How To Use Jupiter for Life Gardening Luck

Jupiter is the planet of growth, protection and happy endings. Here is how to use astrology timing with your personal horoscope in 2019 to go higher and get more from life.

Jupiter, the planet which shows growth and good fortune in your life, goes backwards and forwards in 2019. Here’s how to use your personal birth chart to see how Jupiter is tracking, month by month – and how to manage the cycle for amazing results.

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Jessica Adams: Psychic Astrologer and Bestselling Author | Free Astrology

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79 thoughts on “How To Use Jupiter for Life Gardening Luck

  1. Dear Jessica
    Thankyou for another great article!!
    I have Jupiter 0 degrees Sagittarius and 0 degrees Leo
    I also have Apollo 18 degrees Sagittarius
    How does this apply to me?
    P.S There was a huge thunderstorm last week 14/3..lightning struck with a section of roof directly over my head, shattering tiles and also outdoor umbrella directly in front of me, shredding it
    I would appreciate your thoughts

    • Thank you Candy. The thunderstorm which broke the tiles and umbrella was what the Romans would call an omen. Jupiter at 0 Sagittarius and Vesta at 0 Leo in your chart make a perfect trine. You are an opportunist, in the nicest possible way, within the world of education and academia, but also lifelong learning and guidance, even if it is not labelled as such. It’s rather like George Harrison committing himself to India and travel in the mind, even though he left school very early to go on tour with The Beatles. Whenever you go on the search/the quest, you bring along Vesta, so you periodically find yourself with other women competing for male attention and approval in your life. It may be a husband’s daughters with you, for example, or a boyfriend whose former girlfriend will not leave him alone. Sometimes Vesta turns up as one little baby boy in a large family of sisters. You can look up Vesta on Search if you are curious. The thunderstorm and lightning is of great interest to me as Uranus entered Taurus at 0 degrees and he is the father of lightning. Chiron also entered Aries at 0 degrees, so this whole pattern in your chart has been triggered. This holds for all of March.

    • Dear Jessica,

      I’m really really new to Astrology having just been reading up for a few days and just got my done chart yesterday. Been engrossed in reading your articles here since earlt yesterday.
      I have Jupiter 7 degree Aquarius, Pluto 6 degree Libra, Moon 18 degree Scorpio ( I hope I am reading corectly lol). Can I please get you help to shed some light how I can benefit from Jupiter’s benevolence and generosity, the upcoming supermoon to get a real break through in a series of bad luck that’s been bogging me down till now.

      Thank you so much!!!

      • Sagittarius-Capricorn-Cancer patterns near 0, 1, 2 degrees suggest you will be tempted to move in 2019 as Sagittarius rules distant locations and Cancer rules property and home – Capricorn rules career. Uranus and Chiron will both trigger that pattern in your chart. Sometimes it’s not so much about moving, as dealing with family or household changes (Cancer also rules that) but the focus on Sagittarius suggests some kind of journey, no matter if it’s an intellectual journey involving far-ranging subjects like belief systems or philosophy – or just on the worldwide web. This feels like a crossroads with career and life path, but also home life -or family – in 2019. The answer will so often be tied to other faces from other places in other intellectual or spiritual spaces! Jie, it will set you free. The end of the year could easily bring a new job, promotion, or a commitment to study. I am sorry you have been bogged down with bad luck but 2019 is a radical change year for you.

  2. Hi Jessica, I did not realize until reading this, that there are a lot of similarities to 2007 which was right before the financial collapse in America which is clearly about to happen again. I saw the signs of it in 2007 in relation to decreaced job security and am seeing it play out again in my life now- as well as a few other things that 2007 and 2019 have in common. Fascinating! I’m still so new to reading charts. I cannot decipher what Jupiter means in my chart and if I have any lucky degrees or what it means for my 2019. Do you see anything that would infer a fortunate turnaround? Thank you!

    • Yes, you are right about the year 2007 and the lead-up to the Global Financial Crisis. We have been heading towards the second one, for quite some time, as the system has to change with Uranus in Taurus too. You have a Sagittarius stellium so will be given more than one fantastic opportunity to travel and broaden your mind in 2019. These vacations would be so much more than just another holiday. Right place, right time, right people to give you a departure you will never forget, that may actually contribute to important projects and plans beyond the actual time away. You have Jupiter in Aquarius the sign of diversity, equality and community. Your entire life will change regarding this from the year 2021, and it’s the kind of shift that we associate with people who sign up for rock bands that transform their career, or political parties where they ‘become’ the party and so on. You will of course find your own tribe if you have not already found them.

  3. Another fascinating blog, and I particularly enjoy reading about specific people and events in your insights, it makes it so relatable and more easy to understand. Winston Churchill has always been a personal favourite of mine too!
    I have a lot of Jupiter/Sag in my chart and whilst I’m excited about 2019 and my ninth house story, I have so many ideas buzzing about that I don’t know where to start.. A possible new Amazon side business that I’d love to launch, a possible move back to my home country or even considering dual living between two, and all at the same time wondering where a first child might fit into it all. In the near future, or in another few years. I’ve read a lot of your Jupiter content, and want to make the most of all of the opportunities which will hopefully be arising for me, I don’t want to let any pass me by if it means waiting another 12 years!
    Does my chart indicate any sense of this I wonder?

    • Thank you. I always find it amazing that Churchill lived his chart like that, having no knowledge of it at all (unless he was hiding a secret astrologer somewhere in Pall Mall). This is a fantastic year of opportunity for you and it could change your life. The time has come to go to the next level as a student, teacher, traveller, publisher or worldwide web publisher. You are talking about Amazon and relocation and both of those fit. Your Jupiter Return at 18 Sagittarius takes place in June and late September/early October when changes in the wider world involving the online publishing industry, education and academia, and particularly travel and emigration, create a perfect storm of possibility for you that you have not seen in many years. Dream big dreams this year. Use your quarterly journal to write down what you want and check your progress.

