nakshatras or Lunar Mansions, at the recent Astrological Association conference in Britain.

Sonal is a hard-working, hands-on astrologer. She works regularly at Watkins in Cecil Court where she also uses Tarot cards. I really like her approach.

Your Guru sign is not complicated at first sight. Yet, it runs very deep. George Harrison had Guru in Cancer. He came into this world knowing a great deal about Cancerian or Fourth House matters – home, family, roots, heritage, class, culture.

George Harrison – Guru in Cancer

He put Liverpool on the map with John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. He put Great Britain on the world stage. he lived, famously, in an eccentric property he called Crackerbox Palace. He had a son who became a musician, like him. Most of all, perhaps, Harrison’s great gift to the world was showing us what it meant to be a working-class lad. Harrison was a Sun Pisces in Western astrology but he was a Cancer-style ‘guru’ as well.

Sonia Gandhi and Guru in Virgo

Sonia Gandhi was born with Guru in Virgo. Her karmic gift was to understand all Virgo-ruled matters. Jobs are one of them, as I’m sure you know. We associate Virgo with the Sixth House of workload and working people in Western astrology. Well, it works in the East as well. She is well-known for her efforts with the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act in India in 2005. It is named for Mahatma Gandhi.

If your Western chart shows an emphasis on the same sign as your own Guru sign, then the affairs of that sign (and its house) are also emphasised in your life. In fact, from an Indian point of view, it may be why you have incarnated.

This is Guru (Brihaspati) below seated on a lotus. This is so interesting to me, because in Western astrology where this planet/archetype is known as Jupiter, we associate it with growth. In the West, Jupiter is about the acorn that becomes the oak. Here in the East we can also see the idea of blossoming, blooming and growing – flowering.

Brihaspati Wikimedia Commons

The 12 Signs of the Zodiac and your Guru Karma

You do have to filter the 12 signs through the eyes of India, to really understand Brihaspati, but the basic meanings are the same. The sign will reveal the area of life where you are born ‘knowing’ and also where you should begin growing – so you can help the growth of others, too. If you are curious about your sign, do hit Search to read more about it – and the house it rules – because from a Western point of view that is the ‘garden’ where you will blossom and help seed others’ progress too. Karma!

Where Do You Use Your Good Karma?

To look up your birthday, below, and your Guru sign – check the date that this planet enters and exits. So, for example, if you were born on June 1st 1974, you would see that on February 9th 1974 at 3.42am (GMT) Guru moved into Capricorn. He stayed there until February 19th 1975, so along with most people born that year, your Guru sign is Capricorn.


  • Aries – First House – Image, Presentation and Packaging, Profile, Self-Promotion, Appearance, Reputation, Title, Name.
  • Taurus – Second House – Money and Banking. Business and charity. Philanthropy, trade and retail. Debt and savings.
  • Gemini – Third House – Publishing and writing. The worldwide web. Telephones. Language and speech. Debating.
  • Cancer – Fourth House – Property and real estate. Roots, heritage, family, history, culture. Nationality. Land. Home.
  • Leo – Fifth House – Children and young people. Godchildren, nieces and nephews. Youth. Students. Teaching, mentoring.
  • Virgo – Sixth House – Health and wellbeing. Daily workload. Jobs and employment. Lifestyle. Duty and service. The body.
  • Libra – Seventh House – Love, sex and marriage. Partnership. Duets and double-acts. Enemies and opponents. Justice.
  • Scorpio – Eighth House – Sex and money. Marriage and mortgage. The family inheritance. Legacies. Banking and business.
  • Sagittarius – Ninth House – Academia. Education. Travel. Publishing. Internet Publishing. Foreign places and people.
  • Capricorn – Tenth House – Ambition. Status and success. Social climbing. Professional achievement. Awards. Honours.
  • Aquarius – Eleventh House – Friendship. Groups and networks. Circles and communities. Diversity and equality.
  • Pisces – Twelfth House – Mediumship. Tarot. Dreams. Therapy. Secrets. The unconscious. Altered states. Drugs and alcohol.

All times set for London.

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28 thoughts on “Find Your Indian Guru Sign

  1. July 1982… That would make my Guru, Virgo? I never had thought health and wellbeing, lifestyle, the body, work, etc… would be part of my Karma! Perhaps to see and find out different ways to live?

