Tarot Tuesday – August 2019

On the first Tuesday of every month, leading Tarot professionals from London to Los Angeles, choose one card for all of us, to see the tarot ‘weather’ ahead. Jessica Adams then looks at the astrology behind the cards.

Kyra Oser – America and Canada

The Eight of Swords Reversed

This is an action-oriented card that contains a question – Are you or is someone around you experiencing a distorted self-image? If so, this is a time when one of you can benefit from an increase in self-acceptance or self-forgiveness. Alternatively, perhaps this is a time when you will feel confident in sharing about what makes you unique. If you are already feeling the self-love mood of this month, 8 of Swords (Reversed) encourages you to continue focusing on self-care, which will set an example to someone in your life. Or, if you want a self-esteem boost, try thinking or acting like someone you admire, or the kind of person you would choose as an ideal partner. Acting as if you love yourself is a magical meditation that eventually transforms into genuine self-love. If you are looking to do advanced work on this card, you can release any shame or self-blame now by replacing it with amends. For instance, changing your behavior in future relationships will allow you to let go of regrets about past decisions. The energy of your self-acceptance will be felt by others, which in turn will result in more forgiveness, acceptance, and love that comes your way from a variety of sources and in many different times.

Read more from Kyra here.

Fiona Lensvelt – Great Britain

The Page of Pentacles (Coins)

Plant seeds and see what will grow from them. You can think of the suit of Coins a little like the bottom layer of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You’ve got to make sure you’ve got food in your fridge, a roof over your head, good health and rest before you go out to conquer the world. So, what we see with the Page of Pentacles or Coins is an opportunity to plant seeds to create new foundations. These seeds could become new work, new ideas, new projects, routines or skills. Maybe they will take root, maybe they won’t: that doesn’t really matter.  The Page gives you the energy to give these new pursuits a go so you can see what changes come from them.

Read more from Fiona here.


Jessica Adams – August Tarot and Astrology

My colleague in America and Canada, Kyra Oser, is picking up on the ‘Me’ aspect of the Sun in Leo in August. This sign is associated with leadership and fame and must be self-centered and self-focused to function. Thus, for you (no matter what your chart looks like) August is about your self-esteem and self-acceptance, as Kyra says. This is not ego nor narcissism. It’s just part of Leo season.

Fiona Lensvelt in London is moving to the Sun in Virgo, quite intuitively, and this new astrological phase begins in the final week of August. Virgo rules plants and seeds. It also rules work. This idea of planting new work possibilities and watching them grow is characteristic of Virgo, and you’ll feel this most if you actually have personal horoscope factors in that sign.

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21 thoughts on “Tarot Tuesday – August 2019

  1. Dear Fiona/Jessica,

    I’m in a desperate need of a suitable job at the moment. Will I be lucky enough to find one this month?

    Many Thanks!


    • It’s Jessica here. You want a job in August NP so let’s see what the Tarot says. It’s ducking the question. You have The Devil card here, which is about the sexual tension between yourself and your former, current or potential partner. You two need to realise that although there is a moral or ethical question here (and it is overwhelming) there is also a great deal to be said for freedom. You two have to figure that out and do something about it. It would not be hard to liberate yourselves. Then so much more is possible.

  2. This is so cool as I have been intuitively feeling like (at least for the last month) I need to cultivate a deep and unconditional self-love for me first but also as an example to my daughter and for anyone that may need my help doing the same. I feel like I have been trying but stuck at start and not really sure where to start. I really believe that self-love is the root of everything we do here on earth. Does my chart suggest I will be successful in finally releasing those barriers that have kept me stuck and that I can for once in my life find and implement (very important for me as I tend to procrastinate and so on..) the tools to maintain unconditional self-love? thank you!

