Tarot Tuesday – December 2018

Professional psychic and Tarot expert Kyra Oser, based between the U.S. and Canada, gives you her insights for yourself, and the world, in December 2018. Plus, for Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions for detailed Tarot replies.

Welcome to Tarot Tuesday – December 2018

Tarot Tuesday appears on the first Tuesday of every month with world and personal predictions from Kyra Oser. Kyra’s work has featured on Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, CBS Radio and more. You can discover more of Kyra’s predictions at her website.

Kyra Oser and Jessica Adams first worked together on a radio show broadcast across Los Angeles and Seattle and now join forces on the first Tuesday of every new month to combine Kyra’s Tarot skills with Jessica’s combined use of Pamela Colman Smith’s deck, Arthur Waite’s occult brilliance and the ancient field of astrology. For Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below, for detailed Tarot replies.

First Week of December – The Devil

A devil wears a pentagram on his forehead as he holds a torch, signifying passion, that lights one of the human’s tails on fire. Two people with antlers are bound by chains to the devil’s altar. One of their tails ends in grapes, which represents the intoxication of pleasure.

News headlines will feature a celebrity couple broken apart by mutual cheating, as well as evidence of politicians in multiple European and American countries who have been taking bribes from Russian oligarchs in order to cheat in previous elections.

If you are feeling uncertain about a business or relationship decision, take comfort in the fact that there may be a purpose behind your indecision. If you get seduced into making a decision too quickly, you might wish you had taken more time. Any delay can allow a third option to arise, or it may turn out that less effort is better when it comes to taking action in this situation.


Second Week of December – King of Pentacles Reversed

The fabric of this King’s robes is decorated with grapes, denoting his connection to an abundance of worldly pleasures. His coin represents authority in financial matters. He is surrounded by plants, earth, and a home in the distance, as he rules over the domain of physical matters. Bulls carved into his throne are a sign that he tends to be stubborn and self-directed.

In global news, this card portends the downfall of a financial emperor and empire. Mueller’s investigation will soon issue indictments against Donald Trump, Jr. and, eventually, other members of the Trump family. There will also be legal news concerning the outcome of a Roger Stone plea deal. This week’s events will create a domino effect that results in financial loss for some high-profile corporations owned by prominently wealthy families in America, although the effects of these setbacks won’t be published until January.

A flexible state of mind can be beneficial to your social life this week. This is not an ideal time to make large purchases, but it is a good week to start doing research or making vision boards about vacation plans for 2019.

Third Week of December – Strength Reversed

Strength features a woman with a crown opening the mouth of a lion, demonstrating that she has the ability to overcome physical challenges with the power of her mind. Her crown chakra is imbued with an infinity sign, denoting a universal, spiritual strength that surpasses the limitations of her physical body. No matter what is happening in your life, the infinite power of the soul will re-main strong despite any external struggles.

In this week’s health news, expect an attempt to suppress an epidemic. New scientific solutions to public health issues will develop as a result of this crisis. Environmental science news will re-veal an innovative solution to climate change that features what appears to be an “accelerated recycling system.”

This week provides you with an opportunity to pay attention to your health, especially if you can set aside enough time for rest, self-reflection, and connecting with people who bring you happiness or make you laugh. It’s also an excellent time to practice tapping into a higher consciousness through meditation. You can access a spiritual source at will, at any time, with the power of your mind.

Fourth Week of December – 7 of Wands

A man with one staff manages to successfully subdue six other staffs. He is the only human in the image on this card, which means that the cause he is fighting for is on behalf of humanity. The man is on the edge of a cliff, so the task is dangerous, but he is determined and continues to fight.

This week’s news headlines feature a breaking story about a legal battle between the public and an administration. There will be a triumph in the judicial systems of more than one country, with one case in particular featuring a very large group of citizens suing their own government in court. This victory will be a sign of more protests and legal battles in 2019 that will result in creative forms of communal justice.

When the 7 of Wands shows up right after the Strength card, you are being particularly encouraged to stand by your personal convictions and speak up for yourself, or for the highest good of a community or group. If you continue to stand up for your beliefs despite any opposing forces, others will eventually form an alliance with you that will help your cause to prevail in a meaningful and productive way.



Premium Members – you can ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below for the chance to have a detailed Tarot reading. Please specify the time-frame you are asking about – days, weeks, months or years into the future.

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113 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – December 2018

    • Over the short-term (these Tarot readings are for the month ahead) you will find that everything is up in the air with something you had assumed was going along nicely, with your money, charity, purchases, sales, business, house or apartment. You may have to put up with others not communicating, computer issues, or a radical change of plan, following something which nobody had expected to see. This will no longer be an issue from mid-December and in fact from that point forward everyone is focussed on reaching a compromise, bargain or settlement of some kind. Nobody will get perfection but everyone will get what is only fair. You can sign off on this by late January.

  1. Hi Jessica! I am planning to move abroad where my partner lives, and this month will have to make some decisions also regarding my work. Can you please tell me what Tarot has to say about this – about work issues and relationship, if there is a favorable outcome? Thank you in advance.

    • It will change your life, actually, but you need to allow for communication issues between now and December 15th with the telephone or computer. There may be technical errors or someone may not get back to you. Further ahead, 2019 is all about the country you are moving to, which will be an education. If you decide to stay in that country it will teach you new lessons for years. Primarily about what it is possible to get away with. Try to keep things open with work as from March 2019 everything changes either within the actual role, in terms of the people or plans, or because you switch to a new job elsewhere. You’ll get freedom whatever you do.