  4. Hi Jessica and thanks for another thought provoking article. I have Jupiter retrograde in Capricorn, opposite my Cancer sun – does this weaken Jupiter’s beneficial effect? I’ve always wondered whether you agree with the effect of retrograde planets being weaker, especially as my Jupiter is in detriment in Capricorn. Thanks again.

    • Thank you. The more important pattern (in modern astrology we can use orbs of 0-1 degree’s difference) is Jupiter at 27 Capricorn, Mars at 26 Gemini, Juno at 26 Cancer and Bacchus at 25 Libra. Don’t worry about the retrograde too much. This is the chart of someone who is blessed in career matters and/or social status, with the potential to get to the top – this is connected with a white-hot presence online, but with all communication actually, and also a strong commitment to people and place. The ability to enjoy partnerships for the sake of them is also tied into this. Any time you have transits at 26, 27 degrees of any zodiac sign the pattern goes off. You’d make a great real estate agent actually or a property investor – or National Trust patron. When Jupiter goes to 25, 26 Sagittarius in November 2019 you will find that trends in travel, or emigration in the wider world (Jupiter in Sagittarius) benefit you, specifically with home and family, home town and homeland, but also in your personal and family life too. You can look up any of the horoscope factors I have mentioned on Search to find out more, or in your ebooks.

  5. Interesting read, many thanks.
    My Cancer 25 Jupiter is obviously triggered of late, and also my Sagittarius asteroids. I’m managing my gradual changes regarding work and house/finance situation, so slow, but manageable.
    My love life!!!! You said I had a Shakespearean chart once!
    I’m just about keeping my head above water, feel battered at times. So I guess it’s Neptune plus Mercury retrograde.
    Also Saturn squaring my moon?
    Is Jupiter going to have some positive effect for me?

    • You have a conjunction of Bacchus-Fortuna at 22, 23 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign people and places, foreign languages, emigration, education and academia, publishing and the worldwide web. Also very much about your beliefs, be it astrology, Buddhism, Catholicism or anything else. Bacchus is about how you give and receive pleasure in quite a hedonistic way. Fortuna is about how you take people up and down, high and low, without realising what you are doing. You’d make a very good pilot actually, along with the Shakespeare analogies! Fortuna is commonly mentioned in many Shakespeare plays. You will have a fantastic opportunity to take the holiday of a lifetime, fly high in part-time or full-time education, emigrate or move – or just take an amazing intellectual or spiritual journey – when Jupiter goes to 22, 23 Sagittarius right now, March 2019, and again in May and October, November. It may be Europeans, Americans or further afield but when you hear the doorbell ring go and answer it then.

  6. Hi Jessica. Thanks so much for this article. Sounds like it will impact me several ways. I have a Sag stellium including my Asc at 17 and Moon at 18 degrees. My jupiter in gem at 28 lines up with my ceres in pisces 28 and cupido virgo 29. Any advice/insight would be much appreciated.

    • Thank you. Your birth time is bang on the round half-hour and that is very unusual; it may have been rounded up or down, so I won’t look so much at the Ascendant (or any other angle, which depends on a minute-specific clock time) just to be on the safe side. There is an important pattern with your Moon at 18 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of travel and travel in the mind – Neptune at 17 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money/love and property . -and also Fortuna at 18 Libra in the Seventh House of partnership and marriage. This is a lifelong pattern for you, so you find yourself in relationships (or in different phases of the same relationship) with people who push your buttons sexually and financially, and put travel, cultural differences, education and ‘travel in the mind’ centre-stage. When transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius goes to 17, 18 degrees in June and October this year you will have the biggest and best opportunity in 12 years to hit the heights with your former, current or potential partner.

      • Thanks Jessica. My birth time is on my birth certificate so I would assume ot to be fairly accurate. Would this have any bearing on your advice given the time is confirmed?

        • Okay, so 1.30 does give you an Ascendant at 17 Sagittarius, and if it’s on the certificate, that’s fine. Jupiter will expand, improve, enhance and inflate your image, title, name, role and appearance out there in the world, as he goes to 17 at the end of June 2019 and again in September. Diana, Princess of Wales had this Ascendant. She used it to further her role as the champion of The Halo Trust overseas, working with children from other countries, and of course through her famous secret autobiography written with Andrew Morton. Sagittarius rules publishing as well as foreign people, places, faces and spaces. She was no university student, nor teacher, but she became a highly successful public speaker, thus ‘lecturing’ from the podium about what she knew best – international charity work. She’s a good example of this ascendant sign!

  7. This is so lovely to read! In 2007 I got married and decided to move overseas (move happened just after the new year). And I feel very lucky to have several factors at the same or close degree as my 22 Jupiter in Aries. Any idea what this may mean? I have my IC (cap) and MC at 21 (cancer), Saturn at 22 (cancer) and Fortuna at 22 (Gemini)

    • Thank you. In 2007 Jupiter at 9 Sagittarius was conjunct your Neptune at 9 Sagittarius and he also formed a quincunx to your Juno at 9 Cancer. Neptune in Sagittarius in your Ninth House is your need to take a holiday from reality by travelling, relocating or emigrating – also studying, teaching, publishing and using the web, actually. Juno is about commitment (literally marriage or what/who you ‘wed’ yourself to) and in Cancer in the Fourth House she is about home, family, roots, heritage, culture, houses, apartments, home town and homeland. This is the chart of a natural explorer and adventurer and a born migrant. Transiting Jupiter in Sagittarius in 2019 has gone past 9 degrees but Ceres will pass at 9 Sagittarius in May and again in September. That’s a new deal in your life, or a new compromise. Have a look at the Ninth House when you finish reading this, on Search, as this is where you ‘live’ in 2019 and it is where you will agree to share things in a brand new way.

