Tarot Tuesday – July 2019

What is in store for you, and for all of us, in July 2019?

On the first Tuesday of every month, leading Tarot professionals from London to Los Angeles, choose one card for all of us, to see the tarot ‘weather’ ahead. Jessica Adams then looks at the astrology behind the cards.

 Fiona Lensvelt – Great Britain

July brings Strength. Which asks us for strength, obviously, but the quiet type that comes from within, from taming your own beasts. On the tarot card, we’re shown a woman opening the jaws of a lion and peering in, casual as you like. This card asks for our determination, courage, persistence and patience. Whenever my friend Jen sees this card, she sees herself trying to tease her dog’s jaw open after she’s picked up a chicken bone, yet again, from the street. Brute force and fits of rage won’t make Whitney Houston give up her bone. Gentle strength, skill, calmness and persuasion will win the day. As Gandhi says, more eloquently: “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Strength is about knowing you can endure life’s obstacles, no matter how intimidating or prosaic.

Read more from Fiona here.

Kyra Oser – America and Canada

July is a month of moderation and gradual change. With one foot in the water and another on Earth, an angel balances out each chalice by pouring the water from an overflowing cup into a more empty one. Overall, the Temperance card urges a material balance between practical reality and the realm of dreams. More specifically, this month is a time when you have the opportunity to develop an area of your life that you had to set aside so you were able to take care of other, more urgent matters. If you’ve been focused on relationships, perhaps your career, education, or another material area will start to expand. Conversely, if you’ve been busy with work, domestic matters, or practical business, you can now find more time for developing relationships, enjoying your social life, getting back into a spiritual practice, or taking a small action toward a big dream. One of the mystical precepts at the Oracle of Delphi was “Nothing in Excess”. When inner love is coupled with the stability and consistency of pragmatic reality, nearly anything is possible.

Read more from Kyra here.

The Astrology Behind the Tarot in July 2019

Fiona and Kyra are picking up on Leo season (Leo the lion is the star of Strength in the Tarot) and also Neptune in July. They are both seeing the same broad picture from different angles, as natural and powerful psychics. Kyra has seen into Pamela Colman Smith’s astrological secret coding in Temperance, which shows Aquarius (the water-bearer and the wavy lines of the Aquarius logo) but also Neptune, the planet we associate with water of all kinds. We also associate Neptune with dreams. Now in Pisces, Neptune is forming patterns with Jupiter in 2019 which still affect you now. The quote “Nothing in Excess” is really about Jupiter. So, dream your dreams, but not too big – and keep your feet on the ground while you pour in your energy, like the angel seen here!

Fiona (whom I recently had the pleasure of meeting in London) is seeing Leo the lion ruling July. If you have Leo in your chart, willpower is there to access. Even if you don’t, look around you at people you admire for are inspired by in July and you will probably find they have horoscope factors in the sign of the lion. J.K. Rowling is a famous Sun Leo, for example. Fiona is picking up on the need to embrace the highest Leo ‘royal’ qualities of skill, calmness and persuasion to steer your way through July. It’s good advice, astrologically.

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41 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – July 2019

  1. Hi Jessica, I would love a Tarot reading for my Leo son who will be turning 18 this July. He will be completing high school next year and wants to study economics in Italy or UK or US depending on the offers Many thanks.

    • Your son will have more than one offer around the world. He will be fascinated by economics in Italy as that country, and Britain, could so easily meet in the middle over the No Deal/New Deal for Brexit and also Quitaly! Suggestion: he should start now with online long distance friendships. One dark-haired female in particular, so fierce, so clever, could make the difference. This is more than just lessons for him. It will be life lessons. Pack some biscuits and post them over.

