Tarot Tuesday – March 2019

Professional psychic and Tarot expert Kyra Oser based between the U.S. and Canada, gives you her insights for yourself, and the world, in March 2019.

Tarot Tuesday appears on the first Tuesday of every month with world and personal predictions from Kyra Oser, who holds an M.A. from San Francisco State University.

Kyra’s work has featured on Yahoo! Finance, The Wall Street Journal, NBC News, CBS News, ABC News, CBS Radio and more. You can discover more of Kyra’s predictions at her website.

Kyra Oser and Jessica Adams first worked together on a radio show broadcast across Los Angeles and Seattle and now join forces on the first Tuesday of every new month to combine Kyra’s Tarot skills with Jessica’s combined use of Pamela Colman Smith’s deck, Arthur Waite’s occult brilliance and the ancient field of astrology.

For Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below, for detailed Tarot replies.


First Week of March 2019

King of Pentacles – The King of Pentacles wears a crown that accentuates his grape-decorated garment, which reveals armour underneath. He holds a coin, representing savings, as he sits on a throne carved with four bulls. The bulls are a sign of the wealth that sustains him through every season. We can see his sumptuous castle situated in the background. He is a vision of security, authority, comfort, and safety.

This week’s news features a focus on profit, particularly the means by which some politicians and many CEOs secure their additional income. The first week of March will highlight the activities of the wealthy, and that includes major corporations. A question that will be asked by U.S. and Indigenous youth activist groups will be: if corporations can be regarded as people, why can’t land and nature? After all, the earth sustains us while most corporations drain us—of time, energy, and, of course, funding.

In your own life, the King of Pentacles asks you to think big when it comes to setting new expectations around the future of your financial life. Meditate on how it would feel to have complete security in your life. If you logged into your online banking account and saw that you’d saved enough to cover all your expenses for life, what would that moment feel like? In order to do this exercise, it helps to know what the ideal figure would be. Identify your average annual spending, then multiply that number by many years into the future. Or perhaps vision boards resonate with you more than meditation. Why not dream big? It doesn’t cost anything! And if you’re already feeling financially secure, then enjoy your time as the King (or Queen) of Pentacles!

Second Week of March 2019

The Moon – Gathered together from both sea and land, a wolf, dog, and crab are gazing at and connecting to the energy of the moon. The space between the mountains, valley, water, and moon are joined by one path, which makes each terrain seem closer in distance. This card represents a time when the forces of nature, including those of outer space, are connected more closely to us. We journey to our own relationship with the moon any time we choose to take the path of intuition, dreams, and emotions.

In global news, expect deepened speculation about hidden agendas of world leaders who have been paid extensive sums to carry out corporate bidding. These revelations will eventually lead to laws regulating political bribery in the form of corporate lobbying, although don’t expect any changes in the U.S. around this issue until at least a couple of years from now.

This is one of those weeks when you may have a heightened sense of what other people are feeling about you, yet it might be challenging to articulate those feelings in words quite yet. This is an ideal time to start or continue a dream journal, read poetry, or listen to music with lyrics that match your feelings. Connection with your inner world is often a conduit for increased insights about your outer life.

Third Week of March 2019

The Devil – Speaking of the outer life, The Devil is a card of materialism. He crouches on an authoritative altar that holds two people captive with chains: one appears to be masculine, and his “tail” is either being created or lit on fire by the devil. The other figure is feminine, and her “tail” is represented by grapes. Because the humans have characteristics of their overlord, part of the message is that if you willingly allow someone to hold you captive, you may start to develop some of their inner characteristics.

In world celebrity news, expect to hear new allegations that accuse major public figures of betrayal and cheating. Because of the adjacent Moon card and its associations with deception, many of these stories aren’t true. One of these narratives will be centered around Meghan Markle, and the publishing of this story about her will eventually be revealed as a fabrication designed to sell tabloid news. However, there will be some damage because the media frenzy will cause physical stress to Meghan that results in a temporary health issue.