  8. Dear Jessica,
    Part of what makes these articles so great is how well written they are which really helps to understand the nuts and bolts behind the astrology.
    I have Mars at 1 Sagittarius and DESC at 28 Sagittarius and Jupiter at 3 and Uranus at 2 Libra. I am hoping for a positive outcome in a surprising reconnection with a Libra /former partner/now friend who I’ve known since we were kids.
    We’re in touch again after many years and each have a child with our current partners. Although friends and at a distance, feelings still remain.
    Actually, my child was born in 2007 and I hope to have luck getting them into a certain school this year.
    Will you perhaps write about the Libra full moon this week at 0 degrees? Very interested as I have the South Node at 0 degrees Libra.
    Thanks so much for this great site!

    • Thank you very much, I will pass that compliment onto James, Justin, Alyas, Kerry and Sarah. Your child was born in 2007? This is a fantastic year for the parent-child relationship to expand and improve and yes, your luck would be in, finding the best possible school. Your child is having a Jupiter Return actually and like an acorn growing into an oak, this is someone who could leap ahead in the education and academic system every 12 years, being a lifelong student actually! You are in the change zone with the line-up at 1, 2 and 3 degrees in both 2019 and 2020 as you are experiencing transiting Uranus going to 1, 2, 3 Taurus for the first time in your life, and also transiting Chiron at 1, 2 and 3 Aries. I suspect it’s actually Chiron at work here. You can look Chiron up on Search when you finish reading this. He is right opposite your Jupiter and Uranus in the Seventh House of marriage (and separation) and that’s what is going on here. You would expect the Full Moon at 0 Libra on 21st March to bring questions about ‘me and he’ and ‘me and she’ and ‘me and you’ as it’s splitting your chart between the First House, where the Sun is at 0 Aries, and the Seventh House, where you obviously have that Jupiter-Uranus conjunction. All choices this year are yours but it’s Chiron you are experiencing!

  9. Dear Jessica,

    I am not sure how perfectly accurate my time of birth is, but my chart has been rectified carefully. Accordingly, my natal Jupiter is 0 deg Cancer (as you can prob see in my chart). Does that mean – not a particularly lucky year for me?

    • There are a couple of things going on here. You have the Moon at 19 Sagittarius in your Ninth House, so you ‘need to be needed’ through other cultures, nationalities and belief systems – but also through the worldwide web itself, publishing, education or academia. You’re essentially a mother/mentor figure but also a mother/explorer type. Jupiter going across 19 Sagittarius gives you the biggest and best opportunity in 12 years to take that path to the maximum in June 2019 and again in October. You can look up the Moon and Ninth House on Search when you finish reading this to find out more about how to use this part of your chart. With your Jupiter at 0 Cancer your blessings are with property, family, home and country for your entire life and this is where you will give your time and energy quite easily as you have so much to give. The stand-out feature here is transiting North Node at 0 Cancer in April and May 2020, when karma from around 19 years before, but also reaching back into past lives, comes around again, likely regarding a relative or someone at home. You stand to gain again then. Take a look at your house or apartment in those months if you wish to move, renovate, redecorate, invest and so on. The Node only goes over your Jupiter every 19 years and the cycle was known at Stonehenge.

  10. Dear Jessica,

    I have the following Jupiter and Sagittarius placements. Looking back at 2007 it was a difficult year with work and at home. Then in Jan 2008 I’ve decided I needed a change and moved Jobs and also to a new flat. How will Jupiter in Sagittarius this year effect me. Currently again going through a stagnated and unhappy period with my current job and looking/trying for a change without any success. Can you see any positive changes this year?

    Jupiter 19° Aries 23′ 48″ R
    Ops 15° Sagittarius 36′ 17″
    Bacchus 16° Sagittarius 55′ 47″ R

    Thank you and looking forward to seen you in London this Summer.


    • The Ops-Bacchus conjunction at 15 and 16 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of travel (and travel in the mind) is directly related to Jupiter in Sagittarius, as he was Ops’s son and Bacchus’s father in Rome. So the family is coming together and it is about other regions or countries, perhaps just other cultures and nationalities, if you stay close to home this year. You will benefit from Jupiter passing over at 15 and 16 in July 2019, then again in September. This may or may not be related to your job, but you will be offered the opportunity to explore and expand, either by studying, relocating or travelling, or drawing people from different cultural, national, ethnic and/or religious backgrounds into your world. This can only happen every 12 years and it’s your chance to ‘be the change’ as they say (which is Ops) and also to enjoy life, but to spread the enjoyment (that is Bacchus). You also have Ceres going over 15 and 16 Sagittarius in October so it looks like September, October is the turning point. A major compromise or ‘deal’ would be done then. Your chart is not a million miles away from the United Kingdom horoscope actually.

  11. Hi Jessica –

    Thank you for an encouraging and inspiring post. If I think back to 2006-2007 this was a time when I began to innovate in my work around social media and online communities. I was doing very very well at work back then and those were some of my most productive earning years. I also did a LOT of travel both for work and personally during that time. It was fantastic.

    Now I am in a different set up with my own business, which I have been doing since 2015, but it has been erratic and uncertain in terms of establishing and maintaining a steady income stream, and now, it feels very stalled. Not much has happened in the last six months or so. I am considering closing, to be honest, although it is not what I prefer. I think I am made for the independence of my own business and I have a very entrepreneurial mindset. I always remain hopeful and would love for things to turn around for me – can you tell me what you see for me business-wise and financially?

