TAROT TUESDAY – November 2018

Kyra Oser predicts the Tarot for November 2018 and sees election interference in the USA. What's in store for you?

First week of November – Four of Wands

Four wands connected by a canopy of flowers is reminiscent of the chuppah used in Jewish marriage ceremonies.

News headlines will feature environmental activists breaking down a bridge or dam near a fossil fuel facility as a pro-test against climate change. While I see this event in Central or South America, a rise in activism will continue through-out this month in other regions.

In your own life, group relationships that are working well will become more obvious. You’ll get more of what you focus on, and this week, the focus is on strategies for promoting peace and harmony as a collective group. Go where the love is, and bring the love wherever you go.

Second Week of November – Seven of Swords

Five swords are taken from a camp site, and only two are left behind. Seven of Swords points to deception and betrayal. However, there is also a Five of Swords message contained within this card: if you can keep moving forward despite any losses, success will come in time.

In global news, expect a repeat of elections interference in the U.S. Midterms. While some votes are compromised, the true vote tally will eventually be revealed by investigative reporters. Voting is still important and will make a crucial difference in the outcome. Choices made between November 2018 and November 2020 will alter the way we live for decades.

I’m also seeing a panicked selloff of real estate in some parts of the world, beginning with investors in Asia.* The word “backwards” will be repeated by GOP leaders and Trump in economic news.

You might be tempted to think your efforts are futile this week, but that thought would be a deception, too. Sometimes one action that’s contrary to what you’ve been doing will help disrupt a feeling of defeat.

Act like you’re where you want to be,

And the feeling will come eventually.

Just envision the outcome you’d like to see,

Then follow the Magic that’s brought by Week Three…

*Please consult with your stock broker or financial advisor regarding any monetary choices.

Third Week of November – The Magician

Symbols of all four minor tarot arcanas (pentacles, swords, wands and cups) are being used by the magician as tools for manifesting spiritual visions into physical reality.

In this week’s news, expect to hear about the unveiling of a major technological discovery connected to transportation that will eventually be used to expand space exploration. Musk’s inventions, as well as legal issues surrounding his business, will again be featured prominently in news reports.

Something you visualised or imagined is about to be experienced in material form. Based on the other tarot cards for November, the gift you’ll receive from The Magician will either be a revival of creative inspiration or something you’ve wished for in a friendship or relationship.

Fourth Week of November – Three of Cups

Like the first week of November, we wrap up this month with another joyful event. Wreaths of success are worn by three women. Perhaps their chalices are filled with wine, as the presence of grapes denotes an altered Dionysian state of celebratory partying.

In global news, couples who met as friends or through friends and are currently working together in politics (such as Meghan and Harry) will be featured in media reports as promoting international humanitarian causes.

In your own life, either a friendship might be growing into a relationship, or a relationship or friendship could be deepening into a more meaningful spiritual connection.

Kyra Oser, Psychic Medium and Radio Host.


Tarot Tuesday appears on the first Tuesday of every month with world and personal predictions from Kyra Oser. Kyra’s work has featured on Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, CBS Radio and more. You can discover more of Kyra’s predictions at her website.

Premium Members – you can ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below for the chance to have a detailed Tarot reading. Please specify the time-frame you are asking about – days, weeks, months or years into the future. 


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21 thoughts on “TAROT TUESDAY – November 2018

  1. Hi Ladies..Jessica,thanks so much for last reply..You have being so correct on what you said last time..King of Swords,firey guy..my son met one,.his new gfriends ex.the cops had to get involved as he came after my son.hoping now we have got rid of him!..you also correctly told my son he would have new wheels around now (you told him that this time last year..hes 29 degrees Scorpio)..he bought a new car unexpected..so thanks so much.Another prediction for gemini was ex’s come back..well one did,after 30 years..on 6th october..we are still chatting on line and wants to come over from uk to meet up in new year..hes a Sagattarius..13th dec 1970..he was my first lover but he left for uk as their was no jobs here in Ireland..of course i was gutted…I got my hopes up until i realised its vesus retrograde..what is happening in my love life..im excited about this guy coming back but i dont know what to do..Thanks Jessica..

