Astrology and Tarot Podcast: The Smith-Waite Deck

The biggest-selling Tarot deck in history was created by two people who
studied astrology as well as Tarot and it shows. The Smith-Waite deck
created by Pamela Colman-Smith and Arthur Waite has coded zodiac signs,
astrology archetypes, planet symbols and pure house meanings, in every
illustration. Knowing that, how can you begin working with this deck (a
digital version is available at for Premium Members) and
lining up your readings with your horoscope? It’s a powerful method for
finding second-opinion readings for yourself and others. In this podcast,
edited from a workshop given in Melbourne, Australia, you can find out how
it’s done – or just how to upgrade your skills.













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2 thoughts on “Astrology and Tarot Podcast: The Smith-Waite Deck”

  1. I have more Virgo than Leo in my chart I am unsure how to proceed and my mind and body are in conflict or just want to help myself get better

    • Heavily Virgo people like you (although I cannot see your chart) are really about the ‘therapy’ side of what is therapeutic. The body is a hotline to the unconscious mind, expressed through dreams. Analysing your dreams, drilling down quite deeply for answers about your body and mind (in your dreams) is one way to access information about how you are unwittingly programming your body. Start with a good online dream coach like Jane Teresa Anderson.

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