    • You’ll see lots of changes at work, university or with your unpaid work between now and January as there will be people leaving, being demoted, promoted or just moved sideways. You have had quite a few years with your house or apartment, Emilda, where nothing was really certain or known. It was all a bit of an experiment, but this ends in March 2019. There will be an issue with your computer, telephone or a project you are working on which involves both, from February through April. There will be delays, changes, rewrites, technical problems or similar so prepare for that. From March 2019 you enter a brand new cycle when children or young people will bring all the new advances, the experiments and the big leaps forward in your life. This may be your own son or daughter, or other people’s offspring.

  2. Hi Jessica

    Hope all is well.

    Would you be able to tell me what the cards say about my next 6 months.

    Many thanks

    • You have a special opportunity involving your former, current or potential partner which will come about, after Christmas, as a result of an opportunity you are pursuing right now, picking up the thread and getting things together, after leaving them to one side for a while. In other words, one big door, opens another big door. Nothing will really show itself until January but then you will be very happy about the options for you that lie ahead. In fact, you will be spending 2019 on the trail of happiness, thanks to developments with this person. You either need a big solution right now, or you deserve a really great opportunity, and one way or another, it’s coming.

  3. Hi Jessica,
    I look forward to these monthly tarot readings – thanks.
    2018 has been a challenging year particularly the last quarter with my job being made redundant and in November being advised of yet further delays with the completion of our apartment. ( My partners birthtime is 4pm 5/6/57- Melb).
    I have been rejigging my cv and online profile and endeavouring to stay optimistic about securing a new role, however unsure what and where it will be? I appreciate Uranus in Virgo in my chart is reflective of work changes yet essentially my work has been focussed on workplace health.
    Can you foresee when in 2019 my luck will change re: work opportunities and, moving into our apartment?
    Many thanks,

    • I’m sorry you have been made redundant. I’m sure you would like some reassurance about 2019 and your job situation, Fran. You will relaunch yourself and your C.V. with ease (and enjoyment) after Christmas and promoting yourself will work out really well for you in January in particular. You are entering a brand new phase in your career, for many years, which begins from March. You will have much more space, freedom and independence to do your own thing. There will be no routine as such, so you will either be freelancing, on contract, or take a position where there is very little that is the same, from month to month, so you have to adjust and adapt all the time. Uranus in Virgo in your chart will be trined by transiting Uranus, very slowly and that spells (likely) the biggest revolution you have seen in your working life, in this lifetime. It will be frequently very exciting, though the trick with this cycle, which intensifies from the second quarter of next year, is to be ready to swerve with all the curves. Try not to insist on things being the same as they were in 2017 and previously, because they won’t be.

  4. Hi Jessica and Kyra,

    Thanks so much for Tarot Tuesdays!! It’s great to get a heads up about the coming month. I would love a tarot reading relating to love for me in 2019 – especially January 2-20. I’ve been single for a while, but have met someone rather special in recent weeks. We met in the US but he returns to Australia early in 2019. Do you see things working out romantically for us? :)

    • There is a surprise in store involving him or another past (or potential lover) from March 2019 and you will need to switch direction, so try to leave things as open-ended as you can until you are at least at April and know the score, emotionally. Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and unusual, is in chart of your love chart next year, so it pays not to assume too much and leave things open. But – you won’t be bored.

  5. Hi Jessica, a good friend and I had a falling out on June 23 & haven’t spoken since. On Dec 21 I have a chance to see him again at an event. It would be nice to reconcile or even just get a proper closure to things. On the same night I was invited by friends to something else. Would you tell me what the cards say about this? You mentioned that Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring reconciliations or even good breaks ups this month so I am v tempted to seize the opportunity & dare to hope for the best. But I also have doubts and think maybe it’s better to stick with the folks who are in my life now. My heart wants the reconciliation but my head says move on. Any help would be most welcome. Thank you!!

    • I am sorry about you two not speaking. He’s a friend, right, and not a former lover or potential lover? If just a friend, then the situation will be completely resolved by March 2019. You could try now, or he might, but whatever happens, the break you experienced will be history from March next year and you can look forward to a far more normal life in terms of your connection with him. This happened because you needed to experience what it felt like to be free. To be independent. For whatever reason, he was partly in the way of that.

      • I appreciate this very much-thank you. It was a complicated emotional situation but we were definitely friends, until the fight. You are 100% right about the independence; liberation is really the exact word to describe it. Merry Christmas and thanks again.

  6. Thank you Jessica and Kyra, I just love the knowledge you share of what the upcoming energies will be, your information definitely helps me plan my week!

    If possible, can you please give me so guidance on what the next three months will be like for me. I am Gemini (10 June 1974) and feel like I am on the precipice of change!

    Thank you so much xo

    • December, January, February are about recognising when the timing is right, the people are there, the opportunities are open and you need to use those keys. Your former, current or potential partner is at the heart of all this. There are tremendous options no matter if you want a way out, or a way through, or a way to…it really depends on where you are at with the game of love. You don’t say if you are with someone or not, or want out or would like someone. Yet, from Christmas Day it will all be pretty clear to that January will be your first big step.

  7. Hi Jessica, can you please tell me what I can possibly expect in the realm of love within the next six months via the tarot? Thank you xx.

    • You need to get through December first as the situation you assumed you knew back in September, October or November has changed. There may be a break in communication this month, or just a complicated scenario which needs unpicking. This will occur by the third week of January (we are talking about your former, current or potential partner here) and you two will leave things in an okay place by then, both able to accept a compromise. If your question was actually about sex and money, or property and money, rather than actual partnership – that is a different matter, but your question seems to be about love.