  2. Hi Jessica, I would love and so much appreciate a reading for July – is there anything jumping out at you? I’m so weary and lonely and want to believe that the best is really on it’s way. Thank you in advance for your insights :)

    • Weary and lonely is no good. You are strongly Libra. In Tarot, the Justice card describes your sign. It is about finding your other half. Strongly Libra people need to remember this is not always through sex and marriage. It can be through business or work. Through friendship. If the world of romance is very hard work now (which it will be, if you are tired) then think about less high pressure options. Join a group, or rejoin a group, where you can pair off with a friend. Become ‘two’ without having the stress of looking for a sexual partnership. Two works for you. You are very good at two. But there are many ways to be in a pair or duet. The weariness may be depression, anxiety, or a physical issue like iron deficiency. For that, you need to see your doctor or a good Reiki healer. Free samples can be found via the work of Betty Shine on YouTube. She has long passed, but her books live on and so does her power.

  3. Hi Jessica, I would be grateful to have a reading for the new year ahead for me and the intentions I can set for on my birthday – 4 July. Happy summer.

    • Your birthday falls near the eclipse – depending on where you are in the world, when the Sun and Moon face off. Regarding your house, apartment, family, household, home town and/or homeland – please try not to decide, act or judge too dramatically near your birthday. In fact, the whole month should be a ‘wait and see’ time when you allow things to change or get held up. Your people and your place really matter, because this is how you either get approval and attention…or not! Yet, you also have karma to complete and by 2020 you will have paid some dues, collected some dues too, with a family member or roommate/flatmate. Sometimes this is about a landlord, landlady or tenant. Goal-setting? Use your journal, and focus on lifestyle, health and wellbeing. You will love the opportunities that come your way by December.

  4. Hi Jessica, it would be great if you could give me a Tarot reading regarding work and my love life. Both are not great at the moment! Many thanks.

    • You will be offered the chance to learn, be mentored, trained or guided by a most unusual teacher, or organisation, in 2019. This will stretch the boundaries of what you think is possible, or even acceptable, in your current profession. Of course, you may be interested in a second career. Do take this up. If you don’t do it in 2019, you may succumb in March-April 2020. As for love, you do not say if you are with a former, current or potential future partner. That makes it hard for me. In love, in general, you will find that sexual relationships are a way of figuring out power and control issues, and the level of influence and potency you feel you do, or do not, possess. January 2020 is a peak decision time about that.

    • July is really about coming to terms with your working life, your housework, your daily routine, your lifestyle – and the way you deal with your own health and fitness. You will reach a crossroads in July. It will take time and effort to work through this, but try to give it as much energy as you can, paying attention to the details. Figuring out what you owe others, in terms of your duty and service, as well as what you owe yourself (you have to be mentally and physically fit, every day, don’t you?) is part of the story.

  5. Hi Jessica,

    My husband and I have recently been researching buying an investment property (in Australia), and would love to know if you have any insights I should keep in mind. Thank you.


    • Do keep researching, LL, but I doubt there is an astrologer on the planet who would tell you to purchase in July. Not only do we have Mercury Retrograde in Cancer (which rules property, in your Fourth House, and also your husband’s) we also have a ton of oppositions, or clashes, between Saturn, Pluto and the South Node in Capricorn – and the transits in Cancer. Watch this but allow for major shifts and delays. Nothing is really written in stone in July it is written in jelly. My colleague at Sun Sign School, Joanne Madeline Moore, predicted a substantial property crash in Australia, last February, at a workshop in Melbourne.

  6. Hello Jessica!
    Congratulations on the success of your ‘Tarot Tuesday’ blogs! And I just finished your magnificent article on Stonehenge – the ruins have fascinated me since I was a child. I’m very excited for your Stonehenge podcast series…thank you. I must say how much I look forward to reading your articles; they have become part of my ‘Me’ time and respite from the daily craziness.

    My question is about timing for job/career. I’ve found a job that I think would work for me, but keep postponing turning in my application. I’ve not been working the past several months; I’m trying to get back into my profession. And my self-confidence has taken a hit the last few years. I guess it’s an internal struggle and my trying to not set myself up for rejection. Any insight revealed in my chart?

    Grateful for your time. Sending you much love and blessings!

