EVENT: Melbourne Astrology and Tarot Workshop

Come along to a special Sunday workshop in Melbourne on April 14th 2019 to try Astrology and Tarot for a three-way reading.


Astrology and Tarot Sunday Workshop in Melbourne, Sunday April 14th

If you are in Melbourne in April, come along to a special Sunday workshop which will introduce you to three different ways to validate a prediction. First, we’ll look at the headlines of your life using the Sun Sign House method, which was adapted for the media, by a journalist, in the 1930s. We’ll then go deeper and confirm the background story with the Natural House method, which is seldom used by astrologers, but works perfectly to validate and confirm your ‘headlines’ prediction. The final method is Tarot, using the deck of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite, which was developed using astrological symbols and themes, through their combined membership of The Golden Dawn.

Take Home an Astrology and Tarot Journal for April, May and June 2019

Enjoy meeting like-minded people, sharpen your accuracy – about your own horoscope or professionally – and enjoy taking home an Astrology and Tarot journal, along with a Tarot card to use for the next 3 months, in this workshop. With this and the techniques you learn on Sunday, along with the take-home chart wheels, you will be able to predict the astrological ‘weather’ for yourself April-June and learn a pro skill that you can keep for life.

Admission is $70 to members and $90 to non-members, and you can book straight on the VAA website now. 

We’ll be predicting the future of Donald Trump and the United States of America using this three-way technique, as a group, date-stamping and timing our news, in this session. Come along!


Melbourne Astrology and Tarot Events


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6 thoughts on “EVENT: Melbourne Astrology and Tarot Workshop

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I just went back to your predictions for India and how it is ready for a relaunch. Wow!! You must have known from new that all that has just happened with India becoming a power player in Asia, backed by the world, fighting against terrorism in ways only the US or Israel are known to do.
    The world seems in full support of India and it certainly is getting better. We are very hopeful.
    Btw, our current PM is a Leo – super guy, and the force behind all this change.
    There are internal problems with so much diversity but the country more positive and united than every.

    Thank you for the reading!

    Sorry, I’m posting on this page but comments were closed on that post and I really wanted to reach out.

    • Aren’t you nice. Thank you for commenting. Yes, India is going up, up and away. Huge relaunch. Not possible in 12 years, actually. And Britain must fix her karma with India – this goes back, back, back through all the old Jupiter cycles. Brihaspati or Guru will teach everyone what is needed.

  2. Love the Taro readings ! When I was a little girl, ALL I used to want to be for Halloween each year was a gypsy…. later I learned to read taro cards. I read a lots for people but doing so fell off. This past week though, I have been asked or encouraged to read for several people and am considering restarting that journey this week. What do you think ? I dreamt last night that I was surrounded by women who had inner glow and were magical and kind in a Harry Potter type of setting. I was struck by the joy I felt being part of what felt like a magical, loving spirit type nursing sorority. Is this a good week to begin healing journey for others again or best to lay low? I am considering what my truest calling is and am most anxious to get feedback. My apologies for double posting. Thank you Jessica

    • Dreams are good to write down. Do you follow the work of Jane Teresa Anderson online? She is a dream coach based in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia and has a great reputation and has written many excellent books. Dream interpretation is worth pursuing now even though you will go backwards and forwards with it until April 18th as Mercury (information) is retrograde and retroshadow (stuck and going backwards) until April 18th. After that though you have the longer transit of Neptune in Pisces (more dreams) and that is psychic information coming through night-time visions and downloading from other realities. Start a dream journal and even if you have to restart after Easter, it will be worth it.

Comments are closed.

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