We will also see global news headlines questioning the nature of work. Some of these articles will suggest the likelihood of an upcoming economic and labour revolution. A few years from now, many of the wealthiest countries will have adopted a system of employment and housing that is radically different from how many of us currently live.

The Devil card represents a time when we, as a society, can be lured by the temptations of materialism. For most people, this will not be an optimal time to make a major purchase.* If you have been feeling held captive by a situation, this card may represent the need to give yourself the gift of more personal time. Even twenty or thirty minutes a day of “alone time” can make a big difference in your week.

*Please consult with your financial consultant or stock broker concerning any financial decisions.

Fourth Week of March 2019

The Chariot (Reversed) – A king stands confidently in his chariot, led by two sphinxes and followed by a kingdom. A star on his crown signifies the ability to realize one’s hopes and dreams, while two crescent moons support the shoulders of his armour. The presence of space symbols on his kilt and belt allude to the cosmos in general, and space travel in particular. The balance of images on both sides of the card signifies two opposing forces that join together under a common understanding.

In news headlines, there could be a glitch in space travel, particularly to Mars, that causes engineers to go back to the drawing board and create a new plan. Expect news about Elon Musk, discoveries published by NASA, and discussions of a Disneyland-type space station scheduled for construction between the Earth and the moon.

In your own life, know that any setbacks this week will serve to bring you closer to the kind of life you want, even if the changes in plans might not make sense yet. These times will make more sense in hindsight.

On a global scale, this month will expose corrupt economic practices that will initiate the fall of more than one world leader in power (and yes, that includes Trump!), a change in travel plans that accidentally leads us to a new discovery, and a reconnection with our emotional lives in the form of meditation and dreams. Music will play a large role in the coming age, both as a healer of the future and as a revealer of past times. Expect future news to be delivered both with background music and even as musicals. Inner connection will help prepare us for the coming age. We are currently navigating a time of increased materialism so that we will be forced to ask questions like “How Much Land Does a Man Need”**?

** “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” (1886) is a short story about greed by Leo Tolstoy.


Overall, March features three out of four Major Arcana cards, giving this month at least as lasting and memorable an impact as February 2019. A period of major news and major changes continues…

Premium Members – You can ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below for the chance to have a detailed Tarot reading. Please specify the time-frame you are asking about – days, weeks, months or years into the future.

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53 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – March 2019

  1. Dear Jessica,

    Thank you for all your work. I love the tarot and astrology oracle contents on your site and very much enjoy using them.
    I’d like to ask if there are any major changes in store for me in the next few months.
    I’d appreciate your time and insights in advance!

    Thanks again,

    • Sure, Soha. In May 2019 you will be shown what is possible in another part of your country, or another part of the world. There is an option there to travel, stay, work (exporting and importing what is important) and to broaden your horizons. May will be hectic, unpredictable, surprising and if you want to make the most of that month, it would be the moment to leave a big space in your life for everything and everybody that is new. Sometimes you can stay put, but find someone from another race or nationality comes into your life, and you learn so much. It will be exciting, breathtaking, surprising – no matter if you travel or travel in the mind. But it’s going to happen.

  2. Hi Jessica,
    Thanks for this reading. I’m wondering how these cards might relate to an Astrology Oracle reading I did yesterday. I asked the Oracle whether I am prepared for all of the big changes coming (both Astrologically i.e. Uranus in Taurus for instance…) and in my personal life (children & career).
    The Answer was Minerva and the First House.
    Then last night I dreamt that I saw crackling fireworks in the sky and hundreds of Eagles came out of them, and swirled around in the sky. I turned around, and an Eagle gave me one of his feathers.
    Is there any correlation or something I should note from Tarot Tuesdays reading and my own questions?