  8. Hi Jessica,

    Can you tell me generally speaking if an issue with my sister looks to be resolved anytime soon?

    Thank you!

    • This will take time. I am sure you would like the situation with your sister to be fixed right now, but you have to see the situation from the outside looking in, which will only happen from the final week of December to the third week of January. Outside reaction and views will help you, just as if they were holding up a mirror for you to see everything more clearly. Further ahead, take it slowly but be optimistic in 2019 and you will find from December 2019, you are set for a year of total and final resolution with her in 2020.

    • You will need to sort out arrangements with the family, or anyone else within the house, apartment or family circle, and although these may be of a practical nature, they do depend very much on how much power and control you feel you have, versus the power and control of others. This will be quite important in January as it becomes clear you all need a fresh start.

  9. Dear Kyra and Jessica

    Hope you see this message. My Questions are lost every time I post o Tarot Tuesday.

    What do you see for me for the next six months?

    Thank you for your insights.

    • I’m sorry your questions get lost in the queue, but here we go! You have had small clues and signs about an important project, idea or course which have not yet shown you their full potential. Yet, from Christmas Day or Boxing Day, it becomes clear that you are onto something very special here and you would do well to make a long list of each and every person and possibility you can think of, which has occurred. Don’t just let this pass you by. There are precious acorns there you can grow into mighty oaks. 2019 could be hugely successful for you online, in particular, but also perhaps with language, translation, the media in general and public speaking. So many clues are going to roll now through January, do use them.

  10. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for these Tarot readings. They are so helpful. I’d love your thoughts on the coming months… particularly the really stressful issues with our home renovations and what my professional/ family life will be like in the coming months.

    • Thank you. The ups and downs, particularly with the cost of renovations, and the likely outcome, will stop next March. Until then life will be rather unpredictable, yet you are used to that by now and are very familiar with ‘surfing’ the waves of change. You will find your entire budget and property situation is much more scheduled and can be far better controlled and organised from March 2019. You are in a fantastic cycle for career, with clues and hints now, and everything rolling from Christmas. A super deal or agreement is in store in January.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I thought you would really like to see this interview about the conditioning addiction that has been designed into Facebook, Twitter Social media in general leveraging hate, envy levers. It also talks to the studies on increases in anxiety, depression and suicide within the community of users, that is really high in 15- 25’s age group. It’s a long interview to watch, but really insightful and utters terrifying comparing it to a virus that is literally changing the brains psychology for those users conditioned by the social confirmation. So much of this interview resonates with your stories and insights. It really is worth the watch and I was thinking of you while watching it last night.


    Take care xx

    • That is quite fascinating. I have seen other academic research into social media and its impact, especially on younger people. Of course we know Facebook was created partly by people with an interest in psychology. I have to say, I jumped ship. Thank you.

  12. Hi Jessica and Kyra,
    I really enjoy the Tarot Tuesday’s readings and have been finding their guidance helpful. 2018 has been a challenging year for me and my husband. Especially financially. I was hoping for some guidance on what the next 3 months may have in store. Thank you.

    • The situation with your husband has been karmic, Lisa, and the karma is now complete. You two ‘owe’ each other, or are owed, from other lifetimes, so you had to take this journey with the money to get closure. From this point forward your aim should be to have a separate space for your finances, shopping, house, apartment, business, charity and so on – separate from the real stuff – which feels like another world to you. It could be, for example, a separate income stream that is quite random, yet always gives you enough cash flow to keep it unreal! The danger with this cycle for you is that you lose touch with the real world so much that you end up owing too much. December is the month to address that. Containing and controlling what is going on and also having boundaries with him, but also for yourself, will make it easier. Further ahead, be careful February-April when you need to get everything in writing, read the fine print and have Plan B.

  13. Hi Jessica and Kyra,
    I really look forward to Tarot Tuesdays!
    I am wondering if I can have a reading relating to love (I have been single for a while) and also my home for the beginning of 2019? I am planning a change of residence so would like to know the best time to make the move!

    Many Thanks

    • Try to move before the second half of February as from that point until March the chance of delays, changes, communication issues or similar affects the moving process. This runs until mid April, yet moving after that date would be a lot easier too. Your questions about love all relate to choices you have made in the past to have children or bypass pregnancy, step-parenthood, adoption and so on – or your actual ability to be a parent. Everything that is or is not happening in love stems from that, yet from March 2019 that phase of your life is over and you can look forward to a new angle. Yet, the future does suggest it’s all going to be about a son, daughter or stepchild for you – for years to come. This matters more than the actual partnership.

  14. Hi Jessica, Good Morning! Something unusual is happening 2 CEOs resigned/fired – another Chinese CFO arrested in Canada sent back to the US – yesterday alone. Brexit news over the next week that could tell us if it will happen or not. There is smoke from your May predication. I see you mention many dates from December 6, 2018 to December 12, 2018.

    This is notable in light of the above forecast for 2nd week of December talking about financial losses for companies. So, I would like to know if this smoke is going to get bigger – meaning are financial markets going to see losses over the days and weeks to come going into January 2019. When do see the fire – essentially when people realize what is going on is actually happening? I feel may be nearing that point now. Any thoughts on December 2018 and months after would help us get to higher ground. Thanks.

    • Smoke and fire are interesting ways to describe what is going on in astrology. Kyra would have more to say about that on her website, I am sure. I have been looking at December for a while – quite correct, since May. The real fire is March 2019. That is when Uranus, the revolution, goes through Taurus, currency and the global economy. So anyone who is across the markets needs to start looking at astrology and figuring it out for himself/herself. It has a strong track record with cycles.

