Tarot Tuesday – June 2019

Every month on the first Tuesday, I invite some of the world’s most famous and trusted Tarot experts to draw one or more cards for the next four weeks and tell you what they see - for you and the world.

Every month on the first Tuesday, I invite some of the world’s most famous and trusted Tarot experts to draw one or more cards for the next four weeks and tell you what they see – for you and the world. I’ll then have a look at the astrology and Tarot in combination so we can go behind the scenes and see what is going on, on the psychic and horoscope level.

If you have a question and are a Premium Member, please post it here in Comments and I will be at my desk in the first week of the new month, June, to give as many quick one-question Tarot readings as possible, using the deck of Pamela Colman Smith and Arthur Waite – the Smith-Waite.

Fiona Lensvelt – Great Britain

The Six of Swords

June brings the Six of Swords, a card that asks us to look at the lessons we’ve learnt so that we can forge a new direction. No doubt there is a feeling of exhaustion – this is a moment of calm after the storm, where we can take in the wreckage and figure out what worked and what didn’t. It’s a card that feels relevant after a delayed Brexit and one that resonates with the Extinction Rebellion movement. “There are many ways to move forward but only one way of standing still,” said Franklin D. Roosevelt. It’s time to find a new direction.”

Read more from Fiona at her website.


Ryuji Kagami – Japan

First Week of June – The Magician

We are called Homo sapiens, wise men. We have a very special ability to think, speak, and communicate. This week’s card is The Magician, which symbolises the special ability and skill with which we are gifted. You will get a new idea, inspiration, and insight. Please do not ignore it even if it looks silly at first sight. Take it seriously and tell  your friends. This is a new seed for you. It will grow later, probably in 9 months and you will get some precious fruit. On a global level we will see a new invention, probably something to do with communication.

Second Week of June – The Hanged Man

We can be much stronger when acting for someone else, especially if it is someone you love. In this week you will know it deeply. The image of The Hanged Man symbolises self-sacrifice. You might take a heavy burden for someone and it is not easy. Or it will be a very busy week and you will have a little time for yourself. But just accept this responsibility. You will get a big return in a near future, and you will feel more confidence!

On a global level we have to watch carefully overly religious or ideological people.

Third Week of June – Five of Wands

For this week for you and the world, the Five of Wands appeared. It is the card of very dynamic energy. You will feel this energy both inside and outside of you. You might shout for what you want. If you have been repressing your own feeling it will come out. It is the time for a fight…but do not let the energy explode. Just let it out under your control. Feeling anger? Take a deep breath. Have a cup of tea. Use your energy consciously, and you will achieve what you want. Oh, and it is a good season for sports and working out. Also, there might be big news in the world of sports. Someone will break a record, perhaps.

Fourth Week of June – Nine of Cups Reversed

It will be an interesting week. You will get an unexpected fortune. Or there will be some chance to receive a bonus…in material ways or via a kind act from your friend. But please be cautious. It is too easy to spend gifts quickly and waste them. If you get something save it for the future. And if you are on a diet keep away from sweets! It is the time to learn self-control. On a global level there might be something that makes people care more about how much we are wasting our resources – food, plastic, etc.

You can buy Ryuji’s books here.

Kyra Oser – America and Canada

The Queen of Pentacles or Coins

Queen of Pentacles is the card for June in U.S. and Canada. Expect female lawmakers to propose plans that emphasise stricter banking regulations, renewable energy, and a revival of the ERA. New environmental regulations, such as banking regulations, food safety regulations, pipeline restrictions, and a fossil fuel tax, will be proposed in the House of Representatives and House of Commons. Oil prices may fluctuate.*

In your own life, this card invites you to seek relaxation and inspiration by visiting a park or urban garden. Now is the time to reconnect with a long-loved hobby that makes you feel nurtured while supporting your self-care.

You can read more from Kyra at her website here.

How Does the Astrology Support the Tarot in June 2019?

We have Uranus (the revolution) in Taurus (the economy) in June making quite an impact so Kyra is picking up on the revolution, when Americans and Canadians begin to put a higher value on saving the planet, as opposed to…more plastic! The ‘nature’ feel of her Tarot reading relates to the North Node in Cancer in your chart, the sign of homemaking and gardening.