    • Wow, what an amazing dream. That is a Jupiter dream and it comes very likely from your spirit guide. Are you aware you have a Native American guide? Jupiter is symbolised by Eagles. He is Minerva’s father. You have Neptune at 9 Sagittarius so Jupiter passed there, but Ceres is going there. Ceres is a symbol of sharing and division (accepting a feather). There is a wide open, very beneficial situation involving a foreign place, person or space – where you can share. It will come around when Ceres goes over your Neptune again. It will happen more than once and by December you will hopefully have chosen who and what feels right. Foreign can sometimes be in your own country – another culture – but it is usually overseas.

    • You opened your third eye chakra, which is your psychic channel – usually visual – and you had a predictive dream. This is quite incredible as Minerva is always shown with an owl. She is also the daughter of Jupiter, whose bird is the eagle. The First House is your title, qualifications and image. Within seven years of this Uranus in Taurus cycle you will be given the opportunity to qualify or graduate with a new title and letters after your name. That is my reading of the dream you just had, and the cycle. There may be a job where you are positioned as a ‘Minerva’ figure – an advisor.

  3. Hi Jessica
    I hope you have had a great start to 2019.
    What does the tarot say for me in regards to my job prospects? I’m unemployed and nothing seems to be working out for me this year. On January 21st, I got offered a fabulous job in a great location overseas (U.K.) and due to an error outside of my control, I found out only last week that it’s no longer happening. I couldn’t believe it. So I’ve wasted all this precious time where I wasn’t applying for jobs as I thought this was all going to go ahead. So I’m back to square one. I’d love to head back to the U.K. but nothing seems to be working out. What does this all mean? Will I find another job soon? I’m now also applying for jobs in my home country, as the U.K. option just doesn’t seem to be falling into place. Thank you for your time, Jessica.

    • I’m sorry you are having this frustrating time with jobs. You actually need to upskill. Do you know this already? Keep applying, but rather than just spend the time between jobs, wondering why nothing is falling into place – retrain or add new extra-value talents and abilities. You will not have to pay for some of them, and pay an affordable amount for others. A female friend of yours would actually teach you one of her talents for nothing, or for exchanged favours. Just juggling abilities and skills like this helps, as Jupiter in Sagittarius is in your Ninth House of knowledge, education, college, evening classes, workshops, seminars and so on in 2019. This is an incredibly fortunate cycle for those who are willing to learn. You are strongly, strongly Sagittarian so Jupiter crossing this zone of your chart is your excuse to have a look online but also in the real world for the most amazing education by a phenomenal teacher. You will adore the class or group. And it will pay off for years. You could easily develop this into an extra income source later this year, or just find that it puts you out there, in the right company, where jobs are never advertised but go through word of mouth. This holds until December.

  4. Hi Jessica,

    I’d very much appreciate a reading about my love life for the next two months … thanks so much!!!

    Love and light,

    Starshine :)

    • The trick with March is to look at the relationship Tarot cards – like the Two of Cups, which shows a man and woman facing each other in a moment of soulful honesty – and see them in different colours. Maybe electric neon colours. Your whole world is being coloured differently, in quite a radical new way, when it comes to your ideas about your former, current or potential lovers. It can be liberating to do that and very exciting. Like seeing the lights go up in Times Square, where before there was only the same-old, same-old. You are going to see the light and that can be a real thrill. Actually you set the situation up in 2018 so this is not new. Be open to surprises, though. You may have to be more radical than you thought. Some women have fixed ideas about love and sex. It has to be the man making the move, or they won’t go there, and it has to be marriage or living together, or they won’t be interested – and so on. You will be presented with an option which is so far removed from what you used to know ‘absolutely’ that it really challenges you. Yet if you want a new world you will play. The very first signposts are there in March. This also applies to ex lovers. You may feel there are rules with these people. Well – no.