  15. Dear Jessica,
    2018 has been a challenging year- coming to terms with a family estrangement and getting a medical issue under control so that it enables us so to move on to another stage in our lives. Please could you advise what do you see in store over the next year? Thanks in advance.

    • I’m sorry about these two big tests with the family and also the medical condition. You are surrounded by the very first beginnings of opportunities and possibilities for success next year which will make more sense by Christmas and a *lot* more sense in January. Then, you will see how much is open to you and where it might take you. You may or may not be ambitious to move on up in terms of your paid work, unpaid work, study or social status – but the ladder is there and you are being shown the way.

  16. Good day, Jessica:

    Thank you so much for Tarot Tuesday.

    Can you provide me with some insight into what the next 6 months hold for me?

    Thanking you in advance.


    • Lorna, you will find that family or locals – maybe your ‘kith and kin’ as they say in Scotland – have your back in 2019. In fact you will realise how much you have learned and grown since 2010 and be feeling pretty satisfied about what you have created. True emotional support. This may be close relatives, the household (which can be like a family), the extended family tree or just those who come from your homeland, religion, culture or background. This feeling of backing from solid gold, precious people is terrific, but you also need to single people out. Not just in the ranks, but face by face, name by name. This will make a great difference, not just over the next 6 months, but for years into the future. Try to treat each person there as a separate and unique individual and invest in him or her.

  17. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the Tarot Tuesday reading. Can you tell me that if 2019, will a more positive year, then 2018 was? I appreciate all that you do for us:)

    Thank you so much, and God Bless you and your family! Merry Christmas.

    • Thanks Paul and Merry Christmas. You’ll see great progress with your son or daughter in 2019, if you are a parent, and perhaps with a godchild or close relative, if that younger face matters as much as your own child might. There will be big leaps and bounds at school, college or with special projects and plans that make you realise the next generation have gained from your influence. You will also mentor or guide a younger face this year and be forever remembered for doing that. You will have a high potential project or plan of your own involving the internet. Do it, don’t just dream it, because it may not be timed so well after 2019 is over. You’ll need to move it to the right place – the place it starts off in is not the right one – but it could be huge.

    • It really depends on if you have children or not. If you don’t, you will be drawn towards a new relationship in 2019 with someone who has a son or daughter from a previous relationship or who has strong views on having children/not having children. This makes you look at how you feel, of course, and that’s when some past life karma kicks in. The situation may stick or go round in circles until you have closed the karma.

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I am a new member and really enjoying the site!
    I and my wife are currently separated but still communicate off and on. I was hoping you could give insight on if you see us both working on the relationship?

    Thanks so much!

    • It is really about the children – you don’t say if you have them or not – there is a lot of past life karma around pregnancy, babies, sons, daughters or stepchildren. Closure is slow and takes at least all of 2019 but this is in fact the issue. You may also find that you date people who have strong opinions about children (yes or no) and it will be parenthood more than anything else that decides what you end up doing emotionally as there is some karma to clear from your last time round, very likely with your wife.

  19. Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for all the great information you’re sharing!
    I was wondering if you could help me out a reading for the next 3-4 months?
    The past year was incredible in terms of new situations, revelations, learning about myself, some traveling, exciting job, quite some mental struggle on other areas, but as you actually specified I feel kind of stuck with some personal decisions lately. Was looking for some extra guidance and tips re the next months. Thanks! You rock!

    • Thank you! You will find some love life situations repeat, or feel familiar, in 2019 because you actually need to figure out the karma of being parent, being a stepparent to other people’s children, or just bypassing that altogether and having a child-free life (though having a connection to younger people in other ways). Things may seem stuck on a loop for a while, or you may even have deja vu about a past life experience, but when you have figured a few things out, this phase will pass. Things will start moving.

  20. Hi Jessica,
    Can you give me any advice about the wisdom of moving house and this will help with developing new relationship and work opportunities over the next 6 months please? Thanks, Rosi

    • You’ll see the most interesting new home opportunities in February 2019 or actually move then. Your love life in its new phase does not start until March 2019 but over the next 7 years (no hurry) you will have radically different kinds of relationships with a lot more freedom and independence than you are used to. February-March looks like the likeliest time for you to switch, if you mean to do so, because your work and lifestyle patterns would also settle down from March and become a lot more predictable. Your choice Rosi!

  21. Hi Jessica,

    So grateful for your Tarot Tuesdays – it is a great addition to your site.
    I have spent the last year or so dealing with one crisis after another. I have gritted my teeth and worked through each challenge. Some days I didn’t feel as if I would find the solutions, but I did it! I feel as if I am now running on empty and would like to know if there is any love and light coming my way as I could do with a positive boost in my life.

    Thanking you in advance.


    • Thank you I will pass that onto Kyra – we are on opposite sides of the world at the moment – but we’ll both be back again with Tarot Tuesdays in 2019 so feel free to ask questions any time you wish. I am sorry you have been dealing with crisis in 2019 and it can be tiring and dispiriting to have to put up with it all. You have been ‘Saturned’ as the heavy planet Saturn has been slowly going through Capricorn and triggering your chart, particularly in terms of work and career, Jeanie. What you will enjoy the most in 2019 is a circle of true friends and family, or family who feel like friends – and friends who are like clan to you. They have your back. In fact you will slowly come to enjoy these people more and more as you get such emotional security from them. Not everybody can belong to this precious selection of people, any more than all the chocolates ever make it into the Milk Tray selection. Make sure you appreciate each person for themselves. It would be easy to just wave a hand and say that these are your friends, or tribe, or that’s ‘the group’ – but actually each person is so very special that you would get a lot more out of life by pouring time, attention and energy into them as separate and independent human beings, never mind the fact that they all seem to be on Twitter or whatever. Develop and nurture those individual relationships and you will see there is so much more on offer. Saturn is not going to hang around forever and in fact, from Christmas 2019 and especially January 2020 you will realise that your very great success in the year 2020 could not have happened without the tests of 2018. That will make sense to you then. In the meantime, spirit is telling you to get into the garden, or find the right garden to be in in 2019!

