Tarot Tuesday – February 2019

Professional psychic and Tarot expert Kyra Oser based between the U.S. and Canada, gives you her insights for yourself, and the world, in February 2019. Plus, for Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions for detailed Tarot replies.

Tarot Tuesday appears on the first Tuesday of every month with world and personal predictions from Kyra Oser, who holds an M.A. from San Francisco State University.

Kyra’s work has featured on Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, CBS Radio and more. You can discover more of Kyra’s predictions at her website.

Kyra Oser and Jessica Adams first worked together on a radio show broadcast across Los Angeles and Seattle and now join forces on the first Tuesday of every new month to combine Kyra’s Tarot skills with Jessica’s combined use of Pamela Colman Smith’s deck, Arthur Waite’s occult brilliance and the ancient field of astrology. For Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below, for detailed Tarot replies.

First Week of February 2019

7 of Cups – A shadowed figure observes seven cups in a cloud, each containing a different image: a human, a metaphysical being, a snake, a castle, jewels, a laurel wreath, and a dragon. This card is a reminder to be realistic, even while wishing for the best possible outcome. Illusion without realism can result in disappointment, yet realism without hope is counterproductive to both contentment and motivation. Seven of Cups calls for a balance between reality and dreams.

On a global scale, be wary of promises made by world leaders, namely the Trump-Putin alliance. Investigative reporting in a magazine article will reveal that this authoritarian duo is engaged in a coordinated effort to seize control of other countries under the premise of “preemptive defence.” At the same time, intensification of Mueller’s F.B.I. investigation will result in an escalation of media revelations about Trump and Trump Jr.’s personal involvement in conspiring to swing the 2016 Presidential elections.

For those with heightened self-awareness, you most likely will receive the twin gifts of clarity and perspective soon. Someday, when you combine that clarity with flexibility, new actions will be revealed that can eventually lead to the realisation of a dream.

Second Week of February 2019

The Empress – The Empress holds a scepter, signifying a position of power. Her head is adorned with a crown of stars, and her throne is embellished by a heart that is decorated with a symbol of the feminine. The strawberries on her gown are a sign of nature, harvest, and the sharing of abundance.

An American woman in a leadership role is prominently featured in this week’s news. I see her proposing legislation for African-American and Indigenous reparations. While the realisation of her bill may take up to fifteen years to go into effect, she will be praised in future history books as a civil rights pioneer. Until then, you can expect her efforts to be both vilified and celebrated by news outlets. Some of the first public figures to acknowledge, support, and promote her proposal will include former Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Keep in mind that any backlash to these proposals is based on economic conflicts of interest. As with most political arguments, continue to do your research and approach opposition with suspicion.

In your own life, this is a good time to either reconnect with or stay connected to the nurturing part of yourself. If you’ve been feeling disconnected from self-care, try meditating on seeing yourself through the eyes of someone who cares about you. What would that person want to give you or tell you that would make you happy? How can you give those same gifts to yourself?

Third Week of February 2019

The Lovers – A couple is standing closely, yet independently, adjacent to both a Tree of Life and an apple tree encircled by a snake. The presence of both autonomy and connectivity is a sign that these figures are staying true to themselves, even while becoming involved. A supernatural being emerges from a cloud and opens its palms toward the couple, indicating that forces beyond the material realm have granted a blessing of their union.

Celebrity news highlights the public commitment of what will be referred to as a “highly unlikely couple.” Global news will feature headlines about war, peace, and a call for increased humanitarianism, particularly from the U.N. There will be more advocates for peace than conflict and plans for major anti-war protests will soon be underway. A major news article will refer to the history of humankind as having been intermittently “brutal and gentle.” Youth-led, worldwide movements for the mass abandonment of glorified violence is building momentum at this time.

This week’s theme is love in many forms. We get more of what we focus on, so even repeatedly thinking about a loving image, word, or sound can expand the presence of love in your life. Alternatively, you can meditate on The Lovers tarot card, perhaps placing it on an altar or mirror. For a more advanced and interactive meditation on The Lovers tarot, privately imagine beaming an energy of non-judgmental, unconditional love from your heart to the heart of another, including strangers. The love you send will reverberate back to you in time, with interest.

Fourth Week of February 2019

Strength – A woman whose dress includes a wreath of flowers and belt of roses is opening the mouth of a lion. Her bravery is demonstrated with a calm, confident certainty. An infinity symbol is suspended in the realm of her crown chakra, indicating that her courage is derived from a spiritual source, and has consistently been demonstrated over time. Her flowers and roses are a reminder that love is a contributing factor in the formation of courage.