  5. Hi Jessica/Kyra,

    A great reading, and as March unfolds there is definitely a ‘revolutionary’ feel hanging in the air.
    I am curious to know how March and April will play out for me personally. I long for change, but without any Rose coloured glasses. It feels like I have been waiting at the intersection – stuck in amber – for so long paused between stop and go.
    Your response would be so welcomed.
    Thanks in advance.

    • The Three of Cups is really your card, but it’s sideways, not upright. It shows three people – friends, or part of a group – dancing. It’s a little like the famous painting used for ‘A Dance to the Music of Time’ as these three women, or maybe women and a man with non-gender hair or clothes, are in a mutual celebration. In March you celebrate your independence and freedom. You are either going to get freedom *from* friends or others in the group (maybe the whole group) – or you are going to find exhilarating, exciting space and autonomy through a new set-up in your social life with new faces or new communal spaces. The trick is not to dance the way you used to. This may be literal. You could actually be surrounded by quite radically different music or social situations with these people! In other cases it’s a metaphor for the way you move through life. No longer following old patterns or steps, but leaving yourself to what and who arrives, or to a brand new vacant space that spells capital F Freedom.

  6. Hi Jessica, great article. Would love a Tarot reading for March, in need of some clarity. Thank you!

    • March is really about accepting no rules – not just new rules, but no rules for a time – with your former, current or potential partner. If you can imagine The Lovers card in Tarot turned sideways, that is really what is going on. It starts with immediate effect, and in May it will be really evident to you that you are travelling in directions you honestly never expected to see yourself taking, a few years ago. If you think back to the events of May-December 2018 with a certain person, you were also sent sideways by a situation which forced you to invent, to innovate, to produce and create – the new. It was your only way through a very, very challenging situation. So you dreamed something up, or reached back into your memory for what felt like it would work – and you unwittingly put yourself on a brand new road with the game of love, sex, partnership and commitment. (Or even relating to people from your love past, or with those in your potential love future). Now, in March, it is a really good moment to set aside the ‘shoulds’ and ‘always’ statements and be open to who and what comes. And this is really just the start!

  7. Hi Jessica, I’m so glad you’re doing Tarot Tuesday still – although I think I missed the Tuesday as I was on an airplane! I’d love to know what the future holds for me and relationships in the next three months. Now that Uranus has moved out of my seventh house and into my eighth I’m hoping for some different / more positive energy!


    • Sun in Libra women who endured Uranus in Aries in their Seventh House for years, are now in a much better position with former, current or potential lovers. The constant lack of predictable outcomes has tested you, but also shown you what freedom and independence feels like. However, you have also had years of rejection, either saying ‘No’ to so many people or situations in the game of love and sex, or being ignored, sidelined or just turned down. This chopping and changing has finished. In its place you have another seven years of education. You will be taught what you can get away with, emotionally, sexually and romantically – by a former, current or potential partner. Perhaps more than one. This person will ‘foster’ or mentor you.

  8. Hi Jessica

    Can I ask you if I will ever be financially free?

    Many thanks for your continued kindness in the giving of your time to answer questions.

    • Yes, you will be free when you pursue who/what is so radically different, inventive and innovative in the new culture of crowdsourced and crowdfunded ‘banking’ which removes the power from the top 1% (after they are arrested for money laundering and/or asset-stripped) and gives it back to the community. It will put great stress on friendship, sure, but it will also take away the old model of banking and that is the one which has been with us since the last time Uranus was in Taurus, over 80 years ago. This starts in the tiniest way, but it has started. You have 7 years. The likely outcome is combined banking/purchasing websites where friends and trusted acquaintances in the group, backed by friends, support each other and create their own ‘shares’ and marketplace. It will not use paper and metal currency, and at the start, it will be tax-free. Find out more about blockchain and money laundering and be right across that, for the next few years in particular, drawing your own conclusions about the likely outcome for your region. You will be your own best judge as your financial situation and property position is so personal to you. Keep updated!

