Capricorn Birthday Horoscope


The Capricorn Birthday Horoscope 2018-2019

Happy Birthday Capricorn. This horoscope prediction for the next 12 months ahead takes you to January 2020.

Happy Birthday Capricorn! I hope you can get yourself into the best possible financial position in 2019 so that you are able to give generously – it’s good karma and a chance to progress for you and others!

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46 Responses

  1. Thank you for the birthday horoscope!
    Will the Pluto, Southnode, and Saturn transits be less harsh on those who have 12 (sun) and 10 (moon) degree placements? Also, you have taught me a lot about stelliums, and I have five planets in Sag. Should I read the Sag birthday horoscope as well? I have a book launch Jan 2.

    1. Happy Birthday. Don’t read the Sagittarius birthday horoscope, but do look up Jupiter and also the Ninth House on Search when you finish reading this, as you will experience Jupiter in your Ninth House in 2019 for the first time in 12 years. Your book launch is really well-timed and things will unfold about 3 weeks later as a result. You may also want to look up Ceres on Search as she is also in Sagittarius for most of 2019. This is a huge year in terms of books with new global and regional reach and the latest and greatest in technology or business and taxation developments, grants, and so on. Anything that can help. You will still have image issues to deal with, however, as you don’t escape questions about self-promotion, appearance, reputation, name and branding with that triple transit in Capricorn!

  2. Hi Jessica! Thank you the peek into the year ahead! 2018 was indeed an interesting year and much of what you predicted for Capricorn rang true for me. As I head into 2019 I have completely changed careers and now work in retail. My fiancé (Virgo) and I are wanting to buy the retail store we are currently managing. It has been a stressful situation with an owner (Leo) who complicates and makes bad business decisions. We made an offer to buy her out and gave her a deadline of Dec 26th to decide or we leave and find other employment. I’d love some insight on what I can expect for the rest of the year. I’m dreaming constantly of traveling and I’m ready to get to the next level in my career. Ready for more work life balance. Along with being completely debt free! Sigh…one day! Thank you in advance!

    1. It’s a pleasure. You gave your Leo boss a Mercury Retrograde deadline so it’s not surprising that you have been held up. Mercury won’t be moving normally until Christmas Eve (out of Retroshadow). You may well have your answer by Boxing Day, December 26th. It’s hard to talk about Leo’s decision without that person’s chart, but if you do go ahead with the purchase, try to complete before the middle of February or you will be stuck with another Mercury Retrograde going into March and this one is particularly muddled. If you do leave, try to finalise all the new arrangements with your partner – again – before mid-February. That way you will avoid the usual delays, reversals and mistakes.

  3. Hi Jessica, thank you as always! Can you look at my chart and see how this will affect my career and finances in 2019. Looking into consulting after retirement. Thank you!

    1. If you are retiring in 2019 and hoping to consult, you may want to do most of the research and work in February 2019 when things roll so easily, in terms of the knowledge or numbers. 2020 is really consolidation but from December 2020, into 2021, and particularly after 2023, your entire modus operandi will change as the world changes around you. You have the potential to make or save a small fortune from December 2020, with major gains in 2021, but it is really from 2023 that you see the whole landscape transform. I suspect this is about government and bank adoption of cryptocurrency. You don’t say what you do, but this is a slow revolution. So you actually need that rather slow start to get informed and keep updating.

      1. Thank you! I retired in 2018, took a break and recouped my health, traveled a bit and finally ready to hit the ground running with consulting. I worked in the public sector government administration for 30 years with a good pension and planning to restart my profession/career focusing on consulting services. There are many avenues I can take and looking to jumpstart early in 2019 and slowly decide a mid/long term path for the next 5 to 7 years. Since I have a number of Cap, Scorpio and Sag factors, I wanted your expert input. Thank you!

  4. Hi Jessica merry Christmas, thank you for your insights, I hope you have a happy new year.
    PS, i love being a Capricorn.