Ryuji has picked up on the Gemini weather in his reading – the New Moon on 3rd June is about internet and multimedia projects or publishing ventures – which you can see in his first card. The third week reading picks up on strong Mars patterns in the world horoscope and the fourth week reading also picks up on Uranus in Taurus – for you – a radical change with your money.

Fiona (whom I had the pleasure of meeting in London for tea the other day) has accurately called the astrology as well as the Tarot for June. This is, above all, a month for rest, repair and recovery after a lot of very tough transits in May. I’ll drink more tea to that!

Have a great month, and don’t forget, if you are a Premium Member, I will be back at my desk to answer as many questions as I can, as June get under way. Jessica.


*Please consult with your financial consultant or stockbroker concerning any financial decisions.

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40 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – June 2019

  1. Hi Jessica,
    I’m so glad you have this Tarot read every month. Can I please have a read for June?
    Thank you for your time

    • Maria, June is about your money, house, charity, valuables, apartment, business or shares. Try to set aside as much time and energy as possible to really focus on what is needed here and what is possible. You would gain or save enormously in November. Have the best advice you can afford.

  2. Hi Jessica – looks like an interesting month ahead. On a personal note I have been struggling with blocks in almost every area of my life this year – career, romance, money. 2019 has been like no other! Do you see things lightening up for me towards the latter half of the year? Many thanks to you!

    • Blocks in every department are not good. You have to ask yourself why you are being blocked with your job, love life and money. If you were really born at that time – then I shall begin with love. You are not taking enough risks or experimenting enough. Unless you are prepared to see what is ‘the new possible’ with your former, current or potential lover, nothing will happen. Money? Again you are not being radical enough. You have been urged to change in quite revolutionary ways, not once – but twice – since last year. If you have not done that, you will stay stuck. Your job situation is down to karma from the years 2000 and 1981 as you have old situations to close, karmically – and thematically. Not literally. The very essence of those years in terms of your job or studies returns in 2019, 2020 for ‘settlement’ as you must make good any debts to others or the world, and yet also receive from others, who must make amends and make good. Once that is done in 2020 things will start rolling. In the meantime have a crack at your love and sex life in a different way. For more look up Chiron on Search.

  3. Hi Jessica thank you for Tarot Tuesday! I very much look forward to your and your collaborators’ insights
    The six of swords seems apt – I have some unresolved work and project matters and was hoping to get an inkling of the outcome. With best wishes Eli

    • Eli, the Six of Swords does require a bit of work. Essentially, hang in there and persist. The twists and turns of June are all productive and creative and they do help you to a better place with your job or project. Yet, there is a communication issue here that urgently needs resolving. Just as soon as you/they have the time and space, do organise that. Face to face is best. Skype is second best. And then – get it in writing – about the communication!

  4. Hi Jessica – thank you for this beautiful collaboration with your Tarot experts! On Monday 6/3, I surprised my daughter (7/14/07) by taking her to her first Taekwondo class as I am trying to find a new way for her to channel her energy. As I watched her I was inspired and thought maybe I would give it a try as well – so the Magician could be this new seed??? Overall, what do you see as my greatest areas of opportunities this month given my chart and the tarot forecast? Thank you so much for your time and energy :)

    • Thank you, for your thank you. You should absolutely have a go at this famous martial art. June is the month. This goes beyond the actual physical side of it into the culture as a whole – Asia is calling you in 2019. This is a clue of a larger jigsaw you will love.

  5. Hi Fiona, Ryuji, Kyra and Jessica,

    Jessica, I read your horoscopes every day and am amazed how in tune they are with me and the people in my life so I’m hoping between all of you, you’ll be able to help me with what might be coming up next for me.