    • I’m glad the psychic prediction for your son came true and he has his new car. You are wondering if this Sagittarius, your first lover, is coming back to you. The answer is really about his children or yours. He won’t know what he is going to do as a father or potential stepfather until March 2019 but don’t hang around waiting. Just know that it will ultimately be about how much freedom, space and independence he wants as a Dad. Some men don’t want that commitment. Some find the commitment liberating. It’s hard to say without seeing his chart, but March 2019 is when wheels start turning for him emotionally and he’ll make some choices soon after that.

    • A first glimpse of another country or nationality which might not mean much at the time, yet by the end of 2019 will turn out to be rather special indeed. In fact, if you look twice, you’ll see that there is a second connection there, perhaps through a person you know and his/her nationality or intention to travel or move next year. Hang onto this early clue in November and follow through.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    My DOB 16/11/71 Melbourne 8.50am
    Husbands – 22/11/74 UK 2.10pm

    I would just like to know if it really is the appropriate time for us to seperate.. the love has waned… we have so much at stake ie beautiful children, but I’m not sure if we can ever pick up the pieces, let down the barriers and move forward as a team, loving partners… and I’m putting it out there to find a true love.. please advise.
    Thanks so much, in advance,

    • It must be such a difficult choice to make, but if you are going to choose any year to move on from marriage, choose your Jupiter Return in 2019. Mercury 12, Venus 13, Jupiter 12 Sagittarius in your chart in the Ninth House is a stunning combination, Nicole, and Jupiter himself will travel all the way back to his birth position. Things will come together very quickly for you in terms of moving or travelling and January will make it so easy for you to start your new journey in every sense of the word. What happens will expand your horizons as you explore quite another region, particular spot in your local area or even another country. This will help you put things in perspective and assist you with your choice. You should use your Astrology Oracle to help you with this decision to see what your soul is telling you. It is of course your ultimate choice but if you are concerned about timing, use 2019. You only have your Jupiter Return once in 12 years and it’s so fortunate.

  3. This has been a awful year, lost the love of my life (never getting near a Pisces again), and my dog and recently heard I am going to lose the most important person in my life in the next few months, my Dad it feels like he is all I have left and now I am losing him too. I was struggling before that news but now wonder where I will find the strength to help and manage the next few months, I am feeling very alone, Siblings are a nightmare too looking out for themselves only, will I find the strength or support from someone?

    • I am so terribly sorry about this. The cycles you and your former Pisces partner are moving into now are actually about all this. The North Node of karma is going into Cancer, so for your ex, the next two years is all about dealing with parenthood questions – and it’s a big one. I can say this just by knowing he is a Pisces. For example, if he was to date a new woman who wants pregnancy when he does not, he may have a huge amount of karmic debt or credit to sort out. In your own chart you have a strong Cancer signature and the North Node will cross that. It will take a couple of years, so 2019 and 2020 are about your father, but also his side of the family and your mother’s side too. Don’t write off your siblings. Leave that open. You will be given a shoulder to lean on in February 2019 as either your Pisces ex, a potential new date or another ex will be at the top of your list. Far more important than that is the fact that the North Node describes debts and credits from previous lifetimes and these, now involving all your family, come around for closure. Although a shoulder to lean on is important, try and trust the process as the time has come for you to make a deal with yourself about your siblings and it will take 1-2 years to complete.

  4. Greetings Jessica,
    dob: 20/10/71
    Please advise. I’m so very lonely. I’ve been struggling since 2011 when i first left my (21/08/59) partner of 15 years. We got back in 2013 but it was finally over for me 2015 I left Oct 2016. No children or assets from this life. Very sad about the children. I’m 47 now. Unemployed for 18 months, I finally started a dream job in Sept only to find myself under attack, falsely accused of gross misconduct and looking at the door already. Feel I’ve totally failed, crisis after crisis, in my life alone. I’m tired of the last 6 years. H ow do I get me back?W hat do I do next?