  5. Thank you for another insightful article Jessica
    Just wondering what the year ahead holds- none of my 2018 year end projects bore fruit and wanted to know if it was just bad timing (or the retrogrades!) on the career front. Best wishes for the new year and Merry Christmas! Eli

    1. It should make you feel better to know that you are going through the toughest cycle for success in 240+ years as you have several factors in Capricorn in your Tenth House of achievement and you have been putting up with not only Pluto but also Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn. This slowdown is actually part of your amazing success from December 2019 through 2020, and you will see why when that comes around! For now, your focus on 2019 should be on study, learning, training or acquiring a mentor, Eli. You are going to experience the wonder and joy of Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth, good fortune and opportunity crossing your Ninth House of self-education and also formal academia. In fact from Christmas Eve you will begin to see that a circular or delayed situation dating from 1st November now makes more sense to you and in January you will have a fantastic option in front of you. You could easily gain impressive qualifications in 2019 or acquire the kind of skills or retraining that ends up helping you towards the kind of hit, promotion or new position you dream of, later on. Tip – look at updating your second language skills.

  6. Hi Jessica,

    Much of what you have said about Capricorn resonates with me, not just here, but in your previous posts as well. I was wondering if you could throw some light on what 2019 brings in terms of what you said about “public profile” and philanthropy given my birth chart?

    Thank you & happy holidays

    Best Wishes, Dinesh

    1. Merry Christmas, Dinesh. In both chart systems I use for you, 2019 is about Twelfth House transits. You can look up the Twelfth House when you finish reading this, for more information. Now through December 2019 finds you operating behind the scenes, so that others are the name or face of a plan, but you are actually doing the work. You are strongly Pisces and this inclines you towards a lifetime of projects where you are invisible, yet make everything happen. Those close to you know what you have done/what you do but it may never be widely known, which is part of the karmic path of your Pisces signature. This actually works really well for you next year, but I think you will also find you finally get recognition too. Your life in 2019 is also about going within. You do this anyway, but with Neptune transiting Pisces and your Twelfth House natally and Jupiter transiting your Twelfth House in your solar chart, it’s a double whammy. Meditation, astral travel, mediumship, solitude, solo pursuits are all where you benefit now. Those are just a few examples of the Twelfth House. We also associate it with dream work, with dream coaches perhaps, like my friend Jane Teresa Anderson – and it can also be about hypnosis or therapy. Dinesh, 2019 is about your inner world and it will change you.

  7. Hello Jessica!
    Could you please offer your insight?
    I am strong Capricorn with Sun (18th degree), Venus (15th degree), Prosperina (14th degree), Mercury and Neptune (3rd degree) Appolo(11th degree) Bacchus (7th degree) Minerva (26th degree) all in Cap..My moon is in Sag (19th degree) and Mars in Scorpio (15th degree).
    My love life has been in off mode for many years and i have embraced and enjoyed that choice but i would like to merge my life with someone’ share feelings… Could Saturn’s transit bring a love relationship to a person’s life?
    Thank you very much!
    I wish you Merry Christmas and enjoy the holiday season with your family!

    1. Saturn won’t bring you a lover, but what will happen, from March 2019 for many years, is the most radical change involving children. You will have choices you never expected as a parent, step-parent and so on, which begin in a small way from March. In fact, they were previewed back in May 2018. By the year 2020 the decisions you make about commitment will really be about sons, daughters, stepchildren, adoption, and even the ‘adoption’ options with a lover’s own nieces and nephews, as young relatives belonging to a date can sometimes become like your own offspring. In May 2019 you will need to sit down and have a conversation with yourself about how you feel, regarding children or young adults in your life. That is the answer to pretty much every question you have about living together, marriage and so on – for the long-term.

  8. Hi Jessica, the accuracy of your horoscopes has been quite informative in previous years. Just wondering what the future holds for me and if 2019 will bring an opportunity for promotion or retirement or will it be more of the same.

    1. Thank you. You will find the turning point you want comes right at the end of the year, allowing you to snap up the biggest and best opportunity in over a decade, as Christmas 2019 opens a door to change for 2020. You can choose what you want to do that year. In fact, it will change your life!

