The Astrology Oracle Cards – Free Ebook Guide

Exclusively for guests at Asteroid Astrology Day at The Astrological Lodge of London on Saturday 19th May. Available for download to use with your new deck of Astrology Oracle cards. Remember, as a Premium Member, you can also use the full-colour illustrated digital deck of cards, on this website, and download a quarterly astrology journal too, to help with readings.

For all of you who came along to Asteroid Astrology Day at The Astrological Lodge of London – here is your complimentary download of the ebook guide usually reserved for Premium Members of this website. It will be available for you until midnight Monday.

If you attended our London day – please go back to the readings you were given, as well as your own reading for yourself – and start to expand on what you were shown – about your destiny in 2019.

Join me for the annual Astrological Lodge of London Summer Party in July, when I will be launching The Stonehenge Astrology Podcast with friends – you would be very welcome. There will even be a Stonehenge cake…

Congratulations to the winners of a reading with me at Fortnum & Mason (Ms. Goody) and the prize of a Sun Sign School online course (Miss Jones). Special thanks to Nikki Dore and all at The Astrological Lodge.

ASTROLOGY ORACLE GUIDE – download has now expired.

To obtain the discount codes with leading professional astrologers and psychics around the world and your London Astrology Walk map, please contact Sarah Watts (see CONTACT US) with the subject heading Jessica Adams Astrological Lodge of London. 

Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “The Astrology Oracle Cards – Free Ebook Guide”

    • Thanks Cagla. Just search ‘The Sun Sign School’ on this website and you’ll find a few features and references explaining how it works. You would be very welcome to enrol – we launch on 23rd May – and my own course, within The Sun Sign School, begins 1st June.

  1. Hi Jessica,

    Thank you for the brilliant day at the Astrological Lodge. You’ve captivated me with regard to the asteroids. This E book is amazing. Thank you. However, being an old fashioned woman, I’d like an old fashioned book. Is there a hard back or paperback edition available?

    Looking forward to seeing you.

    All the best,


    • Thanks Jeanie. Yes, I am meeting with a brilliant publisher in London to talk about a card and book set, based on what you experienced at The Astrological Lodge. So thanks for the suggestion! Congratulations on winning the reading with me at Fortnum & Mason – contact Sarah my P.A. (details on this website) so we can arrange a time for tea and champagne. And thank you.

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