    • Thanks Jeanie. We will be expanding Tarot Tuesdays soon and adding a very special guest psychic from Vogue Japan, and Kyra and I also hope to do some radio work together in Britain this year. You are getting ready for relaunch, actually, with a new look and likely a new title/role from the first week of December, with the total rebirth in 2020. You have been offered a chance to do more, have more and experience more via meditation, religion, a retreat, yoga or similar. You can take this and develop it to your total advantage May-December and that will leave you in the best possible place for your new ‘Me’ year in 2020. You will know who you are in great depth then.

  22. Hi Jessica, my Tarot question specifically is about family issues and what you might see there please over the next few months? Specifically my mother and siblings.
    Thank you

    • You have karma with your mother and siblings and will move towards closure in 2019 and 2020 slowly but surely. This goes back to around the year 2000 but it also stretches into past lives as you knew each other before, perhaps more than once, in different roles (you may have been the mother last time around, or all of you may have been involved in battles or the military, for example, or strictly business financial situations in a work place). Sometimes dreams will alert you to that. Just do what you have to do. Things will feel as if they are not moving very much – you do or say things, but things just keep on repeating or rotating. That’s quite normal for the cycle you are in and in fact it buys you time to get real about the family in a different way when the cycle is over. You will progress. You will come out of this cycle feeling you’ve made a bit of a leap, actually. And that would not have been possible without getting stuck there for a while. At a certain point you will realise ‘this is the way it’s going to be’ for the future and that’s fine.

  23. Hi Jessica

    May I have a reading please for the next twelve months, concerning a project I am working on? Is this the right path to pursue? Or can you see any changes in my career in general?


    • Sure, Chrissie. You are actually overloaded already and may have put things in motion some time ago, which are gathering speed in 2019, to the point where you are overstretched with projects, ideas, concepts. All of them have budding potential, don’t they! They could all work, but not all of them can work together and you are only one person. You need to stop at some point and delegate or ditch. Get rid of who/what is not your biggest priority and you will have more time, energy and focus. This is particularly important if you find your body is taking the strain. You could also ask for help, rather than delegate entirely – just get support to assist. Ditching is the most dramatic choice but perhaps some brainwaves do need to be left alone in 2019 so you can get on with making the truly valuable stuff work. You will know where you stand by the third week of January as one project in particular is really about people or organisations testing their own power and control (or lack of it) and yet you also need to be firm about what you ‘own’ and how to create a compromise. You definitely need a ‘get real, get clear’ review of your ambitions for 2019 so that you can work smarter not harder.

  24. Dear Jessica,
    Can I have a tarot reading in what to expect in love and career for the next 6 months?
    Thank you so much.

    • February is the most important month for your career with news about your current job/old job/potential job coming through which helps you make a decision. This in turn will lead to chapter two from Christmas 2020 and then a total transformation of your working life from 2023 when you will be working alongside quite powerful people and organisations and have a fair bit of power yourself. Love really depends on how you feel about children. Yes or no? Your own or other peoples? You will see why in January when you do some soul-searching and then again from December 2019 with some really big choices in 2020. It’s really all about your deepest and most honest feelings about being a parent, stepparent or saying no to that.

  25. Hi Jessica
    Love Tarot Tuesdays. I had a particularly difficult year with death, serious injury and health scares. Not all to myself of course, but very close family members. Really hoping that things will improve in 2019 so hoping the cards agree. If not, I am tougher than I thought so will take what comes to me. Just would like to be prepared.

    • I am sorry you had to go through that. There is often karma involved with such matters, because family members in particular are reborn with us, and we have soul contracts to fulfil with each other, often about being ill, or passing away and leaving a legacy of some kind. The Tarot does not predict death or illness, or injury actually – it can show a risk of that if you are tossing up a particular course of action – but that’s all. As you don’t have any action in mind that you’re suggesting here, all the Tarot can really do is talk to you about 2019 as a whole. And you will be thrilled by a massive new story involving your body, mind and spirit and work-life balance. It is already there in a very small way and it expand from May.

    • You’re starting to see clues and signs about what could happen on a few levels with your success in 2019. Nothing has really worked out owing to technical issues, communication disconnects and so on, but now things are beginning to make sense. When I say ‘levels’ I mean there may be 3 or 4 different stories starting to emerge about paid work, unpaid work or education and although you’re going to have to think back to November, when you realise what has been gathering speed, you will also start to see why January, February look increasingly important. Check your diary to see what you have agreed to, then. This is part of a wider sweep of opportunities which could take you higher next year.