    I have Jupiter in Aries 13 degrees. And I have my Ascendant in Sagittarius at 11 degrees and Ceres in Sagittarius at 15 degrees.

    Thank you :)

    • Thank you. The most important chart pattern regarding this is your Jupiter at 13 Aries and Pluto at 13 Virgo. This is exact and it is what is known as a quincunx. Any time slow-moving outer planets go to 13 degrees this pattern is triggered. It is about self-promotion, being upfront (or being the front person), using your appearance, brand or image and – beyond Jupiter in Aries in the First House – also about taking control (Pluto) and using your power effectively (Pluto) at work (Virgo, Sixth House). Beyond that this combination talks about the mind, body and spirit. The Sixth House and Virgo are associated with food, drink, fitness, healers, doctors, drugs and the use of the body to influence the consciousness and soul – like yoga. As the First House is about appearance this is an obvious path to take and it would work very well for you. The reason you are stalling is Saturn slowing you down. He is going backwards and forwards across 13 Capricorn, but September 2019 is his last pass. On quite another subject, transiting Jupiter will in fact conjunct your Ceres at 15 degrees Sagittarius in July 2019 and stay close by, at 14 Sagittarius, in August, September and you also have your Ceres Return this year – very close by at 14 Sagittarius in April and exact in September. The month of September 2019 is really important and you could easily achieve a lot online then. The choice to stay or go with your business is your own, but do focus on how you can use your Aries-Virgo.

      • Thank you Jessica your insights are very helpful!

        And in reading about the mind/body/spirit connection that you lay out with the transits, I can’t believe I forgot to mention, I finished a yoga teacher training certification program in…. 2006. And much of my personal travel 2006-2007 was yoga-related. I did teach 2006-2007 but abandoned it for various reasons. Perhaps these transits are encouraging me to take up my yoga teaching again?

  12. Hi Jessica – ‘Taking a Ride With Jupiter in 2019 – Your Travel Plans’ – do these planetary positions work even if you don’t have anything in Sagittarius? (which I don’t)
    I have Jupiter at 15° Aries plus lots of others nearby – Fortuna 15° Aries, Apollo 15° Cancer, Chiron 14° Pisces, Ceres 14° Virgo; how am I likely to be affected?
    I’m having a difficult year commuting back and forward to my Father’s town through lots of traffic (where I also work part-time) supporting him as he is quite poorly and a difficult time at work where I use the internet and computer to fundraise and we are going through an IT system change which I am really struggling to master. It all feels such a struggle. I know it’s Mercury Retrograde so I was expecting this to happen but what hope can Jupiter give me this year? I haven’t been away for a holiday for six years due to family support commitments which are ongoing.
    many thanks

    • The 14/15 degree line-up is really about home and family (Apollo in Cancer in your Fourth House) and also workload and lifestyle (Ceres in Virgo in your Sixth House) and it’s being expressed through your image (Jupiter and Fortuna in Aries in your First House). I am sorry you are struggling with the commute and also the computer system change. One of the reasons for this is transiting or travelling Saturn going backwards and forwards over 14 and 15 Capricorn, which classically slows things down and parks obstacles in your path. In fact, you are experiencing what is known as a T-Square in astrology. Saturn forms a ‘T’ shape in your horoscope as he squares Jupiter and Fortuna and opposes Apollo. This cycle does not go on forever and the solution is actually to add new and different people to the mix. You can read more about this by looking up Sacred Geometry on Search. You need to create new patterns in your chart turning the T-Square into something more useful and easy to live with. Drawing closer to particular friends or making new friends/finding new people can help with that. In time the pattern falls away. To find out more about this phase of your life look at Ceres in Virgo in the Sixth House and Apollo in Cancer in the Fourth House, which you are living out in quite a powerful way.

  13. Hi Jessica
    I think I have totally missed the Jupiter boat, being at 8 in Leo it would have been December last year it was active for me. Life has really got in the way of making the most of it. I also have Ceres at 7 in Leo, but no other factors close to this degree at all in my chart. Does Jupiter have less impact if you dont have other factors corresponding in you chart? Thank you.


    • You actually have Jupiter at 8 Leo, Ceres at 7 Leo and Hygiea at 7 Capricorn, Lisa, so that’s an important pattern. That’s about your role in life as Queen to a younger court of ‘heirs’ to your throne, leading, guiding and mentoring the next generation, or the one after that. You can do this in paid work, unpaid work or more obviously as a mother, godmother, aunt, stepmother and so on. The Leo part of the pattern hooks into the Capricorn part of the pattern which actually is about your career, or your role in life in general, in society. So this is really a picture of quite a lot of authority, especially with the young. The pattern is there all your life and will unlock again when Jupiter goes to 7 Capricorn in January 2020 which is classically a time when post-Christmas family decisions or major employment/business reshuffles take place. As a general rule any time you see transits around 7 degrees, your Jupiter-Ceres-Hygiea pattern will be activated.

      • Thank you Jessica
        That makes sense, I am giving up my accounts job to help my daughters with childcare so they can go back to work. I am also writing children’s/young adults books. I will try to do a little paid work from home as well. This is very much a big part of my life, helping with the grandchildren.