    • Interesting! The question of self-esteem and self-confidence is really important for women and girls in particular, as there are billion-dollar and billion-pound industries devoted to making females in particular feel as if they are not good enough, or that there is something wrong with them. If you are wondering where this all comes from, it is really down to the generation born in the Sixties with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, the sign of perfectionism. These executives, and the people on these boards, have done a pretty successful job of convincing millions of women and girls that they need to buy products to ‘fix’ their ‘problems’ no matter if it’s Botox injections for the lines on their foreheads, or a wire basket full of exfoliant, moisturiser, foundation, concealer, highlighter…So actually what you are trying to do here is turn the tide against Generation Virgo, who have managed to convince us that we need to be corrected – all the time – at great expense! Something that works really well here is Pinterest. Do you have a board there? Start collecting pictures, and encourage your daughter to do the same – but not of perfection. Collect art works, old photographs, sculpture – whatever appeals – and begin seeing yourselves through the eyes of reality, not Generation Virgo. When Generation Virgo finally leave the planet – or just retire from big business – we will see a huge shift in the way girls and women are spoken to in the media, on the internet, in films and on television. The Barbie cosmetic surgery you see with actresses and singers will start to look very dated by then…in the meantime you need to find creative ways of pushing back. Loving yourselves as you are begins with ignoring the tidal wave of brainwashing!

  3. Thank you a great pick of cards for August.
    Iin this Leo energy I only have Leo 00 deg in the IC, could you explain a little of what I should expect?
    thank you so much

    • Your birth time would have to be strictly accurate to have an IC or Immum Coeli position of 0 Leo so unless you know for sure when they cut the umbilical cord, you may want to leave that to one side at the moment. August for you, using Tarot cards, shows the Three of Cups. There will be an important celebration between you and your female friends, and it has real power behind it. This goes beyond just getting together over a nice bottle of wine. It’s about harvesting abundance and making it work for all of you: extremely good for business, career, finance, fundraising and so on. You could keep it ‘just social’ but there’s potential here. Women together can be pretty astonishing in terms of creating/making/growing.

  4. Hi Jessica! I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember. 20 years ago I even published some of my poems but since then I actually stopped writing. Last month I started writing again, I presume it has something to do with the Moon’s nodes and nodal return. I am posting my words online on twitter and Instagram. I wish to know if there is any possibility to be published again, this time internationally ( I am now writing in English, which is not my first language). I would appreciate your kind input – today si my solar return and tomorrow is my birthday :) Thank you!

    • You are in the best position in 12 years to see your poetry published, or win competitions. What you are picking up is not the Moon’s Nodes, but the movement of Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion and the big picture – finally changing direction – in the sign of Sagittarius, which rules the worldwide web, books in translation and academia – poetry is obviously part of the curriculum for people studying literature. You are on Twitter, which is a good place to start looking for openings for poets. I am sure you know about the hashtags #writers #poets and so on – follow the trail to seriously good chances! The cycle ends on December 2nd so you need to get a wriggle on, but your chances are excellent.

  5. So true! Will be planting seeds for a new life path in the second half of august and first half of september. The fortune cookie messages have been pointing to receiving somebody’s help with respect to this endeavour. I think I know who to ask. Can you please give me a career reading for the period of August to December of 2019. Thank you.

    • I’m glad the fortune cookies are working for you as a divination tool. I remember when James and Justin first created them – I loved them at first sight. Your career August-December is really ruled by bigger trends around you, in your chosen field, but also another one alongside that. You’re not really going to see much action until we reach the end of the year, but then it happens dramatically, and over an eight-week period. You need to watch the reshuffles, demotions, resignations, appointments, promotions which start showing up around Christmas and Thanksgiving with a view to January. In fact, January itself is a game of musical chairs. Find a chair then and sit on it quickly.

