Astrology and Tarot Events on The Barge at Brighton Marina 2019

Join Jessica Adams and her special guests at these Astrology and Tarot events taking place June to September 2019 at The Barge at Brighton Marina.

The Barge at Brighton Marina is the ideal floating space for astrology and Tarot and Brighton is under one hour by train from Victoria Station, London. The Barge was originally named Selby Virgo. Jessica Adams’ yacht, Lynnie Gemini, is also moored at Brighton Marina near the fishing boat Aquarius. This part of Brighton is full of astrology.

Several cafes, pubs and restaurants are steps away, from Café Rouge to The West Quay (Wetherspoons). Brighton Marina is a short bus ride from Brighton Station. Parking is available.


For more information on visiting The Barge at Brighton Marina, please visit the website.

The Waterfront, Brighton BN2 5UU, UK – Google directions here.

Predicting 2020 With Astrology and Tarot – Saturday, September 7th, 2019

We have a big year ahead of us. From 1st January 2020, just four months away, we find Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, Pluto and the South Node all in the same zodiac sign. Capricorn! What does this mean for you in 2020 and your friends, family or partners? Sonal Sachdeva specialises in Indian (Vedic) astrology but is also a working Tarot expert consultant at Watkins, the legendary London alternative bookshop.

11.00 am to 12.00 pm GMT
Premium Members
Morning Tea, Astrology and Tarot with Jessica Adams – What the historic Capricorn line-up in your chart means for you and the people you know.

12.00  pm to 1.00pm GMT
Lunch Break

1.00 pm to 2.00 pm GMT
Free Astrology and Tarot Event – Predicting 2020 with Sonal Sachdeva using Astrology and Tarot

2.00 pm to 3.00 pm GMT

From 3.00 pm GMT
Join us for tea, coffee and complimentary bar food at The West Quay (Wetherspoonss), Brighton Marina.

Sonal Sachdeva is a new media enthusiast, filmmaker and practices Jyotish (Vedic Astrology). She studied under Liz Greene at the CPA. Her films/Videos deal with social issues, the environment, and the ways people from different cultures live, think and feel. In 2010, she founded a group Circle of Divine Astrology, which holds events, discussions, talks and multimedia projects in London. Circle of Divine Video project online has been the first of its kind to document interviews with not just Astrologers, but practitioners of alternative healing arts from all around the world. In the year 2013, Circle of Divine Astro Essences were launched. They are 100 percent pure Moisturising Oil blends for nourishing the skin and promoting emotional well-being. Each of the 12 oil blends are uniquely hand-made, high vibrational, mantra-infused and are tailored to the placement of Sun, Moon or Ascendant.

Tarot Day – Saturday, September 14th, 2019

In 2020, Jessica Adams will be teaching Sun Sign school graduate students a new course. Astrology and Tarot. Guest tutors will include the Japanese Vogue horoscope expert and Tarot author Ryuji Kagami, Daisy Waugh (Tarot detective novelist E. V. Harte) and today’s speaker, Sue Merlyn Farebrother, author of Astrology Decoded (Rider) and the forthcoming book Astrology and Tarot. Come along and try decks based on James Bond 007, The Golden Dawn and more. Take home a Tarot card for 2020 and a journal to use at home, if you are a Premium Member or Sun Sign School student. The free main event begins from 1.30pm. 

11.30 am to 12.30 pm GMT
Premium Members – Morning Tea, Astrology and Tarot
Take home a Tarot card and journal kit so you can work with your potential destiny in Autumn-Winter 2019. Find out how to read with pro tips and secret techniques – for yourself and others. With Jessica Adams.

12.30 pm to 1.30 pm GMT
Lunch Break

1.30 pm to 2.30 pm GMT
Free Tarot Event with Sue Merlyn Farebrother

2.30 pm to 3.00 pm GMT
Questions with Fiona Lensvelt and Sue Merlyn Farebrother

From 3.00 pm GMT
Join us for tea, coffee and complimentary bar food at The West Quay (Wetherspoons) Brighton Marina.

Sue Merlyn Farebrother, bestselling author of Astrology Decoded (Rider) and the forthcoming Astrology and Tarot. Find more information via her website.

Fiona Lensvelt, New Projects Editor at Unbounders, journalist & half of Litwitchure literary tarot cabaret & consultancy.


To reserve a place for one or more sessions, you must put your name on the waiting list with Kerry McNally at as numbers on The Barge are strictly limited. You may bring one guest.

For terms and conditions regarding events please see,

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2 thoughts on “Astrology and Tarot Events on The Barge at Brighton Marina 2019

  1. Hi Jess! I’ve just read my weekly horoscope and my nodes are at 19 degrees Aries! What will this mean for me? Lots of love
    Nikki xx

    • Well Nikki, it would appear you have a past life in the army, navy or air-force or something more primitive altogether! In this lifetime you learn how to get what you want, without your male side having to spring to attention.

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