    • Thank you – your Avebury and Stonehenge Astrology Tour podcast will land on July 15th (allowing for Mercury Retrograde). This is not the finished product, by the way, we will add to it later, with a special segment from astrologer Olga Morales on energy fields and Avebury. You are applying for your job, also on Mercury Retrograde – assuming it will take you into July, to hear back. You may want to take the pressure off by treating this as a dress rehearsal. Even if you sail through, you would still find your ship turns back for a time, in July or August, while you all figure out the new compass points. And if this is not your ship to come in? That’s fine. You will be stunned and delighted at the achievements that come by 2020 after you upskill, or skill-add, in 2019. There is a course, workshop or refresher class just waiting.

  7. Hi Jessica, I would like to have a Tarot reading about my love life (currently not seeing anyone) and about my work (started a new job in Feb but I really miss my last job and would like to know if I have any chance to rejoin my previous employer or that door is completely closed?). Both are financial organizations, the new one is small and the old one is super big.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Tarot is a one-card business for Tarot Tuesdays so it would be one question or the other. Workwise, 2019-2020 is far more important. Every door is open to you with both organisations MN but also third and fourth options too. This begins intensely in December this year as Jupiter (opportunity) goes into your Tenth House of career and remains there throughout 2020. You will see it most in January as there will be departures, promotions, demotions, reshuffles and mergers by the end of that month which means gaps and vacancies all over the place. Be very clear about what you want. Be firm and fierce about your career passions. Jupiter cycles do well for you, then.

  8. Hello Jessica!
    I just recently started doing Tarot…sometimes I feel like I get it and others time I am more confused than ever!! But I keep practicing anyway!
    I would love to know what the cards have to say about my bodyworker career. I have been working in multiple locations as both self employed and as a contractor. I haven’t been busy enough to fund my own place as of yet. I really would like a space of my own someday! Thank you so much!!

    • Sure. Body work is ruled by the Sixth House in astrology and in the Tarot we find it described by Temperance, among other cards. Is your market people born in the 1960’s? They are the best market of all. They were born with Uranus and Pluto in their Sixth House. I am glad you are persisting with Tarot. At a certain point you just used to it, so that it feels as natural as anything else in your life and that is when you will get into a rhythm with divination. You can and will get what you want from body work, if you focus on the people who are most empowered by the changes – Generation Virgo – now in their fifties. You could target-market any age group at all with Virgo factors in the Sixth House, but that generation are really open to what you are doing. Give them some time to catch up with you. You also need to communicate, specifically and effectively, with them and provide a lot of detail. They need it.

  9. Hi Jessica

    How are you ? I would like a tarot reading about my love life if possible , it’s been a while since I’ve been in a relationship but I do feel ready to try again .
    Thank you

    • You will meet (or re-meet) a person who has broad experience with other cultures, other countries, other belief systems. This person is well-educated, an academic or has excelled in The School of Life. The signs will be there in December this year with a possible New Year’s Eve kiss (or January party fling) for January 2020. Don’t underestimate anyone who comes into (or back into) your life as you will be stretched by it all, emotionally, sexually, intellectually, psychologically. It’s a big ask. It’s hard work. It’s intense. Sometimes we avoid all this by sending out ‘keep away’ signals or presenting ourselves physically to people in a way that says ‘keep away’! So you do need to be aware of yourself, and consciously update yourself on who you are, who you want, what you fear, who you fear, what you reject, who you reject and the rest. Getting real about it all is one way of making the most of the waiting game you are in dating from 2018. Yet, from December, it may well be game on for you, if you are genuinely ready.

  10. Hi Jessica, I have been looking for ways to give back to my local community and received a ‘ping’ from the Universe to volunteer my time in a hospice with the elderly. It’s a rather random thought, considering I would have to get public transportation there as I don’t have a car. What do you see for me with regards to this? Thank you x.

    • This will work well for you but be prepared for delays, changes or even a turnaround with your plan, now through mid-August. We have two eclipses and Mercury Retrograde in Cancer in your Fourth House, which rules your ‘need to care’ and to extend the family feeling to local people. What you have in mind is karmic in nature – did you know that in another lifetime you were on the receiving end of such care yourself? Yet, expect a few zig-zags and wobbles until you get to where you need to be, by September. It will change your life.