  2. HI Jessica I’m fascinated by this and have briefly explored it many years ago. It would be great if you and Sonal could team up in a similar vein to yourself and Kyra. For the purpose of clarification, how do two different Jupiter guru signs work together? I have Aries in the natural house astrology and Pisces in Indian astrology…would that be fair to assume, that I could be ‘known’ or at least ‘successful’ by putting myself out there with spiritual/esoteric modalities like being a meditation teacher, by way of example? Or am I totally missing the mark? Cheers xx

    • It’s a really good question – and thank you, I will pass that on to Sonal Sachdeva. Essentially the Indian Jupiter (or Guru sign) is similar to the Western meaning but filtered through Hindu experience. It’s a language translated in Delhi. The Pisces ideas about spirituality, the soul, the chakra system, the aura, clairvoyance, clairaudience, astral travel, meditation, mediumship, trance channelling and – perhaps – quantum mechanics – are alive and well in India. So having your Guru in Pisces describes an innate knowledge and past life experience in the same. I am not sure when you first realised you knew about these things. When you have your Guru Return in Pisces it may well be unforgettable!

  3. Hello Jessica,
    Where exactly Jupiter is transiting for the next one year now??.. Is Jupiter going to go in Scorpio or is it going in saggitarius?? It’s confusing …i thought last year oct Jupiter came in Scorpio after its transit in Libra and this year oct it’s going in Sagittarius, bt some articles on net show Jupiter will be in Scorpio till 2019…really confusing… So can u plz clear the doubt where exactly till next year Jupiter will actually be in??
    Thank you

    • I know some Indian/Vedic websites have conflicting information on Guru/Jupiter in the 12 zodiac signs. Just as we find in Western astrology, in Indian/Hindu astrology there are different systems. I like the system suggested by Sonal Sachdeva and so we’re using that software. Thank you.

  4. This is great! I can have another chance with my “Guru in Libra” year?!!! Right? I was just thinking to myself that my Jupiter year did not feel right at all!? Hope the Guru one helps – so far, I feel awesome! Hope you’re well!

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Gemini, which makes complete sense to me. However my husbands health issues at present are really taking all my time and energy. Really want to move ahead with my writing.

    • You are a writer with Guru in Gemini. I love the way Indian astrology works. Your husband’s health issues are there for a higher purpose, which I am sure you know. They take you both to a point where you must decide to rebuild and reconstruct what is there, or move on from it to something quite different and new. Keep writing.

  6. Hi Jessica,
    Very informative article, thank you.
    In the natural house astrology, I have Jupiter in Sagittarius, and in the Indian astrology it’s in Scorpio. Will this benefit me come November?
    What do you think I can expect?
    Thank you so much for your knowledge in astrology, I learn so much from you.

    • Thank you. You will enjoy your Jupiter Return in Sagittarius in your Ninth House, TG, and from November 9th 2018 through December 2nd 2019 will also experience Guru in Sagittarius, and Ceres in this sign too. You will discover a dazzling new kind of spirituality as Jupiter, which rules the eagle who has the broad vision of life, passes through your house of beliefs, faith and philosophy. He will sextile your Aquarius placements along the way in your Eleventh House of community. Expect a rather magical and miraculous year with your group. This is a group where everybody pools resources. I strongly recommend that you devote time and energy to these people, and you will find equality and diversity within the community. Further ahead, partly thanks to what happens in 2019, there is a tremendous ambition to achieve, but you could do it. What a year.

  7. I am a double Taurus. Whilst I have been lucky with finances via 8th House connections, I have not had a personal interest in money, finance, business or retail. That leaves charity and philanthropy. I would be happy to become more involved with charities, so is that how I should be reading this? I suppose I could become skilled enough to sell a product or service in the future. That’s something to ponder on!

    Jessica, thank you so much for your eBook “The Astrology Oracle Guide” which I’ve just discovered on your site and downloaded. It makes reading the Oracle a lot easier and quite mind blowing. I love the quantum theory aspect. You are very generous with your knowledge and expertise.

    I have to say you timed your trip back to Australia perfectly as the weather here in Blighty has gone drizzly, dark and dreary – you are very clever to chase the sun and avoid winter altogether!

