Tarot Tuesday – May 2019

This month our guest Tarot reader is author, psychic and astrologer Ryuji Kagami from Japan. For Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments for detailed Tarot replies.

This month our guest Tarot reader is author, psychic and astrologer Ryuji Kagami from Japan. He is well known to readers of Vogue magazine. He has published more than 200 books including Japanese translations of work from leading astrologers Liz Greene, James Hillman, Nick Campion and Maggie Hyde. He holds an M.A. Degree in Jungian Studies and is also a visiting professor of Kyoto Bunkyo University and Kyoto Heian Jogakuin University.


Starting in June, Ryuji will join American and Canadian Tarot professional Kyra Oser to offer month-ahead readings exclusively for Premium Members. Join us again then.

In London? Meet Jessica at a special astrology event on Saturday 18th May. Take home Astrology Oracle cards, predict your future to 2020 using your personal horoscope with asteroids – and if you are lucky, try a live reading with Jessica and a guest psychic. Numbers limited. Tickets £50. Book now here.

Here are some amazing personal and global Tarot predictions for each week of May 2019:

First Week of May

 Two of Coins (Pentacles) – Money is important. You would like to save and keep money as much as you can. I understand. But if money stays at the same place it is useless. Money is blood for the society. It has a value only when flowing, moving. This tarot image tells us the importance of “dynamics” of the economy. On the global level we will see some big debates or decisions on international-trade treaties etc. People have to think how we can make money flow as smoothly as possible, in the fairest way.

On a personal level it is a good time to think again how to exchange your values and spend your money in the most constructive way. There is a Japanese phrase; “There are two ways to spend money; to make it alive or dead. Just let your money live!”


 Second Week of May

The Empress (Reversed) – The Earth is the mother. She is great indeed, but our great mother does not always spoil us. This week is a time to rethink about our relationship to our great “mother”, in global and personal ways. In the news, we might see other symptoms of serious environmental problems; such as shortage of water, pollution etc. On a more personal level we will be more conscious about the mother archetype. Whether you are a woman or man, do not try to behave as a “mother” to your partner too much. We all need care, but also, we all need independence and personal space too.



Third Week of May

The Lovers – This lovely card symbolises experiences to excite and to make your heart flutter.

Great! Let us look forward to an exciting week! The media will be busy running after big celebrity couples, old and new. There may be some surprising romances. We may also see the new release of products which thrill us – games, apps etc. On personal level, the third week of May is an easy time to find a new joy in your life, if you wish. Just look around yourself, with fresh eyes, and you will surprise to find how lovely people and things you have. It is even possible you will find a perfect match among them.


Fourth Week of May

Seven of Cups – This card symbolises daydreams, illusion, and fantasies. As Buddhists say, we usually live in Maya; illusion. It is not always bad. What kind of illusions do we have now? This card shows lots of wishful thinking.  We all have more pessimistic illusions too. We tend to regret too much. We tend to worry too much about the future. In this week, if we hear some bad prospect or expectation from either scientists or economists, do not worry. They are illusions – and your worries will not come true. Let your past go. Do not worry about the future. Just enjoy “Now.”


For Premium Members only, the chance to ask Jessica Adams questions in the comments below, for detailed Tarot replies.

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186 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – May 2019

  1. Dear Jessica,

    It seems that the May will be quite nice month. As for first week , I feel like there is a message for me. These first four months I have been working very much but as for money – the result is very poor. Like everything is stuck or against me. I think about to invest some money or pay for new leaflets, internet page etc. to contact more clients, but I am scared to spend these money as I don’t have enough and I don’t know what next months bring.
    As for third and fourth week, my life partner invite me to spend some days in the North Spain, so I hope we will have amazing stay there.

    Jessica, do you see any important messages for me as for the month of May?

    Thank you!

    • You are a Sun Virgo going through Sixth House/Tenth House cycles in both horoscope systems I use for you – and they are also mirrored in the Tarot cards in May. You will be amazed at that North Spain trip by the way. It is a lot more than just another holiday and will change quite a few things in your life, setting you free from something/someone which has tied you back. Your whole career changes from the end of 2020 and after 2023 you will not recognise your working life. So long-term, the setbacks you are experiencing will be quite forgotten. Long-term you could even be in a different career actually; it would certainly be an unrecognisable version of the old one. You don’t say what your business actually is, which is why it is very hard to read for you, regarding spending money on leaflets or a website. If your business is at all related to foreign people and places, for example, you need to change. Rather than spending more money to do exactly the same thing, you actually need to fundamentally alter the business! But as I say – it is hard to know what you actually do, so tricky to comment on May itself.

      • Thank you very much for your answer Jessica. As for my work I work on my own in the field of HR consultance on the base of my 15 years profesionnal experience – headhunting, coaching, HR strategy – clients are companies mostly in my country. Till november last year everything was very promissing. But from the beginning of this year everything seems stuck. I start an activity, it goes very well and at the end it fail down for ex. as a headhunter I found great canditate, client is happy want to hire him, candidate says yes and before starting new position he changes his mind. Or there is the promise of new contract and suddenly the client stop to communicate without any explanation. I don’t know what happens. I am quite lost and I feel to have no control over it. So these are my last four month as for work.

        • This makes it much easier to tell you what is going on. Headhunting is literally an Aries (rules the head) activity (the hunting is also Aries) and you are working in a field where Uranus has been in Aries and Chiron has just moved in. It is also about the First House, which Aries rules, so it’s about the C.V. and the headshot, the profile and Linked In details! You are going to see this kind of behaviour continue for some years in this industry. The issue here is that the old rules and old etiquette/manners have gone out of the window and people are now seeing what they can get away with. If you are going to continue in this line of work you will need to set aside what you think you know, and start trawling the internet to see what is really going on out there. You are an experienced professional but things just changed. You need to adapt to an industry which is evolving rapidly in new directions you never anticipated 15 years ago, if you are going to hang in there, so look at the apps (for example) and the new trends in the headhunting world. This does work out for you eventually – you have excellent chances of retraining or upskilling in 2019 – and in 2020 you will find work opportunities in general so much easier. Yet for now, you have to meet change with change. No other way around it with this cycle, which is bigger than you are – it’s not personal – it’s just the way your industry is evolving. It may be that you decide you want quite a different sort of career which is where the 2019 training/education/upskilling options come into play and there will be a ton of them for you.

          • Thank you very much Jessica for this advice. It is very suprising that many things what you wrote , I feel and I tej try to discuss about it with all involved parties- my collegues, clients and candidats. Sometimes it is hard to advance because not everybody is imediatelly opened to change the way he think or act. I hope that with chiron in Aries it will be easier than with Uranus last years and in begining in Taurus where he made T- square in My chart. Slowly but surelly it is over for some years . And I am always opened and fascinated to learn new things. I can say, It is my hobby:-))). Just I hope some money are there ‘in Universe” for me to realise there plans.

            Once again Jessica, thank you for all. It heľpe.

          • I’m glad that helped. Don’t forget to download your Astrology Journal for this quarter and work with it, using the Tarot and Astrology Oracle cards on this website. Just follow the rules, put the kettle on and relax and see how you can shape May 2019 and beyond.

  2. Dear Jessica ,
    Greetings , hope you are well and had a lovely Easter .
    I have missed coming to the blogs with questions , although i read every bit of them and every forecast you write , making many a day to day decisions based on them , so thank you so much , I began work with a supermarket chain last November , money has been coming and going out , paying rental arrears of last year , storage , rent in current place which is a bit uncomfortable ,we ended up going to the no 83 . I have to move but no money for a deposit and can only rent privately until previous rental arrears are done .
    Son had begun new school mid of last year but was badly bullied in and out of school in last two months , refused to go back there this year and insisted i take him back to his previous school ( I tried but they said they are currently full ) I’ve had to enrol him into a new school . ( have to pay some fees )
    Could you please share your amazing insights , how do you think it will go for us this year , will things get better . is there a home out there for us any particular one i should be looking at ,.
    Will my son be ok in this new school and stop school refusal , will we ever be able to return to his first school ( he has all his mates there and misses them )
    I will be so very grateful if you could please have a look at my charts , tarot cards and let me know , many thanks for your valuable time . blessings to you for being so kind and sharing you gift with us .
    Kind regards

    • I am sorry your son has been bullied and that you are feeling unsettled with your home situation. Life can be tough sometimes. Sun Cancer people really feel it when both children and their house or apartment are under question like this. Your whole financial situation will change from the end of 2020 actually, and far more than you imagine now. From 2021, for several years, you will transform your money and also the situation with your housing. So you are a bit early for the big shift, but it is coming. Your lifestyle and workload will improve this year. You will either have access to new goals, roles or projects which come with advantages (better location or access to a swimming pool, park, gym and so on) or give you more time off. Reach for what you see that you like in 2019 and don’t be put off trying for just the right combination of full-time and part-time work that you want – study too – which can often be subsidised. It’s really all about your career in 2019, actually, and if you were in the right job (or jobs plural) then you would find it easier to sort out the finances to cover yourself with a home you want, and to ‘throw money at the problem’ regarding your son. There are obviously solutions for him ranging from travel costs to see his old mates, to private counselling or tuition, to funding outside interests which would make him happier. You are a typical good and caring Cancer mother, J, but you also need to focus on your preferred lifestyle and working life in particular and to be open to change, unexpected solutions and quite unlikely possibilities with career or study. Don’t lock any doors there keep every door open. That will sort things out for you more than anything else in 2019. Good luck.

      • Thank you so much Jessica ,this is so meaningful I can feel the big shift coming and have been patiently working on projects or jobs to get things going in the right direction , my young son isn’t so patient , he ,s a teenager . you are spot on with ” funding outside interests which would make him happier ” I am earning better than last year but it falls bit short , we,ll get there , now I have hope .
        Thank you so much for this , I am so grateful , blessings to you .

      • Thank you Jessica ,this is so meaningful I can feel the big shift coming and have been patiently working on projects or jobs to get things going in the right direction , my young son isn’t so patient , he ,s a teenager . you are spot on with ” funding outside interests which would make him happier ” I am earning better than last year but it falls bit short , we,ll get there , now I have hope .
        many thanks for your insights , I am so grateful , blessings to you .

  3. Hi Jessica,

    Loved Ryuji’s reading. Hope he can do this on a regular basis, on your site.
    My main big issue right this minute is finding funding for my business, so I can move forward & upward… Second is that I’m questioning if I’m ever going to partner with 2 different people, independently of each other, to build new companies – things have been moving too slow in regards to both of them, a Scorpio and a Cancer.
    Would love to hear your thoughts.

    Thank you so much!

    • Thank you, I will pass that onto Ryuji, who will be back on the first Tuesday of every month for Tarot Tuesday with Kyra Oser. Your business is really under the Uranus in Taurus cycle, which goes for about 7 years and is unpredictable. There would be highs but also lows and the occasional shock which turns everything upside-down. Not just once, but several times. You don’t say what your business is, but in general, your finances will be tied to your country and to the world economy and we are at the very beginning of what will be quite radical change with plenty of uncertainty and instability. So you are in for a wild ride and need to be aware of that. This is even more so if your business is tied to countries like Britain or Scotland, for example, or to the European Union. Anyway – with regard to Scorpio – same cycle. Also volatile. Cancer? You would need to read the fine print on the contract until 2023 to make sure you two do not end up using the business partnership as a way of testing his/her control or his/her power. It is hard to say more without specific details but in general, that is what is going on out there. You would be better off consulting a financial professional actually.

  4. Hello!
    Interesting few weeks ahead for us. Hubby/me living in 3 cities (3rd city was where we were – with primary house for sale – desperate for a sale since deadline is May 18th to get avail relocation benefit). Husband (BD Nov 8, 1962) has a new job offer – salary negotiations seem stuck, so not sure if this will happen. We hope to be able to eventually be in one city. Any insight into home sale or husband’s career move (also critical). It has been super rocky since 2018 – weary and tired of being pulled down into rabbit holes, but trying to keep the faith in the universe.
    Many many thanks!!

    • Your Scorpio husband is in a good position all year, peaking in November, financially – either being able to save a lot of money or make it. So to some extent it is his life not yours which is dictating what has to happen. You will find that even the apparent backward steps or delays are part of a wider path for him that he will end up feeling quite happy with. You two are also experiencing these events because your marriage itself has to change. In fact the partnership is already evolving into something quite different. Underneath all this is a question about the two of you, and the heart, soul and body connection you have. That is partly why all this is happening – it is not about the material world of money, work and property but very much about your wedding vows to each other and how you want things to work in 2019. To some extend you’ll have to allow the process to unfold at its own pace in 2019 but he in particular should trust the future. When it comes to his career, he will be taught what it is possible to get away with in life. He may actually be tutored, mentored or educated. Again it is your husband’s destiny which is pulling you around! Do keep the faith in the universe because it is keeping faith in him, but you will have to change the old rules of the marriage you had before.