  26. Hi Jessica

    Hope all is well with yourself, I really lok forward to these tarot readings each month…

    I would really appreciate if can you please tell me what guidance the cards are providing for the next 3 months and what I should be focusing on to ensure I set up 2019 and beyond well…

    Very grateful in advance and bless you for all the work that you do

    Thank you

    • You’ll be around a younger person who has a good idea or concept but there needs to be guidance there. You supply it. There may actually be more than one younger face across the whole year and you find yourself taking on the role of mentor or advisor. Sometimes it can be en masse so there may be a huge group – a younger generation – turning to you (a class for example or a market demographic for a product). More usually this is about a son, daughter, niece, nephew, work experience intern and so on. You will both feel the success when that brainwave becomes real! You also learn in 2019. You need to find the right company, organisation, city/and or country for something rather special you have in mind. Where you are now is not the place. It’s worth finding out what is.

  27. Hi Jessica
    I am always on the lookout for your tarot days but seem to have missed it last week. I love these posts and hope they will continue next year.

    I see you are still answering questions and today I find myself with a dilemma so I hope it is still ok to ask.

    I have been on a road that I was unsure about – and recently thought I would go on for a while longer. But I am presented with major ethical issues in respect of one particular person. I should end that relationship as it is too risky. But I am not sure where that would leave me, or whether I can escape the situation. It may be too late.

    I’d be very grateful for some tarot guidance if possible, please!

    With thanks,
    H xx

    • Tarot is always good because it shows a story you can also see backed up in the horoscope. Your card is 7 of Coins. This is about money, charity or business. There are blind spots here. The vision is unclear. First step would be to see straight, true and clear. Money does not grow on trees but here it is certainly growing. Hard work has created something pretty good. Yet it has to be managed. There is a decent sum of cash here to be saved or made which is right at his feet, your feet or her feet. That is being missed. There is a general dreamy, unrealistic attitude towards wealth which needs sorting out. You have Neptune (distorted vision) at 17 Scorpio in your Eighth House which rules shares, banks, insurance, taxation, pensions, inheritance and so on. Scorpio rules sex and money, marriage and mortgage and death and money too. You have Pluto hovering around 17 Capricorn so it’s being triggered. The person in your Tarot card has a rake. The message is, clean things up, clear them up, sort out the money, make it grow (it should be put to good use rather than just left sitting there). One can also trip up on a rake. That may have a double message for you H.

      • Thank you Jessica
        You are spot on as usual and I am feeling reassured after reading this.
        I had a conversation with him and cleared the air. The risk is still there – I am doing my best to clean things up for his organisation and for him, and he is slowly seeing the light. It is painful and has taken a lot of work, and at times I wanted to throw the towel in. But it has been a good learning curve. I am hoping he can start to see how to grow his business rather than look to cut costs.
        The double message – yes it would be easy for me to trip up. I hope not and that instead he uses the rake to clean up the mess that my predecessor helped him create.
        Thank you! X

        • I am glad that Tarot reading worked for you. If you have a moment search that card online at Google Images and have a good, long look at it. It will speak to you. Merry Christmas!

  28. Hi Jessica, love the Tarot Tuesdays! I’m 10 June 1975. Love in 2019? I am single and feel like there’s nothing on the horizon that I can see yet…

    • You could easily be with an energetic, fit, younger man (sounds good so far, non?) who is going through a huge time of change, action and pressure either at work or with his personal life. His family tree is not stable when you meet him. Will he settle? Not sure. He might be all about the ‘now’ and not so interested in getting married or having children. Apart from anything else I think he’s too young for those choices. But he is sexy, and has a good blend of male-female in his personality. He’d grow his hair long, for example, but still be masculine. If you wanted a brief encounter to enjoy he would be utterly tempting.

    • You will have an opportunity to date someone new by December and this person would have a background overseas or in education/academia and expand your horizons in every way. The chance to reconcile with an ex who fits that description may also be on offer.

  29. Hi Jessica can i have a tarot reading for the next 6 months specialy with my sister who is very difficult with me . thank you jessica

    • There is potential here to remove grounds for future conflict. Very good potential. Not so much a peacemaking process but an ‘edit’ process with whatever the weapons are, being removed. Emotions have to be processed. There is a great deal of hurt here obviously. Yet the outlook is great. Dark clouds are going to pass within 6 months and the future does look so much better. Assist the process or make it happen. Friends or groups around the situation will help with healing. Don’t just get the hatch buried, melt it down. There will have to be a moment of truth, sure, but once it’s over, it’s over.

  30. Hello Jessica,
    I am in Australia on a kinda vacation and i just found out that situation is not what i was expecting i know before coming here! So plans are changing. I could either return earlier to my present resident( what i am not very keen to) or plan to return to india and ofcourse the latter is not going to happen anytime sooner. My better half does not agree with that. Can you give ur insights on what the new year holds for me interms of career, relocation and relationship terms?
    Merry christmas and have a rocking new year ahead!

    • Merry Christmas and thank you. You will sort things out with your partner in February when you have ‘those’ conversations about the two of you, the relationship and what matters most. This is of course around Saint Valentine’s Day. You will find the uncertainty about India and other residency or home questions vanishes in March. Years of not knowing, or not having any real stability, will disappear and you will be looking at the possibility of a timetable or schedule (for a change) in terms of Australia and actually, the whole Australasian region. Looking further ahead, from Christmas 2019 into the year 2020 you will have a fantastic opportunity to improve your lifestyle and workload. You will be in the right place then, at the right time, to have the day-to-day quality of life you want.