  14. Thankyou Jessica I just cannot resist validating your feedback..fascinating and spot on
    Every single relationship I have ever had has been ultimately been destroyed by the interference of other woman and resulted in subsequent heartbreak for me.
    Last year I communicated with a man from interstate, when we organised to meet in January this year his ex came back on the scene which caused turmoil (at the final Leo eclipse)…We never got to meet
    I don’t know if I will ever be free of these it ever possible at anytime in the future to find great love that belongs to me??
    I don’t want to be greedy submitting further feedback here but your response To my original query verified everything
    Thankyou so much

    • Than you for validating Candy it is much appreciated. Consciousness and awareness gets you out of the pattern. I had a client once who had suffered from Vesta problems her whole life. Typically she drew in men who found their power by making her compete for their attention and approval against other women. I showed her the art – paintings of Vesta and the Vestales (the famous Roman virgins) and she read about the symbol and the story. It may help you to do the same. Breakthrough. You will have no more Vesta problems because you simply won’t buy into it. The worst thing you can ever do is excuse the man and focus on the woman – trying to compete with her, fight with her or win over here. Always focus on the man and join forces with the woman if you possibly can. Look up Vesta on Search or in your ebooks as I’ve had a fair bit of correspondence about her over the years!

  15. Hi Jessica,

    What will it mean having Jupiter touch my north node later in the year? Does it oppose or support my Saturn and Apollo aspects in Gemini?
    Any guidance would be appreciated.
    Thanks again,

    • You have a terrific line-up around your North Node degree and Jupiter will conjunct that and trigger a pattern you have not seen for 12 years and will not see for another 12. You have past life connections with another culture, nationality or belief system and that will return to you by December when Jupiter has finished his time in Sagittarius. The line-up involves career (Venus at 27 Capricorn) and the worldwide web and your languages Ana (Saturn 28 Gemini) and Uranus at 27 Libra is about partnerships and any conflicts. Apollo at 28 Gemini is again about the web and languages. The North Node at 27 Sagittarius and South Node at 27 Gemini do suggest you have had one or more lifetimes dealing with issues about being published, using one or more foreign languages, translating, and particularly beliefs, including religion and even astrology. This comes up again at the end of the year but you gain from stupendous breakthroughs and progress, going to the next level as an explorer and adventurer – of ideas, places, distant spaces and foreign faces. Do not be surprised if you feel deja vu as the people or situation will be familiar from a prior incarnation – this is what the Nodes are about. It is possible a sibling has a past life connection with you as Gemini rules brothers (and sometimes sisters).

  16. Sorry, ‘tis me again.. Regarding the thunderstorm on 14/3 I just asked a friend about the type of tree we were sitting under earlier that day , pods were dropping consistently, one hit me on was an ACORN tree!

  17. Hi Jessica
    I have nothing in Sagittarius. I have Jupiter in Libra in my natal chart. I was just wondering how Jupiter will effect me? Thanks for the insight.

    • You have enough at 25, 26 and 27 degrees, including natal Jupiter at 26 Libra in your Seventh House of partnerships and also battles, to gain when Jupiter transits at 25, 26, 27 Sagittarius forming a sextile. In fact, the particular one-on-one relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner at those times will once again offer you an epic solution, breakthrough or opportunity. This affects many other areas of your life at the same time. Jupiter crosses this part of your chart in November 2019 and Mars also goes across Libra 26 so it’s really clear this is a major decision time regarding this person. If this is a battle not a duet, then you may want to look at the story of Winston Churchill again! He also had Jupiter in Libra like you.

  18. Thank you Jessica for this article on my favourite planet. I have had a blessed later half of 2018 as I was able to renegotiate financial commitments, got many opportunities to speak in public and have retained a casual teaching position. I had once sought your advice on my business and you had said to look at networks within my community. Thank you, that was an incredible insight and has opened up many new paths. Since I don’t have any later degrees of Jupiter in Saggi, does this mean he does not influence my chart in 2019 and beyond? How do I read this? Appreciate your insights as always, and thank you again, Jx

    • I’m happy the astrology worked for you and that you have what you want from teaching, public speaking and finance. You do have Jupiter at 5 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of education, travel, beliefs, publishing and the worldwide web. That’s born lucky in regard to all those things. When Ceres goes over Jupiter at 5 Sagittarius from June 4th through 8th you will find a deal, negotiation or share compromise arrangement regarding that. The same discussion, or a similar one, would come back at the end of August when Ceres returns to 5 Sagittarius. You can find out more about Ceres on Search or in your ebooks: she is a symbol of a whole new world, actually, and one born from a change in the balance of power.

  19. Hi Jessica,
    I have Jupiter in Libra (3 degrees) and I have 3 factors in Sagittarius (IC, Fortuna, and Neptune). Since the degrees that get affected most are 14-29, will the the affect of this phase be less on me? Do we expect repeat of crises that happened in 2007? My 2007 was extremely difficult on personal level and reading this now as I am joining a new job is making me really nervous.
    Thank you for all your help.

    • Thank you. If your personal life was an issue in 2007 it would not have been the transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius, which rules travel and travel in the mind – not relationships. If your obstacle then was pregnancy, children, love, sex, marriage or relationships that would make sense. You were born with Vesta at 25 Leo in the Fifth House and that year, Saturn was at 25 Leo. I am sure you know Saturn is associated with difficult learning experiences. You were born with Fortuna at 10 Sagittarius in the Ninth House of journeys, the worldwide web, publishing, education and academia, foreign people and places, and relocation. You also have Neptune there at 24 Sagittarius. That is the focus for you in 2019 with Jupiter the planet of solutions, breakthroughs, opportunities and genuine good fortune crossing both of those placements more than once. I suspect your new job will draw in faces, places and spaces from other cultures and countries. You’ll gain hugely from that.

      • You are right, it was marriage and my son’s health issues. Looking back, I don’t know how we managed to pass through that phase. I am relieved to hear that this phase would not be difficult. Thank you so much for your help.