      • Your work is amazing! Through the trials of these last 12 months – our connection has deepened to a level we have never felt before (married 31 years!). We depend on each other for emotional strength and are grateful for the universe to have given us what we have and know that together we will get through this. The money worry is there – but it is eclipsed by the hope and reminders of a better tomorrow we are able to give each other. His path this year is so uncannily like mine last year – in almost every respect, that we have this new found amazement for the universe that takes each of us as students ….one zodiac sign at a time under the wing and teaches us how to evolve.

        I am in tears reading your words and very shaken by how clearly you read this.
        Thank you!

        • Ah, thank you so much. No need to cry, though. Put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea (tea for two). You are very, very lucky to have such a marriage and the universe has a strange way of delivering the gift sometimes.

  5. Hello Jessica,

    Could I get a tarot reading for my work and career please? I’ve had some interest from different organisations to teach workshops but it’s frustratingly slow and I’m beginning to doubt myself. I’ve just recently trained to teach a relaxation / meditation practice so I’m hoping I’ll have better luck on that front.
    Everything feels so up in the air at the moment. I’d welcome your perspective on what’s happening at the moment.

    Thank you!

    • Thank you Ana. Look to groups, professional organisations (with a social angle), clubs, associations and circles of people for your best bets in 2019. I am sure life has been slow but do not doubt yourself Ana, you have been putting up with the backward drag of Mercury Retrograde February-April. It only just started moving forward actually. You may also find it useful to remember the year 2000 and what was going on then with your education, career path, meditation and so on. There is a bit of a karmic loop from the year 2000 that you need to close, which you will do by 2020. By that I mean unresolved issues from that year. Congratulations on completing your training. I would not be surprised if you end up going back to a place, a position, a person or an organisation which comes from your past – even your past life – by 2020. If you have deja vu then it is!

  6. Dear jessica, it’s a privilege to be part of the community of this website and i thank you and your team for the knowledge, the humor sometimes, and the open-mindedness that we find here.
    I have a question regarding a very important person in my life, an ex-boyfriend, that was a friend before and after we were together, that i have stopped seing…Because he had too many blockages and barriers and sincerely, I had suffered too much with a lots of sacrifices in the middle (no maternity, no future build as a couple). It was very hard for him and for me for several months, because we had this very strong intellectual connection and a real intimacy. But I felt better. Then he recontacted me and since then we have been seeing each other again, friend without being buddy, a couple without sex … I feel like I have signed for a relationship in the 12th in astrology or that i’m dating Neptune’s son ! I am trapped in this loop and do not know how to get out of it. And I would like to know what the tarot says … Many thanks Jessica

    • Thank you for such a lovely comment, which I will pass on to Ryuji who will be back to read the Tarot on the first Tuesday in June with Kyra Oser – but also James, Justin, Jodi, Kerry and Sarah. You are an Aquarius with Jupiter in Leo in the Fifth House. He would actually be a very good friend for you, if the friendship developed in late 2018 until now. In fact he may be a better friend than he ever was a lover. I am sure you feel as if you are dating Neptune’s son! Yet, of all the signs, only Aquarius can turn a former sexual relationship into a really good friendship. His friends (his social circle) might also benefit you in some way. If you want love and parenthood, though, it is out there for you. It really depends on how you feel about pregnancy, adoption, step-parenting, fostering and so on. That big conversation you need to have with yourself will reshape your destiny and when you know for sure, you will be amazed at who and what turns up when the time is right.

  7. Hi Jessica – I just started reading the tarot Tuesday series and I love it! Can you please tell me how my chart relates to the tarot energies for the month of May? My soon to be ex-husband just moved out and the divorce is in process, hoping the stars point to some emotional support/relief or anything else exciting that I might be able to look forward to. Thank you so very much :)

    • You have had 10 years of never knowing/never being able to plan/never being able to predict either with him, or him and others. You are at last in a totally different phase of your life (mainly because of his departure, I suspect) when you can put your relationship with him but also any new partner on a timetable. Try to take your energy and interest away from him if you possibly can and focus on finding a new lover. Be open to someone who can teach you. In fact this person may even be a professional teacher, tutor, guide or mentor for interns. Prepare to be amazed at the new lessons. You should also give yourself permission to explore what kind of new relationship you want to have with your ex-husband. Be honest with yourself if you did still want him in your life in any capacity!

  8. Hi Jessica

    I’m trying to buy a house but now the bank has told me I can’t withdraw the money as it’s a fixed account. It did mature at the end of March but in order for me to get a mortgage I had to send off their letter advising me the account had matured to the mortgage company as proof of savings. I now find that they told me if they didn’t hear from me they would reinvest the money in another fixed account for another year. I didn’t realise and now they’re saying I can’t withdraw my money and I haven’t got the deposit for the house now. Everything goes wrong for me all the time. You always say I’m lucky with houses and property but I’m not and never have been.

    • Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio! I am sorry about this situation with the bank. You have Jupiter (protection, good fortune) in Cancer in your Fourth House of apartments and houses. You have Saturn (lessons learned, obstacles) in Scorpio in your Eighth House of – you guessed it – mortgages and banks. Drop the idea of ‘everything goes wrong for me all the time’ which is Saturn talking. Do look up Jupiter, Saturn, Fourth House and Eighth House on Search when you finish reading this. Do allow for the fact that the fullness of time may show that you were being protected, regarding the purchase of a house. Stay on the bank’s case and get the best advice you can afford, by the way. But do be open to the idea that if there is a house price crash in a year from now you will be very pleased you were forced to wait for your money and put off a purchase. Stranger things have happened.

      • Thank you and that has even occurred to me to be honest so I’ll do my best to stay optimistic and wait it out.

        I’m grateful for your insight.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    How is my May looking? The last few weeks have thrown up some unusual situation and circumstances via friends.
    Is there anything I should be careful of during May.


    • Friendship is a growth area for you in 2019, actually, and I am sure you have spotted a couple of opportunities (maybe a lot of opportunities) to have more, do more and ask for more from life – with a friend in a particular circle of people. This team, network, club, group and so on is where you can find out just how much life has to offer. The unusual situation you describe is part of that. You’ll experience a peak moment in November.

  10. Hi Jessica, I’d appreciate a Tarot reading about my finance (currently started a new job) and love life (single, no children) for the coming months? Many thanks in advance.

    • Your finances in 2019 are really about discovering what it is possible to get away with (legally) and to try, particularly, what financial experts suggest – even if it seems quite new, different and unlikely. It is to the experts you must turn but you will be amazed at how decisions which would have left your jaw on the floor, a few years ago, will come to pass. Your choices about dating in 2019 and beyond really depend on how you feel about parenthood. Having that talk with yourself, regarding stepchildren, adoption, your own (potential) pregnancies and so on will clear a path for someone to come in, but you have to be absolutely clear about it.

    • It is Jessica here. In May and June, you deal with new changes and challenges which are affecting your circle of friends, your social media, your social life and the groups you belong to. This affects just about everything else! It is a good idea to take a more independent line, and do your own thing, away from others. And you are also going to find that in your career, unpaid work or university/college degree you are being shown what is possible, not what is impossible. You are going to be educated in just how wild and unlikely life can be, but if it works, then it works!

  11. In 1999-2000 my love was a pieces man. In november 2018 he searched for me and we fell in love again. Now he chose the baby and left me, in march 2019. I’d like to understand whats going on because my all life has been destroyed… Thank you Jessica for everything you do for us!

    • I am very sorry about this Pisces man. It may help to know it was karma. He had karma going back to the year 2000 in the year 2019. In fact the karma may go back into past lives. He made a decision which has hurt you and it must be very hard for you.Yet, when this child is 19 – when the Node cycles around again across Cancer, which rules children for Pisces – this new teenager in the world will be the person who helps you get closure. Him too. You don’t have to wait until then of course. You just need to try and accept that some very old soul debts and credits are being settled here. Sometimes we have to accept karma in astrology and the Node cycle is well known. In India they call them Rahu and Ketu.

  12. Dear Jessica,

    I hope you’ve had a restful Easter. Your guidance has been so helpful previously and I would be very grateful for any further Tarot-related insights you might be kind enough to offer on my present situation. This relates to vocation/career (I have worked for years toward publication of a book, and last year had a deal fall through under quite confusing circumstances). I have been working very hard to try to practice detachment, while having hope, and your astrology has greatly helped with this, however this experience has been humiliating and has done such damage to my self-belief that I have been finding writing difficult to return to despite not knowing who I am without it. I recently received further dispiriting news from a contact who I’d hoped might have offered a professional lifeline. The efforts I have been making to turn things around just don’t seem to be working, and I’m finding it hard not to wonder whether the universe is telling me to change paths. This is a dilemma for me as writing is the one certainty I’ve ever had in life. I’ve pushed for so many years to break into the industry and feel for the first time that I’m reaching the limits of what else I can constructively do. I’m just wondering if there’s still hope things might turn around, or if there are any further insights about how I can help this process along?

    With huge thanks for your work and warm wishes,

    • Well, LL, you would not be the first author to be rejected and you will not be the last. Writing is something that can be applied to radio, theatre, podcasting, novellas, film, television, stand-up performance and so many other mediums. You are heavily Capricorn and also heavily Sagittarius which is a common combination in publishing. (The patience to make it and the born-to-write ability). You are going through a difficult career reshape until the end of 2020 with a lot of hard-work traffic in Capricorn and you are calling the situation too early. Rather than give up ask yourself if there is an alternative mountain. Maybe the mountain of (say) short story writing for an anthology. If the mountain you are on is the right one, nothing will make you get off it, of course! As for the Sagittarius part of your chart, I urge you to persist with some kind of publishing or broadcasting ambition – some kind of performance ambition – and also to study. Sagittarius rules all these things and you have Jupiter and Ceres there for the first time in 12 years. They peak in November but will not be back for another 12. I have in fact known a secretary who learned commercial novel writing techniques and became an author. But – look at alternative mediums – and look at competitions too – and groups. All that would work really well for you this year if you do want to switch mountains.

  13. Hi Jessica ,

    An opportunity for job came in last week and suddenly things have fizzled out this week. It ia difficult to remain positive.is may going to be harbinger of good news ?


    • I’m sorry the job opportunity fizzled out, Smita. There will be similar/more where that came from over time. In fact you may have dodged something there as you do not know enough about the organisation. See what else you can uncover! It came your way at the end of Mercury Retrograde, muddle and messiness out there.

  14. Hello Jessica, can you please post an update to the Global Financial Crisis 2 that is going to begin in May 2019? This sounds like it’s going to be a big event that we will all need to prepare for. Thank you.

    • Thank you. Actually it’s already begun – it just intensifies in May – have a look at all the posts on Uranus in Taurus dating from 2018/2017 to update.You will also find astrologer online warning about the lightning bolts ahead). Thank you.

    • You are at the very first step of new choices with former, current and potential partners, where you have to decide how bold you are going to be. How much of a risk-taker. How much you want to test what is possible, these days, rather than impossible or unthinkable. You can do nothing of course. ButI think the temptation will be irresistible for you. Perhaps you already put yourself out there and tried something. If not, May will tempt you again.

  15. hi Jessica,
    I am still learning to understand the power of tarot readings and how they work etc. as they are new to me.
    Would you be so kind and let me know what the cards see for me in the month of May? I am wondering if I will find any relief at all from the family problems/situation I have been stuck in?
    I would appreciate any insight from the reading. Many thanks!!!
    Desperate Sagittarius

    • Tarot takes a little time but Pamela and Arthur’s deck, which you see on this website, is fantastic once you get to know it. Please use your journal and experiment until you feel confident. Your family situation has come about because there are no boundaries. Everybody is all over the place, everywhere, all the time. You also feel all at sea, confused and can also confuse others. Rather than let this just continue you need to take a deep breath, find some time and space, and figure out how to contain and control the family so this stops happening. Do you have what Virginia Woolf called ‘A Room of One’s Own’ for yourself? One of the issues is the actual house or apartment itself. It is very important that there are boundaries – so locks on doors, Do Not Disturb signs and the rest! Not everyone can have a room to call her/his own of course, so if you cannot win some space and clear ‘lines’ marking out turf and territory at home, at least find a local park, river, beach or similar (maybe a meditation class or yoga group) where you can close your eyes and have your own space to yourself. It is very likely just one person in the family who keeps crossing the line. You will be amazed at what happens when you are firm, clear and strong in your statement to this person. If you are not assertive by nature use the internet to find out how to use the right words and body language – assertiveness training, they used to call it. No need to be desperate!