      • Thanks for ur views and insights, jessica! And for ur time as well. This is so kind of you that you are still replying to our queries. Means a lot. Also, if you could clear anything on my career side, it will be a great help!
        Just wanna tell you more thing about the recent changes! May be its taking me 18 yrs back. I had had a breakup, which was not meant to. It was my college days time and plans to get married could not be fulfilled because of his family issues and of course mine as well. So now we both are married and have beautiful kids. We lost touch first and again came in touch due to a coomon friend in 2011 oct. since then we are in touch. I really feel like spending time with him like earlier. And this desire is going stringer and more by each passing day. He also reciprocates but we both dont want to disturb our family lives.
        Can astrology help me understand whether this feeling has got to do anything with my future? I am really upset with all this.

        • It’s really about the children. Everything about 2019 comes back to the children – yours and his, actually. You will have an important discussion about this in January 2019 and it will help you with a decision next year. Put them first. I am sure you do!

  31. Hi Jessica,

    Please tell me about my tarot forecast for my current workplace, colleagues and career growth.


    • Well, you’re in ‘the zone’ now through January, in terms of sorting out what you never attended to with your career, colleagues and ambitions. It may take you actually until the end of January 2019 to go through each and every task that needs to be sorted out. You have left things to one side, despite your good intentions, because you did not have the time or money – or maybe, to be honest, the motivation! Yet, you know there are a ton of things you could do, not just to improve your success in life, but actually to remedy stuff you have been putting up with for years. Maybe you have just accepted it or let it go, but the potential is there to truly fix things. In fact, what you create by January is the platform for some amazing stuff in 2020. Outcomes you may not have thought possible will be possible.

  32. Hello Jessica,
    Hope you’re well.
    Just wondering if you see me moving next year? I’m also curious if you see anything positive in my love life.
    Kind regards

    • This is your chance to get real, be practical and attend to tasks you have neglected in 2018 or even earlier, Mandy. These nagging issues would concern a foreign place or person, or perhaps a regional difference or other culture. A typical example would be things you never got around to with a website based elsewhere, or the person who runs it – or just a foreign accent at work. You will be able to make a list and cross things off by January and start the year knowing exactly what’s what. Where you stand and what you need to do. This helps you so much and actually from December 2019 into 2020 this whole area of your life (being a world citizen or actually travelling/moving) will skyrocket for you with issues you had always assumed would never go away, being neatly solved in months.

  33. Hi Jessica, would love a reading re love and career in coming months. On love, I’m single, have had a bit of a tumultuous year with a friend/former lover who has reconciled with his ex, and not having much luck meeting anyone else. On career, I’m just looking for some guidance as to what my next move should be, what is good for me, and what I should be looking for.

    • You have the best opportunity in 12 years to date someone who teaches you so much about life. This potential lover would have been a traveller, moved around a lot, or been a ‘student of life’ either in academia, or just as a natural reader and seeker. You can always say no, but don’t pass this up. Any alleged obstacle you see can be overcome and in fact you should try, according to your horoscope – just try this person and see where it takes you. Your chart suggests, somewhere great. You have until December 2019 to snap up this chance. Career spells victory if you realise that who/what you see as the enemy, or toxic, or confronting – in any way – is just your imagination. It is not real unless you make it real. You could have a significant success in 2019 if you reach for it and bring it down to earth. Own it and believe in it. It could be yours.

  34. Hello Jessica

    Is it to late to ask for a reading? I must get more on top of my inbox!

    If possible, a reading would be fascinating,

    Thank you,

    • Sure. You are already making huge advances with your body in 2018 and will build on the good work as early as January, but with real sticking power working for you by mid 2019 when you realise that what you had taken up as just another fitness or food, drink or treatment option is actually going to become a way of life. The trick is in identifying yourself with it. Merry Christmas!

  35. Hi Jessica I would love a reading for a few months ahead – to reflect what’s in store for me in 2019. Merry Christmas!

    • A radically different direction that took off with your family, household, house, apartment, home town or homeland back in May, took you nowhere and you have since been in a holding zone. Yet, this will be back in your life in a big way from March 2019 and in fact by 2020 you will have made some sweeping transformations as a result of it. There is another separate story with your people or your place which excites you, which you think would be easy – and it could not be more different from the way things have been, for the last few years! This is just a ‘maybe’ at the moment but give it a bit of time and it may be the next substantial chapter in your way of living and being, with relatives, flatmates, live-in partners, the property market and so on. You could easily uproot yourself or emigrate after 2020, actually.

  36. Hi Jessica! I am thinking about enrolling in a copywriting course for beginners next year. I tried to explore the potential outcome of it through the online oracle and I got Mars in the Third House! I’m assuming this is not good since Mars can also represent conflict. Would it be possible to get some additional validation through the tarot? It’s a lot of money for me to invest in myself right now, so I really want to get a feel for whether it’s the right thing for me or not. Cheers xx

    • Mars in the Third House does suggest a fair bit of tension, a lot of competition, considerable stress and some pressure over deadlines or delivery with copywriting. There is also the potential for conflict. As you say, it’s a lot of money to invest. You may want to look at other options. Either a different organisation or a different time to begin and end what you want to do. I use The Astrology Oracle for myself and the people I know who ask me, and I have to say, if this was me or any of us, I would look at other possibilities. What you really want is Jupiter in the Second House as an outcome!

  37. Hi Jessica I was just looking at my chart and transits and noticed Ops (Rx) and Saturn are opposite each other at the moment is this significant? especially with the solstice ?
    Best wishes for the festive season and the New Year for you and yours. And love n light to all who stumble across this XxXx

    • Thank you and Merry Christmas. Ops and Saturn in opposition are really about pessimism versus optimism so you will either be debating pros and cons with yourself, or dealing with someone who presents that polar opposite to you. The solstice is really just about ‘extreme Capricorn’ and is a reminder not to let things slide if you have been self-disciplined to date.