  20. Hi Jessica, looking back at 2006/2007 period, it was a very difficult period in my working life/career where I was deeply hurt while doing the right thing for the organization. Looking back, the painful period that helped me look within, persevere and grow but I got very ill from managing the challenges. Could you please look at my chart and let me know how Jupiter will play in my scope and I have a number of Sag factors in my chart too. I may be embarking on a new job prospects this year as I reenter the working world after a year break from retirement. Thank you as always!

    • None of the 2007 period was about Jupiter in Sagittarius: it does not rule work. You had other aspects and transits in your chart that year. You are thinking about your job again in 2019 though so let’s take a look. You are strongly Virgo and need to work. So this is not about Jupiter, yet, but about your Virgo stellium in the Sixth House of duty, service, diligence, devotion, routine, lifestyle and dedication to clients, employers, staff or colleagues. You will be back at work and how. When Jupiter goes into Capricorn from December 2019 and is there through 2020 he will trine your Virgo stellium and you will find yourself flowing through an organisation or small business which needs your input. Getting ill from the challenges of 2006-2007 was a classic Virgo outcome: have a look at Virgo on Search as you have a major pattern in that sign in your Sixth House. Also look up the Sixth House. Can I suggest that along with the amazing work options opening up by next year you also pursue a new way of treating (literally ‘treating’ or being generous with) your physical body? I think it will find you actually.

  21. Thanks for this post, Jessica. In 2007 during the period you specified, I started therapy which has been a long process of ‘baby steps’ with up to two sessions of therapy a week. Now, finally, in 2019 I starting to reap the benefits with alleviated depression, enhanced communication and better relationships with friends and family. So this is some feedback for you on planting acorns and what you can reap.
    Like other readers above , I have noticed many symbols of broken trees with wild storms here in Sydney during January and February…One was a young oak that was in half of the trunk…make of it what you will, but I like the synchronicity.

    • That’s so great your depression has lifted with therapy. I am thrilled to hear this feedback about the astrology thank you! Broken trees, oaks and storms are astonishing omens for you. Uranus is about the lightning and his grandson Jupiter is about the thunder. The oaks are certainly Jupiter. You’d have to expect your chart to show stuff at 29, 0 degrees where Uranus just passed – and you have a huge pattern around 0, 1 degree actually. Uranus is visiting your chart in 2019 – that horoscope symbol of the radical change and revolution which sets you and everybody else free.

  22. Hi Jessica

    Interesting article, thank you. I have my Ascendant at 26deg Sagittarius & my Neptune is at 22deg Sagittarius with quite a number of other factors around these degrees. I keep having acorns drop at me, I did think to myself, is that a sign of bigger things to come as I remembered your acorn saying. Life’s been feeling stuck & on repeat lately, family & relationship (long distance). I had put it down to Mercury. Just wondering how will this Jupiter cycle affect me?

    Thank you, H

    • You have not really started your Jupiter in Sagittarius cycle yet. You have had a couple of sniffs of possibility with travel, foreign and regional differences, education and the worldwide web and the world of books. Nothing has stuck and you also feel stuck! Take a deep breath and focus on what you want from travel and also travel in the mind as you will be stunned at the thunderbolts which come your way in 2019. I can’t help noticing your location. What is happening in your beautiful country is so powerful. You will be part of it, and it will be part of you. They call it global progress for humanity but expressed through one city, one nation. You’re on the wave.

  23. Hi Jessica

    I have 4 factors in Sagittarius, all at 14 – 29. Will I recognise my boom periods – will they be work or personal life?

    I run my own business and am worried what a new global financial crisis will do. I follow all of your advice on here, and am debt and mortgage free.

    Jupiter will be in Capricorn next year – another area where I have a stellium – so feel like 2019 + 2020 should be beneficial years for me.

    What can I do or where should be looking to make the most this? Or how will I be affected?

    Many thanks as always xxx

    • Thank you. This is a massive year for you with your Sagittarius stellium and Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) and Ceres (empowerment, new world) coming up through the sign in your Ninth House. You could easily emigrate, relocate or travel extensively. At the very least you would be travelling in the mind as people from other cultures and countries draw closer. There is a commitment there. You will ‘wed’ yourself to a person, organisation, place or project which is foreign to you in every way. You are also heading for a massive career reshape with intense Capricorn weather starting in December 2019, and peaking in January 2020, continuing through that year. You will realise what your personal Everest is, and how you are going to climb it. It may be that you want a different mountain altogether – different idea about success. The choice is yours but boy you will feel it from January 2020 onwards as Jupiter goes right through your Tenth House. You can look up the Tenth House when you finish reading this. There will be an epic solution to an issue, or a big ladder and a hoist, to take you higher.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I have Jupiter at 8 Capricorn and the moon at 14 Sagittarius. What impact will Jupiter have on me?

    • Alice, you have your Jupiter Return approaching by 2020. This is a career reshape to your total benefit. You’ll see change in the air in your business, profession, field or special subject area from Christmas 2020. This may also be about an unpaid role, like being a mother and charity patron. You are definitely a ‘Wonderland’ Alice and need to explore but also show others the way around. This comes through travelling or even emigrating/moving periodically but also through your interest in other cultures, beliefs, places, spaces and faces. You will go down the rabbit hole in 2019 and get so much out of it. Not so much fantasy but the ‘fantasy’ of exploring a distant region and its locals, history and culture.

  25. Hi Jessica,

    I have Jupiter 19° Aries 40′ 06″ – what do i have in store?

    Thanks for a great blog with such “pearls of wisdom”!