  9. Hi Jessica,
    I have tried using the Tarot predictions on your websites. I have hard time interpreting them. My birthday month is coming up and I am starting a new job ( you told me to go ahead and apply before the retrograde starts- and I actually got the job within 14 days of applying). The whole process was so quick and I am a little anxious getting into a new company with a global role. Any word of advice would be really helpful.
    Thank you!!!

    • Congratulations, I am thrilled the astrology worked for you – and you got the job. Give yourself time with the new company as things will be in flux until April 18th. There will be a lot of rescheduling, rethinking and – it’s a good time for rehearsing – but try to leave launch or big starts for the last fortnight or so of April. If you absolutely have to go ahead with something major, get everything in writing, read the fine print, have Plan B. Over this year 2019 you are in for an absolute dream with another country or region and its locals so make sure your language skills are up. Jupiter (great good fortune, big solutions) crosses your Neptune at 24 Sagittarius in your house of travel and travel in the mind.

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Astrology is very interesting. Reading the tarot Tuesday March felt like the author was resident in my home country. Also enjoyed the short story “How Much Land does a Man Need?”. Thanks for always sharing.
    Any how, how does Uranus’ move into Taurus affect my chart? Uranus in Aries did not like my chart much, or perhaps at all :-(.

    • Kyra is great. You have Ops at 3 Taurus so you are a problem-solver with mortgages, joint bank accounts, family money, trust funds, life insurance, legacies, and so on. Uranus goes to 3 Taurus and sits right on that in the long, long Uranus in Taurus cycle. You will have a taste of this in 2019. In the middle of a revolution involving the banks, you will be required to help out, give advice, take action and get involved. This may be with a partner or relative or through your job.

    • Kyra Oser is a brilliant psychic. Uranus in Taurus is passing through your Second House of charity, business, money, taxation, houses, apartments, business and shopping for the next seven years and you are at the cusp of the cycle now. You have already seen a major shift with one of the items on that list and there may be a second in motion. What you decide to do in May will have a long-term impact. It will also liberate you from something which has been at odds with your values – your value system – for a very long time. In fact you will take a new approach that sets you free. You can.

  11. Hi Jessica,
    Greetings, I’d very much appreciate a reading about my love life for the next six months … Thanks in advance.
    Subramanya M.S

    • Thank you. You are in the 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 cycle of closure with your past or present partner. Nothing is going to be that much different in six months, yet from December 2020, you will see a significant improvement, as a major solution or opportunity in the game of equal partnership comes your way. Beyond that I can’t comment as I do not know if you are single, or in a relationship. 2020 will be so much better and easier than 2018, 2019 and from 2023 you will no longer care about love so much, either because an issue has gone away or a difficult marriage or relationship has.

  12. Hi Jessica,
    Can I please have a tarot interpretation for my love life?
    Thank you, we really appreciate your time!

    • You will experiment wildly with one or more lovers until the year 2026 and break your own rules or ‘the’ rules that you associate with marriage and civil partnership. You will see the first signs of this in May 2019. Actual commitment will be a ‘freedom plus’ commitment and it will not restrict either you or your lovers. It may also be that you decide you don’t want to be tied down to anyone and live your life as a free, single person. However as you want to find someone, you are motivated and actually, the spotlight will be on a contender, from Easter of any year through June of any year. That’s when this possible lover will be framed for you to see – clearly – and make choices.

