Podcast – Tarot Predictions for 2019

This exclusive podcast for Premium Members takes you through the Tarot news predictions for 2019.

This exclusive podcast for Premium Members takes you through the Tarot news predictions for 2019.

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Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer and Bestselling Author | Free Astrology

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4 thoughts on “Podcast – Tarot Predictions for 2019

  1. Hi Jessica
    Happy New Year :)
    Are you still going to be doing Tarot Tuesdays? I really like them, plus I can’t access podcasts from my work computer (shhhhh haha).


  2. Hi Jessica,
    This was a great idea and I am so sad the podcast isn’t working well.
    Still can’t access the tarot podcast. Especially interested in the Trump and impeachment aspect of it. Things are really not going well and despite major victories in midterms. Democrats have absolutely no capability to stop the harm. I was really hoping I could hear this through.
    Can you give us any hints to how this year will pan out for Trump? Will be he impeached?
    Thank you and as always we appreciate all your responses.

    • You may want to look at contacting Support if you’re still not able to download and hear the podcast – you may be live streaming it. Kyra Oser’s predictions for Donald Trump go far back and she believes he is doomed. My angle is really about the global campaign against money laundering, the market crash to come and how this will inevitably pull in the Mueller enquiry.


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