In world news, medical research reports from countries such as Israel, South Africa, and China announce successful clinical trials related to women’s health, heart disease, and an advancement in fertility treatments.*

Strength’s position following The Lovers card sometimes indicates recovery from mental, emotional, or relationship obstacles. If you have recently been putting effort into positive thinking or inner growth, the fourth week of February is a time when you may start to notice that your efforts are paying off in the form of increased gratitude or improved circumstances.

Overall, this month features three out of four major arcana cards. Major arcana cards represent vital events that produce lasting effects. Depending on other factors such as personal choices and astrological components, decisions you make during the final three weeks of this month may have a positive and enduring impact on your emotional life. Global political actions that occur throughout the latter half of February will likely result in far-reaching implications. These are the times of which history is made.

*Please consult with your physician regarding any health concerns.


Premium Members – you can ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below for the chance to have a detailed Tarot reading. Please specify the time-frame you are asking about – days, weeks, months or years into the future.

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34 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – February 2019

  1. Hi, Jessica.
    Can you help me interpret the cards (which are cards I also drew for myself on your site – lovers when asking about a relationship which ended shortly after drawing that card – strength when I asked for an alternate view of the past – empress when I asked for current headlines – seven of cups for headlines in my life in one year. So many things going on (love, work, group dynamics, possible global opportunity, home, friendships) and I believe February is pivotal month so I want to make the most of the aspects and opportunities that are here and understand the hard work aspects as well (as I am well into them already). Thank you so much for your insight and brilliance!

    • Thank you. The Lovers card shows two people who have been brought together by fate – right time, right place, right people – but who must level with each other and meet soul to soul, heart to heart. The relationship ended but there was something special there and perhaps it can be restarted at a later date. Your alternative view of the past (a new and different way of looking at a situation ‘way back then’) is to see it as a healing experience for you, as you either gave or received healing. This may have been spiritual, emotional (like the Rolling Stones’ song, Emotional Rescue) or it may have literally been physical. The Empress, now, shows a woman (presumably you) content, relaxed, surrounded by beautiful furniture or in a lovely garden – at peace with the world. There is a love heart/Venus symbol on the grey rock beside her, turning green. This is a second hint that the relationship you have ended could be revived. The headlines of your life in one year? Do you mean, what is going on in February 2020? That’s a clever answer from the Tarot as it tells you – in one year from now you need to reach for money and property, make it real and make it yours. You also need to reach for success. What you can dismiss from your mind are fears and worries about scarey people or situations or, perhaps, toxic or bad individuals or organisations. It’s all in your head. So is the good stuff, though, which is why you have to reach for it!

  2. Hi Jessica
    I am interested in what the future holds for me over the next 2 years in relation to finance and property. I have just been offered the job of my dreams…. starts April.
    Thank you

    • Okay, so now until February 2021, let’s look at your finance and property. Congratulations on the dream job too. Your card is the Five of Coins. You have Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House of mind, body and spirit. That is essentially what 2019 and 2020 are about for you. You need to heal your mind, body and spirit ahead of all other considerations. This costs money. The turning point will come when you realise that your state of mind is the very thing, that will motivate you to go and request that money, or borrow it. It costs nothing to find a meditation method, yoga practise or way of thinking about the world, that will work for you. Everyone is different and you will need to find your own path. This will help you realise that funds are around the corner. Unless you do this, it would be very hard to get out of a loop, where you and another person feel stuck. This other person may also have a Virgo chart signature as he/she is also very much ruled by the connection between body, mind and spirit. On the most basic level now, if you do not have health insurance, then get it. This is common-sense advice but I am going to emphasise it. This is very much about two people – but if you personally have the security of private health insurance in 2019, 2020 – and you are also open to the idea that it is your state of mind that dictates how you physically feel (as well as what you can achieve) – you could get off to a good start right now. Find what works for you.

  3. Hi Jessica
    I asked the universe for a fortune cookie for the lunar new year of pig and it replied- “You can achieve huge things if you leave your ego at the back door-work harder for others.”
    Can you please elaborate on this for me for the year ahead with a tarot card reading. Thank you.

    • Sure. You have the Knight of Swords. I always look for Mars in a chart when he turns up, and sure enough you have Mars at 0 Aries. Chiron will conjunct your Mars at 0 Aries from March 2019. That is unusual and worth mentioning. March-April in particular (but all year) you should ask yourself if your tactics are going to get what you want. You are a natural warrior. You are a good person to have on side, if people need to ‘fight the good fight’ and would be just the right person in an emergency or battle. However, you also need to figure out if you are going too fast, too hard, too aggressively this year. This self-absorption and self-interest is typical of Mars in Aries, and it has also turned up in your Fortune Cookie. Try to slow down, look around you (really look) and see life as others see it. Someone or something, from March, will get you all fired up. Yet, there are so many other ways to achieve what you need. And you also need to ask yourself if one particular crusade, mission or battle is worth it to you. Just racing off at a hundred miles an hour to attack life, is not always the answer. I hope this is useful for you.