  16. Hi Jessica,

    It appears my boss is considering closing or selling her business (Oct 14, 1941) and many of us have worked for her for years. No matter how this turns out, I’ve felt the pull to do something else myself. I waited through Mercury Retro and have been feeling May is going to be a productive month career search wise. My alimony/child support ends this coming autumn, so I’d love to get something that can help me a bit more financially and also, have more “joy” to it.

    Thanks for any insights you can provide.


    • Moon, there is more than the Moon influencing your chart – Neptune in Pisces is having a bit to do with it. So is the North Node in Cancer. You are very likely to be taken back to the year 2000 and/or 1981 with your work choices in 2019 and 2020 as there is karma going back here, with old themes, choices, challenges and perhaps literal replays of the past returning. In some ways it is hard to do anything genuinely new and different with career at such times as you have to get closure on the past – even if it was a project you had finished with 19 years ago! Financially, you absolutely need to find a ‘sanctuary space’ for some of the money, or some other arrangement, like a house or apartment – which has nothing to do with the real world. By that I mean you need to set aside something which is totally removed from the everyday, ordinary, nitty-gritty world of budgets and facts and figures, where you can free-float, cruise or drift. It may be a credit card with a tiny amount of credit that you keep turning over for example, or a house-sitting arrangement which is a total escape. If you can keep your Neptune cycle happy by having a holiday from reality financially that does not mess up the rest of your life, you’ll be very happy. The joy you seek is in a group by the way. You may already be in that group; if not you will be tempted to join by November, do so and be overjoyed with what comes.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I am very thankful for your articles and feedback you give to me every time you can see my question…
    Jessica there is something I worry about a lot and if I can change that and help I will be very happy, but I am not sure how… Do you think I can help my Bro (born June 7, 1977) he is Gemini… Do you think that there is something or anything that will place him into real world… What is this… Why he is this way… Was there previous ancestors that they did the same thing as he and so inherited behavior and he is karmically paying dues… Thankful for your light from haven and feedback….

    • Thank you. I am sorry your brother causes you concern. You might want to look at the situation with his finances, house, apartment, possessions, business and so on, as it does concern you. You have either placed matters in your will, to leave to him, or he has done the same (or maybe not!) with you. Then there is the issue of your parents’ will, for example. He needs to look at that between now and 2023 and perhaps, so do you. You don’t say if he is married or not. If he is married then the matter is much more about his partner and the mortgage, or the value of the property. He will get to the end of this but it will take time, as there are decisions to come in January 2020 which are very important here. From 2023, though, he is in a much more interesting position in his life and may actually start travelling the world from that point, emigrate or relocate. New life.

      • He has a girlfriend and they work together, but reside separately. He has apartment and she has home and her father reside in her home. Once I found out about his new occupation/behavior last year in March 30, 2019 with shock I decided to go separate ways as I couldn’t know from him why. All I care about is his health and well being. And what is this and how does he thinking this way and why and is this because of some unknown behavior he has or because girlfriend. When we love our loved ones and we do not have communication from person why, how, when that is the biggest pain one can go trough. As far as I know he is not married, but I know so little despite of living with him for 20 years. Thank you Jessica! LOVE

  18. Hi Jessica,

    I have been in a totally distressed situation since Oct 2018 in a work situation where friendship with colleagues is involved. There were betrayals, fights, departures, rejections and so on. Still the group has to work together and it’s difficult. There’s the ex-friend who makes movement so difficult, but at the same time I find a new friendship with a Libran in the group quite comforting.
    How would the situation turn out to be in the office?


    • Well, sometimes you only find what it feels like to be free and independent – your own person – through such changes VSN. The lack of stability is obviously very stressful and in fact it is the least clever option for all of you. The smart option would be to rethink the dynamic between two of you, and then the two of you can each separately rethink the chemistry with other faces in the group, in turn. So you and this Libran could figure out a way of operating (Libra does like one-on-one) and then talk about individual strategies with others in the group: on an independent basis. You can never go wrong by giving everyone heaps of freedom, space, autonomy, independence, room to move and old-fashioned liberty. I suspect the issue is the structure of the group itself is the problem. If you are on Facebook there’s your whole answer right there!

  19. Hi Jessica
    Thanks for bringing in Ryuji. Love the different perspective.

    Re: me, sigh – wondering == will the deal close this month?? Been waiting for so long!

    Thanks for any insight –

    • Thank you. Ryuji will be joining Kyra Oser, a new (amazing) British Tarot professional and myself in June for a new Tarot Tuesday line-up, where we will each look at a single card for the month ahead – we’ll be calling June 2019 from four points of view, from four parts of the world, for you. I am sure you have been waiting to close your deal for a long time, but you will know where you stand in May, primarily because the whole world will know where it stands, financially, in business and in property. You have actually been made to wait for the Sun to arrive in Taurus in your Second House of money, alongside Uranus (the new wild card – the revolution). You have seen a chain reaction from this around the world already, as sometimes massive change has to be kept back, until the time is right. That time is now through the third week of May when everyone can do their sums and figure things out. That will have a domino effect on your own situation but without knowing who or what you are ‘dealing’ with it’s really hard to say. The Tarot might zero in on one financial issue for you, for example, when you were thinking about quite another. Try the Tarot for yourself and know that May will put all the numbers in rows in front of you and others, for a choice.

    • Nikki have a look at the group you have been involved with for a year or two, perhaps more, as this circle or network of people is increasing its power and potency thanks to the individual success or achievements (or profile) of one or two of the faces. There may also be new faces being drawn into the circle. You have some issues there to sort out about your own power, popularity, potency (or lack of it) and also the extent to which you can set aside ego or other issues – likely never resolved in the last group you were in, which may have been at school! – and genuinely collaborate and co-operate in order to bring something special about. This is the most important issue of all and will reach peak ‘messaging’ to you in January 2020.

    • You are in a position to get away with something pretty jaw-dropping, in terms of a former, current or potential partner. The option is there. You would be able to achieve what some might call outrageous or audacious, actually. You would know you were being bolder-than-bold but rather enjoy pushing past the barriers in some way. It’s your call. You might decide it’s all too much and stay under the covers!

    • You have a couple of stories going on in May and June, within your marriage. The first is about the children. You don’t say if you have them or not. You are going to find issues like freedom, space and independence much more important as a parent, or potential parent, and that will change a great deal in your life, depending on the choices you make by June. You are now in a phase when you get ‘freedom from’ or ‘freedom through’ and it may actually be by adopting or having a new baby, for example, that you find ‘freedom through.’ You also have some karma to complete with your husband going back to the year 2000 and perhaps 1981 as well, which you will slowly work through over the next two months, with a total resolution in 2020. When I say karma I mean what you owe each other, and yourselves, depending on what you did and said about 19 years ago – either with each other, or other partners. What goes around comes around.

  20. Hi Jessica, how is my love life looking in the near future? I haven’t been single for so long ever before… I’m getting worried but at the same time I’m not doing anything to meet anyone… For a while I even thought that I’ll stay single forever but now I don’t know if I want to stay single forever.

    • It’s really about your family circle, house or apartment and how you see a sexual relationship or marriage in the context of that. This is the case for years, actually, so rather than just talking about love, or single life, you may want to take the next step and ask yourself how you feel about mortgage and marriage, or moving into a new partner’s home (and perhaps paying rent for that) or having him/her move into your home and so on. You are in this rather long real estate and property phase, for some years to come, with radical changes ahead and much as we like to be romantic, it’s actually going to be about that unromantic question: the roof over your head. Having a conversation with yourself about that will make things much clearer when it comes to dating. By the way – Meetups. I’m sure you know about that!

  21. Dear Jessica,
    It seems May will be rather nice…
    I’m extremely unhappy at my work and really, really want to quit to start my own business. Haven’t told my employer yet. Am scared of the financial instability though with Uranus in Taurus. Is it bad timing for me to start on my own?
    Please could you have a look at my chart and tarot and kindly offer some insight?
    Many thanks in advance.

    • You are a Sun Aries with Capricorn factors at 3 and 5. You currently have Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in your Tenth House of achievement, ambition and position. You also have (new) Uranus in Taurus slowly moving towards 3, 4, 5, 6 degrees, into a trine. It would be a lot easier to talk about your chances if you described the nature of your business. If it was in finance itself, for example, you would certainly be heading into a long period of uncertainty, as Uranus (the revolution) is in Taurus (banks, the economy, currency, food) for seven long years. In general, you are going to have a career reshape with that pattern anyway, now through 2020. You will experience Jupiter (solutions, opportunities) moving into Capricorn from December this year and by January 2020 this famous planet, representing answers and breakthroughs, will also be moving towards 3 and 5 Capricorn, so this does have a happy ending for you. Use your Tarot and Astrology Oracle cards to look at what is possible in 2019 but also at the end of this year. I suspect you would gain from the classic year-end reshuffles in your industry, business or profession either picking up a farewell package (if you can stand waiting that long) or just capitalising on new opportunities which are around by January 2020. That’s what your chart says.

  22. Hey Jessica, thanks for this much awaited piece of writing. I am sorry to bother you again with my professional worries as I am waiting for some positive changes in my life. Any job offers for me in this coming month/ months?
    There are/were talks going on, but nothing seems to be working out!
    Will the coming months/ transits give any relief?
    Thanks for giving us a chance to share the pain here.

    • No worries as we say in Australia. Career is ruled by Capricorn and Virgo in your chart. Capricorn is the sign governing the Tenth House of achievement, ambition and advancement. Virgo is the sign ruling the Sixth House of duty, service and your work ethic. Your talks took place in February-April during Mercury Retrograde in Pisces, which is the sign opposite (clashing with) Virgo so unfortunately a lot of it would have come to nothing, or been misleading. You are strongly Virgo and have just come out of a very confusing and confused career phase. You are also strongly Capricorn and are going *through* a total reshape now through 2022. Part of the reshape is to learn new skills. You are being encouraged by the universe to upskill, train, study and perhaps update existing career skills and talents. In fact one course or educational experience is staring you in the face. 2019 is your year to become better informed and educated. So reach out online and see what is waiting on the worldwide web. It would involve other nationalities or languages. Not everything has to cost. You are meant to be upgrading your C.V. and value in the marketplace in 2019 and this rather odd period in your life has given you time and space to do that. You will have quite a different sort of professional life in 2020.

  23. Dear Jessica,

    Ryuji Kagami is great! I have several of his books…The Lenormand Card and Jung Tarot are two of my favorites.
    I look forward to the new blog posts.

    Thank you!

    • Ryuji is wonderful – we met in Britain – and I have been using his card decks in Australia over the late summer. Tarot Tuesday from next month will also involve a British Tarot star named Fiona Lensvelt, so all four of us (Kyra Oser too, from Canada/USA) will be reading for you, giving you a psychic angle on the month to come, literally from all four corners of the earth. Watch out for it from Tarot Tuesday in June. Thank you.

  24. Hi Jessica,
    I recently went to your talk in Melbourne on the 13th of April which I found amazing – thank you. I’m seeking guidance and insight as my life is currently going through major upheaval, most of which I didn’t see coming, despite considering myself quiet intuitive – essentially my 26 year marriage is over. I’m heading to Europe (UK, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Croatia) in May, my husband will no longer be traveling with me so it will be a very different trip. I feel I need to take this trip, however, mentally I’m in an awful space at the moment so I would greatly appreciate some indication of what my tarot and natal chart shows for the coming few months. Thank you so much. Jenny

    • Thanks for coming to the Melbourne talk, Jenny. You were meant to be there as you are now ending one long chapter in your life and starting the next one. I hope you have some useful notes from that event. It is funny how often people turn up to Astrology and/or Tarot days and then realise they must deal with a huge shift. Take a deep breath and know that you were meant to travel and that, very likely, your spirit guides, family and friends have arranged things so that you had the best possible exit from your marriage. Europe in Spring is not only the ultimate therapy, you also need to open up to each and every person, experience, place and invitation while you are there, as these faces, places and spaces are meant to be and will reward you for many years into the future. In fact one in particular will call you back from 2021. The actual end of the marriage is obviously having an impact on you emotionally, sexually, financially and on a soul level, but you will also realise – from the other side of the world – that you needed to expand your horizons, increase your knowledge of the world, explore and adventure and experiment. This is one of many reasons why this man must now play a lesser part in your day-to-day life and others will ultimately come in. It is too early to talk about new partners now but you are certainly going to make fascinating new friends and in fact this trip will begin a new phase of great passion and interest in a vast subject, tied to one of the places you visit. Most of all this is about doing a new life budget. I am sure you are in an awful space, just coping, but when you feel a bit more grounded, do start to use your Tarot and Astrology cards, your journal and the guidebooks, that come with membership. Just experiment and see what you are getting. The life ‘budget’ will involve putting price tags on what money cannot buy. This, most of all, is what is coming through. You are now in a radically different phase of your life and still dealing with shock. You need to do that by using meditation, distance healing or other options, in the first instance. Do this daily as your entire chakra and aura system has taken a hit. I strongly recommend the work of Matthew Manning and Betty Shine, which is free to listen to, on YouTube – and their books, CDs and websites. Betty is in spirit now but just as effective as ever and Matthew is a famous healer. Okay, so once your energy field has settled, start with the budget. Actually put a dollar value on peace of mind, for example, or something you will not find in a catalogue – freedom. Eventually you will come to love that freedom, believe it or not. I am also being told that an animal companion can be a very good friend in a period of tremendous change – our furry friends are here to help!