    June is my birthday month and I am going to the US with my partner for part of it, although most of it will be a business trip for him, so I’m going with some trepidation for two reasons; one – how will the trip work out because I will be left to my own devices for quite a while… and two, I haven’t felt we’ve been as ‘connected’ since March, although he is adamant he’s just as happy with us/me as before and it’s just that he’s just busy and naturally a bit insular from time to time. In March he put on hold some plans he’d made with me back in January because he hadn’t sorted out domestic things that needed finalising first. I acknowledge the sense of that, and he does have a lot on his plate both work-wise and personally, but nevertheless, it’s left me wondering a little… Can you see any improvement or movement forward for us as a couple in June? Or even later on in the year? I’m feeling in limbo at the moment although I’m trying to focus on what I’m doing instead of merely getting frustrated.

    Secondly, I’m currently waiting to see if I get an interview for a writing job that I would dearly love, with – wait for it – the interview right on my birthday (the 11th) if I did. Do I stand any chance with it, or with getting anywhere at all in my writing and painting career? As with my relationship, I seem to have been working hard and waiting patiently but getting nowhere with both!

    Thank you

    Debbie :)

    • Thank you Debbie, I will pass that on to my colleagues – I am seeing Ryuji next week in England as he’s visiting us from Japan. Now, your trip will not be perfect, and yes – there will be obstacles – but you can convert these into advantages. In other words, even though June as a whole is full of bridges to cross, once you do that, you will realise they are actually gateways to something so much better. None of this would happen unless you were on those bridges. You would not have the improvements or the progress without those steps. Try to understand that with this man, or even with another (if you end up wanting someone else in the future) the steps of June are part of the wider game. And the wider game is not always possible to see, but with Jupiter the planet of ‘bigger and better’ in your chart, you are being taken there the whole time. This is also backed up with the Tarot card The Lovers, which shows two people staring at each other with a huge landscape in the background. They could go anywhere or do anything in that landscape. The field is wide open but you will find that what works really well in June is hoping for something really great – visualising and working towards something amazing – and allowing yourself to think that big, in terms of partnerships. I would also include a former or potential next partner in the story as well as the man you are with! Give yourself permission to dream big and expect more and trust the process even when June is hard work. The interview on your birthday is pretty classic isn’t it. 2019 is the year to try everything. Every interview, every course, every award, every workshop – the lot. Your best cycle in 12 years for doing so. That interview on your birthday is also part of the plan! Practise in the mirror. Articulating what you want and need, what you have to offer and so on, as a writer, will help you in the interview but also enable you to clearly state to your own soul and the waiting universe, precisely what it is that is going to work. Just ‘drafting’ what you say in the mirror makes it purer and stronger and that is actually hugely important. What follows will serve that. Part of the deal here is that you must offer up/give/serve in some way as a writer. And don’t overlook other mediums apart from books. We’re talking podcasts, radio scripts, theatre – the lot.

  6. Hi Jessica..I have made a complete mess in my life..What fiona says about June is spot on…calm after the storm..new direction..but I’m at the bottom..it all came out last weekend..After my head injury 2 years ago I struggled with mental tiredness and turned to drugs..but it turned me into a different person..got caught at a checkpoint..so that lovely car that you correctly predicted I would get last October,will be gone,as looking at a ban..,my job,i still have,I’ve a brilliant aries boss,but transport to my job will be a huge problem..I have literally broken my Gemini mams heart,and her birthday next sun..I want to do rehab,counselling, whatever it takes to help me back on the right road..I don’t know legally what’s next as waiting on blood results next week,but maybe looking at court case soon.its my first offence,I don’t think jail comes into it,..you told my mam to tell me I’m strong,and a football or sports gear will help me,I don’t play sports,.but my uncle,a cancer is manager of local teams..my Taurus auntie is a no bullshit,and is helping my mam,her capricorn husband has helped financially,I made the wrong choice ,but with the help and support of my family,I’m hoping I will come back and tell you I’ve climbed back up the right way….you said a new life direction November,December, and I’m wondering if the cards would show that too…Thanks Jessica..