  4. Dear Jessica,
    I would love to have a reading for this month being an Earth Pig. Since 2016 I struggle at work and life though I push myself to move on. It’s very hard and there is very little effort. Will there be changing and steadiness coming this month?
    Thank you.
    Best regards from Hamburg

    • Sure, Christiane. Let’s look at February 2019. The King of Pentacles has turned up. You need to negotiate with this man, who is obviously in charge of your salary, the business or the cash flow. He would be a natural C.E.O. or accountant – a real estate agent or bank manager. He is open to suggestion and he also needs to change. He is bogged down by the past, stuck and not seeing the potential of expansion. Don’t be intimidated by him. He would appreciate a wider view of the situation. He could cut and trim things – tidy up, clean up and sort out what has grown up around him, as it is quite frankly wasting his potential. You need to understand the way he thinks so you can speak his language. You can’t tell him what to do. But, if you want to strike a deal with him, gain a pay rise, have him back your idea or just take a greater interest in you professionally, you will need to front up to him with some well-researched, good, strong suggestions about how he could improve things and how you could help. Think as he thinks. Get inside his head, that’s the key.

  5. Hi Jessica,
    Can I get a Tarot reading please for the month. Early in January I pulled the star card when I asked for direction regarding relationships. I thought it was just too coincidental as that was the card for my yearly reading and this was just a few days after the yearly horoscope posted. I took it as a sign. The next day I had to go to a house on acorn street in a city I knew the roads very well or so I thought. I never heard or knew acorn street existed and I have driven past that spot a few times, but it never registered. Thanks for all you do.

    • The Star as regards relationships is about a woman waking up to her sexuality without necessarily having to be in a partnership or marriage. She is pictured alone, pouring two vases of water into a pool. This is a symbol of Aquarius, the Water Bearer, which is about friendship and group loyalties – fellowship, sisterhood, brotherhood or comradeship. Not so much intimate one-on-one connections. The stars in the background form a circle, which is also an Aquarian symbol. The club, band, team, society, community. One star shines brighter than the rest, so this is a woman or man who stands out from this crowd. It may be you, or someone you know. Your Descendant (DC) is Aquarius. The DC always rules your former, current or potential partner in life, so you have a clear message here about 2019. The other person is intimately connected to the group of friends and yet there is a question mark here about how much up-close intimacy you will be able to find. Sexual awakening can sometimes be best achieved solo with The Star, or there may be a decision to forget sex altogether and instead enjoy the body for its own sake – by going swimming!

  6. Hi Jessica

    I drew a single card reading for today and it is the Queen of Swords.The butterflies of Psyche are hidden on the Queens’throne and in her crown. The sword is Mars and it is a posture of self-defence. The card also mention the family tree is blowing sideways – winds of change ! The Queen wears a red string bracelet, a Hindu piece of jewellery as a protection to ward off evil. Please help me to interpret the card. Certainly, I have been through many tests and trials with my marriage.
    Thank You .

    • This is you, or a woman in your world. If it is you, then you feel on the defensive as you are being challenged by someone. You have to be firm but fair. Keep them at a distance. Politely, the body language and message you should be using here is ‘This far and no further.’ If it is a woman in your world then this lady is definitely a ‘Queen’ type, so in position of authority, leadership or power. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She is all about compassion and spirituality (the jewellery you have identified) but will swipe if she has to. Look also at the family tree, being blown sideways in the background (whose family? – there is most certainly a family being blown back and forth here) and also the faces of babies or toddlers cast in stone on the throne. All that this woman went through (and it may be you) with previous pregnancies, parenthood, or even pregnancies that did not go to term, has made her who she is – tough. She may not even remember this or be conscious of it.

  7. Thank you Jessica. I have become really self absorbed since jupiter landed in my first house. Will keep this in mind.

  8. Hello Jessica and Kyra,

    Thank you for the tarot Tuesday.

    I sustained an injury sometime in 2012. Unconciously, I did something, I was going through a difficult relationship. I had a lot anger or frustration,
    Unable to stand up for myself that every time I used my hands I used a lot of force (pushing a twin pram or using binders), which later had a permanent injury (damaged ligaments in the wrist). I Treated it but I have to rest often . This also relates to what was diagnosed last year.