  9. Hi Jessica, my birthday is coming up in a few days time. It’s been a tough year for my career, entering a job with a nightmare boss and then leaving that same job within ten months due to that person and a general sense the job wasn’t right for me. Things have improved in the last couple of months as I went back into a career I know, have done previously and enjoyed in parts. Still, I’ve kind of had enough working for other people and being subject to the whim and foibles of control freak managers. I got into crypto currency investment fairly recently and hope that a return on those investments will give me some sort of financial independence in the future. I like working but want the opportunity to choose who I work for, when I work and the freedom to come and go, support my commitments, give money to family and increased donations to charities close to my heart. Is there any indication that my investments will come good going forward? Thanks so much for your astrology and Happy Christmas.

    1. Happy Birthday. Cryptocurrency and the new digital currency overseen by banks and governments, will change your life from December 2020, with a completely new world from 2023. You will have a preview of this, in the smallest way, in February 2019. That is the long view. Stay right across the latest developments, not only in digital currency, but also with alternatives to the old banking system. You should also be reading right across money laundering and its likely impact on big business and government. It sounds as if you have been ‘Plutoed’ at work. You currently have Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn in your birth chart, in the Tenth House of career. Pluto tends to produce nightmare bosses who take over. Control freaks are typical of Pluto. The good news is, these people tend to spiral down or out, without any intervention from you. It’s a law of astrology. It can take a bit of time but eventually, they just go. Long-term your future is with people power and cryptocurrency, though we will be calling it something else from Christmas 2020. The biggest favour you can do yourself is to become an expert on blockchain and so on and to make it your business to see what is possible with community led, charity led, financing which will ultimately become a genuine rival to banks.

  10. Thank you so much for this birthday forecast. I have had huge changes over the last couple of years. This year I have separated, found my dream job and am about to move house for the fourth time in four years. Lots of ups and downs but I definitely feel free, independent and happier. Aiming to keep building on this however one thing holding me back is my financial situation with my ex – it’s messy and complex and holding us back from finalising the divorce. I’m helping him with his business and hoping that my support won’t be needed continuously and we can make final breaks. Can you see any insight in my personal chart at all? We married in 2000.
    Thank you so much and wishing you a Merry Christmas and happy new year!

    1. I am sorry the money situation still holds you up with your divorce. Scorpio rules your Eighth House of marriage, money, property and separation. (You can look up the Eighth House after you finish reading this, on Search, to see what is going on). You have Uranus at 10 Scorpio, Juno at 16 Scorpio, Fortuna at 8 Scorpio and the North Node at 1 Scorpio. What has been happening to you in 2018 is the biggest and best opportunity in 12 years to part company. I am not surprised you feel happier! Yet, you also had to wait for Ceres (compromise) to enter Scorpio and pass over every factor you have. She is doing that now. She ends her trip through your Eighth House in the third week of January, when most of the agreement can be settled. This is really about who has control or power – neither of you can afford to have the upper hand – so this has to be strict sharing. The other really huge factor in all this is transiting Uranus (the revolution) moving to 1 Taurus from March 2019. You have not experienced this in your lifetime although you had a sample back in May, June 2018 when this planet first moved to this spot, conjunct your South Node of karma at 1 Taurus and of course right opposite your North Node of past lives at 1 Scorpio . March and April will be the months you change everything, once and for all, with your former husband. I am sure you realise that you two had a prior incarnation, and perhaps more than one, and so what you are experiencing is about what you owe/what was owed before. It’s now being worked out. January will make the biggest difference. Yet it will be March, April that allows you to break with the past. When the Sun goes across 1 Taurus in the final week of April it will shed a lot of light on the karma you both have with each other. Look up Uranus on Search too. That’s the planet in charge of it all, as you go towards Easter. Liberty!

  11. Hi and much gratitude for this Birthday Horoscope… you’ve often mentioned home, locale, etc. in connection with horoscope blog entries as pertinent to me, and indeed we’ve lived that quite a bit. We’d only had 2 dwellings in 17 years on Maui, then moved to Mainland 2013 and moved dwellings 6x in first 4 years, including some “interesting” setups. Do you see any settling of that energy coming soon? In spite of being in this place 6 years, we’ve never felt like we truly belong here, yet cannot see/feel where we do belong….at least not yet. Will direction become clearer this coming year? Many thanks for your service.