    • Fiona is a very good psychic and Tarot expert. I am sorry to hear about the car. And more importantly your relationship with your mother. The psychic message I got for you, which your lovely Gemini mam passed on, was from another family member who knows your uncle manages local teams and he will help you, if you ask. You do have a new life direction from November, December so it will be a great Christmas for you. This is so stressful for you but it will pass. You are learning your lesson. Half the battle with these situations is to show yourself, the people around you and the universe itself – that you mean it. That you regret what has happened, need help on a new and better path and are going to make some sacrifices to do that, if necessary. You would not be the first nor the last person to go through this sort of thing (as Father Ted says) but trust the process. You are in the palm of God’s hand, as they say in Ireland, and you are being helped. Take a deep breath, look yourself in the eye, in the mirror, and tell yourself your promise – to your family and you, you, you. Because you do matter and you will be okay. When the time is right, and it will come, look at what your Uncle might be able to do – or his contacts.

  7. Hi Jessica, may I have a reading for the next 6 months, are there any prominent themes you can see on my chart? Many thanks!

    • Sure – you are essentially on the right path with a bigger/better home environment over the next six months. This may be because you have been thinking about renovating, moving, reorganising the family or household, or addressing issues about your local area or even your country. This has been a very slow start for you and it’s still a bit clunky, as it goes through – but try to trust what is going on. This is going to be your year in terms of wonderful achievements and accomplishments with your people and your place. So just keep the faith. Visualising what you want to happen and saying it loud to yourself – in a way you can believe and trust – is a good way to keep your energy levels up as we go through a slightly zig-zag path in June. Clip pictures of houses or apartments you like – or gardens.

    • You have some interesting choices about your next vacation or even a relocation, as you are going to see prices change, plans change and people and organisations take off in quite a different direction: this may be Europe, the U.S. or Asia. Keeping tabs on what is possible means reshaping a plan you had from last year. Things will change rapidly by July and into August. Being ahead of all that, especially online, will get you the best possible deal and outcome, but also an intriguing chance to genuinely learn from another culture, place or nationality.

  8. Hi Jessica,
    I would be grateful if you could pull a card for me concerning a relationship I am in.
    I have been in a relationship with a man of a different culture for 2+ years. I have enjoyed his company but this relationship doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere. We are both older, and have been divorced for many years. I am desiring a partnership with a man to share a home with and build a life with, for the rest of this life. I have brought up stepping up our relationship with Dave, but he is very noncommittal. I do not mind investing time in relationships, I do mind investing my heart , if this isn’t going anywhere.
    I don’t want to hurt him, but feel I’m just prolonging the inevitable.
    I’ve told him in the past, there is a , me and him in this relationship, but no US.
    Thank you

    • The issue here is a son or daughter, a pregnancy which never came to term, or a loaded question about other people’s children – godchildren, nieces or nephews. There is something very powerful here to explore and it would deepen and intensity the relationship. We are talking about the past since 2008 actually. There is a fair bit of confusion here, and maybe it is time to ground yourself in what is real, and who is real, in your life. That may begin with a conversation about any children, which you do not mention, or that general issue hovering overhead, for one of you.

  9. Hi Jessica,
    Just looking at my horoscope this week, and the significance of having anything at 19 degrees – well, I have THREE at 19 – Saturn in Pisces, Diana in Capricorn and Ceres in Aries. Just wondering what all that means – what spotlight(s) is/are being shown and how can I make the most of it?
    Thank-you so much.

    • Sure, well Diana is the key asteroid here – she is about your need to be free in your career, independent with your unpaid work, and quite autonomous with any university or college course. Have a look at Diana on Search and across your ebooks. Have a look at the paintings and sculpture of her on Google Images too. That’s you, professionally. This is all peaking now, but good for the whole of 2019. You need to be ‘free to be me’ and one way or another, it will happen.

  10. Hi Jessica
    I sense I blew it with a job I really wanted…the interview process appears to not be moving forward. I really was hoping this was my way “back”! My career path has just not been what I’ve wanted.
    Can you pull a card for me on my career? Next 3 months?
    many thanks for your kindness.

    • You’re okay – just being pulled backwards by some cycles which are retrograde (or also going backwards). Your career is a case of ‘slow and steady’ as not just you, but also your colleagues, bosses, staff and your entire industry are also on a go-slow in 2019, 2020. Yet you will be thrilled at a new role, promotion, or even a departure to study, from the end of 2020 with tremendous success ahead. For now, you need to ask yourself about your strategy to get to the top. And you should aim very high. But take your time and respect the rules of the game.