    Just last year, I was diagnosed with PTSD symptoms which I had symptoms since 2012 onwards. I have been carrying this trauma for a very long time.

    Recently my son said he felt like hostile environment when i get tense and vigourously start doing things and noise.
    I had enough and
    I want to get cure from it for the children.

    I had a lot of couselling and therapists plus life coaching “free youself from narcisist” which sum up simply the life I was living.

    I want to be free from that trauma. It was past but my mind goes through it every day.

    Thank you for any insights you give. Love you two.

    • This is a very tough thing to go through. It is common to have many therapists or counsellors and still not have the answer. You need to find one. You can find it on YouTube and it will cost you nothing. Just go through all the alternatives in front of you. Of all the people in the field of anxiety, which is what you have – along with the pain – who I have found work reliably and well, it is Betty Shine and Dr. Claire Weekes I recommend. Both have passed away but their legacy lives on. Go to the audio on YouTube first then look at the books and their reviews right around the net. You are right to want to do it for the children, but also yourself. Try them. Dr. Claire changes people’s lives, as you will see in the comments, with her technique.

    • I have replied to you before, so I think one of your issues is that you need to listen and accept. I am very sorry about the trauma, the pain, and the situation with your children. Yet, on a very simple common-sense level, it will help you to be aware of other people. Did you ignore my other reply? Maybe you didn’t see it. But I definitely replied. You also need to go to YouTube and listen to the work of Dr. Claire Weekes, which I think I advised. It’s free. She specialised in obsessive thought patterns and millions have been cured by her. Try borrowing her books from the library too. Reject narcissism. It’s not your friend. Look at the myth of Narcissus in painting and sculpture and it will help you see.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I would love you draw a card for me for today at the start of the new year. I have just ended a business partnership that was nearly a decade old. Can you see what could be around the corner, if anything?

    • Your card is The Moon which shows two dogs on either side of a narrow pathway, leading to two buildings, with the Full Moon above them and behind them, what some might interpret as Scorpio/Scorpion. The card says exactly what you have just done. Ended a business partnership. You two are very different superficially but are the same species. There is no reason why you cannot help each other at a distance. You have choices here. You could go your own way and do your own thing (‘I’ll take the high road, and you take the low road.’) Yet, there is also a possibility that you could juggle two lives, two personalities and two sets of business interests and continue to help each other. This whole situation was brought about by that intense 2018 Scorpio pattern, in your Eighth House of shared finance, as towards late 2018 and into early 2019 you had first Jupiter, then Mercury Retrograde, then Ceres all in Scorpio. There is a question here about you two and your timing – did you leave it too late, or were you too premature given market conditions! Anyway – the point now is the future. It’s going to be all about the actual premises or property for you, but I do think you could figure out a highly unusual way of staying connected without losing your individuality and independence. I would say here, the ‘road less travelled’ to quote Scott M. Peck is an interesting one. Don’t just see the obvious way ahead, do a bit of research and find out if there are other ways to get what you want. You should also know that this 2018 cycle in your Eighth House is receding into the distance. Don’t look back.

  10. Hello,

    I would appreciate a reading for this month. I feel change in the w I’m nd and would love any insight. I am also in the market for a new car. My current car is pretty old and seems close to the end. Any insight on this would be great.

    Thank you,

    • Your Tarot card is the Eight of Staves. This is about Aquarius/Eleventh House questions. You have Salacia and the Descendant in Aquarius, the sign of people power, and both turn up in the Eleventh House of group psychology and team spirit (Smells Like Teen Spirit if you’re a Nirvana fan). This whole month is about the band, actually. This may be a book club or work team. If you all unite you can turn things around and find the right place to plant yourselves and your plans, so that you can actually progress and co-create something pretty special. However, if you are not going to unite, but go your own ways, and keep the Aquarian distance/space between you, to the point where there is no bonding – well. It will all fall in a heap. What a shame that would be. You can help turn this around. It’s about communication. Talk, talk, talk. This is like an R.A.F. squadron during the Battle of Britain. Their collective success depended on brilliant radio skills and speed and accuracy. You lot are online these days, but you still need to communicate. Do this quickly! February brings Aquarius weather right over your Aquarius factors. The car question is best answered by looking way out of town. You need a car which will take big distances, but you may also find it at a great distance from where you are. Check prices.

  11. Every time I ask about love ❤️ with new tarot cards you have on this website I got Knight of Cups…

    What do you think why and what is coming…
    I would love you draw a card for me…


    • That’s a much younger man, sincere, honest, who has something to offer you, sexually or emotionally. He will have to travel to do it, as he is either on a long vacation, business trip or is just out of your local area.