  25. Hello Jessica
    I am really enjoying these Tarot Tuesdays, and May does look interesting.
    Have you got any suggestions about my May? My daughter is struggling with some issues (she is a teenager) at the moment, and I’m also feeling like I’m at a bit of a crossroads with my partner, even though I’m not really sure why. We live together and love each other very much, but he is looking to eventually live on a yacht and go ‘cruising’ – this will be several years away, but it is his plan. I would love to join him in this but feel that there is a crossroads looming soon, maybe due to my daughter’s difficulties and his future plans. As I say, his plans are several years away, so I’m not sure why I feel like there is some sort of ultimatum brewing. I am finding things very difficult with my daughter, and am at a bit of a loss how to deal with her (and my ex husband) too.
    Thanks, Jessica. Your insight into the patterns of our lives is very much appreciated.

    • Thank you. I am sorry you are going through this with your daughter – and you obviously have choices to make about your partner. As these two people are your whole question I need their personal birth charts (or questions from them with charts, at least) to give you proper information, in combination with the Tarot. In the absence of this, I suggest you use your Astrology Oracle cards and Tarot cards, and your guidebook – plus your journal – to navigate. If you follow the rules you will get the insights you need. I use them whenever I am stuck and suggest you make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down and see what is really going on here. In general there is karma with your daughter going back to 2000 and 1981 and even into past lives. In those years you put things in motion with a family member, or the family tree as a whole, and now it returns. Of course she may have been born in 2000, or perhaps you attempted pregnancy that year. The karmic loops come back to reach you now and it is entirely possible you knew each other in another incarnation. Your former husband may be her father, correct? Again this would be past life in nature and between lives, you both/all would have made soul contracts to go through old issues and this time, find closure. You will see how much easier life is after 2020 when the Node finally moves out of Cancer and your Fourth House of family and goes into Gemini. This is temporary so please don’t worry. I suspect your partner has Neptune/Pisces patterns which hit your own chart, or yours hit his. Yachts and cruising are typical. (I speak from experience as I spend the year going between two yachts myself). I am sure you know how unrealistic Neptune can be. It is the holiday from reality but he is coming to these plans fresh out of a really confusing period (February-April was Mercury Retrograde in Pisces) so whatever was discussed or decided then in particular was strictly experimental! What he is really seeking is escape. Not so much the water, but just a way out/a way through. He can achieve that faster, in a more simple way, just by heading to the beach or going fishing. So if that is not happening you may want to make sure it is on offer. I am sure your teenager’s contribution to the psychic atmosphere at home is having an impact on his own equilibrium and peace of mind! A bit of space, peace, quiet and escape all round is a smart idea at the moment. The Tarot will help you here.

      • Thank you so much, Jessica.
        You are spot on, as usual: I did think I was pregnant in 2000 (the year my daughter’s father and I were married). It turns out I was wrong, and she was born later. I have been working with the Tarot etc as you suggested and holding that thought (re the Node moving out of Cancer).
        Blessings to you, Jessica, for all your amazing (and hard) work.

  26. I’ve been doing all I can on every level to get our financially stuck and restricted position flowing again. Is there an end Point… I do hope May is it. Thank you for all the goodness. X

    • Thank you. What the Tarot is picking up here is a kind of ‘unplugging’ right across the planet in relation to the economy, as we see a few things happen all at once. Brexit deals for a start. From your own point of view, you are very likely to have Taurus and/or Scorpio factors in your personal birth chart which are being hit by the new Uranus in Taurus cycle. Often if you are stuck it is because you have not been radical enough. Really quite revolutionary changes in your attitude towards spending, giving and receiving are usually what this cycle demands and it is has literally just started.

  27. Hi Jessica, Just a couple of things I would like to know what is predicted for my health
    right now just had a major operation but recovering pretty well, also as usual I still
    feel all at sea and distrustfull of my love life. Many Many Thanks

    • The Tarot does best with one question and one card – so looking at your body, mind and spirit connection – you have been feeling ‘all at sea’ not only about love, perhaps, but also with your health – because of a very long Neptune and Mercury Retrograde cycle in Pisces, right opposite the Virgo/Sixth House part of your horoscope. This has been very disorienting to go through which may be why you feel love has been confusing/confused too! Yet Mercury is now well and truly out of this phase. You were put out of action for a while as you needed to ‘go within’ and get to know your own soul or spirit again. This is often the case. The Virgo-Pisces axis of your chart is about the hospital (Virgo) and doctor (also Virgo) and nurse – but at the other end we find Pisces and the relationship you have with your God or the Universe. What had to happen has happened and you are now much further along with your inner world and inner life. You can read more about these two houses: Sixth House and Twelfth House – on Search. If you found any religious/spiritual books, programs or people crossing your path in February-April now you know why. I hope you continue to be on the mend!

  28. May definitely sounds promising! Was hoping you could look at my chart and tarot and see if there is any hope that it might get a little easier for me. I’ve been reading your horoscopes everyday and I’m definitely feeling the pressure of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and the nodes. Particularly the karma you’ve been talking about from 2000. 2019 has been very challenging thus far. I left one job in Feb only to find that my new job was not as advertised. Also that my new company was merging with another who doesn’t allow remote employees. So I went with the flow and just got hired at a new company and should start in May. I’m exhausted with the changes and hope this is a good fit for awhile. Money is flowing freely but not making much progress on saving/paying debt like I want to. I’m engaged to a man (8/28/65 Athens, AL) who also started a new career in April. Pluto is sitting right on top of his Salacia and Ops in Capricorn. He is very happy in his new job and now works tremendous hours each week. We never see each other now. The reason I mention karma is that in 2000 I entered into a relationship with my ex husband who by 2001 took a similar career. I spent the next 12 years alone with my children. Eventually I stopped waiting on him to put his family first and started doing my own thing which led to us leading separate lives and eventually splitting up. I’m terrified I’m reliving the same situation now in 2019. I wasted 12 years waiting on someone and I’m not sure I can do it again. Hoping you might be able to give me some insight into our charts to see if this will get easier. Thank you.

    • You and everyone else got ‘Mercury Retrograded’ through the first quarter of 2019 which may explain why nothing went to plan! You are now looking at karma from 2000 and your latest relationship. You are not going to relive the same situation (repeat it) because you already did that! Yet you have some scores to settle and scores to claim, either with your ex-husband or this man now. It’s give and take on a soul level. It passes in a year.

  29. Thank’s Jessica. You are amazing. I understand why do i go trough it.. .. It’s very hard but I hope I will succeed. what will happen to us? Will we find ourselves in the next period? how will my love life be? I would like to regain my hope. thank you from the heart

    • You’ll be with a lover who is right eventually – the rest of your life has to become right – you have to settle into the life you are going to lead for many years and the person you are meant to become. Then you get someone moving on up. One cannot rush these things and despite what Hollywood tells you, a lover, husband or wife is not always the priority or main story!

  30. Hi Jessica,
    It has been a non stop struggle this year with what feels like limited forward movement in my business, finances, personal relationships and almost every area of life. I have been working to clear out old patterns, bad relationships and set-up better boundaries in order to create space for new opportunities but so far no movement has appeared. My mom is terminally ill and so I have been supporting her as she struggles daily with her health issues. I have decided to focus on my mom and the time I have left with her as my business seems to be at a standstill anyway. All this stalling makes me wonder if I should give up on this business and pursue something else. Do you have any advice on a strategy to approach the month ahead? Do I focus on family and let the rest go?
    Thanks for your advice it is always very helpful.

    • I am so sorry about your mother. You have been blocked with everything else because, as I am sure you realise, you need the most time with her and she with you. Nothing else matters. Sometimes you are stalled for a reason. When the time is right things will move for you. For now she’s the priority as is your own learning about the afterlife – ‘Life Between Lives’ is the book.

  31. Hello Jessica
    May seems like a busy month and I was wondering what it meant for me on the work front as a few projects have revived and a few have come out of nowhere All the best! Eli

    • Sure, Eli, this is all about the money as people have revised budgets once and will do it 2-3 more times by June. You are part of that. You may also be varying your own budget and prices/costs.

  32. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for this opportunity to ask a question, I believe May will be a very significant month for me, my horoscope takes me back to 1981 this is when I joined the Army, 2000 I gave birth to my middle son and now 19 years later I am excited to see what the next major change is for me.
    thank you so much

  33. Hi Jessica,
    Thank you for all you do!
    I have an odd question. On occasion, throughout my life for as long as I can remember, I’ve randomly been called the name Michelle. This could be from people I know or people I encounter as I’m out and about. For the first time, last November, I felt compelled to give this some thought because I was called Michelle twice by two different people who I simply encountered.
    Do you have any thoughts on this? If so, what are they?

    • Thank you! You win the prize for the most unusual question of the day. Being called ‘Michelle’ when your name is clearly not. Do you know a Michelle in spirit? She may be walking with you. Otherwise – it is a mystery.

  34. hi Jessica and welcome Ryuji Kagami,

    I seriously have no funds to renew membership when it lapsed in Feb. Had to always prioritise. I am still trying my luck. Thank you for your kindness.
    Since March my online business suffered, no sale at all. Items i send to hawaii took 38 days to deliver and were broken refunds etc. Mercury retro hit me hard. No sales till today. is it me or the cosmic? I am getting an indian small company to help me with the website ranking etc. I won’t quit.
    Dad was ill. Book tickets in march, spill water on passport (neptune mercury dance). applied another passport and took a flight to sri lanka but before flight take over i had panic attack. I threw a drama and got off the flight before it took off.
    Then the bomb blast in sri Lanka happened. I may be lucky here.

    I am now doing a 40 day reiki to remove my worry and tension. what happened to my business? I cant figure out.

    pluto 2 libra
    sun 4 libra
    Bacchus 5 libra
    Mercury & Psyche 10 libra
    Ceres 12 Libra
    Uranus 17 Libra
    Cupid 26 Libra
    Juno 1 Scorpio
    dsc 21 Scorpio
    Hygia 26 Scorpio
    Neptune 3 Sagg
    Jupiter 0 Capri
    N Node 23 Cappi
    Salacia 0 Aquarius
    Ops 3 Aquarius
    Aesclepius 4 Aquarius
    MC 12 Aquarius
    Minerva 0 Pisces
    Chiron 15 Aries
    Asc 15 Taurus
    Moon 6 Gemini
    Vesta 14 Gemini
    Saturn 20 Gemini
    Proserpina 28 Gemini
    Diana 15 Cancer
    S Node 23 Cancer
    Vulcano 29 Cancer
    IC 12 Leo
    Venus 21 Leo
    Mars 27 Virgo
    Apolo 6 Virgo
    Panacia 15 Vir
    Fortuna 24 Vir


    Thank you

    • You may indeed have been diverted from Sri Lanka for a reason. I am sorry you are going through financial turmoil. You need to be aware that you are in a new seven year cycle when there are no guarantees with cash flow. Instead of digging in and repeating your 2018 or 2017 formula, you need to see what is really going on in May and adjust and adapt. You will need to be radical. There is a revolution going on out there in the world economy and your own country’s economy. We are at the very first stage of the new cycle which ends in 7 years and you are affected. Uranus in Taurus is a reality. Your Scorpio factors in the Eighth House of property, business, charity and finance are in the target range. So are your Taurus factors. Look up Eighth House on Search when you finish reading this. If you are sure you want to run your own business you must take into account ‘the new real’ and ‘the new deal’ which is evolving. Get right across this and read widely. Meet change with change. Otherwise you may in fact get further behind. I have no idea what your business is which makes it difficult for me to say more.