  11. Hi Jessica,

    Can I have a tarot reading on my professional standing for the next 6 months please.


    • Sure, you will be mentored, guided or tutored by an expert who is not remotely conventional! He or she is a maverick, gadfly, heretic (as Dennis Elwell once said of Chiron). Think your punk rock music teacher from 1977, or just a professor who has no interest in what is acceptable. You will be moved, professionally, way outside the usual boundaries of what is possible, regular, ‘normal’ and so on. In doing so you find the new normal and you change your life, in career terms. The situation will peak in terms of tests and trials in September-October but if you stay the course with this guiding light in your life (which may be an organisation) you will break through more barriers in April 2020.

  12. Hi Jessica

    May I have a reading for the remainder of the year please. Also, I’m still concerned with cats that have showed up in my life. I am terrified of cats, but they can’t seem to leave me alone.

    • 2019 for you is really about your lifestyle, your fitness and wellbeing, your day-to-day routine and also your workload, at home and in your career, or with your unpaid work or studies. This is where you will be given one great chance after another. Actually, you just had one. Don’t forget about it. You said ‘Later’ as the time was not right but please do not leave this until 2020. You need to act on it by 2019 for maximum benefits. As for the cats – ask your Astrology Oracle cards why they are attracted to you. This must be very hard if you are phobic! You may also want to book an appointment with a psychic. I recommend Ruth Phillips in Britain – but she works worldwide.

  13. Hi Jessica,
    I would love some insight as to what opportunities may come my way from now to the end of the year, I feel stagnated, I watch wonderful things happening to other people and I am very happy for them, but for me I am stuck, I don’t know how else to say it.
    thank you Sandi

    • Stuckness is common when you have Saturn going through Capricorn, your own Sun sign as he is a symbol of ‘go slow’ and obstacles. You will be amazed at how different life looks and feels in 2021 and onwards when this Saturn/Pluto/South Node in Capricorn weather finishes. Until then use your Jupiter in Pisces in the Twelfth House. You gain from meditation, mediumship, Tarot, the inner spiritual life, perhaps religion – from Buddhism to Christianity – and all that is about your soul or spirit. In fact, you could be a very good natural psychic. Have you explored this? Are you across your Tarot cards and Astrology Oracle cards, and the journal that comes with membership? This luck factor stays with you for your entire life, so you can access it any time. The relationship you have with your God, the heavens, your inner demons, the angel on your shoulder – is your protection, help and never-ending source of rich value, there to pass on to others. Sometimes it’s about astrology. That is also heavenly!

  14. Dear Jessica,
    Can I have a tarot reading next six months for job opportunities and will the leaders in company I work for now allow me to be compliance investigation manager. There is one leader yearning for me to apply but I don’t know will my director let me grow into this new opportunity where I can more be the leader I am and do you see any salary fortune in June next six months???? Or promotion into new opportunity?? Do you see will this company close the door???

    Can you please do tarot for my health because I am low energy and slow…

    • Your health requires a healer or doctor and actually, the right person could change everything. This may be herbal medicine or a more outrageous option. Low energy and slow? That sounds like thyroid to me, but go and see the person who is waiting to assist, right in front of you. This would not be your ‘average’ doctor or healer. You will make or save money by November, as a result of work or another matter. So you have a solution or breakthrough coming by November. With work – you need to train, learn, up skill and so on – for the best results. Have you looked into that, on the side?

  15. hi Jessica,

    On May 11, 2019, to one of my comments you had responded “an event will occur, it will be very sudden, very new, very different which will set me free. and that I will be liberated, quickly, from something or someone which has held you back for a very long time. It will be unpredictable, unique and once it’s over, it’s over. You will have changed and found so much more space and room to move in your life”.

    This has been on my mind (I know, I know, although you had asked me not to overthink), I keep thinking what that event will be, and when it is going to occur. Would you be able to at least shed some more light on this or provide me some insight as to what kind of event will this be? I am so sorry to ask you yet again, but I can’t seem to get it out of mind. It lingers in the background making me anxious.