    • I am sorry about all you have been put through. The situation with the children will already feel easier as the North Node of karma has left Leo and your Fifth House of parenthood, so you are no longer caught in a loop. You just finished a cycle that can only happen every 19 years and you have past life ties with your children and former partner – probably no surprise to hear that – and the North Node in Leo returned you to some very old themes, challenges and questions. You were born with Jupiter and Neptune in Sagittarius which is fantastic. As soon as possible please find out more about foreign people and places, stretching right from Barcelona to the Americas, to far corners of the British Isles and Australasia. You are spoiled for choice as 2018 ends and should seriously consider travelling or moving. You are a world citizen, and can travel in the mind just as well, so even if you stay put, think about seeking people whose language, passport, region or culture is so different to your own, but so tempting. You could easily have a passionate relationship with someone from another country, actually. You need to shake off your depression. Name it for what it is. You are entitled to have depression but you urgently need to bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment and ground yourself. You would benefit enormously from yoga and meditation, for example, although I do suggest you see a medical professional about your symptoms, if you need to. Then, you will be in the best possible position to make your dreams real. As I say, you will be spoiled for choice – if you are not bilingual then think about picking up a language. On a work level, romantic level and most importantly a soul level, you are here to explore and experiment under the most fortunate Jupiter Return cycle in 12 years. Get yourself into the right shape, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally, so you can begin the quest. And put a pin on the map.

  5. Hi Jessica
    Am curious as to what you see now for me and love…after a horrible decade of looking after everyone else I feel I’m due some happy rewards! Thanks so much.
    (Am logged in but in case you need it
    DOB 16/07/1969 Sydney 8:30am

    • You’ll have a chance to fix the past, which helps you find a partner for the future, from the first week of December 2019 into all of 2020. Of course you can and will date before then, with varying degrees of depth!

  6. Hello ladies,

    Thank you for the November reading. My friends and family members around my age have moved to other states throughout the years. I am currently keeping my eyes open for connections with new friends and also romance. For me personally, both are important. Yet both types of relationships have been quite elusive in the past few years. There have been possibilities, but not solid friendships or romance. Can you please do a reading to see how friends and romance appear for me? With my Sag Return it would be nice to share, discuss and celebrate my accomplishments with friends and a partner. I’m a mother with an adult son who has his own home, if that matters in the reading. Thank you for your time.

    • From Jessica – your personal life will change radically in 2019, 2020 and beyond as the situation with your son changes and you find freedom and independence. Your son matters very much in the reading as at least one of your future date prospects will also have children. The relationship with your son will begin to move in a completely different direction from March 2019 and by 2020 you will realise that this frees you up for an equally different relationship with a potential new lover. You also have karma with your son’s father, no matter if he is here or not, and this will be completed in 2019, 2020. You will gain closure with the past. All this, again, sets you free to have a very different kind of relationship.

  7. Hi ladies , i am curious about this year and next and what life has in store for me… what to expect … what do you see. i would love some insight from you.

    • It’s Jessica here. You are strongly Capricorn with a stellium in your Tenth House of career, unpaid work, status, success, academia, achievement and ambition which is under transit from the South Node, Pluto and Saturn. You are also a Sun Scorpio with Uranus leaving your Sixth House of workload and Chiron entering. Next year, and also 2020, are the life path reshape years. Tremendous reshuffles and changes in your chosen field, industry, profession or business will result in the kind of resignations, promotions, mergers and restructures that leave big new gaps and also close doors that used to be open. You will get the measure of this in December, January and then make long overdue changes to your daily routine and lifestyle from March 2019 – why? Because you can.

  8. Please disregard my last question! I realized it’s December lol! The business betrayal happened in the 2nd week of November, as predicted. Wow.

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