  12. Hello Jessica!
    Thank you for Tarot Tuesdays and access to another gift.

    My question is about love. I’ve told you before about my foreign-born Scorpio lover (DOB 28/10/1980). Earlier this year using the Oracle, I received Venus in the 7th house when I asked what I’d need to know if I remain with my lover. This month using the Tarot I drew the 8 pentacles when I asked about the year ahead for my lover. Career is indeed his priority now, not our personal relationship – although we are still friends.

    Can you please draw a card for me regarding the future direction of this relationship? Now, with the end of the Leo eclipses is there favorable weather over the next 2 years to rekindle our relationship again? Or is my patience wasted on this man?

    Grateful for any insight you can offer. Many thanks and much love to you!

    • It’s a pleasure, N. I am a little late with Tarot Tuesday questions as the chaos of Brexit took over my website comments for a while. Anyway, let’s see what the cards say. You sound as if you are being ‘Scorpioed’ by this October-born man. This is the zodiac sign which was inspired by the scorpion, a creature which will risk killing or dying to have sex. Did you know that? You are still waiting for him, as Scorpio inspires obsessive passion and can also feel it. No other sign can really do that, but is it actually good for you? The Tarot says, in 2019, look to the Nine of Pentacles (Coins). This shows you, by yourself, rich – and loving your home or holiday – and getting yourself into a position where you can pick and choose a lover. Scorpio is about sex and money, and sex and property. He would obviously be interested in that but do you really want someone who cannot get the dollar, pound or euro signs out of his eyes? I think you are being shown an abundant, luxurious, relaxed year of single life, with the freedom to pick and choose dates as you wish. Think about other locations, though. Other cities, towns or countries. They’re out there and who knows what kind of tempting new lover resides there?

  13. Hi Jessica, this is the first time I consult with a Tarot. What Feb cards reveal my fate and destiny in one year, particularly with job and business partners, love and love partner, possibility of move to China, finence and income?

    • You will either move several times after March 2019 (over the course of 7 years) or you will stay in one new home that you acquire by 2020, but make substantial changes to it by renovating it, redecorating it and so on. Your family will go through quite radical changes over the next few years and if any aspect of your family life makes you feel tied down or trapped, it will end. You could also easily acquire a new family of your own by 2025, and if so, it would not be a regular set-up. You would pursue a family which is unique to you and an original statement of who you are.

  14. Have been waiting and waiting for this post! Please could you check the tarot for our apartment situation? We have been searching to to rent a two bed place for our growing family and it’s been just such a disappointment so far – everything is too expensive or too small. Any hope for a new place that that will fit what we are looking for and where we will be happy? Thanks in advance !!!

    • I am sorry about the disappointing experiences you have been going through with apartments and houses. Your February Tarot card is Three of Pentacles, also known as Three of Coins. You need to at least search for the money that may be there, but you need the right people to help you. This may be an allowance, some savings, a refund, an unpaid sum and so on. You do not have people who are qualified to look at the moment. Either you lack the skills, or others do! Think about it. Can you find the right person to help the search? Perhaps even without having to pay for it? Lost or missing superannuation in Australia is a classic example of this. So too, in Britain, are refunds from banks. This would be the first step. I do hope you find what you are looking for. Please also use The Astrology Oracle cards and ebook to ask more questions, beyond February.

  15. Hi Jessica,

    Can I have a tarot reading for February please? I have invited a huge conflict situation at work involving colleagues who were once friends and the boss who is an ex lover. Now people have changed, but whatever was in the past is still not resolved. It’s like in the next conflict it will become all dirty with linens washed in public and no idea what more happens.

    I cannot sit still, the slightest turns gives me the impulse to break down the building with them and I feel they will all stand together and plot against me. What they have to lose is much more than what I have to lose.

    The boss is cancer, and the colleagues are libra and taurus.


    • Yes, you have written about this before, Fiery. You are dangling, not acting, stuck, paralysed. This has a purpose. You become enlightened. You have The Hanged Man as your card. You are all tied up in knots, and should actually do yoga. Yoga would unlock your body and spirit. Try it if you do not already do it. There is plenty of free, good yoga material online to follow. When you are finally ready to move, rather than just dangle, you will need to make a decision about either side of your family tree. Do you follow your Mum’s side or Dad’s side? This will be about your mother’s town/region/country or your father’s town/region/country. Perhaps your mother’s profession or your father’s. Maybe you can split your time between both. Maybe you will just have to choose but at least you will be free. Dangle and meditate. It will be worth the spiritual awakening.

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