  6. Dear Jessica,
    it is always a pleasure to come to this website & community and I do my education, not only astrological, but also sociological! It’s crazy, I had a revelation by reading your comment on virgo generation and how they have spreaded the obession of physical perfection. Of course, it’s obvious! But I have just opened my eyes thanks to you. On my side I have a question about my professional life – and the virgo revival at the end of August: could 2020 give me a new professional direction ?
    Here is the context : I accepted a job a year ago, which I did not feel intuitively, in order to have a promotion won hard. It was the only way to gain more money after difficult years where i had to fight my way (but i liked my previous job). This post is very technical, I work in new technologies and I’m not fulfilled but I need stability and money … However I’m really starting to saturate, I’ve accepted too many things that did not suit me in recent years. It is a position that mobilizes all my ” earthy”qualities (haaa the Virgo rising and mercury in capricorn) but lacks completely “air” and “fire”. Thanks for everything, Ninon

    • Thank you. It may help to realise you are in a career cycle not seen in over 240 years which is very hard work and extremely heavy going. If you became used to ‘flow’ years ago professionally and assumed you had reached a certain level of ease, it has no doubt been really challenging to deal with this cycle, when you virtually feel you are still climbing the same mountain, trying to stay where you were, or get to yet another level! This is not your imagination, as you have Pluto, the South Node and Saturn all in your Tenth House of career at the moment and that has never happened in your life. You will indeed have a totally different direction in 2020 following major news in December 2019 and January 2020, and a sweeping reshuffle of your chosen field, or one you are interested in switching too. This ripple effect goes on as late as February and it will take you a while to adjust and adapt but at that point you may find problem people disappear (sacked or moved sideways) and obstacles magically melt away. You may also find that vacancies, part-time or full-time, or opportunities you create for yourself by being proactive, are more abundant. You will make up for a lot of lost time in 2020 and by Christmas will be celebrating the end of the go-slow, once and for all.

  7. Hi Jessica, can I have a reading for the next 5 months, any key themes/ aspects on my chart? Thank you so much.

    • You need to snap up opportunities and solutions related to your house, garden, apartment, land, houseboat, or other residence and territory. These have really been held up, or ‘all promise and no outcome’, but you have been seeing encouraging signs and helpful information come through, alerting you to the massive potential. A classic example would be mortgage interest rates, or a drop in the price of apartments or houses. You will see the doors open to useful changes from the middle of August, and then have your birthday period, October and November to act. Renovating, home repairs or redecoration options will roll and be more affordable and accessible, or possibly even free.

  8. Hi Jessica, I would really appreciate a reading if possible! We are expecting Bub #2 in March (as you have predicted!) and I would like to know what I can expect/how I can best work with the energy coming our way. Some context – after a difficult pregnancy we moved in Oct 2017 away from my family to a tiny town with a tiny Virgo baby, my workaholic Taurus man took over a struggling biz and we both did our respective ‘jobs’ mostly solo with my healing career grinding to a halt – along with my sense of self! We have not been able to make many friends here and have had a tough road with my Cap MIL – so very little in the way of support. It’s been a hard and very lonely few years – is there some relief on the way? I’m hoping and intuitively feeling a cosmic door will swing open around 2021 toward our dream coastal lifestyle with more life balance and fun. Can you shed any light for me? Many thanks :-)

    • Congratulations on your second baby and I am glad the prediction came true for you. You are wondering when life picks up. You don’t have too long to wait. You are dealing with this endless Cancer-Capricorn weather across your chart, and of course Cancer rules home, home town and family and Capricorn rules career. You are actually dealing with karma. The karma goes back in 19 year loops thanks to the North Node and South Node in Cancer and Capricorn respectively – and of course we have Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn too – so it’s all rather demanding and it seems as if it goes on forever. It doesn’t. It stops in May 2020. Until then you need to spin your wheels a little, as there are debts and credits going back to the years 2000-2001 on a soul level which have to be sorted out. You could also go back another 19 years in time to 1981 (allow a few months either side) and see a pattern. For example, I have another reader who is also trying to make friends in a new town and finding it really tough. She was amazed to remember that 1981 saw her winning scholarships that got her to Oxford University (all Capricorn stuff) but by 1982 she felt homesick and quite lost at Oxford, having left her country to get there. She is doing her karma. So are you, but it does get better. In fact, you will love the feeling of relief and release from December 3rd this year, as Jupiter (the problem-solver) goes into Capricorn after 12 years away and the career situation for yourself and your husband immediately looks far more hopeful. From May 2020 the home town, home, family issues vanish as the North Node goes out of Cancer. That is the last of the Cancer, Fourth House weather for you.

