What is Your Indian Guru Sign?

In ancient Hindu literature Brihaspati is a Vedic era sage who counsels the gods, while in some medieval texts the word refers to the largest planet Jupiter.

In Indian astrology (Vedic or Jyotish Astrology), you have a Guru sign. It is actually your Jupiter sign in Western astrology but quite different. Guru, also known as Brihaspati, is your wisdom. Your good karma. How you teach, guide and steer other people. Also, what you know when you are reborn.

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10 thoughts on “What is Your Indian Guru Sign?”

  1. Hi Jessica it looks like my guru sign is in Pisces…what does this mean for me in terms of karma and gifts in this lifetime? Thank you xx

    • You have been a wise man/wise woman gifted with psychic ability, the art of dream interpretation, or mystic visions and talents, perhaps more than once. In this lifetime you are incarnated knowing about the invisible or unseen world of spirit and soul. This may be why meditating feels familiar.

  2. dear Jessica,
    According to my birth chart, I was born with Jupiter at 17° Scorpio, and according to the tables above, I was born with Guru/Brihaspati in Libra/Tula. Could you please explain what this means?
    Many thanks!!!

    • You are using two different systems. According to the Indian astrologer’s point of view your good karma is with former, current or potential partners as you have incarnated knowing how to make a duet or double-act work.

  3. Mine is in scorpio. How does it help to know about it?
    Another insight into chart!!! Totally different and confusing perspective.

    • You were born ‘knowing’ how to handle sex and money, marriage and mortgage, family and legacy, inheritance and property. I am not sure why you would find this confusing. It’s really just the Indian point of view on your karma.

  4. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your introducing Vedic astrology to us. I have been learning Vedic astrology for many years and now have started learning western astrology. I am confused of the two systems as they differ almost one sign in our horoscopes, which leads to confusion in predictions. For example Jupiter is at Scorpio in Vedic astrology in my horoscope, but it is in Sagittarius according to the Western way. As with the former system Jupiter already left from my Ascendant but with the latter He is still with my Ascendant. They say Vedic system incorporates the correction factor for the inclination of the earth axis, whereas the Western doesn’t. With different systems, how can we get accurate predictions? Which system is more accurate?

    • Thank you. It is very common to have Jupiter in one zodiac sign in your Western chart, and the next one along in your Indian chart. This is the famous duality of India, where two things can be true at the same time. I am sure you know about the old head-nodding where ‘yes and no’ are both indicated at the same time. This charming tradition is a reminder that in India, everything is either/or and it makes life more interesting. So you have Guru in Scorpio but Jupiter in Sagittarius. They will work together. You are blessed coming into this life having great knowledge of family finance, sex and money, marriage and mortgage, legacy and property, inheritance and finance. You will always be protected here or gain directly from this. At the same time, you are blessed in all matters relating to education, academia, publishing, travel and foreign people and places, which is Sagittarius. Put that together, for example, and you may inherit enough money to enrol in a summer school in a foreign country! It is that kind of thing. Look up Eighth House and Ninth House to find out how these two work together for you. Yet, you also have to think like an Indian. So you may want to find out how family taxation, family trust funds and so on, work from Delhi to Mumbai. That would be the kind of good fortune and great knowledge you would be born with! The two systems both work – they use the same planets and other astrological factors – but one uses an updated sky, and the other does not.

  5. Thank you very much for solving my confusion. And your explanation helps widen and deepen my knowledge of astrology. Using both systems our predictions become more flexible and with wider scope. Thank you again.

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