    1. You’ll know where you stand at last from March 2019 as you’ve had about 10 years of experiments, constant chopping and changing and a fair bit of invention. You have made it up as you go along, and it is only now that you look back at life since 2010 that you realise just how far you have come. In fact, your old way of dealing with questions about your house, apartment, local area and so on – bears no relationship at all to where you are now. What you have missed is any sense of certainty or ‘knowing’ about everything, yet this arrives from March 2019 and the year as a whole is about realising you can actually put things on a schedule, for a change. The experiments are not going to stop, and you will be astonished at what it is possible to get away with, in terms of property, over the next few years. Yet, you will still find a huge difference in terms of your calendar and long-term planning. It’s like being let into the laboratory at school, doing science lessons on a fixed timetable! The constant search for ‘what works’ will not stop with your dwelling or local area, but at least you will know exactly when that’s going to happen.

      1. Well, my goodness! Thanks for all of this! What a Gift to write to me on Christmas Day where you are! A Joy-filled holy season to you and a most fabulous 2019!

  12. Is there a possible divorce for a Capricorn? He has 2 children already. I’m a female Scorpio and a became rly close but keeping boundaries because of the situation. What’s the predication for a divorce between a Capricorn male and cancer female pls? And what’s the possibility of a Capricorn male with a Scorpio female?
    Thank you jessica

    1. All you can really say about the Capricorn man is that the children will dictate what he does in his marriage. It is his son or daughter which will have the biggest impact on his love life from March 2019, into 2020 and beyond. You should be really careful with both money and marriage, actually, no matter if you begin a relationship with a single person like yourself, or go into the messiness of a post-divorce situation. You were born with Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House of marriage and money. Saturn is the planet that shows what we have to do, not what we choose to do. It shows the burdens we must carry and reveals life lessons about shouldering them. For more, look up the Eighth House. You need to be very careful about what you get yourself into long-term, as Uranus in Taurus will be right opposite that placement in the years ahead. Before you ever get into a legal commitment with a partner, get a second opinion – and of course get everything in writing. You might also want to consider keeping your shared property or financial agreements with any future lover or partner very, very simple as Saturn in Scorpio in the Eighth House suggests that would be hard work. For more on who you are, and what makes you tick, look up Libra and Scorpio, as you have both signs dominating.

  13. Hi Jessica

    Season greetings to you. Thank you for the Capricorn forecast. I recently met someone who I am interested in romantically, he is much younger than me (he is a Sagittarius sun). I would like to know what 2019 holds for me from a love life and financial aspect as well?

    1. The Sagittarian man has to figure out how he feels about parenthood (yes, no or maybe) and there will be a big ‘bump’ in his life regarding that in March next year. From that point forward he will be able to make decisions about pregnancy, becoming a stepfather, skipping parenthood (for example) far more easily and clearly and that will affect who he chooses to fall in love with, long-term. This is very similar to your own path in 2019 and actually across 2020, 2021 and 2022. Your biggest love life choices will be made via the world of children. This may be a future date’s son from a previous marriage, for example, or a new partner who suggests adoption to you. Watch out for unplanned pregnancy, though. Financially you need to stay as flexible as possible as you were born with Mars at 2 Taurus in your Second House of banking, savings, shares and budgets. From March 2019 (again, it is a turning point for you) you will need to stay open to alternatives. If you are curious about this transit, when Uranus at 2 Taurus conjuncts Mars at 2 Taurus, please look up ‘Uranus in Taurus’ on Search as I have lodged many predictions about the massive worldwide economic shifts to come…I am sure you can see this looking at the news today. It is wise to be right across the latest developments particularly with cryptocurrency and online finance so you would do yourself a huge favour in 2019 by being as well-informed as possible, and also to get yourself into a position where you can zig-zag along with the zig-zags!