      • SO happy to hear that!! Thank you :-) Interestingly I was moving out of home in Australia and overseas (to the US) in 2000 at the age of 19 (and somewhere I intuitively knew I would go from my early teen years) so it’s very much then/now – expansion Vs contraction, adventure Vs the grind and me Vs we! Really puts the nodes into context. Thanks so much Jessica.

  9. Hi Jessica,

    I am writing again after some months. The new asignment I got some 4 months ago in the international Affairs is proving difficult.My ideas are not being supported and I have difficulties to get through to my bosses,, as well as I am getting some Opposition and misunderstanding.

    I do not like hypocrisy and love the authentic, the truth. Anyway i got fed up and wanted to resign, but still did not do it.

    In all this, I used the Oracle and at the Question” which is the perspective I should gain for handling These issue” I got the answer ” Mars and 5 house”.

    Please give me some valuable insights (forecast) when it is going to be better at this new Position. How should I tackle it? What Approach should I take in order to get supported for my ideas?

    Thank you in Advance

    Premium Member


    • I am sorry you are being put through this ordeal, Juno. You will find the assignment is much easier after August 15th – in terms of the experience you gain and the contacts you make, in other regions or countries. Try to separate that from your bosses. The career situation will ease up in December, and in December-January there will be reshuffles at work or widely across your industry, which either means you get a break where you are, or find a new project or role in another organisation. The politics with work will disappear completely at Christmas 2020. Your card reading was about babies, children, parenthood-potential lovers, teenagers or young adults. Does this tie in with your work problem? Mars is always a battle. If not, then the cards were skipping to your private life instead. Try again and focus on a career question. Ask ‘What is the number one thing to do/attitude to take by December 31st 2019, to get the best possible outcome for myself and all, at work.’ Write it down!

  10. Hi Jessica
    I am feeling a bit anxious about this full moon coming up on the 15th. I really am looking for relief – the saturn/pluto cap/cancer stuff has been killing me. I have Saturn at 22 – along with Jupiter – and IC/MC at 21. Desperate to get away from my current “stuckness” particularly related to career and finance. Any insight?

    • The Full Moon is about your money and you have Uranus (necessary change) moving through Taurus also slowly chugging along, to create patterns in your Second House of values, finance, the house, apartment and so on. You are having a life budget reshape. You will need to rethink the work you do, for the money you earn (assuming you have a paying career) between now and 2020. It takes time to adjust and adapt. Actually your entire approach to what things cost/what you save/spend/borrow has to really be questioned. You are in a long cycle which began in 2017 with eclipses and the Nodes (karma) in your Second House and Eighth House of money and property – in your Sun Sign chart. In your personal birth chart, in 2018, when all this was going on, you also had Uranus (the revolution) enter the Second House of your own timed horoscope. So from the outside, but also on the inside, we have nothing short of a radical new direction in terms of what you earn, why you earn it, how you earn it, what you do with it, and how you are going to recreate your future, starting December 20th 2020, moving into 2021, 2022, and most powerfully from 2023. Start looking beyond the immediate present and even at your stuck situation and begin to see this as ‘last two years, next five years’ arc. Begin looking at alternatives. Open up to what you might normally not read, or consider. There is a very, very different future out there for you waiting with all this. In fact in the year 2021 you will look back at 2017-2018 in particular and shake your head at how far you have come, and what a very different life budget you have.

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