  35. Hi Jessica, this doesn’t seem a bad month fingers crossed but wonder if you have any insight that could help me please. I met my Pisces when I was 14, on and off we saw each other for 30 odd years until dec 17 when we had what I thought was a serious 21/2 year relationship however in July last year that ended with lies and eventually found out he had been seeing a new cancer for several months, i was incredibly down and then my dad became very ill I cared for him and he was my priority I was in hermit mode I suppose unfortunately my beloved dad died in February I didn’t know how to cope then suddenly the Pisces is back I wasn’t sure initially, tried all the tests he has apparently finished with cancer the day my dad died, he seemed genuine wanted to support me and was there all the time and was perfect he was everything I wanted again and more I was so very happy to be with him and he seemed happy too, trust was difficult and at times it was hard but we seemed to be getting there, then a week ago I felt him pull back I of course tried to fix it and we ended up with him walking out after a silly argument when I looked round I noticed all his things were already gone, he blamed me for a silly comment I begged for him to come back and talk he said he would and didn’t turn up now I have told him goodbye but I am lost in confusion he will not tell me why just said somethings are not meant to be and yet when i said goodbye he said maybe we could meet for a drink, I want to walk away and move on but if I got this so wrong twice how can I ever trust my instincts again. I do still want him back and miss him and suddenly loosing my dad as well is hitting me hard. I am lost in confusion and grief

    • I am so sorry about your Dad and he is far more important than this man. I am sure you know that. The wrong sort of Pisces man can produce confusion (classic) and will also offer you alcohol (classic, again). Pisces is ruled by the two fish swimming in contrary, opposite directions – in the sea – which we sometimes call ‘the drink.’ I know it is hard for you to wean yourself away from Pisces, because you are needy, no doubt, or just vulnerable and crave a shoulder or more. Yet, you can confirm this with your Tarot and Oracle cards – ask yourself if you are getting what you need from Pisces now and by Christmas 2019 or if he is just supplying something you don’t. His entire issue is pregnancy, termination, adoption, fostering or children he already has from another relationship. If there are any you don’t mention them but they would be frightfully important. He has karma going back to the year 2000 about fatherhood and you are caught up in that. He will get closure on that karma in 2020. In the meantime you have to get over your Dad. He goes on in spirit. Maybe you already know that. If you are curious about the spirit world have a look at a book called Love Never Dies by my old friend, the famous medium Margaret Dent. Look at your cards. See what the are telling you!

  36. Hi Jessica,
    Can I have a tarot reading for this month?
    Thank you for your time!

    • Of course Maria, it would be my pleasure. May will shed light on the chemistry with your former, current or potential partner. You will be able to see clearly how different things look and feel, to where they were in 2017 and prior. What is really new in the mix is this person’s freedom and independence, and your own. There is a second issue here about the money, house, apartment, legacy, will or inheritance which concerned this person, or still concerns them. This is where you are being shown a huge solution or opportunity for 2019 which will peak in November if you pursue it now.

  37. Dear Jessica,

    Hope all is well. Do you have any insights please on how my health, career/finances and love life will fare in May? I am changing my diet and exercise routine while undergoing a recent severe anemia diagnosis, and my energy is not increasing in a straight line. There is a lot of work marketing to do in May and June (big conference and business travel), and things seem to be going better with my Pisces lover now that I said I want to heal from my marriage before getting into a serious relationship. I am cautiously optimistic about it all but being cynical and impatient, I am hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

    Apropos of nothing, I remembered your comments a while back that Trump would be surprised at how many in his inner circle had provided evidence when I saw this article: https://www.wsj.com/articles/hush-money-probe-gathered-evidence-from-trumps-inner-circle-11554897911?shareToken=st41c1a53df9684e21b7dcfe543455871c&mod=djmc_pktapr&reflink=FTM_HM. Time will tell indeed!

    • Thank you. You are having Pisces-Virgo issues. Twelfth House and Sixth House. Your lover is Pisces. You have no energy. You have a lot of work in May. Workload and body are Virgo. Pisces is your relationship with your God, or the Universe or even astrology! You are ‘doing’ the Virgo stuff but being pulled by a Pisces person. I expect you are also being ‘pulled’ by Pisces matters which are about the soul or spirit, not the body, the job, the money or the lover. If you have not already taken a weekend (at least) to explore your belief in a higher power, or your trust (or no trust at all) perhaps in the universe – now is the time. Getting your soul or spirit straight will make the biggest difference to everything else. You may or may not be religious but on this transit, something or someone is calling and you need to stop and listen. If often needs to be done alone. A hymn can sometimes do it.

  38. Hi Jessica,

    I see that on May 18, Sun 27 Taurus opposite Moon 27 Scorpio (which is a full moon).
    In my chart (and I am Pisces), my North Node is 27 Taurus and South Node is 27 Scorpio – what does May 18 look like for me?? (I feel like this could be significant!)


    • The Full Moon will mean you require more time and space to figure out your value system, as opposed to that of other people or large organisations. You don’t have any other major transits across 27 Taurus-Scorpio, so of itself this is not going to change your life, but you may want to swerve around that Full Moon period for major decisions, just because paperwork particularly that comes out of the tug-of-war between Sun and Moon tends to reveal conflicted feelings and those get written in stone if you are borrowing money from a bank, say, or buying a flat. Your Nodes are about karma and past life experience and in Taurus and Scorpio you have known what it is like to be poor and rich. You learned values along the way. What you will or will not sell your soul for. Who or what you consider to be priceless. That Full Moon will lay it right on the line and as Scorpio rules sex and money, legacy and inheritance, family and property – it may well be about the other person/people involved. Time to do some life maths!

  39. Hi Jessica
    I have read your analysis For May and a few of my Aries aspects match, I’m hoping for a turnaround in finances and to gain/find my forever home. Do you see that happening in the near future?
    Also my son 10may99 Melbourne and daughter 01sep97 have had a major falling out, do you the situation being repaired anytime soon?

    • You will ‘meet change with change’ in 2019, 2020 as we are going to see a huge shift in the value and price of houses and apartments right around the world, and also a massive transformation involving the banks. You will be able to surf the waves of change as they come towards you and if you are in a flexible position, be able to land somewhere you like, with a home and money. Yet – you will need to be light on your feet long-term as you have enough factors at the end of that Taurus-Scorpio cycle that in 5-7 years from now you will want to zig-zag as the economy zig-zags around you. Your children are going through past life karma triggered by the North Node in Cancer in your Fourth House of ancestors and family tree. In fact you will play the middle person, just as you did in another lifetime. It will take great communication skills, a lot of hard work and when it is done, it will be done – for another 19 years. The karma closes next year when the Node leaves Cancer.

  40. Hi Jessica,

    I read the tarot and because I am not familiar with it, I am not so sure how it resonates. I do consider myself an advanced amateur in astrology, many thanks to your teaching!

    I am going through a weird phase now which I can only blame on my chiron return. In my whole life, I have never taken crap from anyone, and I will walk away without looking back if someone does me wrong – even if I have no proof someone does me wrong but spider senses give me the clue, I will still walk away.

    Within the past 3 weeks or so, my thoughts have changed a little…yes, I will still walk away, but it’s different now. In the past, I would say to myself “this person has done whatever to me so I will walk away” but now it’s has it’s like my inner voice says “I allowed this person to treat me this way and that’s why they treated me that way and also, I deserve better.” I also have been internally guided to allow myself to be angry at myself for allowing people to treat me in a cruel manner, but also to forgive myself for allowing it as well – and going forward, DONT ALLOW IT BECAUSE I DESERVE BETTER. It’s like a huge purge of acknowledging my own faults, forgiving myself and refusing to put blame on my hurt on others. I can only guess this is due to Chiron return in Aries.

    Also after a crappy couple of years career wise, Uranus liberated me against my will over a year ago and I am now in a position where I am free and trusted by my employer and traveling to teach others in my field which is something I am good at and enjoy doing. I feel so blessed!

    I guess my questions are, is what I’m experiencing where I take blame for allowing crappy behavior from others (and forgiving myself) rather than just blaming others typical of chiron return?

    After Uranus in Aries turned my world upside down in my career in the past few years, what can I expect now? My intuition says I can expect amazing things where I can share my thoughts and experiences and teach others.

    How do you interpret my astrological placements and tarot for the next few months?

    Thanks for all you do! Bless you!

    • That is a good question and other readers who have Chiron in Aries, experiencing their Chiron Return, will relate. You were born with Chiron in the energetic, fearless, thrusting, upfront sign of Aries in the First House of your chart, which rules your title, brand, personal appearance, identity and reputation. Chiron is a teacher. He is a mentor, guide, tutor or (sometimes) foster-parent figure. In 2019 and beyond he educates you about how you are seen and how you appear. Because Chiron is returning to his very own place in your chart, in the zodiac sign of Aries, this is a rebirth. I hope you can see that Chiron was in your First House when you were a baby too. As much as this cycle is about being educated, nurtured and mentored regarding yourself – and how you project and publicise yourself, particularly online – it is also about remembering who you are. And you are here to use yourself as an example to show others how to handle appearances, branding, personality projection, self-promotion and the rest. When you say you are not going to take it any more from particular people, I suspect it has something to do with that shell of yours. It is not the real you but it is a version of you, online, and you are judged for it. So if people have criticised the way you look, for example, or you have felt uncomfortable about the portrait they paint of you – Chiron is here to say ‘Time is up.’ 2019 is actually a very good cycle to approach professionals, or even authors and go-to experts, about ‘Me’ matters. You would learn life-changing lessons which you then pass on to others. Have a look at Chiron and the First House on Search and in your eguides too. And thank you for the blessing!

  41. hi Jessica,
    I am hoping you would be able to respond to my comment from April 29 above, hoping you might be able to provide me with some insight by looking into mine and my husbands (of 37 years) charts to see if where our relationship is headed. I am definitely feeling the effect of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Thank you.
    Desperate Saggitarius

    • You don’t need to be desperate, here, but you do need to be absolutely clear about what you want and need! This may take a long talk with the mirror. Talking to a mirror can look very odd, so shut the door. Write things down and rip them up and throw them away, but remember them. Start a dream diary and rip that up too. You are in a confused/confusing cycle so you need to get real – and be very, very specific about who or what you want in your life. If that is to leave your husband, then that’s fine, but how – and when – and on what basis? And if you want to stay in the marriage, why and how, and on what basis? Don’t be afraid to state and ask, very clearly, what you want and think about *when* you want it. Everything is possible for you and June would be the time to get real, with a likely outcome for you after 2020 as the Nodes go across Sagittarius-Gemini. As that would be a period when you create karma for the future (around the year 2040) you do need to be totally sure/clear about your husband so that you create the best possible outcomes for both of you, when the time is right – which will certainly be after 2020 has passed. For now, think about June as a way of making a start. Get the mirror out!

  42. Hi Jessica I am going to enrol in a travel writing course and did an oracle reading to try and assess any financial viability from it. I pulled the Midheaven in the 8th House cards…I feel very positive but was hoping that you could pull a tarot card to assess my success with it over the next six months please? Thank you x

    • Study is ideal for 2019 but making money from study in 2019 is too early – you need to actually go through this whole year of learning – and there would be more learning when the Nodes go into Gemini (the internet) and Sagittarius (global knowledge) after 2021. So it’s a bit of process with you. I don’t know what question you asked in terms of specific timings, but your Astrology Oracle is telling you that your career (Midheaven) is about sex and money, mortgage and marriage, property and family – or legacy and inheritance. That is a direct translation of MC/Eighth House.

  43. Hi Jessica,
    Not a Tarot question, but a statement. You got this prediction absolutely spot-on. It is only the second day of May, but…

    The Bank of Canada and Monetary Authority of Singapore have sent each other digital currencies using blockchain technology, marking the first such successful trial between two central banks.



    Tech’s raid on the banks – Digital disruption is coming to banking at last


    • Thank you so much! I am flying between Australia and Singapore at the moment so have been behind the news online, but this is validation of astrology and I’m grateful for the links – think a few people on here will be fascinated to see how Uranus in Taurus is coming to pass…

  44. Hi Jessica,
    Welcome Ruji Kagami!

    I got a new assignment, a high demanding position, has to do with international affairs and I was wondering what it looks like, which will be its impact for my love life and career! Single since a long time!

    Thank you, as always your insights are very much appreciated


    • Thank you, I will pass on your welcome to Ruji, Juno. The country you deal with in 2019-2020 has karma with you and vice versa and it brings a prior incarnation into play. More recently there is karma in general around foreign people and places, travel, emigration and immigrants, and specifically foreign belief systems – going back to the year 2000 and again 1981. This will show itself by next year and you will realise that the international affairs job is really about past lives too. You may even recognise a face or place. Love is a wild, wild, unpredictable, exciting ride for years to come, with existing clues in place with you since February

  45. Dear Jessica,
    I just renewed my subscription
    I would appreciate if you could look at my birth chart and tell me some wonderful man is coming in and or a job and I’ll be ok money wise
    Thank you again for you wonderful guidance
    PS I would love to be married again

    • Thank you E. Any choice about marrying again involves your existing children (if you have them) and/or the possible stepchildren of a new partner. There would be karma here and it would run right across 2021, 2022 when the past (from around the year 2002/2003) comes back to you, with the same issues or themes repeating. If a child was born 2002-2003 that would make sense either for you or the prospective lover. Zooming on on May 2019, just the month ahead, there will be some ‘Oh!’ and ‘Oh?’ moments with your house, family, apartment, home town, homeland or household. Know this for what it is. You are being set free and when you adjust and adapt you will see how madly exciting the future is going to be. Magic word: independent!