  13. Hi Jessica as always appreciate your guidance and reflection, i have two issues i am marinating on. Its been a long struggle with grief been zoned out, away in the clouds lost at sea as you have mentioned alot, i am becoming aware of time again, (still cloudy with time relevance) of life again and my participate in it. Being a hermit is a hinderance and a crisis situation ATM in rehabilitation, thus i need a job for that purpose as well as the $. After years of running my own company due to circumstances of care for my son, i find that not only has life so foreign the concept of being part of it is also foreign complicated frightening terrain, but needs must and i want to live now and have to take the leap! I have been making steps and have accomplished things in last 12 weeks that ive been meaning to do since before my son died nearly 2ys ago! Im getting stuff done and feeling more alive a bit of optimism. I know what i HAVE TO DO, but that grief, depression, brain tumour, pills for tumour all contribute to lack of motivation and taking action and of course MY responsibility taking ownership. Ive never been afraid of hard work the new or taking a leap in my life, but after Jake dying i am nothing but scared. Ive been doing all the groundwork, and now i have to apply myself and actually interview. Ive never asked anyone for anything or help in my entire life. I have reached out to 3 people and begged for a position (very high up people who have 00’s of staff under them) any job but they have said no) I just need a leg up a hand. Its silly but having someone say ‘right start Monday’ i wouldn’t have an issue with, its the look, interview, being in public around people that is the frightening part. Im working my way up. Being a hermit for 4 years and being aware no longer lost at sea its real hard to plunge. Im nearly there.
    Two questions. Do i continue to do the Hypnoyou on the side (hypnosis and psychic reading) as well as get a job, is that possible or is it time to close the door on that? and if it is, will i be able to earn enough, earn greatly like before? Will i get employment soon what it the most promising time? (aware of MR + shadow)
    The other is my home. uggh, i know its time to sell, my daughter hates this house for personal reasons, & she is at UNI 30 mins away, its time for a fresh start new home, new furniture, new energy, new life. Im struggling to do what i know is the right way forward, and the pull of Jakes room and leaving it permanently. i have been de-cluttering, clearing, organising, getting the house ready for sale, its that tie, and final step thats the issue, and fear of doing it wrong, making a mistake. What is the best time to sell for us?
    THANKS very much for the map of what is happening and what to take advantage of and what to avoid.

    • You are still getting over a massive loss and you can afford to be kind to yourself. Do not swim against the tide. Mercury Retrograde will be with you until 18th April. There are easier times to go ahead with applications for part-time and full-time paid work, either working from home online, or in the outside world. There is also time to study, upskill and add valuable talent or training. This is the luckiest year in 12 years to do that. If you use this time to look over your options, do your research and update yourself you will be better off. If you want to work online as a Tarot reader then have a look at Biddy Tarot. She is a brilliant businesswoman and trains professionals but also has guidance for established readers. Your experiences with your son make you a unique reader who will understand others in a similar situation. Have you trained as a counsellor with a volunteer phone organisation? That would add so much to your skill set and market value, but also to your value as a human being! The home is best sold when you know where the economy is at – the revolution has not yet begun. Seven minutes ago Trump was under investigation again in New York. Wait until you figure out where the banks and property market is at. Uranus in Taurus is just days into the cycle. I’m sure you want to act now, but continue Lifesweeping and making notes, sketches, thoughts in a journal. Research and find out. Treat this as first draft, second draft, third draft of where you want to be and then act after April 18th.

  14. Hi Jessica, Great article! Can I have a tarot read for my work and career? I’m looking for video production jobs in international media outlets these months, but haven’t seen very good opportunity yet. (Also a recent blow to me is my ex- boyfriend has moved on as I once was hoping we could get back together.) Any suggestions would be great. Thanks you for your time!

    • You have a really good career or study opportunity in front of you which you haven’t really taken seriously yet, because you have not been sure – or not felt it. As you will soon be in a place where you can find out more, ask some pointed questions and really get to know who/what is on offer, you will be able to take it further. If you decide it’s not for you, you will then realise that one door closes, only for another to open. By the first week of December 2019 you will have had a really terrific option and maybe more than one. Keep looking internationally, but also to foreign faces/spaces in your own town.

  15. Wow. So interesting to read this in light of the college admissions cheating scandal! Clearly can fit for next week too. Amazing work Kyra!