  11. Dear Jessica

    For the last two years I’ve been feeling like the world is going to hell (I am Australian) – it’s too unbalanced, too much inequality and we are not making hard decisions (or acknowledging) around climate change.

    When will this feeling end and when will the world gain its balance again? And what can I do to counter all this anxiety within me?


    • Shaolee, you are not alone. The world has been going through a cycle not seen in over 240 years. Pluto, Saturn and the South Node in Capricorn. This is very heavy. It is about the men at the top – usually white men in suits and ties – and the top 1% of the world’s wealthiest people. We have been seeing ‘the beginning of the end’ for them, though it may not feel like it at the moment! You will see the end from January 2020 and by December 2020 it’s over. Many politicians and the rich elite will lose their fortunes, lose their positions, go to jail or just be taken off the planet. We then enter the New Age of Aquarius. Climate change is one reason we will all join hands globally – because we have to – it will be an emergency by 2021. Yet, we will do it. Pluto goes into Aquarius from 2023 and you will be stunned at the difference. The purpose of some our most unpopular leaders (and it is sometimes women in suits too) has been to unite the rest of us. And it’s working! Do trust the future. If you personally feel anxious, this is a body/mind issue and I recommend you find Dr. Claire Weeks on YouTube or online. She was/is the world’s best-known authority on anxiety symptoms.

  12. Hi Jessica,

    I am slowly rebuilding my life after a very long period of uncertainty and many changes. I have found your articles really helpful in helping me gain a different perspective on events in my life and most thankful you write in a way I can relate. I was hoping you’d be able to give me a reading on what I can expect between now and January 2020 especially in terms of future career( finances) and health.

    Thank you.


    • You will benefit from the flux around you as you step in quickly to fill a gap, but also find just the right person also filling a gap for you, professionally, with finance or property. You are going into a Monopoly game with no rules/new rules right into 2020 and just as with the board game in real life, you have to use your intuition, judge the other players and make your moves knowing that responding to the moment is the way to win. You will get your Community Chest but also find that others are willing to make deals with you, literally across the board. The trick is to forget the way you used to operate and instead, adjust and adapt as the world itself turns around you in all directions. Timing is all. I think the phrase ‘She who hesitates is lost’ will make sense to you by next year and it’s rather like playing a real game.

  13. Hi Jessica, I greatly enjoy the tarot Tuesday articles. I would really love a Tarot reading. Any guidance regarding a new direction with career transitions and romance? I’m ready for a job change but also know that in finance, a rewarding organizational culture is so unusual.
    I have Juno 5 Leo, MC 11 Leo, Panacea 16 Leo.
    Many thanks.

    • Career is far more important than love and sex over the short-term. There will be a massive restructure in your chosen field, or another you ar interested in moving to, in December 2019, January 2020. Some people will be moved down, out or sideways. Others will be well and truly promoted. There may be a merger or deal struck with your own organisation, the department, or two corporations. It is hard to say more as you don’t say what you do for a living, or if you are fully employed. Yet, in general, if you are ready for this game of musical chairs at Christmas and into New Year 2020, you will find the right chair, at the right time, and be much more satisfied with your position.

  14. Sigh – I’m sure I’m too late! Wondering if I could have a reading for my birthday year.
    love xxx

    • Not too late, as I pick up Tarot Tuesday questions from Premium Members when I can, for the few weeks that follow our predictions. You are essentially over the hard halfway mark of the toughest cycle of your life, in terms of your former, current and potential partners. Also your rivals, opponents, opposition and enemies. The see-saw and how to balance it, has been a heavy concern for at least 18 months and you must be wondering if you will ever see any let-up. Actually, the change comes at Christmas 2020, but for now – you need to look at people you admire who were masters of negotiation, diplomacy, people skills and duets. If you play this cycle the right way you will be in a growing concern, and a going concern, with just one other person in love or business, work or pleasure. The two of you will work very hard with each other and on each other and end up in an astonishing position once the efforts are over. Yet, if you play the cycle the wrong way you can end up in a battle royal, a huge feud or a prolonged period of rivalry and warfare. It is sometimes best to know when the other person is your superior and you are on the wrong track, for the wrong reason, trying to take them on! That is one tip I can pass on from your reading. However, assuming that you are about ‘two’ not one-against-one, the two of you can recreate the scales between you, rethink the way the needle hovers in the middle and if necessary get a whole new set of scales for the year 2020. As I say, you’ve done most of the really tough stuff but do pace yourself with this person as you have about a year to go…