  46. Thank you so very much Jessica for responding to my comment.
    I want to stay in the marriage. I want to make it work. You have mentioned “everything is possible for you and June would be the time to get real”. What is it about June that would allow me that opportunity? Are their any specific planet or other transits that I need to be aware of?
    I truly appreciate your help.

    • We’re talking about the Gemini-Sagittarius oppositions of June in particular. This is when you deal with the opposing factors within yourself (stay or go, most likely) but also polar opposites outside you – you versus him, or you versus her.

  47. Hi Jessica, thank you for all you do!
    I am a Scorpio Sun, 22 degrees, with Taurus Moon 8 degrees and Ascendant Taurus 8 degrees, and other Scorpio and Taurus aspects. What does May/June hold for me? Thank you!

    • The Tarot cards that most apply to you are The Lovers but also the Two of Cups. In both cases, we are talking about the chemistry you share with your former, current or potential partner – in love or work. We may also be talking about a relationship or partnership with an arch enemy or rival too. That is also a chemical cocktail. What we are seeing here is a laboratory experiment now through the end of May which involves new ingredients you two did not have before. You are going to have to remix that chemistry with a very different recipe. One of the new ingredients is oxygen. Space! Room!

  48. Hi Jessica,

    I feel like though May is going to be a good month, it has been my life story for awhile. I am always worrying about money and thinking how to be better at spending and saving. And as far as relationships, pretty much the same. When will this all change for the better? Will there be a time soon where I wouldn’t have to think about all aspects of my life so much all the time and just be?

    Also with my May horoscope, on the 26th, I have MC 13° Taurus 30′ 55″ and IC 13° Scorpio 30′ 55″, how exactly does this translate?

    Thank you for all your guidance.

    • You’re a Sun Virgo, and if you were really born right on the dot of 3.30 – yes, you have your MC or Midheaven at 13 Taurus and IC or Immum Coeli at 13 Scorpio. I have to say, it is very unlikely the umbilical cord was cut on the round half hour, though! Let’s give you the benefit of the doubt and say you really do have a 13 degree pattern – in which case you will find that near the 26th of May you must compromise on a decision about the money, house, apartment, charity, business or possessions. You will have to make a deal with yourself, but also a deal with someone else, or an organisation. Doing this ‘deal’ will mean you have to add up your life budget differently. In general, given your chart, you need to find out what you can get away with over the next few years. I am not talking anything illegal so please don’t think you have to invest in a sack with LOOT written on the side and a stripey top! Yet, there are ways and means to bend the rules, make a few interesting experiments and so on, regarding money, property or business. There is someone in front of you now who can teach you actually. It may be a creative accountant. Maybe it’s a whole organisation. This person or organisation would have been there since February. For more on this process of many years look up Chiron and also Eighth House on Search when you finish reading this. Ask your Astrology Oracle how you can save or make money in the most rewarding way in 2019!

  49. Hi Jessica, Thank you for your introducing Ryuji to us. And as I am a naturalized Japanese, I, more than other readers, am exited to get Ryuji’s readings. But I can’t interpret to my chart. Your monthly predictions and other astrology blogs have predicted May will be the start of my exiting long journey. Do they agree with this month trot readings ? Will I travel to another country (supposed to be China) to do job ( transfer of yeasts and fermentation technology I have developed here in Japan) there? Will I move in there ? How is my monetary prospect there ?

    • Thank you. Ryuji is fantastic – I am sure you know his cards and books. You have Jupiter at 22 Sagittarius in your Ninth House of emigration and travel. Good news. In 2019 you have your Jupiter Return as the planet of good fortune, expansion, growth, optimism and problem-solving moves through your Ninth House. Have a look at Jupiter and Ninth House on Search when you finish reading this. By the first week of December 2019, very likely in November, you will get everything you want from travel, or relocation, if that is what you want. Sure it could be China but actually the whole world is open to you when Jupiter goes through your Ninth House. For example – look at Britain. The world map of trade and technology will be redrawn this year and although I know nothing about yeast or fermentation technology, I do know that the food and drink industry is ripe for a revolution with Uranus in Taurus! That would be a business avenue worth exploring once Britain leaves the European Union.

  50. Hello Jessica !
    I need to ask about Saturn in the 9house .. I am living in a foreign country, so what can happen when he transit my 9, can there be problems with me living her??? Because i am becoming more and more frustrated with people her (it’s all foreign to me) even people who I liked in the beginning.. ! I know I will stay here and when Saturn hits my 10 I will be leaving my job I love ! But what issues can Saturn give me in the 9 ..? Soon … thank you so much !

    • You have natal Saturn in Virgo in the Sixth House in your birth chart, and transiting Saturn is currently in Capricorn in your solar Ninth House as a Sun Gemini, and in your natal Tenth House. So I am not sure where you are getting this information about the Ninth House from. It sounds as if you are using a different house system to me. Look up Saturn, Sixth House, Tenth House on Search because that is actually what you are going through in 2019, 2020. The cycle is exclusively about work and you will find that your career situation becomes a great deal easier in 2020 as the cycle slowly ends, with complete release in December 2020. Use your Astrology Oracle cards to figure out how best to deal with the professional challenges in 2019 as it is very good for suggesting solutions. You can and will get through this.

      • Oh I am confused …
        Saturn transit from my sun sign, Saturn in Capricorn now until 2020- which is my 8 house ? I don’t use my natal chart.. so I mean when Saturn transits Aquarius – my 9house from sun gemini- what can happen then … ?
        I only use my sun sign because it works for me …

  51. Thank you for this Jessica. It prompted me to read more about Ryuji Kagami. Such a learned man!

    I have a sun Virgo & recently involved with a sun Scorpio. Why are things moving so slow? Some days conversations between us are so stuck, repetitive and stale that I am tempted to give up. Other days, even the shortest conversations are intense and deep.

    What else? On a personal level, I began some cognitive behavioral therapy. My feelings sometimes get the better of me & I feel all at sea. The only anchor I seem to have right now is a 9-5 job. So grateful, but hardly adequate to keep me grounded. Any advice?

    • Ryuji is amazing and he will be with us one more time in June alongside Kyra Oser, who I am also really lucky to work with. We have such brilliant minds reading the Tarot these days. I am glad you are doing C.B.T. and suggest you also use your Tarot cards, Astrology Oracle cards and journal that come with membership. They would go hand-in-hand with what you are doing, which has a fantastic track record. Your Scorpio is ‘going through change’ as they say and I don’t know how much you know about Scorpio’s past. I suspect there is an ex lurking who is part of the story. You also don’t say if Scorpio has children from a previous marriage, or even wants them, which would also be a major part of the story. It’s not communication. It’s about what is hidden or covered up, emotionally, perhaps financially. I don’t know how far into that you want to go. See what the cards (your own) say. You need to find out everything you can about the ex-partner and also about any other rival on the scene, regarding yourself.

  52. Hello Jessica!

    I got out of long term relationship last year and fell into a whirlwind short term romance during the month of March. Even though everything else is great, I feel like a bomb has been dropped on my love life. The guy dropped out due to family reasons and I’m still hung up on him.

    What happened and what do I have to look forward to over the next few months?

    • I am really sorry he dropped you. He was the last big rejection. You were supposed to be with someone who could educate you and he was not that lover. The good news is, you will be with someone who teaches, mentors and guides you over the next few years. It may be the same partner throughout or you would be with more than one lover who is that ‘guru’ figure for you. You need to find out what you can get away with, in terms of being in a relationship, partnership or marriage. This is really the next big phase in your private life, following on from around 10 years of never being able to predict anything, never being able to run life on a timetable, never knowing what was coming next. You may want to look up Chiron, Seventh House on Search as this is the next cycle. It will happen when you are ready for it. When the student is ready the teacher appears. I am afraid that if you had stayed with this other man, you would have been trapped. You would have been kept small, boxed in, fenced in for some years into the future, very likely because of his mother or perhaps his siblings. Maybe you can even see that. So once the shock has subsided, try to release your attachment to your memory of him. Modern life and love can be really hard because we have hormones and instincts which our species survived with for thousands of years that kick in to keep reproducing! So your body kicked in, even though I suspect part of your mind or soul is seeing why it may not have been so good for you long term. Just take time out. You will be with someone who is not the usual candidate – a distinctive and intriguing person. Until then ask your Tarot and Astrology Oracle a few questions and use your journal so you can feel better.

  53. Hi Jessica

    Can you please tell me what this month holds for me relative to my job search. I am
    Waiting on accor hotels to come back to me – this has been going forwards and backwards for a few months now and I am
    Quite on the edge now. Alternatively, do you see a new job /role coming my way soon?

    Thanks so much in advance

    • I am sorry as I know you have been waiting for a while. We’ve all been there, with uncertain job situations! I have to say, if you made your application during the long Mercury Retrograde that we had, it may be that it was never going to work out, for which I am sorry. You are actually going to try something quite new, different and radical in your career and surprise yourself and other people with what you do. You will be much more free and independent as a result of doing that. It won’t be what you did before – it will be an experiment, actually, and you will be spending about 7 years with it. It starts in May 2019. So set the past aside. Be open to a very different sort of future. If you are prepared to be open to change, and open-minded about what is possible for you with work, so much can happen. Look for signs that tell you when you are on the wrong path (the old path) and on the right path (the new path). If you can see that you are in the right time, right place surrounded by the right people to do something that breaks new grounds, innovates and invents – then you are on track. I hope this makes sense to you.Use your Astrology Oracle and Tarot to find out more, as this is personal to you and the cards are too. Good luck.

  54. Thanks Jessica.
    I am re-asking the question with a bit more clarity for you to be able to answer.
    You state, everything is possible in June due to the Gemini-Sagittarius oppositions. What do they mean?
    I am wondering how specific astrology can get. Do you see a future for me and my husband born January 15, 1956, 11:00 a.m. (latitude 17.284640 and longitude 74.331240) in Maharashtra, India.
    Thanks again.

    • I do see a future for you and your husband but it depends on the children – his marriage to you, and his love life for the next 7 years – is about his son or daughter, a possible new baby, or even a stepchild, adoption, fostering and so on. It is impossible for me to read his mind or put myself in his shoes as a father, or as a potential father, yet his most important long-term choices will be about just that single issue. You would know the very personal details about this, not me, as the cycle he is in covers termination of pregnancy, infertility, impotence, and the rest. It is also very much about the relationship between father and son, and father and daughter. So this is really what you have to look at. And there is hope if you both want to stay together. But he will have to deal with some quite radical changes that he never saw coming. So will you. There is an element of the unpredictable about this for him that even astrology cannot call. The bottom line for the next 6-7 years with this man, for you, is to understand that when it comes to children, he has to be free. He has to be independent. And that he must extend this freedom to the children as well.

  55. Hi Jessica,

    Looks like May is going to be a good month. I’m wondering how it ties into my birth chart. I’m beginning a new chapter and finally putting the past behind me. I’ve been separated from my husband (Sagittarius) for almost four years. We were together for 23 years when I left. In the last 18 months, I became my grandson’s legal guardian and met a great guy. I was concerned about my finances after the divorce becomes final and if he will fight me on everything, which is why I haven’t filed. It’s time to put the past where it belongs and start really enjoying my life. Do you have any insight? Would love to hear from you. Thank you.

    • You were born with Venus at 2 Taurus in your Second House of money. Venus is about love and sex – of course. You can look this up on Search when you finish reading this, but Venus/Second House is in sharp focus in 2019, 2020 as we have Uranus (radical change, freedom, upheaval, independence) sitting right on 2 Taurus for the first time in your life. To say you are in unknown territory is a huge understatement so your instincts about not filing for divorce are correct. Uranus is a symbol of revolution and rebellion too: it can come like a lightning storm. Put a price tag on freedom and pay it. For the moment. When things settle down and Uranus moves off Venus, you will be in a different space with your former husband. You have been separated four years but you now need to see what it means to have Venus in Taurus in the Second House of values, valuables, money and the rest, as Uranus sweeps across it. Allowing the most possible wiggle room for ducking and diving is a really good idea.

  56. Hi Jessica,

    I always miss Tarot Tuesday until it’s too late – but not this time!