    Am feeling the “heightened sense of what others are thinking” now, after an unexpected career rejection. Am wondering if I’ve somehow messed up my reputation and I don’t realize it?! I don’t know how to explain the rejection. Wondering if you see any stability for me career-wise and financially in the near term. Feeling so lost. Thanks Jessica.

    • Kyra is an amazing psychic. I am sorry about your career rejection. This is behind you now. In fact, what happened in February was the last of about 10 years of career-related rejections. I am sure it pulled you up short! You’ll acquire a teacher, mentor, guide or perhaps an actual professor this year and the learning process about success in your chosen field will go on until 2027. You may also go back to school/college/university. You have not messed up your reputation at all so please don’t worry. There were other reasons for hearing ‘No’ that had nothing to do with you. Start dreaming about what you’d like to study. You’ll be shown by an unforgettable person or organisation.

  16. Dear Jessica, reposting this as my comments don’t see to go through.. What could you tell me about my love life in the coming months? You had said that love really depends on how I feel about children, well I met someone (dob:28/10/71; 23:00; 14e22, 40n37) who has his own. I’ve never had my own children and I would not mind being a stepmom (and/or having my own children) but I could do with your advice on this one. Thank you in advance!

    • I’ve been away from my desk for a few days, but I am with your question now. Your comments do go through but we have had a lot of questions (64 at the moment) for Tarot Tuesday this time. I did mention children to you before because that was at the heart of any new relationship. You have drawn a man into your life who has his own children. This will not be a predictable, steady or regular relationship between the two of you. Freedom and independence (space) will matter hugely to one of you and this means things won’t really be white picket fence. Yet, you won’t be bored. You will be kept guessing.

  17. Hi Jessica. Such a wonderful article again. Am your regular follower on articles. My spouse has sun scorpio 2, Jupiter Taurus 2, Uranus libra 15, north node libra 8. How does this year look for finances A lot of money is on credit. Waiting on the credit from the world to be paid. Is this money matter going to be solved this year. It’s been a decade now. Thanks for your help. Really appreciate. Thanks again.

    • Thank you. Your partner will experience Uranus opposite the Sun, then conjunct Jupiter, in 2019 and 2020. I don’t know if you can possibly reduce the borrowing you are doing but it would be a very good idea to start. Even just to start small. The less bubbles you have, the better.

  18. Always look forward to ur taror tuesdays. Love the predictions. Can you please read for me about my career in the coming six or three months. Will I ever be able to earn or work for myself?
    After two years of motherhood, looking forward to get into workforce, getting trained on new tech alongside. I am actively looking into the job market now. And applying for citizenship as well in couple of days. Any feedback on that side will also be helpful.
    Thanks so much for ur wonderful work and awesome predictions.
    Please keep helping us!!
    God bless u.

    • Thank you. Congratulations on your citizenship-to-come. You could easily earn and work independently with a sudden breakthrough in May 2019 actually, when you find the right course, teacher or training. Maybe even the right position. By ‘right’ I mean something which is exciting, new, different and gives you quite a separate path to explore, compared to where you were even a year ago. Being open to surprises is a good idea. The universe will definitely have those for you and life can turn on a dime, as they say. Your career can begin in just a few minutes, with one conversation. You would eventually be a sole trader if that was what you wanted.

  19. Hi Jessica thanks for your forecasts, I love reading them and they are always eerily en pointe! Ive always found March tricky at the best of times, and Im wondering if April will improve and how do I best navigate March with Mercury Retrograde in terms of career. Also I have a Taurus friend who Ive lately lost touch with so any thoughts on this would put me at ease. Thanks again for your carefully thought out forecasts.
    Best regards