    • Jupiter in Taurus is commonly associated with fundraisers, charity donors and philanthropists but it can take a few years until things come together. You have been lucky, which is typical of this placement, but the time is not yet ripe for the change. When Uranus goes over your Jupiter eventually, you may well find that giving back/giving becomes a core part of your existence, actually, and you would find it very exciting (and be very good at doing it as well). I’m really pleased you like The Astrology Oracle Guide. Justin designed it really beautifully. Thank you!

  8. Hi Jessica,
    My Gemini son has Jupiter conjunt Saturn at 22 deg in Taurus and his indian guru in Pisces . He has hit rock bottom in his studies, and his school is taking all measure to ensure he cannot write the exams this year. Although we are requesting school to allow him take the exams, but I have very little hope that they would budge.
    My Jupiter is in Pisces and India guru in Capricorn. I have moon 23 in Aries; I want to support my son who seems to have let himself down and feeling low. Although there are no signs of depression yet, he is very strong mentally and cares a dam of what’s happened. But I don’t want him to take this lightly and study hard for next year.
    I have Minerva 29 in Leo, I want to do what is good for him and the only thing I know is give him a good education. Will I succeed? Will he continue his studies? Apparently he doesn’t have any planets in Capricorn, who worries me if he would make a good career choice…

    Thanks for your advise.

    • This is very tough for your son, Chetan. He is a natural psychic and is probably too young to use it, but when he is older, he will show others how to use their intuition. You have your Jupiter in Pisces in your Western chart so he has inherited ‘second sight’ as the Celts call it, from you. You are really being affected by Uranus in Taurus (new!) which results in a long, slow evolution and revolution for him. He may change the way he looks in the years ahead and perhaps go through a classic teenage/twentysomething period of rebellion. That’s fine. At the same time you have this transit in your Fifth House of parenthood. I know you want him to have a good education but you are going to have to let this flower grow its own way and go its own way. The best thing you can do is support that growth, though it may not be what you expected, back in 2017. Read more about Uranus to understand what this planet is all about. It may also help you to find out more about successful people who did not get on with their schools. You can be very successful without following the usual cookie cutter path of some education. He will find his entire life changes when Uranus moves to 22 Taurus across his Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 22 Taurus. That is some years ahead but it is being seeded now. His attitude towards wages, salary, money, materialism and the rest is ‘under reconstruction’ and that is a big part of it.

  9. This is so fascinating Jessica!

    I look at both my Vedic chart and the chart from your site. According to the tables above, both my husband and I with birthdays in Oct 75 and Jan 76 have Jupiter in Aries and Guru in Aries. What is interesting to me is that because the Indian astrology is sidereal, Jupiter is always one sign behind. For ex: When Jupiter is in Taurus in Western Astrology Guru is in Aries in Indian astrology. Does this mean that I get two Jupiter returns? One when Jupiter is in Aries according to Western astrology and one when Jupiter is in Aries according to sidereal astrology. I have always wondered about this! Look forward to your future collaboration with Sonal!

    • Thank you. Guru works differently, as it is about the Indian experience and Hindu culture – and our Jupiter is essentially Roman. Guru is far more about gifts, knowledge, experience and wisdom gathered through past lives and in Aries, it is about self-promotion, presentation and self-packaging (the exterior). This is what you have to polish in this lifetime along with your husband. The Guru Return gives you a chance to do that again (once more with feeling!) The Jupiter Return in Western astrology is much more about the Roman archetype – there is genuine luck there – Jupiter was blessed from birth – he was the one who got away, and got away with it too. Thank you, I will pass that onto Sonal Sachdeva.

  10. Interesting , now with Guru in Aries I can find more details, always your topics makes me more motivated to learn more and more.
    Thank you Jessica

  11. Hi Jessica
    Please help me get this correct. Before reading the table that u have posted here I always thought my guru sign was taurus in indian astrology. But now it seems it is aries! My dob is nov, 1988.
    If it is really aries then I may have a real light bulb moment with jupiter in gemini in western astrology!
    Thanks ya!

    • I’m going to ask Sonal Sachdeva for clarification of her system here because I have had a few questions about this way of figuring out your Guru sign. I am glad you are having a lightbulb moment!


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