    • Panacea at 18 Aries and Jupiter at 19 Aries in your First House of self-promotion, presentation, packaging and profile will work for you throughout your life. Panacea was actually Jupiter’s relative in Latin mythology and she is a symbol of remedies, cures, solutions and answers. Jupiter as you know is about how you are born lucky. It’s all about you, a lot of the time, but it works. This is a common pattern in the charts of people who become the face or name of their own business. We also see it with people in the army, navy or air-force who are the first to go to the front lines and become the symbolic representation of the fight. Whenever you have transiting (travelling) Jupiter at 18, 19 degrees of any zodiac sign you will experience special chances to be reborn, relaunching your name, title, personal appearance, brand or identity yet again and it will work very well for you. You have transiting Jupiter at 18, 19 Sagittarius trine that Jupiter-Panacea conjunction in June and October this year. Get out there.

  26. Hi Jessica !
    My Jupiter is 24 cancer , so new to this but learning! How can I take advantage of my Lucky Jupiter this year?
    Thinking back to 2007 for days now, I just realized I had taken a sudden an unexpected (amazing and felt like I had been there before) trip to the South Pacific.
    The sudden death of my dad after so many other family members, it had shook me up so much that I just took off for the farthest place I could go.
    there was a move to the family home, that definitely was the acorn that the mighty oak grew into .
    That home we moved to and renovated has just been sold to my son. Yes that little acorn grew into a tree that is now his.
    Strangely I now live in the middle of many Oak trees with acorns abound.
    There is some travel planned for this year but all is up in the air still. Also I had been thinking of trying to publish some children’s stories id written years ago… should I ?
    Thank you for your helpful information
    Life is tough enough thank you for the guidance!

    • In 2007 your trip to the South Pacific was your Jupiter cycle. You also moved your home and now you have sold to your son – perfect timing – you were using the cycle without even knowing it! You should pursue both travel and publishing in 2019, the most fortunate year for a very long time. You may not know where it leads you but make a start now. Even if you go back and forth for a while you will achieve something wonderful. The oak trees and acorns around you are a strange part of your story – you have ended up in the right place according to Jupiter.

  27. Hi Jessica,
    Will there be any good news coming? I see nothing is fixed which is such a worry. My husband and I are living seperatley not out of choice but need. He is working with an old partner after he was sacked last month. I see he is a 1 degree Jupiter in Leo and I a 1 degree moon Scorpio. Does this ensure we would have some kind of synchronicity at those degrees? We are so stressed out and spread out. Trying to start new endevours but as you say nothing is fixed. I am near panic at night but something tells me during the day we are headed for something big and better. Please tell me what you see. Thank you!

    • Please don’t panic. You would be living with anxiety because of the situation with your husband. Anxiety is a physical condition and it can be fixed, so please go and look up Dr. Claire Weekes on YouTube. She was an Australian doctor who specialised in anxiety states. Okay, so the astrology really is the kind of thing you both experience once in about 80 years as Uranus has not been at 0, 1 Taurus since then. If he has Jupiter at 1 Leo that is all about children, foster children, and children or teenagers he guides, mentors, trains or teaches. His luck is there. His protection is there. I do not know if this is relevant to his profession or not. If he wanted extra money he could moonlight in the education sector passing on his skills or talents to others. That’s a lifelong comment. You have the Moon at 1 Scorpio and Uranus is opposite at 1 Taurus. You ‘need to be needed’ when it comes to sex and money, marriage and mortgage, family and property. You mother people, nurture, care for them and protect them through the house or apartment, the cash or the valuable possessions. Yet, for the first time in your life, the old way is not working. You need to change, change, change – and keep changing. Unfix what is fixed. That way 2019 will be so much easier for you. The Uranus transit does not last. This does have an end point! This year, though, try to let go for a bit and surf. You will come back onto an easier wave in time. You should both use December’s solutions, opportunities and breakthroughs as Jupiter at 0, 1 Capricorn will quincunx his natal Jupiter and sextile your Moon. In plain English that is a big open door marked A for Answers.

  28. Hello Jessica,

    With Uranus at 0 Taurus, I’m wondering how that transit affects my Jupiter @ 0 Aquarius, Juno @ 0 Aries and Minerva @ 1 Virgo ? Are there any opportunities for me to focus on ?

    Many Thanks !

    • Jupiter in Sagittarius won’t touch that 0-degree through 1-degree line-up at all, but once he moves to 0 and 1 Capricorn in December 2019, he certainly will. He will trine your Minerva in the Sixth House of work and also trine your Uranus in the Second House of money so given that Christmas is the time that there are reshuffles (people retire, get promotion, switch companies, resign) you stand to gain from the game of musical chairs, financially and professionally – assuming you work.

    • Carina, with your huge Virgo and Capricorn pattern, the real story is the year 2020, as Jupiter will go through Capricorn then and trine your Virgo factors in the Sixth House of work and conjunct (or sit on) your Capricorn factors in the Tenth House of success. This is a total professional, academic or unpaid work transformation and although it is not fast and easy, it will change your life. You will ‘live’ in your Sixth House and Tenth House next year so look them up on Search when you have finished reading this.

  29. This is great – thank you again for the brilliant and positive article. I love it! I needed it especially during this rough time…I have Jupiter in (6) Leo and Chiron in (7) Taurus…I understand it has to do with lovers, children, property, cash etc…but what exactly does that signify for me personally? Thank you!!