    • The Taurus friend has lost touch with more than one person and it will all sort itself out in April – it may be a computer or telephone issue actually, or just a misunderstanding. You are in major transition with your career but it may not fall into place until the closing days of April. The transition comes from leaving behind a long, long period of experimentation with a lot of chopping and changing – of actual positions, people, places or projects. Now, you are moving into a new phase in your life when you must take everything you learned in the last few years and apply it. Where have you ended up? It is very important that you take a deep breath and go right ‘in’ so that you are satisfied you have done all the necessary soul-searching. This will take you right through Mercury Retrograde and Retroshadow so give yourself some time and space to draw your conclusions. I am sure you have felt the ‘bump’ even since February when Chiron changed signs and certainly in the last few days since Uranus did too. Things just do not feel the same, but you need to ground yourself in what you know to be true, now that one cycle is over and a new one is beginning. As the year goes on you will be learning so much, either in face-to-face situations, or just from authors, online teachers and so on. This will put you on a new pathway with your achievements and ambitions in life that may have truly surprised your old self. Yet, it will work for you. And educate others too.

  20. Hi Jessica

    Thanks for the monthly tarot posts. I like to check back in to reflect on the week.. this has been a stressful month with work. I’ve made some bold moves that could lead to big change -but the change could be the exact right thing. The challenging people dynamics have been building and I don’t think it was going to be a good career move to continue that way. Is there anything in my astrology or tarot that supports this? Thanks!

    • One step at a time with your work, but you will go onto bigger and better things, in stages, by December. In fact, what you are experiencing is a classic combination of Ceres and Jupiter in Sagittarius, in your solar Tenth House of career, and also training/study and unpaid work. A new deal is coming, with yourself, as much as with other people and big organisations. The deal you are making with yourself involves a lot of soul-searching. You have Neptune at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House (you can look up the Ninth House in a moment on Search) and as this spot is being triggered for the first time in 12 years, you would really be feeling it. The focus now and until December will be foreign people and places, global cultures, travel or relocation, study or teaching and perhaps publishing – certainly the worldwide web as a whole. This is where the really deep work will be done and where you can travel a very, very long way in a short space of time. So above and beyond the actual people you are dealing with, the bigger theme is that you need to face yourself, question yourself and do a great deal of updating so you can move yourself on from where you were even just a few months ago. The world is opening up in a new way for you in 2019 and this is an incredible chance for you. It hasn’t even really started yet, although you would have taken a big step just in the last few days. Keep going. You’ll see one sign post after another, particularly after May.

  21. Hi Jessica. I’m looking forward to seeing you in Adelaide later this month.

    I would very much like a reading about my love life over the next year.

    Thank you

    • I look forward to seeing you in Adelaide too. Your choices in 2019 are really about partners who have children, want them, or who have nieces, nephews and/or godchildren who could become part of your life. This lasts until the first week of December and the situation was previewed in November-February (particularly February). It’s really about addressing that whole issue of parenthood, or ‘substitute parenthood’ as sometimes you can be as effective as an Aunt by marriage, as you can being a mother. The specific dating options (or deeper relationship options) you have will be all about that. You may need to go back to your own past history with pregnancy, fertility, dates with children from previous marriages and so on – to really get into the full story about how you feel, who you want, why you want it – and the rest.

  22. Hi Jessica ,

    I would like to get a reading about my job prospects and move abroad ..

    Thanks in advance

    • Your M.C. is 15 Sagittarius and if your birth time is accurate to the minute, you will have an opportunity not possible in 12 years to relocate or emigrate when Jupiter crosses 15 Sagittarius in August, September 2019.

  23. Hello there Jessica,
    I would truly appreciate a reading regarding my love life for the next 3 or 4 months if you’d be as so kind! Thanks for all that you do!

    • You are dealing with Uranus (change) in Taurus and also the North Node (karma) in Cancer. Kendra, it’s really about how you feel about being a parent. You don’t say if you have children or not, or want them or not. Late April through late May will focus you on the reality that nothing is the same where the world of pregnancy, babies, children or young adult children is concerned. This may be because you have fallen in love with someone who has children from a failed marriage, for example. The karmic part of this is really down to familiar themes and stories from the year 2000. Closure is required there.

Comments are closed.

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