  14. Hi Jessica,
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. Thank you for my birthday forecast. 2018 has been disappointing for me – have I been unlucky. Will 2019 be better for me especially with property and my love life? Thanks as always for your guidance.
    Best, Agnes

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Agnes. If you are looking for luck in 2019, always look to Jupiter. You were born with Jupiter (protection, opportunity, abundance, blessings) in Sagittarius, the sign which rules travel, foreign people and places, lifelong learning and guidance of others, and the world of ideas, both online and in libraries. This is where your joys are. In 2019 are you going to experience something that only happens every 12 years – The Jupiter Return. This planet will go back into Sagittarius and cross over his original position in your birth chart. You will find the options irresistible as one special place on the map calls you. This is the holiday of a lifetime, the business or education trip that was meant to be, or even your next place in the world!

  15. Hello Jessica,
    I am a Sagittarius, and I am little bit confused. I thought Jupiter is entering Sagittarius and it would be a very good year for us? But nowhere is your 2019 horoscope reflected that..


    1. Jupiter in Sagittarius is just about your image. It’s about your profile, reputation or appearance. It’s all good news – a makeover is very likely, or an opportunity to gain more attention or self-promotion. Yet, it’s really no more than that. You’ll be offered a special new way to push yourself forward in the third week of January, either because the internet is being kind to you, or because you see a choice you can’t refuse, concerning your name, face, photograph, video profile, title and so on.

  16. Thank you for this birthday forecast Jessica!

    I divorced my ex in March of 2009. My marriage was unhappy, but he was a single father of a troubled boy (now a happy successful adult) who needed a mother, so I stayed. I’m done being a martyr, now I want happiness. I’m about to turn 55 and I want to fall in love / be loved and marry again will it ever happen? I gave up a lot for my step-son, I thought I’d have another chance at love, but it hasn’t happened. The last two years, I’ve been alone and lonely. Is there hope for a second marriage in my life, one that is fulfilling and happy?

    Also, I’ve been trying to find success as a writer – will that happen anytime soon?

    Thank you for your thoughts and insights.


    1. You want to have a relationship after two years by yourself, and want to have a second marriage. You also want to be a writer. You will find yourself guided by your stepson towards a new date, or by the existing son or daughter of a potential new lover. This will happen at any point after March 2019 although the cycle is quite long so if you were still undecided about having yet another child in your life (even an adult child) it may not be until 2020 that you finally decide. It’s actually not about the lover, AB. It will be about your connection with the younger generation, and you can expect shocks, excitement, freedom, independence and – ultimately – the last thing you thought would happen, years ago, will come to pass. I am not going to give you any spoilers, but you will not be alone. You want to be a writer? You’ll do it in 2019 once you find the right medium/outlet. You’ll love the result and reach a foreign audience.

  17. Merry Christmas Jessica and blessing for a Happy New Year.

    I’m heading back to upskill on 14th of Jan into mid-Feb, just to get the new version of my old training cert. I feel like this is the right time to retouch where I started my career in 2000- 2003. Fingers crossed this year brings me much success in my career or a relaunch in effect. Are there any specific themes or months in 2019 that I should be more cautious off based on my specific heavenly lineup of planets? Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us all. xxx

    1. Merry Christmas and thank you for your kind words. Juno at 1 Sagittarius, Cupido at 6 Sagittarius, Neptune at 6 Sagittarius, Venus at 9 Sagittarius, Mercury at 16 Sagittarius, Bacchus at 17 Sagittarius are all being crossed by Jupiter (rewards, solutions, breakthroughs) and Ceres (empowering compromises, big changes) in 2019 so training is correct. In fact, you will both train, mentor guide – and do the same for others. This is a dazzling year when you will achieve the biggest and the best through travel, study, education, academia, foreign people and places and the worldwide web. You will see the first signs of this in January as transiting Venus goes through Sagittarius. A Venus Return is a special thing.