    Is there any chance you can give me some guidance on where things are headed for me – relationship-wise with the lovely partner I met last year at the start of my 2nd Saturn Return (a Piscean with Capricorn rising). We had plans to move on together but they seem to have stalled recently because of all kinds of obstacles. Also career-wise as I’ve been painting and writing and trying so hard to get somewhere (financially) with both. I get loads of compliments but no sales! is there anything I should be concentrating on – in both areas of my life – to help things along?

    Thank you so much.


    • Two questions there – but only one card. The card is talking about your career. DM, continue to enjoy painting and writing, but know that we are moving into crazy economic times when people will stick to the basics. They will pay for what they know and need and not really experiment with anyone just starting out. This should not put you off. Continue. But don’t expect quick sales. You have a gift for self-expression and understand nature, birds and animals very well and this translates into your work. One or two sales, maybe. But do it for love just at this particular moment in history…

  57. Hi Jessica

    Can I please have a tarot reading for May. There’s a total mess up in my career, but I have few new good friends coming up in the scene. I do not want to quit my job at this time though I’m not happy.


    • Your career is a constant, Fiery. I think I have said this to you before, but you need an outlet away from work where you can be ‘fiery’ and also be number one. I am sure you are not happy given the transits now, and you would not have the patience to sit them out. Yet, you can find a way to be content if you get an outlet away from work where you can push, shove, thrust, compete and ‘feel the burn’ as they say. Jousting? Karate? Football? I have no idea but wow, you need an outlet. Work is really no longer such a pressure from 2020 when Jupiter (solutions) moves into Capricorn (ambition) and your Tenth House (career).

  58. Hi, Jessica!! This royal baby has me feeling broody! Any advice on sun sign compatibility with a Libra dad and two kids, a gemini and libra? We were thinking of trying for another Leo or Libra in year or so, but maybe a Taurus, Cancer, or even Aquarius baby would balance us out! We all have Scorpio stelliums, as well… it’s fun to consider! Thanks for your insights!

    • He is a little sweetie. You have a very airy family and circulate widely, breezy and easy. I expect the child will be born, conceived or adopted from December 2020, thanks to the Libra Dad. And this new face will change his life, with an astonishing year in 2021.

  59. Morning to you, Jessica.
    I am interested in what the cards reveal about property, if you will.

    Kindest wishes

    • Property bubbles are going to pop all over the planet for the next 7 years and it will happen in stages. I do not know if you want to buy or sell, and when – so it is harder to say more than that. Pamela’s key card for property for you shows a tower in a bubble/cloud. This is a symbol of an apartment. You need to get real about all this, rather than just get stuck with daydreams or even vague imagination. You will find that you have some very, very new property facts to digest and absorb sooner than you think. A tremendous world economic storm is blowing in and there will be a domino effect with mortgages, property prices, rentals and so on, right around the world. Deep breath. Get informed. You could gain but you will need expert advice.

      • Thank you for your answer, Jessica. You have helped me a great deal since I first entered your site a number of years ago. Sorry for the open question in regards to property. What I really want to know is when would be a favourable time to sell and move on up the property ladder? I have lived with my partner and son in our current property for 11 years, now I have ‘itchy feet’ as they say and I crave more outdoor space and new surroundings.
        Wishing I could be at your London event. Hope you have an incredible day

        • Thank you. The Tarot is not so great at ‘when’ but very good at ‘what’ and so I will look at one card to think about for the rest of 2019 in relation to houses and apartments, the property ladder and so on. I can understand why after 11 years you want to move. So your card is Ten of Staves/Wands. You can search this on Google if you like. Use the sub-heading ‘Smith-Waite Deck’ so you get the right picture. This card shows a person staggering towards a lovely looking future home, under the weight of too many burdens. Too many emails, too many plans and projects, too many deadlines. This is you or your partner. The lovely home (in a leafy, green setting) is not going anywhere and I dare say there are a lot more like it, dotted around. Yet, there is only one life to be lived, without back-breaking burdens! It’s almost like stumbling towards the destination on auto-pilot without realising the whole point is you enjoy the journey, my friend. You or your partner needs to stop right now, thank you very much. Pause, put the burdens down, delegate and ditch. Pick up the guide that Justin designed so beautifully for us earlier this year, about clearing your space – and watch Marie Kondo. You need to ‘spark joy’and life sweep. You or your partner is carrying way too much and you will be stunned at how different life looks and feels when one delegates and ditches. If this is affecting the tiredness, back or arms, head of one of you, or both of you, take that as a sign. Check out the card. The lovely home remains. The path to ‘there’ becomes easier, lighter and at last you can actually SEE.

  60. hi Jessica,
    I am hoping you will help me understand what you mean by “But he will have to deal with some quite radical changes that he never saw coming. So will you.”
    Thank you for all your insight and help in advance.

    • Just what I said. Don’t over-think this and please try not to live too much in the future. You are both in a Uranus transit, okay? The Tarot also reflects this. In simple terms, it means very sudden, very new, very different events and situations which set you free. I am not so interested in his situation, because you are the reader here. You will be liberated, quickly, from something or someone which has held you back for a very long time. It will be unpredictable, unique and once it’s over, it’s over. You will have changed and found so much more space and room to move in your life. It’s a good thing. But stay grounded when it happens please. Go for lots of long walks, preferably barefoot on grass or sand. Eat lots of vegetables. Breathe. Meditate. And don’t go around looking for the change, or waiting for it, just live your life. Yet it will come.

  61. Hi Jessica
    I have made the move to Ballarat and in a great house and location, I was wondering what the next twelve months may
    bring perhaps a partner ?
    thanks in advance for your reply

    • Congratulations on moving to that beautiful place, Dennis. It would be all about potential stepchildren actually, or your own children, if you ever had them. You would find this becomes an ongoing question in dating, by 2023. After that year it is less of an issue. Your ability to accept a date with children, or your ability to sort out your own children (if you have them) in the context of a new lover, is really the whole of the story for you in 2019. Getting real about that means making progress. You have a fair bit of thinking to do about what it actually means, to be with someone in that situation, or if you have a son or daughter, to date someone who is a potential step-parent. Getting real about this and going in quite deeply into all the issues for yourself will help you get ‘there’ faster, wherever ‘there’ is for you! I would expect the matter to come up December 2019 and January 2020. Christmas parties and New Year’s Eve parties suggest themselves!

  62. hi Jessica,
    I am so sorry for all my comments. But I really am going through the worst time in my life and hence have been looking for answers in order to find peace.
    In response to one of my comments (from April 15, 2019), you had mentioned “Transiting Uranus in Taurus in 2019 and 2020 will slowly but surely trine your Pluto in Virgo in the Sixth House”. My understanding is that this would be a favorable time for me, is that correct? How would I find dates when this transits would be happening?
    Thanks so much again.

    • Please do not apologise. This website has been set up as a space online to find peace and find answers. We live in a crazy world. The slow trine from Uranus in Taurus to your Pluto in Virgo is like a slow revolution. Like any revolution it offers you space, independence, a fresh start and freedom. Essentially, this is about your lifestyle. Your workload on a daily basis, from housework, to walking the dog or feeding the cat, to any paid work you do. It is about volunteering or perhaps full-time study. It very much involves your physical body and its suitability for the work you do, so we’re talking about conditions you have, or issues you live with, but also the potential for far better energy, fitness, health, and so on. Peace of mind is a big part of that. Now through 2020 you are going to find some answers about the way you live, work and do the housework – and your body, spirit and mind. Really great answers. Answers that will set you free. You need to look at your own need to control everything. Pluto in Virgo means you over-control food, alcohol, water, fitness, and so on. You then find that’s not possible and so you are constantly having to adjust and adapt where your body is concerned. The Uranus trine to Pluto will fix all that. On a global level it will be about a massive change in the food industry which hits supermarkets and fast food outlets. There will likely be shortages in the world food supply chain thanks to Brexit and China/US tariffs. All this trickles down to meet you where you live. So you’ll have the chance to ‘eat different’ and maybe drink differently. To really question your doctor or alternative health professional. To question how you live and work. And to be liberated. Really focus on this. It’s great. It will only happen once in your life. Look up Pluto and Sixth House.

  63. Thanks for introducing Ryuji to us Jessica. It’s interesting to read his interpretation of the cards and to learn a bit more about Japanese culture and perspective on things. I love the look of Ryuji’s tarot cards for beginners, I’ve checked them out online and the pictures are adorable and playful – perfect for story-telling!

  64. Jessica, i have recently got a writing assignment which may not pay me well but down the lane it could offer me the lifestyle, experience and freedom that I have been seeking for few years now. Do you think i should give it a go? Whats Y your instincts and tarot and my natal chart say about this?
    Ps: i am not a writer, but i have been looking to work from anywhere in the world and relocate to home country so constantly looking at an income source which could set me free financially and mentally.
    Do you see any growth for me in this profession?

    • Go for it. And go for it all in 2019 with Jupiter in Sagittarius in your Ninth House of foreign publishing, foreign languages and books, foreign blogs and websites. Try and keep on trying until December. Jupiter, also known as Guru and Brihaspati, is on your side.

  65. hi Jessica,
    You say we are both in a Uranus transit, and that I will be liberated, quickly, from something or someone which has held you back for a very long time. It will be unpredictable, unique and once it’s over, it’s over. You will have changed and found so much more space and room to move in your life. It’s a good thing and that the event will come. So my question is, what will the event be? Is he going to ask me for a divorce? or some other life threatening event? or astrology cannot tell too much specific?
    Thank you

    • Please do use your ecards and journals and eguides which come with membership – they are yours to use and gain from. The Astrology Oracle, The Astrology Oracle Ebook, the Tarot and your current journal are your best friends in times like this. They will answer your questions about divorce. I can’t comment on a man for whom I do not have a chart, who is not a client or reader, I’m afraid.

  66. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a bit all at sea at the moment having been felled by a nasty infection and spending a bit of time off work – which has thrown out my routine and sense of place in the world. I suspect it’s tied to a Neptune transit. I’d be grateful for any of your always insightful comments on my chart and dealing with a Neptune – sun transit and what lies ahead for the next few months for me or if there’s something else you can see in my chart.
    With love and gratitude.

    • The 17, 18, 19 degree patterns in your chart do all hook into the transit of Neptune in Pisces at the moment which is circling 18 degrees. Neptune does take quite a while to move on, as he retrogrades (or appears to go backwards) and then moves forwards again, ending your year at 18 Pisces again, square Venus at 18 Sagittarius on 30th December, 2019. I’m sorry about the infection, which is associated with Neptune because he is a symbol of the loss of boundaries. He also rules the kinds of infection that can occur in hospitals, because he was found in 1846 when anaesthetic was publicly used for the first time. The loss of boundaries can be what is invisible (Neptune rules the unseen world) passed on in blood, saliva and in the air, of course, through germs. Feeling all at sea is also a classic outcome. It does not have to be negative at all. I would avoid reading too many dire warnings on the internet or even in some astrology books about Neptune transits. Looking at the much, much bigger picture, he is taking you away from the real world. I expect the only thing that would have done that was an illness. You were so tied to work, and routine, and your lifestyle, that you get a transit like this which forces you to take a holiday from reality. When life is ‘too real’ and there is no space at all for Neptune and all his escapism, it is not unusual to get felled by an illness. The way to handle this transit is to give Neptune a place in your life. Section off at least one hour a day, possibly two, when you meditate, swim or take a long bath with candles. There are other ways to ‘do’ Neptune but those are pretty easy and enjoyable. If you respect the transit by actually writing into your diary ‘Neptune time’ every day, until at least the end of the year, you will no longer have to deal with your body manufacturing illness in order to make you stop working, and over-thinking and all those other things! Try it. Just have a bath, even. Play some classical or ambient music. Create your own spa at home. If you don’t have a bath, just find some good YouTube meditations. I always recommend Matthew Manning and Betty Shine, because they are free, and because those two are among the most outstanding healers of the 20th and 21st century. There is a reason the rich and famous beat a path to their door…Search their names on YouTube now and try Betty’s Mind Medicine Room!

      • Hi Jessica, would you believe that I’m reading your response and it just happened to be as I had run a bath….
        You are correct about work; it would only have taken this to make things actually stop.
        Hopefully some brighter work times ahead with Jupiter in the 10th this year and once my health is back on track and I’ve worked some better water based self care Into my life, some fun and romance.
        With love and gratitude, Fishie.

  67. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for your posts and for answering me last time about my job search, it happened exactly as you said, on January I had an interviewed and started to work early February (I’m still impressed about your prediction, the best part was that gave me peace/confidence…thank you). Now I’m writing because I would like to know about my love life, I have been alone for many years since my divorce; there is a powerful Aries at my work but not sure if this is going to be a serious relationship, or if I have to wait for someone else… if any (I hope so … because my son and I really would like to have a bigger family someday soon).

