Capricorn and Cancer Karma 2019-2020 – Part One

This is Part One of a Two-part series. In this feature, I’ll look at when Capricorn and Cancer Karma started and why it’s here as well as who and what is affected. I’ll also look at how to deal with it, and what history tells us about managing it. Astrology is history.

This is Part One of a Two-part series.

Back in 2017, I wrote a 2 part feature on the Capricorn Effect from 2017-2020 and the challenges that lay ahead which you can find here:

The Capricorn Effect – Part One
The Capricorn Effect – Part Two

If you have Capricorn and/or Cancer planets, asteroids, points or angles in your personal birth chart – or even if you are just a Capricorn or Cancer person – take heart. It is not your imagination. You really are going through the most difficult and dramatic cycles with Capricorn weather (work, career) and Cancer weather (home, family) in over 240 years.

In this feature, I’ll look at when it started and why it’s here as well as who and what is affected. I’ll also look at how to deal with it, and what history tells us about managing it. Astrology is history.

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14 thoughts on “Capricorn and Cancer Karma 2019-2020 – Part One”

  1. Hi Jessica,

    I have 22 degrees in Taurus. What should I be cautious about, and more importantly what Karma factors should I lookout for payback or receive?

    22° Taurus 52′ 46″ R

    Thanks in advance.


    • Aesculapia in the horoscope reveals how you resurrect, revive and resuscitate your finances, charity, house, valuables, possessions, apartment. You may bring back to life used goods, for example, for resale – or you may be a financial ‘saviour’ for people who have given up on their money, property, business. The trines to this in your Second House now through 2020 suggest you will bring back some aspect of your money, property, investments, company – from the point of no return – just when you or others had assumed it was dead and buried, it comes back to life again.

  2. Thank you again for all the insight, from what I can see the only factors I have in Capricorn/Cancer are effected Aug-October of 2019 then again February-May of 2020. I just don’t fully understand the significance. Can you please help by telling me what I can expect?

    • It’s not such a big deal for you, as your chart isn’t strongly Cancer-Capricorn. Yet the people around you will be affected, as you see those close to you making big decisions about work and home. They may for example need quite a lot of money to attend to home repairs, or renovations, so they can invest in their home as a rental. This means work becomes an issue, because it doesn’t bring enough money in, so there may need to be a second job or even a new job, to pay for the home – which means less time at home – and more time at work! It’s really about that kind of stress. You will need to support and help someone dealing with this or a similar conundrum. There is also a classic outcome with this kind of weather, where in order to make it in the big city, someone must leave family and home far behind. Again, you would need to lend your support. We also see family firms or family-run businesses who count on the sons and daughters to keep going, pressuring them to take up a role when a family member departs. That is another classic Cancer-Capricorn conflict you may have to assist with.

  3. It’s very interesting this karmic thing. Mum was born in 1944, married Dad 19 years later in 1964, I moved out of mums in 1982 and I had a baby 2001. Very much 19 years (or thereabouts) cycles. What does this one have in store I wonder?

    • The 19 year Node cycle is usually proof of past life connections and your 2001 baby may have been your mother in a previous life. You usually know what the karmic ‘deal’ is on the child’s 19th birthday and it is frequently about money. Sometimes another kind of debt/credit – emotional.

  4. Hey Jessica! I have the nodes in Capricorn and Cancer- can you tell me what this means for me? I think my natal placements are visa versa from the current placements, so I am not sure how to interpret this…any insight is always appreciated :)

    • The Capricorn-Cancer weather until May 2020 is essentially about you realising that in order to be hugely successful you must figure out what your home territory or home market is – or where the best home for your abilities actually is. Capricorn is ambitious and wants the world but Cancer reminds you that home is where things are more easily achieved. You may notice, for example, that the opportunities for your career are better in your home town or homeland. Of course it depends on where you think home actually is. This puzzle keeps you busy until May 2020 then you make your ultimate final decision. You are chewing through a certain amount of past life karma here as you have emigrated or travelled between two countries in particular many times over. I had a similar question from a reader who had been a convict shipped from England to Australia in the 18th century, then an Australian migrant to Britain in the 19th century, then back to the same route in this lifetime!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    In my 10th house I have,
    IC 27° Capricorn 03′ 57″
    Neptune 03° Capricorn 54′ 03″
    Bacchus 13° Capricorn 33′ 53″

    There are lot of elements I am dealing with at work. I am looking for a mentor, a different pathway, to charities, to leadership. I have not received any clarity or support yet. All I am getting is politics and drama, not to mention, back stabbing by people in power who only want success for themselves. This prevents me from being focused, and sorting out my own life. Changing companies might not help because it could happen in another company. I want to learn how to cope with this and still find that golden path in career that suits me.

    How can I do this ? What should I watch out for ? Does my birth chart show where is my relief ?

    • You are having a classic Capricorn weather experience in your company, with backstabbing by employers, senior or high-ranking people and other authority figures at work. I am sorry about that, but you are also not alone – we are living through Capricorn climate change and it is sweeping across your Tenth House. The good news is, this does get better. When Jupiter changes signs in December, he will conjunct your Neptune, Bacchus and then your IC in that order. Assuming your birth time is right the IC is the last to go. The year 2020 will make up for so much that has happened, as you will be successful in your own way, in your own time and place. You will draw on many years of experience, and your own talents and abilities, but apply them in a new way. This may be within that organisation – or actually a new one. Try to set aside people and their issues and concentrate on the goals and projects you know are waiting for you and make sure you create the time and space in your life to achieve them. Capricorn weather is also about drawing on where you have come from – who you were – and what you know. It’s time, eventually, to call that in. There may be reshuffles, mergers or even closures by January 2020 affecting your current industry or business. One of the great truths about Capricorn weather is that people who do the wrong thing by others – tend to find themselves out in the cold later.

  6. These are my only factors in Cancer
    MC 27° Cancer 03′ 57″, Hygeia 01° Cancer 34′ 51″ R

    And this is the only factor with 22
    Diana 22° Scorpio 07′ 09″

    Last Oct 2018, my marriage came to end. I grieved for a long time, sometimes I still do. I have realised my learnings from the situation. But cannot fix it, because not everything is in my control. It is a loss.

    Please could you consider the above factors as well, to explain what all these factors mean for me ?

    Thank You

    • I am sorry your marriage ended last year – you are in the kind of cycle when it was about your status, as much as the actual relationship, the other person and your old life. If your birth time is right, then your place in the world was always tied to the home (MC Cancer) and losing that role has been just as devastating as the actual emotional loss. You are no doubt aware that Diana in Scorpio in the Eighth House means that you are an independent person when it comes to joint finances and find it difficult to ‘merge’ over a mortgage (for example) or the day-to-day finances involved in a marriage. The good news is, in time, this does work out for you. In fact, eventually you will find a new arrangement where you can have your space and freedom, financially (or with a home) but still have a lover. At the moment you are in the repair and recovery cycle. Go easy on yourself this weekend.

  7. Capricorn vs Cancer couldn’t have been more on display than at the UN this week when Trump walked past and ignored Greta Thiunberg. This is all so exciting seeing the establishment starting to crack.

    • Capricorn was certainly Donald Trump (the goat at the top of the mountain). Cancer was Greta saying ‘the house is on fire’ as she correctly identifies our earth as our home. This cycle, which is so intense, ends May 2020.

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