  15. Hi Jessica
    I am facing a battle royal with my two sisters concerning the care of my elderly Mom.. You have predicted there will be a solution in January 2020 latest. Decided to pick up atarot card reading.
    I picked up a tarot card “Ten of Swords” for the headlines of my life relating to the Lunar Eclipse 16thJuly, 2019 . This is one of Pamela Colman bleakest images. It says look at the new day dawning in the background. . This person is not finished yet. I wish I had the negotiation skills, diplomacy peopleskills to fight the disputes online /face to face successfully. I hope my quiet pride will help me endure for the next six months. Do you think I have a fierce enemy putting a sword thru me. ? Is there a supportive ally ? Thanks for your insights.

    • If you look carefully at the hand of the person who is on the ground, he/she has fingers crossed (for luck in the British Isles) but for some observers this is also a Buddhist hand symbol. Either way it symbolises the rebirth, new beginning and fresh start to come. The swords here in the spine may refer to your mother’s medical treatment. You don’t say what she is suffering with but if it relates to her back, or to injections in her back, then this figure may actually be her. In which case – she’s not over – and this isn’t over. A comeback is coming or the successful transition to spirit. I doubt very much this is you or your sisters, as the Ten tends to refer to a large group of people. You would think of former British P.M. Theresa May and the Conservative party turning on her. The eclipse is always what you cannot see and do not know and this card is rather dark and shadowy – the sky is full of grey and black clouds – but behind it is another story! So don’t assume or judge too much near that eclipse because you cannot see and do not know what is behind it all. This looks like a person coming back from the point of almost no return, to me. A useful way to read the Tarot and also the Astrology Oracle is to ask ‘Please describe the present – from my point of view, my mom’s, my first sister, my second sister ‘ – Then ask ‘What is the best course of action by Christmas 2019 for all of us?’ Do it twice with each deck to get second opinions. I am sorry you are going through this. But you also need to see the card for what it is.

    • My elderly Mom had a hip replacement surgery yrs in April and she made an amazing recovery thanks to the quick decision by the orthopediac surgeon at the hospital. Thank you for teaching me a useful way of reading a single card tarot from different points of views.

  16. Hi Jessica is it too late for a Tarot read please? Am really finding my Saturn return and Pluto effects on my Sun is making for a punishing time :(

    • The Capricorn weather is intense, relentless and it needs management. This is really about success. You need to understand that although you have been well-known (since childhood) for being so energetic, up-front and quick off the mark (at your very best) – that is not the approach now. You actually need to respect the system, the establishment, the corporate structure, the hierarchy or pyramid in your profession. You don’t say if you work or not but I assume you do. If you don’t respect it enough to climb it, hang onto it, and ‘honour the ladder’ then you do need to find something else. In fact, you may be ready to jump, either out of the system, or into quite a different life path. You would have this choice December 2019, January 2020. You might just do it. It’s an intensely personal choice though, no matter if this is about your social position, status, rank, success, achievement, title, ambition or vocation. Use your Astrology Oracle and Tarot cards to help.

  17. Hi Jessica

    I am building up a new path for myself with respect to career as a movement practitioner. I laid the foundation for it in april-may of 2019. August will be the next step in this foundation. This path is not easy due to a physical condition that I have and also for the fact that it is so much about physical body!

    I have a few ideas as to how to proceed but none of them have a solid ground. This will involve a change of city and a highly coveted mentor (well known in my country). Should I go ahead and schedule a meeting (after 15 august ofcourse) or start in my home town? Though I really want to be able to move as it will not only open me to a greater world of learning but also bring a much needed change in my life.

    Please guide me with a career reading. Thank you.

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