  38. Hi Jessica
    I posted on Dec 15 about my move to Ballarat 2019 any news on my relocation , I am the only on here without a response
    looking forward to your reply .
    cheers Dennis

    • I’m sorry for the wait Dennis, as Kyra and I have been snowed under (she is in Canada and the USA so it really is snowed under) for Christmas. You are a little bit early with your timing for Ballarat, but you will be thrilled to see things change in your favour with a move there, or any other place actually, from Christmas Day in Australia, with everything looking possible in the final week of December and I should imagine, a good agreement in the third week of January. Even if you didn’t want to say yes then, you could easily snap up another opportunity to relocate to Ballarat in a new home, or even to a different town, later on in 2019. You’re looking at huge benefits in terms of bang for your buck and also the general feel and facilities of the actual area you go to. Hang in there. It’s going to happen.

  39. Hi Jessica
    Can I have a reading covering the next few months please? Does a visa look likely?
    Kind regards
    Aquarius Dreamer

      • I’m having trouble extending my stay overseas. I need to get sponsored by an employer. It’s not that I’m having difficulty getting a job, it’s more meeting the visa regulations, they have to prove they can’t find a local person to do the job. So part of me thinks if it is this hard, then maybe it’s not meant to be. Maybe I’ve done my time over here. But I’ve always felt drawn to this part of the world (the British isles), I thought it was part of my destiny..it’s push and pull.. not sure what to do! But time is ticking..

        • Your horoscope does not suggest a country or region (The British Isles) so much as an important trip or relocation. You have also chosen the wrong time to pursue this, as Mercury Retrograde (stuck and backwards communication and paperwork) has been in Sagittarius (foreign people and places) since 1st November. He switches direction on Christmas Eve, which will help a great deal. You will be shown the best possible option for packing your bags or boxes in 2019 and it may be in Britain or elsewhere, yet it will be unmistakeable and a genuinely big improvement.

          • Thank you Jessica, and happy Christmas to you!

            Could this important trip be re-locating back to my home country once my current visa overseas finishes? Maybe that’s what the universe is trying to tell me?

            Have a wonderful festive season! Many thanks for all your astrological advice!

  40. Merry Christmas Jessica. May I have a reading regarding love and relationship over the next few months? I’ve not had been in a public relationship since the end of 2010. (And yes, I would like to bear a child. ) Sending you holiday gratitude. Always thankful.

    • You have Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House, which is a symbol for fear of marriage/fear of partnerships which may be useful to look at, along with the Tarot. Look up Saturn and also the Seventh House when you finish reading this, as it is possible you have created walls (put up barriers) to protect yourself from who or what you fear and these blocks to intimacy are so successful that nobody has actually got through! I will give you some really common examples of Saturn in the Seventh House. One is falling in love with men who are not attainable, either because they are with someone else, or celibate for religious reasons, or just on the wrong side of the world. I am sure you will spot what barriers you put up to closeness, if you think about it. On the Tarot side of things, you will be reminded of someone you dated in 2000, or a dating situation from that year, in 2019 and 2020. Learning from your love life as it stood back then will help you with a potential future date.

  41. Hi Jessica!

    I think that I put my foot in it with my boss just before Christmas. At the moment, I am enjoying my time off relaxing and trying to forget about work. Can I have a reading starting from when I go back to work on the 8th January? I’m hoping that I can just get on with the job without any hassle.

    M Rose.

  42. Happy New Year Jessica! Could you provide some insight into what’s in store for me in 2019? My husband and I just re-entered therapy after 6 months of separation. I’d like to know where this is headed. Is the relationship is salvageable , or should I just move on? Thank you!

    • Happy New Year. You’ll need to figure out the financials from March 2019 and the future of your marriage depends on you two being able to radically change the situation with the house, apartment or joint bank account and possessions. Your chances are very good. Even if you decide to part company, you would easily find another date by Christmas 2019. You will need to put a price (a value) on the actual cost of an issue and that has nothing to do with the bucks and everything to do with what money can’t buy.

  43. Hi Jessica, thank you for your amazing work, and I really enjoy reading your predictions. I would be grateful if you would give me a reading for the next six months as I have found the last month of 2018 to be one of the worst in a long time. Many thanks

    • I’m sorry you have had such a tough time. Part of the reason for all the clearing-out and clearing-up in your life, which you will do in February 2019 is that you are destined for bigger and better things, either moving to a totally different home and area from the end of 2020, or renovating your current space beyond recognition and also reshuffling who/what is in that space. This is very much about family, shared households or any live-in partners too and having gone through the mill in 2017, 2018, you take a deep breath in February 2019 and see what or who matters. You can then leave a few things to one side but your entire life is going to change in 2020 with this new place/different way of living and from 2023 you will not recognise how you used to define what home was, what belonging was, or what your people were! You will also be delighted to hear you are going to save or make a nice amount of money in 2019 so spend it on a holiday you deserve it.

  44. Hi Jessica!

    The first time I posted this I hadn’t logged in, so here it is again.

    I think that I put my foot in it with my boss just before Christmas. At the moment, I am enjoying my time off relaxing and trying to forget about work. Can I have a reading starting from when I go back to work on the 8th January? I’m hoping that I can just get on with the job without any hassle.

    M Rose.

    • I believe I replied to that, M. Rose. You think you put your foot in it, but you’re fine. There is more going on for your boss than just you :-) and he/she has a ton of other things to deal with. You just need to play a little bit of politics when you go back. Because there will be a little bit of politics around. But you know how to do that, with your chart.

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