  18. Dear Jessica, oh that north node. I wasn’t honest with my partner 19 years ago about the reasons I broke up the relationship- and then back with them shortly after have been paying the price, although innocent now, ever since. I have got to point now and a few times this year when I am ready to walk away. I know this is karmic and trust is at the heart of it but I just cant be questioned every week about someone different.
    Will I ever enjoy this as a secure relationship? And beyond that will my new venture with the younger generation pan out?
    Deepest thanks for the heads up about mercury shadows and all your advice over the years, it has left me prepared on many occasions. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, I’m glad the astrology has been useful for you. The North Node cycle can be a powerful thing – no wonder Stonehenge seems to have been partly based around it. You don’t say if you have children or not, but actually, starting March 2019 and for the course of many years, it will be your feelings about sons, daughters, stepchildren or adoption that end up making the difference. This hasn’t even started yet, but allow for you to surprise yourself from 2019 and following. You are essentially going to reshape your life in terms of children, and that will have the biggest influence on how you feel about love – and who you want to love. You do have to leave a legacy to those born 20+ years after you, one way or the other, over the next few years and that’s what will ultimately make you decide to stay or go. You say you also have a new venture with a younger generation – that will prove to you what it feels like to be genuinely free and independent, in a way you have never experienced. Yet, beyond that, there would be a more personal connection with younger faces in the years to come. If you did have a pregnancy that did not work out in the past, that would be a major question in 2019 and perhaps 2020 with your current partner. But as I don’t know if you ever did have children or not, you could say that would also be the issue. Parenthood!

  19. Hi Jessica. Hope you are having a blessed festive season. Reading one of your responses I see that with my stellium in Sagittarius (including the South Node), what should I expect with Jupiter’s transit. I’m feeling very optimistic. Thank you

    1. Next year changes your life for the better with the most fantastic breakthroughs, solutions and opportunities for you as a traveller, or world citizen. This will involve you taking one or more really astonishing journeys, or just spending a lot of time on the worldwide web and making huge inroads there. You would be caught up completely with those from other cultures or nationalities and benefit from that. You could also swing something quite impressive as a student of life, or a mentor/teacher/guide/writer for others. You’ll see things happen really quickly from January 2019. The time has come to think bigger and broaden your horizons.

  20. Hi Jessica!
    I enjoy reading the daily, weekly and monthly updates on Capricorn (my sign). However, I really don’t understand how to read my chart to gain real insight; help! I have many things going on in my personal life: stalled and pending divorce that I never thought I would be going through after being married for 27 years (with a Taurus) due to a Scorpio woman – frustrating! Anyway, with that being said; I am also a writer and author and I have a couple of things shcheduled; a trade show; I will be speaking and doing a book signing and a Houston area TV interview. I have also been contemplating doing a Creative Workshop Retreat for women with the launch scheduled for November 2020. My husband never wanted to fully support any of this amd I am just wondering if my chart indicates success or failure? Any insight into the whole picture would be greatly appreciated. Happy 2019 to you and yours!

    1. I am sorry about the divorce. You don’t say if you ever had children with your husband or not, but actually, it is the big question of a son or daughter; a previous miscarriage; a previous termination (perhaps) which lingers over the end of your relationship. It is very unlikely the Scorpio woman will have a long and stable relationship with your Taurus husband. They took an opportunity in 2018 and ran with it. They also began this on the most unpredictable and stormy cycle possible for both signs! Never mind them, though. Let’s look at this issue again about sons and daughters, who either arrived, or never did come into your lives. You are at the tail end of a chain of eclipses in Leo, the sign which rules the Fifth House of parenthood for you. I am sure you can see the Leo factors in your own chart, also in the Fifth House. One of them is the North Node of karma. In fact you could look up the Fifth House and also the North Node after you finish reading this to see how the marriage was very likely tied to a past life. You have one more eclipse to go in Leo in January 2019 and this entire cycle is done with. On a happier note, you will enjoy the best possible success in 12 years as a writer, author and workshop leader. I realise you are scheduled for November 2020 but it actually starts much sooner like a champagne cork escaping from a bottle of Bollinger. You will find that workshops, writers groups, women’s groups and so on, ultimately change your life and there will be the smallest clues in February this new year. You will both be an unusually active and engaged member, but also a leader (with the Leo in your chart you are a natural). From December 2020 such groups begin to matter quite as much as your marriage ever did and from 2023 it is people power within the circle or community which will transform your whole existence, empowering you and lifting you up where you belong. You will be your own fairy godmother, Cinderella. I would be amazed if you did not get political, actually, in the end!

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