PODCAST: Happy Year of the Pig

Head Ovary Heels podcast producer Felicity Loughrey interviews Jessica Adams in Brisbane about Lunar New Year of the Pig in 2019 and how to Life Sweep.

Head Ovary Heels podcast producer Felicity Loughrey interviews Jessica Adams in Brisbane about Lunar New Year of the Pig in 2019 and how to Life Sweep your bedroom, computer and home before February 4th and 5th for good fortune. Plus – fate at work on the Vogue website – and  how to get the most from 2019 by using the right horoscope timing.

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5 thoughts on “PODCAST: Happy Year of the Pig”

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Loved the podcast and good to hear you will be in London soon. Do you know when any London events will be?

    Also what can you see for myself this year of the Pig? Any positive changes for work/love on the horizon?

    Many Thanks!


    • You’ll be dating a teacher/mentor/guide figure any time from March 2019 and this person will show you what you can get away with in relationships, love, sex, marriage or partnership. You’ll either settle for just one person from that point on or date a series of teacher figures, all of whom personify ‘the outrageous life’ or ‘the audacious life.’ The general instability in love which has been with you since 2010 is over from March 2019 and you can live your life on a more predictable timetable, even if your actual lover is pretty jaw-dropping. Nuwan, you have so much to gain from this person but park your preconceptions at the door, as there is no ‘absolute right way’ any more from March. London events will be announced shortly as Sarah is looking for the right space for us to stretch out, relax and do some good astrology!

  2. Hi Jessica

    You’ve got the Moon at 9 Aquarius, I’ve got Jupiter at 10 Aquarius!

    YAY! and Double YAY!!

    It’s a great day today, and I feel the love :)


  3. Hi Jessica. Interesting how the tarot worked for you. As I am getting better at understanding astrology, tarot is still a complete mystery to me. I wish the year of the pig would be a happy one, but maybe not for me. I have Jupiter at 16 Aquarius and my beloved cat, my best friend and greatest comfort for almost 13 years just passed away a day and a half ago and I feel completely smashed… not only because I have lost him, also because I had to make the hardest decision ever in my life probably. On that day you said for my sign in the horoscope: “Pluto trines Panacea today (astrology is pure poetry sometimes) in your house of secrecy, cover-ups, the invisible life, inner mysteries, psychics, psychologists and your locked files or safe. Are you doing the right thing or the wrong thing if something works?” So yeah, I keep asking myself that too.. Have I done the right thing or the wrong one. It will be hard for me to “clean” everything belonging to my cat (from his numerous food bowls, blankets, pillows, boxes etc) before the 4th, but I will try ti make some room for some fresh air, because if I will still be feeling like this, then Jupiter will I guess take me all the way into the deep waters of.. well, you know.

    Best wishes to you and your team in the new lunar year and a big thank you for doing such a good work!

    • Thank you. I am so sorry about your cat. I know exactly what you have just been through. Panacea in Ancient Rome was the goddess who ruled euthanasia, as it is a merciful release from suffering, but also has deep ethical questions about taking a life. You did the right thing. My point of view on our cat friends (and dog friends) is that they know they make a space for another animal to come in, homeless and in a shelter. So they clear the way for each other. In the wild, they would also find a space far from their home to go away and pass over – that is the cat way. We just make the process faster and easier for them. Perhaps after you clean everything you can drop it at a shelter with a donation in his name.

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