    Many thanks in advance.

    • It sounds as if you are living with anxiety symptoms in general, so I assume you have checked this with your doctor or healer? Anxiety symptoms can sometimes turn up with astrology-watchers as there can be fear or ‘flutter’ about the future in general. You would feel it physically if so, and having a medical professional or alternative health professional on hand can be really useful. What I was talking about here, was the transit of Uranus through Taurus and its impact on your chart. It opposes the ‘financial relationship’ sector of your horoscope by next year, which is essentially the marriage, if you mixed money and marriage, or perhaps a family legacy. There is no point in hanging around waiting for a Uranus opposition! You just get on with life, it comes along, you are liberated, and become more independent – because you have to be. Uranus transits can be exhilarating and exciting, but it does mean change. This is why astrology is useful. It tells you change is inevitable by 2020 so you get yourself into a flexible position where you can zig-zag. You avoid locking things down too tightly. But do look at your anxiety symptoms.

    • It’s really about something you already know, which is the need for order, method, patience, self-discipline and ‘shoulder to the wheel’ where your partner is concerned. Perhaps a former or potential partner. This may be work or personal, so a professional duet or a marriage. This does not really go away in a hurry so by June 2020 you will still be taking the situation on, or the person on. Even if this person drops out of the picture, another will appear who presents you with the same lesson. This ends rather dramatically at Christmas 2020 and 2021 will seem like a totally different game – which it is. For the duration you will need to pace yourself, time yourself and constantly check on what you are doing to make yourself feel more secure, right across the situation. Do not expect fast or easy results. Yet, from 2021 they are possible again, just like the old days! At the heart of it all is a question about your willpower empowering you.

  16. Hi Jessica,

    I feel like I have reached a major crossroad in my life but my options aren’t very clear to me at the moment. Would it be possible to provide a 6 month reading on what opportunities may open up for me please.

    Thank you so much in advance.

    • You have opportunities to enjoy more, see more benefits from, snap up advantages with – your work, unpaid work or education. There may be some cleaning up or repair work to do, as one situation is blocked or not showing its full potential. Yet, elsewhere you can already see how much more life could offer – something could really grow here and peak in November. I am being vague here because you do not say if you work, study, volunteer or not. There would also be huge lifestyle benefits – for your eating, fitness, medical care, alternative health care – and so on.

  17. Hi Jessica,
    I’m a Gem (22/5/63 9.35pm) and i’ve just met a Taurean man (18/5/65) with whom I have ‘chemistry’. Neither of us have been in a relationship for quite a while. I’m wondering if this is going somewhere or is there someone else coming on to the scene in the coming 12 months. Jupiter is in my relationship zone so I’m wondering if I finally meet my soulmate? Thanks.

    • You’re in the zone with him, and actually, more than just him – there will be other men by November. He is in the zone with you, but his gain would be your financial input, house or apartment. Sex too (of course) but for him, it’s also about your material world, and his. I hope that helps.

  18. Thank you for this. I left my job last month and I have been going through an extreme detox for the past 30 days. While I have a package from the company, the call to NOT run into something new, to love myself, to nurture myself, to heal myself has been overpowering. I sit at a stop light and an entire new venue of work just downloaded into my head. I could see all the possibilities, all the steps. It’s exhilarating and scary at the same time. The bubble reference is interesting because my concern is am I living in a bubble feeling safe and protected and should I be fearful of something coming out of left field? I choose to listen to my guidance and accept I am protected, I am loved, and to trust my team through this shift in my existance.

    • You are quite right not to just run into a new job. You are heading into Mercury Retrograde Shadow now and there is no need to race. If you go back over what was already there, rewrite it, rethink it, redo it – you’re in better hands with your horoscope. There is nothing coming from left field, but you do need – if possible – to reduce debt. Uranus in Taurus means bubbles hit troubles in 2019-2020. Anything not real, like a big loan, or even certain kinds of cryptocurrency, is at risk. Use your Tarot, Astrology Oracle cards and journal to work through things.

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