    Thank you for any light or hope you could provide me.
    Best regards,

    • I am glad the astrology was useful for you MN. So you are interested in an Aries at work. You have a son and are divorced. This is really about your child and it will be until 2020. So it really depends on how Aries feels about your son, or the idea of being a stepfather in general, or at least a partner to someone with a child. A cycle from the years 1981 and 2000 is coming around for you again in reference to pregnancy, babies, children, stepchildren, young relatives, godchildren and so on, as the North Node goes through Cancer until 2020. There is a fair bit of balancing and closure to achieve here. I would be curious to know what Aries was not seeing about particular pregnancies or potential stepchildren in 2017, 2018 because he was certainly blind to it. You don’t say if he himself has children.

  68. Yes the Aries man has children himself, but don’t know how he feels about been a stepfather. On my side, been a stepmother will close a cycle that didn’t or couldn’t happen in 2000 because I gave priority to my work back then. Thank you!

  69. Hi Jessica,
    I was wondering if you could let me know if you see any financial help or a job coming in for me. I have limited savings and am worried about what Taurus and Scorpio have in store for me next week
    Thank you for your precious time

    • Don’t worry about the Taurus-Scorpio patterns, as the whole planet has them and we will all be forced to ‘meet change with change.’ We all freak out when change is required, but it’s okay. Really it is. It’s just different. Money is ruled by two fixed signs, Taurus and Scorpio, and we get awfully fixed about cash. We ‘absolutely will not’ do X or we ‘never’ do Y, and yet along comes the biggest transformation cycle in over 80 years and we have to. (There is a bigger reason for this and it’s spiritual and global: it is time for all of us to enjoy more, shop less, consume less and share more – and stop ripping off people who have nothing – or animals and chickens in particular who have no voice). Okay that was the massive big picture of what is going down. For you personally, you have the Strength card. You can Google that. Use the ‘Smith Waite’ deck only. It shows a lion with a sore tooth or head being healed by an angel. What does this mean to you? You have the Moon in Leo which is a giveaway. Now, this relates to money and/or work. When it comes to needing to be needed, you get all your emotional satisfaction and physical contentment from the world of babies, children or young people. You also have an email account which reminds me of the word ‘Strength’ and the image in this card, which only you know. How can you help to guide, mentor, set an example to, ‘parent’, lead or influence your own and other people’s children, if you are not feeling up to speed? The answer rests with you understanding that you are part-Leo. (Look up Leo on Search). You were born to be monarch to a younger court and if you are ready to accept spiritual/unseen/angelic/universal help, you will be fixed or healed so you can do that. This will absolutely have an impact on your work or money. So, for example, if you have had a difficult time mothering a child and are open to being healed, you could be restored as a super parent and find that as a result of this, money comes your way from a partner or relative. It is decided that you should be funded as a parent. Or…you may realise you were born to be a tutor, children’s entertainer, part-time school sports coach and so on – and that never mind the money or the title – you’ll feed your needs by being monarch to a younger court. Ideas to play with! Do download Strength and put it on your desktop and see what comes…use your journal (free with membership).

  70. Hi Jessica,

    Can you please provide me a Tarot reading regarding my home and family? My current home is unsalable due to the mortgage being upside down. My ex-husband (Libra) is now engaged and looking to buy a home of their own. However, he has been asked to show proof that he doesn’t pay the mortgage on the former home and wants me to provide bank statements that shows that I have been paying the mortgage. I have no intention of providing this information. I was wondering if you could see anything upcoming that I need to look out for. I am sure he may try to retaliate in some way.

    Thanks so much for your help.

    • That’s a very hard ask for you. I am sorry you are being put through it. Okay, so your Tarot card is Page of Pentacles, also known as coins. Do feel free to put that into Google (but use the phrase ‘Smith-Waite Deck’ so you get the right image I am also seeing). Here we have a man, younger than yourself, because he is a page, dreaming about a very small sum of money. He does not have both feet on the ground at all. This sounds like your ex. If it is not your ex it is likely a grown-up son (you don’t say if you have one) or a boyfriend younger than yourself playing out a financial issue. He does not realise he is standing on a fault line. In fact he is sinking even as he fantasises about the money (not that much!) Can I suggest you do something? Withdraw energetically from him. Stop thinking about him, or feeling all the emotions about him. What I can see here is tremendous focus from you, about him, and that’s a waste of your energy and time. I don’t normally do this but I will pull a second card for you. Until I do that, know that he is as keen as mustard, but also a bit (may I use the word) s**t. He’s partly still in nappies actually. Juvenile lead! And he has no idea that he is sinking further and further into the sort of financial quicksand that may end up proving to be an earthquake. As I said, he should not be your focus. For you I have The Chariot. Good. You will be travelling far and wide, perhaps moving or emigrating in 2019. You may go between two locations. If this is not you, it is a crucial person in your life who is knowledgeable, special, full of knowledge, and you are in this person’s life between pit stops, unless they decide to stay. This is so much bigger and better than the other card. This could be you and should be you, actually. Reach out for opportunities to travel or move, which allow you to pass on your considerable knowledge, skill set and talents, and expertise. Think bigger and go bigger. A two-country commute is not out of the question. Dream bigger and use your journal.

  71. Hi Jessica,
    I’m sorry about the second question. I read the prediction for the coming week for Aquarius and pulled the “tower” card complete with lightning bolts, yikes!
    I am wondering if all the mentioning about my apt or place to live ( in the Aquarius prediction) have anything that I should be worried about. I have seen some people ask for a tarot reading for the month, I didn’t know about that. I am a premium member and am very proud to say so. Thank you so much for your time
    Ps. I’m not sure where or how to get my journal

    • I’ll start at the end of your question and say you could hit ‘Search’ for your Quarterly Astrology Journal but let me put a note in with my colleagues, so it’s nicely clear to you how to download it. Okay, so you drew the Tower card in the deck. What you might like to do is actually pose a specific question. For example: ‘What is the most important story in my life next week/this month’ as then you’ll find the reading works more accurately. Yet, the Tarot of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite does tell us the truth, and so you were right. You are an Aquarius Sun person set to experience Uranus, a symbol of electrifying and unexpected change, in your zone of houses, apartments, flatmates, family, live-in partners and so on. The card will speak to you. How do you feel about the tower as a symbol of somewhere to live for yourself or your family? Has it been there too long? Is it a happy place or not? Would you rather see it sorted out and improved, or could you even walk away? This card may also be about your job, as obviously your job affects your feelings about where to live and how to live. If the Tower is a symbol of your work space, how do you feel about that? Your answers will guide you as to the next steps. Sometimes people are in total denial about how dark or gloomy a ‘secure’ work or home situation is and after the initial shake-up of some kind of unexpected change, they are amazed to find themselves bolting for a new beginning and feeling exhilarated as a result! Yet, this is your card and it is in your hands.

  72. Hi Jessica,
    We touched on this in one of your blogs recently. The month of May I am suddenly in the position of having to look for a new home AND riding the wave as my job is going through quite an unsettling period. This is all occuring while I’m trying to study (I would have paused my studies if this had all begun prior to the census date which was mid-April). All while trying to provide stability as a single-parent. Any pearls of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

    • Saturn at 1 Leo and Uranus at 1 Scorpio in your chart are your whole answer. We also have Uranus (travelling, or transiting Uranus) going across 1, 2 Taurus. Well done on surfing this wave so far, you are doing extremely well, as you have not had this cycle in your adult life CN – and in fact you could only have it every 80+ years. Leo rules your child – you are the single parent, mentor and guide. Scorpio rules the house or apartment, and of course the bean-counting. Taurus also rules the budget. You are seeing the astrology in action here and you are one of those people who are the first to experience a trend which will reach billions of us, over the next 7 years. It’s called ‘changing to meet change’ and as Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs in your chart, you no doubt would prefer no change at all. Let’s see how the Tarot backs up the chart for you and give you some practical answers. For a start, this cycle does get better as Uranus moves away from from that 1/2 degree position and as May rolls on, things will feel less uncertain and unstable. The currents calm down! Yet, you need to get yourself into a position where you are extremely flexible, able to adapt and adjust to what comes and less invested in absolute guarantees than before. This is because Uranus goes back to this spot again in early 2020 once again, challenging you to surf. I would really encourage you to start using your Astrology Oracle and Tarot cards and journal to help navigation and download the how-to guides that go with them. The best thing I can tell you about 2019 is that you are here to learn. Your teacher or guide is an amazing person. What I get about this year for you, reading your card (The Magician) is that you are giving this person raw materials to work with, because of your financial situation, your emotional situation (likely as a parent) and so on. I am assuming this is your lecturer or professor but of course, if your soul needs someone even more special (unique, remarkable, gifted) then it may well be that a new face comes into your world who can give you your PhD in ‘Life.’ It may be dressed up as another skill set, degree or training program but it’s actually about life in all its aspects. Connect and communicate with your instructor. This is a meeting of minds for you in 2019. This person cannot operate in isolation and enjoys feeling that connection with a good student like you. So although I completely understand about your concerns with the practical stuff of life, I can only tell you that it’s going to be OK. So OK that actually you do have the time, space and mental energy to devote to what is being taught. Long after the other stuff has left your memory you will recall 2019 as the landmark year in your education.

      • Wow – thanks so much for taking this time! I’ll heed your advice and start journaling via Astrological Oracle & Tarot. When you talk of a teacher or guide, the first person who came to mind was my mum (also a single mum amazingly gifted with budgeting) who passed away some time back. Or should I look to more earthly guides? Also, whenever Leo is mentioned in my chart – I often wonder if there is a dual meaning as my work and study concerns mothers, children and babies. Interesting about the home. I’ve decided to buy (I can no longer stand the invasion in privacy that goes with rental inspections). I’m looking for a home that will provide both stability for my daughter AND one that may also become an investment in a year or so should work lead me elsewhere (fingers crossed this is flexible enough). May is already starting to calm a little – thanks again so much. As bizarre as it sounds – astrology offers logic and helps me understand/cope with these crazy times – just Breath. xxx

        • Your teacher is unlikely to be your mother unless she is already your guide (known to you) and/or you are a medium so experience her almost as if she was here in a practical, hands-on way. It is far more likely to be a genuine teacher, mentor, lecturer and so on. Leo rules children and babies so that is your path. If you look up Leo on search and the Fifth House which Leo rules, you will see it is about being ‘Queen to a younger court’ and having ‘heirs’ to your ‘throne’ and it commonly turns up in the charts of people who are associated with a younger generation professionally or through their unpaid (e.g. charity) work. With your home, please start a Pinterest account and create a board about that. Put in images, quotes, drawings, photographs – whatever you like. (Or you may be on Pinterest already in which case add a board. The link is http://www.pinterest.com).

  73. Thanks Jessica.

    I do have a 13 year old son but the description sounds like his dad hands down. You are right, I have been giving him more thought than he deserves. I am doing the required work to change it. I have potential opportunities coming up in my career that will hopefully lead to traveling.

  74. Dear Jessica,
    Thank you for your response to my questions. I would like to know how would I get healing from my angel, universe and or outside force as to your response?
    One last thing, I recently lost my 12 year old beautiful Pug. Her name was Lucy Liu
    I am heartbroken. Can you tell me if she is ok? She had diabetes and became blind. After her kidneys and bladder failure I felt I had no choice but to let her go. I am full of guilt
    Thank you in advance

    • Healing from angels, spirit guides and spirit people who want to help, does not come without your prayer or focus. The astrologer Caroline W. Casey once wrote that the invisible world was willing and ready to help but spiritual etiquette requires that we ask. Shut down the noise, find a quiet place to be alone and close your eyes to connect. Don’t worry if you’re doing it right, just do it. It may help to use the work of Betty Shine or Matthew Manning on YouTube as I’ve said. Two famous British healers and mediums. Your little pug Lucy is with a rabbit. She was lucky for you, and also very wise. She still is. She suffered nothing and you did everything for her. She’ll pop up in a dream some time to say hello. Animals know that when they depart, they leave a space for another homeless dog to take their place. It’s an understanding they share as a species. So when the time is right, go to a shelter and Lucy will help you.

  75. Hi jessica,
    Sadly I think I’m a day late for Ryuji. But I’m hoping I can have some guidence with a simple question please? I put an offer on a house today subject to inspections etc…with settlement on the 28th of next month. If you can shed some light as to how these dates fare with being auspicious for purchasing a new home, as always, I’d appreciate it. x

    • Houses are ruled by Cancer and the Fourth House of your chart and finances are ruled by Taurus and the Second House and Scorpio and the Eighth House. You’re hoping to buy a home and have an easy settlement. Sure – once you take back control. This is about remembering where you get your power from regarding property and repeating that successful formula.

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