    • Thank you. You were born with a Jupiter-Chiron square. Jupiter is at 6 Leo in the Fifth House of babies, children and young people who are not your own, but change your life – as you change theirs. A teacher with a class of pupils is a good example, or a foster parent. The square is to Chiron, a symbol of education (again) in Taurus in your Second House of money, values, valuables, property, charity and business. A square shows what you cannot ‘square’ or make fit so easily in your life. So you might want to throw yourself into parenting, or unpaid projects which help young people, only to find that it conflicts with your need to show others what you can get away with financially. This pattern holds for your entire life and any time slow-moving outer planets go into the fixed signs – Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius – it is triggered. You will see it coming to pass when Uranus moves to 6 Taurus, right on your Chiron. I have written long features on Uranus in Taurus so look those up as you will be personally affected. In general, your luck in 2019 comes from Jupiter transiting or travelling to 16 Sagittarius, where he sits on (conjuncts) your natal Neptune at 16 Sagittarius in the Ninth House. That’s September 2019 and that’s the travel opportunity of your dreams – perhaps even relocation.

  30. Hi Jessica,

    I have Jupiter Retrograde at 10 in Libra in the 5th house.What will the Jupiter Luck mean for me in 2019?

    Thank you,

    • You have Jupiter at 10 Libra in the Seventh House of former, current and potential partners – both professional and also personal (marriage). You have Saturn one degree away at 9 Libra. This is really unusual. It is called a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and means that you have repeated patterns of challenge and breakthrough, hard-work karma and heaven-sent solutions. This may be with one person for years, like a husband, or you may have a number of different partners who tell the same story. Any time a slow-moving outer planet crosses 9, 10 degrees of any zodiac sign the pattern is set off. If you are single and begin a relationship, or in a partnership and begin a separation, when Chiron is at 9, 10 degrees of Aries (right opposite) in 2022 for example, you would really feel the full measure of having both Jupiter and Saturn in Libra, the sign of the scales. As this has no doubt affected your love life before, and perhaps any business or work partnerships (like Churchill and Roosevelt) you may want to do some more reading on what it means to have the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. You can look both those planets up on Search and also in your ebooks. Also look up the Seventh House which is the house you ‘live’ in for a lot of the time. This pattern will literally be activated once a month when the Moon is in Libra, so you could use your Astrology Journal to track it. Any time the Moon enters Libra for a couple of days you’ll experience it. As a final comment be very careful about starting battles with people or organisations as Libra also rules the scales where one side is against the other and it would take you a very long time to extricate yourself from those kinds of conflicts. You really have to know the fight is right and worth your time.

  31. Hi Jessica, thank you for this beautiful article – since the last Jupiter in Libra transit (right after hosting Saturn in my first house) I have been so intrigued by its auspicious nature and how exactly it works. I remember being so excited about having Jupiter in my first house and imagining it would be this magical experience. Your articles about Jupiter definitely give me a more practical view on this planets transitory influence. I have Jupiter at 12 degrees Scorpio and a host of other heavenly bodies at 11, 12 and 13 degrees. In 2007 I gave birth to my beautiful daughter whom I named Nia which means purpose. What can I expect or what sorts of seeds should I be planting at this time? Thank you!

    • Thank you. You were born with Jupiter at 12 Scorpio in the Eighth House of sex and money, family and property. The Sun at 11 Libra in your Seventh House of former, current and potential partners. Psyche at 13 Libra in the Seventh House. Venus at 11 Aquarius in the Eleventh House of friends and groups. If your birth time is minute-accurate you have the MC or Midheaven (highest achievement) at 12 Aries in your First House of branding and self-promotion. You have the IC or Immum Coeli (roots, heritage, family tree) at 12 Libra, again in your Seventh House of partners. Put all that together and this is a repeated story in your life about marriage – the forever kind of marriage – and gain through the house, apartment, valuable possessions or finances of the other person. When transiting or travelling Jupiter goes to 11, 12, 13 Capricorn in January and February 2020, he will trigger the whole pattern, to your total benefit, with some unforgettable breakthroughs, opportunities and options which could turn your life around.

  32. Hi Jessica,

    I would be so grateful if you could give me some Jupiter juice – with only the single Mars in Sag at 01. I know there is far more at play here!

    • Zoe you have a lovely trine in your chart. You were born with Jupiter (born lucky) at 28 Virgo in your Sixth House of work, service, duty and the body. He trines Venus at 28 Taurus in your Second House of valuable possessions, charity, houses, apartments and money. You have a sextile from Diana at 26 Virgo in your Sixth House, to Neptune at 26 Scorpio in your Eighth House of sex and money, and family property. That is very close to 28 degrees so you will have repeated, useful, productive, rewarding stories in your life – all your life – as the slow-moving Jupiter travels around your chart and makes patterns at 26, 27, 28 degrees, triggering his birth position in your chart but also activating those other horoscope aspects too. This is why we can predict April 2020 will be an unforgettable period of gains and breakthroughs for you. Start now, with your visions and goals, but know that you will have a huge wave of good fortune to ride regarding work and money that month.

  33. Hi Jessica
    I had a very cherished dream with respect to my career that I could not fulfill because of health reasons and being all at sea (both 6th and 12th house) matters, also being overpowered (pluto transit), made some very bad choices and never sought any guidance (saturn transit). I was in severe depression without even realising. I have come out of the fog now. Invested the whole 2018 on self care and healing. This dream of mine has all to do with 9th house and 10th house combined. Should I give it another chance? One last chance maybe? I am tired. Still harbour hope but dont know what to do with this hope. You will not be able to see my chart as my membership has expired. Can you guide me as to how can I frame my questions for the astrology oracle. Please guide. Thank you.

    • Hello there. Severe depression is like serious physical illness so I am glad you have come out of this phase of your life. You want to pursue 9th house matters? Go for it. You will have to make a lot of compromises with Ceres in your Ninth House, but with Jupiter also in your Ninth House, you will find one solution after another and have a fantastic breakthrough before the first week of December. Start now. The Astrology Oracle cards are only for Premium Members, though.


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